To facilitate readers understanding certain complex thought patterns, here is a summary of the the code.

I called it the Da Ninci Code, which developed over a period of two decades:

The Da Ninci Code


Meaning / Origin

Found in: Book, Ch.

DN Lindy / Liddy - Lindy Chamberlain spent years in jail innocently. When I came across the Liddy case, suspecting another person possibly innocently in jail, the two letters became rather significant. DN were the letters of Adelaide Radio Station 5 DN, now a different name. It was one of the first I blew the whistle to.  Bk.1, 18
PL In Australia learner drivers start with L plates and progress to P (provisional licence) plates. I saw that Love must come before Power. Later MP Peter Lewis, a local politician, became embroiled in the Peter Liddy case. PLUS 1 became an early code, used in conjunction with numbers. Bk 1, 14


Joel 2, 28: "I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh..." In the German Bible, unexplained, this happens to be Joel 3,1. Joel turned into L- Jo, which turned into JLo. We had two cars in the driveway, Rego Nos. 228 and 301. My spiritual mind refused to believe in co-incidence. I saw God behind it all. Car's registration numbers became a constant source of messages.  Bk.1, 19
ALL All in German means space, as in Outer Space. ALL became significant on 1.2.03 (Feb. 1, 2003) after the spacecraft Columbia crashed on re-entry. The number-code 123 started on that date. The digit zero, which I often disregarded, often features on its own. Our street name ends in all - Goodall, so ... all good!  Bk.1, 53
A O Alpha / Omega - "I am the alpha and omega" (Rev. 22.13).  Bk.3, 2
N The letter N, if placed at the centre of the cross, came out as numbers 4 1 4. Numbers also become dates. This number represents April 14. Much later I was surprised how in my dispute with my employer the little word on had played a central role. Using the a / o code - on became a N, which points to the cross and Jesus. Bk.1, 4

Bk.2, 33

Bk. 7, 7

L The Christian cross I viewed as 4 letters L, pointing again to Jesus. LA are the letters for a large US city. Los Angeles has been a frequent destination, so far 4 times. Roman numerals play a big role in the code. L stands for 50.  Bk.5, 27




Symbolic for No.1 (God). M in Roman numerals is 1 thousand. Because one or 1, sound so much like won, if I saw a name John M, my brain easily turned it into John won. I also used the letter K as 1. If somebody earns $ 80 K, they earn 80 x 1000.  Bk.5, 25


V is the Roman numeral for 5. This digit took me into the realm of numbers; later 15, then 315 came, which is similar to the date of my birthday. V could also become 50, simply using VO. LV is 55 in Roman Numerals. The word LOVE minus vowels becomes LV = 55. 551 = Love won. W looks a lot like VV, which is again 55.  Bk.1, 27
H as


H became it, moving the cross-bar forward and a little higher. My diary 31/5/01: I am not crazy. It is for real. I knew something supernatural was happening, but for a long time I wondered what it was. It, adding linking words, can become i (on the) cross. Bk.1, 19
C C = 100 = see. CH becomes C it. Bk.1, 28

Translated into English, es means it. It (ES) happens to be the car registration letters for the town I come from in Germany - Esslingen.

Bk.3, 21
Bon French word for good. Many foreign words take on meaning in English. (Strange, as I wrote right here, on Germany's Radio SWR4 the moderator was just talking about, and playing music, by Benny Goodman.) He was born 30.5.09! That was bon timing! Bk.1, 60
RE Regarding ... Backwards re (German er) means he. This is how Dieter became he die t, adding a preposition (that little word on) I read: He die on cross. It took me a year to see this. Before I had only seen. Re: die on t Bk.1, 36
EA EA Games, a company in the US, south of LA. I tried to show them my road safety game. Since then I link EA symbolically to the USA. Bk.4, 10
R+ The vehicle I drive is called R+. Adding R, as well as deducting R, words change. Example: Stand / Strand. Bk.2, 31 Bk.8, 8


A I generally means very good. In our 26-letter alphabet each letter has a place. A is 1, B is 2 etc. Hence 14N becomes - 1 (One person) 4 (for) N (Jesus). Changing A to E we arrive at IE, an abbreviation, meaning that is. The word tie could then become 'that is (a) cross'.  Bk.6, 20


The business I was running was called Driving Plus Motor School. The logo, designed by a professional, consisted of the letters dp formed into a roundabout. Later I discovered that they were a mirror image of the number 96. A scripture in the Old Testament spoke of the birth of a baby: Unto us a child is born, a son is given (Is. 9, 6). The postcode where we live - (L and) 96.   Bk.8, 8

Bk.9, 1

3 / 5 I disagreed with a government ruling that drivers must indicate 5 seconds, before driving away from the kerb. These numbers later mesmerized me. On 5.3 one year I happened to find 35 cents on the road. I did not believe in co-incident. Like always, I saw God's hand behind this incident.  Bk.1, 16

Bk.4, 33

1 5 8 At the markets on 18.10.05 I had bought 8 Tomatoes, not 5, which came to exactly 1000 g. Minutes later I saw a car registration MG. In my code 1000 G = MG.   Bk.5 - Summary to Oct. 05
24 Two for ... The bible speaks of 24 Elders. Elders in German can translate into Altmann (old man). I had many experiences, both with number 24 and the name Altmann; both in Queensland and Victoria. Our address begins with 2 4 Good... Bk.1, 17


Represents the date of a tragic bushfire in South Australia. Nine people lost their lives. 72 is another date of a fire - 7th Feb. 09, the worst natural disaster ever in Australia. Bk.3, 33

Bk.7, 18

ISSO These letters came in a vision one Sunday morning. Digitally, these letters read as 1550. Bk.2, 40

In my first 11 books (written over a decade between 2002-2013) readers will find, time and again, reference to above codes. There are others, plus many variations, like reading words backwards, using letters symbolically (G = God, U = You, Y = Why etc).

A little game readers will come across frequently is called letter elimination. Take two words and eliminate all doubled up letters. The remainder becomes a message. Example: Janet / Janice = i c t = I see (the) cross! 

My early struggle, around the turn of the century, was as much with my own thinking, as trying to convince those around me that I was not insane.

Readers will have to make up their own mind: Is this writer insane or is he really inspired by the Holy Spirit, first poured out on the day of Pentecost, as described in the biblical book of Acts?