Chapter 9  Written / Published 12.12. /17 .12.17    (Pics by author, unless indicated) 

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So much to tell, so little time! This chapter, as always after extensive travelling, is in two parts - current local and overseas about two months prior. Firstly, a politicians past has finally caught up with him. Next we follow a lengthy trail of numbers with many twists and turns and codes.


During a timely visit to Germany, on the 500 year anniversary of the reformation, we meet the man, the hero who stood up for what he believed in.


And it's NOT evangelical claptrap!


9. WON all on 101 

It so happened that minutes before commencing this chapter a Senator in our Federal Parliament in Canberra resigned. This particular gentleman twice received a mention in my chapters. One of these was in the previous Book 15, in Chapter 8. Late in 2016 the Senator, of Iranian heritage, was found to have accepted a payment from the Chinese Government. At the time he only resigned from the position in his parliamentary capacity.

An earlier incident in 2016 involving this Senator is in Book 14, Chapter 4. I had not mentioned him by name back then, despite my outrage about what he had said on television. As a panelist on the ABC program Q and A, he had insulted believers, especially Americans, describing their moral stand on same sex marriage and adoptions as 'American Evangelical claptrap'.

The blunt remark, which could easily be called vilification on both, racial and religious grounds, had surprisingly caused very little uproar in the media. I wrote a letter to the Senator, printed in full in Bk.14,4. I was correct in assuming that I would never receive a reply. I was also correct in foretelling the future of this Senator, that non-believers like he are headed for disaster. His name is Dastyari.

On September 7th, 2016 I wrote in an email to the ABC, calling for the Senator to resign. He did so, co-incidentally (or not?) that same afternoon. Here is an extract of this email:

"I doubt I will ever receive an answer to my letter. Does the gentleman himself know what exactly he meant by evangelical claptrap? A scripture comes to mind, which addresses people, who don't want to understand the Word of God, who are bound for oblivion.

For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. (1. Cor. 1, 18).

(It so happened, we had occasion to quote the same verse in the previous chapter).  

Mr. Dastyari was a fervent Yes campaigner in the same sex marriage issue. Recently, he has been shown pushing an enormous mock-up of a three-tier, rainbow-coloured wedding cake in front of TV cameras. At the top could be read the letters MR. & MR. (Say what you like, a Mister and Mister will never be able to propagate the human race and 'his husband' is not proper English grammar, never will be!) 

The latest fiasco, which finally led to his political oblivion, involved a senior Labor party member, who was about to meet a Chinese pro-democracy leader in Hong Kong. China fan Mr. Dastyari had tried to stop this visit. It may upset the Chinese Government. As happened in the 2016, the Senator insisted he had done nothing wrong, but resigned for the good of his beloved Labor Party. 

Maybe, I should write the Senator another letter? Now that he finds himself unemployed, the Red Army is always looking for new recruits. The Salvos can do with all the help they can get at Christmas time! 

- - - - - - -

Around the time of writing this chapter a famous actor celebrated a special birthday. Kirk Douglas, veteran actor of the Golden Age of Hollywood turned 101 on December 9th. As I heard the number 101 in the media my mind immediately came back to what took place the day before - a weird and wonderful number 101 trail.

I took a picture off the TV screen: 


Channel Nine TV showed this Instagram birthday message the actor's birthday. It was from Kirk Douglas' daughter in law, Catherine Zeta Jones, (her hero?). The number 101 made my antenna go up. 

How interesting, the way the picture turned out after I had cropped it. Words are cut off; six letters are missing: EN AC ES!

(Discovered only on editing >>> CAN SEE !)

The weird and wonderful 101 incident took place on Friday afternoon Dec. 8th. (Hey, I just saw No.96 via a simple multiplication! Read on). 

I was riding my new SCOTT bicycle north on Adelaide's Main North Road. As the name suggests, it's one of the busiest in our city. In recent chapters I had written about three serious crashes on that stretch of road, which I ride on frequently.

To be overtaken by an ambulance, sirens blaring, lights flashing, is not an unusual event. That Friday I was on my way to table tennis, when just after the Kings Rd./McIntyre intersection  Ambulance 371 raced past me. The noise of the siren was deafening. I had to cover my right ear. (This was right near the spot where another ambulance played a role in one of my chapters, Bk. 14, 10). 

