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2.  Michael and June 10    

"There probably is no God, so don't worry and enjoy life". The male voice behind the microphone on Radio 5 AA on the morning of writing (Aug. 27), stirred my spirit with this comment.


On editing five days later, 1.9.10: I had occasion to email his very same radio station (a matter of minutes ago at 5.39 am). Next I opened my bible and read the famous Chapter on Faith in Hebrews: "To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see ... (Hebrews 11,1 on page 1351 Good News / Australian Ed.)

Just as I had been reading the word certain, on 5AA which I kept listening to, their guest Ralph Clarke spoke the word certainly ...  YL. 

The gentleman wants to become Lord Mayor of Adelaide later in the year. May I suggest he answers my letters he had received years ago. I am still waiting. The subject of my letters was L, which does not stand for Lark.

God has amazing ways of conveying HIS truths!   

- - - - - - - -


The male voice on 5AA, in the first sentence above, was quoting the slogan of a UK group of ardent atheists. These non-believers are so brazen about spreading their no-hope message, their slogan is pasted all over London's buses. The announcer was suggesting we could introduce them here: "Christianity has so many rules and regulations to enjoy life ...", the announcer continued his negative remarks about the faith Australia inherited, the foundation of  any successful society.

No Christian should shy from an intelligent conversation about their faith. If the voice on Five AA really meant that you can't enjoy something, only because there are rules and regulations to follow, he did not display a great deal of intelligence. He certainly did not have an understanding of what the Christian life is really like. 

Christ came for just that purpose, to liberate those, who thought it was all about following rules and regulations. The Jews still believe this to this day.

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1. John, 3, 8).

At the time of editing (Sept. 2, 2010) Israel is holding direct peace talks with Palestine. Let's pray for hearts to be changed by one law, the law of love, the law of God.


I booted up my computer and emailed the radio station, Five AA, August 27th 2010, 7.17 AM.

Subject: Probabilities

Hii all,

A bookmaker's keyword is probabilities. The writing on those London [550**] buses says: There probably is no God ...
I would bet 2088 Dollars on August 27, better still on August 28, that there is a God. But bookmakers won't take bets and Christians don't gamble. When all find out that there really is a God, who saw everything they did, good or bad, money won't help.
Whoever said on your show a moment ago:  "There are so many rules about Christianity" shouldn't drive a motor car. There are too many rules - so he can't enjoy driving?
Real followers of Christ enjoy their journey.  They all display L and P plates - Love and Peace plates. And they know they are going to a good place.  
Kind regards from a Bookmaker
Dieter Fischer
PS  So far I made 8 books, I just  finished the first *draft of Number 9.


(*I should have written in the PS - the first draft of chapter 1 of Number 9). The word Hii was unintentional. I was about to correct it, when I thought - no, leave it - i and L has meaning, in French. ** The number 550 linked to a red double-decker bus, whose driver may well have watched me, taking some measurements near the Don Bradman statue.)

Why the $ 2088 as my bet? Immediately after the radio voice on Five AA I heard an advertisement for a product, costing $ 2088. 

Most Christians know the message in Romans 8, 28: "All things work together for good, to them who love God, to those who are called according to his purposes."

My thoughts went not only in that direction. I saw that the next day these digits would make the date.

Considering that in the previous chapter the number 45 played a role, it may be of interest that 144 x 14.5 = 2088. 

Anyone wants to bet that ... Only Christians in Germany bet - Bet is German for pray!

- - - - - - -


This takes me to a recent encounter with this German word. I had read the name of an American lady, Beth, who is very popular among Christian women. In an article in the Christianity Today Newsletter - August 13th, 10, posted 9.36 am.) she was reported speaking to an enthusiastic, female audience in Springfield ILL. The venue was the largest auditorium in that city. She drew a bigger crowd than did Elton John, when he gave a concert at Springfield. 

The popular speaker's name is Beth Moore. Being bi-lingual it took a nano-second to come up with another version of the 'holy lady's' name - Pray More  [oh] left over.

What do you do with OH, the home state of Dr. Schuller? Oh, I know! You find a Mr. Maxwell of ILL. When he comes up with an answer you say: "Good thinking 99."

