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THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL    Given your ALL? Now what?  Home    ISBN 0 9577426 9 X    Book 9 / Ch 8   Written/Published 9.11 - 11.11.2010


"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."

 (Philippians  I : III)


8.  Dial 0402 Pilot hero 

Waking on the day of publishing, Remembrance Day 2010, my first thoughts started with a trail of numbers. As I opened my sleepy eyes I did what one does first thing in the morning* I checked the time on the clock radio.

*... as I write, Chuck Swindoll passionately is giving his daily message on radio. At this point, right here, he spoke the words "Wake up!" 

Even though at school I had never been very good at maths, in recent years numbers have occupied my mind constantly. Readers well know the role they have played in all my books.

The clock this morning showed 5.48. Without effort I multiplied 5 x 48 to arrive at 240. Then I remembered  how the digits 2 4 0 plus one zero, was on my agenda to finish this chapter with. (Read about 2400 at the end of the chapter).

I thanked God that I no longer feel strange, when numbers pop up, as if I was hooked on numerology. HE has worked in this unusual way to make Himself known. Numbers, abbreviated Nos have become a friend.

Just to prove I was not dreaming I wrote the letters NOS onto a piece of paper and turned it upside down. No doubt! It reads SON. (It also works if you type it on your computer screen, then stand on your head and read it).

Nine days ago I was reminded, how my strange numbers fixation had originally started. The first digit to tease my brain was the number 5. I had found a joke in the Reader's Digest. It was really funny: a gambler, crazy about number 5, had placed all his money on horse No. 5 at a *horse race. His horse came fifth.

Amazing timing, again! As I write, listening still to ABC 891, their outside reporter Mr. Noonan, is being interviewed. The subject is horses. An important horse event is about to be staged at Victoria Park Racecourse.


As I was saying, on November 2, 2010 I had to smile to myself. It came after the biggest event in Australia's horse racing calendar, the Melbourne Cup, had been run. Horse No. 3 came 3rd.

Not only did this number fit well into my story, but also the name of the horse, So You Think. The word THINK was the keyword in my Book 8. It was meant to make lawmakers in Melbourne think about a moral issue. (More about morals and laws a little later). 

On the US TV Show Today a few days ago I saw their star horse Zenyatta. It carried No. 8. The winner of the Melbourne Cup mentioned above also carried No. 8. The name of the lucky horse - Americain.  

- - - - - - -


A few days after I had added the sequel to my previous Chapter (7) I happened to spot two pictures in a magazine. The article was about the Adelaide seaside suburb of Brighton. This name lifted my brain to a higher level of reception. I saw things within two pictures, show below, just as they appeared on the page: 


NOW OPEN  and Arch of Remembrance

NOW backwards = WON. 

Won what? 

Look at OPEI (*or below) for the answer.

 How it fits the bottom picture, the Arch of Remembrance! This arch is located at the end of the Brighton jetty, exactly where Peter Liddy allegedly loaded boys into a van to (allegedly) abuse later.

This was unplanned - God is an on-time God - the day of publishing this chapter is Remembrance Day in Australia, when we remember those fallen in war. 

*Missing in OPEI: V - as in Victory in Vic.

- - - - - - -


When I commenced this chapter two days before publishing, I heard our Director of Public Prosecution, Stephen Pallaras, make an interesting statement. In the 7 AM ABC Radio News he called for reform in the criminal justice system, because the underworld was 'getting away with crime' (or words to that effect). 

Mr. Pallaras is the same person, who had advised our Attorney-General that there was nothing in the information I had brought forward (in the Liddy matter), which gives rise to be concerned about the verdicts. 

Here is what the ABC's website reported what he said (9th Nov. 2010, 8.02 am)

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) says it is unacceptable charges have been dropped against a man arrested over a shooting in Gouger Street in central Adelaide because witnesses are no longer co-operating.

Soniard Mrishaj was facing trial in the District Court accused of shooting a man, in October 2008.

Several witnesses no longer wish to give evidence and all charges have now been dropped.

