Chapter 8  Written / Published 27.11. / 1.12.17      (Pics by author, unless indicated) 

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The beginning and ending in this chapter came straight from a TV screen, totally out of the blue. In between there are surprises on the church screen. We shall continue our Europe 2017 trip, visiting Austria's beautiful alpine region.


As in previous books, writing about travel and stories from home are mixed together; two surprise birthdays at the end.


Be amazed, how all works together, what HE sees and shows me in perfect timing. How could I not write about HIM and give HIM all praise. It's about HIM and IT - German ES. 



8. Science of CE & See e

On Monday evening, 27th November, 2017, the time of commencing this chapter, I felt very tired. Earlier that morning I had dug out two large bushes in our garden, including the stumps. In the afternoon I cycled to my Monday table tennis group, a total 22 kilometers, and played over an hour of table tennis. 

I contemplated, should I just sit and watch television or put my mind to work and start writing? Just before 8 pm the decision was made for me - while watching TV. What I saw startled me; the timing of it all even more so! There was a valid reason, why I felt so excited, which made me open the P/C and get my keyboard tapping. Let me explain:

For a week I had known that this chapter would begin with a story, an observation, featuring the two letters ce. It must be remembered that the previous chapter featured the letter c (A C) rather spectacularly.

That evening (a mere half hour before typing these paragraphs) the letters C & E suddenly showed off. By fluke (NOT) we just happened to surf across a TV Show. It was Richard Hammond's Science of Stupid. In an entertaining way viewers learn certain principles of physics, gravity, electricity, traction on the road etc. Stupid people, who don't follow basic physical principles are suffering and get hurt. 

Suddenly, before a commercial break, the graphic of the show- SCIENCE OF STUPID - came onto the screen. I could hardly believe my eyes, thinking I had gone stupid, when I saw two letters fall away from SCIENCE. Quickly, I fetched my camera to snap the picture the next time it happened: Take a look:


TV Channel 93 - GO - 27/11/17 ~ 8 PM

The C can just be seen, bottom left; the E followed.

My wife beside me probably thought it appropriate that I should be excited watching a show with this name, even taking pictures! Sadly, we don't share the same views on what I regard as magic. 


Eight days earlier, as the previous c-chapter was still fresh in my mind, the two letters c & e had showed up three times. Had it only been once, or even twice, I may not have bothered writing about it. But considering the timing of it, how could I have ignored it?  

Firstly, on Nov. 19th, 2017 the letters c & e hit my creative brain in a now very familiar fashion ... 

... on the church video screen, as the microphone cable touched two letters - c & e !


Bandsman Don, a superb trumpeter, after serving in the 'Army' for 72 years announced his retirement. He favoured us with a final solo. The lyrics of the song were on the screen: 

For one day in mercy Jesus came to me, bringing me liberty. On the cross He died to ransom me. Now I am free - Now I am

Often I have wondered, if among our congregation was a mind with eyes that also saw the cable(s) going through the lyrics, and if that person also creates something along the lines as I do? 

Don received a standing ovation, something I had never witnessed in the ten years I had attended this particular place of worship. Glad he did, otherwise I may not have seen what came next: The video screen went back to the original graphic, the theme for that Sunday - Perseverance with the promise.

From the standing position, the microphone now hung in line with the video screen, so it pointed exactly to two letters. After the congregation was already seated, I had to take another photo:


Perseverance with the promise

God's Word is filled with HIS promises. Read it and ce!

 It may all sound foolish, (stupid if you must), but let me quote here, in the 11th month of the year, in chapter 8, from HIS word:

"But the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but for us who are being saved it is the power of God."

(1. Cor. 1, 18)

- - - - - - -

When I typed the above digits 1 and 8 here, I had no plans to visit the church library a few hours later. But having a few minutes to fill in after our Wednesday Men's meeting, I decided to browse and borrow a book to read. Late in the evening I started to read it. The 200-page publication was in the biography section. Mike Napp & Dr. Norm Wakefield wrote: 'True Stories of Transformed Lives', subtitled 'How famous and everyday people met Jesus'.

I had not borrowed a book from the church library for many months. When I read how a young lady named Priscilla came to the Lord, it led to an astounding discovery. Take a look at the passage on page 18, which gives her new name as recording artist:


<<< Page 18 !

