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4Seeing 684 backwards



"There are sixty queens and eighty concubines - and virgin's without computers."

What's that all about? I hear you ask. 

Since I ended the previous chapter with a quote from King Solomon, I thought I start with another. I replaced the word numbers with computer.

It may not mean anything, with or without the last word, but this verse in Songs of Solomon, Chapter 6, Verse 8 (Note the numbers) have a link to an airline. Take another look: 

"There are sixty queens and eighty concubines - and virgin's without number: 

You see, as I write Australian has been through a very turbulent few days. One, our airline Virgin Blue is only just returning to normal, after serious disruptions caused by a computer malfunctions. Their staff had to operate services without computers (numbers). If it had anything to do with the numbers 6 8 ... that is debateable.

Three days before this writing, on 25th September, 100 000 plus fans sat at the edge of their seats at the MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It's Australia's largest stadium, where many sports take place. That Saturday was a big day in Australia's sporting calendar, the grand final football. Collingwood and St. Kilda were battling it out to win the game's biggest trophy for 2010.

However, after the final siren, instead of the jubilation of the winners, and the roaring noise of their fans fans, there was an eerie silence. The crowd was stunned at the result. In the history of Australian football, which is a high-scoring game, it only happened three times that the grand final resulted in a draw. That day both teams had scored 68 points. 

The last time this had happened was in 1977. Who would have thought that it would happen 33 years later. Unfortunately, hence the stunned silence, there was not going to be a winner that day. Rules of the Australia Football League dictate that in such an event another game will have to be played the following week. To play on for a few more minutes or until one team scores, as they do in the real football (also called soccer), was not in the rules. And rules must be followed, even when they don't make sense.

Together with the numbers 6 and 8, long term readers of my website will know, I would automatically see that number in conjunction with a 4 to complete 4 8 6. This number has been synonymous with a bad decision by the Australian Government in 2006, giving the green light to the RU 486 abortion pill. What followed is history. 

Readers may think I am trying to look for a link to 486 after the 68 all sporting result. I was not looking for it, but it came. The very next morning, one day late, I was reading 'Our Daily Bread' scripture reading. The main theme was faith. The text came from the often quoted chapter on faith, Hebrews 11. My bit of magic came in the additional reading - 'The Bible In One Year'. Here is what I saw: 


Our Daily Bread - September 25, 2010 - Seeing Backward

The writer made the point that seeing backward is like sitting backward in a train. You will see where you have been, but not where you're going. The great patriarchs of faith in the bible did not know where God was taking them. They went by faith, trusting in God to be leading the way. HE sure did. 

The numbers at the bottom read (backwards) 4 8 6. Now  you may understand, why I surprised myself, reading Song of Solomon, Chapter 6, Verse 8 just at this time! God controls our thoughts, if we let HIM. 

Does anybody see Hebrews 11:13 backwards as Nov. 31? I once saw this date printed in a newspaper. There is no such date.

- - - - - - -


Our ancient TRANSONIC TV monitor, fed by a digital box, does not display the full picture. I snapped this picture during the TV News on July 1, 2010. The newsreader was wearing a coloured necklace. I had just written about a lady's necklace I previously had seen on TV.

Only on scanning this photo did I notice the way AKING NEWS and 07:5 came out. It matches the 7 L cloud and Psalm 68 ,4.

(Note on far left: A KING is not at all connected in any way to Gillard, even though, her views may be far, far left!) 

Bottom pic: The Australian feature film 'Being in Heaven' was screened in Adelaide's Theatre Nova. I had the pleasure of seeing the film and meeting for a short moment with the producer and main actor - Michael Domeyko Rowland

Before the screening I noticed I had parked by chance behind a vehicle...045. Later, unplanned I noticed I had chosen to sit in Row D (4) Seat 5. Just around the corner from the NOVA I took the above photo - rego 684.

- - - - - - -


Corner Frome Street and Rundle Street, Adelaide. 

To secure out tickets I visited Cinema Nova a few days before we viewed the film. Again, I had no input, except I was in the Suzuki and had to find a suitable space to park the car.

