Chapter 18  Written / Published 22.9/27.9.18    (Pics by author, unless indicated)

  HOME   THE  WINNER  GAVE  IT  ALL  Given your all - now what?

My wife after we got married told me once that one of the first things that she noticed about me was my hands. One Sunday I saw so many hands, in church and out. 


We will pay a somewhat embarrassing visit to a dying person in hospital and learn the Name of Jesus in French.


A wake-up call came in a strange way. It started on a roadside and came right into church next day. How Christians need to wake from their sleep! Thank God, Australia's new Prime Minister is a committed Christian. May Australia wake up to HIS light. 


18. Son nom Jesus

Taking notice of registration plates of motor cars, be they passing traffic, parked vehicles or those owned by family, has been a habit all my life. How could I forget visiting Newcastle in New South Wales and spotting NSW rego number (VNT 963), the exact same as my mother-in-law's in South Australia almost 2000 km away? Only the colours were different. Could a statistician calculate the probability of this happening? (Pic. Bk. 6, 22).

When my paths turned into the realm of the supernatural, at the turn of the century, my habit of seeing things moved to a higher level. Car registration plates found a link to particular events, sometimes world news stories, that made sense in my creative mind. In Book 2, 16* the above number (963) linked to an earthquake, destroying the town of Bam in Iran. Many earthquakes and storms happened since.

(On editing - *This chapter includes this sentence: "I love the number 155 almost as much as 153, because it holds a wonderful message, the meaning of life as a number." This current chapter includes a peculiar incident involving just these two NOS.)

How could I forget praying one morning as I clearly felt the directive to check out the postcode of Innisfail, Queensland, a town that had been devastated by a cyclone earlier? When I found it was 4860 I remembered that only weeks earlier the RU486 abortion pill had been given the green light here in Australia.  

A few days before writing this current chapter I spotted six digits on a vehicle parked in a carpark - 486 BOY.

As strange as IT all is, IT has not gone away in two decades. Little flashes of thoughts, observations, snippets on television or in the newspaper suddenly link together. A thought starts and gathers momentum, as it passes another piece of information and suddenly a code emerges! On the evening of commencing this chapter it happened like this:

I casually browsed through the newspaper when the thought came to check out the death notices. (A sign of advanced age is to check who you know may have passed away). How sad, there was indeed a notice that Sonia, a dear 85-year old friend from many years ago had died 12 days earlier.

But it wasn't code SON IA which came. What came next started with another death notice, the passing of Ian F... His 12-letter surname struck me; not because I also knew that person, but for another reason I won't need to mention.

Walking into the TV room, seconds after reading above death notices, a TV show screened. I just caught a glimpse of the acknowledgements as they scrolled down the screen: Jane F...

Immediately this came: Take AN out of JANE and IAN = J E I. 

The letters J E I in our ABC123 code represent 10 5 9. Knowing that I was about to write about NOS 1 5 and 9 in this chapter (read it later) I found this link to J E I fascinating. Call me obsessed, if you must!

Within minutes of typing this last sentence I walked into the TV Room. On the screen was a gentlemen on 'Tomorrow's World'. Just then he quoted Rev. 5, 9 - 10! Love it!

 - - - - - - -

The introduction of the ABC123 code into my writing created further scope of having fun with numbers. To complicate our world of magic even more, in the past few weeks another factor entered the playing field. This time it's nothing to do with numbers. It's the French language, which had stirred my interest since the trip to France in 2017. 

Our brand new Community Hub, which had opened only in the month before this chapter, was the new venue for the French classes that had been going for a long time. Years ago I had attended for a few weeks or months. I again enrolled. Within two weeks mystery started. Let me explain.

As every week, everyone was sitting around a table and was handed a French text paper. The first person started to read a sentence or two aloud and verbally translated it into English. The next student would read the next sentence  and translate aloud, etc. 

On 3.9.18 the title of the text to translate was: Le nom vrai de JÚsus, meaning, the real name of Jesus.

The gist of the anecdote was a that a teacher at a religious school was talking to Jesus everyday (praying). The children made fun of this by saying, Jesus isn't his real name. His real name is Harold. To pronounce the word hallowed like Harold, the Lord's Prayer then becomes: Our Father in Heaven, Harold be thy name!

What amazed me was the timing. When it came to my turn to translate, it was this very phrase: 

JÚsus n'est pas son nom vrai.

"Jesus isn't his real name."

Interesting - two little words son and nom!


Two weeks later I was a few minutes late for the French class; first time.  The group had already begun translating a text in the same fashion, one by one around the table. I sat in the only vacant chair. When my turn came to translate, the sentence could not have been more fitting. The text was about somebody, who had booked a table for two in a restaurant and was waiting for their partner, who was very late. She said to the waiter:

"But he's not really late".

