Autobiography            Dieter R. Fischer            Book 9 

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL  Given your ALL? Now what?  Home    ISBN 0 9577426 9 X    Book 9 / Ch 1   Written/Published 24.8 - 1.9.10


Graphic left:

The Christian cross consists of four letters L. The logo highlights this letter and also the letters t and P and D.  In Roman Numerals L equals 50. This number has been playing a major role in my writing, not the least to complement the logo on the right.

Graphic right:

This logo shows the letters dp. As a mirror image they become 9 and 6. The name of the driving school I used to operate was Driving Plus Motor School. Both logos were created separately. Only during the writing of this my autobiography they crystallized into the postcode of the suburb, where the author lives - Para Hills, Australia.


As was the case  in my previous books, events described here are not necessarily in the sequence they occurred. This has the advantage that each chapter is an entity. The basis of my writing is my diary. Most events I recorded with 24-36 hours of taking place. Very strange, but some extra-ordinary links come as I write. 

What I experience may sound weird to some. Others may suspect I fell under the spell of numerology, or have an obsession with symbolism. Whichever readers judge my writing, IT is all true. Nobody has lived through it all, except I.

Please read with an open mind. If you have not done so yet, start an affair with Almighty God. HE wants to be your closest friend, a loving Father, a partner for Life. Eternal Life. 

Perhaps it's no co-incidence, as I am commencing this book I am listening to Southern Star Radio? Johnny Cash is singing an old favourite:' "Lead me gently home, Father ."



1. Luke Day Sunday 22

How my life had changed. The bus I was sitting on was approaching Adelaide's CBD. I was thinking how glad I was to not be still working as a driving instructor, rushing from one appointment to another, trying to dodge traffic jams. I had tried hard to please students, who wanted pass the driving test with the least number of lessons possible. The Association I worked for liked it, when we made a handsome profit.

Oh, sorry! We were not allowed to use the word profit. In a non-profit organization, where the CEO earned as much as the Prime Minister of the country, you have to call your profit - surplus. Big deal! Employees are driven just as hard. Woe, if one makes a mistake or steps out of line. I did occasionally - make mistakes and stepped out of lies, sorry, out of line constantly.

The free ride on the bus reminded me of my age. Since January 2010 the first digit of my age started with a 6. Still better than a 9. It has it's benefits growing old. Seniors ride for free between 9 and 3.

It had been 12 years since I navigated these roads with learner drivers beside me. As I was sitting on the crowded Metro bus I could not help thinking: "What driving-school vehicle would management have assigned to instructors today?" 

The first vehicle that my mind came up with, sitting on the corner Hackney Road/North Terrace, was a Mitsubishi Lancer. We had been teaching in Mitsubishi Lancers for some years. Deep in thought, less than a minute later, right opposite the Royal Adelaide Hospital, I noticed a driving-school vehicle pulling away from the kerb. How weird - it was a Mitsubishi Lancer, clearly marked as a driving school, with a personalized registration plate. In my code the plate read - AM N 15! 

How my life had changed, indeed, physically, socially, spiritually and mentally, since working those long hours every day.  Incidents such as this, thinking one thought and suddenly experiencing it, had become common place*

(*Comment on editing: At this point I had no idea that I was to experience many such incidents during writing these first three chapters of this, my ninth book). 

Readers of my previous eight books would be familiar with the way my code-filled mind viewed the world around me. IT had not gone away. The fire was then, and is to this day, still burning. 

The day of commencing this book, Tuesday August 24, was when I took the bus to the city, to meet a friend for coffee. I had about 25 minutes to spare, as I got off the bus opposite the hospital. Why not use the time for a brisk walk, I thought? If I were to walk fast I could reach the Adelaide Oval and measure ...?

I crossed busy North Terrace outside the Royal Adelaide Hospital and enjoyed a fast walk through the Botanic Gardens, along the Torrens River to the famous, historic cricket ground, the Adelaide Oval.

Often I thank God, during those precious, walking moments that I had followed HIS ways from an early age. This meant that I never smoked and had always enjoyed sports that involved movement.

Outside the Oval I wanted to measure how far away from the Don Bradman statue it was, where I had found something two days earlier, on August 22nd. Cycling home on my GIANT I had spotted and picked up an item, which had stunned me for a moment. I was so taken, that I emailed a scan to a TV Show the next day. I had only estimated the distance as 22 meters; the date was the 22nd. That's why I took that walk, to measure, if by fluke the distance was 22 meters.  