After locking my vehicle I noticed I had parked right outside No. 60 Frome Street. Next door was Daniel's Licenced Restaurant. Alert readers can see a link to recent events in New Zealand. Daniel not only was a name that had popped up in Christchurch. Daniel was the name of the support actor in Being in Heaven.  

Right across the road in the window of another Restaurant was a large poster, advertising that the establishment was the winner of the 2009 SA Tourism Award. The word WINNER made me take a photo.

- - - - - - - 


But there was more. On the morning of this writing as I was eating breakfast I watched SUNRISE, the Channel Seven Breakfast Show. A St. Kilda football player was interviewed by the name of Lenny Hayes. He and defender Sam Fisher had been two of the stars in the football match that had ended in a 68 all draw.

The name HAYES, in my code read like HAY IT. This name took my mind to Hay NSW. What took place the night my son and I had driven through that town, is something I never forget, even if it was just cloud in the sky. It's all in Book 5, Chapter 27. Later God led me to see a direct link to Psalm 68, where God's name YAH is mentioned. 

Take a look, how the number 33 suddenly comes onto the scene! (Remember, it's been 33 years since a VFL or AFL grand final had ended in a draw).



(Footnote 33 see below)


Sing to God, sing praises to His name;

Extol Him who rides on the clouds,

By his name YAH,

And rejoice before Him.

 Footnote 33: Masoretic text reads: desert. (Plenty of desert on the index-page of this website).

How wonderful it is to be able to look beyond our own, small sphere of understanding and sing praises to Almighty God, who works amazing miracles. God wants us to enjoy what HE is doing and sing praises to HIS majestic name!

- - - - - - -

As if it was all planned, as was thinking of Hay, on the screen appeared the weather man, Grant ... 

 Hay, sorry Hey... ! I just realized how Channel Seven and Hay go together - Cloud 7

gave his weather report. He was on location. Where? You guessed it - in Hay, New South Wales.  

Friends, I write it as it was, as I experienced it. My alert brain did not miss another tiny clue, which I could link to the events of the cloud in sky. Straight after this segment an advertisement aired, as they do. Annoying as they are, sometimes the ads between programs are more entertaining than ... 

Anyway, this morning I noticed it more than ever - a product that starts with CL and ends in TYNE. The packaging features a little grass, but mostly blue sky and ... clouds and the number 24.

The name Hay took me immediately to another location - Barwon Heads, Victoria. In a later chapter, God willing, I shall write more detail about this journey and what took me there. For the moment it's sufficient to show this photograph of the registration plate I took at Barwon Heads:


Barwon Heads VIC, Registration plate: HAY 001 - Oh, what a feeling ...

A morning walk to get some exercise produced magic. I never plan such things, rather come to the realization, the longer my journey lingers, the more I see God's Spirit guiding every step of the way. (Full report of the Melbourne VIC weekend later, God willing).

A thought just came to check the postcode of Barwon Heads. I did: 3227. 

Putting 3 and 2 together = 5 27. Book 5 - Chapter 27 is where you will find the story of Cloud 7 / 50.

   - - - - - - - -


Seven postcodes - from Penguin to Penola

Shortly after having written about Penguin Tasmania, at a traffic light in North Adelaide this business vehicle stopped beside me. I was on my bike and had the camera ready in a flash.

 My Chapter 3 had started in Penola, South Australia and ended in Penguin. One day out of curiosity I checked the postcode book: from Penguin to Penola it's exactly 7 spaces. 

Take a 7 away from [5277] Penola = 527.

Remove the 7 from [7316] Penguin = 316.

- - - - - - -  


Two noteworthy events occurred within a short time of publishing the first three chapters of this book. Within hours a large earthquake struck the Canterbury region of New Zealand's south island. Despite the force being equal (7.1) to that which devastated Haiti in January, no deaths were attributed to the quake and a relative small number were injured.

(Our relatives near Oxford, Canterbury, where I had spent 9 days in January, reported no damage).  

