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Australia is in the middle of an ideology war. Much of this chapter deals with both points of view in this debate. An aspiring Prime Minister was exposed telling a lie on national television. 

There's a follow-up on the bombing of the Christian Lobby Headquarters in Canberra last year. Much happened on two Sundays in late August and only days before publishing this chapter.

At the end HE shows up with a perfect number. It's all there!


5o  96 and ALL 

A few hours before commencing this chapter another horror story was broadcast on the television news. A 14-year old boy and a mate had crashed into the bedroom of a house. The child driver had lost control of the station wagon they were having fun with. Miraculously nobody was seriously hurt. One young offender fled the crash scene, but was arrested shortly afterwards at a nearby address. There were consequences of their midnight excursion - terrified  residents facing a repair bill of between 100 and 150 000 Dollars. 

There was an even more horrific crash making headlines in Adelaide a few weeks earlier. Again it was a group of teenage lawbreakers aged 13 to 18 years, whose nighttime fun ended in tragedy. Their excursion started in the early hours of Sunday morning 20th August, 2017. First they stole two motorcars in a western suburb of Adelaide. Next, they broke into a property about 15 kilometers to the north, before racing the stolen vehicles aimlessly through the streets of Adelaide. 

They were spotted by police and followed for a time. When the high-speed pursuit became too dangerous, the officers decided to call it off. They feared it could lead to disaster. It did anyway. Had they known what was to follow, no doubt, they would have kept chasing. As the stolen vehicles approached a major intersection, Main North Road / McIntyre Road / Kings Road, Salisbury South, the driver ignored a red traffic light. The consequences were horrific.

Aged cared nurse Lucy, a 40-year old mother on her way to work, had no chance. She was killed instantly after being hit side-on by the speeding thieves, who broke all the laws they possibly could that night. Instead of stopping and checking on the crash victim, the young culprits escaped the crash scene in the second vehicle they had stolen.

The incident caused outrage in the community. People called for tougher laws to stop the senseless carnage. Fresh in their mind was a similar incident, where a 15 year-old, also in a stolen car, killed a 48 year-old wife and mother, crashing into her stationary vehicle at high speed! 


                                                Pic. TV Channel Nine

<<<  Fortunately, nobody was injured after this vehicle crashed into a house in Fulham, a suburb in Adelaide's West.

The 14 year-old teenage driver fled the scene, but was arrested shortly afterwards. Had this child ever learned the difference between right and wrong?

<<< Lucy's roadside shrine Corner Main North Rd and Kings Rd, Salisbury Sth.

The tragedy happened only 1 1/2 km (1 Mile) from our place. It hit home even more, because the deceased lady was a customer at the second- hand shop I used to work at in Mawson Lakes.

The X above shows the spot, where only 35 hours later, after Lucy died, a teenage motorist lost his life. His Ford sedan somehow crossed over the median strip and collided with oncoming traffic. 

Only two days later, even closer to home on Bridge Road, Para Hills, a third road user died instantly; a motorcyclist had collided with a 4-WD sedan.

It made me think: Three road deaths in four days, all within a 2 km radius! (The total for South Australia in recent years has dropped to less than 100 each year - 100 too many!)

In earlier writing I recall expressing a thought regarding disciplining a child at an early age. If four-year old children are left to do as they wish, if their wrong doing is never punished and/or corrected, what will they get up to when aged 17? In Book 11 Chapter 7 I questioned the same point: Are we creating a pool of teenage wrongdoers, who will be out of control because of lack of early childhood discipline?

Could it be that our road toll reflects this anti-spanking philosophy? Mix into it the short, popular slogan, which encourages young people into wrong doing - If it feels good, DO IT - you have a recipe for disaster! What dreadful consequences for those unfortunate, innocent motorists and the orphaned children and spouses left to rebuilt their lives!



Somebody else, a Mr. Duong, did wrong. His action also had serious consequences. As described in my Book 15, Chapter 9, the deranged man just before Christmas 2016 blew up his van, loaded with gas cylinders, outside the offices of the ACL, the Australian Christian Lobby. Luckily, he walked away alive. 

In that chapter I questioned, why this massive blast, which had caused $ 100 000 damage to the ACL building, was not immediately given the status it deserved. It was plain to see that it was a political statement, an attack on the organization for their views in regard to certain values, including same-sex marriage. Mr. Duong once had worked as a gay activist in the US.