Well, it wasn't. I counted 35 large strides from the spot where I had picked up the item to the Bradman statue. Had it really been 22 meters it would literally have been a f.luke. (Dot added).

The location had taken on meaning a few weeks earlier. During a moment of frustration about the Liddy case, I was inspired to draw a picture. (I am referring to the story of the cruel fate of ex-magistrate Peter Liddy, which I have covered extensively in my previous eight books.) 

Another letter had arrived from the Attorney General's Office. It informed me that they received my previous correspondence, nothing else. I had hoped for some affirmative action in the case; or at least an intelligent argument, as to why nothing was happening. Informing me, saying they received my letter was fine. But if that is all, it's not enough to move the case forward. It only tells me that our postal service did their job. I wanted to hear, if they have any intention of doing theirs.

(I since have followed up the matter and, how kind of the Attorney-General's staff, I received another letter: We received you correspondence ... (but don't waste any more stamps ... )

The Attorney General, and various authorities, should have received a copy of the damning document, shown in my Book 7, Chapter 26. The document clearly points to either a huge stuff-up / cover-up, or indeed, more likely, a deliberate C.... to put Mr. Liddy where he is today - into a dreary jail cell, struggling to keep his sanity. 

Perhaps this is why they gave him such an unfairly lengthy jail term, knowing, if he came out after five or six years, he could fight for himself for the truth to become known?  

Here is what I came up with, a quick scribble onto a piece of blank paper:


Adelaide's F trail of C and the L trail answer. 

(The word at the elbow of the L = Breuery)

Geographically, the locations of our court buildings, the Parliament House, our major newspaper and the Adelaide Oval are all situated along, or just off, King William Street. Starting at Parliament House, the F trail leads south to the Newspaper and courts precinct.

Following the trail north (down the page) we arrive at the Adelaide Oval, the project, on which Adelaide's politicians decided to spent 700 Million Dollars for an upgrade. (Now you know what I mean by C and 7).

I purposely misspelled OAVL. The answer to a corrupt society is God, number 7 and his L son Jesus - God either way.


For those hoping for a positive development in the Liddy matter, at the time of writing I have heard nothing further from the Attorney-General Mr. Rau. It's been four months. Neither has the Advertiser Newspaper responded at all. (Investigative journalists in Adelaide have been silenced at the end of last century. The last active journalist to take action was Adelaide's Chris N. He had exposed a corrupt Government Minister and what do they reward him with? Four months jail. 

Mr. Cappo, a prominent Catholic clergyman, advised me through his staff, that apart from arranging a chaplain to visit Mr. Liddy, there is nothing he can do.

Considering the negative publicity the media is giving Catholic Priests in recent years, regarding child abuse, I would have thought, Mr. Cappo would be more proactive. Exposing the false allegations in the Liddy case would soften the blow somewhat, and expose the other side of the coin - how easy it is to falsely accuse men of sexual offenses, no matter how long ago they allegedly took place. 

After publishing the Witness W. document I had hoped an honest, courageous person would accept my information, take pity on an innocent prisoner, and bring into the open this dark chapter of Adelaide's recent history.

- - - - - - -


The 2010 Royal Adelaide Show Magazine 

During a break in my writing I leafed through the pages of this publication and found another F L, Fl y ....? 

I see parallel to the Liddy case. The red / yellow colours are those of the Surf Life Saving Association. 

Basketball reminds me of a name, whose letters re-arranged make NINE NS. This person, well-known in Adelaide's basketball circles, testified in court for Mr. Liddy. 

The young man, many years earlier, had trained in basketball under Mr. Liddy. He had testified in court for Mr. Liddy's defense. He had never seen any misconduct by the magistrate. There were others, unlike the main accusers, without a criminal record, who also testified in favour of Peter. I studied newspaper clippings from the 2001 court proceedings. I can't recall reading in the newspaper, about those young men, who vouched for Mr. Liddy's impeccable behaviour.

- - - - - - -


Since my previous book ended with a revelation regarding Revelation 1,7 I shall include in this first chapter of Book 9 a numbers co-incident, which occurred on [Luke] Sunday, two days before commencement of this book. It ended with the find outside the Adelaide Oval.