DPP Stephen Pallaras said the case simply could not proceed.

"The evidence didn't all of a sudden disappear. It diminished slowly over time and we had to make a decision ultimately that what was left was insufficient to proceed on a basis of a reasonable prospect of conviction," he said.

Mr Pallaras said the Government needed to consider providing better protection for witnesses or possible criminal charges for failing to give evidence in cases.

"I think we may need to look perhaps at other ways of guaranteeing that once witnesses to serious offences give police statements [they are] actually obliged to give that evidence [in court]," he said.

(End report)


Isn't this exactly what I had called for in the Liddy case? I had been told that a key witness with vital information (the damning document of Book 7, Ch. 26) suddenly decided to pull out and not back the document in court. Peter's life-line disappeared. 

If I were to find myself suddenly the key witness in a major case, which could put an underworld figure behind bars on my testimony, perhaps I also would think twice about going any further?

Had Mr. Pallaras read my chapters, he would have realized, he was not the only one calling for change.

His statement above did not address the issue, why witnesses suddenly pull out of court cases. Let me spell it out for him, in one four letter word - FEAR. That's why I had called for a way to take statements by witnesses, possibly via video link, as to guarantee their anonymity and safety.

Friends, when criminals get away with their evil activities by frightening off key witnesses, it's a sad day for justice. If you were reading about cases in Calabria / Italy in the 1950's, you would perhaps not be surprised? But surely, in Australia in the year 2010 ways should have been found to stop Mafia-style corruption taking place?

With this thought in mind I felt a need to express my mild anger to the ABC's Radio Station in an email:

Dated: 9th November 2010


Hi all,

What Mr. Pallaras said this morning on the news is exactly what happened in the Liddy case!

A key witness pulled out at the last moment. The probation officer's vital document, which would have cast serious doubt on the truthfulness of the main witness, was not tabled.

The question is why?

Let's face it, if a phone call by a mafia underworld figure, threatening a key witness, is all it takes for a witness to pull out, what chance have we got for justice? 

If the key witness in Peter Liddy's case had not been frightened off (and moved 3500 kilometres north to Innisfail) maybe Peter would not be in jail today!

What is worse, the stuff up by the system or the cover-up by the media?

Kind regards

(Name, address and phone number supplied)  



As if the flavour of the month was our court system, the very next day on Channel Seven's Today Tonight their major story was about a legal issue. In a shock report by Graham Archer (who had received all my findings in the Liddy case) I learned that in South Australia it is virtually impossible to challenge a court ruling, once all legal avenues of appeal have been exhausted. 

Such is the rigid status quo in our legal system, according to Today Tonight, that even when fresh evidence is brought forward, there is no legal mechanism to reopen a case!

I could not believe what I was hearing. Did I understand correctly, even if a murderer came forward and admitted that he did the crime, not prisoner XYPLZ serving a life sentence for the crime, there is no way to reopen the case?

Actually, Graham Archer's report did point to the only way possible: An appeal to the Governor, who may then decide to pass the matter on to the Attorney General to deal with. (Guess what I shall be doing in the next few days?) 

However, will it be any different to the approach via my local MP in May this year? I had sent my local MP with the vital document, asking the case should be reviewed on this evidence.

Five months later a letter came (as reported in the previous chapter) that not the Attorney-General, but the Director of Public Prosecution has found that there is nothing of concern in the document! 

So who is taking responsibility, I ask? Will I need to appeal to Her Majesty the Queen herself?

Are there real men in South Australia in the legal profession or political arena, besides overpaid, power-hungry, gutless, people-pleasing Pontius Pilates, bowing to a deceived public, passing blood-stained documents from one authority to another, wasting our precious water, as if washing their hands would abdicate them from taking responsibility.

Wake up, please, and take action !


As I watched the eye-opening segment on Today Tonight, I could have screamed. Even the now retired High court judge Michael Kirby agreed that there is a missing element in our justice system, one the United Kingdom had filled long ago. Our system should have followed suit. State MP and anti-drugs campaigner Ann Bressington, finally, is putting forward a Bill to fill this urgent need.  

