Chapter 19  Written / Published 16.11/.19.11.18    (Pics by author, unless indicated)

  HOME   THE  WINNER  GAVE  IT  ALL  Given your all - now what?

On 15.11. I received an appointment card for 11.15 am for ... A numbers fan could go around the bend over it. To digest such incidences I write them down and leave the rest to God. Not surprising, there are many numbers in this final chapter of Book 16.

In the lighter parts we shall travel to the Apple Isle of Tasmania, walking down memory lane and visiting old friends. (Yes, I do have friends!).


But we can't ignore the seriousness of the culture war that is raging in society. A year ago, late in 2017, some influential people brainwashed us, saying: "Same sex marriage won't change anything, vote for it." They were wrong! Read how a young couple lost their business they had built up over 12 years, because they would not compromise their faith.


I can't remain silent about the mass murder that goes on in our society. It must make God raging mad -  the killing of innocent, voiceless, unborn little babies. Who will stand up for them? If people only humbled themselves and turned to God, it would be heaven on earth. Without God's mercy Paradise is lost. 


19.  N Can

"What is the opposite of fragile?" Robbie Schuller, the young evangelist was speaking during his regular Sunday morning broadcast on our TV Channel Ten. The date that November morning in 2018 was special; it was the 11th of the 11th. In Australia it was Remembrance Day, the time we remember and honour those fallen on the battlefield.

For the first time in a while I rose early to tune into the television program, the Hour of Power. Robbie's grandfather, the late Robert Schuller, started it many decades ago. According to their website it's the longest running one-hour TV program in Australia. 

Robbie talked about a writer, whose name sounded like Caleb. This name had often come up in my extensive volumes of writing. Later I found that I had misheard. The correct name was Taleb. Almost automatically, my playful mind thought of the letters C T. 

Professor Taleb developed a theory he called antifragility, which is (in answer to above question) the opposite of fragility. (More in a moment).

Fast forward about 12 hours. I was riding through the Adelaide suburb of Pooraka. Normally I would follow a different route, but had decided that evening to take Henderson instead. For no explicable reason the Caleb/Taleb from early that morning popped into my head. I remembered the 'see [the] cross' code. About three seconds later, perhaps five, to my right I spotted this:


<<<  T C

How can his be? Your mind is thinking of two letters, then, seconds later you can spot them on a parked vehicle?

An explanation of the meaning of antifragility sounds like a foreign language, which needs translating:

"Simply*, antifragility is defined as a convex response to a stressor or source of harm (for some range of variation), leading to a positive sensitivity to increase in volatility (or variability, stress, dispersion of outcomes, or uncertainty, what is grouped under the designation "disorder cluster)."                                                            (Source Wikipedia) 

(*Simply..." It really sounds simple, doesn't it?)

Another website describes antifragility this way:

"Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive* and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty."             (Source fsblog)

(*On editing, I recalled Thriver and included a graphic in this chapter, read on!)

Robbie gave the example of Hydra, the Greek mythological creature that has numerous heads. When one is cut off, two grow back in its place. As I understood antifragility it is a power that uses chaos or calamity to improve the status quo. 

Whatever it is, the idea that something unimaginably good can come out of utter chaos, is not new. In the bible are numerous stories of men, who started out chaotically, but God in the end gave them great success. Personally, late last century after losing my employment, my health and on the surface my sanity, my life appeared to be one big mess.

<<< Logo www.driving-school website.

Call it antifragility, or whatever, in the middle of all the turmoil I called on God. My creative brain exploded, pouring it all out into the keyboard of my first computer. Looking back over the last two decades, my trust in God saw me through. It turned out one great adventure with lots of fun along the way. I built one of the earliest, most comprehensive driving school websites, as well as the autobiography you are reading.

Without the chaos would I ever have done all this - HIS way? Without the daily struggle to survive there would never have been a need to prove my sanity. This sudden burst of energy may be what Professor Taleb calls antifragility? In the beginning it was nothing but a desperate need to be understood. Without it I may never have started blogging. I became ONE when the word blogger was not even thought of. 

Just think of Job, who lost his wealth, his health and his family. Yet, he trusted God, who restored it all twice over!

Think of Josef, who at the lowest point in his life had been thrown into a pit to die. God came to the rescue and he ended up as the second most powerful man in Egypt. Then there's King David, the giant-killer who committed adultery. He ended up writing the finest poetry ever composed, which is still read daily by hundreds of millions around the world. 