On August 22nd I rose early to watch the Hour of Power broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Rising early to watch this program had been a routine of mine for years. Often I also watch parts of programs before and after, depending how awake I am at the time.

During the program a young lady named Kirsten came on and told a horrific story. As a 17-year old, overcome by a dark cloud of depression, Kirsten tried to commit suicide. She threw herself under a freight train and was run over. In an amazing miracle, Kristen survived. Not even 35 carriages of a heavy goods train could kill her. God had other plans.

She not only survived, but God is now using her amazing story of grace, to bring hope to other depressed teenagers, who may also struggle with life and who contemplate suicide.

Straight after this segment a young lady named Beth sang: "Amazing Grace".  

Later that same morning, still August 22nd 2010, my wife and I arrived home from church around 11.45 AM. It was just in time for the second half of Song of Praise, the BBC's religious broadcast. Had we walked in five minutes later, I would have missed the second miracle of a 17 year-old that day. 

On Song of Praise another young lady told her horrific story. As a 17 year-old she also tried to kill herself. Again, by the grace of God, she survived and was now engaged in telling the world about God's love. Her name was Mandy.

I could hardly believe what came next. Moments after hearing her story a young man sang the amazing song about God's Grace: "Amazing Grace".

Hey, that is strange - on the day of final editing I attended a funeral. This very song, Amazing Grace was played. Not just once. It was played twice! 

It took some time, before I recognized the link - Grace  >>>  1 7:

"For by grace you have been saved, through faith, and not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, lest any man should boast". (Ephesians 1, Verse 7). 

Kirsten and Mandy had literally been saved, from certain death. How wonderful, ALL can be saved - by God's grace, and tell of HIS wonderful gift of life, new life, eternal life. And all for FREE.

As if life was repeating itself, later that afternoon I was to meet a lady, named Grace. In Book 6, Chapter 10 ... 

Hey, that is remarkable, if you bear with me and read until the end of Chapter 2. The number 6.10 will feature in an unbelievable way.

...I have uploaded a graphic, in connection to a story about Ephesians 1,7, the name Grace and it all had taken place on 1.7. [2007]


- - - - - - -

Advertiser Weekend Magazine, 28.8.2010.


 Since my wife bought the newspaper, I flicked through it. I saw this L ULK. (Ulk is German for lark).

Lama Luke, pen still in hoof, is surrounded by 'love in the air'.

(God has some humour: On the day of scanning this I received the volunteer-collector's pack from the Heart Foundation. September is collection month.)  


Surfing TV Channels around that time, for the first time I came across a TV show on Channel Seven. It exposes how magicians do their tricks. For the few moments I was watching two people did a mind-reading trick. A lady drew a symbol onto a sticky-note. The magician, claiming to be reading her mind, was able to draw exactly the same symbol onto another piece of paper. 

The symbol she had drawn, you guessed it, was a heart - the symbol of love.

Did you count how many there are in the cartoon? Why would an artist draw 7.5 hearts - why 4 and 3.5? 

Whenever I see a 7 in connection with a 5 I add a 0. This makes 7 L. In Book 5, 27 a cloud in the sky during a holiday with my son plays a major role in my story. The cloud keeps appearing. The location was near Narrandera, after passing through Hay in January 2007.

Taking my mother-in-law to the doctors in Adelaide's Wakefield Street recently, my wife and I waited in the reception area. Two pieces of artwork stood out in my mind. Two paintings on the wall looked very similar in their basic design - a large number 7 and the letter L.

Still waiting for grandmother I flicked through a travel magazine. One observation made it into my diary: A huge drop letter, which took almost half the page. It was the letter V. It was on page 103. That made sense; but only to me. How could I explain that to grandmother or her daughter?

Neither would they understand, why I would get excited when the town of Hay is being featured on the ABC's Show Travel OZ. It happened on the Sunday before uploading this chapter. 

Between Hay and Narrandera LOVE was literally in the air, as John Paul Young sings it. But friends, the symbol for LOVE is not about Luke, Linda or Paul. It's about God and YOU! God is LOVE.

- - - - - - - -



Luke Sunday 2010 in my calendar was the day after our Federal Election, which took place on Aug. 21. Before getting ready for church I was sitting in the lounge, reading my bible. Normally, I would not put the television on, but as every civic minded Australian that morning, I did not want to miss the latest news about the election result. The TV on mute I was reading Romans, Chapter 14. 


