Chapter 15  Written / Published 13.6./17.6.18    (Pics by author, unless indicated)

  HOME   THE  WINNER  GAVE  IT  ALL  Given your all - now what?

The 2018 Football World Cup began as I wrote this chapter. In the first match in Russia - magic!


Roger Federer is playing in the Stuttgart Tennis Open final on the day of this chapter. I discovered that he and I have something in common.


Hours after the previous chapter I caught the Royal Wedding fever. Had to believe what I saw and linked to IT.


My wife and I visited our family in Darwin. Amazing that I could find a link from the Bavarian politician in the previous chapter to a recent cyclone!


'Your Word is Truth" (John 17, 17) 


15.  The difference - 2 E

What was that? I asked myself after spotting what looked like a human figure on the side of the road. I was driving home after having given a ride to our indigenous friend Nancy, the crossword Nancy in the previous chapter. It was around 7 PM and already dark. There was light traffic, but the road was well lit.

Every motorist has been in this same situation as I was on this Wednesday 6/618. A decision had to be made, to stop or not to stop! (Is it to be or not to be?). Surely, somebody will stop! I looked into the rear-view. Nobody stopped. The fear of the unknown, fear of danger and the inconvenience of having your comfortable life interrupted, made me also drive on - but only for a few seconds. When the thought came that there may have been a hit-run crash, I did a U-Turn to check it out.

There was a human figure, the small body of a lady by the roadside. "Are you all right?" I asked her. Obviously, she wasn't. She did not seem to be intoxicated. I asked her what was the matter?

"My ex bashed me up and dropped me here. Can you give me a lift to my son's house @  Cross Keys Road?" (For privacy, @ = a number, very prominent in our recent chapters). She repeated the address at least four or five times. It wasn't far away.

She was too upset to tell exactly what happened and how long she had been laying there. Should I call the police? She didn't look badly injured and kept repeating @ Cross Keys Road, I figured she just wanted a ride there. 

"Can you walk?" I asked her, as I helped her onto her feet. At first she answered no; but we managed to walk across the road and she slumped onto the rear seat of my Suzuki. It was only two minutes to her son's house. She didn't give me her name, but said in a teary voice that her ex-husband was on ICE. 

We arrived at her sons place. As she got out, saying she was alright, she staggered up to the front door. I felt a little guilty driving off, wondering if more needed doing for her. Later I reported the incident to a Domestic Violence Hotline. 

In the days following my mind pondered the incident. The @ address the lady kept repeating, both the house number and the word cross could be linked to our previous chapter. (I had seen crosses on Anzac Day morning). 

Curiosity made me take a detour during a bike ride the following Monday (11/6/18). I took the photo below:

The person I spotted lay almost right under this white sign - HARMAN. (Also note BURSON.) 

My mind can't help seeing the letters B and H. If we were to insert an e as second letters ...?

Some years ago, in Book 11 Chapter 9, the same locality received a mention. Right there I had seen a piece of rope in the shape of a key which looked odd, so close to Cross Keys Rd. My focus back then had been more on the surrounding street names, such as Ponton Street, where our friend Nancy now lives.

The above is a classic example of the mystery that surrounds all of IT. If there it is a sensible message to be found, where did it come from? If I said it's from God, I could be regarded as mentally ill, suffering from a Messiah complex. If it's all co-incidental, meaningless, what mental illness is it? Or do I have a special talent to be seeing such things? 

And if it's all a human arrangement, a game people play, who are the players? What's the purpose? A test perhaps? If so, did I pass?

- - - - - - -

If indeed my special talent was cracking codes, I may have done it again a day after publishing the previous chapter. My mind was fresh with all that I had just written about; much of which we shall read again in this chapter. As I was listening to the radio at 3 AM on Monday 21/5/18, the story of Anzac Day suddenly came into play. Let me explain:

As always in that unearthly hour the radio host asks listeners phone with suggestions of songs they could think of, songs pertaining to a certain theme or word. That morning the theme word was sugar. It was amazing how many songs listeners came up with. 

Within a nanosecond of hearing sugar, I recalled the chapter I had just published. It included the name Stuttgart, the place the coach of the Adelaide United Football team comes from. So where is the connection between sugar and Anzac Day? It's crosses; four crosses to be exact:

S t U t t  G A R t

I don't believe I have any special talent, only a creative mind which God is using to convey HIS message. I regard myself merely as the writer / publisher.

