UPDATE 31/07/03


My apologies for misspelling the name Rofe in the previous update (17/7). I am sure I had seen the name spelt with an L and it stayed in my brain. The front page headline in the our Advertiser Newspaper on Sat 19/7 showed the correct spelling. Please let me reiterate that the names mentioned (or alluded to in my playful manner) were taken straight from the Advertiser Newspaper and are public knowledge. I was not making any kind of allegation.

In Chapter 77 of More in number... you read Frank Sinatra's "My way" in a different version. I mentioned that the first three letters of the singer are sin. Please let no one read into this that I single out the late Frank Sinatra as an exceptional sinner. Only God know a person's heart. I liked "Ol' Blue Eyes' songs. The way he presented them always had a relaxing effect. The point I made was - living life in our way, without God, is sin.


Adelaide cries for justice

Our media this week was dominated by the court case dealing with a shooting incident 2 years ago. A 46 year-old man was shot in the head in the early hours of the morning delivering newspapers. Two girls had called a friend and reported they were being stalked by a rapist. The accused came to the scene pointed the gun at the man and shot him in the head. The victim is fortunate to be alive, but lost an eye in the attack.

The 21-year-old gunman received a three year and three months suspended sentence. He walked free on a three year $ 100 good-behaviour-bond. I have been listening to talk-back radio during the week. The public is outraged at the leniency of the sentence. One factor for crying foul is the fact that the perpetrator is a member of a wealthy Eastern suburbs family.

Even if the shooting was a genuine mistake, it must still be punished. If I exceed the speed limit and get caught I pay the penalty. Pleading that I broke the speed limit by mistake is not going to reduce the amount I pay. (A speeding fine is more than $ 100). The people of Adelaide want justice. God wants justice, God loves justice with a consuming passion. He will work justice for all.


Are your suffering for Christ?

When I awake early my brain floods with wonderful thoughts and dreams. When the clock shows 3.16 I am on high alert. Recently I woke and looked at the clock just at that minute. The Lord brought to mind Psalm 37. It speaks of the heritage of the righteous and the calamity of the wicked. Later that morning I was again reminded of that Psalm. Two ladies knocked on our door. They were on duty as Jehovah's Witnesses. During her presentation one lady mentioned to me Psalm 37.

But God seems to like doing things in 3's. Later that afternoon I was reading my own writing in More in number... Occasionally I do this to encourage myself, being reminded of the incredible journey God has led me so far. For the third time that day I stumbled across Psalm 37 in Chapter 42, which I had chosen to read at random.

The word trust occurs in Verse 3 and Verse 5. The last 3 words of this Psalm read: trust in him.

Verse 3-5:

Trust in the Lord and do good.

Dwell in the land and feed on his faithfulness.

Delight thyself also in the Lord,

and HE shall give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in HIM,

and HE shall bring it to pass.

Are you suffering for standing up to what is right? Be encouraged. If you have committed your way to HIM and trust that HE will bring peace and safety in all situations, HE will in HIS time.

Verse 40:

And the Lord shall help them and deliver them;

He shall deliver them from the wicked,

and save them, because they trust in HIM.


Did anyone notice?

Our Australian Football League's top team at present is Port Power, one of two Adelaide AFL teams. Last Saturday evening they played against the Brisbane Lions. Australian Rules football is the only game I know where you can actually get in front with a behind. (A kick through the goal posts scores 6 points, beside the goal is called a behind and scores one point).

Last Saturday's match was neck on neck right to the end. The Power was the lucky team and won by one point, the margin of one behind.  The headline in Saturday's Advertiser Career Section that morning: "The Power of one". As it turned out the headline was very prophetic. It should have read: "The power by one". The previous week the other Adelaide team lost by one point (90:91) against Fremantle, Western Australia. Did anyone notice the co-incidences?


Man arrested over murder

In chapter 20 and 52 of More in number... you read about a threatening message I had received on my mobile telephone and how I reported it to police following a teenager's murder. A 48 year-old man was arrested in mid July and charged with the crime on DNA evidence. Thank goodness it wasn't my ex-student, who lived in the same suburb and had sent me the vile email with the pervert sexual overtones. On the other hand if there was a cash reward for information leading to an arrest, I would have no problem finding good use for it.


Still half time

It must be frustrating to read a book with a complex, intriguing plot and not knowing the ending. When the story is happening to you, and it's real life and you don't know the end yourself, it must be classed as an adventure. One newspaper columnist explored some options how the would-be prince (frog) could be receiving a kiss from the princess and the likely outcome. (The Advertiser 30/7).

My darling wife Isobel, who started another training course yesterday, still can only see a frog. When she came home she told me about the people she had met. I heard all the numbers and realized she is the only one to not see the potential of a frog.

There exists a real catch 22 situation here: A love-struck prince, who was bewitched into a frog, is trying very hard to win the heart of the princess to be freed. She wants him to take his tablets to realize he is just a frog, nothing else. He knows the tablets would spoil all chances of ever becoming the prince he knows he is. Yet, the love between the two has never been stronger.

Are there other woman out there that keep frogs for pets or husbands? My Isobel surely is unique. If any rumours should circulate about a frog on tablets to cope or to end his life in despair, don't believe them. If you hear of a frog run over by a car, don't believe them either. Even frogs have guardian angels. 

There is faith, hope and love, these three - but love is the greatest, the ONE.