Chapter 3  Written / Published 9.7/12.7.17     (Pics by author, unless indicated) 

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When we hear the word fake-news we immediately think of the T-name. Much of this chapter deals with a segment on TV, by the current affairs program  TT (Today Tonight).  

The one-sided, alarmist reporting made me very angry. It was a vicious, personal attack on a powerless prisoner in jail, much of it not true.


Watch the short videos first - search for author Liddy 1 Today Tonight - then judge for yourself, as you read the alternative facts here.


The videos were broadcast five months before this chapter, yet God's perfect timing prevailed, just as HIS truth will prevail in the end. 

3. A bird strike called BB.  

Early in the morning on July 3rd, about six hours after making public Chapter 2, I was laying in bed, hoping to catch a Christian program on my transistor radio. It happens often that after publishing a chapter a reference pops up somewhere, be it on radio, television or other media. So it was that morning.  A few seconds after tuning into our only Christian radio station on the AM band, I happened to catch the bible verse for that day:

"...casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you."

It's probably one of the most quoted verses of encouragement in the bible. I was encouraged in another way - the numbers.

Considering the title of the previous chapter, Fregon 750 L1, what perfect scripture reference: 1. Peter 5, 7. (Later in the chapter more about not one Peter, but two - read on!) 


Another few hours later that day I was walking the streets of Hope Valley, a suburb in Adelaide's north-east. I had volunteered to do some letterboxing for the ACL, the Australian Christian Lobby. At one point I happened to walk along Barracks Rd. on Bus Route 557. Just as I reached this road a public bus drove by. I can't recall the registration plate, but the bus' fleet number, displayed in large, red letters in the window, was hard to ignore: 1750. 

Of course, I had not been ready to snap a picture of the bus, unlike a few minutes earlier. A parked vehicle displayed those same digits on the licence plate. But more than that, the same plate also included the letters BB, which had featured in the Fregon 750 L1 Chapter.


Parked vehicle, registration ..715..BB

Besides 715 the two letters BB prompted me to take this picture, the morning after the previous chapter.


Fast forward one week. Before coming to a remarkable story about a bird with an even more remarkable name, two news items about bird strikes struck me. One TV Channel in the week leading up to this chapter actually broadcast the two items consecutively, which I found somewhat amusing.

The first news items reported a very rare event - Australia's International A-cricket team went on strike over a pay dispute. One striker was named Bird, Jackson Bird.

The second bird strike was a real one, up in the air. An Air Asia flight from the Gold Coast with 359 people on board had to make an emergency landing at Brisbane Airport. Eric Lim, (nice name!) a passenger, who posted images and video of the plane on social media, said the right engine was struck. "Successive sparks 'boom, boom, boom' went off," Mr. Lim posted on Facebook. (Source:

But the bird that struck me the most appeared on television. It was named BB. (Now you know, why the fuss!) Even more remarkable is the link from BB (symbolic for truth) to a man named Peter, who is still imprisoned, hoping that truth will prevail in the end.

It so happened that my wife and I were invited to the birthday party of Ken, an elderly gentleman, who used to work very closely with Peter Liddy, and who knew him very well. At that party I learned that Peter, allegedly, is suffering from dementia; but no further details. 

Because he was on my mind at the time I searched for 'Peter Liddy dementia'. This led to a heading Peter Liddy author, where I then stumbled onto two videos about Peter. TV Channel Seven's Today Tonight had in the past broadcast many items regarding the magistrate's case. The video I viewed that evening to me sounded like a classic distortion of a simple fact, painting a damning picture of a helpless, already devastated man locked inside a dingy jail cell. 

The item had been broadcast five months prior, on February 13th 2017. After I read that it was an 'exclusive', my fake-news scanner-antenna went up immediately. The person providing the core of the story, allegedly, was in prison with Peter when he obtained his information. I wondered why he needed to remain anonymous.


Whistleblower, inmate Allan on Today Tonight TV - 13th Feb. 2017:

Text: And he [Peter Liddy] started telling me about when he was in G Division, he had computer...