Eating breakfast later in the morning, for a brief moment, I caught a glimpse of a headline, scrolled across the screen at the bottom. It included the words Stuttgart and Federer.

On 15th June, (the day I am typing this) I woke at 3 AM. Many of my thoughts and revelations come at this quiet hour. After a bathroom visit I crawled back into bed. Keeping warm under the cozy blanket, the name Federer and Stuttgart suddenly popped into my head. Next I saw an uncanny similarity to my name and that of the greatest tennis player of our time. I looked at the clock. It was: 3.06 am. 

Unable to sleep, perhaps because I had found a link from the 36 year-old tennis ace, who plays on the world stage, to my humble self, who plays table tennis at a senior's center against 85 years olds. I rose and booted up my P/C.

Searching briefly online about the Stuttgart Open, played as I write this chapter, I learned that Roger Federer, after a slow start and 3-6 loss, made a comeback to win the 2nd and 3rd sets. He beat a German player whose name included two e: Zverev. 

Not only the two e, but the letters Z and V stirred my creative brain. If it wasn't awake yet (at approx. 4 am) it certainly came to life after the first Google result, shown here, came onto the screen:    

Roger Federer on retirement: 'The end is closer than ever before'

Was it Roger or the journalist from who tried to be funny? In every ongoing process (a football match, a theatre play, reading a book, a tennis career etc.) at any given point is the end closer than ever before?

In addition to the humor I saw a spiritual message here: All my Christian life, ever since I was a teenager five decades ago, preachers have pointed toward a climax in world history from a biblical viewpoint - the return of Jesus Christ.

Written about 2000 years ago, the apostle Peter wrote:

"They will say, "Where is this 'coming' he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation." (2. Peter 3, 4 NIV).

At least those unbelievers believed in creation! Today's secular academic thinkers (non-thinkers) have abandoned this option. The possibility of God returning once again to this earth, to judge evil and establish peace and everlasting life, never enters their misguided minds; let alone that the earth was created! 

The letters Z V in the name Zverev symbolize what will take place in the (Z) end. There will be a great (V) victory which has already been won when one man died on a cross and rose from the dead. 

Here is the similarity from Roger Federer to my name. Both our names, Christian name and surname, end in er. The consonants of Federer - F D R are those of my initials. 

The name Roger is used in radio communication, meaning message received and understood. God is talking to mankind, to individuals, constantly through HIS Word, HIS creation, HIS messengers. It's time to respond with Roger, because the end is closer than ever before!

- - - - - - -

Casually reading our local free newspaper I picked up a spelling error. In a article promoting the musical Godspell, on page 4, something didn't add up. The error pointed to the number 7, which alerted my mind even more, thinking perhaps I should be attending?

As the week and my writing chapter 14 progressed, I wondered if there was even time to go. Starting time was 2 PM. As it turned out, the clock showed 1.02 PM when I finished the chapter; ample time for a shower, lunch and drive to the venue. Glad I went.

Here is an extract, Messenger Press Page 4, promotion for Godspell 2018:


The error: Under the picture, top left, the text reads May 10 to Saturday, May 12. On the bottom right the play runs from May 10 - 19, seven days difference.

The main actor's name, the man who played Jesus, could not be more appropriate using our code: OATES.

The name Oats above is also a misprint. The person who played the role of Jesus was (Mark) Oates. 

AHA ! Just noticed, how odd?! God.spell.ed incorrectly.

(When at the beginning of this chapter I pointed to Burson and Haman, suggesting to insert an e, I had no idea Oats / Oates was going to come up again. Amazing!)

Above graphic shows the street and suburb name of the venue. Especially the suburb made me smile. Only an hour after publishing the previous chapter, where I had fun with angel and angle parking, I found myself driving to a suburb called Angle Park. Totally unplanned; it really was so. 

