To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                 Dieter R. Fischer                                                    Book 8

  THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL      Index    ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1     Bk 8 / Ch 1    Written / Published 24/10 - 1/11/09 


1. Markday Sunday 18   

The three words Quel jolis cheveux (what beautiful hair!) startled me. 

I had been unable to find a strong beginning for this new book of my autobiography. Is there such a thing as an addiction to magic?

To think it over for a moment, I walked into the lounge room, where I felt prompted to check my French phrase-a-day calendar on the coffee table. I wondered, what is the French phase for today, Saturday 24/10/09? 

I picked up the calendar and opened it. What surprise - without  even once flicking backward or forward among the 365+ pages I had landed right on the page for that weekend October 24/25th. Cheveux (m. pl.) was the featured word. Another interesting fact - October 24 is United Nations (*UN) Day. 

It may sound as if little has changed since my Book 7, which I completed in July 09. Since then my days certainly were never boring, but filled with exiting activities, travel, codes ... and magic. Unless, my simple ways of decoding numbers or words, or throwing all in a melting pot and see what come out, is nothing. Who is the judge?

Those who approach my world with an open mind and with a heart eager to please GOD, will see a purpose in everything; nothing is mere coincidence. If you playfully changed the word hair, in the first line above, to heir you are on the right wavelength. 

Da Ninci I call this code, which had gradually developed as I wrote my previous seven books between 2002 and 2009. Da Ninci is no misprint; rather the letters V and N in themselves are a code. Victory [for] N.

*Doesn't this goes well with UN Day? Another UN [DEAR] discovery in a moment). It all makes sense, if you know the code! 

As if even the weather is trying to make history! As I write a few drops of rain are falling, the first in a few weeks  -   (A week later, no more rain thereafter). 


There a times when my thinking startles me. Where did such and such come from? The only way I made sense, and do everyday, I sense this higher power at work, guiding gently, but always timely and powerfully.

HE is the Holy Spirit, who came on the first 'Pentecost' almost 2000 years ago. The same Spirit is available to be lavished out onto those who believe in that colourful radical named Jesus.

HE had made the promise of the Holy Spirit to HIS followers, just prior to leaving this earth: "I will ask the Father and He will give you another Helper". (John 14, 16). This Holy Spirit was guiding them in all truth. 

My writings, my previous books, as weird as they sound, are all truth, brutally honest truth. Almost daily I felt this wonderful force, which is beyond rational understanding, guiding my thoughts, my steps, my ways.

 There were times when it hurt me physically to write down what I saw happening. But truth, according to the teachings of Jesus, brings freedom.

The days leading up to writing this book I strongly felt to commence on this day, October 24th. My decisions seemed confirmed, this is how God operated in my life, when HE directed me to a book, which I had  just read. 

The book is called 'Held Hostage' by Ken Cooper. It is his first book, as I understand it, his amazing story of finding God in prison. Ken had lived a double-life; a respected citizen, who held a high-profile job in a Christian College on the one hand, and a daring bank robber, whose trademark was taking bank staff hostage during his daring raids, on the other.

Finally caught, Ken was sentenced to 99 years in prison. There was no hope of ever being released. But Ken turned his life around in prison. He learned that God is an expert in turning people's lives. What seemed impossible with men, God did it. Today Ken is a free man, after serving less than 5 years. God uses him to helping other released prisoners to find their way back into society, and to God, no doubt.

On page 46, as I read the word Luger, something clicked. Something was coming, I didn't know what. A little further into the book I read the word Luger again. This time I checked the page numbers. I found it odd that the only times these two words are mentioned, are pages 46 and 64.

.After commencing to write this chapter on 24.10, I saw today's date in those page numbers:

[4 + 6] = 10   /     [6 x 4] = 24    =     October 24.   

Unusual, but I see God's hand in it. 


Ken Cooper: Held Hostage. A Serial Bank Robber's Road to Redemption

                            Cover design: Dan Pitts  (It's P and T)

Luger is the name of the weapon Ken had used for his robberies, a 22mm German-made pistol. I knew that Luger was a German pistol, and also knew that ...

... there is a similar word in German to Luger. Add N and you get Lugner, which means - Liar.

There's more: While writing this chapter my wife handed me this piece of paper. It had fallen out of a video I had borrowed from the German Club's extensive library: 

(B&W) Der Lügner, H. Rühmann 0 -127 (The liar)

(C) Der Kaiser u.d.Waschermadel 127-254. (The Emperor and the cleaner girl).  

