To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                 Dieter R. Fischer                                                    Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL     Index     ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1     Book 8 / Ch 2     Written / Published 26/10 - 2/11/09



2.  Two wise words 

Cruising at 80 km/h through a tiny place in Western Victoria I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, a parked automobile. Two, maybe three, passengers were either entering or leaving. Travelling at 22.2 metres per second it's understandable I can't recall the exact detail. However, despite it all moving so fast, I had become an expert in reading vehicle registration plates. 

It was my fourth trip east from Adelaide to Melbourne in 2009. As before, I travelled in my Suzuki alone. The date was October 9th, 09. A few days earlier I had received the newsletter of a Victorian Pro-Life organisation. When I read about an invent, to take place on 10.10.09 my mind opened to the possibility of doing this journey. 

Even if it meant driving the extra smile, or 1000, which happens to be the Roman numeral M, I had learned when to say yes to my inner promptings. Logically, since it had only been just over a week that I had returned home to from a 3 1/2 week jaunt to North Queensland, it was early to be on the move again. Mother-in-law did not understand it.    

As I was passing through Dadswell Bridge, which is well-known for it's giant koala, my creative mind did a three second job decoding the registration plate mentioned above -J 4. After the letters ULY flashed into my brain from the Victorian registered vehicle I saw JULY. Child's play, so far. The second part 271* did not take an Einstein either, to make sense, since my wife and I were married on 24 [July] 71. 

*(Just after typing this I saw this number PLUS 1 = 272. This number links to Canberra - see Book 7, Chapter 18).


Motoring toward Melbourne I experienced a few delays. They used to call it road works. The new term is nation building. The delays are just as inconvenient. Usually, nation building involves speed restrictions. At one location, I remember distinctly, the limit was reduced in stages,  80 >>> 60 >>> 40 km/h.

This happened a few times. These numbers re-arranged themselves in my brain, reminding me of the debacle of the RU 486 abortion pill. Ironically, this trip was about the issue of abortion and the battle associated with it.

Driving at 40 km/h through these road works, sorry nation-building site, the name of a side road looked rather Da Ninci. It was the only road for some miles *Packhams La.


Looking up the place in Google Maps I found this road between Beaufort and Ballarat on the A 8. Good timing to travel here in Chapter 1 of Book 8!

I am wondering - did anybody notice the ISBN Number for this book? It happens to end in 8 1. I used the next number, from a list of ten, which I bought many years ago after writing my first road safety book.

Stop Press - magic among the magic, which I didn't plan. The digits 8.1 of my ISBN number above are exactly in line with lo. If this looks like 10 to you - read on for more IO.

How weird - on Radio Cruise 1323, 26.10.09 - 5.51 PM - as  I am writing this paragraph, the song is playing: California Clue (or is it California Blue?) 

*I was about to write this Da Ninci interpretation for the Victorian road, when I heard the song on the radio: Packhams La. Pack, home's LA.




Rest stop,  Vincent Street, Ararat, 203 kilometres from Melbourne.

My Da Ninci brain loved J WARD OLD GOAL.

Scanning the picture, weeks after snapping it, I smiled at the surprise underneath:   NO THROUGH EXCEPT PICKING U...

(Please note: The right edge is original, not cropped). 

Checking my 1997 Random House Motoring Guide produced an Aha, or should I say O O: As happened in Queensland towns, Book 7, Ch.27, a little magic in the size of the population - 8200.

It is believed the name Ararat got its name, after an early squatter rested at the place, just as ark had come to rest on Mt. Ararat. (A nearby landmark mountain is called Mt. Ararat).



Including rest/meal breaks and to follow my own road safety teaching (take a break every two hours) it too approximately ten hours to cover (almost) 800 km (500 mile) trip. By 7 PM I had already erected my tent in the caravan park at Hobson's Bay (Postcode 3016).

Why not a ride on my GIANT 21-speed bike into Melbourne, I thought, for a little fun? On two of the previous three trips to Melbourne in 09, I had been to the Etihad Stadium to watch football matches. That night, Friday October 9th, two top A-League teams, Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC, were playing each other. To reach the city I had to almost pass by the stadium. I considered this option.

The football action had already started, well before I arrived. A few latecomers still queued at the ticket office. For some reason, there was not as much noise from the crowd as I had expected. If this was my reason I can't recall, but I decided against buying a ticket. Just as well, as there was a very unhappy Melbourne Victory (not-tonight-darling) crowd, with a bad headache: The visiting players from Sydney, according to the news later, humiliated their home team 3 goals to 0.