This man not only claimed that his cell-mate told him about a computer, but that Peter was writing children's books, had them put on disc and smuggled out of this high security prison and possibly published under a pseudonym!

The TV show then continued, pointing to the 'abhorrent' situation that there could be parents out there, reading their little darlings bedtime stories from a book, written by a convicted pedophile. They used the word 'sickening' more than once, as well as the usual jargon - disgraced magistrate, our state's worst pedophile etc etc. In the background, of course, they screened footage of a mother reading a book to her little boy in bed. Brainwashing at its best!

Even if it were true, where's the logic? What connection is there between a children's story, if it's wholesome, imaginative and entertaining and the author's private life? As if a child bothers with even the name of the author?

Peter in Yatala's G-division did not have access to a computer. I had known this many years ago, when I first got involved in the case. The prison chaplain, who visited Peter regularly was a very reliable source of information. Why did Today Tonight not check with this person first?  

Why bother with information from a Prison Chaplain, when you have the trusted word of a fellow prisoner? But then, investigating the truth - that Peter did not have a laptop -  would have surely torpedoed the whole story!

One of the two prisoners was telling lies. Either Peter was bragging to Allan about his publishing career from his prison cell, or informant Allan was distorting the truth big time.

Here is my truth: Pooped up inside a dull, gray prison cell in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, Peter Liddy indeed did some writing. I could imagine that pencil and paper became the tools, which kept his mind from going insane! Allan was correct in one thing, the title of Peter's book, a collection of stories, poems, anecdotes and finely drawn pictures about the life of his pet bird:


Pic: TV Channel 7

<<< A Magpie Named [or called?] BB.

Peter wrote this book, stories and poems about a bird he used to feed in his backyard. It was all hand-written, with very fine illustrations, which would have taken many hours to do. 

A friend was able to have four copies produced, one copy was for his mother, who loved her son and stood by him until her death in 2010. They had been very close. At no time did Peter have to act in secret or break any rules. 

If he had plans for publishing, which TT claimed, it would have been to raise funds for missions. But it never happened. At one time I had a copy of this very large, comprehensive, professionally bound book in my possession. It's sheer size would have been totally unsuitable as a children's bedtime story book. 

Above video on Today Tonight showed a list of his book titles Peter had given to his cell mate Allan. But they weren't books, they simply were the titles of individual stories or anecdotes. Allan even knew the pseudonym Peter Liddy allegedly used to publish his writing - A. Friend.

How do I know all this? The day before writing this chapter, on 11.7.17 I met with a friend, who is in regular contact with Peter. She knows his situation better than anyone. (Ironically, our meeting took place at a Cafe in Northpark Shopping Centre, which formerly was called BBs.)


The producers of  TT, the TV show that thrives on controversy, interviewed the Police Minister in this matter. The tone of the interview with the Hon. Peter Malinauskas seemed to flow right along with the theme - let's kick that pedophile bastard one more time! (Not exactly in those words.) Watching the dialog between Rosanna, the presenter, and Peter, the Police Minister, I was amazed that a senior Minister of our Labor Government would stoop so low and be part of this gutter journalism. 

Should he not have first questioned about the information by prisoner Allan? The Minister of Police clearly said in the interview that no computers, mobile phone etc. were allowed in G-Division!  The interview concluded: "If a Correctional Services officer is found to have broken the law, or Mr. Liddy, a substantial time will be added to his sentence. If anyone had any information about the matter, they should contact Correctional Services or the police." (Did I have information, read on !!!)

As if Channel Seven had not done enough in the past to demonize the magistrate! (They are the media Peter Liddy wanted to take to court very early on).

How one sided it all is? No media in South Australia ever has bothered to spent a single minute telling the public, who Peter's main accuser was: Mr. W, in and out of jail since an early age, convicted of car theft, house breaking, larcency, criminal damage - a criminal record 8 pages long. 

Donald Trump would probably call the TT videos fake news. I call it bulldust journalism! Little wonder, traditional journalism is dying out, according to the ABC's Media Watch special report on Monday 10.7.17.

