Autobiography            Dieter R. Fischer            Book 9 

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL   Given your ALL? Now what?  Home    ISBN 0 9577426 9 X    Book 9 / Ch 7   Written/Published 18.10 - 20.10.2010

(Sequel to this chapter added 22/10)



7.   The healthy heart diet

As driving instructor I knew the road rules: At a zebra crossing, even riding a bicycle, I must give way to pedestrians. As I waited behind the line on the Esplanade, St. Kilda for the man to cross, I was close enough to read the logos on the football jersey he was wearing. 

I made a point of engaging in a brief conversation. He was an A-League supporter from New Zealand. He had flown across the Tasman to watch his team, Wellington Phoenix, play in Melbourne the next afternoon. Since I had no plans for that afternoon I considered going to that match.

This is how it came about that after church in the Eastern suburbs the next day, I was driving west along Canterbury Road back toward the city. I was indeed on my way to the newly built AAMI Stadium to watch the A-League football match.

As often happens when travelling, there was a 'call of nature'. In a strange place this can pose a dilemma. Many tales have been told, which started with the same call and ended in ... Did I not read somewhere recently, the term wait a minute has a different ring to it, depending on which side of the toilet door you're on?

If you are now expecting to read one of those stories (and we all have one) I must disappoint you. I'm only explaining, why I was walking through a Melbourne suburban Park, on my way to watch Wellington Phoenix play a brand new football team, called Melbourne Heart.

Australia's A-League football does have two teams with thunderous names - Fury and Roar. Glory and Heart balance things again.  

A building in the distance to my right looked like a toilet block, but it was not in use. I turned left, enjoying the exercise, I noticed on the footpath something silver, reflecting the sunlight. At first I walked on. I always feel a little silly, picking up bits of stuff off the ground, even when nobody is nearby. But curiosity again took over: What if it's something ...?

I turned back a few steps and stooped down and picked it up. The small object was shaped like a heart, made of thin silver plastic. How fitting, I was on my way to watch the Heart. Nice touch.

- - - - - - -


St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Surrey Hills

Left: Silver heart, now in my diary. Most likely it had been part of a wedding ceremony. Note also, in my diary, the name Beth. 

Right: I have often observed roadside pulpits with clever sayings. This one, outside St.Stephen's Surrey Hills, made me stop to take this photo.

I saw messages:


2-00  DEAF CHURCH (meaning - too deaf to hear)


                                            OF      INDIFFERENCE.


(DF AO / ER IN).



The evening before this writing I was listening to a man, (a saint) named Stephen. At a men's gathering he spoke about the lack of evangelistic outreaches in churches. Stephen made the point that the church has largely become 'deaf'. All agreed, the church needs a wake-up-call. 


- - - - - - -




I locked up my GIANT OCR3 outside AAMI Stadium right next to another OCR3. Walking to the ticket office I got talking to a lady, who was collecting donations for the homeless. I told her how sad I felt, after seeing a few bodies sleeping under the elevated roadway beside the Yarra River. During our brief conversation I could read her name tag: Beth McComb. She was also a Christian. 


I pushed a coin down the slot of her collection tin and went to purchase my entry ticket. It was a cold afternoon in Melbourne. I sat in the south-west corner, not far away from the TV cameras of the official broadcasters Foxtel. 


Looking back I see two things that happened that day, for the first time. One, it was my first A-League match, where Adelaide United was not playing. 


Secondly, about a minute into the game, Melbourne Heart were attacking as a player kicked the ball hard. It deflected and landed right near where I was sitting. Nobody else was nearby, so it was my job to throw the ball back into play. So I actually touched a ball, which was being used as match ball, between two teams in a football match in Australia's highest football league. I felt rather important as I did it. Considering, without the ball there is no match!


Another incident occurred, which at the time I barely noticed. According to the official match report, player No. 2 of Wellington Phoenix got a yellow card* in the 45th minute. (At the end of the chapter we shall meet the gentleman again. He has a special name - read on).


*Did you hear of the referee, whose was refereeing for the first time? He'd learned about giving yellow cards, but nobody told him how many? After he gave a defender the yellow card just before half-time, he had none left for the rest of the game!