- - - - - - -

The Park position in a vehicle with automatic transmission is indicated by the letter P. The engine won't start unless the gear lever is engaged in this position. On Sunday June 10th my wife and I took a relaxed drive through the beautiful Adelaide Hills. On our return, as I engaged the P position in our Hyundai I had to take this picture of the odometer:

<<< Odometer 117777

The numbers magic had actually started when we refueled the vehicle close to home. I noticed the last digits were 7774 and thought, we might just reach 7777 back home. We did. Of course, my wife didn't know that in our Suzuki, as reported in the previous chapter, I had also, in our driveway, noticed digits 7774 and taken a picture a moment later of 7777. 

After pasting this picture here, suddenly the digits 17 came up -  the trip meter 82 and 99 = 17 difference. NOS magic.

Taking a short break, a minute or two after pasting this picture here, I entered the TV room. On the screen happened to be this headline: EARN 17% LES...

It was a segment calling for more pay for one sector of the workforce. (I don't think it was for driving instructors?)


The best thing any human can do is to earnestly seek the Lord, to trust HIM and live for HIM ! 

<<< Our Daily Bread (front cover)

My sharp mind just reminded me that the evening before I had read all three chapters of the biblical book of Nahum. This front cover verse of Our Daily Bread prompted me.


"The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him". (Nahum 1:7) 

As I type heavy rain is falling over Adelaide. Numbers 1 and 7 are falling all over our chapter, just as they did at the very beginning in the first chapter of this Book. It's titled Live Angel and begins with 17 17 17 17 and 717.

It so happened, Nahum 1, 7 back then was also the key verse. The Lord is good indeed.

- - - - - - -


The day I published the previous chapter, May 19th 2018, will be remembered by many for years to come. It brought tragedy to the people of Texas with another deadly school shooting. Cuba had just experienced its worst air crash in over 30 years. It can be depressing watching tragic news stories every day. 

But that day there was some uplifting news, beside my great, timely chapter, sorry HIS chapter. A fairytale romance between a prince and his princess culminated in a dream wedding. From the sunny weather in London to the sports car the couple departed in, and everything in between, could be described as perfect. 

The global television audience was estimated at 1.9 billion. (As I write the Football World Cup in Russia is supposedly attracting 3 billion viewers.) In the weeks leading up to the big event I never thought I could get excited about a celebrity wedding. As I composed the previous chapter and gradually uncovered a few links, even I caught the Royal Wedding fever.

So often we hear of celebrities divorcing after a few years, or even less, of marriage. This was one reason I expressed this thought about the couple: "If they heed God's Word and ask HIM for HIS guidance and blessing every day, their marriage will succeed."

Note the word guidance! It must have been God's Spirit guiding me to write this. Watching the ceremony on television, during the church service, my advise regarding guidance suddenly came to life:


Pic. TV Channel  2, 3, 7, 9, 10, BBC, DW, NBC ... 

<<< His and her Royal 'Happiness'. 

The first hymn, I could hardly believe my ears, was one of my favourites:

"Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer!"


Thank you, Lord! 

My mind went back 16 years to Book 1, Chapter 46. On June 8th 2002 was my first public appearance with the German Men's Choir, the Adelaide Liedertafel 1858. During the National Sängerfest in Mount Barker the combined 300 strong male-voice choir sang 'Guide me O Thou Great..."

As it did then, tears filled my eyes, marveling at God's faithful guidance through all those challenging times. If only everyone, Royals and all would trust God and seek HIS guidance. 

Pic. DailyMail

<<< In Style getaway.

A wedding car with a timely registration number: E for E-Type and 190518. Of course, everybody saw that it was the date on that big occasion!

How about this? For the first time ever I tuned into the online radio station, called Abiding Radio. Just as I wrote here, a soft violin is playing "Guide me O Thou great Redeemer". Isn't God amazing!  

Many discussion were had surrounding the sermon by the fiery American preacher. Anybody who had not heard of God's love certainly did on that day. I liked his name Michael. Had I not just written about that name Michael in great detail? I had. 

But more than that. One reporter from TV Channel Nine was called Michael Best. That name fitted even better, as did that of the 19 year-old cellist, who had been chosen to play - Mason. Beside ours, surely this was the best wedding ever. 

 - - - - - - -

Celebrate the moment >>>


Another major event in London clashed with the Royal wedding, the FA Cup Final. 


CHE stands for Chelsea, who won in 2018 against MAN.chester.