(Ironically, at the time of typing this the class is meeting without me. Some may have thought I'd arrive late again).

- - - - - - -

When my mother-in-law Agnes Rose doesn't come to church with us, we arrive early for the service. On the day before this chapter, Sunday 23.9.18, this was the case. Soon after we sat down, about ten minutes before the service, the brass band played their first song. I knew the title: "I'm in His hand". Loved it.

A few minutes later the band played another familiar tune: "He hideth my soul ..." Fifty years ago in the brass band at the Volksmission in Esslingen, Germany I would have played this hymn dozens of times on the trumpet. The chorus ends with these lyrics: "...and covers me there with HIS hand."

When the leader took to the platform she read a few verses from Psalm 48. Verse 10 reads: "Your right hand is full of righteousness". At this point I thought, surely the theme for this service has to do with hands. But it was not so. (Read on, it was special!)

The first hymn sung by the congregation was one of my favourites: "Guide me, O thou great Jehovah". You guessed it, among the lyrics in the very first verse we find the word hand: "I am weak, but thou art mighty, hold me with thy powerful hand".

I remembered that earlier that morning on TV 72 Dr. David Jeremiah gave a inspirational sermon about our weakness and HIS strength. Weakness, as I understood it, is only the absence of God's strength. (Like darkness is the absence of light. Read on about light). 

Next, the choir got on stage. The lyrics of their song were projected onto the screen. What came up as background should not have surprised - two hands!

This made me put my hand in my pocket and take this picture:

<<<  Choir - Two Hands


Even in your silence I will lift my voice... for you are good to me!


During the open prayer that followed, at least two ladies included the word hand.


The sermon that morning ended with these words: "We are save in HIS hands" (or words similar). 

As if that were not enough, more hands crossed my path later that same afternoon. My wife and I took a short excursion through the Barossa Valley in the afternoon. This vine growing region, settled by German immigrants very early in South Australia's history, is just the right distance for a leisurely afternoon drive. Taking the back roads we discovered some interesting things:

Downtown Daveyston >>>

(Population? Letterboxes 9)

This must be downtown. It's the post office! They are usually located downtown. The sign reads: Smallest post office in the Southern Hemisphere between 1st Sept. 1937 and 31st Jan. 1974. Now closed. 

Downtown Marananga >>>

The sign to the Two Hands Winery came out of the blue. How could I have forgotten the two hands from only hours earlier?

My wife understood my excitement to turn back and take this picture.

If she or anyone were to think I'm a nerd, how about Two Nerd? (Neldner Rd - Nerd L Nerd.)

- - - - - - -

In church that morning the subject had nothing to do with hand or hands. The theme was simply MOSES. The preacher in her introduction said, she had considered calling the theme Murder, Mystery and a Midwife. The dramatic life of Moses certainly included these, right from the floating cradle.

Pondering the word MOSES brought out a link that fits in perfectly here; a link to numbers. It started with a trip to the local auto parts shop, where I purchased a few small items. On leaving I gathered all the change I had, thinking it may be enough to pay for what I was purchasing. But just in case I also took a 50 Dollar bill.

Shopping had almost finished when I saw a tool, which I was meant to buy long ago. This time I grabbed the $ 4.97 item and took it all to the checkout. The total came to $ 10.35. Then the fun started.

<<< Receipt for $ 10.35

By now readers know that 1 3 and 5 are those of my date of birth. They can be found all through my books.

There was nothing magic in that purchase, except, as I held all the change I had brought in my hand, I said to the attendant: "I hope you don't mind change, I may have enough here." (I wanted to avoid paying with the 50 Dollar bill, only because it was very early in the morning.)

To my amazement, the coins I had in my hand added exactly to $ 10.35.

The code-nerd inside me turned 1035 into 1305 and into MOSES:

 M [13]  +  O  +  S  +   ES  is  IT 

- - - - - - -

A person most Australians know, or got to know in recent weeks, was born on 13.5. After a chaotic few days on the political front in Canberra, the gentleman became Australia's 30th Prime Minister, the 5th in 5 years. Mr. Scott Morrison had been Treasurer in the Liberal/Nationals Government. At the end of that week he found himself in the top job, almost by accident.

In recent years, as I followed the political scene in Australia, I noticed a big change. The Liberal Party, one of the big two, had always represented traditional values. Gradually, they abandoned long standing, conservative policies. Under Prime Minister Turnbull they adopted progressive ideas, policies that might well be those of the Green Party or the Democrats. The latter is now non-existent in federal politics.  

The previous Prime Minister Abbott resisted this pressure. He was not in favour of same sex marriage, for example. Maybe that's why he had to be replaced? The excuse Mr. Turnbull used to backstab him, grabbing the leadership, was Mr. Abbott's low ratings in public opinion polls. For 30 consecutive months he had been losing against the opposition.