Justice Kirby was a Judge on the High Court Bench, when Peter Liddy's appeal was rejected. Did I hear him say that even when fresh evidence is coming forward, such evidence was not allowed to be tabled at a High Court Appeal?

If this isso, Peter Liddy, himself a legal expert, was wrong. In a letter Peter had written that he placed great hopes on the weighty piece of [fresh] evidence. Tragically, it had only become available after his initial two guilty verdicts. It was ignored back then and still is to this day! 

Peters last avenue of hope is being kept shut by Adelaide's fraternity of Pontius Pilates!

- - - - - - -


Another magazine - more codes!

The cost of the potatoes on the left (1.95) reminded me of the OO on page 591 in my bible (at the end of the previous chapter.)

OK, not all potatoes are O-shaped, but more so than beans; and ...on page 591 there was a straight (bean) line between the O O.

Another code - 50. (The difference between 5.80 and 5.30) 

I also see Remembrance Day  (the date of publishing) in above cost of these two vegies. Apply Plus 1 code = 11.11. 

- - - - - - -


A second news item in the same radio news bulletin on Nov. 9th, stirred me into more action. Very rarely in the past did I hear a senior politician comment on the subject of same-sex marriage. His party was going to discuss the issue in a forthcoming Labor conference.

Prominent Labor Party Minister Bill Shorten said, not only was he in favour of changing the Marriage Act, but he believed, public opinion had changed and it was just a matter of time, before it would become widely accepted.

This is despite his leader, Prime Minister Gillard, stating clearly that she regards marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Her litmus test will come in July 2011, when the Greens will hold the balance of power in the Senate. Will they demand that the law be changed, as reward for supporting her Labor Party and leadership?

How I wished the Greens would stick to Green issues and stop messing with God's natural structures for mankind! 

How often have I heard this argument: Christian MPs should leave their religion out of politics? Let me ask this question: Have those who propagate this argument ever challenged the Greens, whose leader Mr. Brown is living with another man, to leave their sexuality out of politics?  


After hearing Minister Bill Shorten on radio, I felt to contact my local MP, Tony Zappia, the Member for Makin, to express my concern in the matter. I purposely sent a copy to only eight other MPs in Canberra (read on).


Subject: Oppose gay marriage

Dear Tony,

In the ABC 7 AM News Bill Shorten tried to tell the people of Australia, in no uncertain terms, that it was just a matter of when, not if, Australians would accept same-sex marriage.

I am very sceptical of the Greens claiming that the vast majority of Australians want  the marriage laws changed. Ask the average citizen, if they preferred two men living next door, playing with their children, or if they would prefer their children to grow up with neighbour's children, whose parents are man and wife! (To deliberately deny a child to grow up with both, a male father and a female mother is, in my opinion, a from of child neglect).

Gay marriage has became the watershed in the battle of who is in charge! Did God make a mistake creating us male and female? It does not take an Einstein to realize the gay lifestyle has no future! That's why bible believing Christians are standing firm! 

And what more does the same-sex lobby really want? Don't they have everything possible to live together like man and wife?

One thing they will never achieve - changing the scriptures, which clearly state that their lifestyle is an abomination in God's eyes (Levs 18, 22). If they only knew that God loves them so much, he died for each one of them, so they find real acceptance, real freedom, true love.

How I wished, Tony, that my son, who has lived with his partner (female) for over ten years, was as passionate about being married than those gays are! Does it not prove, they it's not about marriage, not about rights, they already have those? They are looking for acceptance, which is only found in one relationship, an intimate love between a human being and Almighty God.

If the ALP leadership decides to cave in to the Green/Gay lobby, God help Australia! But then, why should HE, if their leaders think they know better?  


Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  Hearing between his words I sensed Bill Shorten is aligning himself for leadership, ready for when the Greens will demand that the ALP will dance to their tune. For once I back Julia!