After the match I was glad to get back onto my bike, getting a little warmer, as I cycled back to where I had parked the Suzuki in nearby Richmond. My backpacker hostel was right on Flinders Street. Parking was not easy. However, I spotted a space, just around the corner. After locking it up I realized I had parked right at the corner of Flinders Lane and Hay Place. I found this amusing, as I remembered the photo I had taken two days earlier of the Toyota, registration plate HAY 001. 


The next morning I checked out of the hostel and carried my bags to my car. In the lane beside the hostel I could not help noticing two chaps in a Ute, registration plate XTA ... A ladder stood next to it. 


Just around the corner from the YHA a chauffer-driven limousine was parked, the uniformed chauffeur was waiting. The boot (trunk) of the vehicle was opened, a HOLDEN mat had been lifted out, as if it needed drying out. On top of that, the registration plate ... 501 ... What was I to think about all that? Maybe I'm still imagining things, the interpretation of what I see, not what I see?


Within metres from my Suzuki, right near the HAY PL street sign, on the footpath lay a piece of junk. It was a Transport Department brochure advertising car registration plates. In large print on the front was this one: 4 REAL. 


More thinking! Aha, once before I had just checked out of a hostel. Minutes later I had picked up off the ground a plastic card POWER 4 MORE. (Book 6, Chapter 1).



- - - - - - -



Diary 20/9/10, YHA Label and Bark



Left: PLEASE LABEL, but only refrigerated foods (see previous chapter).


Right: There was this headline in the Herald Sun Newspaper (on Page 69) that weekend: FISHER FIRES UP! I only noticed it, as I leafed through the paper, while sipping a coffee in a fast food restaurant.


Bottom: If that looks like bark, it is bark, thin paper bark, the type artists use to create bark paintings. I spotted a large piece in the driveway of No. 88 Southbank Boulevard, near the ABC building.


Q: Why did I keep this small piece?


A: I found it odd that nowhere in the vicinity did I see a tree, where this bark could have originated from. How did it get there? 


- - - - - - -



My scheduled work in Melbourne completed I was ready to drive back to Adelaide on Monday 20th, September 2010. But why should I leave straight away, arriving at 7 PM, when I can enjoy and simply experience a few hours in the big city, and still arrive home at a reasonable hour? 


What followed was one of those experiences, where I felt I was acting on promptings from inside my mind, or in other words, I was led by the Spirit. There is no other way I can explain what I stumbled across and how the date matched that of my story.


Let me tell of my movements and observations, just as I remembered and later recorded it all. 


All packed up, ready to return to Adelaide, I crossed over Kingsway Bridge. Parking would be easier on the other side of the Yarra River. Another left turn and, how easy was this, a vehicle had just pulled out of a free two-hour zone. This would be enough time for me to park my green Suzuki, and take my two-wheeler for a ride.


It must sound repetitive and predictable, but I tell it as it was, I had parked right next to a vehicle, registration plate ...444. (The number 4 was going to dominate for a short while, read on).


Where to now? I knew the ABC Building was not far away. During earlier visits to Melbourne I had dropped letters into that place. (Off course, without ever receiving a reply).


While on the subject of whistle-blowing letters: On the day of writing, 20.10.2010, after having waited 4 months or so, I finally received an official reply from my local Member of Parliament. He had handed my query in the Liddy case to the Attorney-General. In the letter received was a copy of the Attorney-General's reply:


"I have sought the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions and I am advised that there is nothing in the information provided which gives rise to any cause to be concerned about the verdicts in the case". 


(End letter)


So this means, the highest body of law in our State of South Australia thinks that there is nothing wrong when a criminal and drug addict states clearly that as a child he had never been physically or sexually abused, but seven years later he makes allegations against a senior magistrate, saying exactly the opposite - that he had been sexually abused? 


Sorry, Mr. Rau and Mr. Pallaras, telling me this without logical reason given, must mean you doubt the document I produced is genuine? Or do you want me to spend a few thousand Dollars on a lawyer first, so in another 4 months you will believe and take action? Mr. Liddy spent nearly 3/4 Million Dollars and still did not receive justice! 