And who else but Jesus has experienced the worst fate of all, death itself and rose to become the Saviour of mankind? I can't help thinking of the letters C T and read again a chapter I wrote in 2004, almost 15 years ago, titled: "What the cross is all about."


What God-incident? The chapter is found in Bk. 2, Ch.22. Read on, how in a moment we shall return to 11.11. That morning the number 2/22 came out and raised my antenna!

How comforting to think that God can use my weird stories about, numbers, names and pictures I snapped in passing and turn the disorder into something beautiful for HIS glory.

- - - - - - -

Our Salvation Army Captain in church that Sunday morning introduced Remembrance Day with a picture on the screens. It showed a group of soldiers at the time of the Second World War. It included his grandfather.


<<< Infantry Battalion 2/22

Our captain's grandfather, surname Collinson, was somewhere among this group of soldiers. This infantry battalion was unique in that 23 of its members were originally Salvation Army bandsmen.

They enlisted as a band under their Bandmaster, Arthur Gullidge, and were assigned to Battalion 2/22. It became part of the Second Australian Imperial Force for service during World War II, the battalion formed part of the 23rd Brigade, attached to the 8th Division. It was captured by the Japanese during the Battle of Rabaul in 1942.                                        (Source Wikipedia)

As my ears picked up NOS 222 right at the beginning of the message my antenna went up. My excitement had nothing do do with army or war. (We must remember, my parent's generation in Germany was largely responsible for both world wars). My interest level rose, because I remembered what I had seen early that morning. You guessed it - numbers:


As I was driving our Hyundai to church, I pointed out to my wife that we may arrive at church with the odometer showing 122222. Since I seldom drive this vehicle I found it mildly exhilarating.  

Whatever my wife thought, I don't know? She is yet to show even a mild form of excitement when I point out numbers. On arrival in church the odometer only reached 122221. No problem! A short drive around the block after church, without any passengers, did it. Lucky I had my camera with me.

I felt like the people of Israel. Didn't they circle the block around Jericho to achieve their goal? I only had one loop to do and voila - 122222. (But, must we compare?) 

At the time I felt a little silly, really, wasting fuel to be taking a picture of an odometer reading. But I'm glad I did it anyway, because two days later (Note 2 !) that same number crossed my path with a dollar symbol attached:

<<< Netbank payment $ 1,222.22

It had been years since I dealt with payments of this size. But after decades of service our old air conditioner needed retiring. The invoice to be paid actually showed $ 2444.40. 

But (no panic please. we pay our bills) we were going to make two payments from two accounts; each came to $ 1222.20. That's when I remembered Remembrance Day 2 days earlier and added the 2 cents. 

(To not cause chaos in the air conditioner firm's accounts department the second payment, obviously, had to be 1222.18. Then again, we probably would not have been the first customers to receive correspondence over a few cents discrepancy?) 

Anyone reading this would be wondering - what is the moral behind all this? I am too. Now there's two of us.

- - - - - - -

Hobart, Constitution Dock, looking up Mount Wellington. 


What better way to clear our mind of numbers than to go on an interstate trip - to Hobart, Tasmania, capital of the Apple Island state. We had lived there for almost 9 years from 1974-1983. It was my wife's first trip back in all those years. She had given birth in '75 and '77 to our two eldest children at Queen Alexandra Hospital in historic Battery Point. 

This city on the Derwent, no doubt, is the most picturesque of all Australian capitals. Here I first became a driving instructor. I know the place well. After leaving 35 years ago we still know some people well. One particular couple H and Y, his wife, who I taught to drive, had visited us in South Australia. (Some loyal customers, every driving instructor knows it, often become friends).

The trip from Adelaide to Hobart took under two hours, since direct flights had again been introduced. My wife would have paid little attention to the pilot's surname - King. Flying skills are, after all, more important than surnames.

For two nights we stayed with our friends H&Y in the southern suburb of Blackmans Bay. They lived only a short distance from the beach in small house at number 2/28.

<<< H. Jones IXL J


On the evening we arrived we took a stroll around Constitution Dock. My first workplace in Tassie was right in this former Jam factory, now a tourist center. Love the way the photo came out:


I EXEL (signed) J.

