Chapter 17  Written / Published 17.8/22.8.18    (Pics by author, unless indicated)

  HOME   THE  WINNER  GAVE  IT  ALL  Given your all - now what?

We shall take a short get-away to a coastal town on the Eyre Peninsula and through the mid north of our state.

Later in this chapter things get a little more serious. Australia is in he grip of a severe drought. Is there a solution, besides rain? 

During this chapter we experienced another first - a person from Australia had to flee the country to find refuge elsewhere; the first refugee FROM Australia.


17. Go - Face Jace 

To celebrate the occasion of our 47th wedding anniversary my wife and I took a short get-away. It was her choice to visit the pretty South Australian coastal town of Port Lincoln. Some years earlier I had visited there with a friend. (The amazing story is at the end of Book 10, Chapter 10). At the time the accommodation was at Bay 10 Apartments. This time my wife and I stayed just down the road from there, in a comfortable motel room, looking over the bay out to the ocean.

En route, with still hundreds of kilometers to travel, the mobile phone rang. It was the owner of the motel to ask what time we planned to be arriving. She needed to go out at a certain time. Her name was Rose. Only the day before, on July 23, 18 had I uploaded the chapter that started with a sprinkle of Roses.

And it continued. On the first morning I took an early morning ride on my Scott road bike. Within a couple of minutes I turned into the Esplanade and admired the beautiful waters of Boston Bay. A parked vehicle drew my attention for two reasons:

Esplanade, Port Lincoln >>>

One, the Hyundai i30 was identical to ours; same colour wagon; and two, the rego number was similar to another vehicle, one which had created amazing magic in an earlier book. I saw that number plus 1 ( I ). 

Next the letters SA NT came to life by inserting I right into the center... voila! 

Later in the morning, my wife and I met a saint. (All believers who follow the Lord, who do HIS will and work for HIS kingdom are saints.) We dropped into the Salvation Army Charity Shop on the Esplanade, a short distance away. We had a little chat with the lady volunteer. My saintly wife knew all about her job. She still works one day per week at the Salvos Hidden Treasure op-shop. 

There are hundreds of such shops, run by the 'Red Army', all over Australia. The one on the Esplanade at Port Lincoln, overlooking Boston Bay, would have to be the one with the best views. 

<<< Port Lincoln beach


Can it get better than this? Strolling along an ocean promenade, leaving behind all cares and duties of home? Sharing the moment with the saint you married almost 1/2 a century ago?

Yes, on a bike!

In the afternoon, on the recommendation of our host, Rose, we visited the Koppio Museum, about 1/2 hour drive away in a hamlet on the Tod River. An early settler family named Jericho, of German origin, initiated the museum. The unique collection of family history includes artifacts and relics from the early days of the district. The family must have been very religious. I was blessed reading the many bible verses, written in German and displayed on pictures and cards etc. (How times have changed! Concerning religion, those were the good old days!)

<<< Koppio historic museum

We were the only people marveling at the historic buildings: a 1903 blacksmith shop, a 1890's thatched cottage, the one-teacher school house, tailor shop, bank building and White Flat Post Office. It's supposedly the smallest in our state and has previously been used as a coffee pot, ha, ha!

We spent almost two hours looking around. I'm sure we missed many hidden treasures.

Treasured car jacks >>>

An entire wall in a another shed is covered with this display of car jacks. Who knows, it could be the largest in the world?

There is a collection at Koppio that is claimed to be the biggest in Australia. It fills an entire building with only one type of material that farmers use - barbed wire! As a city boy it's puzzling to think there are dozens of variations of barbed wire. Visit Koppio and be amazed.

After one hundred minutes, as in many museums, the mind starts suffering from information overload. A separate building, opposite the farm machinery and stationary engines, houses a display of relics, pictures and news reports of the devastating 2005 bushfire. We sat and watched a short video of the tragedy, which cost nine people's lives. (At the time I wrote about this in my autobio. Number 1115 emerged as a result).

Around the same time of above, a global news item shocked the world. In the Greek resort town of Mati not 9, but around 90 people were caught and died in a horrific firestorm.