Gradually, as I read the Christianity Today article, I saw more and more (pardon the pun) veiled references to a chapter I had written in Book 8. The place was also called Springfield. My story took place in New Zealand, not Illinois.

 (Hey, I just saw this in Illinois - Lois & i L i N. - now we're in Christchurch, how interesting!)

I saw too many similarities in the online article in Christianity Today to not be taking action. At the bottom of the online article I posted a few words of feedback:

Prayer is the key - not necessarily in terms of hours on your knees, but intimate relationship with God. Self-talk becomes a dialog with God, moment by moment, just like young lovers think of each other constantly, while still doing their daily tasks. And Oh, look at the name Beth Moore. Being bi-lingual I can create 'Oh pray more'.  Bet means pray in German. Let's all pray more for our nation.

- - - - - - -


On June 10th, the date which we will come to at the end of this chapter, I also had occasion to email Radio Five AA. A man was reported accused of a rape, which allegedly had taken place in 1989. He was found out purely on forensic evidence. I pictured myself in his position. Would he now have to scratch his head, jot his memory to remember, where exactly he was that day 21 years ago? He has Buckley's chance to prove his innocence by providing an alibi. 

Can a court really convict a person purely on technical, complex evidence, produced by so-called experts? How about the current case of a popular ABC TV presenter in Tasmania. He was charged with possessing child pornography on his computer. The young man lost his employment as a result, even before being found guilty in court. How fair is that?

Here is the latest news on the case (ABC News online Aug 3, 2010). 


Prosecutor Ian Arendt sought a six week adjournment to finalize statements and provide forensic images to Muirhead's Melbourne-based lawyer Marita Altman.

Magistrate Sam Mollard said only a four week adjournment was allowed by law.

Ms Altman has previously acted for gangland killer Carl Williams.


I am no guru in computer technology. One thing, however, I was told is possible: If you are connected to broadband, cookies are being placed onto your hard drive without you knowing. They supposedly assist in surfing. My thinking mind, however, raises its critical antenna, asking: If material can be transmitted and stored into my computer from outside, why not pornographic material? 

What would I say to police, if I received a knock on my door and they were to find questionable material on my P/C?

*Hey, how timely is this: In the mid-day ABC News today, it was reported that a Sydney Newspaper alleged that morals Campaigner and New South Wales MP, Fred Nile, was found to have an unusually large number of connections to pornographic websites on his office computer. The gentleman, a reverend before entering parliament, said that he does not even have a computer and would not go onto pornographic websites. 

Friends, those who stand up for truth and speak out, are a prime target to have their good character smeared. The internet is a very useful tool. Sadly, technology alone can not improve the fabric of an evil heart. Only a godly influence can change evil hearts. 


There is another question all fair-minded citizens should ask: Which is the greater crime, viewing illegal material online or producing and publishing it? With all our wonderful technology, is police not able to trace, who the producers are? Why are these elements, who enrich themselves by exploiting children and women not prosecuted?

(There is a possible non-answer. Read on for a paragraph about a broadcast by the ABC's excellent investigation team in Four Corners.)

The above extract of the ABC article on the alleged Tasmanian child porn user, holds a very bad piece of journalism. It makes me think, the journalist is saying in a veiled fashion: Muirhead must be guilty, look at the connection! 

(Extract): Ms Altman has previously acted for gangland killer Carl Williams.

To mention the name of an underworld killer, just because he had the same lawyer as the ABC presenter charged with possessing porn material, is gutter journalism at it's worst. It may be the truth, but to a superficial reader, it will appear as a very subtle, suggestive link from a possibly innocent man to the worst kind of criminal. I should not be surprised. They did this to Peter Liddy, only much worse.

I discovered more in the few sentences of the ABC report above - names. The first 4 letters of the magistrate's name (Mollard) will feature rather spectacularly, at the end of this chapter The lawyer's name Altman came as a surprise also. It takes us way back to my Book 1, Chapter 18. 

In 6 days it will be 9 years (totally unplanned to be writing this on editing on 1.9) since my path crossed that of Carol Altmann on 7.9.01. On the day of the hailstorm, without knowing the lady at all, I happened to sit next to Carol during the sentencing of magistrate Peter Liddy. It led to a brief email exchange. 

Back then, I knew co-incidences happen. So do God-incidences. They have continued ever since. 