This picture came out just like shown, not cropped.


Loved CHE and L 1. 

Pic. TV Channel Nine

Stop Press: The letter L fits into here perfectly and again in amazing timing! Hours before this writing the 2018 Football World Cup had kicked off. The host nation Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5 0. VoiLa!



But there's more. Amazing what came up after watching a two minute video of the highlights: The hero of the match in his World Cup debut scored not once, but twice. His brilliant left foot volley will go down in world cup history. His name includes two letters e - Cheryshev, Christian name Denis.

 Wow,  I just saw this >>> his name starts with CHE !


The Russian player only came on after No.9 got injured. His number is 6. The video reply clearly shows him looking skyward, lifting his hands and moving his lips. His way of celebrating speaks volumes.

In the Book of Revelations the bible speaks of a celebration and calls it the 'marriage supper of the lamb'. Let's look at it as a wedding. The number where it's written couldn't be more fitting, Rev. 19, 6-9: 

Then I heard what seemed to be the voice of a great multitude, like the roar of many waters and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, crying out, Hallelujah!

For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory. For the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his Bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure, for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints.

And the angel said to me, "write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are the true words of God.”

With all due respect to the Royals, this wedding celebration will be even more jubilant, a party on a scale the world has never seen. In comparison Harry and Meghan's extravaganza was a picnic in the park. (Can't wait, Simon!)  

 - - - - - -

Among the many bits of data in Chapter 14 the surname Marshall came up. It so happened, the very next day, on 20th May 18, this name appeared in our church newsletter:

There were a total of seven names listed, people who were celebrating their birthday during the following two weeks.

The very first one listed, the person whose birthday it was on that very Sunday, happened to be Marshall.


It wasn't just merely this name that seemed to be stalking me after Chapter 14. The number 25, also known as BE, kept popping up regularly and in the most unexpected places. Here are two examples:

A few days before this writing I inserted a VCR into a player I had just bought. I picked up a tape from my small collection of ancient recordings. The number 25 came out within a few minutes:

Pic. Sat

<<< 25 years ...

The Egerländer brass band was celebrating its 25th anniversary in 1981. The inserted VCR tape happened to be just that...

The day after the two big events, the Royal wedding and our timely chapter, was Pentecost Sunday.

(Makes me think, was Prince Harry and Meghan aware that the first day of their honeymoon was Pentecost Sunday? Or were they occupied with other matters? Of course, Harry was! He couldn't wait to ... watch the replay of the FA Cup Final!)

The word Pentecost derives from the Greek language, meaning the 50th day. In the church calendar it's the time, when the Holy Spirit was poured out to the 120 believers gathered ...

Hey, take another look at above picture! How good that I did not crop it. I had considered cutting out the shoes and the two little letters a t, but left it just as I had photographed it off the screen - a t  =  1 20. (Love 9 20!)

... in the Upper Room as described in the Book of Acts. That Sunday evening I attended a special combined service at a church in Parafield Gardens, a nearby suburb. After the uplifting, upbeat singing and worship the preacher from One Life Church gave a sermon. His theme was: Wait - Prepare - Go.

The first slide on the screen at the front (I recall it and it's written in my diary) was Acts 2, 5. Checking out this scripture for this chapter, however, it does not make sense. (It only says " there were devout men staying in Jerusalem from every nation...") The scripture stayed on the screen a fair few minutes. Would be unusual if I (and my diary) were mistaken. 

Later in the sermon I also heard the preacher quote a scripture, one which had provided much blessing and magic in recent chapters. James 4, 8 travelled with us all the way from the Nahe and Rhein rivers in Germany.

- - - - - - -

Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park, NT.


For the second time, on May 25th 2018, my wife and I traveled to visit our daughter and family in Darwin, just up the highway. The almost 3000 km long road is called Stuart Highway, but we took an airplane. I'm only mentioning the road, because the name Stuart, close to where our daughter lives near Darwin, lends itself to the game of jumble letters: Trust A, or Trust (number) 1.


<<< ADL Airport Gate 25

Ever since our ABC123 code brought out 25 and BE it felt like this data has become a stalker.

We departed from Gate 25 on the 25th of May. The person beside me in the aircraft wore a T-shirt Los Angeles. He had ordered chicken and a beer. 