I had not thought about this again, until riding home after two hours with the table tennis group. At a red traffic light on the corner Saints Road another ambulance had to wait. This time no siren, no flashing lights. The extended red light was because a fire engine exited the new fire station nearby on the Grove Way. While waiting I noted the number of this ambulance - 270. The difference between the earlier 371 and now - 101. 

I do not know why my brain remembers and then plays with numbers, but that's how it was that afternoon. Still waiting for the green light, I noticed another ambulance turning onto Main North Road from the Grove Way; again no flashing lights. The large yellow digits this time were 169.

(Hey, only just noticed how well this fits into this chapter! That this would would become my next chapter number did not enter my head until now.)

As if my numbers brain was not already filled to capacity, on Smith Road, just after having passed the gate to Tyndale Christian School, the previous ambulance 371 was driving west; this time without flashing lights or sirens. By now I sensed that something  odd was taking place. It was as inexplicable and mysterious as it was weird and wonderful. 

To a blogger, who had been writing about numbers for a decade and a half, who discovered magic in the abbreviation NOS, it was almost too much to take in!  As if anyone could be so crazy to think they are being stalked by a number? But this is just how I felt.

Still, there was more! My ride continued south on Daphne Road, my usual route, before turning into Clayson Road. It took less than five seconds, when an ordinary small car, but with a special, personalized registration plate went past: TMED 01. 

To stalk somebody would take precise timing. That why, as the word TIMED flashed through my mind, the number I01 jumped at me, like a rabbit out of a magicians hat.

Of course, I was too slow on each 101 occasion to stop pedaling and get my phone/camera ready for a picture. Regretfully I could not do anything about that. However, when I passed another vehicle, parked on Melville Road, which somehow took my attention, I could. Take a look:


ILL.69 - one letter omitted for privacy.

 When I noticed the location, where this vehicle was parked, it seemed odd, nowhere near a private residence. At first I did not see 101 easily, let alone 169, which only came after placing the photo into this chapter! Perfectly timed indeed!

The missing letter is not a Roman numeral. The three remaining letters are:  I L L. They add to 101.

Melville Road happens to be just around the corner from Douglas Road. If this was named after Kirk is questionable. What is fact, weeks earlier outside No.50 Douglas Road is where I had found one 50 cent piece, plus another later that week. (Chapter 7; maybe that's why L L ?)

Little did I know that 9 and 6 would show off in the days following, leading up to Christmas 2017. (Read on).

- - - - - - -

Before leaving this peculiar 101 trail, let's take a look at an article in our Adelaide Advertiser, published the day after. It was not printed on page 101, but on page 11. This similarity in itself did not really draw my attention to it. It was another phrase, which led me to 101. 

The article reported that a certain sector of the pubic service received an increase in staffing level. Here is part of the article:

Adelaide Advertiser, 9.12.17, Page 11 headline:

 ...job lift is life-saver. 

Text: "STAFFING boost of more than 100 people will provide much needed relief ...


What could be closer to 'more than 100' than 101? And who is it, who needs this relief? South Australia's Ambulance Service, a life-saving industry. God is also in the life-saving industry. HE also pleads for more dedicated workers!

More text: "... our dedicated and hardworking paramedics and ambulance staff have been facing increasing demand with the number ... " 


What originally had drawn my attention to take a closer look at this Saturday newspaper, was a front page headline with a photo of a popular polly (politician). More than a decade and a half ago I started writing about him (Book 1, 16). Because of his surname starting with X he was often called Mr.X. In my books he became Mr. T. Now take a look at the headline of that Saturday newspaper:

The day Mr X tansformed into Mr T (Nick Xenophon).

Around the time of my mental struggles I engaged with this politician, sending him some wacky objects to illustrate a point I was making. Mr. T. was also notorious for staging spectacular stunts; the media always read to publicize them.  

The career politician had been elected into our State Government for his anti-gambling, no poker machine mandate. He became very popular and switched to Federal politics. His success saw him elected into the Australian Senate.

In a surprise move in 2017 he quit his Senate seat and turned back to State politics. He  formed a new party, called SA BEST Party, to contest the March 2018 State Election. Above article claims that South Australians prefer Mr. Xenophon as Premier, rather than the present Mr. Weather ill or Liberal Mr. Marshall.

(Hey, What interesting surnames! The Premier's ends in 101, the opposition leader's in all and Nick's is on, no backwards...?

Mr. T, shown above, is posing as the lead actor in the 80's TV show the A-Team. Pity his policy regarding same-sex marriage caused me to withdraw my support. At best, gay marriage is second best!   