The subject of the passage I read is 'The law of Love'. Verse 20 reads: "Do not destroy the work of God for food (note food) ... Verse 21: "It is good neither to eat meat (note meat) nor drink wine nor do anything, by which your brother stumbles ..."


Just at that moment an ad screened silently in the background. It started with an interaction between a man and an gorilla.

I was reminded that only two days earlier I had occasion to present a young man with a toy gorilla. During a seminar he conducted he had, jokingly perhaps, admitted to have a fear - a fear of  gorillas. When I had seen the toy gorilla in a shop, I could not resist ... 


In the final scene of the ad - these words flashed across the screen - Red meat amazing food. At that very moment I was reading Romans 14 those verses above, about eating meat ...


Not was I just reading about the meat in the scriptures, I noticed something peculiar. Readers would agree, my observations are doof (food backwards.) Translated into German doof means silly.


Stop Press: Maybe my observations are not that silly after all? I just googled the red meat advertisement. I knew the actor in it was famous. Mr. Google gave me not only his name, but that of the gorilla: 


"Launched in July 2009, the Red Meat Amazing Food campaign featured Sam Neill explaining to Dennis the orang-utan ..."


The young man I had presented the toy gorilla (orang-utan) to was named Dennis. (I remember, because like the word food, I read his name backwards - sinned.) 


About an hour after reading Romans 14 at home my wife and I sat in church listening to the preacher. At one point he announced: "Before I continue our theme from the Book of Romans the choir is going to sing for us." I had a strange sensation he would be reading Romans 14. He did. And a bit from Romans 15. 


But there was more, more co-incidentals to occupy my mind. Was there a group or individuals following my footsteps and manipulating things behind the scenes? Judge for yourself why I questioned along these lines:


The day before had been my daughter-in-law's birthday. Instead of just signing a card with the little gift we presented, I had churned out a quick limerick in a few minutes. Her name is Elizabeth. My son's name is Ben. (Note the names).

There was a girl named Liz,

who tried to land a sweet kiss.

But her sweetheart Ben did not tell her when,

So she gave the idea a miss.

Pondering on the subject later, maybe the words came out of my sub-conscious. Kisses? Babies? I saw a parallel. My wife and I are certainly old enough to be grandparents. No luck so far - neither a grand kiss, nor grand kids.



Back in the same church service the song: "A new commandment I give unto you" was on the program. At our church the words of the songs appear on a large screen at the front. When I looked, I noticed at the bottom the composer's name: Elizabeth Benson. Hey, isn't that .... peculiar?


At any other time I may have just smiled. But since it co-incited with the birthday of my daughter-in-law, it was the timing as much as the names, which I found astounding. At the door at the end I asked the pastor about the singing. Who chooses the songs every Sunday? He explained that a small group gets together a few months prior and selects songs, which match the theme of the Pastor's sermon.


It made sense to have as theme the law of love (Romans 14) and the song by Elizabeth Benson, which is essentially a scripture:

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. (John, 13: 34,35).


Notice how Jesus expresses it three times - love one another. It must be an important message, or is it because we humans are so slow to listen and obey? (All who have children know what I mean). 


Is this why it all came together like this, that you, whoever is reading this, is reminded of this non-negotiable law to abide? May I ask a personal question: "What is your love-life like?



Another name dominated that memorable Sunday in August 2010. Still at the same church service for the first time a young man took to the microphone. He gave a brief overview of the work he was engaged in at a local High School as chaplain*. With his sporty looking built and trendy ponytail it was easy to see, how he would be popular among the students. 

*The word chaplain was spoken just then on Southern Star Radio, as I typed this during their News. (Adelaide time 9.30 PM - NZ time midnight)..


The school chaplain's name was Luke. As you may have guessed from the title of this chapter, this name was to play a role somewhere. It came like this, still Sunday afternoon, August 22nd.


I had remembered that it was the day the AGM of Family Voice Australia was taking place. I have written much about this group, which used to be called Festival of Light. In my writing I had called it the Family Standards Organization.


I made the effort to attend to become informed in the latest developments, what laws are being drafted or had passed, which go against Christian values. The main speaker was a Member of the Senate in Canberra.


Since this chapter is very much about names, and I just mentioned the Australian Senate in Canberra, I must side-track for a moment. Some moths ago I came across some amazing names of Canberra Senators.