<<< BEEs at Assembly

At the school assembly, when our grandson (left) received an award, six large letters beside the platform, nothing else, made me snap this picture: BE BE BE.

(Truthful would be a good attribute to attach.) 


It had only been ten months since we had last seen our grandchildren, but the difference was clearly noticeable. Especially Aidan, (5 1/2) now in primary school, had grown beautifully. His behaviour toward his little brother Jacob, almost two years old, had improved considerably.

Aidan will no doubt look back later in life to happy Darwin memories. The family lives right across Sanctuary Lakes in the suburb of Gunn.

During our 10-day stay I must have walked around the lakes 20 times. Not sure who enjoyed these walks more, Berry the Staffordshire Terrier, or the old man dragging the leash, who was so eager to get into the winter sun he couldn't be bothered changing from his pajamas. 


Note the warning sign: Reported Crocodile Sighting. This was a big local story. The authorities had even set a trap. Still, all I ever saw in the lake were ducks and birds.

The only crocodile we saw on this trip was in the suburb of Cullen. My wife and I took a public bus to take a look around. Darwin buses were spotlessly clean, on time and of course air-conditioned. Timetables were displayed, which made it easy to get around. As seniors we simply showed our seniors card and were free to travel all day. (There are benefits to getting old).

The Cullen Bay Croc >>>


This prominent landmark, beside the beautiful marina, is thankfully made of bronze.

During our visit last July, however, a real 2-metre saltwater crocodile at Cullen Bay Beach had made headline news. 

Near the NT Parliament >>>

All over Darwin the aftermath of a severe cyclone in March 2018, only two months prior, was clearly visible. This huge tree outside the parliament building was brought down, along with many others, all over the city and suburbs. My full size men's road against the tree gives an indication as to the strength of the wind, which toppled this giant.

There were many of these fallen African Mahogany trees, which had been planted after Cyclone Tracy. The problem, we were told, is they are shallow rooted and can hardly withstand a category two storm. That nobody was killed or injured during this storm, called Cyclone Marcus (c) is nothing short of a miracle.

The name Markus (k) provided a real surprise at the end of the last chapter. A little research revealed his office is at No. 46 Jakob (k) Street, Nürnberg. Our grandson Jacob (c) doesn't live at No. 46, but at No. 9 ... (Their address is another story our code could be telling, one day - maybe?)

Since we are following on from the name Markus to the present chapter, my research revealed that Cyclone Marcus happened the day after Mr. Markus S. became Minister President of Bavaria. The gentleman must be glad that his name is spelled with a k not c?  

But then, why not name future cyclones after politicians? There are many, who have the know-how and passion for creating storms. (Just look again at the above picture ... ha ha!)

One more brief fact on the cyclone:

"Tropical Cyclone Marcus passed directly through Darwin about midday Saturday as a category two storm, bringing 130km/h wind gusts. About 130 people, including homeless people and clinic patients took cover in city shelters."                                            (Source: The Guardian online Sun Mar 18)


The number 130 (= Jan 30, twice) in above paragraph takes us into the sky; into an airplane, where I picked up the June 2018 Jetstar Magazine. Casually browsing the pages, letting the mind travel to far away places, I noticed a large number at the bottom of a page. (It was not the page number. I had learned where to look for page numbers in this magazine.) 

A man was sitting right above the number. The article called him the Oyster man, so the number may belong to a boat. Take a look:

Jetstar Magazine, June 2018

<<< Oyster man

It didn't take an Einstein brain to see G22 as 722. Viewing it as 272 in my simple mind, it becomes a landmark number! I kept thinking about it during the 3 1/2 hour, 3000 km flight.

Before leaving the plane, curiosity made me pick up the magazine once more. Perhaps the page number is 272? It wasn't. It was on Page 130. (At the time I knew nothing above data and story about cyclone Marcus.) When I found that G22 was written on a page that represented my day of birth, the feeling that there was more increased.

There was more, right on the page opposite; an advertisement for Rottenest Island in WA. Concentrating at first on Stay3 Pay2 brought nothing. But the word Karma, the name of the resort advertised triggered a thought process. The more my brain turned it over, the more I became curious. In prayer the next morning it came:

The word Karma took me right to the place we were visiting, Darwin. At the end of Chapter 4 it tells the story of how in a real estate window I had seen a mistake, the word rod and another similar to karma. It had been ten months since, but I recalled that the real estate involved was advertised at $ 310 000.