I am truly amazed at the state of affairs. When I publicly announced in a church service 11 years ago that there is corruption in high places in Adelaide, that voice who made me say it was spot on! The extent of the corruption, however, is far greater than I ever thought possible. 


God will have the final say - trust me. May HE have mercy on those who ought to work for truth and justice, but instead, knowingly and wilfully promote injustice!  


- - - - - - - 



It only took a few minutes cycling to the ABC Building in Southbank. I locked my bicycle, leaving it there while taking a walk around the district. As I chained up my GIANT I noted a short distance away, also outside the ABC on Southbank Blvd, a bright red VESPA scooter. The registration plate happened to also be ... 444. 


In a kind of walk down memory lane I headed toward the Australian Ballet Company. I had a vague recollection from years earlier of seeing a motorbike parked there and writing about it. Next I strolled among the tall office towers to take a look what was happening at the tiny Lutheran Chapel, off City Road. On a few occasions I had attended performances there. My memory brings up a visiting American Children's choir and a passionate Christian artist, who had recited the complete Book of Revelations from memory.


In the window was a flyer: The Eleventh Hour presents: 'Es erhob sich ein Streit' by Johann Sebastian Bach. I understood the language, but had never heard of this weird title. The literal translation is: 'It raised [itself] into a quarrel (or fight)'. Johann wrote this Cantata in 1726.  


I continued walking and suddenly realized I was actually right under ...

Hey, it just came - that number 4 again!

... the Eureka Tower. (Book 8, Chapter 2 shows a picture of this tower. The number 4 is clearly visible at the top). Right under this enormous structure at ground level I read the name of a furniture place - Gainsville. In my mind this name immediately rang a bell. 


Ten days earlier the name Gainesville FL (zip code 32601) had made world news. Leading up to September 11, on the 9th anniversary of the New York catastrophe, a US pastor had made plans to burn books of the Koran on that date. He caused quite a furore in the US and other places. Some feared a violent backlash by Muslim militants. 


I was surprised how easy it was to find the Dove (note) Church online and to email this pastor. In an email message I expressed my thoughts, and most likely that of many peace-loving Christians:



Email to Dove, Church, Gainesville FL.

Date: 9/9/10

Dear Pastor,

If what I hear in the media is correct (that your church is planning a ceremonial burning of the Koran) I urge you to consider: What would Jesus do?

Yes, he did overturn the tables of the money-changers, but this did not hurt anybody physically. The media thinks your planned burning stunt will stir many extremists into anger, resulting in much harm.

Have you prayerfully considered, if this is really what is needed at this time of Islam's uprising? Are you not playing right into the hands of Islam? Even if people don't believe in the Koran, they are sympathizing with Muslims.  

On the surface you have every right to obtain as many copies of the Koran and burn them. But did not Christ teach us to not insist on our rights? Romans 14 teaches us that if a brother is offended by our action, stop that action. Jesus willingly dying for us was the ultimate demonstration of this teaching! The Son of God had every right as KING of KINGS. But HE chose to not exercise HIS rights.  

Instead of burning the Koran would it not be more helpful to bring the whole Islam issue to God in prayer?

Imagine, millions of Muslims around the world would feel God's love from us Christians. They would suddenly wake up to the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They may realize love is better than hate? 

The scriptures speak of such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit - Joel, Chapter 2, Verse 28. This includes Muslims and the Jews and hopefully, Dove Outreach in Florida !

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS Speaking the truth is good, when lone in dove!


Exchanging the famous letters DL at the end added a little fun into my otherwise serious message. Of course I never received an answer. The next morning, however, I heard it first on the BBC, London. John Beasley (with L) read: "In news just in, the US Pastor has called off his planned burning of the books of the Koran ..."


In the days following my mind was ticking over. The burning was to take place in FL. I had just uploaded Bk.9, Chapter 1, where the letters FL had featured rather prominently.


Another thought came: Apply the A / O code in GAINES, it creates - GOES IN.


What goes in? VILLE. In Book 8, Chapter 13 we had transformed VILL into the number 96. Pastor Terry (dots added) was planning to burn his books from 6 to 9, according to a sign outside his church.



Just as I walked under the Eureka building in Melbourne a cleaner was busy mopping the floor outside the Gainsville furniture store. I couldn't help telling him: "Gainsville was in the news recently, wasn't it?" He was too busy to be taking notice of a stranger, talking in riddles.