Schlechter Ton, means band sound. 

H. Rühmann was a popular character 50 years ago or more. I just marveled at his Christian name Heinz.

Don't you love God's humour? To be using the word liar to proclaim his truth!    



An amazing brief story, numbers - what else - surrounds the purchase of the above book on 4/09/09 (note the date). Only as I typed this, six weeks later, did I discover, how perfectly it all fits in; right here in Book 8, Chapter 01. 

When I made my purchase at the Christian bookstore in Adelaide, I remembered my wife had told me, she has a credit at that store. I told the shop assistant, who promptly found that this was indeed so. Our account, over a number of months, had shown a credit balance of $ 8.01.

But there was more. The purchase price of the book was $ 17.95. Deducting the credit of $ 8.01 brought the total of my purchase to $ 9.94.

I saw the magic immediately. The date that Friday was September 4, 09 - or 4.9.09. I felt a little silly mentioning this to the young man behind the sales counter. What he thought of my thinking, I do not know.

If one wanted to be technical, there is a discrepancy, even if you were reading 994 backwards. You need a 0.

During a recent drive to Melbourne I passed a sign, pointing toward a mountain range called 'The Grampians' which read: MT ZERO. (More of this journey later). 

There is a zero, actually the letter O,  far closer as I write. In the  Salvation Army Warcry Magazine, October 3 page 11, I read the name of a place in SA - South Africa. The town's name, at first glance looked similar to a place in New South Wales, one I had visited and written about in Book 7, Chapter 16.

Port Shepstone - Port Stephens. 

One could say there is zero difference between the two towns.

The article in Warcry tells the story of a remarkable turnaround. The young man, Darren Allen, had moved to Australia at the age of ten. His troubled life led to alcohol and drug addiction. He got into trouble with the law constantly. To live the life he lived he had to turn to crime to support it. 

Thankfully, with the help of the Salvos, after a few setbacks, Darren dared it all 'n gave it to God. The headline of the article - A fresh start.

"I thank God for the amazing things he has done in my life", says Darren, who now is employed in helping those who are going through the same addictions he did. 

God is a specialist in turning broken lives around, bringing healing and freedom from addictions. Why don't they teach this to our children?



The same day I started this book my wife pointed to three words, printed in large letters on an advertisement for floor covering. The ad took up the whole pack page of the newspaper. You would not normally expect a spelling error in a large paid advertisement. Can you see the spelling error? Can you see UN DEAR?


UNDER NEW MANGEMENT (Back page - Messenger Press 21/10/09) 

A spelling error, in 20 mm size letters on the back page of a newspaper, is sure to draw attention. Are spelling errors the latest in markting? 


Since the advertisement included a name and email address, I couldn't resist the challenge. I contacted the person:

Subject: 3 words - 3 days

Hi Steve,

No doubt you received many emails pointing to the spelling error on the back page of the Messenger Press 21.10.09 Some outside the box thinkers (wisemen) may even have seen it as a code - and tried to crack it?
How about my version? My wife showed me your ad 3 days after the publication's date - on 24.10. Did you know this was UN (United Nations) Day?
Well, if the missing A were available and moved just a little higher, into the word right above it, UNDER would read - UN DEAR, which is READ NU backwards.
If I were you, I'd keep a collection of all the email responses you get. Unless I'm the only weirdo around, it would make a great article in a magazine. Of course, we'd first have to create a magazine for outside the box thinkers. Maybe, it's easier to stick with selling floor coverings. Perhaps a night class: Better spelling, better selling?
Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  Then again - You learned something nu: Without the missing A, you may never have known it was UN Day!





Extract from Book 2, Chapter 12:

I had heard a person promote the Agricultural Show for the York Peninsula, a large wheat-growing area west of St. Vincent’s Gulf. ....  It was a huge community event, where farm machine manufacturers, primary producers and many other businesses put their latest products and services on display.

(This event happened in October 2003). 


Six years later: The front page of the 'Visitors Monthly' tourist magazine (Sept - Oct 09) advertised the same annual event - the York Peninsula Field Days. 

 I picked up this magazine at a tourist place in the Barossa Valley. Two names of farm machinery manufacturers made me take notice:

JOHN DEERE  - s Harvest

During my 2003 visit I had seen a man wearing a cap: San Diego. In 2007 I indeed visited San Diego.