- - - - - - -


A strange find, at a significant location, on a remarkable date: Discarded packaging for Damen Ski-Handschuhe (Lady's skiing-gloves)

A phrase comes to mind - gloves off! 

 In fine print under the bar code:  Being an expert in Kindergarten mathematics, (Ha, ha) I saw the price tag 2 x 99 in the product code ode CL 6921

 9 and 6 + 2 1s.  

This code also was that day's date, June 9th 2010. That day I was delivering 7 whistle-blowing letters to recipients around Adelaide. I found the above outside the offices of the South Australian Attorney-General, in Kilburn.


I wished I had been able to speak personally to the gentleman. As always the reception clerk assures me my letter would be passed on to the Attorney-General, the highest office holder of law and order in our state. 

But as time of inaction by Adelaide's politicians, media, lawyer etc etc drags on, I am suspecting that there is none, who is genuinely willing (or able) to act. Perhaps all are playing a game, where there are no rules, no law enforcement, no justice for victims - only big egos to maintain. 

My latest argument against police and politicians is this: Firstly, are you not perverting the course of justice by remaining silent? 

I am not sure, if I ought to include journalists. Does the whistleblower's act include the media? Does a journalist, who receives explosive information, anonymous or otherwise, from a reasonably trustworthy source, have an obligation to take the matter further? 

Let's remember, Mr. Liddy was pursued after an anonymous tip-off to a newspaper. They took the matter seriously. Peter was condemned very quickly, before any trial had begun. Now that real evidence exists, casting doubt about his guilt nobody is lifting a finger.

But God is. HE placed his right into the bulls-eye, at a gross miscarriage of injustice!


Secondly, whistleblowers have rights. Here is an extract of the 1993 Whistleblowers Protection Act, Paragraph 8:

8—Informant to be informed of outcome of complaint

If an appropriate disclosure of public interest information is made to a public official, that official must, wherever practicable and in accordance with the law, notify the informant of the outcome of any investigation into the matters to which the disclosure relates.

Surely, the last thing the Attorney-General would want to be guilty of, is breaking the very law he is administering?

May I ask the Attorney General:

"If nothing is done in this case, what message is society sending to the next generation of young people, studying hard toward the career-path they have chosen? Many are looking to serve society in the legal profession, in law enforcement or to become journalists?

What example is the clergy giving, if they don't stand up for truth and justice?

I had hoped for a more pro-active response. One politician told me on the telephone: "South Australia has the best legal system in the world." (That's the problem - lawyers are adamant that legal procedures are followed. Truth and justice are bonus!)

When at a future time the truth does come out, apart from the condemned magistrate, a whole generation of aspiring young professional will feel betrayed. 

One famous quote, one which encourages whistleblowers (lovers of truth) comes to mind. It is attributed to Sir Edmund Burke: "All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing." 

In the Liddy case I go one thought further: All it took for evil to do its work, was evil women, and men who did nothing!


During the writing of this chapter, on Mon. 30th August, the ABC's Four Corner's program broadcast their investigation into organized crime in Australia. It was an eye-opener to listen to law enforcement agents, a police commissioner, a former assistant commissioner and the CEO of the Australian Crime Commission* report their work and limited successes. 

(*The gentleman was aptly named - Mr. Lawler.)

However, after watching the program viewers had to conclude, that these gentlemen all but admitted - the criminals are winning the war! The major reason given was a lack of resources. (On radio yesterday one man put it that way - we are chasing criminals on their Harleys riding push bikes).

It certainly gave me, and many average Australian viewers, little confidence in our justice system, sorry legal system, hearing this comment: "Police and the law is losing the war against criminals, and nothing much can be done about it." 

Another comment by an official on the program: "We all should be worried about organized crime and lobby our politicians do do something about it." 

Hooray! Hooray! Somebody's on my side. Maybe, I haven't wasted all those hours writing letters, knocking on doors and blogging about it.  

Maybe, herein lay the answer: In this world evil is stronger than good, because a great number has turned their back on the ONE who has overcome evil. 

If they were to back The WINNER who gave it all, whose name is above ALL we would see evil defeated in this world?. That's why millions of Christians around the world pray every day: ...Your kingdom come!