(End email)


The latest news:

ABC Radio 11.11.10 - 7AM: 

 Mr. Ian Hunter (State Labor Party MP, openly gay) jumped on the bandwagon, announcing: "We should legalize same-sex marriage in South Australia. There is a change in community attitude. Why not just make a law and do it?"

I have made mention of this gentleman, back in 2007, in my Book 6, Ch 3. He had said that prayers in Parliament are a waste of time, and suggested they be abolished. 

Makes me think: "How many Labor voters in Unley knew what Mr. Hunter really stood for - anti-prayer, pro-homosexual marriages? How many blindly filled in their voting paper, ticking the box beside his name, simply because their family had always voted Labor?

Editor's note: In Australia voting in compulsory!

Moments later, still on the same radio station on the day of writing, State Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond called once again for the establishment of an ICAC, an Independent Commission against Corruption: She said: "I don't think there is corruption, but we need an ICAC to look into [a particular matter]." 

Months ago, before the State Election she had said the same thing. I thought to myself, what a contradiction. To win an election she needs to be more straight forward. After she had repeated her statement this morning, I could not concentrate on my writing. I went on her website and sent the following feedback:


Dear Isobel,
Be strong! You have every right to say: "I suspect corruption, therefore we need an ICAC".

Saying, I don't think there is corruption, but call for an ICAC, is giving mixed messages. We need to tell the Rann Government that we won't put up with their corruption!

Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
(ex-Liberal Party Branch President)

PS  Were you genuine, when you wrote to me, after supplying documents in the Liddy case, that an investigation is under way? Or was it just being polite, acknowledging my correspondence? 

- - - - - - -


It is interesting to note that no television news (to the best of my knowledge) picked up the above statement by Mr. Shorten. News that addresses 'moral' issues (gay marriage, abortion and euthanasia) is often relegated to awkward timeslots and/or completely ignored by the main stream media. 

However, as I noticed, the more Christians wake up to the signs or our times, and are standing up and speak out for what they believe is best for our nation, the more our leaders will listen. Let's hope and pray that politicians will listen and carefully consider both sides of the debate. Who would not like to see our children raised in a loving home, by a male father and a female mother? 

With this motive in mind I sent above email to my Federal Member of Parliament. Before pressing the send button, in moment of inspiration, I chose eight other Labor Members of Parliament in Canberra. Their names were carefully chosen: Bowen, Ellis, Swan, Thompson, Rudd, Owens, Neumann, Georganas. 

It should not be too hard for readers to decipher the hidden message in these names. (For the answer check under Isobel in above email).  


How interesting - I just found out researching these names - the only Labor Party MP in Canberra, whose name starts with the letter N, is MP Neumann - (translated from German) = New man.

The only other Federal MP starting with N is Mr. Paul Neville, the Member for Hinkler. (Hi to you too - 96 times.)

Another hidden message in names came to me in prayer a few days ago. I would have discovered it 40 years ago, had my thinking been back then as it is now: My mind played with my wife's Christian names Isobel Lois.

Take L.o.i.s out and ... BE! Her surname too fits perfectly!

- - - - - - -


May I just change pace for a moment and write about another magic incident, which happened 3 months ago. On 8/8/10 I was taking my little dog for a walk before church. Walking through the almost empty shopping centre carpark a few minutes walk away, two identical 4WD Hyundai vehicles stood out, for some reason. As I continued my walk my brain played with the name Hyundai. 

Walking along Kimba Road my creative impulses stirred into action for a few short moments. I pictured not only a video clip advertising Hyundai 4 wheel-drive vehicles, but a slogan to go with it. It went something like this:

 A 4 WD vehicle drives over rough terrain, but suddenly becomes stranded on a rock with all four wheels spinning in mid-air. A shiny Hyundai drives by as their slogan appears on the screen: WE WONT LEAVE YOU HIGH AND DRY - HYUNDAI. 


But what happened seconds later I can't explain, except I found it unreal. How could an ordinary human mind think this up?