Since completing Book 7 in July 09 my adventure with God took me on a 2000 kilometers plus cycling trip, and again to Melbourne, the 4th trip in 09. Before documenting the details of these journeys here is the story of Mark Day, Mark Sunday if you wish. The date was 18.10.09

Walking into church in Salisbury East that morning I had to pause for a moment. I had not attended at this place for some weeks. For a moment couldn't think of the pastor's name, who stood in the foyer, welcoming people. Luckily, just in time, I remembered and said: "Good morning, Mark."

(Be careful before you say to somebody: I will pray for you. No excuse to forget their name!) 

There were two bible readings in this service. Hebrews 4, 12-16 and Mark 10, 17-27.

Two marks did not weigh sufficiently to register on my brain. But a third (mark) came, hidden in the scripture in Hebrews. Unless you know the German language, you would not find the third mark.

"For the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the intents of the heart."                (Hebrews 4, Verse 12).


The German word for marrow is mark.

But there were more Marks (capital letter) that Sunday night. My wife and I attended the opening of the new auditorium of Victory Church in Pooraka. Driving into the carpark it was clear the church was to be packed; and it was. 

As we were walking through the parking lot toward the entrance my wife said to me: "I wonder if Geoff and Una are here. Their son Mark comes here." We've known this family for over two decades. 

Just as she finished saying it, I spotted Mark, the man my wife had mentioned. He was standing within a few feet, also directing traffic. A young man stood beside him. We exchanged a few words, entered the new 1000-seat church building and waited for the service to start. 

Moments later, a young man came and sat right beside us. He could have chosen to sit elsewhere, since there were vacant seats. Still thinking about Mark, I asked this young man: "Were you not just a moment ago standing beside Mark outside in the carpark?"

He said: "Yes." I asked: "And what's your name?" You guessed it, his name also was Mark.


On the evening before editing this chapter, days after choosing the title Mark Sunday, I sat in a church in Shepherd Road, in Adelaide's North East. My wife and I enjoyed the monthly Gaither Music evening. It's the same place, where I had discovered some magical names and numbers. (Book 5, Chapter 7).

Toward the end a long standing member of the team sang a wonderful prayer. It was recorded in Indianapolis (?) not that long ago in 09.

One line of this prayer, which he sang so passionately, he really meant it, made me smile: "Lord call me by your name'. 

His name was Mark.


My Mark Sunday on October 18 included one more man by that name. That day British Formula One racing car driver Jensen Button finally succeeded in winning a F1 Championship. His 10-year dream of winning this trophy came true that Sunday, after finishing fifth in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The first over the line, however, placing him 4th overall in 2009, was none other than Australian driver Mark Webber. This was only his second win ever. In the previous chapter (Book 7, 27) I reported his first ever win. His name appeared in my writing as far back as Book 1, Chapter 27.

The same Chapter 27 (in Book 7) shows also a tool I had found. I had been walking my bicycle along the Port River Expressway after visiting my old friend Tony. The tyre had gone flat. I was wondering, what good could come from a puncture in a bicycle tyre.

On August 5th, how ironic, I again was cycling in the same district, returning from a visit to another friend, helping her to fix a flat tyre on her bicycle. Crossing a major intersection I spotted this on the ground, another tool.


Found Corner South Rd / Cormick Rd. Wingfield

KINGTONY Socket 15 / 32.

 Not KingMark, but KingTony. God can use names, numbers, donkeys, or anyone to become HIS tool. Believe me, HE never abuses whom HE uses.  



As I write, I can't help but see the supernatural hand of God in all of this. I am no motor sport fanatic that I would follow closely every F1 season. But during numerous trips to Melbourne, where the Australian Grand Prix has been held since Victoria 'stole' it from South Australia, I had made a point of cycling by an address in suburban Melbourne, No. 228 ...Street.

According to early research (which proved accurate) this was, and possibly still is, the residence of a big name; big in my mind. He was first to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against prominent Magistrate Peter Liddy. That young man has a close and strong association with the Australian Grand Prix organization.



I found it remarkable throughout my journey that God would reveal detail to me, surrounding celebrities. My previous books include many big names. Sometimes I feel conscious about this, as if I am taking something away from them. There is a cost to being famous.

In Book 7, Chapter 9 the celebrity was Cadel Evans, the Australian cycling champion. In a brief encounter in Adelaide he gave me his autograph. I asked him to add the number 23, because this was the winning margin in the Tour de France that year. Cadel came second by only 23 seconds, behind Spanish rider Contador.