The Koppio display showed how impacting a fire is on a community. Mati and the other affected areas will remember that black day for a long time. It will take years to recover. Will people draw closer to God as a result?

- - - - - - -

According to Wikipedia Port Lincoln's economy is based on the huge grain-handling facilities (with a total capacity of over 337,500 tonnes), the canning and fish processing works, lambs, wool and beef, and tuna farming for the Japanese market. The town boasts the most millionaires per capita in Australia. It has the largest commercial fishing fleet and claims to be the seafood capital of Australia.

Wealth on display at the Port Lincoln Marina

There are people who like to match the colours of the interior decor or their clothing to make it look good. 

Looking at above picture, is this boat-owner not taking colour co-ordination a little too far? His fleet of three vessels make a perfect colour match to his luxury home behind!


One afternoon I was riding from the nearby National Park back to our motel. Passing a school oval I suddenly recognized the gate and the writing above it. During the previous trip in late 2011 I had taken a photo. (It's shown right at the end of Bk.10.Ch.10). I dismounted my bike, took out my camera and again took a photo. Within second two vehicles passed by. Why I looked at their registration numbers, I do not know.

The first one was ...109, the same number as that of our i30 Hyundai. Following this vehicle was another, carrying registration number ...228, the same as our other vehicle, the 'green machine' (Suzuki Wagon R+). As I am writing, the date happens to be the 22nd of August. My mind must be wired to picking up a detail and then find a place to put it, like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

- - - - - - -

Near Burra in South Australia's mid north. 

On the return drive, instead of heading home directly, we decided to spend another night en route in South Australia's mid north. The route went north east, along the coast, where we stopped for morning tea at Tumby Bay. In the back of my mind this pretty holiday village is a must for another short escape in the future. After Whyalla and Port Augusta we turned off the Princess Highway, the A1, and continued to the Southern Flinders Ranges. Our destination was Peterborough.

                        Historic railway Town Peterborough

After a long drive in the car I needed a walk. The main town was just the right distance away from our Motel.

Main Street without traffic or people, created an eerie, but pretty sight. >>>

In its heyday over 100 steam locomotives passed through Peterborough every day. Today it's only one per week, the Indian-Pacific between Sydney and Perth. Originally, there were three different rail gauges to content with.

Until 1917 the town was called Petersburg, but was changed, like 68 other German names in South Australia, because of anti-German sentiments.  (Source: Wikipedia)


<<< Y - Class steam Locomotive 82.

Above Loco is displayed in the Main Street, as are other free rail exhibits of the past. Inside the newsagent, in an adjacent room, we admired a model railway, carefully put together by an enthusiast. Some buildings, the creator told us, were made using a 3-D printer. Entry was free.

We could have, and possibly should have, spent a whole day in Peterborough. There's so much we didn't see, heritage listed buildings, like the YMCA and Town Hall or the Steamtown rail museum on the edge of town.

During an early morning walk I passed an imposing structure, St. Cecilia, the former resident of the local Bishop. Next to it, the huge cathedral could be that of a major church in a capital city. The size of these buildings indicated that this small place, which now has 1400 citizens, once had a far greater population. 

Outside a small cottage, under her verandah, a lady greeted me and we exchanged a few words. She had lived there for 12 years and loved it. She explained: "Today there are only 2000 people living here. It used to be 7000". 

My brain heard number 2 and 7. Was this lady quoting numbers to me?

- - - - - - -

Safely back home the above numbers (2000 / 7000) were long behind me when a couple of  weeks later  NOS. 2 and 7 once again crossed my path. They came to me the day after my wife and I were at a dinner, which was followed by a guest speaker. The gentleman, Nick H. had won the CALEB award for faith-inspired writing. The scientist / theologian was very entertaining, a saint no doubt. (Yes, academics can be saints, but they are an endangered species).

The theme that evening was the question: "Are the gospels historically credible?" Dr. Nick H. presented various images of archeological finds and explained their significance.

One piece of evidence that had been found and studied by archeologists was a burial container. It is believed to be that of Simon of Cyrene, the man who carried Jesus' cross to his crucifixion. His name is recorded in three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke - Wow!


