Chapter 14  Written / Published 16.5./19.5.18    (Pics by author, unless indicated) 

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The ABC123 code again leads to some remarkable discoveries in this chapter, starting and ending with ISSO. But let's never forget codes and numbers are merely a tool. Without God's Spirit, the Spirit of love, they are mere numerology and meaningless.


In the beginning we cross paths with local parliamentarians. At the end we come a.cross (point added on purpose) a politician across the other side of the world. 


I was going to write his story from memory. So glad I checked my dairy for the finer details. I had no idea what an unbelievable finish there would be!


Read about a footballer at the bottom of his career and his turnaround,  about an initiative by the American first lady and how the Royal wedding, taking place on the day of publishing, takes us right back to ISSO.


In between all of that we visit our neighbouring state Victoria.


14.  Timely royal wedding   

Why don't you open the bible, instead of turning on the TV? 

This question popped into my mind as I sat down to eat breakfast. I had already said my early morning prayers and was planning to leave for a special church gathering in the city of Adelaide. At first I resisted the thought. There was little time to eat breakfast, knowing I had to battle peak hour traffic for the 8 AM start in North Adelaide. 

Holding a spoon with one hand I flung open the bible with the other. My eyes fell onto the Book of Job and immediately focused in on three little words - it is so.  


Text: "Then Job answered and said: "Truly I know it is so. But how can a man be righteous before God? If one wished to contend with Him? He could not answer Him one time out of a thousand." (Job 9, 2-3. NKJ).


Over the years, whenever these words IS SO appear, they conjure up ancient memories. At the same time they point to the number 1550, which they did even more so on that Thursday morning. The date was May 10th (2018).

It so happened on that rainy day in Adelaide the temperature given in the weather report was minimum 10°, max 15° Centigrade. Now, there are intellectual minds, who love to argue about all kinds of things. But two authorities one can never argue with - the weather bureau and God Almighty. Actually, there's another one - the bathroom scales. 

My weight that morning showed exactly 70.0 kilogram. I had the distinct feeling it was going to be a day of special numbers. It was; and it did not take very long to show. As I started the car engine, minutes later, a glance at the dash of my Suzuki showed mankind's favourite number - 7 according to our last chapter. The trip meter showed 7 not once, not twice but ... See for yourself:

Trip meter reading on 10.5 >>> 777.7

To be totally transparent, please let me clarify. As I started the engine, the digit on the far right was 4, not 7. So I drove 300 meters around the corner, stopped the vehicle and took above picture!

Perhaps the 777.4 meant that somebody was 4 (in favour) of the 777 campaign, described in the previous chapter?

But, as expected there was more. I had planned to find a parking spot, as always, outside Christ Church, North Adelaide. Battling through very heavy traffic, I was wondering, would I make the 8 AM meeting on time? The stress of negotiating peak hour traffic, something I had not done in a long time, made me wonder how I ever survived those decades, when that battlefield was my place of work as driving instructor.

The numbers surprise continued after I had parked my green 228 Suzuki. Only then did I realize I had parked right next to a VIC registered Mitsubishi, registration number ... 550:


Since the vehicle was registered in the PLace to BE - State (Victoria) it only took the I from VIC to again create I550.

 (Please note V C, we shall have some fun in this chapter with those letters, in the state of VIC). 

(Had I first spotted this 550 plate and then decided to park beside it, there would be no magic. Magic happens; it can't be manipulated. Every motorist knows that you must first indicate, well in advance, before you even know a car park is available; in this case an angel park, sorry angle park.)


The important meeting I attended that morning took place in St. Peters Cathedral. I had read in a newsletter that a church service was to be held at 8 AM on Thursday, May 10th 2018 for Members of Parliament. Not that I counted myself among this elite, but when I read, the public is invited to attend, I knew I'd be there, God willing.


Members of State Parliament, receiving a blessing in St. Peters Cathedral. (God knows, they need HIS blessing)

The gathering was small enough to notice, who was there and who was missing. There were many fresh faces I did not recognize, recently elected MPs. However, looking at this picture, I was very familiar with four or five of the nine shown. They had crossed my paths somewhere among my hundreds of chapters: 

The gentleman on the far left, to the best of my knowledge, was the one whose name struck me as funny (in my weird and wild days in Book 6, 
Chapter 24).