Still under the nearly 300 metre tall Eureka Tower, attached to a palm tree, was a plague. It had been erected by the City Council. Councillor Peter Clarke had put his name to it. The message (going from memory) warned about global warming, which could submerge the spot where the reader was standing.


Call me a climate skeptic if you must. One thing I know, and this is where science clashes with religion, if there were no power in the universe, which controls the sun, the moon, the earth and the billions of stars, we would have reason to live in fear of being 'accidentally' wiped out by rising sea levels or a cosmic collision etc.


Knowing that no a human power, no matter how smart or learned they think they are, but God is ultimately in control of the universe, takes away all fear. How liberating is that!

This does not mean I waste energy. I walk or ride a bicycle where I can; I don't heat the globe with cigarettes and most of all, I keep my toenails cut real short - to even further reduce my carbon footprint.



In an email I expressed my thoughts on the subject to the Melbourne Councillor, whose name was on the plague under the Eureka Tower:




Subject: Rising Water Levels

Date: 21.10.10

Dear Mr. Clarke,


On a plague under the Eureka Towers on Southbank I read a comment, which was attributed to you, regarding rising water levels.

May I assure you Sir, there is a power beyond humans, let's call HIM God, who is in total control of the world HE has created. With this assurance we can trust this God to take care that Southbank or Gainsville won't go underwater, unless HE decides to make it so.
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer


- - - - - - -

I wished scientists would warm to the bible's global warning, more so than warn about out-of-control global warming!

- - - - - - -





I was almost back at the ABC building (having collected the piece of bark shown above on the way) when in a fleeting moment I recognized a lady's face as she was chauffeured away in a white limousine. It was Federal Minister Jennifer Macklin, the Member for Jagajaga. Listening to the ABC News later I realized she must have been at the ABC to record this announcement:


More than *four million Australians will receive a rise in their pensions and other income support payments and allowances from today (Monday 20 September 2010) due to indexation. (Source:


*Can't get away from that 4, can we?


Stop Press: More unplanned, strange timing: I had just noticed that on above website of the Minister only 5 stars are showing. The Australian flag has 6 stars). Being pedantic and observant, silly me, emailed this lady (as if she has nothing else to think about, looking after 4 Million oldies) to say that one star appears to be missing. 


I pressed the sent button, totally unplanned, at 10.24 PM.


What magic   >>>   4 to the power of 5 = 1024.


But there came more, just as I typed: The next street over from Southbank Blvd, parallel to where I had seen Mrs. M, is Power Street. 


- - - - - - -



Where to now, Lord? In a nano-second, as I prayed this brief prayer, the nearby Shrine of Remembrance, a memorial to the fallen, flashed into my mind. The path to this monument from St.Kilda Road is very wide. There were no pedestrians anywhere nearby. I was tempted to stay on my bike, but decided to obey the sign: No bikes. I'm glad I did.


I am almost sure, had I not walked my bike, I would not have found a small, round plastic object, which somebody must have lost or placed there. It was a make-up container, which looked totally out of place. The brand was STARLET. But it would not stay there for long. 


Closer to the imposing grey stone-structure, on the ground written in stone, were the words:




Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance









Well and good - to remember those fallen in the wars, who gave their lives for our country. But how many today remember the ONE, who gave HIS life for all of us, condemned to death, who died in agony on a cross so mankind can live forever? 


As I pondered and looked at the word THEM I had an idea. I saw HIM [and] T. But how to change it? Aha, the make-up may do the trick. I walked back to fetch the make-up container I had seen earlier. It would do the trick and easily wash off after rain. 


Nobody was around at the wide open space, except on the Eastern boundary, toward the Botanic Gardens, a man in uniform was standing guard. I kneeled on the ground and as casually as possible used the make up to change THEM into HIM:



WE WILL REMEMBER  >>>                      HIM [on the] t




Finishing the job rather quickly, lest the security guard remembered to look my way, I walked back down the same wide path I had come from. Next there were more letters, also in stone on the ground: LET ALL MEN KNOW THIS IS HOLY GROUND.