From Kimba Road I turned left into our street, Goodall Road. Less than 100 metres further east, in the grass not far from our house, lay a discarded newspaper. It was folded so that page 3 was showing.

I was astounded what I saw. So much so, I walked home and sent an email to Hyundai. (Read it below). It only took a few minutes, after which I returned to the newspaper in the grass and (without touching it) took this photo:


The Advertiser August 5th, page 3: Left high and dry. 

Left high and dry: Court's cannabis ruling jeopardises 20 cases.

(I just noticed the irony. It had been raining overnight, so the newspaper on the ground was not high and dry, but low and wet!)  


A summary of above article from the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) website on the article reads:

An Adelaide court ruling that “the possession of cannabis plant material is a crime only if the material is dry” has jeopardised “up to 20 trials for those charged before September 2nd in 2009." A man who was arrested for possession of “3kg of drying cannabis material...[was] acquitted because the material in question was drying, but not dried.” Therefore, the court ruled that he had not “breached the Controlled Substances Act (1984).” In September 2009 the Act was amended and the word “dried” was removed.


There was another reason I took special notice of this newspaper article. As editor of our Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter I had heard of this case. I had made it the subject of my editorial in our August 2010 Newsletter. In summary I had expressed concern, asking this question:

Could I be wasting my time working hard with police in Neighbourhood Watch to reducing break-ins and car thefts, only to have the courts let drug growers off the hook on a technicality? The result -  more drugs, more addicts, more break-ins to support their habit!


Here is the email I sent to Hyundai, who sponsor Australia's A-League Football, just prior to taking above photo:

Email to Hyundai Head-office (?) Melbourne: 

Date: 8/8/10.

Hi all,

Walking my dog this morning I saw a couple of Hyundai 4WD's in the car park of our shopping centre.

Walking on along Kimba Rd, inspired by the name Hi und dy, an idea came for a slogan to advertise your product:

Show a 4 WD of an opposition brand struggling through rugged country. The vehicle gets stuck on a rock with all four wheels dangling in mid-air, spinning wildly.

Along comes a Hyundai cruising past with the slogan - we won't leave you Hi and dry!

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  After pressing send I shall walk outside our house, walk about 30 meters south back toward Kimba and take a photo. On the footpath, moments after having above brain wave, somebody dumped a newspaper. Walking past I saw it happened to be open to page three - the fat headline: Left High and dry! (The Advertiser 5/8/10  P.3)

PPS  This reminds me - didn't 2 Hyundai A-League matches this weekend end in 3 all?


I have no recollection of receiving a reply - certainly no offer of a job in their Marketing Department.

But lately I have noticed advertising slogans like: Subaru's All 4 the Driver or Honda's The Power of Dreams or Volkswagen's Think small.

Love 'm. 

- - - - - - -


Friends, fundamental Christians are often ridiculed, labelled dinosaurs or worse, because they are the ones to speak out in regard to moral issues, and in my case, crime. Many argue that the Old Testament scriptures, such as Leviticus 18, 22 which calls the gay life-style an abomination, no longer apply today.

If we were to go by these ancient barbaric regulations, unbelievers point out, women would be stoned to death for adultery or whole families buried alive if they were found guilty of stealing. The Old Testament seems filled with cruel punishments, unworkable in today's society.  

What about the New Testament? Bible believing Christians, who oppose the gay lifestyle, stand firm on the basis of what the Apostle Paul wrote on this subject:


"For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them."             (Romans 1, 26-32)



It is one thing, Friends, to show compassion for a person, such as a young girl, who fell pregnant and can't see her way through; or a very old, terminally ill person, who wants to die. We all should show compassion for others.

However, it is quite another matter to make laws as a quick-fix, without addressing the core issues or considering unexpected consequences. 

Worse still, when man-made laws clash with ancient, God-given laws, which should never be changed, mankind is entering into dangerous territory. The last line in above scripture points to 'those approving [bad] things' which people do. 

God has given our political leaders the responsibility to lead fairly. To simply rubberstamp (approve of) the perverse, moral activities society now regards as normal, is not leading. It's following trends to be popular. That's what counts with politicians mostly, especially at election times. 