Another gentleman above told me once on the telephone that we have the best legal system in the world. (Book 10, Chapter 11).

One of the male MPs above gave me hope at one time, asking me what questions he should raise in Parliament in the case of Magistrate Liddy. In a detailed letter I stated clearly what questions needed to be asked. That's as far as it went, much to my disappointment.

On the far right stands the lady, who in the previous two chapters received a mention, the newly elected MP for King.


There were other people there, who I had blown the whistle to, regarding the Liddy case. Two gentlemen I spoke to briefly were pastors from churches my wife and I had been regularly attending. On arriving I had recognized a man, Mr. R. He couldn't remember where he knew me from, but for an aged person that's forgivable. His photo is in my Book 14, Chapter 6.

When I spotted him at the end of the pew, I felt strongly to sit with him. So I did. It was a good decision. Talking to him afterwards it occurred to me to ask him, where he lived. Next question, since it was raining outside: "How are you going to get home? Can I give you a lift?" So I did. En route to his house he told me that I was the answer to his prayer. He had quietly prayed there would be somebody able to drive him home.

Mr. R's eyesight was not really good. At first he failed to direct me to turn into his street. We turned back only a short distance away; no trouble finding his ground floor apartment. Had we not done this I may have missed the street name - Michael Street.

You see, twice more that morning the name Michael entered my world. On the way home I needed to pick up a purchase at the Salvo store, where I volunteer. The person behind the counter, who normally works in the warehouse at the back, was Michael.

An hour later, driving north on Main North Road, a tradesman's vehicle in the lane beside me, displayed their name. You guessed it: Michael's ....Services! 

What struck me as peculiarly weird, call it what you like, the location where this tradesman overtook me was at a large reserve. It's name is R.... Reserve - like the surname as that of the gentleman, who I had dropped off in Michael Street.


In the previous chapter you will find the name Michael. There it is that of a politician. In the bible it is that of an angle, sorry an angel. Lesli White writes in

The name Michael means, “Who is like God.” In the Bible, he is called “one of the chief princes” (Daniel 10:13) and "the great prince” (Daniel 12:1). Most angels in the Bible are portrayed as messengers, but Michael is described  in three books as contending, fighting, or standing against all evil spirits and principalities. Michael is usually shown with a sword, or carrying the scales of justice."

Friends, I'm not sure, where to take this from here. Best to change to another biblical name, one which has been providing magic in the previous chapters - the name James. Take a look, how James popped up in my daily bible readings:

Wed 9 May - Daily bible reading - Word for Today... 

... and Our Daily Bread:

"Be careful what you say" is good advise, be it at work, in the school yard or at a family gathering.

The bible is a minefield of instruction on life. No other book comes close to digging deep into human nature and behaviour. For a healthy life the biblical way is the only way to live.

At present I am reading these two daily devotions in hard copy. It surprised me that both were the same scripture on the same day.

- - - - - - -

One day earlier, on May 8th, 2018, a world famous person launched a campaign along the same lines - encouraging children to live a healthy life. I took special notice when I first got a glimpse of it on television. The timing was uncanny, and so was the two word slogan. It included the letters BE two times.

Ten minutes earlier I had typed an email to relatives in London. They had sent a lovely photo of their four grand-daughters. The word grand, the alternative meaning, suddenly tickled the funny side of my brain. In the PS of my email I wrote the thought that came, a play of words:

"Just had a thought: Mankind must be getting better and better - first you have children, then you have grand children. Next they become even better - great grand children!"

Within minutes, back in the TV room the following news item appeared on the screen. Judge for yourself, if there could be a more fitting news item to cause an aha moment:


BE BEST, US - First Lady >>>


Melania Trump was launching her campaign to encourage children to be their best. 

If only our children were taught the best way to be best! Without life's most solid foundation, God's Word, nobody can live to be their best! 