Police very quickly denied the attack was aimed at the ACL. The crime made news one day only, then disappeared from the public arena; no follow up stories in the days following.

It so happened, on the day of commencing this chapter (Sept. 6, 17) I read The Australian, our national newspaper. I had not opened one in months. On page 7 I spotted an Exclusive, an article on the latest developments in the case:


The Australian Sept. 6th, 2017, Page 7.

Text: EXCLUSIVE, by Rachel Baxendale.

The ACT chief police officer has written to the Australian Christian Lobby head Lyle Shelton denying the man accused of driving a burning van laden with gas bottles into the group's headquarters in December was politically motivated, despite court documents showing he had told police he chose the location because he disliked the ACL and its "position on sexuality".

The bomber's full name: Jaden Duong, how interesting! 

What I had suspected, and every logical thinker could see, was true. Above article continues that Mr. Duong admitted his motive. When asked why he chose the ACL offices to blow up his van because, the young man replied: "I dislike the Australian Christian Lobby". Asked why he did it, he answered: "Because religions are failed".  


In contradiction, however, police still claim that Mr. Duong wanted to only end his life. He didn't solely act out of hate for the ACL's view on same-sex marriage. This does not match the facts. The blatant downplay of the seriousness of this crime reflects the attitude of the brainwashed population, including the police, toward the political right. As never before there is a universal hate against outspoken Christians and their supporters, who stand for what they believe.

It's not Christians who hate gay people. They don't resort to violence when putting their case across. Mister Shelton issued a statement to his network via email soon after the above attack. He called for Christians to pray for the perpetrators who bombed his office building. (Sadly, the media rarely broadcasts statements of this nature, it does not fit their one-sided view point). 

Here is what the Lord taught, how to tread your enemies: 

"But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you..." (Matthew 5, 44).

If there is hate, bullying and intimidation going on, it comes from the YES camp. They seem to have endless energy, trying to force their square peg into the round hole! May the Lord open their blind eyes that they may see and live!"

Only on the morning of writing this paragraph our television news channels reported gay activists protesting outside a church in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove! There were violent confrontations, people arrested and minor injuries, after police tried to restore order. Christians ought to pray for these people. Their anger is not merely against Christians. It's more a rebellious attitude, directed at the absolute authority of Almighty God.

Mr. Shorten, Labor Party leader and ardent, passionate proponent of same-sex marriage, called for calm. For once I agreed with him when he said ... "let both sides bring forward their arguments logically and with respect." (I wished he had added truthfully. Read on!) 


At this time, September 2017, a controversial marriage debate is raging all over Australia. Should the law be changed to allow people of the same gender to marry? On the day of above protest, September 7, 2017, the matter moved to a higher level. The High Court of Australia unanimously gave the go-ahead to a postal ballot, which had been challenged by opponents. They argued the government spending of $ 122 Million was unconstitutional. 

All seven High Court judges disagreed - a win for the government, who wisely had promised at the 2016 Federal Election that all Australians should have a say on this divisive issue.


What I find difficult to grasp is this: If Mr. Shorten really believes the gay lobby, who keeps telling us that the majority of Australians are in favour of same-sex marriage, why did he forbid his Members of Parliament in the Senate to vote for the plebiscite? It had already been scheduled for Feb. 11, 2017. The matter could have been settled then.

There is a simple answer: If *ALL voters were to have a say, the silent majority might win!  At the privacy and safety of the ballot box nobody can be bullied by ranting, angry, rainbow-clad mobs!

(*Read on for ALL magic!) 

Pity the forthcoming postal ballot is not compulsory. Many fear that the campaign, which will stretch over six weeks, could turn nasty. Will the most cashed up camp win? Will those who scream the loudest win? I pray that those with the most logical argument will have their way, for the true welfare of the Australian people, which includes children! !

The main argument of the YES case, from what I hear, is love. Why should two people who love each other not be allowed to marry?

There are many who love each other, who can't marry either: Brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, a person already married, etc.

Another YES argument: Should not everybody be treated equally?

Of course, they should. But as in the previous point there is a difference between a male and a female. All are the same in value as a human being, but male and female do not have the same function! Even a young child understands that. Children need male and female role models.

A further YES argument sounds like this: To marry the person I love is my human right!