Some websites label this major catastrophe an  'Act of God'. I agree! Christchurch is the only major western city that bears Christ's name. God is indeed directing the world's attention to the name CHRIST, HIS SON. Christians, who know their bible, are well aware an increase in earthquakes is one of the signs of the end times. 

Friends, natural disasters may be natural. But they are also a wake-up call to mankind to realize there are forces beyond human control. It is time all paid more attention to HIM, to the ONE and only true God - YAH and HIS son Jesus. 

During a 'numbers' moment it came to me to count the days between the time I celebrated my most unusual birthday, on Jan 30, and the time the earthquake struck on Father's Day 5/9. It was 216 days, very close to 31 weeks.

- - - - - - -

Recently, during another aha-moment, I saw the word SON, again in a different light. I already had been stunned, when I realized how upside down all three letters in SON remain the same - SON becomes NOS. 

Breaking SON into S and ON, it came to me that my story with numbers had started with 5, in digital form identical to the letter S. ON crystallized after an industrial dispute. A boss from hell interpreted one little word to trick us. That little word was ON. 

Just now, a third variation of SON, a very obvious one, arrived at the gate of my brain: SO - N.

The second noteworthy event occurred a day after uploading my previous chapters. I had written about an earthquake in South Australia, measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale. Maybe it was this figure, the time 4.20 am, which made me examine a fatal car crash that occurred at that early hour on September 5th (Father's Day).

Maybe I have a sixth sense, which digests news in a more sensitive manner? Or does the answer lay in this verse? "I said in my haste - all men are liars". (Psalm 116, 11).


In the news it was reported that in a horrific early morning crash one teenager was killed, while another walked away without a scratch. My brain triggered the doubter inside me. Take a look, think and judge for yourself.


AdelaideNow, 5th Sept. 10) 

HACKHAM teenager has died after he was flung from a car in a horrific crash at Maslin Beach early this morning.

In a tragic start to Father's Day, the boy, 16, was one of five people in a Holden Commodore that crashed on Old Coach Rd about 4.20am.

Debris from the crash littered the area, with the engine sitting in the middle of the road and a bumper bar and a wheel resting high on a hill, about 30m away.

The car ended up on a southern embankment after scraping along another embankment on the northern side, crashing through trees and crushing the rear of the car.

Police at the scene were shocked by the violence of the crash, Major Crash Investigation Unit Sergeant Andy McDonald said.

"It's a horrific scene, there's a lot of damage to the vehicle," he said.

"It appears at this stage that as a result of the collision (the victim) was ejected from the vehicle.

"It's disappointing because we seem to be going on and on to the public to take care on the roads, particularly in these weather conditions, and for some reason the message just doesn't seem to be getting through."

Four other male passengers in the car were taken to the Flinders Medical Centre, two with serious injuries.

The state's road toll is now 85, compared to 84* at the same time last year.


*Almost automatically my mind added 85 and 84 to arrive at 169. This now makes sense - I had seen that number in a remote connection to above crash. (It all makes sense - Codeword: Rabbits.)


Major Crash Sergeant McDonald points to the damage of the vehicle. Why waste words on damage - there's one dead and at least two seriously injured. Isn't it unusual, to have such a horror crash and the whole spectrum of human damage? One dead, two seriously injured, subsequently, one received minor injuries and one walked away unhurt.  

Why is Sgt. McDonald not sure, if the victim had been thrown from the vehicle. Either a rescue worker dragged the body from the vehicle, or he was found outside. I would have thought that being thrown out of the crashed vehicle may have been not such a bad fate, considering it crashed tail-end up a tree. 

If the engine was dislodged, it would have been catapulted toward the passengers in the vehicle.

How can a wheel become dislodged by scraping along an embankment, and why bother mentioning that the wheel rolled 30 metres away? Wheels can roll much further than that. 

Why did the Sergeant mention the weather, when we are led to believe it was a stupid bunch of teenagers acting recklessly, and not the weather, which caused the tragedy. Male hormones out of control can cause havoc in any weather, rain, hail or shine. 