If this is what I was meant to see (C) then we must perhaps bring 103 into play? (We had 130 and 310). 100 is C and 3 is C ! 

- - - - - - -

On the occasion of visiting Darwin I thought of talking to a lawyer regarding our still imprisoned* magistrate friend Peter Liddy. There was a document that had a Darwin connection. As I googled for a lawyer who advertised first interview free, one came up whose address sounded very interesting: 16th Floor, 19 xxx  Street.

*As I typed this sentence, on Abiding Radio a male choir sang: "... and sets the prisoner free.."  ("O for a thousand tongues...") Amazing, I can't explain it, only marvel at these epiphanies.)

Not only did 16 and 19 feature big in the just published chapter, but xxx was the same name as that of the gentleman, who had years ago told me about the very document I wanted a lawyer to look at. 

When I took the lift to the said office and walked into their reception I knew I'd not get very far. At times I wonder, why don't I do more, make more noise, stir more waves, cause a bigger storm in this sage?

My doubts about any success in this lawyer's office had possibly been stirred by a photo I had taken earlier. It was at corner store in Mitchell Street, which had been boarded up. Normally one should not photograph or publish graffiti, but there are exceptions. Here it is:

Mitchell Street Food & Liquor


After many years of trying unsuccessfully to find justice for the unfortunate, imprisoned magistrate; after many rebuffs by lawyers, I tend to agree with this graffiti artist. 

Makes one wonder what his or her fight for justice has been like? Thankfully, I know the ONE who will bring justice for the oppressed in the end, just as the choir sang a moment earlier.

"The Lord executes righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed..." (Psalm 103, 6)


Before coming back to legal matters, what took place in church on the morning of publishing this chapter is very relevant here. It will bring us back to the above in a moment.

Our church service at the Salvation Army started with the brass band playing a piece called All That I AM. A father / daughter duo played solo parts. My eyes watered as I listened, as my mind went back four years to another church service. Visiting the Murray River town of Mildura, the same song blessed me also at a Salvation Army Church.

After arriving home I looked up the story in my autobiography. It was written four books back in Book 12, Chapter 15*. In this chapter, about a third of the page down, you can read the summary of my findings, my arguments and doubts about the fairness of the magistrate's court case and trial.

(*In this chapter I found this: 2 5) 

Central to it all is this document, the same one referred to above during our Darwin trip. It is my firm belief, if this evidence ever were put before a judge and jury in a courtroom, all would have to agree that the main accuser, a former prisoner in a Darwin prison, has many questions to answer. Until this happens, justice has not been served. 

How can those lawyers justify taking almost 3/4 Million Dollars from their former colleague's fortune, then do nothing to rectify this injustice? In 2019 Peter Liddy is due for parole. If this will be granted remains to be seen. If he were released, would he have the strength and determination to prove his innocence? Does he want to be released or feel safer inside the prison walls?

There are other reasons, some of a political nature, which make it more convenient to not bother about revealing truth to the public. People may lose confidence in the legal system, just as they have in the banking sector.

In the recent Royal Commission into the financial industry some shocking cases of malpractice came to light. Ordinary citizens, including myself, never imagined that even reputable banks, such as the blue-chip Commonwealth, conducted business in such heartless, corrupt manner; greed being the main driver.

It makes me ask: What would a Royal Commission into the Insurance Industry, the Petroleum industry, the Electricity industry etc. bring out?

What would a Royal Commission into the media, or a thorough investigation into the police and the legal fraternity reveal? All were instrumental in causing Peter's demise!

- - - - - - -

There is another kind of Royal Commission under way. God Almighty gave HIS son Jesus the commission to destroy the works of the devil. (1.John 3, 8). 

Jesus himself forecast how this commission would play out. He knew he would be killed:

"The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and after three days rise again." (Mark 8, 31)

Jesus fulfilled this part of HIS Fathers commission. When HE returns as King of King HE will complete the total destruction of all evil. 

"I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live ..." (John 11, 25)

Chapter 16