             <<< EVIDENCE

Are the gospels historically credible? It made me think: Would all people in the world believe in Jesus, if clear evidence was presented on global television?

Please note:

NCE far left.

       The address happened to be 207...TCE. To me it made sense.

At the beginning of my journey into codes, when I saw data and connected it like this, I did not know how to handle it. To dismiss all as coincident was not my style. It still is not. Writing a diary every day helps to clear my mind. If I were to mention every link I see here, readers would suffer from information overload.

- - - - - - -

"On July 23, 2018, the day I published the previous chapter, in my diary I asked myself: "Am I stupid?"  My faith in God and all that HIS mighty power has done and is doing through me, is one thing. Believing in myself and making sense of the wacky things floating through my imaginative brain is another. It wasn't the word foolish, part of the title, which had triggered this questioning my sanity. It was the name of a boat on TV.

Within the hour of making the URL of Chapter 16 public, I had sat down to eat lunch in the TV room. My wife was watching the news channel. On the screen I spotted a vessel. In large letters I read the name CURLEW.

A gentleman named Kris Mitchell had bought a boat, a former Minesweeper of the Australian Navy. He only paid one Dollar and had plans to turn the ship into a Backpacker Hostel.

Channel 7 had earlier reported it:

Pic. Online image Channel 7

As soon as I saw the name of the ship - CURLEW - the letters turned into WE C URL. Any reader thinking this is foolish, I agree. Stupid? Perhaps. True? Definitely.

The numbers 7 and 15 in above image (far right) take us back to my diary. The digits are written straight after the word Curlew, still on the same page July 23. That evening I had received a text message, the shortest one ever. It came from a person my wife and I knew very well. The SMS actually did not contain any words, only an emoji:

Thumbs up! Somebody may have wanted to show their approval, and / or the numbers held a secret?  

19.15  = 7.15 PM   >>>  G A E  or  G O.

This just came as I typed here: Using our ABC123 code (as above) PM becomes 16 13. The previous chapter features both, AE and Nos. 3 1 6!

The following morning I woke real early. It may have been around 3.16 AM. Unable to go back to sleep I tuned into Radio 5AA. At that hour the presenter interacts with the audience by asking listeners to think of song titles that include a certain word. That night the special word was GO. 

- - - - - - -

At the end of the previous chapter, which included many references to the 2018 Football World Cup, I pointed to the fact that players are watched very carefully, every move they make. Any questionable foul or handball in the penalty box may result in a video replay. A video camera in slow motion sees everything. Next in this chapter I drew a parallel to Almighty God, who sees everything we do. 

What amazing timing! On the evening after publishing this writing, totally unplanned, I happened to read that day's thought in Our Daily Bread Bible reading. Here is an excerpt:

<<< MONDAY July 23  Watchful Care

Lisa Samra writes: "...we fool ourselves if we think we are ever outside the gaze of God.

The warning is that we cannot hide from God. Everything we do is visible to him."  
 At the bottom of the page I read this summary:

- - - - - - -

God observes all that mankind does, the bad and the good. Both kinds of deeds, both lifestyles have natural consequences. The bible speaks clearly about this ancient principle:

"Do not be deceived. What a man sows that He shall also reap." (Galatians. 6, 7)

The word man in this verse refers to both, individuals and to mankind, society in general. Today's modern, western society, is deceiving itself. God is not revered. He is ignored, or worse, disrespectfully mocked. Our country Australia is not the only society, which gradually is turning its back on God. Church attendance is at an all time low. People do their own thing. A slogan from the pit of hell - if it feels good, do it.

God sees it all - people just living together, without proper commitment to marriage, couples committing adultery, parents splitting up, children suffering.

God sees it all - thousands of unborn babies sucked from a mother's womb and discarded like a piece of rotten meat. (No protests, nothing on the news about this slaughter.)

But a shark, whale or dolphin tangled up in a fishing net makes the headlines!

(The Weekend Australian 29.5.18)


God sees it all - politicians passing laws that go contrary to God's law! Children raised by same sex parents, longing for a mother, yearning for a father!