As if the score was trying to fit into my script here, as it often did in my football adventures, Sydney scored the 3 winning goals in a 5-minute goal frenzy, after only 15 minutes of play. I must have been outside the stadium just afterwards. It would explain the subdued atmosphere.


Cycling away from the stadium, right opposite, on top of a large office block, I read four letters. They looked just like the digits IOIO. Maybe were meant to mean 1010 (ten-out-of ten) for the Sydney FC, who taught Muscat Thompson & Co a lesson? Whatever! 

But NO - I saw IOIO completely different, as the next day's date, October 10. That day at I I.OO AM an event was to take place, the reason for my long journey.

It was the first anniversary of the passing of one of the most extreme pieces of abortion legislation of any Government. In 2008 on that day the reckless Victorian 08 Abortion Law Reform Bill was passed in Parliament. It is brutal. It allows the killing of the most vulnerable, most helpless in our society, the unborn, even until the time of birth. (Laugh or cry, I had to scroll up and smile at the baby in my header above).


But really, the matter is rather serious, friends! 

Tasmanian Senator Guy Barnett, who campaigned at a Federal level against funding for late term abortions, pointed out a shocking truth: After a certain time in the pregnancy things often go wrong. The aborted foetus continues to live outside the womb. When this happens nobody can touch it, as I understand it, it could become murder. The helpless, half destroyed human life is left to die an agonizing death.    

How ironic - on the morning of writing, watching The Hour of Power on TV, Dr. Schuller reminded us of a wonderful verse in the bible. (The numbers add up, the text proclaims LIFE):

"I have come that they might have LIFE to the full." (John 10.10)

How wonderful to think back, how God had inspired me and the twins, who created the car crashes on my driving school website! The finale, the journey through John 3, 16 ends in the word LIFE. 

God knows the beginning from the end and promises to march with us every step in between.


Hundred passionate opponents of the bad abortion law gathered in bright sunshine to march in protest. Young and old, pregnant mothers, toddlers in prams, pre-schoolers in strollers, parents and grand parents had come from far and wide. Many carried banners, others balloons. The message to politicians was as clear as the sky above: Repeal this law; it destroys precious life.

I didn't know anybody. I just walked along with the crowd, pushing my bike and occasionally becoming aware of a camera taking photographs or filming. The march ended with a peaceful protest rally in front of Victoria's Parliament House. Prominent church leaders and a few politicians, those who had fought hard against the law, addressed the crowd.

A word of caution here: "Christians are called to speak up on moral issues. They may even become angry. But that anger should never be out of control, or directed at a person. We are not fighting flesh and blood ... Remember, there is another battle taking place; the outcome we know: This victory has already been won. 

How angry must God feel about the sin of killing so many healthy, unborn babies! As a theologian recently put it very bluntly: It's surprising God doesn't smash it all up in anger and start all over. 

Despite of it all, just to think that God still loves.


All during the march my mind kept going back to an amazing personal experience I had had early that morning. To me it was as if God was telling me that HE indeed wanted me to be in that place at that time. Remember, the date was 10.10! 

How else to explain it all, other than God is speaking to us in HIS unusual ways: HE is displeased with the Victorian abortion laws.

Please read carefully. Then think for yourself. 

That morning, before rising from my tent for breakfast, I wanted to read a passage in the bible. I carried a copy of my International Children's Bible with me. At the time I was not following a set reading schedule. As I picked up this bible it fell open toward the middle. My eyes took a glance and stopped the word laws. So I just started reading Isaiah Chapter 10:


International Children's Bible - Page 779.

Isaiah 10. Verse 1:


Text: How terrible it will be for lawmakers who write evil laws. They write laws that make life hard for people.

The page number 779 struck me only after I had scanned above picture  -  7 x 79 = 553

This number always reminds me of an address in Melbourne, every time it crosses my path (the US Consulate).


The scripture in Isaiah 10 continues. God is angry about lawmakers, who abuse their power. The God of love is also a God of justice, who feels anger. (Chapter 10, Verse 4). This is why Christians speak up against certain laws. It's not because they hate gay people, or pregnant woman having abortions, or prostitutes etc. When I am feeling anger, it's because lawmakers enable laws that either ignore or misinterpret godly principles. 