In my mind, without being disrespectful to our soldiers, no ground is holy, where God's presence is not the reason for its holiness. Many of those, who gave their lives in war would be turning in their graves, if they could see in which direction (away from God) the country they died for is heading. 


Sadly, our new Prime Minister, who had grabbed power in August 2010, is taking our country away from the Christian foundation it was built on.


Marriage doesn't seem important any longer. To swear the parliamentary oath on the bible has become optional. (Just wait until a right-wing, German-born extremist is elected, who wishes to swear his oath on 'Mein Kampf', Hitler's woeful attempt at writing.) 


My point here is this: Once you denigrate God's Word, a symbol since the introduction of the Westminster parliamentary system, into an optional extra, it will eventually become irrelevant, or be removed altogether. Some atheistic MP's want to see parliamentary prayer abolished.


Let all Members of Parliament, and public servants anywhere, know this: You may have been elected by your voters, but it was GOD who appointed you. You are serving HIM first and foremost. 


God help the nation, whose leaders turn their back on GOD! 



- - - - - - -



My Monday morning bike ride down memory lane continued west, across to Lake Albert. On the wall of the rowing club the letters O, G, I, I were still missing - R.WIN  PA V L ON. (Book 8, Ch. 7).


Much magic, in my eyes at least, had happened during previous visits near Albert Park. It again happened that morning. Cycling in no particular direction, outside a tall, impressive building a driving school vehicle drew my attention. It was parked all on its own. I could hardy* have missed it. I believe God's Spirit guided me there. For what purpose is not for me to know.


*(Correction 8/11/10 - add L, but then it matches the red Vespa rego. 444)


The vehicle's sign-writing read L2P Driving School. Years earlier in my career I had called my first driving school L TOP. To me it was sufficient reason to lock up the bike and perhaps find the instructor for a chat. Perhaps I could even learn something, if inside that official looking building (it was the South Melbourne Town Hall) a road safety lecture was being conducted?


It wasn't, but I was told that the driving school vehicle parks there regularly. The driver may be in the Cafe next door. He wasn't. Another Cafe was located across the road. I never found the driving instructor. Instead, out of the blue, a few numbers and letters all seemed to fall into place, as if a puzzle was to be completed.


The address of the business next to the Cafe was Number 193. At the time my autobiography was up to Book 9, Chapter 3.


The name of the business at that address struck me even more mysterious. In the previous chapter you read about a piece of debris I picked up after the Saturday seminar in South Yarra. The object, shaped like a J, was still strapped to the back of my bicycle.


Since it has made another appearance, I retrieved it from my souvenir collection (in my shed) and took this scan!




Umbrella, or what was left of it, retrieved from the centre of Toorak Road, South Yarra.


The reason I am showing it again here is the name above the shop at 193: C A J.


Hey, how weird is this: I just noticed it, as I researched to write this chapter. Their phone number consists of the numbers 1369 and 7. The street name (in my DaNinci code - Good God) also matches!


It makes me think that what I found next, outside No. 200 Dorcas Street, was no co-incident either. Dorcas Street runs parallel to Bank Street.  A business card,  mere junk to a casual passer-by, jumped into my field of vision as I was cycling along. I turned back and checked it out. It's now glued into my diary. 


How fitting it all is here? The business is an importer of products from J...apan. Their phone number consists of only the digits 1 3 6 9, the business name is -  M I J.


Friends, whoever inspired this writing, the mind behind IT ALL is saying WHO HE is. What else makes sense? 



- - - - - - -



A main road leading to Melbourne's CBD has the nice name - Sturt Street. Street of trust, trust God. HE leads us on the right path, every time, if we ask HIM and obey.


On my right, on the forecourt of an arts complex called ACCA (Malthouse Theatre), an unusual creation of light bulbs was lit up brightly (in broad daylight). Hundreds of light bulbs had been arranged into letters and were displayed on an especially erected scaffold. I read:






                                                      Photo: Justin McManus  (The Age) 

Artist Nathan Coley stands at Southbank in front of his work ''Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens'', part of the 2010 Melbourne International Arts Festival. 



There obviously is an artistic slant to this thought-provoking sentence. Without explanation or addition of any kind, I felt such a blatant statement in the minds of young children reading it, could influence them negatively.