Are not the Bill Shortens of this world examples to the next generation? Our young people need guidance! When it comes to same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia etc. should we really apply democratic principles? 

The majority is not always right, especially when a majority is gained by manipulating public opinion, via an atheistic media, which is spreading misleading, half-true propaganda, or to shorten it - is spreading lies.


If a referendum were held on same-sex marriage, and this question would be asked on the subject: "Would you prefer your son Adam to marry Eve or Steve? How many parents would choose anything, but the lifestyle they chose - a partner of the opposite sex?

A most alarming development for believers in traditional marriage is that those who stand firm on their views are forced to abandon their stance. Lawmakers are demanding that Christians conform to their world's standard in relation to the gay/lesbian lifestyle. Scripture clearly warns Christians against such brain washing.

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" (Romans 12, 2).

Think: Would it be the perfect will of God for anyone to live a lifestyle, which HE views as an abomination and warns against, both in the Old and New Testaments?

Remember: God does not change to adjust to HIS children's lifestyle. HE wants to remake them into new men and new woman, perfected, and walking according to HIS will. 


Here is an article of concern, published on Nov. 3th, 2010 in The Author's name is given as Michael Stone:

"In the United Kingdom a Christian couple is suing for the right to take in foster children after being denied the chance because of their anti-gay beliefs. Eunice and Owen Johns were found to be unsuitable foster parents after telling a social worker they would not tell a child that a homosexual lifestyle was acceptable because of their religious beliefs.

The Pentecostal couple applied to be foster parents in January 2007, but their application was halted later that year, after expressing their anti-gay bigotry. They are now suing the Derby City Council to force a clarification in British law."

Note how  Stone does not go into detail of this couple's argument, but rather judges their stance as 'anti-gay bigotry'. Who is the bigot here, may I ask?

Where do our laws come from? Who said that stealing is wrong? Is it not one of God's laws, passed down from God with the other nine Commandments? 

What about we invent a more trendy, 21st Century law on stealing? If people failed to secure their property sufficiently and another manages to take their possession unhindered, the negligent owner's punishment is the loss of his goods; the reward for spotting and removing it successfully is the new owner's reward. Stealing therefore, under these certain circumstances is not a crime?


Does this not sound ridiculous? Why then should other fundamental laws - Thou shalt not bear false witness (lie), thou shalt not murder (not even the unborn), thou shalt not take your neighbour's wife (adultery) or thou shalt have no other God's before me (idolatry) need updating?

But that's just what a god-less society has done. The new, improved man-made law, which God to love, promotes idolatry: Learn all about religions, then make up your own mind and follow the God that suits you best! Bulldust!  

One female Labor Member of Parliament justified a suggested change in euthanasia laws. She argued that the law needs changing: "We live in the 21st century".

Was is different in the 21st century, may I ask? The only difference is, mankind turned its back on God and stopped teaching their children right from wrong. Maybe this politician's views, and that of many people, is the result of just that - as small children they never were taught right from wrong. And when they did wrong, they never received their 'just reward' for it. Bad seed often takes decades to bear its bitter fruit.


As far as voluntary euthanasia is concerned, the argument for it was much stronger a hundred years ago, when pain-relief medications were much less effective than today. As a Christian I am all for progress, but I refuse to embrace trendy new ideas, simply because we live in a new age and atheistic scientists think they know better than the Master and maker of the universe.

One of the main drivers in Australia's media, toward acceptance of same-sex marriage, seems to be our national broadcaster, the ABC. In a recent feature on their popular program 'Australian Story' a young gay farmer was featured. The emotional, well presented story described the struggles he and his family went through, before finally accepting what they felt was hopeless to change. 

At the end of the broadcast my wife and I were both touched, as must have been many viewers, at the apparent success story of this nice, young man. But was it a real success story?

I challenge the ABC to search out a young man, who had been dragged at an early age into the gay lifestyle, and after finding true love in Jesus, changed his ways and became straight. There are many examples of 'new men' in Christ. I would love to see one of those stories featured on the ABC or other mass media.