In the chapter following you will read an email, where I reminded a politicians of the responsibility that rests on their shoulders. When lawmakers go directly against God's laws, the nation is doomed, unless it repents of their wrong doing and turns back to God..

Would it not be far better to submit to Almighty God, make laws that please HIM that are fair and just. HE promised us HIS blessings, so we can enjoy the fruit of obeying HIS commandments.

And we know which is the most important one - Love God and love your fellow man.


 Eureka - Tower Melbourne* 

*(As if bewitched - the word Melbourne was spoken by Natasha just as I typed this - 5 AN 891 - 10.56 am - 27/10/09). 

The Eureka Tower's website claims this structure has the highest public observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere.

According to Wikipedia (thanking you): The word Eureka is most famously attributed to the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes reportedly proclaimed "Eureka!" when he stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose — he suddenly understood that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged.

But there's more: How the word fits into here: The word has been used as the state motto for - California! When a large volume of gold was discovered near Sutter's Mill in 1848, the catch cry was Eureka.

May I suggest that Victorian politicians regularly take the lift up this structure. They may see the big picture, and make laws from a higher perspective, a wider view of all life.



The scripture in Isaiah could not have been more appropriate for me that morning. I had travelled 1000 miles, because I felt so strongly about this bad law. My bible falling open to just this verse was no co-incidence. Just as it was no co-incidence that on my screen came up above baby, expressing my message with one finger. If the baby could talk, out of its mouth would come ...

The scripture in Isaiah (10.1) lacks a 0 to actually make October 10. Maybe, its all about 0? 



There is another controversial, moral issue before the South Australian Parliament, as I write this chapter. Similar to abortion, this proposed legislation (law) crosses the line, since it will result in humans making the decision to end a human life. A decision to end a human life should be left in God's hand. The sixth commandment forbids killing. 

On the morning of writing, October 26th, 09 emailed my local Member of Parliament, who happens to be The Speaker in the Lower House.

A few hours before writing the gentleman was shown on our ABC TV Stateline program, guiding a journalist through the historical section of Parliament House, showing off some historical books. One treasure was a little book, which according to Jack, not even the Premier would be allowed to remove it from the library to read. It's a very rare little book, a diary.


In my email to the young politician, the youngest ever to be South Australia's Speaker in the House, I expressed my concerns about this bill. The full name is the 'Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care (Voluntary Euthanasia) Amendment Bill'. The idea of voluntary euthanasia has been before our parliament many times before. This latest version is the brain child of the only Greens MP in our Parliament, Mark Parnell. (Mark's a chapter late). 

Like abortion, voluntary euthanasia involves the deliberate act to end a human life. Here lay the dilemma: Who should make this decision? And what if the person, who decided to end their life, later regrets it? There's no come-back!

Should governments not pass laws that protect all human life? The medical profession should research how to preserve life, how to relief pain. No law will guarantee that there won't be human suffering.

I sent the following message to the MP, with copies to the Premier, plus selected Ministers and Members of Parliament:


Subject: Do not cross the line

Dear Jack,
It is of grave concern to read that a Green MP introduced a 23-page Voluntary Euthanasia Bill.
No matter how many safeguards legislators may put in place to avoid abuse, to end a person's life rests with Almighty God.
As with many laws, abortion is a good example, when laws are made to address extreme cases (the mother may die at childbirth etc.). Over time laws become diluted. A pregnant women, as I understand it, merely has to claim that the baby will cause her stress, and doctors abort, legally.
Can lawmakers guarantee that the same won't happen with euthanasia? A frail, terminally ill person suddenly wants to die. But only after a relative, waiting for an inheritance, had  paid a visit the day before, suggesting a quick relieve for the sufferer. It's human nature, Jack.
Laws can only regulate in certain areas. When it comes to euthanasia - or abortion or same sex marriage - there are set guidelines in place, put there for a reason by a higher power. To cross these boundaries is dangerous for any society! I dare say, in history's pages many civilisations have seized to exist for that reason.
Please vote against this law!
Kind regards
PS  The way a society treats the unborn and its aged citizens reflects the moral character of that society. As applies to unborn babies, when it comes to the sick, the medical profession ought to direct its energy, skills and resources toward preserving life, not ending it.



Worldwide the Green Party does have great passion on certain issues and seems to care about our planet. If it were as passionate about moral issues, using the bible as their standard, I would vote for them too. Sadly, their approach seems to be based on humanistic, anti-biblical principles. Many Christians vote for the Greens to support them in environmental issues.

