More in number than the Sand

Dieter Rolf Fischer


The events described in this book are true and correct. The names of most people involved have been changed to protect their privacy, except where events took place in the public arena, which can be verified by the printed press or media watch. Any similarities between real people or names are co-incidental.

Copyright: No part of this publication may be copied, reprinted or otherwise transmitted in any form without the permission of the author.

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The following story is evidence to the existence of an incredibly intelligence and awesome, supernatural power at work in the world today. What I describe is not merely based on real events, but they are real events that have occurred the way I have written them. At first the reader may think this book is aimed to seek revenge. Toward the end, however, it will become evident that despite exposing evil, ultimately all things work together for good.

I encourage young and old, rich and poor and whoever will, to read with an open heart and mind. If you are longing to receive this extraordinary power from God HE will grant it to you. When I did, it took me on a journey beyond my wildest imagination. I can't help but speak of the man who travels with me every step of the way.


My story tells of many amazing events surrounding my struggle for driver education reform in South Australia and the astounding twist it took in another direction. Since 1999 unbelievable co-incidences happened and are still happening. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what life held in store.

The saga is ongoing. Given the facts that have transpired over the past few years I ask myself daily Ė who am I and where will it all end? Every reader will have to make up their own mind to either believe that these incredible circumstances are orchestrated by a divine power or are sheer co-incidence.

I canít persuade anyone to believe in my cause, but Iím gently trying to point the reader to the power working in the background.

You will read first hand all about the life of this man:











I would like again to point out that my journey is far from its destination. The story will be updated regularly as time permits and/or events unfold, unless circumstances beyond my control stop me from doing so. The time and destination are in Godís hands.

If your life has been touched or your faith strengthened, please pass on the message of the Good News to others.

 ďYour safety is driving us, trust usĒ.   

 Dieter Rolf Fischer, Adelaide, South Australia

December 2002 

Who it is all about

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