Every child ought to learn this simple prayer: "Show me your ways O Lord; teach me your paths." (Psalm 25)

Pic. AP Photo

In the middle of the night (3.31 am) before this writing I woke with a picture in my mind, which stemmed from the above*

69 t

(Is this strange, or what? I just remembered a typing error in the previous chapter. Alert readers would have figured out that King Charles I did not reign from 1625 - 1949. It proves again, mistakes can turn into beauty.)

(More came on editing: This chapter written, published 16 - 19 May!)

* BE BE.S.T = [25 + 25 +19] t

- - - - - - -

The number 69 and the earlier noted letters V C are perfect to send us on our way for the anticipated, short trip to Victoria. I had had a very busy and stressful week doing voluntary work; almost felt like quitting. Instead, at short notice, I decided to take a break and hijack my wife for this get-away from it all. Winter was on our doorstep, but the weather still very hot; unusually hot for April.

As we travelled through Mildura, on the Murray River near the New South Wales border, the temperature reached a record 39.6° C. (103° F). Likewise, Swan Hill where we stayed on our first night, experienced a record high for April. 


<<< Swan Hill, VIC

Historic Bridge and Water Tower.

Walking across the River Murray here, you walk interstate from Victoria into New South Wales.

<<< V 100 (or V C)


We followed a tourist route through the little town of Maldon, when I spotted this V on a hill near Mantons Gully Road.


How could I not recall a huge C on a hillside outside CA. USA?

(Bk 1, Ch.70).

An extract from this chapter fits right into our be theme:

"I caught the number 25 bus back towards downtown Riverside. Through the bus window I could see the large ‘C’ sitting serene on the hillside. It was visible for miles." 

In that Chapter (70) reader will also see a picture of a building, No, 2001. It so happened that in early May 2018 I received a newsletter from an American Christian organization, whose address is also 2001. 

But there were many more 'codes' I was amazed; almost a code overload!

Street name ends in ...son
 Suburb ends in ...ton
Suite No. 511 
Phone number ends in 1414

Postcode starts with 2220

I can't recall having ever subscribed to this organization's newsletter. A scribble in my diary (Tue 8/5/18) asks: "Do they know 2220, 1511, 414, Two Ten??

If so, whoever follows my journey may know that I have a sister Anita in the USA. One of their admin. staff is called Ania*, surname ... the same name as one of my brother's in Germany.

(*In my earlier title pages you will find many words, where an inserted t created a new word - sand-stand, passion-pass it on etc). 

- - - - - - -

<<< Bendigo, Victoria.

As we were walking around this large regional town, which has a rich gold mining history, a police vehicle kept crossing our paths. 

The blue registration plate consisted of No.9 and the letters LC AN. Minutes later, when I noticed the same vehicle a second time, slowly driving through the pedestrian mall, I took even more notice.

Note the time on the post office tower ~ 2.50 PM. (Perhaps 50 seconds before?)

Ballarat >>>

Two days later I could not help but snap a picture of the letters LC in Camp Street, Ballarat. 

(As I understand it, these mark certain faculties of the University).


There was another reason why I took this 'see L' picture. My wife's cousin, who we had lunch with in Ballarat, who took the picture below, shared lunch with us in a Restaurant in Sturt Street. The name of the Restaurant - SCHNITZ- seemed to have the letters E L missing. (I don't think one needs to be German to notice this).

Below: Sturt Street, Ballarat.

<<< Isobel and her dieter.

This prominent, wide street should really be called boulevard. Grand, historic buildings, such as the town hall (in the background?) bear witness to a rich, colourful past.

Restaurant on Sturt >>> 

A few doors up from the Schnitz is this 'All You Can Eat' place - Open 6 days! Can you imagine, for almost a week, stuff yourself with all you can eat?

You wouldn't want to be a dieter!

I have watched diners in such places, who eat as if there is a championship going on!

But then ... a shop window in Castlemaine said it all ! 




- - - - - - -


Our last full day in Victoria was on Friday 13th April 2018. It was a very cold morning, considering that only days early hot-weather records had been broken. I decided to take my Scott road bike for a little ride through the beautiful country side, among the vineyards and orchards around the district where we were staying in Harcourt.