As I looked at the online photo, which came with the article, more questions came:


 Crash-scene Father's Day, 5/9/10 - Old Coach Road, Maslin Beach 5170

                                                                                    (Photo: AdelaideNow, Chris Mangan)


Where is the tree, which did the enormous damage to the rear of the vehicle?

How come the tree did not abruptly halt the vehicle's path?


 How could the engine have flung from the vehicle, yet the bonnet looks undamaged, still perfectly attached to the car, as if the owner had simply lifted it to check the oil?


Old Coach Road runs almost exactly north/south. In the forth paragraph above it is reported the vehicle ended up on the southern embankment. (The car shown must be resting either on the eastern or western embankment.) 


 Assuming the photograph was taken in the morning, the long shadows indicate that the photographer was facing south. The vehicle then would be resting on the westerly embankment. 


- - - - - - -


In a strange twist here, I had occasion to email SBS television the same evening. After having finished my day's writing I was watching Inspector Rex, the Austrian production of the  popular TV series. At one point in the show I thought I had read two words differently in the subtitles to what was spoken by the actor. 


Modern technology proved me correct. I replayed that part on the TV station's website. In Episode 115, at the 41 minute mark the Inspector (or the translator) got directions mixed up. He said: ... Osten und Sueden (translated east and south!). The subtitles read: South and West.


I had not emailed SBS in months. In the PS I added:

"Another little surprise for me in Global Village - the Narrator of the German Travel Show was D. Fischer." I just happened to watch Gobal Village that day and seen that name scrolled across the screen".


- - - - - - -


Another twist to smile about: As I edit the final song in the BBC's Songs of Praise is sung:


 "In Christ there is no east or west ...."


- - - - - - -


I had contemplated taking a trip to Maslin Beach to check out the crash scene. But I had seen sufficiently in the photo to not bother. 


Exactly one month earlier, however, I did take a trip down south. It was also because of a reported traffic death. A 13-year old boy had stepped carelessly from between two buses, and was run over and killed by a motorist. 


It all sounded so plastic, when I heard the news reports. The boy was 13 years old. Both his surname and Christian name had been on my radar - Michael Benson. The suburb was Seaford Rise.  


The crash happened on Monday August 2nd, but was again show-cased on the news the next day. Two days later on Thursday Aug 5th (note 8/5) I pedalled my GIANT into the city to take the train to Noarlunga.


En route, rather impulsively, I called into Christ Church, North Adelaide. In the reception area I noticed, surprise, surprise, a young man, who I had known well years earlier. Only then did I learn that he was a staff member at that church. His name would come up again that day. The express train from Adelaide Railway station left at 11.28 AM.


From television pictures I identified a building, what to look for to find the bus stop, where the young boy was reported to have lost his life. It was easy to locate. How my mind stirred, when I noticed that the accident had happened on bus stop - 85. It was August 5.

In a chapter very early in my writing (Book 2, Chapter 21) I had also visited a crash scene near a bus stop. How peculiar - it was bus stop 58.


Looking at the crash scene, I saw nothing outstanding. I found it hard to understand, how the tragedy could have happened. The road is part of a shopping precinct and barely 300 metres long. With a T-intersection at each end it would be hard for vehicles to pick up excessive speed. But then, a pedestrian could be killed by a vehicle travelling at only 25 km/h (15 mph). 


After taking a few photos I went to a nearby fast-food restaurant to have a burger. I picked up a newspapers to have a read. That was a mistake. I saw things. A writer by the name of Alistair had written a letter to the editor. His Christian name was the same as the young man I had bumped into for the first time in years at the Christ Church.


The subject of the gentleman's letter was the accident, the scene which I was there to look over. 




The Advertiser Newspaper -  8/5/2010 (August 5)


Letters to the Advertiser: Subject: Devastating death



Text: The death of young *Micheal (sic) Benson is devastating for all of us. All buses should carry a "slow down children" caution sign on the rear. A similar accident happened on Portrush Rd about 10 years ago and there is now a permanent speed camera in place. Alistair .... Kingston Park.




