62. War or weather – all in HIS hand

The war against Iraq had been looming for months. I knew it was not a simple political confrontation, but a spiritual battle raging in another dimension. My decoding activity (seeing headlines, noticing events, hearing phrases on radio or TV) became of such frequency that I felt I was receiving attention without being famous.

I was watching an advertised program on ABC TV in March 2003. The presenter on a previous show, so I thought, had mentioned my special numbers. (I was still number alert back then). As I watched the same journalist report in the present show, I was expecting to perhaps find some reference to use as grains of sand that slowly created my El Dorado. I was not disappointed; my prompt response was as usual by email:   

Dear Dimensions,
Your nostalgic look at the history of the panel van brought back some memories. I was wondering how long into the program before the word Sandman appears. I did not wait long.

When our eldest was about four years old, we used the sandman trick to make him go to sleep:

In my childhood in Germany my parents used to say - "Keep your eyes shut tight or the sandman comes and sprinkles sand into your eyes".

Around the corner where we lived in Hobart, there was a Sandman Panel van parked, so we told our little son every time we went past: "See the writing on the side - it says Sandman." We have never told him, it's not true. But at 28 y.o. he may soon do the same to his kids.

Kind regards
Dieter Rolf Fischer
(Pro 35 plus)

      PS For the first time I heard an interview with Wayne Gardner. He seems a real nice bloke.

(I received a reply thanking me for my thoughts).


Another program involved the SBS Special Broadcasting Service.  Inspector Rex, the German Crime Show, involving a German Shepherd dog, had returned after a long break. What disappointed me was a ‘bed scene’ (which included nudity) in the first ten minutes. I emailed my displeasure and told the station they had lost a regular viewer. But the following week I did watch it again. In this most unusual episode, a girl killed people with champagne bottles just to make the front page in the news paper.

My mind switched onto ‘suspicious mode’. Not just the names and numbers, but the killer’s boasting that she will write her autobiography in jail, caused the extra sensitive element of my brain to kick in.     


Email to SBS on Sat 15/03/03

Hi Inspector Rex,

OK then, I’m addicted! But one more sex scene and I will quit watching!

There is one thing big about me, no two; One, I have a keen eye and two a big imagination. Would you believe, when they showed on ABC Business News that the Goodman Share rose one cent, I read this as a "secret message" from the coalition of the willing?

After last night’s" Beruehmt um jeden Preis" my wife Is (Sisi halved and backwards) said: "That was unusual." What would she think, if I told her that I am sending you this crazy email? The names (Carmen, Anita, Melanie, Ilse plus others that I forgot) activated parts of my brain. One name contained a J and a U. These two letters have a stronger reaction in me than a ham roll in Rex.

To cure a condition like mine they’d have to especially develop a tablet and call it the 11.22 25/15 TLE BAT. I know it would be a miracle drug. It might even calm "Dizzy Sissy" when she finally wakes up. Perhaps we should start kissing again?

Someone must have been reading my Biographie online. That was the whole idea. The truth sets one free and you don’t need a good memory. If you speak the truth and have a good memory, it’s a winning combination.

As for the champagne, that will have to wait perhaps until the end of next year. Will Is let me indulge in the devil’s drink is the question. I know which container I shall drink out of. It will be removed from the safe deposit on North Terrace, Adelaide (with or without a handle on it) especially for the occasion.

Won't that make headlines! There better not be a volcanic eruption on Mount Aetna, because the newspapers won't have room to report it.

Kind regards

Dieter Rolf Fischer

PS. Fancy, starving your dog until he has to steal a sunflower and bribe a girl to get a sausage. Shame on you. All one, two, three of you!

(Sissy is an Austrian Princess. Mount Aetna was shown on a newspaper headline, enraging the murderess, who was searching for her name in bold print on the front page. The numbers appeared in the film. The letters are easy to decipher, one is tablet, try the other for your self).


The second contact with the TV media was via a TV Breakfast Program. It was the same show that had interviewed a remote viewer from Willis Island, 500 km from Cairns. (See chapter 54). Immediately afterwards I had responded with an email to this particular segment, the station showed a learner who had crashed over an embankment in a four-wheel drive vehicle.  