(I prayed that prayer about two hours ago at a funeral. A man about my age died of that dreaded curse to mankind - cancer. The starting time was 11.15 AM. I was reminded of this, when I saw the shoulder badge of the man standing next to me: Fire Department!)

As is says on the banknotes in the US: In God* We Trust. It's time add another four words... not police or politicians!

*A US historian ought to be able to establish, removing all doubt, that the God referred to here was none other than the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Sadly, under the guise of 'Freedom of Religion' the identity of God has been opened up to discussion. While promoting tolerance, well-meaning but misguided do-gooders, have watered down the true message: There is only ONE God, who loves us very much. That's why he is so jealous when HIS people follow other Gods.

- - - - - - - -


On 9/6/10 I personally delivered my letters. The original to the Attorney-General's office, copies to six other people or organisations of influence in Adelaide. I included

I made sure to include a copy of the damning evidence by witness W. (Book 7, Chapter 26) which had not been allowed in Mr. Liddy's High Court appeal.

The recipients are: Mr. Eugene McGee, Rick Keegan (ABC TV), Mr.Bevan/Abraham (ABC Radio), Mal Hyde (Commissioner of Police), the The Advertiser Newspaper and Criminal Lawyers Michael Wood.


Delivering my whistle-blowing letters took me through Adelaide's inner city. In Compton Street, I passed a building, where was the the Assemblies of God in Adelaide had its original home. Today its an architect's office.

May I give praise to whoever took the commendable decision to leave the few words, written in stone, on the outside wall: CHRIST DIED FOR THE UNGODLY. May I suggest all judges, lawyers, journalists and police take a lunchtime walk down Compton Street and start thinking ...?

One of Adelaide's most senior barristers, Lindy, did that. Earlier in the year she was featured in an extensive piece of writing in the Adelaide Advertiser's Weekend Magazine. The last word in the final sentence were words to that effect: 'Lindy thinks'.

- - - - - - - 


While we're on Lindy - on the day of publishing (after having written the LLAMA LLOVE / LLUKE LLOVES LLINDA piece the day before) a spam email arrived in my inbox:

The sender was a LINDA ROSE. The text consisted of only two words: GOOD NEWS.

Curiosity made me look into the 'Properties' window. There was an unusually long line in the code, which spread right across my P/C screen:  

1283284917; bh=UyHFHXEq2Fs5qThlPaSU776P/siBEx8IBWt8AepH6H8=


From:Reply-To:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=OY+bl6Fg




Did Linda think that would be too hard to decode for ...? OK, it took a few moments, but otherwise, elementary Waitson. 

   Add u e (read them with a French accent)

Now insert it, after the only capital L, found in the last line: Voila: Luke.

The digits at the top are those of yesterday's date 3821 [30.8.2001 minus the 000]. The rest of that number will feature in tomorrows chapter: 8149 (plus 7). Don't waste your time with the rest.

- - - - - - -


Let me share what took place on June 10, 2010 twelve days after I had completed and published the final Chapter of Book 8. Again names, or in this case one dominant name, Michael, played the central role.

The name Michael, in any language, would rate among the most popular names, besides Peter and John. As always I will tell it, as it was and let you be the judge.

The day started with the name Michael and before the day was done, six Michaels had crossed my path, plus an surprising link from that name to 610, that day's date.

Surnames also played a role. No, it can't all be a fluke. Life has meaning, when God is at the center of your thinking.


The date in the US was still 9/6 (June 9) when in the morning I googled the term 'Archangel Michael'.  I selected a website from the menu, which took me to the website of a US academic. He was a scientist, who believed in creation. I liked his profile, his obvious ability to think intelligently, and still be so 'foolish' as to believe and study the bible.

I read much of his lengthy article about the biblical archangel Michael. Like many scholars of the bible, HE advocates that this biblical character actually refers to Jesus Christ. This scientist's name was Michael B, the second Michael for the day.   

At that time,  the writer's name had not registered as something out of the ordinary. I emailed a brief message, how I appreciated his material, and that we have a few things in common - brass instruments, bike riding and the love of the outdoors. In a short time I received a return greeting. The marvel of the internet!