How timely to be referring to this here. I just received an email from another Senator in Canberra, Senator Boswell. In it the Senator drew the attention to a query regarding the Labor Government's commitment to future funding for School Chaplains. The matter had been raised by Senator Brett Mason


Months ago I had googled Senator Mason and found out that he had been a lecturer in Criminology before entering Parliament. 


This took me to look up the list of all Senators. Three of them had a peculiar symbol beside their name. I found out they were the ones, who had been replaced mid-term:


Senator Chris Ellison quit the Senate on 30/1/09 (my 59th birthday). He was replaced by Sen. CJ BLACK. (Interesting name).


South Australia's Amanda Vanstone had left to take up the job of Ambassador to Italy in Rome. Her replacement also has a very interesting name, with religious connotations: (Hey I just see link to Luke 2) - Mary Jo Fisher.

One other Senator, the only other to enter the current Senate mid-term, was West Australian Senator Cormann, who took the position after Ian Campbell resigned.


(When Senator's resign in Australia they are replaced. Unlike a retiring Member of the House of Representatives, who are being elected by the people in what is called a bi-election.)  



- - - - - - -


How to vote card - Federal Election 2010

Drugs detroy lives

My Luke Sunday took place the day after Australia's 2010 Federal Election on 21.8. Somebody pointed out this misprint on the cards I was handing out outside the polling place.


I found a C link (meaning one hundred difference in numbers). The word destroy occurs in Chapter 3, of 1 John - Verse 8 >>> 318 minus C = 218.


Aha! It was the [20] 10 Election, so the printer's address had to match - 10 Kingston Ave.




As a matter of interest: The election resulted in a very close contest result. None of the two major parties, Labor or Liberal/National achieved the number of seats required to form Government (76). 


At the time of writing (August 31, 10) it's not clear, which party will be able to win the support of Independent Members to form a Government. These four elected, non-aligned Members of Parliament have been the stars of the Australian media, ever since the election. One outspoken independent is white-haired, flat-nosed Bob Katter, who says it as it is. His constituents in the electorate of Kennedy love him. He and his father before him held the seat of Kennedy for 51 years.  


Following a strange chain of events way back in Book 4, Chapter 32, I had occasion to write about Mr. Katter and the postcode of Innisfail plus 0. 


A year ago almost, I took a photo outside Mr. Katter's office. In Book 8, Chapter 9 you will find it. You will also find a registration number of a vehicle I spotted just down the road a little. Plus 0 it makes 5096 - a link to us.


Another independent politician, the Member for Lyne, Mr. Oakeshott, was guest at the National press Club, Canberra as I was writing this chapter. He advocates decisions to be made by parliament, not behind closed doors of party powerbrokers. 


He asked, why do we need the two parties to constantly fight over everything. The best vote, he expressed it very passionately, is a conscience vote! What a breath of fresh air!


If the new independent members advocate transparency, not control by the big end of town, I am all for it! August 21, 2010 may well go down into the history books as Australia's Independence Day.


One of the biggest winners in this election is the new MP for Longman, Roy Wyatt. Watching him speak to a reporter on election night I felt a genuine degree of humility. The reporter had ready assured him that he most likely been elected. Yet the young man, only 20 years old, did not make a big song and dance about it. He wanted to wait a bit longer.


If any good comes out of this first 'hung parliament' since World War II it may well be this: "May politicians remember they are servants of the public, not masters. That they are paid to govern the country, to pass good laws in line with God's laws. May they become aware, who they are ultimately accountable to. God help Australia, if ever a vote is passed to abandon the traditional prayer that opens each sitting of parliament.


May Members of Parliament treat each other, even those, who hold opposing views, with respect and courtesy and work for justice ... not tolerate crime ... 


.... and not allow good men to be locked up, because as magistrates they locked drug dealers behind bars. Rather force police and magistrates to hunt down and lock up corrupt police and drug dealers!  

- - - - - - - 


(Back to the AGM at Fullarton)


As I entered the hall on Fullarton Road to hear the Senator speak, I did what I often do. I made it a matter of a prayer, contemplating where I should sit. For me this can be a dangerous exercise, since it often produces something to write about. So it did. 

It had also happened one week earlier. On Sunday 15/8/10 I went to a church I had never been to. To my surprise I was greeted at the door by friends, who I sit with in Hindmarsh Stadium, when I watch Adelaide United play their home matches.