Central Victoria map:

<<< Castlemaine Region


We stayed in Harcourt on the A 79. Please note! Loddon is no misprint, even though I love to apply the DN code, which would take us to London. Within hours of writing, the world's eyes will be on London.

It was this sign, the numbers 3 and 1, which made me think of FRI 13th. When I first spotted Bress it looked a bit like bees.

My little game on FRI 13 didn't end there. 

Having used minus r code I applied it to FRI. But what can one do with FI, except perhaps use it as the FIrst two letters of your surname?

Then suddenly, FI became a number, the number of the property where we were staying at - 69. Until then it hadn't really registered on my brain. 

FI happen to be letters 6 and 9 in our alphabet. (Together with 13 (1369) in my early books played a huge role. 

<<< Just now, writing this, I became aware how the name of this place fits perfectly into the bigger picture. This cosy Bed & Breakfast cottage, situated beside a vineyard, is called F.I.. . Voila !  6 9 again!

All works together for best...! 

- - - - - - -

The A-League football season was coming to an end. My team Adelaide United finished a respectable fifth on the table. The team coached by Stuttgart born Marco Kurz qualified for the finals playoff. However, their dream of winning the big trophy for a second time came to an end in the second round.

On April 28th, 2018 two remaining teams were locked in a battle to reach the grand final, Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC, the favourite to win. If they were to succeed it would top off an incredibly successful season, having won 20 out of the 27 matches played; they only lost 3. It would have also meant a sweet farewell for their coach Graham Arnold. He was leaving to become the Socceroos coach, Australia's National team, after the upcoming World Cup in Russia.

But Arnold's dream looked like it was also coming to an end. Melbourne Victory was leading 2:1 right through the second half. They were trailing only because of an own goal by Sydney FC in the 24th minute. The closer it got to the final whistle, the more cheering and celebrating antics were heard among the visiting Melbourne supporters. The home team was desperate for an equalizer. 

And it came - in a most incredible way, a Eigentor. This German word literally means 'own goal'. Own goals at that level of football are rare, but to witness two in one game is incredible. The Eigentor equalizer came at the worst time possible - seconds before full time.


Victory's No.24 Antonis >>>

... at the worst time of his career. After scoring the own goal at the worst possible time, he must have felt like crawling into a hole, if there were one. 





What he didn't know that he was about to go from zero (note O) to hero

With the score now 2:2 the game went to extra time. Arnold's team, the reigning champions, suddenly found themselves dreaming of making the grand final after all. They had half hour to do it. 

But it wasn't to be. A determined, emotionally charged Terry Antonis in the 117th minute (3 minutes before the end) dribbled the ball from the half-way line almost into the Sydney goal and redeemed himself. As if all his prayers were answered in that moment, he scored the winner for Victory's victory.               (Pics.

In the back of my mind the name Antonis sounded familiar. It came to me that I had not long before written about a similar name, a musician named Antonin. In chapter 12, appropriately named 'surnames for winners' he received a mention. It didn't take long for me to put two and two together and squeeze the O in between:




If any reader now thinks that in church the next morning the microphone cable fell exactly onto the letters NOS they are partially right. When a slide appeared on the screen I noticed it fell exactly onto letter NS. I wished I had my camera handy to take a picture. 

But I managed a picture during church one week later. It was the morning after Antonis' football team, Melbourne Victory) had won the grand final. (That date was 5.5 and the score 1:0, it really ISSO).

It was Red Shield Sunday on May 6th. Everybody had been encouraged to wear something red that morning. The young lady who gave the children's story out the front wore a cape. On the back, that's what puzzled me, I noticed the letter V in red. 

The picture I took (below) turned out a little blurred. (It can happen when you take photos in church and your wife sits beside you.... "Wait till we get home..." just kidding).


<<< Salvos Red V Day.

I doubt the V had anything to do with Melbourne Victory's victory. The trombones were part of the children's story. And if you don't wear a red shirt, a red trombone will do. 

Crossword Puzzle - EIGENTOR  >>>

Two days after the memorable football match, witnessing two own goals, I was amazed to find the word Eigentor in this German crossword puzzle. Timing!?

Below: Our dear friend Nancy.