Actually, love is more than a human right. In the Bible, love is the only thing that we should owe our fellow man! But somebody's right often infringes on that of another. Example: Do business people have a right to serve whoever they wish? If same-sex marriage were legalized, will photographers have the right to stipulate that they only serve heterosexual couples? Or will they be dragged to court, because he/she finds two men kissing revolting?


You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.



Even if NO were not an abbreviation for number, I still would vote NO.


The NO case focuses on the consequences of embedding same-sex marriage into law. What will happen to the rights of those opposed to it in regards to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to belief an ancient book and teach it's message? 

What about children, who are produced solely for the purpose of creating a family for same-sex couples? Don't those children have a right to a female mother and a male father? How can couples choose a lifestyle that can never make them into parents, but then demand the right to be parents?

One has to feel pity for childless couples, who yearn and wait for years to adopt a child. If gay marriage were to become law, and more widespread, the waiting list for adoption would become even longer.  

I am well aware that above is already happening. One has to shake the head and ask, how did we come this far? It is one thing for politicians to please a certain sector of society, a minority, but another to pass laws totally contrary to nature, to totally disregard God's amazing creation of male and female.

Here is the text of the prayer, voiced at the commencement of every parliamentary session. 

“Almighty God, we humbly beseech Thee to vouchsafe Thy blessing upon this Parliament. Direct and prosper our deliberations to the advancement of Thy glory, and the true welfare of the people of Australia." (It continues to the Lord's prayer, which includes ... "thy will be done...") 

How can any Member of Parliament pray that God's will be done, that they have the true welfare of Australians at heart, then vote for a law, which approves a practice God calls an abomination? ("Thou shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination! Levi. 18.22).

 Fake news on TV Channel Ten! 


<<<  Hoax poster exposed!

This 'Stop The Fags' poster, according to media reports on Aug. 28th 2017, was plastered ALL over Melbourne! It was said to contain extremely hateful claims against gay parents, allegedly put up by the NO campaign.

It turned out, and was exposed on the ABC's media watch and the Andrew Bolt report on Sky News, that there were NO posters anywhere seen in Melbourne!  No problem for TV  Ch. Ten. When they couldn't find any posters anywhere, they copied an image off the Net and attached it to a standard getty image of a bus shelter! 

Channel Ten's 5 PM TV News bulletin claimed these posters were plastered all over Melbourne! Fake news at its best.

The tactic of fabricating stuff to incite hate against your enemy was extremely well used in Nazi Germany in the 1930's! And blinded, brainwashed people fell for it! Having studied German history at school, may I remind readers that the Fuehrer was also elected democratically. Deception, lies and intimidation got him into power, followed by serious, very serious consequences.

One person believed above fake news fraud. That was understandable, because it was shown on television. What is difficult to understand is that Australia's opposition leader, Bill Shorten, claimed on national television to have seen these posters in Melbourne!

It so happened, only an hour or so after the ABC's weekly Media Watch had exposed the hoax, Mr. Shorten appeared on the same TV Channel as a panelist on the ABC's Q and A program. The subject regarding these posters somehow must have been raised. Mr. Shorten, who lives in Melbourne, said clearly: "I saw those ridiculous posters in Melbourne!"

Check for yourself:   Mr. Shorten tells the lie at the 7.07 Minute mark.

All Labor voters please note: If Labor gets into power you will not only have a Prime Minister passionate about same-sex marriage, but so desperate, if it takes telling lies on national television, he'll do it.


Normally, when a top level politician who wants to be Prime Minister is caught out telling a lie, it would cause a big stir. Not so in this instance. Besides the ABC's Media Watch (it's their core business) very little was reported, except ...  

...on the Andrew Bolt report on Sky News!

Thank God for journalists who think independently, who expose lies, who fearlessly stand up for truth; not an easy job!

Earlier this year Mr. Bolt was attacked outside a restaurant in Melbourne. Very little was reported generally; no media outcry. 

                                              Pic. Youtube


Debating the issue of marriage, a psychologist asked me if I had ever sat down with a gay person and have a talk [about their sexuality]. For a moment I didn't know what to say. Who has? But why on earth would anyone want to sit down and delve into the intimate details of their sexuality, unless they seek professional support, or acceptance of who they are?

The question by this psychologist is at the heart of this whole debate. One does not normally, at least I don't, discuss intimate sexual matters with their best friend. Why should I want to discuss it with a gay person - unless, perhaps it's a cry for help. I would gladly support that friend, without compromising my views on the gay lifestyle.