For no reason during this church service I sat in the 4th row, the 5th seat from the end. On my way home I noticed a street light was left on in broad daylight. I looked up and saw that it was right above bus stop 45. 


But it got better - there's a link to football. That same afternoon Adelaide United played their second A-League match of the season. It was an away match in New South Wales against Central Coast Mariners. The only goal the team scored was by a player, who seldom scores. He plays mid-field. 


His wears jersey number 4 and his name is Fyfe! (No joke and no misspelling). 



STOP PRESS: You wouldn't read about it! Here is a copy paste from the Adelaide United website, reporting the result of that match:


'45+1  I. Fyfe



Not only had Number 4, Mr. Fyfe, scored, but he did it in perfect timing - in the 45th minute!


(The 45+1 does not stand for '45 won', but that there was one minute of extra time).


- - - - - - -


(Back to the Fullarton AGM)


Having cycled 20 kilometers to get there, I felt somewhat satisfied that I arrived on the dot at 3 PM. I walked toward the back, looking where to sit, preferably with someone I knew. A well-dressed, young man, whom I did not know was sitting on his own. I decided to sit beside him. We introduced ourselves. His name was Luke.


How interesting, I thought, followed by another: "Could it be that I will come across another Luke today? Then I could write a chapter and call it Luke Sunday?" 


So it was. Another Luke came; later on my way home, laying on the roadway near the Adelaide Oval. (Read on).


The young man, Luke, who had sat beside me, had left early. So I struck up a conversation with a young lady, the wife of the gentleman, who I had distributed leaflets for at the State Election. Her surname was Grace. (Remember - the 17 Amazing Grace story earlier?)


Riding home I decided to cycle a different way. I did it, just for the fun of it. Plus, a public toilet was conveniently located on King William Road,  just up from Jolly's Boathouse. I should have gone before leaving Fullarton. But then, I may never have cycled that way, a slightly longer way, and not made that find outside the Oval.

My life over the past decade had evolved around many a fluke. I wrote about them, laughed at them, cried over them, agonized and prayed about them. Why would God allow these to take place, why show me, lead me on a certain path, if there was nothing behind it? How could it really all have been f.luke? 

Whatever - it is fact that around 4. 45 pm or so I passed the access road to the Adelaide Oval. On the ground I spotted something blue with white writing out of the corner of my eye. It looked thicker than paper, more like cardboard. 

The weather had turned cold. It was getting dark. I would have preferred to cycle on, but an inner prompting persisted. It was a familiar sensation, a mixture of plain curiosity and a desire to follow through. I'm glad I obeyed the Spirit inside and pedaled back. 

This is what I found. The scan is untouched, only reduced to approx. 3/4 in size.



How I found it. A small section of a Liberal Candidate's election poster.


At home reality hit. What's reality?

Millions affected by floods in Pakistan's Sindh Province. How small are my concerns compared to those of the poor!

Does God really know what HE is doing?


- - - - - - -

At this point on Wednesday, August 25th 10, I was going to conclude this chapter. The next morning, however, only hours before writing this, I woke with a fresh revelation. it was about the name ENFIELD.

I had years ago won a book in a radio competition, but only recently discovered two misspelled words - wnat and ballance. My mind saw two letters N and L.


Scan from: Roar in Sodom, John O Anderson, ISBN 0-88270-868-6)

Page 126

The timing of revisiting this book, 8.26 (August 26th) is remarkable, if you decode C 7 and link it to Page Number 126.


About a decade before this writing my wife and I attended ENFIELD Baptist Church. It was then that my journey, after a serious breakdown, had led me to the name Liddy / Lindy. The letter N (and D) occupied my mind ever since. 

The N in Enfield overshadowed the second part, the 'humble' word FIELD. This is when early on the morning of writing the letters came out like this: DF ie L. I may have thought about it years ago. Just in time, starting Book 9, something in my brain pressed the 'Refresh' button. .

Throughout my books I knew God was working in HIS strange ways. With every new discovery it became clearer. But I never knew what it was. It is becoming clearer, more and more, with each discovery. It is not a thing, but a HE. 

It is all about HIM, Jesus, and HIS return into HIS world. To many as Judge, to some as Lord and Saviour.

"And the whole multitude sought to touch HIM, for power went out from HIM and healed them all". (Luke 6, 19) 

Adelaide is experiencing the wettest August in many years. The Royal Show is just around the corner. 


Chapter 2