Sadly, it's the Greens in our Parliaments, who also push for laws, or support laws, which cross the moral base line. Uninformed voters, passionate about the environment and climate change etc. may not be aware of this. They vote happily for rain forests to be protected, but don't hear the add-on offer: "Do you want same-sex marriage with that?

The media often is keeping debates on moral issues quiet. Or it rates a few lines toward the back pages, because the treasurer's love life takes the front page. Commercial TV is no different. To proof this point, when the above Voluntary Euthanasia Bill came up for a vote in Parliament (on 28/10/09) TV Channel 7 and 9 did not mention it. (To the best of my knowledge, only our public broadcaster, the ABC ran a brief item).

Uniformed voters may not even realize what they have voted for, thinking they are doing society a great favour voting green. That's why democracy only works if voters inform themselves, think about issues and vote intelligently at the ballot box.


Maybe South Australia's MP Parnell should direct his energy toward promoting the real green agenda? Except one - he may digress in one area, justice for an innocently convicted man, serving a long jail term.

But in South Australia justice is not on the priority list of some MP's. If I am wrong in saying this, why does both our Premier and Attorney-General keep saying: "We don't need an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)." Why the resistance*?

On October 24th 09 reporter Michael Owen in the Australian Newspaper printed our Attorney-General's reason for not supporting the introduction of an ICAC, which all major Australian States have, except South Australia and Victoria:

"But SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson said yesterday that the state was already well served by bodies such as the police anti-corruption branch and the state Ombudsman."


During recent days two more powerful authorities in South Australia have called for the establishment of an ICAC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Pallaras. As I suspected with Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond, who also came out with a call for an ICAC, nobody would do so out of the blue.

The other organisation is the Union movement, which raised their voice, calling for an anti-corruption body, seemingly out of the blue. The Union movement normally supports policies of the Labor Party and what they stand for. It makes me think, will they keep up the call? Will the Labor Party risk losing votes over this issue? There is an election on the horizon.

"Sorry Attorney-General, both the anti-corruption branch of SAPOL and the State Ombudsman, failed badly in providing answers to Peter Liddy and those fighting for him. How can you say, these bodies served us well in South Australia?"

Here are the facts:

After the Attorney-General refused to meet with me and Sister M, another passionate supporter of our unfortunate friend in jail, I have tried both the above authorities. Neither was of any help.

1) The Police Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) in a letter dated 24/7/09, signed by Mr. T.L, informed us that the document does not point to criminal corruption. I had supplied the evidence shown in Bk. 7, Chapter 26, where the main accuser of Peter Liddy, a drug addict with an 8-page criminal record, made a false statement.

(Considering that the man in question was the subject of 7 out of 10 guilty charges against Peter, I find this almost beyond belief). 

Originally, Mr. S. was in charge of my query. When I phone to follow up the matter, he had gone on holiday. Before doing so (I speculate, he instructed Mr. TL to write me the bad news later.


2) I considered contacting the state Ombudsman, because  an interstate lawyer had advised me to do so. I read their guidelines online. I would have wasted my time. Reading the information carefully I learned that for three reasons, they are not a body, who deals with such cases:

A) They only hear complains from people directly affected in the matter brought forward. I am a third party. 

C) They do not hear matters more than 12 months old.

B) They do not investigate matters involving SA Police or cases before the courts.


So, Mr. Atkinson, may I ask you here, publicly: Where does a wrongly convicted man go with his evidence of innocence, whose supporters believe corrupt, or grossly incompetent police, have caused his misfortune?

Did I hear the word lawyer?

What if no lawyer is willing to touch the hot potato, or places it into the 'too-hard-basket' or simply sits on the files for three years without lifting a finger?

This assumes that the prisoner, locked up and watched like a prisoner in a high security cell, is granted the right to write to a lawyer, finds a stamp to post his letter and the mail does not lose his letter of hope.


During the year 2009 Peter's supporter had a glimmer of hope. The new opposition leader, Isobel Redmond, in a letter to me, stated that the matter in under investigation. She never said who is investigating, neither did she ask for any details, which may have saved her researchers a lot of time.

I am married to a lady, who works for the blind. Her name is Isobel. The other lady by that name, since becoming South Australia's opposition leader, has been silent since.

The cry for justice overcomes Omertà.



South Australia - section from a YHA map.