Earlier this year (2018) when Mr. Turnbull found himself in the same predicament, surpassing the number of lost opinion polls against the opposition, should he not have resigned there and then? (Turnbull lost 38 consecutive polls until his political demise). Had he admitted his wrong doing, maybe he would not have been back stabbed himself by another powerful Liberal Party figure, Mr. Dutton?

In the heat of the battle for leadership Mr. Turnbull demanded proof that Mr. Dutton had the numbers to topple him. He wanted 43 signatures, otherwise he would not call a party meeting to vote on the matter. As I understand it, Liberal Party voting is meant to be a secret ballot. How could Mr. Turnbull demand 43 names on a piece of paper and then call it a secret ballot?

But that's just what happened. Mr. Dutton succeeded in persuading 43 members to sign the document. Even before the Liberals met for their meeting, a reporter gave his opinion in no uncertain terms: "Turnbull is dead". 

Instead of nominating as a candidate, fighting for his leadership, Mr. Turnbull, a multi-millionaire living in a luxury residence on Sydney Harbour, resigned as Prime Minister. 


[Long] LIVE King Morrison! The contest went to a three-way ballot between Julie Isabel Bishop, Mr. Dutton and Treasurer Morrison. Ms. Bishop dropped out first. The final vote: Peter Dutton 40, Scott Morrison 45. 

How amazing that Australia is now lead by a committed, confessing Christian. (Let's all pray for our new leader and his team!) One reporter asked Mr. Morrisson, if he were to use his religion when making important decisions. I loved the new Prime Minister's answer, as I recall it: "If you think you can ask questions about my faith to use it as stunt for your radio show, I'm not going to be part of it".

I think Mr. Morrison understands the media very well. Well-known senior ABC TV political journalist Barry Cassidy was asked, who he thought the real winner was in this debacle? His answer both surprised and angered me somewhat: "Mr. Shorten" (He's the opposition leader, who hopes to be the next Prime Minister after the 2019 election).

Isn't it a little presumptuous to assume, nine months before an election, who is going to win? To me it only confirmed the left-wing bias by our ABC, the government funded public broadcaster, who pushed for same sex marriage as if they wanted to see it made compulsory!

As I write (on September 25th, 2018) the big news in our media is the sacking of the ABC boss Michelle Guthrie. Without a reason given, her five-year contract was terminated by the ABC Board 2 1/2 year early.

This morning the ABC TV breakfast program invited viewers to comment on this dismissal. I sent this brief message:

Subject: Guthrie not gut.


Hi all,

Ms. Guthrie should have bowed out in shame a couple of months ago. Two ABC programs in one week aired a most insulting, blaspheming phrase on TV. You can't slap God in the face (F*** Jesus) and get away with it.


Dieter, Adelaide

(Read the details in Chapter 13). The above was not meant as a personal attack on this person. She may or may not be aware that these blasphemies were broadcast. However, as head of the organization, earning almost 1000 000 Dollars per year, she takes ultimate responsibility!

During the week of the leadership crisis there were some angry people around. Mr. Turnbull had good reason to be angry. But was there any difference between his downfall in 2018 and what he had done to Mr. Abbott three years earlier, grabbing the top job? Now, Mr. Turnbull would have felt exactly the same way Mr. Abbott must have felt back in September 2015. And Tony Abbott is still sitting in Parliament and serving as local member; down but not out! That's manly!

- - - - - - -

At this point in the chapter I cycled into the city of Adelaide, visiting a lady in the new, state of the art Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). Cycling home through North Adelaide a sign for the price of fuel suddenly took my attention. It was at the same petrol station, where I had taken a photo 13 years before and written about it (Book 3, Chapter 28.)

Read what had occurred at the hospital. You may understand, why I took the photo below and how the numbers match up perfectly!

<<< Expensive Fuel


When I saw 155.9 it struck me that I just had been at the RAH in Room 155, 9th Floor! A dear old German lady, 94, whom I had transported and visited many times over the years, was terminally ill and slowly dying. Her name: Hedie. 

She had suffered a serious stroke and lay in bed unconscious. I did not recognize her at all. She looked terrible and was barely breathing. All I could do was quote a few scriptures and lyrics of hymns to her in German. She was of the Catholic faith and took her religion seriously. 

After about ten minutes two people entered through the open door and asked, who I was. I said, I was a friend from the German Community, who had visited Hedie for many years.

"But that's not her," the gentleman informed me, "Her name is ..."

Oops! I realized I was in the wrong room and felt somewhat embarrassed. If the dying lady took anything in, she must have wondered, why a strange man was talking to her in a foreign language?

(Imagine this were to happen to a Catholic priest, who administers the last rites to a Baptist or Pentecostal believer in error? But then - the last rites is not what counts when we reach death's door). 