Text: More than twenty years later, Priscilla continues to sing, going by the childhood name her family gave her: CeCe.

A professional musician who has won many Grammy and Dove awards, CeCe Winans is one of Christian music's most respected performers.

More than that; according to Wikipedia, CeCe (anWins) is the best-selling female gospel artist of all time, as of 2015. 

But God had another amazing fact in store! For those, who doubt HIM and HIS truth, CeCe has a brother. He is also a singer, performing with his sister. His childhood name is BeBe, born Benjamin, the same as our firstborn! That's the truth and ...

... for us who are being saved it is the power of God !

But there was more; more ce, again in perfect timing! Friends, if I were to write fiction, the following would not be good writing. Why? Simply because of its repetition. If fiction writers were to be dreaming up magic, their invented co-incidences would sound very stale by the third, fourth or fifth time. Therefore, what took place later on Sunday, 19th November 17, the time of the above Perseverance graphic, still amazed me, despite sounding repetitive. 

In the evening, as I do for brain exercise, I started a new crossword puzzle. During my recent overseas trip I had spent one Euro, purchasing a new mega block, which will last me probably until my next visit. 

For the first time, to the best of my knowledge, in the years of crossword puzzling, did I come across this answer, which consisted of only two letters. You guessed it: ce.


Basserman Raetsel, Eberhard Krueger, Zeichen fuer Cer

Cer (Ce for short) is a rare metal (nice word also called Cerium. It's No.58 on the periodic table.

Strange, what I see;  not only ce! There is the German word ICH, (English i) and HE. 

But most surprising, besides cerium, ce in French has a real meaning. And it is very clear, as shown in my ancient Berlitz self teacher:

Maybe, this is how God supplied the answer to the question I have been asking since my second book (Ch. 55): What is it? 

it, they = Why HE t (is) it.

In the bible, in John, Chapter 9, a most unusual story is recorded. Jesus healed a blind man in a most foolish way: How stupid, to think that covering the eyes of a man born blind with mud, would result in the amazing miracle of him receiving his sight! But it did.

Is the above a 21st century, foolish way, authored by God, to open the eyes of the spiritually blind, making them see, see it?

It is! Can't you see?

- - - - - - -

Before turning to travel overseas (to ES) one peculiar incident needs addressing. Readers may think that I am again repetitive, writing about a car crash in the same skeptic fashion as I had done years ago? But since this is not fiction but fact, I shall try and make sense of it all. 

On the radio news early Sunday morning (26th Nov. 17) a vehicle was reported to have crashed just north of Kings Road, Salisbury East. The out-of-control SUV had run straight into a garage, causing considerable damage to a residence. The TV 7 News report in the evening, changed the story from garage to lounge room. (There was a technical issue, before the weekend news reader, Jessica Adamson, read the story to air.)  

Two eyewitnesses, teenage children, said they saw the vehicle fly through the air. The speed of the vehicle must have been horrendous for it to become airborne. It caused much damage to the brick house. 

Later in the afternoon my curiosity caused me to take a bike ride and check out the crash scene and its exact locality. It happened to be same section of Main North Road, the one I wrote about in Chapter 5. Two people had died there on two consecutive days. A closer look at the surroundings showed that a road called Dexter Dr. was diagonally opposite of the unfortunate residence.

My memory recalled an incident at the other end of Dexter Dr. Going back twelve years. In Book 4, Chapter 23, I wrote about an incident, where white powder caused an alarm at bus stop 44. It turned out a hoax, as I had suspected. Another incident, in that same chapter, involves a vehicle plowing into an apartment at Plympton. But to do so, it first had to mow down a huge tree. At the time my doubting mind asked many questions. Now, in this latest road crash, one question puzzled me:

Nov. 25th, 7.30 PM, crashed Ford Territory - Main North Road, Salisbury East.

How did the 57 year-old driver, considering the high speed and the straight road he was travelling on, manage to smash at right angle into this lounge room? Forward propulsion, so I thought, should have caused the SUV to roll?!
It was reported that the occupants of the house were lucky. They had decided at the last minute to go out for a birthday* celebration that evening. A child turned 9.

This number rang a bell in my brain, the Roman numeral IX.