In this map I spotted the name of a town, which has the last 3 letters missing. Thinking about it for a while I decoded them:

Question: Where is ihe?. (Answer below - note er is German for he).

During my recent trips, when I was not camping, I stayed overnight in hostels run by the YHA (Youth Hostels Association) Australia.

Near Port Augusta, at the top of map, a soldier named Mason Edwards was recently shot accidentally. He died, according to headline news reports, as a result of the shooting, which took place at an army practice range. 

Until that day, nobody had ever heard of Cultana in South Australia, on the B 100. My brain, trained in a foreign culture, saw - ure ana.  

At the opposite end of the map in Kingston SE. Because there is also a  Kingston town on the Murray River, and in Jamaica, and in Tasmania and other places, the letters SE indicate that it's in South Australia's South East. My story 'The Kingston job' took place there.

It was totally unplanned, how the scanned area came out. Applying the a to e code, (top left) I find Acreman - Acre played magic in Chapter 24 of Book 7.

Likewise, apply a to e in Morgan and you create the German word Morgen. 

Answer to Question: The nearby town of Waikerie has rie missing!




(Back to Melbourne, October 09)

That night I was booked into the YHA Hostel in Melbourne's CBD (Central Business District). I had chosen the location, because originally I was going to arrive by bus on the morning after. The YHA is very near the bus station. 

Later I decided to take the 'green machine', my cute little Suzuki. Despite having clocked up 285 000 kilometres in its 11-year history, it covered the miles faithfully, without complaining. 

As happened on many occasions, in hotels, on aircraft or when dealing with the public, I can't seem to get away from codes. To me it demonstrates the power of the internet, the absolute marvel of world-wide connectivity; all at the click of a mouse button.

If not for the internet, how could I explain the following? On checking into the hostel I was given a receipt, which showed the booking details, plus a welcome card, the house rules and the room number. The room number on the receipt was 2072, the room number on the card didn't match -  316. 


Receipt and welcome card, YHA Melbourne

The document on the left: Room No. 2072. On the right: No. 316. 

Note the letters IOIO, picture on the right. I added them to indicate where I had seem them, opposite the Etihad Stadium, formerly called Telstra Dome. (Story earlier in this chapter). 




Unsure, where exactly I should go and worship the next day (Sunday 11/10) I headed east. Driving along Whitehorse Road I was expecting the Box Hill tram.

 No. 3016 preferred, considering the above - plus 0, can't get away from it. This link just happened ... incredibly.

No tram to hold up my drive along memory lane to Box Hill and beyond. A previous visit to this district took me to Crossover Baptist Church in Blackburn. I arrived there around 9.30 am, half hour into their first service. But there was another service to take place at 11 AM, which suited me better.

To fill in the time, I unloaded  my Giant and went for bike ride in a nearby recreation park. It was perfect weather, a great spot to enjoy nature that Sunday morning. Just off the cycle path a game of baseball was under way, a sport which is not very wide-spread in Australia. There were only a handful of spectators, maybe 9, sitting behind a high wire fence on fold-up chairs. I had plenty of time, so I looked on for a while.

An hour or so later, in church, how did this come about, during the sermon the subject of baseball came up. The preacher in his message explained that if God called us to service in HIS church, we may have to forego other ambitions, be it sport, politics or business careers.

He then told the congregation about his Assistant Pastor's earlier life. He had been a well-known, champion baseball player, but heard God's call him to serve HIM.


A thought to avoid a common misunderstanding: You can be in God's will in any capacity, as top baseball player, as dedicated Member of Parliament or as successful business leader. 

Not all are called to carry the Gospel message into remote African villages or convert natives, who live pagan lives in the jungles of New Guinea. What matters is that you love God and seek HIS will for your life, whatever, wherever that may be your calling.


Walking toward the Crossover Church building, near the front door, I spotted a small motor scooter. Had I been swifter in fetching my camera from my Suzuki, you would be able to see a picture of it. Both the registration plate, plus a large Christian bumper sticker directly under it, created this message: MR 135  - God loves you! 

God loves you, too. I thought. At the time I had no idea what the title of this book was to be. Perfect fit!


Maybe, there was another male in church, whose birthday makes the digits 135, who also loves God. (If so, and you took a photo, please pass on a copy, thanks).

After church, more registration plates. This time I was swift to snap a photo of my Suzie and a potential partner with lots in common: Both born in Japan, migrated to Australia, their owners Baptists.