The name *Michael seems misspelled here and on the roadside memorial near the bus stop. (I just noticed code 1/5 in this name - the letters which stand out (ea) are the 1st and 5th in the Alphabet.)


 Aha! A link to son ... makes sense! (Pic. Book 8, 14). 


My analysing mind sees parallels to a car crash, the very first I reported on - that of Ben Mitchell. His death also happened in a southern suburb. Like Michael, Ben was also a football player. Michael's Club was given as 'Shoes Football Club'. 


Together with Ben Mitchell in my early writing came the number 228. Insert the 10 into 228, we come close to the date of the Benson crash - 2.8.2010.


With all due respect to the writer, Alistair, we already have laws, where motorists have to slow to 25 km/h, when children are boarding or disembarking a school bus. And as mentioned, a child running out onto the roadway carelessly from behind a bus, can die under the wheels of a motor car travelling at very low speed.


If the permanent speed camera on Portrush Road has anything to do with a pedestrian run down ten years ago is questionable. Speed cameras are mostly instruments to make motorists nervous and fill the coffers of wasteful bureaucrats.

- - - - - - -



Do you get the message? Somebody does not like Junk Mail !



My journey south, after leaving the railway station took me via Dyson Road and Commercial Road to Seaford Rise. On the way this unusual letterbox made me stop and take this shot. The film developers liked it too - they printed two copies.


Thinking about it, perhaps somebody had read my account what I had written about at the Kapunda Road Royal Commission. It took place on Floor 1, 26 Flinders Street, Adelaide. 18 x 7 = 126.


One politician on TV had stated at the conclusion of the Million-Dollar plus Lawyers Picnic that the short version of the Commission's findings contain dynamite. The money came out of the public purse. 


To the best of my knowledge, this report by Commissioner QC Greg James has not yet been released to the public. What is in it,which is kept hidden?


- - - - - - -





One of the most common sins in today's corrupt society is lying. Why do people tell lies? Some say they only tell lies to get out of trouble. (Does this mean some tell lies for the sheer fun of it?)  


Other clever liars paint over their falsehood, giving lies a colour - white lie. As if this somehow would make it less of an offence. The trouble with white lies - they gradually change colour until the liar becomes convinced black is white and white is black.


Children must be confronted early, if found engaging in such destructive behaviour. Needless to say, parents must be absolutely truthful themselves. Children can detect very early in life, when a parent bends the truth.  


The ABC's Media Watch program on Monday 27/9/10 devoted the entire program to expose one blatant deception. It is alleged a TV Channel Seven journalist (MD) posed as an Australian mining executive and travelled to New Dehli, India.


He had arranged to meet an Indian explosives company executive to buy explosives for his mining company. However, right from the start the reporter was on a mission to 'test' the security surrounding the Commonwealth Games, which begin on the day of uploading this chapter (3.10.10). How easy would it be to smuggle a bomb into the New Dehli Commonwealth Games venue? 


The unsuspecting Indian seller of explosive equipment did not wake up to the game, even when his 'customer' arrived with a TV camera. (Unless the camera was hidden). Footage of a suitcase, filled with equipment to detonate a bomb, was shown. It included a live demonstration of a small blast, making the whole story very plausible. 


The deception, uncovered by Media Watch, continued. The TV journalist was filmed walking unchallenged past a 'check-point' pulling along the suitcase, which viewers had seen earlier containing wires, detonators etc. 


According to Media Watch, the alleged security check point was merely a roadblock, redirecting unauthorized motor vehicles. It was not a security check point at all.


The second deception was the suitcase itself. The journalist had not bought explosives at all, instead persuaded his business partner to sell him the suitcase. Media Watch alleges the reporter was pulling along an empty suitcase.


The story by MD, Channel Seven's New Dehli hero, created concern all over the world. It made the job of Games organizers even harder, as if a collapsing pedestrian bridge was not enough of a problem. 


 How many viewers were fooled? 