Had I gone nuts again, as in chapter 6? (*9 & 6 do point to a birthday)

My name DIETER, applying code IX, creates DEXTER.

- - - - - - -


(Back to Europe - October 2017)

                                                                              Luener See, Raetikon, Austria


On Sunday 1/10 my friend Eric and I travelled back to Germany from Grenoble. It would have been a pity to not make a brief detour into Geneva, the international city at the end of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva). The streets were crowded, being a Sunday afternoon and beautiful weather. Not since my teenage years, five decades ago, had I been to Genf, as it is called in German. There was only enough time, about half hour, for a toilet stop and to browse the stalls of a Sunday Market. We were fortunate to have found a parking space nearby. 

Back in the car, driving on the motorway north toward Germany, I made the decision to not go all the way back to Stuttgart. Eric dropped me off en route in the Black Forest town of Peterzell, near St. Georgen. It was heartening to know that, with only a few hours notice, there were friends who welcomed me. Their hospitality, as it had been on numerous occasions going back to 1972, was unsurpassed.


No, I didn't decide to suddenly cross the channel to London. This picture hung on the wall in the lounge, where Juergen and his wife were leading a bible study we attended.

Two years earlier, in 2015, this phone box was part of my Book 14, Chapter 10.   

At the time of my visit back then a group of young people had fun trying to cram as many people as possible into that phone box. I made fun of Mr. Large, who I had met days earlier and written about in the same chapter. His birthday fitted the numbers 2.10, just as they do here: The date of that bible study was 2.10. (The scripture may have been ... from the Book of Numbers? Perhaps not!)

Advertiser Newspaper, Friday 17.11.17, page 12:

TARDIS phone-box toilet  >>>

How timely! Casually browsing the pages of the newspaper, I came across this picture:  A (police) public call box, converted into a bathroom / toilet. The owner Craig, with bended knees sitting on his throne, is selling it. Buy his hous and get this phone-box toilet as a bonus! He is an ardent Dr. Who fan.

The photo and article appeared on the same day I had written in Chapter 7: "...the bathroom [in France] was the size of a telephone box". 

- - - - - - -

Whenever visiting Germany it is nice to find, despite oceans of separation, I still have good friends five decades later. One of these is X, the youth leader at the time I joined the Volksmission, where I learned to take Christianity and faith seriously.

There's a reason why I only call him X, I want to give his surname. The reason for this is that the same surname Diehl is mentioned in the earlier book shown above (Transformed Lives*). When I read it, right at the beginning, the second sentence on the Acknowledgement page, I wondered, had I stumbled across this book for a reason. I sure did - led by the Spirit!

Here's the little gem:

Text: Acknowledgments. I (Mike) would like to gratefully acknowledge a few important people. First, Meg Diehl was ...

*Our church motto happens to be: Transforming lives through Jesus.

X had arranged for us both to take a short road trip into the Alpine region of Austria. He remembered, how I love the mountains, which were less than two hours from his place in Ravensburg, South Germany. Before leaving, however, that Sunday morning X and his wife took me to a unique outdoor event, held right in the middle of the old historic city.

As a gesture of reconciliation between the Catholic and the Evangelical churches, a combined communion service with a difference was organized. The theme for the day was: 'Gemeinsam an einem Tisch' (Together on one table). Let pictures tell the story:


<<< Ravensburg, Swabia


The long line of white tablecloths stretched from the Catholic Liebfrauen Kirche to the Evangelical Church, where a combined service took place afterwards. Organizers were surprised and overwhelmed by the huge number (2000 worshippers) who had gathered to share the bread and wine (juice), the 'Lord's Table'). We were pre-booked  on table No.127. (Total 160).




Later that month a big anniversary in world history was to be commemorated. It was 500 years on 31.10.2017 that Martin Luther had nailed his controversial 95 thesis onto the door of the Schloss Kirche in Wittenberg. In the next chapter, God willing, we shall visit this church, located not far from Germany's capital Berlin.

- - - - - - -

The next afternoon, October 9th 2017, my friend Mr. Diehl and I left in a Fiat 500, which he had especially hired, and drove south-east toward Lake Constance. The green fields and autumn colours made for wonderful scenery, which got better and better, as we neared the Austrian border at Bregenz. It seemed a little unfair, that the motorway in Austria was a toll road. Austrian and other nationalities drive for free anywhere on Germany's extensive highway system. 