To be frank, I do not want to know, if a friend, even a family member, were gay. By their so-called coming out, do gay people ask me to form an opinion about them, or about the issue of same-sex relations? Isn't it best for my friend or relative not to come out, so I can continue the relationship as it had always been? By 'coming out' nobody can change my view on marriage - one man, one woman, who produce offspring. That's how society survived till now!

In a timely email, received as I typed these paragraphs, a man who should know better than anyone regarding marriage and international law, explained his position. Senator David Fawcett chaired the Senate Select Committee inquiry, which examined protections for religious freedom in the event that the law was changed. He wrote on 8.9.17:

"The Committee unanimously found that there is no 'right' to same sex marriage under international human rights law. Both the United Nations and the European Court of Human Rights have found (on multiple occasions) that preserving the traditional definition of marriage does not create inequality and is not discriminatory where a nation has a parallel system to recognise and protect same sex relationships (as Australia does)."

No matter what the outcome of this debate will be. All wrong duong (sin) has consequences, eternal consequences. Changing the marriage act is wrong, as is the audacious hijacking by the gay lobby, stealing a biblical symbol, the rainbow! It is a slap in the face of God Almighty! Turning your back on God will always bring consequences; for the individual and for that nation!

Here is how former Prime Minister John Howard phrased it during his speech at the launch of the NO campaign: “Changing the definition of marriage…is not an exercise in human rights and equality, it is an exercise in de-authorising the Judaeo-Christian influence in our society”.

The bible says: 

"Do not be deceived. God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." (Gal. 6, 7).



That's all on this delicate subject. My next thought is the word ALL, which I had fully intended to write about in this chapter. It's all so quirky, weird, strange. Maybe I need to extend my English vocabulary to find a word that fits best? Some may suggest to just use two three letter words - all mad? Whatever, let me try and explain exactly what happened.

Minutes before commencing this paragraph I arrived home from our Sunday morning church service. Knowing that I'd be writing about the word all, one song we sang in church struck me as qws - quirky, weird, strange! The refrain contained the word all exactly ten times! 

Christ is all, yes, all in all, my Christ is all in all, Christ is all, yes all in all, my Christ is all in all. 

Riding my bike home it came to me that it was the 10th of the months. But that's only 1/2 qws. The story about the word all, the one I'm about to make a song about, actually 11 songs, happened on August 27th. 2017.

The Bible Society of Australia was holding it's annual hymn-fest in Adelaide's St. Peters Cathedral. In 2017 the society celebrated their 200-year anniversary. It's the oldest organization established in the colony. The first bank only came one month later. (Didn't they have their priority in the right order in those days!?)


<<< St. Peters Cathedral, Adelaide Hymnfest 2017.

The program included 11 hymns. Whoever chose them didn't know, they were all my favourites. Did they know that the word all was included in each of the eleven songs?

The fourth hymn - When I survey the wondrous cross - had touched me very early along my long and winding road. It was at the Largs Bay Police Academy, when this hymn first took the spotlight. (Book 1, Chapter 45.)

I have been surveying the t all my life, and even more since.

Here is a list of the hymns, in order, in that afternoon's program. When scanning all, (on Sept. 10th) I suddenly remembered that we had sung 'Praise My Soul' that morning at church. It was the first hymn at the Cathedral on August 27th.


Praise my soul the king
To God be the glory
Blessed assurance
When I survey
Great is thy faithfulness
Crown him with many c's
Holy Holy Holy
All hail the power
Love divine all love
How great thou art
Guide me O Thou great J.

But there was more. After the fifth hymn, 'Great is thy faithfulness', the Prince Alfred College (all boys) Choir provided a musical item. They sang another of my favourites:

Music item: 

Above All.

Way back in Book 2, Chapter 31 you read about - Above all. Divine providence again, the numbers 123 on 1 Feb, 2003, birthed my fixation with the word ALL.

As if that was not all, another item came after the ninth hymn, 'Love Divine':

Music item: Psalm 23, by Howard Goodall. 

 Psalm 23, Verse 6: "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life..." (Thank you Mr. Goodall.)


At the end, as everybody was leaving and an indigenous choir from Ernabella sang at the door, I spotted only one familiar face among the crowd of approx 200. It really surprised, because I have lived in South Australia since 1983 and attended various congregations. I very rarely meet up with this 88-year lady. Talking to her outside afterwards her name did not yet click. It came the next morning, as I was writing my thoughts into my diary:  

LILA - All and i, or perhaps ALL won?