- - - - - - -

The numbers trail 69, which started the same afternoon as 101, took an interesting turn the next day (Saturday 9th). As happened so often, the trigger is the co-incidental timing of what I was thinking, and what my eyes fell onto at that same second.

Riding along a particular street in our neighbourhood my mind was going over the previous day's number trail. As I was re-thinking the letters ILL and 69 (the earlier shown car) I was just passing a house number, painted on the kerb-side. It was 96. I had to take a picture: 

House number 96 painted on kerb-side.


The next morning, Sunday 10th Dec. the clock radio showed 6.09 when I first woke. Interesting! I thought, would this 69 / 96 sage continue that day, I wondered? It didn't. As the servant / writer of these stories, magic don't just happen because I expect it to.

As I have stated many times, there is a holy power at work, literally from out of this world. It is out of my control. It's God's Holy Spirit, doing good works. Modern psychiatry, as I understand it, diagnoses people who think like this as schizophrenic. This is what experts have to do, because they don't understand, let alone believe in, the Holy Spirit. And perhaps, they see many so called Christians, who totally misuse this Holy Power.  

Nevertheless, both the Old and New Testaments are a treasure trove of events, where God's Holy Spirit led believers to experience adventures, magic and blessings beyond their wildest imagination.   

No particular numbers-magic crossed my path that Sunday. But the next day, Monday 11th, it did.  While watching television that morning I was looking through my phone camera at the pictures I had taken that weekend. The same nano second as I was looking at above 96 picture, a lady presenter spoke the word 96: 

[The movie] "JUMANJI rated 96% ..." I had never heard of this film, but what interesting letters around man !?

Any reader weary of reading about numbers, spare thought for the writer, having to rethink, relive and compose it all? Thank God, writing diary every day makes the job easier!

What a good opportunity to send an email to this television show! In my brief message to the TV station I explained the co-incidental timing, while watching their show. And what better time for a reminder as to what Christmas is all about than number 96?

But there was another significant factor, which made this a perfect time and number for this message. (Read it in the PS).


Subject: A 96 child is born.

Hi all,

This Christmas time may I remind those, thinking it is all about presents and partying, it’s about a child born. HIS birth was foretold centuries ahead: “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given...” (Isaiah 9, 6). It’s HIS birthday we celebrate.

Wishing all a blessed, thoughtful Christmas,

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  It so happened, for a few weeks a vehicle happens to be parked in our driveway, registration plate 096 HJC, while the owner is away.  


The vehicle, I later learned, only needed to be in our driveway for a few days only. But what interesting letters the rego plate ends in, matching Christmas!

Hey, I just noticed more: HO - ha ha. (LOL).

- - - - - - -

One final mind-game magic with No.96 and we are done! That same evening, Monday 11. December, I went for my (almost) daily bike ride through the back streets of Salisbury. For no real reason I varied the route, riding not along Cross Keys Road, but further west toward the railway line. Near the reserve on Browns Terrace I noticed a small bus parked. The writing on the side, BURC, indicated it was a private college vehicle. The registration plate was ... 57. 

Nothing special, I thought, except UR C, perhaps? At the same moment I saw a vehicle turning the corner from Browns Terrace into Jago Street. For a split second I wondered, would it be registration plate 96? It was. The personalized plate carried the letters GO and F or L. The letters I'm not 100 percent sure of. But the number was definitely 96.

- - - - - - -

<<< Hero armchair, spotted during carol singing at a local school on December 3rd. Can anyone see another hero earlier in this chapter?

<<< At the same outdoor function I noticed a large IX on the front of a young man's T-shirt. No picture, but its in the diary, with a reminder that I had not gone nuts! 

Later in the chapter we shall go nuts! Or better, we shall visit a restaurant called Nussbaum (Nut tree). Not with my hero, thou, only with my older brother.

But there was more. More than a hero, which need fitting into here! 

On the evening of December 15th, the day I had created most of this chapter, including the next few paragraphs, I read the Daily Bread devotional for that day. Not only did the word hero fit in perfectly, but so did the reference to a just released movie. Take a look:  


Our Daily Bread, Friday December 15th, 2017

More than a hero >>>

The writer D.C. Mc Casland points out that the Jews expected their Messiah to arrive as a hero with pomp and ceremony.

A baby born in a barn to an unmarried mother, just didn't fit their religion. The Jews are still awaiting HIM. Before they know it, HE may appear a second time! What then?