(Perhaps we don't see them for the same reason as stories of false sex abuse, such as that against Peter Liddy or Father Gordon MacRae, are seldom featured on our TV screens! It would weaken the media's attack on the churches, something which has become somewhat of a hobby horse in the media in recent years).

God is in the business of renewing people's lives. 

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new" (2. Cor. 5, 17).

- - - - - - -



(Shoe) Appointment (Royal appointment?)

Cycling south on Main North Road, opposite John Rice Av. I spotted a golden lady's shoe. Moving fairly fast I ignored it. It was still there a week later, as I again went past the golden shoe.

Watching the ABC News that night,  a news report on a bashing in Hindley Street, Adelaide's night club precinct, showed what looked like the same shoe lying on the roadway. The camera man took a real close-up of it.

A close-up shot of another object lying on a roadway sprung into my mind: The cluster (cassette) allegedly of the ruined bike of Ian Humphrey, the cyclist allegedly run over by intoxicated lawyer Eugene McGee on the road to Kapunda.

The shoe now intrigued me even more. I took a special 15 kilometre evening ride and picked it up. How strange, right near the shoe I found a five cent coin. The above photo is a scan from the inner sole of the lady's shoe, which I have since discarded.

I'd love to know the full story of this shoe, but more so, the story of the bicycle part, which allegedly had been attached to the dead cyclist's bicycle before he allegedly died on the Kapunda Road. The matter lead to a Royal Commission.

In my mind, the mere impact of a motor car, no matter how fast, would never separate the cluster from the bike's main frame and lay on its own on the roadway. There was more to it! (Full story and picture Book 4, Chapter 19). 


The town of Kapunda has been headline news every night since Monday Nov 8th 2010. From online reports and the few broadcasts on television this is what I see: A triple murder allegedly took place sometime between Sunday 7th and Monday 8th. At 10 AM the bodies of a woman, a man and their daughter was discovered inside a house.

So far no report has mentioned who found the bodies. Only - they were discovered. No motive, no murder weapon has as yet been uncovered, only that the three victims had been stabbed. The latest news reports - police divers are searching a nearby duck pond in Davidson Reserve. (What on earth do they expect to find there - the head of Goliath?) 

The family's other son, a young man, no age given, was on holiday on the Gold Coast, when he heard the bad news.

It dawned on me the day after, on Tuesday, after a tradesman had worked at our house doing a routine job, that his name was identical to that of the murdered couple's son - Christopher Rowe. (Come to think of it - talking to this Chris, he did mention this crime during a brief conversation we had, while he was working at our house).

The other name, one I discovered only minutes ago writing this, rings a bell too. Change B to H, not in bell, but in Benson. The name becomes Elizabeth Henson. Her name appears in an article about the Kapunda murders in the B H (Barossa Herald). Henson's article starts with a statement by the niece of the victims:


The niece of Kapunda murder victims Andrew and Rose Rowe has appealed to the public to help catch their killers.

Kylie Duffield fronted the media this afternoon to ask anyone with information about the murder of her “Uncle Andy” and “Auntie Rosie” and their daughter Chantelle to call police immediately.

“I would like to ask the members of the public if you know of anything, if you’ve seen anything, heard anything, if you know of anything just to please come forward to the police because we really do need this at the moment,” she said.

(End extract)

(Does Rose Rowe ring a bell?) 


Frankly, I can't see any point in a relative making such an appeal, something the police has done already, right at the beginning. Unless, her appeal brought some results? In the TV News on the day of writing, as I understood it, a neighbour said he had heard another neighbour say that he heard a cry for help and a commotion at around 1 AM Monday morning. 

Why no police was called has not been explained, nor - who found the bodies?

One online news report stated that police placed markers (a trail of blood) from the crime scene south toward the township. Since Harriet (a nice name to play scrabble with, but I won't) is south of the town, the report should have stated, the markers are leading north toward the town. Why do I see all this? It must be my obsession for truth. 