Must I go on? Here are two statements from the Australian Prayer Network Newsletter, August 13, 2018:

"Teachers in NSW are being encouraged to screen M-rated films depicting same-sex relationships and transgender characters during classes in a bid to promote diversity."

Can you believe it? Movies that have been banned previously for their sexual content are being suggested as learning tools for New South Wales school children?!

"This has positive implications for LGBTIQ students' wellbeing and education," it said. "It also provides non-LGBTIQ students with a broader range of experiences and can assist with empathy and understanding."

Did I read correctly? What kind of experiences are our normal, innocent children to learn? Everybody agrees we should all have empathy and understanding. But does it have to include sitting watching M-rated movies, which even adults should stay clear from, let alone children and teenagers? 

God sees the bulldust our children are forced to learn, brainwashing that leads them into a path of destruction. What good does it do to show immoral films? It certainly would broaden the 'experiences of innocent children' whose parents have tried hard to shield them from.

But a brave parent, suggesting we include the Ten Commandments in the School Curriculum, would be mocked at a School Council meeting. 

The scriptures are very detailed, as to what should happen to anyone refusing little children to believe in God! (Luke 17, 2).

The Green Party is calling for the abolishment of the long term custom of saying prayers before every parliamentary session. According to the Guardian (27/6/18) a Green Party senator wants the Lords Prayer replaced by a secular statement.

No surprise that the same article mentions that the Anglican Church in Gosford is supporting this move! In Chapter 7 you read that this same parish was in favour of a yes-vote in the gay marriage plebiscite.

Caution! Church of no shame!

How can a parish believe in the bible and say yes to same sex marriage and no to prayers in our parliaments?  

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." (Matthew 7, 15).
How amazing, unplanned! Not only does 7,15 fit in - Gosford starts with GO...


This above mentioned plebiscite asked the Australian people, if the law should be changed to allow people of the same sex to marry. It cost 120 Million Dollars. Looking back is was clear that the yes case would win. Not only was our Prime Minister in favour, the Labor Opposition had years ago wanted to go down that path. Had the November 2017 vote been compulsory, like all federal and state elections, I wonder, what would the outcome have been?

To pass laws that go totally contrary to all moral, cultural and religious principles is a slap in the face of Almighty God. Do those who dream up these evil ideas think God can be mocked without consequences? 

How tragic to think our children should rather learn about adult sexual variations, but leaving the teachings of Jesus - love your neighbour, do good, even to your enemies etc. off the curriculum! 

Friends, God is not mocked! God sees it all.

God sees the social injustice in the world. Selfish people filled with greed exploiting the poor, the vulnerable. Ask a Salvation Army Officer anywhere in the world, in poor nations and in the rich. They are on the coalface of the downtrodden!

God sees the injustice of the criminal and legal system, which stinks to high heaven. We don't have to go overseas or point the finger at the Mafia. In Australia, where one politician told me once that we have the best legal system in the world, the big C is rampant!

Less than 24 hours before this writing, our ABC News reported an 'Australian first'. For the first time a person from Australia, a country that is harboring refugees from all over, had to flee overseas to Canada, because his life was in danger here:

The ABC reports:

"Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) accepted evidence that there were murder contracts placed on Mr Utah's life after he was recruited by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) for a national operation against bikie gangs.

In a ruling that condemned the actions of Australian authorities, the IRB found the country failed to offer Mr Utah adequate protection amid a "broader pattern due to corruption, ineptitude and structural difficulties."

Pic / Source ABC News

<<< Delaneys Creek, Qld.

Mr. Utah, who engaged in a most dangerous activity - infiltrating organized crime - was driven to this location north of Brisbane. He was brutally bashed. He pretended to be unconscious when his would-be killers left to fetch a gun to finish him off. He was able to escape, running for his life - all the way to Canada, where he has been granted asylum. He no longer wants to be Australian.