Suddenly I remembered: In church the day before a visiting US preacher Gene Appel (nice P&L name) had a one-word theme for his sermon: Heaven. 


One thought during his talk didn't make sense: "When I get to heaven I would like to take Adam aside and talk to him for a whole day". 


As a preacher he should know, there will not be days or nights, no time at all, in heaven. No advance bookings for interviews with Adam, Abraham, Noah or the Apostle Paul will be taken.


No one knows what heaven will be like or what happens there. But a place with no pain, no death, no sorrow is worth booking for! And believe me, to reach heaven is easier than getting on the Oprah Show - and much more rewarding. Trust me.   


Maybe they forgot to add the three letters b.a.d? 




I could not find an open entrance door to speak to anybody suggesting the additional three letter word. So I decided to again visit the ABC on Southbank Blvd. and cause a little stir there. As I approached the front desk, I knew I wasn't going to get very far. The lady attendant didn't know or wanted to know at first, what I was talking about. When she finally did, she explained it away, as people do, when they don't want to engage with truth. 


I turned to leave, when I received a pleasant surprise. My second encounter with a celebrity in one morning. I instantly recognized a pretty, dolly-faced young lady. Those who watch the ABC's First Tuesday Book Club know, who I'm talking about.

Hey, I just recall that the letters I had seen earlier on the red scooter match her initials. It would make sense. The celebrity on the ABC is also a radio personality, is the type, who would be scooting around town in a Vespa, whose bright red colour matches that of her lipstick.



Without thinking I said hello. Not thinking for a moment that, hold on, I know her face very well, but she would not have a clue who I was. 


In moments like these you always feel awkward, as famous faces must do too, when total strangers come up and try to make conversation, blurting out: "Hey, haven't we met" or "Your face looks familiar" or whatever.

Maybe, in such moments we should remember the great common denominator among us all - toilet paper. Whereas the rich and famous may be living in flashy houses, buy expensive motor cars and wear trendy, fashion-label clothing, when it comes to toilet paper, I guarantee - they buy it off the same supermarket shelf as you and I. 


Hey, there's a question to ask, next time you bump into a famous face you recognize from the TV screen: "Excuse me, what toilet paper do you use?"

- - - - - - -




Minutes later, after an eventful few days in Melbourne, I again crossed the elegant bridge, which carries traffic on the M 1 over the Port of Melbourne to the western suburbs. Five days before this writing a memorial service was held to remember the tragedy, which occurred during construction of this bridge. It had claimed 35 lives.


On October 15 1970 at 11.50am (isn't it strange, how the date and time match?) it was exactly 40 years since a huge span had crashed down onto the unfortunate workers below. It was big news at the time. (More on 


A lunch stop at Ararat, a brief walk at Horsham (PRINCE), plus a few refuelling stops, my Suzuki faithfully carried me home across the vast mostly flat landscape of our big country. For a change the fields were green after a wet winter (nice words - wet winter).


- - - - - - -



The day of writing is 20.10.2010, therefore the two 'therefore' shown below.. It only came to me after scanning that the two scriptures below, both start with therefore. Until now I had only seen a little magic in 2 (10) mistakes.

My wife and I attended our previous (Baptist) Church on 5/9/10. In Australia it was Father's Day. Being Mission Sunday those attending received a handout in three parts. The collage below shows three clippings in my diary, two of which include an error. I changed two numbers 9 into 10.


1. In the Baptist World Aid brochure I noticed that Galatians 6:9 was  actually Verse 10.

2. On the back of the Baptist News Magazine was a report about a July Leadership Week in 2009? Why would there be a report 15 months old? I was sure it was meant to read 2010.

Having seen 2 / 10 mistakes, I was somehow bemused when I read in the same handout, in the Enfield Church News, the verse for that day:

Psalm 2: 10: (New International Version)

"Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth."

Strong words from the Word of God, passed on by N FIELD.

- - - - - - -


In times like these I feel that God had used me to pass a test. My diary is filled with page after page, where I had noticed a triviality, and either commented on or simply kept it for reference.

I recall a Citrus factory in Dareton (Postcode 2717), whose product label read Est. 2528. If Est. does not mean established, what does it mean? Their website said est. 1988, so I emailed, saying they are 540 years ahead of their time. (I did receive a reply, but not explanation). 