Writing about the above incident in Bk. 7, Chapter 9, the letters C A D are part of the title. On the morning of publishing, on 1.11 (all 1's) an amazing link popped into my head while watching my early morning religious TV on Channel Ten.

The thought started with the letter D, but ended like Cadel's name in L. You see, in Roman numerals L times 10 = 500 = D.

In 09 Cadel had another great win, perhaps even bigger than second place in LeTour. He won the world championship in Switzerland, not far from his European residence. The winning margin was 27 seconds.

When I heard about Cadel's win on the news (I was in Queensland on my own tour at the time) I added 23 and 27. CAD in chapter 7/9 - CAL here. (C a D and L)*

(Totally unplanned, when creating the title page, the picture with the letters LD, earlier I never thought of this DL until just then).

(In 2010 the world Championship is scheduled to take place in Melbourne & Geelong, Cadel's hometown).



Winners of LeTour - Paris, July 30th 07

Cadel Evans on the left, the first Australian to ever stand on the winner's podium on the Champ's Elysee. 

24-year old Alberto Contador (centre) was the first Spaniard to win, since legend Indurain had won 5 consecutive tours from 1991 -1995.




How I wished I could write here about progress in our battle for the truth in the imprisoned judges case. He has been held in prison now for over ten years. I have strongly expressed my doubts for at least half of that time. By now, I had hoped, there would be an investigation into the matter, knowing that even after such a process starts, it could take more years. Let's hope and pray it won't. 

It is beyond belief that even after pointing out clearly gross irregularities, backed by black and white evidence, those in authority are sticking their heads in the sand. (My previous books are filled with this case, especially Book 5, Chapter 11 -1 5. The evidence can be viewed in Book 7, Chapter 26). 

I can understand that certain individuals are fearful and don't want to reopen this case. However, it's alarming to think that this gross injustice has not been tackled by society as a whole. One must ask, have those instrumentalities, responsible for law and order in our state, combined with the media, to keep everything secret?

I am asking: Are those, who saw the evidence, whose responsibility it is to investigate such matters, SAPOL's Anti-Corruption Branch, the Police Commissioner, the Attorney-General, breaching the law by NOT acting? Isn't there an offense to pervert the course of justice? 

If a body or individual is not acting, when clear evidence is presented, are they not blocking the course of justice? If perverting the course of justice is an offense, is ignoring justice not as wrong? 

If these bodies don't take my claims seriously, labeling me a religious freak after reading my unusual stories, are they not discriminating on the grounds of my belief? 

If the Attorney-General ignores me, simply because I have claimed that the Holy Spirit revealed Peter Liddy's case to me, is he not discriminating against me, not taking me seriously, because of my religious belief?

Friends, when a society does not regard right as good any longer, when wrong is left unchallenged, even rewarded, it's time to wake up. When newspapers do not report the whole truth, or ignore it altogether to hide vital developments on important issues, it's time to speak out. 

When those who are brave enough to challenge falsehood, spin or lies are branded villains and trouble-makers, it's time to stand up. 

What next? Will they disappear? Will they be killed? History often repeats itself, if we don't learn from it.


I vaguely recall one of the earliest anecdotes passed on to me from my father. As a young boy I must have asked him about his time in the war, if he was a member of the Nazi Party. He said no, he was a Communist. One day after arriving home from work he found a note at his doorstep: "We are offering to you a free train ticket to Moscow".

He explained that the Nazis were easy on him, despite his resistance, because he only had one leg. Later, many who spoke up against the evil that was taking place, simply disappeared.


Is history repeating itself? Has my call for truth become an embarrassment to the authorities? Would they rather I escape, turn my back on Australia? My wife bought the newspaper today. As usual there is a travel supplement, called ESCAPE.

The title doesn't make sense. First we are told we live in such a beautiful place ..blaaah, blaaah, blaaah, then we are encouraged to travel, to escape! Only prisoners need to escape! My friend Peter needs to be released, not escape, if he is innocent. 

God hates injustices. HE will bring justice for those innocently imprisoned, be it for their faith in Jesus, or put there by evil forces, telling lies.

 "Justice for man comes from the Lord" (Proverbs 29, 26).

Amen. I hear some say. Amen means: So be IT. 

Mark my word.

Chapter 2