Mr. Utah had raised concerns about his safety with the Australian Crime Commission, who he was working for. The ABC report continues:

"Emails seen by the ABC suggest that the ACC discussed with Mr. Utah the delivery of a sealed document to support him in the District Court in Brisbane in 2006:

“Will you please contact my solicitor Mark Hartwell, he tells me you haven't and is feeling rather anxious about your intentions in relation to a sealed document. Respectfully, I am beginning to feel the same anxiety.” (22.8.2006 - 9.31 PM.)

Reply from the crime commission: "Relax" (22.8.2006 - 10.08 PM)

A week later, Judge Helen O'Sullivan emailed lawyers in the case, raising concerns about the "complex issue of Mr Utah's fears for his safety" after he had fled.

"I know nothing about what (if any) protection is currently being offered or could be offered" to Mr Utah, she said.

(Note the date 22.8). 

Typical Aussie lay-back attitude: "Relax, she'll be all right mate!" The fact that one of their employees, who they should have protected, is about to be murdered by organized crime is not important; just relax!.

I have witnessed the same ineptitude and corruption firsthand. You only have to read some of my earlier books, where my sensitive spirit showed me things I had never dreamed of are happening in our civilized country, right here in Adelaide.

Adelaide crime figure Steven Williams had threatened to reveal inside information about the activities of a motorcycle gang. It is believed he has been killed. A certain Mr. M.M, a victim with knowledge of Adelaide's underworld, told me personally that Williams was to meet someone in a hotel carpark at Gepps Cross. When he realized that he'd fallen into a trap, he tried to phone his police protection contact. The call went unanswered! Williams has never been seen since, nor his body located.

How appalling that Australian crime fighting authorities were shamed globally. Who would have thought that somebody would have to flee for their life and become a 'refugee from Australia'. 

If only our ABC fifteen years ago were as keen in making public incidences of corruption in Adelaide! My doubts about magistrate Peter Liddy, which I first raised in a written statement in 2003, fell on deaf ears. For the entire decade and a half, neither the ABC nor any other authority I alerted has lifted a finger to at least review the case. The senior magistrate had put many drug dealers, perhaps even corrupt police, behind bars.

Maybe the magistrate fears he has a contract on his life and feels safer inside jail than out? This could explain his unwillingness to fight for his freedom. In one year's time he could apply for parole. Will he do so? If granted, what willl happen then?

- - - - - - -

ABC TV Channel 20 - 20.8.18

(Pic. TV Channel Seven)

<<< New South Wales fires

Australian news broadcasts, at the time of writing August 19th 2018, are dominated by two stories out of New South Wales. One, large bushfires are raging both south and north of Sydney. Firefighters are busy saving property and extinguishing the flames. Fire authorities are concerned, because the official fire season is still months away.

What will the spring and summer bring?   

The other news is the severe drought Australia's largest state in population, New South Wales, is experiencing. The conditions have been described as the worst in a century. Farmers are struggling to keep livestock alive. Huge efforts are underway to ease the suffering. Fodder has been trucked from as far away as Western Australia, 3000 kilometers away. 

The very minute I am typing this paragraph a television station is commencing their daily program. Today they commence a telethon appeal, aiming to raise millions of Dollars to help our farmers.

"He turns rivers into a wilderness, and the water springs into dry ground" (Psalm 107, 33)


Yes, it might be climate change that caused this drought. I'm not a climate change denier, if our scientists have found it to be so. At the same time I know the ONE, who can change the climate, the ONE who is in ultimate control of all things, including dry weather patterns and rainfall.

 (Note: Lombok hit by 7.0 earthquake. As I write, 14 days later, another two quakes struck, magnitudes 6.3 and 6.9!)

- - - - - - -

Early on the Sunday morning of writing (19/8/18) one well known bible verse was on my mind. God spoke to King Solomon in 2. Chronicles Chapter 7. God told him that HE had heard his prayer. God assured HIS people that if HE was to shut up the heavens so that there is no rain ... HE has a solution (Verse 13).

The next verse is the one that occupied my mind. I looked up the passage in various translations, including my easy-to-read German Bible. I meditated on it for quite some time:

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land."