A few days before this chapter a crossword clue had me stumped: American female Christian name, five letters. I had three, N A N.  But I could not think of the other two. The next morning, when it came - NANCY - I had a laugh at myself. Only two hours before doing that crossword I had visited Nancy. On 1505 was her birthday. Here we go again ...


Those four letters ISSO first entered my numerical sphere in a teary chapter, way back on May 10, 05 (Bk.2, 40). In a later chapter (Bk.3,35) I had discovered that the only time in my life I was referred to in our state Parliament's Hansard was in 1999. I had been part of a road safety campaign, which had tabled a petition signed by 1550 residents.)


On the morning after above NAN.CY crossword brainteaser I realized there was a quirky twist I had not seen. The missing part were a C and Y (25). Both letters fit into this chapter perfectly.


Still there was more. The day of publishing, (19.5.) in 2018 happens to be a big day in the British Royal Family, especially for Prince Harry and his American bride Meghan. They must have been inspired to pick this day. I'm amazed, how the timing of it fits again perfectly into this chapter:


The letters ISSO, changed into numbers, reading backwards = 5 19 19 19. Advanced mathematicians may even be able to recreate the unnecessary 19 19 and turn it into 2018, but ...

... the Royal couple needs far more than magic numbers for their future happiness. If they heed God's Word and ask HIM for HIS guidance and blessing every day, their marriage will succeed. Yes, even the Royal family is subject to God Almighty!


“How blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in His ways. When you shall eat of the fruit of your hands, You will be happy and it will be well with you. Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine within your house, your children like olive plants around your table. Behold, for thus shall the man be blessed who fears the LORD” (Psalm 128, 1-4).

- - - - - - -

We commenced this chapter crossing paths with our State Parliamentarians. To close here let me highlight an incident in my diary, when my paths crossed with another State Parliament. It was a.cross (point added) the other side of the world - the Bavarian Landtag and its recently appointed leader. I know this sounds repetitive, but it's the holy timing once again, which can't be dismissed as co-incident.

The morning after uploading the previous chapter, titled 'To be25 or not to be' I woke in the middle of the night. A thought came, which made me look at the clock, just in case it would become part of my story. It was 3.16 AM.

I saw the three letters t, part of the title, in this way  t  t  t  a symbol of Easter.

In Australia it was ANZAC Day, where we remember the fallen during the wars. (Perhaps this is why I woke seeing crosses?) I couldn't go back to sleep so I tuned into the BBC London on my little transistor radio. A news item would have blown me over had I not been laying in bed under the doona.

It was read* during the 3.30 AM bulletin (Adelaide time). After pondering this news for a while I rose at 3.57 AM to write it all down:

"The Bavarian State Parliament is considering a law that requires a cross to be displayed in the entrance halls of all public buildings."

*The reader's surname, from memory, was Marshall. Incidentally, the same surname as that of our leader in State Parliament. (See previous chapter).

A little research revealed that there is opposition to this initiative. Out of all the people, even some clergy are not happy. One must wonder about these clergy's spirituality, not welcoming God's symbol, the very essence of their faith, into the public arena.

 Let's remind ourselves of a scripture, which came up a few times in recent chapters:

"Draw near to God and HE will draw near to you." (James 4:8).

How opposite is this initiative to what some of our politicians are advocating? The Greens, if they were in power, would dispense with the Opening Prayers in our Parliaments! NOT good!



<<< Markus Soeder, b.5.1.

Applause for a great initiative by the leader of the Bavarian parliament.

Love his slogan: "We want to be modern, but remain Bavarian." May I add - You don't need to become immoral or godless to be modern!

It so happened, the gentleman's name can be found in an earlier chapter among my books. When my son Jon and I were visiting Munich in 2015 we noticed a VIP in front of TV cameras in the Hofbraeuhaus. 

Even back then the gentleman had called for an increased protection of religious symbols. I commented writing: "Such a man ought to be elected President". (Bk 14, 2).

On March 16th anno 2018 Mr. Soeder became Minister-President. 


Wow! Thank you Lord for waking me at 3.16 AM on Anzac Day!

 "...He wakeneth me morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned." (Isaiah 50, 4 KJV).

Chapter 15