In a letter to the Police Minister I responded to his invitation, to come forward with information. It would not surprise me, if the Minister learned something new about the Liddy case, since the core facts have been kept from the public:


Date: 10.7.2017 - To the Minister of Police, The Hon. Peter Malinauskas.

Dear Sir,

On Feb. 14th 2017 you appeared on Channel Seven’s Today Tonight regarding former magistrate Peter Liddy. An anonymous fellow inmate of Peter claims that Peter had told him of a children’s book he had written, smuggled out and published. The whistle blower had even given the name of the book: A magpie called (or named) BB.

I have seen this book. It is not about children, but indeed about a magpie, who visited Peter’s backyard regularly. They became friends and Peter fed and tended to that bird.

Peter produced many handwritten pages, carefully illustrated with pencil drawings. A friend of his was able to have them bound into a book. (If police would like to view the illustrated book, produced by Mr. Liddy, I may be able to arrange it.)

For Channel Seven to make such a sensational, gossip story out of all this, I find borders on defamation against the magistrate. As you said in the interview, Peter did not have access to a computer. And to write and publish a book outside is hard enough, but near impossible from inside a prison!

Some other information you may or may not be aware in the Liddy case, which I have published in detail online - 

Peter Liddy’s main accuser, Mr. [details supplied] born in Mount Barker, was a career criminal, in and out of jail since an early age. His convictions, at the time of Peter’s trial, took 8-pages to fit. Why the jury and courts believed this criminal mind, is a mystery, just as I can’t believe that Today Tonight would believe that criminal, the fellow inmate of Peter’s in Mount Gambier jail.

 Peter has in his possession, hopefully he still has, a document obtained after his two guilty convictions. Above alleged victim had stated clearly in a Prisoner Assessment Report*, to probation officer that he had had a normal childhood, and had never been abused, physically or sexually, as a child. That man was aged 19 years then. Aged in his mid 20’s he suddenly remembered the magistrate, and how he was sexually abused by him. Very strange indeed!

Your Today Tonight  interview in February 2017 ended by you indicating that there will be an enquiry. May I ask, how this enquiry is going, since there is nothing further mentioned on Today Tonight’s website?

My motive for this letter is simply truth. The people of South Australia need to hear the truth, not only one-sided reports by a commercial TV program, whose main aim is viewer ratings.

Looking forward to your response.


Yours sincerely, 

Dieter Fischer


PS   *A copy of this report you can find on my website – Book 7, Chapter 26. Mr. W. should be asked: “Why did you not tell at that time of the abuse?" This fresh evidence, which never saw a courtroom, should be sufficient to reopen Mr. Liddy’s case!  


Mr. Malinauskas is a newcomer in our state's political arena. It remains to be seen, if he does care about truth and justice, unlike the old guard in our State Parliament. I have a file of responses to my whistle blowing. Many of them simply stated: "Thank you for contacting me in this matter, but ... followed by an excuse for not addressing my fundamental questions, or a referral to take the matter elsewhere.

MP Redmond in one letter made me believe there is an enquiry under way. After I asked months later, how the enquiry was progressing, she wrote back saying: "My earlier letter was only to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence. No enquiry!"

Each time a rejection letter came in the mail I knew where to take the matter. We are back at the very beginning of this chapter, casting our care upon the ONE, who cares most for us.

In the evening, after having posted the above letter on July 10th, God proved to me in an amazing, very tangible way, how HE does care. In this instance, very timely, HE told me clearly through HIS word that HE cares about justice. 

Before turning out the light and going to sleep I read the day's thought in Our Daily Bread. Take a look what it said, exactly on that Monday, the first time in years that I had written to any politician regarding the injustice done: 


Our Daily Bread - July 10th 2017: Final paragraph:

Text: God cared deeply about justice, about righting wrongs, and about defending the powerless. In the end, no one gets away with any act of injustice. Nor does God leave unrewarded our work done in faith for Him."

"Follow justice and justice alone that you may live..." (Deuteronomy 16:20)

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