More Than a Hero


Love the words Last Jedi - Je ID.


HE will indeed be the LAST man standing!

- - - - - - -

The just released movie, mentioned above, was Star Wars, released in Australia on December 14th. That evening, my wife, some friends and I went to the cinema. We watched the movie Wonder. Star Wars  screened in another theatre.

When writing about our movie experience (see below) the next morning, I had no idea that reading Our Daily Bread that evening would be featuring the word Hero and that movie!

- - - - - - - 

During the creation of this chapter my wife and I went to the picture theater at Tea Tree Plaza in Adelaide's north-east. The movie WONDER had received great reviews. Just the title intrigued me somewhat. One of my books, Book Seven, has the word WONDER in the title. 

Despite having been warned that some scenes will stir the emotions, neither my wife ,nor anyone in our small group of six needed tissues. However, some oddities that didn't escape my observant mind, made me wonder, if you pardon the fun.


Ho Ho Hoyts ticket >>>


Cinema 07, Seat L 5.

The storyline is about a little boy Augee (in real life Jacob!) who struggles with bullying at school. He was born with a disfigured face. In the end he becomes the hero of the whole school. 

Actress Julia Robert played this mother. In the movie her name is Isabel.

Another oddity, two actually, didn't escape my observant mind. As names flashed across the screen at the end, ever so fast, Todd Lieberman rang a bell. A little research disclosed Mr. Lieberman is the Wonder producer.

Firstly, if I look from our house due south, the next road uphill is Liberman Road; the next one downhill is Todd Road.

Secondly, Todd Liberman's birthday is doubly interesting 20.2. Halved it becomes Kirk Douglas' age. Got the point?

The gentleman must love numbers. He co-founded his production company Mandeville in 2002. (Source: Wikipedia).

- - - - - - -

Around 4 am on the day of completing, editing and publishing this chapter I was praying. Suddenly a scene from the WONDER movie popped into my Spirit. I had not thought of it again until now. That's what God's Holy Spirit does. HE reminds us; for a reason. I feel compelled to insert here:

Little Augee's science teacher did an experiment with the class. She had written three letters, NOW, onto a piece of cardboard and showed it to the class through a glass bottle. NOW could clearly be seen, until she poured water into the glass. 

Suddenly by magic, the added water changed the three letters into WON. Nobody in the auditorium could have been more astounded than I was. I had never seen this trick before. It reminded me immediately of NOS and SON.

Perhaps the scriptwriters had other options in mind, not merely demonstrating a scientific experiment with half of the title of their movie? The letters NOW in our code only need a full stop to arrive at NO.W, or No.VV (5 5). In Roman numerals 55 is LV, also the consonants of LOVE. God is Love!

There's another possibility, an even more striking thought what we can do (with) NOW. Instead creating the mirror image WON, why not do what we did with NOS, turn it 180 degrees? Now NOW becomes MON. 

All we do now is apply the God-code A/O and ... [Behold the] MAN.

My next thought process could be classed as 'Advanced Options'. You see, instead of typing about this discovery here, I was actually ready to write about my visit to a place in Germany, called Wittenberg. Much history happened in that town (read it later). If any number were to come to mind, linking this history to a number, it would be 95.

The three words "Behold the man" are found in the bible. They happen to be in John 19.5 - WON 95.

- - - - - - -

The WONDER movie finished just after 9 pm. We had to walk through the shopping mall to where our Hyundai was parked. After the darkness of the film auditorium, stepping into the dazzling light, seeing crowds rushing to and fro, was striking; a real eye-opener. How many would actually know or ponder, as to why they were doing this, buying stuff and more stuff? Why do people in Australia make Christmas such a stressful time, when it should be joyous?

A segment on television, screened on Wednesday morning 13th Dec. 17, dealt with this issue. The phrase the presenter used was clever: "Don't make it STRESSmas, make it CHRISTmas." 

In my spirit something prompted me to play the little letter elimination game. The result was astounding: HI C's ES. 

As I had done to the other commercial channel, I felt prompted to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas. At the end, I couldn't resist the temptation, I poked a little fun at the most revered section of our community - politicians. (The one, who bit the dust, as reported at the beginning of this chapter, was fresh on my mind)

The obligatory PS simply gave the letters I had uncovered, playing the letter elimination game with STRESS/CHRIST. 


Subject: Why stress @ Christmas

Hi all,

Christmas time is only stressful to those who leave Christ out. 'Be Merry' does not cut it with me.