Coningham Beach >>>

You don't have far to go south of Hobart to marvel at the picturesque estuary of the Derwent River. Wherever you go there are secluded beaches and hidden coves. The summit of the imposing 1271m Mt. Wellington forms a lovely backdrop. 

It is not surprising that the district is full of newcomers, who have escaped the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities of the mainland. One of those was an artist couple I briefly spoke to in the small township of Woodbridge, population 271. They had moved there from Sydney and were running a small antique shop in the main street. Not only did they love the place, two of their three children also made the sea change to Hobart.

They would have been surprised when I, a total stranger, approached them and said: "Hello, you must be Jan and Greg!" How did I know their name? Easy! Earlier I had seen them walking out of the craft shop on the main street. Next I picked up a tourist leaflet at the information desk, which had their story in it, including their names. Later I recognized them enjoying a drink on the terrace of the nearby hotel. What enviable lifestyle, I thought ... until winter arrives!


<<< Woodbridge, Tas.


Readers may be clueless as to what these boxes are all about. So was I until out of curiosity I opened one and looked inside. It's a book exchange.


Why not take a book for later reading?

Only a few minutes earlier we had stopped at a roadside stall, where I had picked up a free book. During conversation as we drove through the countryside my friend H. mentioned, how he enjoys reading books by the author John Grisham. Opening one of the boxes above, sure enough there was a paperback that looked brand new. The author was indeed John Grisham. I took this and donated the free book I had picked up earlier.
<<< John Grisham, THE PELICAN BRIEF

There are two reasons I'm mentioning this incident, which on the surface sounds trivial. Firstly, this novel surrounds the appointment process of Supreme Court Judges in Washington DC, the United States most powerful and influential body.

In the weeks prior the world's attention had focused on just such an appointment. Judge Brett Kavanaug.h in the end won the job, after a battle, which he narrowly won when the Senate voted 48-50 in his favour.

Secondly, sometime after acquiring The Pelican Brief I became aware of the town I was most likely to be reading it - PENGUIN.


Together with our friends we left Hobart the next day to spend four nights in an apartment in that place on the North West Coast of Tasmania.


Hey, I just realized there's a company called Penguin. Typing the word penguin into Google, the first result was Penguin, the Book Publisher!


Relaxing during our second evening in our spacious, modern apartment I took the crossword block out of my luggage and started my brain exercise. At the time I had not thought of Penguin Book Publishers. Next came this:

B U C H  (Book) >>>

Friends, I don't plan such things. IT just happens!

But take a look at the bottom left corner - Schreibwaren Artikel, translated into German means - writing accessory. What symbolizes writing more than anything, in Penguin or anywhere? A pen. The missing two letters are FT - HEFT. 

<<< Black striped baby sock

During an early morning walk, something I did every morning on this trip, I picked up this item by the beach.

Black lines on white? My mind must have been filled with pen, book, writing etc. 

- - - - - - -

Having chosen Penguin, not any other holiday spot on the coast, as our main tourist destination turned out to be penculiar, if you pardon the extra n. Originally, looking for a holiday apartment I had researched Stanley, at the very end of the northwest coast. H. said the distance was too great from Hobart. So I changed our destination to Penguin. At the time I had no idea of a connection to our friends H & Y. 


During our visit the town was undergoing a 7-day makeover. That's why the Penguin statue is shown wrapped in plastic.

One of the tourist brochures listed the landmarks of Penguin. In first spot on this particular publication was the historic cemetery. It's located above the town overlooking the town and the beach. One morning we all took a walk. I snapped this picture:


Scenic cemetery, Penguin, Tasmania

It was not only the fantastic views that made me take this photo, but also the name Monson and Anna. Only minutes later I was to meet a young lady named Anne. My brain after this brief encounter, somehow registered the name Anna or Anne. It was as if the letters a n took over from then on.

 (Now readers may understand, why I wrote penculiar a few paragraphs back).

When booking the apartment, located right in the center of Penguin, opposite the beach, I had had no idea that my friend H. had relatives living in this town. Nor did I know that one of his brothers is buried in the above cemetery. Nor did I know that one of H's relatives lived right across the road from the cemetery. She's the Anne we met shortly after taking above picture.

Two days later the letters a n again crossed my peculiar mind. It was a Sunday morning. We all went to church. The news sheet included the names of parishioners on roster for certain duties. Every name, except one, started with A n. Take a look:

<<< Service Roster 28.10.18

Everyone's name starts with An, except William; his ends in iam.