(2nd Chronicles 7, 14)

I had already pasted above drought picture and this verse onto this page the day before. What came next astounded me. Hours later in church (still on Sunday 19.8.18) I noticed that the theme was PRAYER. The children's story was a simple visual illustration of the Lord's Prayer. (The prayer the Green Party wants abolished in Parliament.)

But it got better. The lyrics of a hymn on the church screen at the front were based on exactly the above verse from 2. Chron.7. We had never sung it before. I had never heard it. Despite mother-in-law beside me, I had to capture it on the church screen:


<<< Prayer - Heal our Land


"So we're calling out to You Crying out to You

Forgive us of our sin

Heal our land

As we seek Your holy face

We turn from our wicked ways Hear from heaven even now

As we pray."



Seeking God brings a harvest!

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Gal. 6, 9).

At the time of snapping the photo the position of the microphone cable didn't mean anything. I had not even thought about it. Not even when pasting it that same afternoon onto this page! As I typed here, the next morning Monday 20.8.19 this came: You f ace won! (It should really be J ace, but is there such a word?)

WHAT A SURPRISE ! There is! Wikipedia explains the word Jace:

It is of English and Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jace is "the Lord is my salvation". Short form of Jason.

Thank God for Wikipedia and the Salvation Army!

- - - - - - -

At our Salvation Army Corps (church) library I borrowed a book to read. It's about a young adventurous, very naive English girl. Her adventurous spirit made her leave her family and travel the world. She was looking for all that life has to offer. What she found was a stinking prison cell in a Thailand jail. Her gripping story may answer the often asked question: 

Why does God allow bad things, like droughts, fires or accidents etc. when HE supposedly is a powerful, loving God, who could easily prevent these?


<<< Rita Nightingale - Freed for Life

Back cover reads: "Life was wonderful for young, beautiful Rita. At work she was a hostess in one of Hong Kong's exotic night clubs; at play the mistress of a rich and attractive Chinese playboy. She lived a life of excitement and glamour.

Then the nightmare began. In 1977 Rita was arrested at Bangkok Airport and found to have 3.3 kilos of heroin hidden in her baggage. Refusing to plead guilty, and protesting her innocence, she was detained in Thailand for nine months while her case went through the courts. She was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment."

<<< Spelling error Page 220:

If you pray I know it will be all right. I had only every prayed out loud...

The y, the 25th letter of the alphabet, is a misprint! Every does not make sense here. But prayer does! In HIS time all things will be all right!

- - - - - - -

Some months ago Agnes Rose, my 97 year old mother-in-law, had expressed that she longed to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus [in heaven]. Some days or weeks later I prayed for this senior saint. It's difficult sometimes what to pray for her, considering her age.

When I found myself using a standard phrase, I had to chuckle to myself in the middle of my prayer. I had prayed: "Lord, meet the desires of her heart!" (Oops....!)

- - - - - - -

Rita who was facing a 20 year jail term was totally innocent. Her good looking, rich charmer in Hong Kong was a drug lord and had set her up as a drug mule. Being in prison must be dreadful. To be locked up innocently, in a crowded cell with a dozen real criminals whose language she didn't speak, must have been a horrendous nightmare for the girl in her early twenties.

But God saw her. In the middle of her despair Rita had been given a simple gospel tract. She came to realize how in God's eyes she had lived in wicked ways. She repented and surrendered her life and future to God. She learned to forgive those who should be in jail, but were let go. 

Rita finally experienced what she really had been looking for, the most meaningful relationship anyone can live - life with Jesus. Rita changed from a bitter, resentful woman to become a radiant, happy young lady, even in prison. Thousands of Christians from around the world prayed for her. After three years in jail she received an amnesty from the King of Thailand.

How then do we answer the question, why God allows bad things to happen?  God allowed it to happen for her ultimate good, her salvation. Without her Thailand nightmare Rita Nightingale may not have discovered the greatest treasure on earth and eternal life in heaven! 

To anyone suffering trauma, physical hardship, battles with sickness, broken relationships I say, turn to God. Trust HIM to the end. HE may be preparing you for great things ahead.

"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love HIM." (1.Corinthians 2,9) 


Chapter 18