A quote by the presenter of another ABC TV program Media Watch comes to mind. At the end of his final program for 2010 on Monday 7th Nov. (the day the Kapunda bodies have been found, by whoever) the presenter made a profound statement: He expressed this thought: The demarcation line between news and entertainment [on our TV screens etc] is becoming very blurred".  

- - - - - - -


You may think my brain needs renewing, judging by what I see and think about? How about what took place on Saturday, November 6th, 10? All I know, as I have often assured my readers, it's all true and I write it as it was. As to the meaning of it all there are three ways of looking at it.

Firstly, it's nothing, pure co-incidence, something which would explain everything and nothing. It could mean I have an unknown mental condition, an obsession which torments my mind.  

Secondly, circumstances could have been manipulated. There is a remote possibility what I heard on radio, and shortly afterwards linked to a newspaper headline, (a number) could have been planned by humans to test, if I would see it; having claimed: nothing is too hard for God.

Thirdly, what I saw was inspired by the Spirit inside me, to show that HE is there, always guiding our thoughts and leading us onto paths, we were meant to walk on for HIS glory.


It has been a habit of mine since I was a teenager to write things down. Firstly into my diary, then in recent years, onto my website, which you are reading. The pattern of what transpired last Saturday is similar to what has been happening for a number of years. Here is what I personally experienced.

After Chuck Swindolls talk on Radio RPH I switched to the ABC 7 AM News. A female reporter read the news bulletin. At one point she read the name Malcolm, only to correct herself immediately - Michael.

That name alerted my brain to listen up. Now two names, starting with M, buzzed around my head. Seconds later, during a different news item, the reporter read another name Christopher Davey or Davis.

Over a period of minutes, chewing over the names, it came that the first letters of the four names are all Roman numerals MMCD. The next step was to calculate what that number equates to - 2400.

It was not only this number, which made me email the ABC that morning. Following the female reporter's regular news a male voice was reading the sports news. He read it that fast I had trouble keeping up, barely able to distinguish when football news ended and basketball started.

I emailed the station soon after (but before walking to the petrol station, read on).


Subject:  Speed listening

Date 6/11/10

Hi all,

We know what speed reading is, but after this morning's 7AM Sports News I know what speed listening is. As if the ABC pays their sports newsreaders in words (spoken) per minute, my brain barely could keep up with the male voice, nor distinguish between the latest news on A-League soccer, basketball or whatever results he tried to squeeze into his 30 seconds.

Until they invent a knob, which lets listeners adjust the speed, as they can the volume, please slow down so listeners with a slow ear can keep up.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

MMCD 2400


It was a good day to mow the lawns. But the container of petrol was empty. I walked to the petrol station to fetch lawnmower fuel. As I walked through the petrol station to pay for my petrol, I felt drawn to take a look at the newspaper's headline.

Did I see correctly, am I silly, or what? The big fat headline included exactly my four digits, only in a different order.

Adelaide Advertiser, front page - 6/11/10

[See] Catch of the day: DIAL 0402 PILOT HERO


The story was about the pilot's professional handling of a mid-air emergency. A Qantas Airbus 380, Flight QF 32 had suffered severe damage to one of its Rolls Royce engines over Indonesia. 

The hero pilot very professionally calmed all passengers during the emergency. He assured them of their safety, and landed the plane, without a hitch, back in Singapore. He then gave out his mobile phone number, obviously starting with 0402 in case any passengers needed him, or whatever.

But why is the real hero, Richard, pictured so small, whilst his wife Coral dominates the front page? Aha (Volkswagen) think small !


Walking back to mow our lawns I passed the street sign Kimba Road. The carcass of a bird, which had laid (dial backwards) in the gutter right there for a few days, was still there. Dead birds cross my paths regularly. 

As I pushed the mower over the grass outside No. 24 I pondered, how the two digits OO fitted so well into the big picture. Not only one zero a hero, but TOO.

Who is your hero? Remember HIM on Remembrance Day.


Chapter 9