On the day the Iraq war started I noticed the male host was wearing a yellow white-striped tie. To top it off, the unusual weather report the day before, made me email the program:


Email to Channel 7 on 20/03/2003 – Subject: Good colour plus lines

Hi there,  

Before I go to work (watching that my learner drivers don't crash down any embankments) I'd like to congratulate David on the choice of tie for the day, white lies (sorry white lines) and all.

Has anybody commented on the date for today’s historic day? 20.03 2003?

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS. Yesterday, on 19.3, Channel Seven News reported Adelaide's max. temperature as 19.3 C and 5 mm of rain? Not just colours, but numbers turn me on too. Plus names like Mitchell.


One journalist, who reported from the war zone, was named Mitchell Catlin. (There were other names that had me thinking, but this one stood out). I wondered if I was the only one who took notice of the weather report on Channel Seven on 19/3, the date matching the temperature right to the decimal.  When I heard it I thought, surely they’ve made this up. (If they did to laugh behind my back, they’re traitors). To really stir my spirit there was a rainfall of 5 mm for Adelaide that day! God surely has a sense of humour. I kept wondering, why did the allies choose the next day, Thursday 20th March for the day to launch their campaign?

I woke very early Wednesday 19/3. It just came to me in an instant. The previous day’s front page headline War Vote could read as something specific. (I will not reveal everything just yet, and via this website, what God has shown me, except to say dreams came early in the mornings).

The first day of war, Thursday 20/3, was declared A-Day. The front page of the Advertiser newspaper read: Time’s up. Without giving details, my mind again deciphered it, linking it to an article on page 5 of the same paper. I shall not divulge this series of thoughts and twists for two reasons. Firstly, it is a rather complex and far fetched idea and, if true, of such magnitude that I find it hard to believe myself. Secondly, I’d like to keep some secrets to be revealed at a future time on a different platform. All I will say at this point is that it involved again the death of a teenager on the road.

On A Day I sent two emails in one day to the Advertiser Newspaper, responding to two headlines. What happened to my many messages I still had no idea; and I was not particularly interested. Anything from the ‘delete’ to the ‘forward’ button was possible. Who was receiving them, if they were passed around, of which I was almost certain? I had one goal - to do God’s will at any cost. To trust HIM completely was HIS will.

This trust overcame any fear of the present or future. As awful as the war in Iraq seemed, by trusting God I am assured that HE holds the key to all things, the weather, politics, the economy, or the environment. What a wonderful freedom!

The year 2003 had already surpassed all expectations of my adventure. Where was this story leading to? I kept wondering time and again who was I, what were God’s plans, what role did my story play in the big picture of things?

I received an email by a visitor to my driving-school website. She wanted to know what “back in five” on my index page meant. As the theophany unfolded during 2002 I realized that my mission was to bring the Gospel of Jesus to people via my website. At the same time I wanted to convey that Christ’s second coming is surely to happen (I was tempted to write ‘shortly going to happen’, but this is relative, God’s timing is not like ours); it is as real as tomorrow’s sunrise. We must prepare. This is why I placed the ‘back in five’… message on my website’s index page.

I answered the email briefly: 


Hi Lynne,

If you see a sign on a shop door - back in 5 Min. - it means the shopkeeper
will return very soon!
Depending how desperate you are to enter the shop, you wait (and wait) and
expect HIM to return eagerly.

I trust I answered your query.

Kind regards
Dieter Rolf Fischer


This is in essence the purpose of my mission. Telling people of our need to repent, accept HIS love, receive HIS forgiveness and walk in the other direction. I knew it was already happening in many places. I detected a distinct change in television commercials. Years ago I was abhorred by the constant use of sex and sexual overtones in almost every ad. It all changed. I noticed the inclusion of children in many TV commercials. We were becoming more children aware, children friendly? How refreshing! What a miracle!

God had brought me a long way from the day I had lost my employment in February 1998, five years earlier. My trust in HIM was stronger than ever. Where He wanted to lead was all up to HIM. I had a fair idea, a dream too big to mention.

“He has got the whole world in his hand,” the song goes.  Which one, the right or the left one? Read the answer in the next chapter.


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