About 12 hours later the name Michael again popped up. My wife and I were sitting in the lounge. She was reading reading the newspaper, I was writing diary, when she mentioned a letter to the editor. She recognized the name of the writer, Michael Bennet. My son has a  good friend with that name, but we both agreed that this person is probably not the same person.

Forward the clock another few hours. Around 11.45 PM I had finished working on my driving-school website, when I checked my emails, before shutting down the P/C. In uncanny timing the same surname Bennett popped up, Christian name Michael.

The name hit me as I glanced at the signature in an email from a large Sydney church organization. They were responding to my feedback, I had emailed some weeks earlier. Michael Bennett was the name of one of their pastors. Same name as my son's friend, with an extra t. (Another amazing 'extra t' story comes in the next chapter). 

In a recent mail-out by a Mission's organization this came:


"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do *good to all people. (Galatians 6:10).


*It happened again - within seconds of writing good to all, on ABC 891 Radio, the guest of Carol and Peter's afternoon program spoke the word allgood!  (2.51 PM 27/8 -the name sounded like Kaylen Smith?)


We all should become do-gooders!

 The letter to the Advertiser by Michael Bennet, of Salisbury Park advocated bringing them (courageous soldiers) ALL home. ...

Aha, I just made a link to a story, which took place in my Book 1, where I wanted to do good to a poor migrant, whose wife was sick, and who needed a lift from Salisbury Park to Park Terrace.


So far on 6.10 our paths crossed with 4 Michaels: the Archangel Michael, the creation-scientist Michael B. in the US, Michael Bennet, the author of above letter to the editor, and the the Sydney pastor, Michael Bennett, in the email I had received.

The next morning my eyes opened to another two Michaels. Years ago his family and mine were good friends, visiting each other's homes. When they for a short time had moved to Kyneton, Victoria, we paid a visit during one of our holidays. This Michael, as did the Michael in the US, also played a brass instrument. That's how we first met. For a short time only, we both played at the Paradise Community Church.

Hey - another bit of true trivia: Another trumpet player at Paradise was also Michael. His surname links back to the USA - Washington. We played together for a number of years.  

The Michael I am writing about here has a son, whose name is also Michael, Michael jr. Their surname is what these lines are leading toward. I discovered that on one particular page in my bible are 4 drop-letters. These  4 letters make these two Michael's surname.


In a strange twist, just before commencing this chapter, I opened the index page of Christianity Today, the magazine's newsletter, from the USA. Knowing exactly what I would be writing about, the following heading appeared and surprised me with the surname Moll: 

(Posted 25 Aug, 2010)

Saved by an Atheist
Christians gave Albert Camus good reasons not to believe. He gave me a reason to return to faith.



New King James Version, Page 610:



Note the prophesy in Psalm 129, Verse 3: "The plowers plowed on my back; they made their furrows long." (A prophesy about Jesus, a cross-reference to Isaiah 53, Verse 3.

Before being killed on the cross Jesus was flogged, leaving deep wounds on his back. Isaiah describes them as stripes, the stripes by which we are healed ...!"

Did you notice, even the order of 4 letters is correct!

My thoughts, just now writing this, opened to number I550, if we ignore a few zeros.

The M = 1000 provides the I, the two L = 5   5 - plus the letter O.


More came later, using Roman numerals: M = 1000 minus 0 = 100 = 50 + 50 = L +

Pondering over this in church a few weeks later, I saw read the letters that came with the dropletters:



But rather than occupying our minds with decoding numbers and letters, let's read those humbling words by King David in Psalm 131. David expresses his simple Trust in the Lord.

Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor my eyes lofty.

Neither do I concern myself with great matters.

Nor with things too profound for me.

Surely, I have calmed and quieted my soul.

Like a weaned child with his mother;

like a weaned child is my soul within me.

O Israel hope in the Lord from this time forth and forever.


David expresses his hunger for God in Psalm 130, Verse 6!

"My soul waits for the Lord, more than those who watch for the morning -

 I say, more than those who watch for the morning." 

Are you hungry for more of GOD?

In Verse 7 David tell his people where to find mercy and redemption. 

"O Israel, hope in the Lord, for with the Lord there is mercy,

and with HIM is abundant redemption."

The world's answers are not with politicians, be they green, orange or red. The answer for a world that's lost its way is in God, the God of Israel, who came to this earth as the man Jesus.


Chapter 3