 If people only realized that it's a global birthday party to celebrate the best news ever heard. A miracle conception, God coming down to become one of us, to save all from politicians, no sorry to save all from sin. 

Wishing all a blessed, thoughtful Christmas.

PS  Hi C's ES.

- - - - - - -

On the same Channel the next morning a spelling error appeared on the screen. Somebody had received an AWAD? Well may you ask: "A what?" It should have been spelled - AWARD. Such blunt mistakes don't annoy me, they stir my creative side. 

The opportunity came during the same show. A man's name on the screen came up as BORCE, which sounds exactly like BORIS. (For a while I thought it was a spelling error). So I played our little game, taking the BOR of each name, because they are identical. The result was very similar to what was in that PS the day before: I C ES.

This takes us to my recent trip to Europe, where a vehicle registration plate fits perfectly into the picture.

D Registration plate - ES JK 1519

 ES indicates it's from my home town ESSLINGEN. And how it fits into this chapter! Simply put 5 and 1 together! Love it!  

The dealership is REN ... FISCHER with a C.

- - - - - - -


(Back to Europe)

Another one of my close friends in Germany is Will. He is one of the few, who didn't let the distance stop him from visiting us in Australia, more than once. He and I flew to Berlin on October 12th, 2017 with Air Berlin. The airline had been declared bankrupt not long before, but it was still operating, offering cheap flights. (Swabians love saving money).

It was a smooth flight, on time and no problem with the service. It was my first ever inland flight, taking just over an hour. Pity they had to close down on October 28th 2017.

My older brother happened to be in Berlin for a conference. Since I had planned to visit Berlin anyway, it made sense to meet up with him there, saving a separate journey to the Ruhr Region. Will, my brother and his wife and I spent almost the whole day together.

They knew Berlin really well. Many of Berlin's landmarks are now located in the former East Berlin. We started our walking tour on the Alexander Platz in the shadow of the 368 m high television Tower, and explored the many historic sites nearby.


Unter den Linden >>>

Overlooking the famous boulevard toward the Brandenburg Gate. Buildings sites in Berlin, as well as all over Germany, were everywhere. Will they ever finish? I took the picture from the castle  reconstruction exhibition. Very impressed; enough to donate two Euros!

Sad refugee story>>>

'Over the Elbe'. Herbert Roost's notes about his flight by boat over the Elbe River. The farmer had suffered under the SED dictatorship. In 1953 his daughter was still an infant, when five families from the village of Wootz fled.

Before escaping Roost and his father buried the family's crockery in their barn. Only after the wall fell came the opportunity in 1990 to unearth their precious porcelain.

There was a reason I singled out the above story. Remove the letter t from Roost and the gentleman becomes Herbert Roos. During the years at the Volksmission, five decades ago, a gentleman named Herbert Roos was always talked about and supported. 

Most of my friends there would know his name. He was a missionary to Africa. (Some visited him in Uganda. A man named Dieter contracted malaria and nearly died after his return!) 

I took the photo of text of the drama inside a historic, unique museum, situated beside the Friedrich Strasse U-Bahn Station. It's called the 'Traenenpalast' (Palace of tears). Under the former regime, families forcefully separated by the deadly wall had to cross from East to West through this heavily guarded building. They needed special permission, even to visit a close relative. Many tears would have been shed saying good-bye again (hence the name). 

The above is only one of the many tragic stories and memorabilia on display at the Museum. My sister-in-law wanted us to see it. Her family themselves were refugees, who fled from East to West. Many lives were lost needlessly during those dark days in German history.

- - - - - - -

<<< Berlin Nikolai Tourist District

My brother likes talking with his hands. (My wife says, I often do.) Maybe, he is trying to explain how big the restored Schloss (castle) will be, when finished. 

Next door to this souvenir shop we ate lunch in the oldest pub in Berlin, called Nussbaum (Nut Tree).

According to Wikipedia the inn, originally located at Fischerstraße 21, was built either in 1505 or in 1705, according to different interpretations of the inscription over the cellar entrance. There seemed to be many English speaking diners, some of whom we got talking to. Best German food since mother's kitchen! 

- - - - - - -

The year 2017 was a good time to visit not only Germany, but the town of Wittenberg. On October 31st 1517, exactly 500 years earlier, a brave, young monk (nice word to apply a/o code to!) fought the battle of his life - and WON.