One of the ladies named Anne is the relative of H. 

There is a reason why this trivial stuff. Two ladies named Anna... will come onto the scene later.  

If above Anna, deceased in 1892, would know what these Anna's were responsible for, she'd be turning in her grave. (Read on).
CANN St. Penguin  >>>


Even before attending above church service that Sunday morning, the letters A N had been on my mind.


When during my early morning walk I spotted this street sign, I had to photograph it. (A lady pushing a pram was just passing by. What did she think, I wonder?)

How many Cann Streets are there? To find out, after pasting this photo here I checked in Adelaide's street directory. There is only one listed. But it's not Cann St, it's Cann Close, abbreviated CL.

<<< Who sees FOOL?


This vehicle's registration plate was not going to be part of this chapter. Just for fun I had snapped it in Hobart.

After discovering CL above, it fits perfectly.

Here is the promised Thriver >>>

On the same walk where CANN Street crossed my camera's lens this fridge magnet lay on the roadway. Picking up trash is a thing of the past, rare these days. In the collection of holiday photos, however, it doesn't do any harm. 

- - - - - - -

As with many short holidays, the problem is they are too short. Had circumstances permitted we would have stayed on and enjoyed more of the pretty, lush green countryside of Tasmania. On the return south we paid a short visit to Sheffield, the mural capital of Australia.  Our travel companion Y had worked there many years ago. That night we stayed in Launceston, which gave us ample time to stroll through Cataract Gorge, which was undergoing a major facelift.

En route back to Hobart through the Tasmanian midlands we stopped in Evandale, in Ross and in one of the top tourist town around Hobart, the village of Richmond. There we strolled over the oldest bridge in Australia for a brief visit to St. John's Church. (In previous books, i.e. Bk.7/22, Bk.13/6 and Bk 10/10 I wrote about Tasmania, hence fewer details here).


Beautiful Tasmania

<<< Mount Roland

How fortunate we were to enjoy this magnificent view in the best possible weather. Anyone claiming this is in the Austrian Alps, one would believe them.

A quiet country road took us through Wilmot. One of Australia's largest retailers, G.J.Coles opened its first store in this village.

 WIL OT Country >>>

The original store burned down. What remains is a tin structure selling the 'devils drink'. Who stole the missing M? Was it b.ERWIN?

<<< Sunrise at Sandy Bay


Moments after taking this picture during an early morning walk around Battery Point I stumbled on a huge number - 1250. It had me puzzled until we arrived back home and Google told us everything.


I had discovered the sculpture (numbers) trail. 

"The largest of the trail’s sculptures, 1 250 features a giant corroded steel plate with small rivets making up four digits. The plate, viewable from high above along Napoleon Street, lies in an excavated ditch, once the home of a winch, capable of hauling 1 250 tonne vessels from the water.

(Source: Tasmanian Arts Guide). 

Fast forward five hours. My wife and I were waiting for a friend to pick us up in central Hobart for a brief visit to their suburban home. We had not arranged for an exact location. We were to phone and he would be there at short notice. So it was. Soon after I had shown my wife the plaque at Scots Church, the one that was erected in memory of my deceased friend Doug, whose funeral I attended in 2009, (Bk. 7, 22) I looked around for a good pick up point.

Nearby was a McDonalds Restaurant. Everybody would know it. I phoned my friend to pick us up just across the road in Argyle Street, That's when number 1250 showed up, totally unexpected, painted on the kerbside:

Mysterious early morning No.1250

Argyle Street car parking space No.1250

Following 1250 came another surprise. The hotel right by parking space 1250 is called Ocean Child... Aha, researching this I just noticed it's not OC hotel it's OC Inn!

- - - - - - -


Tasmania, view from Table Cape to Boat Harbour.

- - - - - - -

The two Anna's referred to earlier in this chapter actually showed up on our TV screens before our Tasmanian holiday. (Readers familiar with my style would understand why things often turn upside down and back to front.) Let's pick up from the previous chapter, my friend in hospital on her deathbed. 

The day before Hedie died in the Royal Adelaide Hospital I had again visited her. This time I stood beside the correct bed and talked to the right woman. It was plain to see she had only a short time to live. Everyone who ever witnessed a loved one or a friend deteriorate, from a healthy being to a person struggling for life, would realize how fragile and fleeting life is. The writer of a psalm expressed it this way: 

"As for man his days are like grass, like a flower of the field so he flourishes. For the wind passes over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more." (Psalm 103, 15, 16).