Please turn back the clock. A few hours before the Hymnfest we attended our regular morning church meeting. The theme was The answer is Jesus. The leader reminded us that it was only 120 days to Christmas. There was a touch of Christmas throughout the service. The final song that Sunday was about a child born, based on Isaiah 9,Verse 6 "... unto us a child is born."

Next we took my mother-in-law, great- grandma Agnes, out to lunch. August 27th was a milestone in her life. She celebrated her 96th birthday. (Her body may be frail, but her mind is as sharp as always. She still reads the Readers Digest every month.)

The dining at the Para Hills community club was crowded as always on a Sunday. Our allocated table was right near the salad bar. As we were waiting for our meal I could not help noticing one young man's tea shirt - 96 - in large print. The number 96 seemed to be following us that Sunday. 

(Please note, only one of the two ladies below is 96, the other is shown for illustration only.)

Awesome Agnes Rose 


Celebrating 96 years of being awesome. 


But there was more, another 96 only a few hours later. It came right at the beginning of the Hymnfest mentioned earlier. A prominent politician, one worth voting for, led the concert that afternoon. Right at the beginning he read a verse from the Psalms:

 "... sing to the Lord, all the earth". (Ps. 96, 1). Awesome!

Please note, above paragraph was written on Sept. 11, 2017. God's amazing timing; read it at the very end of this chapter.




As had happened before, Sunday seems to be the day of the week I find lots to write about. On Sunday 10th September 2017 it was my turn to drive the church bus. I enjoy the job, interacting and assisting the older folk, even though it means I am often the last to leave the church building when I return the small bus and the keys. 

That Sunday I noticed that nobody had switched off the church lights. The foyer, main hall, the theatre, even the offices all had their lights switched on.

Q: Why am I telling this, right here? Here is the answer:

They forgot to turn out the lights!

The very next day I came across this page on my French Calendar, one I had for years, but rarely touched. Lately I have been reviving my French. It was the phrase for 28/8*.

*How does Romans 8, 28 fit in here! "ALL things work together for good!" Someone is switched on, love it!


That Sunday, still the 10th September, there was more which worked together for good. The world calls it co-incidence, true Christians call it God-incident. 

Our pastor did something for the first time, an interview in front of the church congregation. Our Minister had asked during the week, if I was willing to be interviewed about our Men's Group, which we had started earlier in 2017.

I felt a little nervous, speaking off the cuff. My creative, outspoken mind may wander off and say the wrong thing. A specific thought, which came that morning while I was driving the bus, went like this: 

What if the Minister asks me, in summing up the interview, what I wanted to say to the people? Immediately the word trust came to my mind. I would tell the people: In my darkest hours, during the worst crisis in my life, God dropped the word trust into my spirit. It was this little word trust that helped me through.  (The full story is in my Summary Nov.04).

About 15-20 Minutes before my interview all the children in the service and Sarah, one of the leaders, came forward. She gave the regular segment for the children before they leave the main auditorium. Sarah asked the children to stand; first on two feet, then on one, then on tip-toe. Each time, she asked how it felt.

The essence of her illustration, as I understood it, was this: When things happen and we get unstable in life, we need to stand firm on two-feet. She concluded with these words: "In today's children's church we learn, how we can trust God, in all circumstances!"

I sat in awe, listening! How awesome, the way God's Holy Spirit had planned it all that morning! A few minutes later I was able to tell our congregation during the interview what I had been thinking earlier that morning on the church bus.

How many really understood, I do not know. But I know ONE who understands! HE told me so the very next day! 

Our Daily Bread - Monday September 11th, 2017


Millions of Christians in dozens of countries around the world read this little daily devotional. Do others get as blessed as I do? 

Jennifer Benson Schuldt wrote that day: HE is the Wonderful Counselor who patiently listens to our concerns with insight and care (ISA 9:6). HE is the One who can say, "I've been through that.

I understand.

ISA 9:6 may be printed in very small font. The message it brings is so important, if books were written about all HE did, the whole world would no contain it. 



Friends, turning your back on God, ultimately leads to disaster and death.

Trusting HIM, following the Wonderful Counselor, God's son Jesus, is the only way to find meaning, joy and fulfillment in life. There is no better way to live.

Chapter 6.

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