Near the town of Bludenz we turned onto the L82, which steadily climbed into the Brandnertal (Brand Valley) passing through the pretty township of Brand. The road got narrower and narrower, with sharp bends and curves, as it wound its way to the parking lot of the Luenersee cable car station. 

Our two-night accommodation, the Douglass Huette, right beside the dam wall of the Luenersee, could only be reached via cable car. After check-in there was time to take the six kilometer walk around this beautiful alpine lake, among the snow-capped peaks of the Austrian Alps.


<<< Brandnertal


My friend and I sat in that chapel for 20 minutes and just started singing.

The door opened.

The surprised young lady did a quick U-Turn. Pity, we could have done with a soprano! 

<<< Writer DF...


...resting beside the scenic Luenersee, which we hiked around on both days. The snow had somewhat melted. 

All the clothes I am wearing were provided by X, the brown boots, the warm green jacket, even the beannie. 

X deserves 10 out of 10, not only for choosing this wonderful destination, but for his meticulous German organizational skills. The date was the 10th of October, loved it! 


Near Totalphuette >>>

How lucky, or perhaps it was God's special provision, snow had fallen earlier that month.To climb to 2400 m was quite an effort through the knee deep snow. Originally we had ideas of climbing the 2964 m Schesaplana peak, on the border of Switzerland. But an experienced Swiss climber, who took this picture, advised against pushing on higher - too dangerous.

Instead, after a good rest and a hot coffee, we again hiked around this beautiful lake, enjoying the stunning scenery. The Douglass Huette (Hotel) was in its final week of operation for the season. Very quit. The meals were excellent. Even better, they had allocated us Room No.5 with a view over the See (lake!)


- - - - - - -

<<< Esslingen, Castle

My hometown has some magnificent old buildings, going back many centuries. The castle was never occupied by royalty. It was built in the early 13th century to strengthen the city's fortification. From age 10 to 19 we lived in another part of the city wall, the Pliensauturm, built in the 13th century.

<<< Jaw dropping - ES FEIERT DICH (ES celebrates YOU).


When I took this picture I had no idea I'd be writing this chapter about ce and it (German es).

The main shopping mall in Esslingen was celebrating its 15th birthday, displaying banners.


It so happened, fits here perfectly, that Channel Seven's breakfast show also turned 15; just during the week of writing this chapter. Happy Birthday! 

SUNRISE ends in E and starts with S.

SIR N (U) in between. Wink, win.k!

- - - - - - -

This CE chapter saw a surprise beginning, after I had spotted a moving graphic on the TV screen. On the morning of publishing, Friday 1.12.17, it was a misspelled word that will end this chapter. On ABC 24 television a fat headline read Truely! It didn't look right. It wasn't!

(Another fat headline that day - ACCC Dairy Probe. I remembered there is an Accc misspelling in my online diary, in the previous chapter?)

Watching breakfast TV, while writing my diary and sipping a coffee, a truely thought process started. Good spellers would see the extra e. My creative mind saw the oxymoron - there's nothing like a true ly (spelled lie). Next, my mind remembered that I had written the day before about CeCe (See e) and that her brother's name was Bebe. 

The letters BB, Bebe and bees all have played a role among many of my chapters. It started 15 or more years ago when an animation on my driving-school website featured car crashes. The final animation shows a vehicle running into the back of a truck. Bees escape. Next: God's truth prevails.

This flash animation can be seen here: 

How peculiar - one part of *the animation shows Ly gon Street. Love it! Love 15!

(*Correction: It's in another animation in the series)

I could not help sending a brief message to the ABC breakfast show, whose staff needs spelling lessons.

Subject: Truely oxymoron

Hi all,

If we insert an e into truly, it may sound like an oxymoron. Truth is always better than lies.


As I had done very much in the past, I thought about a PS. What could I comment on that was currently in the news? It came in a flash. The day before our Prime Minister had announced a Royal Commission into the banking industry, a big turnaround from previous calls by the Labor Party to do so. The fat media headline had been: PM BANK Flip. 

Anyone can see the C N code! Now my PS was quite simple:

PS  Bank back flip by PM? At his age there's a danger of a broke neck. 

God sees it all. HE see n and HE c e


Chapter 9