Another incident comes to mind. An Austrian website reported on the earthquake in Christchurch. The Prime Minister was named as John Key Carter. I emailed and pointed out that they must know something we in Australia don't know. I had never seen the NZ Prime Minister's name in any other way, but John Key. 


During 2010, in increasing numbers, I discerned events reported in the world media, which didn't make sense, until I linked it in, to make sense (if that makes sense?) 

Here is an example going back to late June 2010. Wikipedia describes the event like this:

"The longest professional tennis match, in terms of both time and total games, was the Wimbledon 2010 first-round match between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner on June 22, 23, and 24, 2010. It lasted 183 games and required 11 hours and 5 minutes of playing time."

(Source: Wikipedia).


Playing with the names (MAHUT and ISNER) I uncovered an unusual link. Without thinking, almost, I took the last two letters of each surname (UT and ER) to form the word TRUE.

Likewise, the first two letters of these names (MA and IS) came out (backward) rather unexpected - SIAM. But where is the link from the tennis match to SIAM? I hear you ask. 

I would not have seen the link either had I not by chance, sorry divine guidance, heard a snippet of information while listening to Radio EBI FM 103.1. It was on the same day as the tennis match (June 23) that Thailand in 1939 changed its name from SIAM to Thailand.

- - - - - - - -


Another world event, at least this is what the mass media had made out of it, was the rescue on October 13, 2010 at the San Jose Mine in Chile. There were many aspects in this whole sage, which my mind chewed over. Certain aspects of the incredible rescue at Beaconsfield, Tasmania (Book 5, Chapter 29), were still unreconciled in my mind.

I wondered, would those trapped miners also emerge and throw their hands into the air, with great gusto and energy? Would they walk over to a wall to clock off their shift?

Reading about the San Jose story I took a close look at a photo of the specially manufactured rescue capsule. Two points came to mind: One, was anyone of the 33 trapped miners overweight? The hole that was drilled, as well as the rescue capsule, would need to be tailored to suit the biggest person to be lifted out.

Secondly, I pondered on the name of the rescue capsule - Phoenix 2. Why Phoenix 2? Is there a Phoenix 1?

Next, in a moment of inspiration, I saw that Phoenix was the same name as that of Wellington's A-League football team. (I wrote about it at the beginning of this chapter). I looked up the name of Phoenix's Number 2. It was defender Emmanuel Muscat. He was the one, who had received a yellow card in the 45th minute, during the game I had watched in Melbourne on 19.9.

Looking at the bigger picture, I viewed the fate of the rescued miners similarly to that of another Emmanuel. HE also was presumed dead, entombed in a grave (only for a short time) and miraculously rescued by HIS heavenly Father.

Researching, surfing the net what the name Phoenix meant, I learned that it is mentioned in the bible. (Job 28*, 18). Traditionally, the word Phoenix describes a mythological bird, which lives for hundreds of years, then suddenly gets burned up in its nest. One bible scholar, however, Michael Holmes, according to Wikipedia, doubts this theory.

(*Correction - Job 29, 18)

The gentleman was not hard to locate, so I sent this brief message:


Email to Bethel, USA

Hi Mike,

I researched the word Phoenix (because the Chilean miner's capsule was Fenix 2) and saw your name mentioned in Wikipedia. 
You are quoted as saying the word used in Job 29, 18 is not the phoenix, the mythological bird, but a palm tree. Another translation for the word is sand.
Would not the original version make sense? Job wanted to live a long life, as God's servant, after which his death would bring new life? Which dedicated Christian doesn't want that? The San Jose miner's story, symbolized their death and the rescue their resurrection.
Kind regards from Australia
Dieter R. Fischer
PS   I noticed another Phoenix 2 connection: Wellington (New Zealand) has a soccer team called Phoenix. Their Number 2 player is Emmanuel. You don't have to be a bible scholar to know about the death and resurrection of another Emmanuel. 



In another little twist, on Oct 15th, while researching Emmanuel Muscat, I looked up an incident I recalled from a previous football match in Melbourne. A player by the name Muscat (Kevin) had an altercation with Adelaide United coach John Kosmina.