At the nursing station, just outside Room 155 the nurse informed me that Hedie's Room No. is 153. There I repeated Psalm 23, quoted a few scriptures and said the Lord's Prayer in German. Her hand kept moving around. The nurse said that she probably can hear me. Hearing is usually the last thing to go.

- - - - - - -

As indicated earlier in this chapter numbers 1, 5 and 9 were to come on stage in this chapter. A football match resulted in a score, which included these numbers. (At the time I had no idea that above 155/9 would be happening). What made this football game so special was the date it was played: 

In a 2018 season quarter final match Victoria's AFL team Collingwood defeated the Giants by 10 points. They scored 9 goals and 15 behinds. (AFL football is that funny game, where the ball is oval, a goal scores 6 points, while a missed goal is awarded with 1 point, called a behind.) 

Therefore: 9 (x6) = 54 + 15 (x1) = 69. 

Likewise, the score of the losing team had a touch of magic about it. They also scored 9 goals, but only 5 behinds. 

Therefore 9 (x6) = 54 + 5 (x1) = 59.

The special part of it all was the date the game was played: 9 / 15 (September 15th.) If we were to multiply 9 x 15 we'd arrive right back to the number 135. But we won't. AFL football is not really my forte.

- - - - - - -

That same Saturday, September 15th, I was driving on Cavan Road in an Adelaide suburb. Something had changed since I last travelled that road. Looking to my right I noticed a large stack of concrete blocks. As I got closer and realized what they were, a humorous thought popped into my head. This prompted me to stop and take a photo:


<<< Railway sleepers.

Seeing those sleepers, row upon row, they reminded me of some church congregations:

Left and below: Row upon row of sleepers! 


The very next day in church, as if the person selecting the communal singing had read my thoughts, on the screen appeared these lyrics, quoting Ephesians 5, 14:

<<< Wake up O sleeper

Wake up O sleeper, and rise from the dead And Christ will shine on you.

The congregation was seated, as I snapped this picture.

A moment later the leader asked the congregation to wake up, sorry to stand up. As we sang the lyrics again, I noticed the microphone cable directly running through both letters U. (And I had thought those cables were to give us a rest that morning!) 

How often do Christians, Sunday after Sunday, sing their regular hymns without giving much thought to the lyrics? How much do we think about other things, rather than allowing God to speak to us as we worship and hear the message? That Sunday 16.9.18 the message was very clear as we sang the Word of God! 

But there was more: Two days later, maybe three, I was relaxing with one of my German crossword puzzles on my lap. A nine-letter word came up:

aus dem Schlaf kommen - AUFWACHEN!


Translation: to come out of sleep - AWAKE!

As if we need any further enforcement of this wake-up call, on the morning of writing these paragraphs, I was driving the church bus, picking up the regular ladies for their Wednesday meeting. All came, except one. Her surname: Wake!

- - - - - - -

In the New Testament Jesus makes some outstanding statements concerning Himself. One of these is found in John 8, Verse 12: "I am the light". One thing light does, it wakes those who are sleeping in the dark. Ask any true Christian believer, especially one who lived a dark existence into adulthood, what is was like when they found Jesus. Many will testify how HE entered their dark lives and shone HIS light into their dark existence. They turned their life around. Now there's hope for a bright future! 

In my inbox a promotional email arrived. I took a casual glance at the subject line and notice the phrase: From Good to Great! In the body of the email was a graphic of a business woman and her business name below that. I almost pressed the delete button, when suddenly the letters issa (part of her Christian name) and the word HOPE hit me.

The Islamic name for their prophet Jesus is Issa. (The Egyptian name Issa means 'God saves') The Jesus of the bible is not merely a prophet of God, but the SON of God, the Saviour, hope of all mankind. 

After taking a picture off the P/C screen, shown unchanged below, four words came out, which proclaim HIS message - I am (the) light & hope!

 AM issa Hope & light. 

- - - - - - -

On the morning of publishing this chapter I came across a wonderful song on YouTube, sung by the Collingworth Family. The lyrics by Tom Hayes may reflect just how you are feeling, battling through a dark valley, while dark clouds hide the sun:

You're in the darkness, your soul is reaching for any promise you can hold on to. But soon you'll see just what God is teaching. The light from heaven will come breaking through.

For the sun is always shining, though the clouds may hide it's view. You may not see a silver lining, but any day now someway and somehow, the light from heaven will come breaking through.

Your spirit's heavy, your heart is broken. You've forgotten that the sky is blue. Just weep before him. The door will open. Then light from heaven will come breaking through.

Pic. Pinterest

The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. (Proverbs 4, 18) 

- - - - - - -

Chapter 19

The final chapter in this book is scheduled for mid Nov. 2018, God willing.