20. Trust and obey

One of the very early inklings that I was being watched was an editorial by Des Ryan, the editor of Messenger Press. He spoke of a man who kept falling off his bike; he named him Submarine Pete. I thought he was talking about me. On my website I tell of all the bike riding I did. Yes I had two breakdowns (fell off my bike) because of the stress and submerged, as it were.

It was after reading about Submarine Pete and thinking it could talk about me, that I took notice and started reading this free weekly newspaper. In 2001 also leading into the following year, I noticed at least five people were featured very prominently (some front page) that I knew personally. My sensitivity in my spirit became more refined. But I could cope much better with possible codes and links. I had to deliberately admit that facts are facts and possibly co-incidental. They may have nothing to do with me. I accept it, if this is so. Honesty to ones innermost self is the key to mental health, unless it is of a biological nature.

An incidence took place one morning while waiting for my first driving lesson to start. I noticed two cars in a driveway on Glynburn Road in Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs. One of the car’s number plates was 444, the other 737. My bi-polar mind started linking immediately: I used to own a Wolseley 444 for many years. And 737 is a type of Boeing jet. So I pictured myself in a jet flying overseas. In my diary I noted: “If this is not a message to fly to Germany, then why did God choose these two numbers?” Little wonder my family (I must have spoken to them about it) was getting worried about me again.

But I was clearheaded enough to not rush off. Instead I said to God, if you supply the funds, I know it’s from you. I specified the sum of 5000 dollars. What kept the madness alive (or was it for real?) is my eyes and ears constantly still seeing and hearing phrases, numbers, letters or other bits of information and referring them back to my story. From my diary 21/8/01: “The radio is full of fish phrases etc. I can’t keep up with it all”. The constant process of seeing information and thinking I had to act on it, took great energy.

I remember quite clearly an incident at the corner of Glynburn Road and the Parade, Kensington. I had stopped at the lights and briefly opened my car door to look at the front tyre. (It sounded funny just prior). Next day, at the same corner I noticed a driver stopped in exactly the same spot, briefly open his driver’s door and look at his front tyre, as I had done the day before. What a co-incident or was it? 

One paradigm I worked under went something like this: If God is telling me something I must obey his will and do it. But what if this is just my own silly idea? I struggled with this issue ever since becoming a Christian. I concluded, if I think God wants me to do something and it was my own human thinking only, then I have lost nothing, except my reputation, unless I harm someone else. But if indeed it is from God and I don’t do it, then I miss out on his sovereign will for my life and many wonderful blessings.

I belief many Christians miss out on God’s best. Fear of becoming fools holds  back spiritual activity. I figured that if I committed my day to God every morning, he would not allow my human spirit to mess up big time, unless I have to learn a lesson.

One of the very early struggles in that area happened one day as I was driving north on Main North Road, about 20 minutes to 1 pm.  Beside me was a blue Toyota Wagon driving very slowly because the driver was talking on a hands-free mobile phone. I recognized the number plate and the driver as a former member of our Paradise congregation. Some years ago I had showed Al my road safety game, but had not followed anything through.

The next morning in my prayer time I kept thinking about Al and why he travelled so slow beside me the day before. Something inside urged me to give him a call. But what would I say? I had no reason to just phone and say “I saw you yesterday.” What else would I say? We were not close friends. But as mentioned before, I did it anyway. His wife answered the phone. I sensed a little surprise in her voice; she remembered my name.

I chatted with Al about business, my website and other trivia. He had a client so I did not want to keep the conversation going. One comment he made got me thinking. He mentioned taxation. It was toward the end of the period to lodge a tax return and I had not put mine in. Why did he worry about mentioning tax in our brief conversation? I felt relieved to have obeyed and phoned him up. Why was up to God and I had certainly not harmed anyone by that phone call.

It is amazing how a bi-polar mind works circumstances into situations. Then again, who knows, it could be God behind it all. One Saturday morning my Suzuki sounded like a lawnmower after having started the engine. I suspected major damage and arranged it to be towed to my mechanic. When I picked it up later, nothing was done to it. The mechanic said he could not find a noise or anything wrong with it. Strange, but maybe I was not meant to be teaching that Saturday? I will never know why it happened.

The ratio of the incoming and outgoing emails, discounting spams, was about 1:5. Occasionally I received strange messages. At the time of writing I had no direct threat of any kind. But the following message was very unusual. The incomplete email (I did not open the attachment) arrived Mid. June 02:

    funeral will be held 2 p.m. Wednesday at Hillcrest Baptist Church with the Rev. Doug Ramsey, the Rev. James Alsop, the Rev. Rickie Fox, Ken Hundley and Brittany Martens officiating. Interment will follow at Roselawn Burial Park.

The church in question has closed years ago. None of the Reverend’s names made sense. I copied it into my hard drive but ignored it otherwise. Sometime later I received this message in my mobile phone: ‘Police have found a corpse, badly burned and with a very small penis. From the sender’s phone number I knew it came from one of my ex-clients. I took it as a bad joke; possibly sent in anger for failing a driving test and/or while being intoxicated.

The following month a member of our congregation, George, had died. I attended the funeral service. Not long afterwards my mobile phone rang. A male voice asked for George. I said: “My name is not George you must have the wrong number.” I didn’t take the incident seriously, but pondered the co-incident in names, since I only go to funerals every few years. 

I trusted my life to God and had little fear of anyone or anything. But would I obey, if HE literally asked: “Lay down your life for me?”

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