It so happened that this incident (I was present in the stadium) happened also on Oct. 15th, exactly 4 years earlier. (Bk. 5, Ch. 25).

- - - - - - -


Review: Eat Pray Love - Warcry Magazine 9/10/10, page 12

On Sunday 17/10 Isobel's mother brought us this Warcry Magazine. When I saw the headline: It's all about me, I could not help myself smiling.

That day I had occasion to research a place in Victoria, a long way from Melbourne, called Omeo. (God willing there will be more about this later in the year).

At the centre of Omeo is ME. But why the two O? That's why I smiled. On that day, believe it or not - for the first time ever I attended a communion service in a church, where there was no wine nor juice taken with the bread. There was ... water. Water was it - H and 2 O.

But there was more, later that afternoon: The A-League soccer match between Adelaide United (AUFC) and the Gold Coast ended in 0 : 0 !

M and E are letters 13 and 5 in the alphabet.

  - - - - - - -


Friends, there is nothing wrong with wanting to escape a mundane routine, yearning for a life of freedom. Eat anything, without feeling guilty, in Italy or just where you live.

Pray by all means, but what's simpler than opening the door of your heart and praying to the only true God, who loves you as if you were the only person in HIS vast universe?

Hey, how amazing. I just recalled a scripture: How it fits into 20.10.10!

John 10:10 (New International Version):

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."


Any adventure sounds great in a multi-million Dollar Hollywood movie. Real life, let's be honest, is usually different. Even Julia would agree with that.

Here is the healthy heart diet:

Eat the Word of God.

Pray humbly to Almighty God 

Love HIM with all your heart.


(Please read sequel to this chapter, below)

Chapter 8



Sequel to Book 9, Chapter 7:

(Written / published 22.10.2010)

In all 313 chapters published so far I have never written a sequel to any of them. What I saw early this morning, an amazing discovery, a sequence of scriptures and a subsequent revelation in the form of drop-letters prompted me to write this now, rather than wait until the next chapter!

As always I write it as it was and let the reader judge, if anybody could manipulate data to produce such magic, or indeed, there is a power at work, the Power of the Holy Spirit!


The digital clock beside my bed read 5.19. It was a little early to rise for prayer. Not having a busy schedule, I was thinking that I could stay in bed and pray later in the day! Finally, at 6.15 AM I did rise and entered my study.

My bible was already opened. I started reading Psalm 5. Verse 3 suddenly became a message for me: 

"My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look up."

Verse 8 made me ponder about the many occasions, where God guided my path. The word straight stood out for a reason!

"Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies; make your way straight before my face."


Meditating how God had led me over the previous twelve years or so, I turned in my bible to Psalm 94, the very Psalm I had read out during a church service, under the most unusual circumstances (Book 1, Chapter 9). For the first time I saw the drop letters on the two pages - HI and TO.

Turning the page, however, it got even better. On page 590 / 591 I saw two O drop letters. My eyes drew a line between the two, which linked O - T - O. The T was the drop letter for Psalm 97.

I took a ruler and a pencil and physically drew a pencil line. Suddenly, after having drawn the line between the two O, I could hardly believe it, another link to above chapter, I saw that the pencil line ended exactly at the word remembrance!

Here are 4 scans; 4 pictures worth 4M words:



Above:  Overview of pages 590 / 591 (Psalms 96, 97, 98)

Below: Individual Psalms and drop letters O T O on same two pages

Note Psalm 96, 3 - it had become a symbol of my work, to declare God's Glory online! 


Psalm 97                                                       (King James Version)

   1The LORD reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad thereof.

   2Clouds and darkness are round about him: righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne.

   3A fire goeth before him, and burneth up his enemies round about.

   4His lightnings enlightened the world: the earth saw, and trembled.

   5The hills melted like wax at the presence of the LORD, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.

   6The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory.

   7Confounded be all they that serve graven images, that boast themselves of idols: worship him, all ye gods.

   8Zion heard, and was glad; and the daughters of Judah rejoiced because of thy judgments, O LORD.

   9For thou, LORD, art high above all the earth: thou art exalted far above all gods.

   10Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

   11Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart.

   12Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.


Chapter 8