Had there really been explosive equipment in the suitcase, and the reporter caught trying to pass a real security check-point, who knows what authorities would have done with him?


Viewing this episode of Media Watch stirred my spirit. False reporting, and/or telling only half of the facts, contributed to sending Peter Liddy behind bars; no doubt in my mind about that.   


The stone walling by our Attorney-General and Member of Parliament is beyond belief, even after I had earlier in the year made another effort highlighting Peters case. I sent copies of the damning document.  How long can one keep turning a blind eye to evidence, written in black and white. Perhaps I should have changed the font to red? Written in red may have made more of an impact.


Here is my message to the ABC's Media Watch, calling once again for truth and justice. 



Hi all,
Last night's exposure (27/9/10) of Channel Seven's deceptive piece of grandstanding makes one wonder, how many other stories the gullible public believes, which are simply fabrications by the media. Wasn't it Channel Seven (maybe Nine), who years ago called themselves: the News Makers? Nothing changed, only they dropped that revealing name!   
 It is one thing, however, to make yourself look the hero by deceptive reporting, quite another when those lies (or half-truths) land a man in jail for 25 years.
Yes, I am still standing up for the unfortunate ex-magistrate. They did not believe his innocence plea, but rather a man, who police had to bring out of a Queensland jail to Adelaide as a witness. The man was promised a lesser jail term, if he testified against the magistrate.
The media told the people of Adelaide in one sentence: "One witness was flown in from interstate to testify in the case."
What we did not read was this:
"Witness W. a 27-year old drug addict, who spent most of his life in jail, who told a probation officer seven years earlier that he had never been sexually abused as a child, was brought from a Queensland jail to testify against Mr. Liddy. He should have been arrested immediately for breaching parole in SA, but was instead given bail. During his short stint of freedom he promptly stole a $ 17 000 motor car and crashed it against a pole.
On account of this gentlemen's recollections, and that of two others, who also had a criminal record, Peter Liddy was sentenced to 25 years jail, having been found guilty by a jury on ten charges, seven of which all came from witness W.
Ironically, only an hour and a half before Media Watch, your viewers would have been stirred by the gross miscarriage of justice in the *Mallard case. I see parallels, except one sounds like a real stuff-up, the other more like a conspiracy to get a magistrate out of the way, who had for 29 years put drug dealers, corrupt police and other criminals behind bars.
Are we not discriminating against this magistrate, ignoring his fate, simply because he is a magistrate?
Where can we find a brave, honest journalist, who asks the hard questions about the Liddy case? I have done so since 2003, even wrote to the ABC TV Adelaide. What more do you need besides the document, where witness W. stated he had never been abused as a child? A copy is on public display in my autobio Book 7, Chapter 26.
Justice is crying out!
Dieter R. Fischer


*Just prior to Media Watch the Mallard case was featured on the same TV station. An unfortunate petty thief had spent 12 years behind bars for a brutal murder he never committed. A diligent journalist discovered facts, which did not add up. With the help of a powerful politician she exposed the sloppy police investigations, which had resulted in a wrongful conviction. 


I saw parallels to the Liddy case, except I am still waiting for the 'Happy End'. An end there will be. If happy is up to the individual.  


Recently, very unexpectedly I established contact with a Christian man I thought I knew reasonably well. However, that he actually had worked for Peter as court reporter was new to me. The more I discover about the unfortunate magistrate, the more convinced I become, he is the victim of a crime - not those who told stories about him. 


Friends, what is the real message behind my writing, my demand that truth be told in the media? 


Beneath the morbid picture above (the skeleton letterbox) I could have written this scripture from the bible:

"The wages of sin is death ..." (Romans 6, 23)  

To tell lies is a sin. It violates the ninth commandment. It may be far away, but it could also be only a short time, before lies told will bear its bitter fruit. The white lie told to save the day, may bite back and ruin a whole life. 


But, thank God for God's buts. Verse 23 in Romans does not end in the word death:

 "...but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6,23).


The choice is yours!



Chapter 5