But Book 16 is not about death, it's about God's goodness, about life. Psalm 103 goes on:

"But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear HIM and HIS righteousness to children's children, to such as keep HIS covenant and to those who remember HIS commandments to do them." (Psalm 103, 17, 18).

The sixths commandment God gave to Moses is: "Thou shall not kill". Before anybody feels guiltless of breaking this commandment, think again! Australians and many other nations commit murder on a daily basis on a grand scale. The truth of this barbaric mass murder is too sad to contemplate. The audacity of those responsible is nothing short of a slap in the face of God Almighty. 

Why is this tragedy, the killing of thousands of unborn babies each year, virtually ignored by society in general? A little googling and I found that some states don't bother keeping statistics. Maybe, the figures are too distressing? Few politicians are courageous enough to confront those feminists, who claim the right to kill a life their body has created.

In October 2018 a powerful female politician announced on national television that she is proud that women now can kill the unborn legally. What a no-brainer!

Pic. Channel Seven TV

<<< The QLD Premier Anna...P. on television stated clearly that she is proud of her achievement - making abortions in Queensland legal.

It makes me think: Have all abortions performed in that state, before her law passed parliament, been illegal?

It appears so. From research online I understand that a 1899 (no misprint) law was still in force, until now. On the surface a change of law seemed long overdue and justified, right? Except - God's law thou shall not kill has been in force since 1312 BC, exactly 3330 years! It never will need updating! Not by any parliament!

Isn't this issue a good example where the human brain developed skills, in this case to 'safely' kill, whilst morals and conscience are suppressed?

A verse in the Psalms comes to mind that points the finger at evildoers, who use the law to work their deeds of iniquity! (Psalm 94, 20).

- - - - - - -

Drought in Australia >>>


Our continent in 2018 is severely affected by lack of rain. It's been described as the worst drought on record in some areas, including southern Queensland.

Friends, when our leaders make laws that contradict HIS plan for mankind, should we be surprised when HE withholds the rains?

 Pic. ABC TV

- - - - - - -

Thinking some more made me ask this question: "Did the abortion laws really need to be changed? Was there an urgency for this 'historic vote' or was all just another push by a female in power to assert women's rights?" 

To find this out I searched online, if anybody has ever been prosecuted for an illegal abortion in recent years? The keywords 'prosecuted for abortion' brought up few results, at least in Australia. It took a while finding a case. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 14. August 2014 that a young lady, after being pressured by her boyfriend, bought a prohibited drug online in order to terminate her pregnancy. The woman was convicted of the offense and given a three-year good behaviour bond. 

The article continues: The abortion provisions in the Crimes Act are rarely used. In 2006 a NSW doctor was given a two-year good behaviour bond after being prosecuted for the first illegal abortion in the state for 25 years!

Does this not show that the Queensland state parliament just wanted to assert women's rights? What about the most basic of human rights - to be born!  What hypocrisy in this age, where child protection and children's rights have almost become a religion, yet at the same time politicians make laws that allows the killing of these helpless, voiceless humans!

Who is protecting them, who will speak up against the evildoers!

How ironic, just before above news item on the same TV station, a feel-good segment aired. A little boy, Luke, who has Down Syndrome was in the studio with his mother. He had made headlines, after he had broken all Royal protocols, snatching a hug from Prince Harry during the Royal couple's visit to Australia.

How many mothers choose (or were advised) to kill their unborn baby, only because doctors detected Down Syndrome? Hypocrites! 

Another feel-good story made big news in Australia on 9th November 2018. Conjoined twins from Bhutan had been successfully separated after a 6-hour operation in Melbourne.

It's wonderful that Australia, and other civilized countries, care for sick children from third-world countries. But why allow the barbaric act of crushing the sculls of thousands of a healthy humans, whose heart is beating, whose blood is circulating, whose feet are kicking, who feel pain? If only their feeble cries could be heard! They would plead for life, for protection from evil and to simply be allowed to live!

- - - - - - -

During the week of this writing a certain sector of our community celebrated a milestone in Australia's history. It was the first anniversary of the law, passed in late 2017, which changed the definition of marriage in Australia. Anybody can now marry anybody. God's creation of male and female is not relevant any longer. The law says so! And woe to anybody who thinks otherwise! 