The train from from Berlin to Wittenberg on Saturday October 14th, took just over an hour. From the railway station it was only a short stroll to reach the town center. En route hung numerous banners from all over the world, greetings on a big anniversary. The weather was gorgeous, blue skies, mild temperature, as had been almost every day of my five-week Europe trip.

The day before, after telling somebody that we were going to visit Wittenberg, their comment could not have been more misplaced: "...there's nothing there! Either this person had never been there, not for a long time or was possibly Catholic? Lucky, my friend Will and I took no notice. We would have missed out on an amazing walk into Germany's historic past!

Likewise, Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant Church worldwide, certainly did not simply accept what the powerful hierarchy of the church dictated. He thought out and discovered truths for himself. His life and work, taking on the highest powers in the world at the time, changed the world forever! What a hero! 


Martin Luther, born 1483. How interesting, the date 10.11. - 101 WON! 

Place of birth: EISleben = ES  WON live 

It's hard to describe the awe inspiring feeling, to be standing in front of this church portal of the Schlosskirche, Wittenberg (above right). It was this door that the would-be reformer pinned his 95 theses onto, challenging the highest, most powerful authority in the world at that time, the Pope. Luther won. 


Schlosskirche, Wittenberg  >>> states: "Although it can't be confirmed, legend has it that Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Castle Church door; today, guests can find them engraved on massive bronze doors erected in memory of the act that sparked the Reformation. An impressive architectural jewel in and of itself, the Castle Church is also the final resting place of Martin Luther and his best friend, Philipp Melanchthon.

Also known as the 'Mother Church of the Reformation', St. Mary's Town Church is the city's oldest building.

More importantly, it witnessed Luther's marriage to Katharina von Bora in 1525, as well as the baptism of all their children."

Town Square and St.Mary's  >>>

<<< Luther House, Museum Wittenberg


Even more impressive than the burial place of Luther, and the scene of his rebellious act against his church hierarchy, was the home he worked and lived in for many years. 

The former Augustinian monastery is the largest museum in the world, dedicated to the life and work of Martin Luther. 

The building is UNESCO heritage listed.



Luther's living room   >>>

To think that I was standing on the timber, in the very room that the most famous Christian scholar created his work, felt awesome. Pity Will and I had not more time to explore the exhibition.

One item in the museum, perhaps only topped by the 95 theses, could be regarded as the symbol for the Reformation - this 'Opferkasten' (collection box). 

Luther was a scholar, who knew Latin and could read the scriptures for himself. One of his theses was that nobody could find forgiveness of sin by placing money into a donation box, shown here. >>>

A ridiculous slogan went like this: Wenn die Muenze in dem Kasten klingt, die Seele aus dem Fegefeuer springt.

Translation: "When the coin in the collection box rings, the soul out of perdition springs." 

Luther perceived the heresy, because he had studied the scriptures, which ordinary folk could not. If the Pope, the Bishops and all religious leaders would have read and understood Ephesians 2, Verse 8, they would have agreed with the young rebellious monk, and not persecuted him:

"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God."

It's not sinners, who have to give to God to be saved. It's God who gave - HIS own son so the world could be saved through HIM. (John 3, 17). But Luther's liberating theology did little to boost church coffers. His courageous speaking out threatened to close their lucrative business! 

Luther Bible anno 1534 >>>


Thanks to Martin Luther's translation of the Latin text, ordinary Germans could read for themselves the hidden treasures of God.


What a pity, despite having all kinds of translations in many languages, if not more, how many bother to read it?

Martin Luther did not want to start another church. He merely tried to put the existing one onto the right track. Sadly, in this he failed and came close to losing his life over it.

How many Christians today are prepared to say: "Here I stand. I can do no other", when it comes to speaking out against the world's godless ways? How I wished there would be more Martin Luthers in our churches, in our parliaments, in the press and in our electronic media. Many seem to go in the wrong direction. 

Thank God, Christians know the final chapter (and Verse, coming in the next chapter) in the bible. They know who has already WON! 

One final Christmas thought, before leaving Wittenberg and the man, who was born in Eisleben. When I decided in mid 2017 to visit the Luther Town of Wittenberg I had no idea that it is situated on the Elbe River. Neither did remember that his place of birth ends in ...leben, How well do both fit into this Book 16 - Live!

Move the L in ELBE to the front to arrive at - LEBE.

Both lebe and leben translate to 'live': "Ich lebe und ihr sollt auch leben." (John 14, 19).

A powerful lyric from a Christmas carol comes to mind:

"... man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day." 


Chapter 10