 Two Suzuki motor cars. My green Wagon R+ right behind a silver Swift with almost identical registration numbers:  WEW 228  -  WEW 828 


The plan was to drive to the nearby caravan park at Wantirna, erect the tent, have lunch and take a ride somewhere in the Dandenong mountains. Things didn't quite work out as planned. I'm glad they didn't. I would have missed an amazing, artistic performance in a little church back in Melbourne (next chapter). 

The caravan park at Wantirna was the place (Book 3, Chapter 45), where I was told, sleeping in a car, even in a caravan park, was against Victorian state law. That Sunday in October, over four years later, I again felt like Joseph, except I didn't carry a pregnant Mary with me. 

On arrival I was informed that the park does not cater for tents, even a small two-men tent. No room in the inn, for me or my Mary, sorry Suzie. Strange, but true. The caretaker suggested I should try Lilydale, about 15 kilometers up the road. 

I pleaded - please, I won't take much space, just let me put up my tent, even if it's among the animals, in your enclosure by the creek ...( just joking).


Driving to Lilydale I noticed a few dark clouds gathering. In a way I was glad, therefore, that I had not pitched my tent, neither in Wantirna, nor in Lilydale, where I could not locate a caravan park anyhow. Meanwhile, I was getting hungry, so I parked at Melba Park and cooked lunch. 

Lilydale's most famous name is that of world-renown singer Dame Nellie Melba. A quick online search in their history revealed another famous name; famous in my early (his)story, the father of Nellie: David Mitchell, 


Why do I discover these connections? 

The date of commencing this book, Saturday October 24th, is the anniversary of the death of another David Mitchell. 

It's been exactly seven years that he was killed at a rail crossing in Salisbury. Later, after arriving home from a Europe trip I had, without knowing it sat in church right next to David Mitchell's step mother. (Book 1, Chapter 50).


The dark clouds only produced a brief shower, thankfully, with only one or two clasps of thunder. Bike riding was back on the agenda. Instead of riding through the Dandenongs I opted for a shorter route, where I discovered a little treasure, the Warburton Trail. It's a disused railway line, popular with cyclists, walkers and horse riders. The trails highest point on my ride in was Mount Evelyn. The railway station and platform were still there, a popular meeting place for bonding with fellow cyclists, no doubt.

The name Mt. Evelyn rang a bell. A well-known author and Baptist pastor A.M. founded a church here, which had grown rather large over years. It must have been a little out off town, otherwise I may have spotted it. Instead, right in the main street, I spotted a 5 cent coin. I circled back and picked it up.

Very early in my childhood my mother used to tell us: "He who doesn't honour the Pfennig is not worthy of the Mark". (Also a chapter late).


Another discovery that afternoon was one of my specialties, a spelling error. Really, the sign, even without the spelling error, was in such a prominent position, beside the Maroondah Highway, it would have been hard to miss. The fact that I stopped pedalling and took this photo proves, spelling errors draw attention - it works. But not all would ponder and decode and discover things, as I did:


Anyone for ... Boxing ...or Road Safety?

Sign beside Maroondah Highway: Wake Up Drowsy Drivers Die.


A few weeks later, scanning the picture the decoding began:

Based on SETTES, decoded years ago in Book 4 Ch. 4, my brain took this trail of thought:

TITTLES plus E, reading backwards  - SETTLE IT

   or  L SEES TT  (use the German ES instead of IT).  

Just now, I see that SETTES had represented 531135! 

MR 135 was only 20 km and 2 hours in the past.


Later, in the shower, more thoughts came re above sign. (May have been the shampoo. Fisher & Paykel engineers get their ideas in the shower). The road safety slogan, Drowsy Drivers Die suddenly made sense. I registered a connecting thought to the Wantirna Caravan Park: Sleeping in a car is prohibited. Especially while driving. 

In my road safety website I put it this way: When drowsy, stop the car and have a sleep - in that order.

Wise word.



To conclude, my five- step solution to financial crisis:

Step 1:  Turn your credit card upside down.

Step 2:  Turn the letters into numbers. 

Step 3:  Look for a road sign with a spelling error (minimum distance to travel 500 miles). Decode the lot. 

Step 4:  Write the story up on your blog, hoping your talent will impress the bank manger.

Step 5: Bury your credit card in a hole 5ft deep in your backyard. 

And don't be too proud next time you see a 5 cent coin on the ground - bend down and pick it up! 


Read drowsy backwards!


Chapter 3