Many who opposed the change feared that the gay lobby won't be satisfied with gaining the right to marriage. This is exactly what has happened. They now want anyone who speaks against their lifestyle, who refuses service on the ground of their religious belief, to be gagged and prosecuted - by law! 

But a far more sinister method is being used to pressure opponents to gay marriage into submission. On the very day as I type these paragraphs, the Weekend Australian newspaper features on the front page this headline:

Religious freedom lost as magazine shuts. 

                                                         Pic Weekend Australian

<<< END of freedom?

The owners of the magazine called White, featuring weddings, chose to close down their publication, following threats and bullying because they refused to include gay weddings.

"The couple, who have published White for 12 years, said the campaign was triggered by last year's plebiscite and saw them branded homophobes and bigots. One individual warned their house would be burned down."                                        (November 17/18.18 writer Joe Kelly)

Many high profile, influential people in late 2017 brainwashed the community via the media that ordinary folk would have nothing to worry about, if they voted yes and gay marriage was made legal. Good people voted yes, blindly naive, led astray by our leaders.  

The persecution of Christians is nothing new. Thousands die every year for their faith. But who would have thought it would happen in civilized countries like Australia, UK or the USA?

Perhaps the three letter word in the top left corner of above picture is symbolic? God will bring to an END all wickedness and evil. Christians around the world await the day of HIS return. Evil men will be destroyed. The righteous will worship HIM, dressed in robes of WHITE! 

“For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.” (2. Cor. 5, 10)

- - - - - - -

Let's backtrack again to September 18. On my way home from seeing my German friend Hedie for the final time I noticed a parked vehicle in a suburban back street. Its personalized registration plate somehow registered in the back of my mind. Later I found out that part of the title of Chapter 2 in this, Book 16, is almost identical - 750 L1. 

From there, one thing led to another - from the daily Bible reading 'Word for Today' to the name Anna, who used to be the Premier of Queensland. Here's the story:

<<< 750 LI

Book 16, Chapter 2 (Fregon 750 L1) starts with some humour.

The headline in the 'Word for Today' the Vision Radio publication, read: "You're called to a special work" (House Cleaning). 


In Australia one industry is being cleaned out at the time of this writing in 2018. A Royal Commission has been hearing evidence into the banking sector. What has emerged is nothing short of scandalous - theft by big business on a grand scale! 

On the day of commencing this chapter (16.11.18) it was announced that another 51.5 Million Dollars will be spent on continuing this major cleaning process. On the day of publishing the Banking Royal Commission begins its seventh and final round of hearings, after almost a year of exposing dubious business practices by our big 4 banks. There may be criminal prosecutions to follow.




On 28.9.18 former Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh, as head of the Australian Bankers Association, gave a pubic apology on behalf of the banking industry. It could not have been more timely!


But I'm not referring to the time shown on the TV screen. That was unintentional.

                                                       Pic. TV Channel 7

What came next, on the same evening, can only be explained in this way: The Holy Spirit inspired the writer of the Word for Today to question the trustworthiness of banks and the publishers to print it on that specific day: Take a look:


Word for Today, 28.9.18 >>>


Text: If a bank promised that kind of return on your investment you'd beat a path to their door, right?

 But banks can fail and bankers can't always be trusted, whereas God has never broken a promise. Here is an important ...

(The graphic of the above text I created the next day, weeks before this C a n chapter!)

How God-incidental is this? The first time ever I paste a graphic from our online banking website ($1,222.22) there's also CANN St.

The bank's motto consists of three letters: CAN.

Amazing, how the last line in Word For Today ends with: "Here's an important...?" Important what? Bank? No, important Bible truth! 

I see the letters AN not only with a Dollars sign attached, but rather separated into a n, to read: Here's a N important! 

The N in my books is symbolic. It points to the man who died on a cross. The ultimate antifragility (this new word we learned also starts with an) was demonstrated when Jesus suffered and sacrificed HIS life, so that mankind should not die, but forever LIVE. 

The biggest paradox in the Christian life is this: In order to really live we must die. Not literally, but to our own selfish ways. The Apostle Paul put it this way:

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." (Gal. 2, 20 NIV)


End of Book 16.

Any further writing, and the form it will take, is in God's hand. 


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