Chapter 12  Written / Published 11.3./16.3.18    (Pics by author, unless indicated) 

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A great scientist died during this chapter. All of us will one day. I trust that many readers will find the hope for eternal life before their time comes. 

As in every chapter of my autobiography I see God behind everything.


If God chooses to use a symphony orchestra or a mega-star in a gay parade, a politician fighting for election or winner's Lotto numbers, who can argue with God? The creator of the universe knows ALL, HE knows each of us, even our deepest thoughts and intentions. 


I'm so glad HE does. HIS intention is to give us eternal life. How could anybody reject the offer? It's free, but costs everything! Think about it!


12. Surnames 4 Winners 

How would you like an unexpected knock on your door and a young lady announcing that you have been chosen to receive a gift of $ 10 000 cash? This is what happened to a grandmother in a small rural village in Victoria. Television Channel 9 was doing just that, rewarding a hard working lady for her dedicated service in her community.

My wife and I were watching the segment on breakfast television. It was the day after I had uploaded my previous chapter. I not sure now, if it was the lady's name (Moira) or, more likely, the never-heard-of, unusual name of the small village, where she lived (Iona), which made me play my letter elimination game. Both include the letters a / o:

M O I R A   -  I O N A   =   M R  N.

Regular readers by now know me well enough that my creative side always craved for more. There was more. The postcode for Iona, Victoria is listed as 3815*. All Victorian postcodes start with 3 - leaving us with 815. The evening before, readers may recall, the number 185 emerged in a startling photo in the chapter just uploaded. (The letters in the title HE are the 8th & 5th letter of the alphabet. I added the 1.)

A discovery like this called for a reaction. I briefly thanked the TV people for the amazing segment about Moira. I signed off as MR N.

- - - - - - -

It happens very often - soon after publishing a particular chapter that somewhere in my sphere of observation I see things that link. Two chapters back, at the end of chapter 10, you may recall a picture I took on my final day in Europe. I had seen a pair of shoes, on the roadside, abandoned and was amazed how the surrounding colours matched in. 

It happened again here in Adelaide, only a few days after the previous chapter. I had parked my Suzuki along the Esplanade in Semaphore, a popular beachside suburb. As I unloaded my Scott bike to go for a ride, I could not help spotting a pair of boots left on the roadside: 


Semaphore, Esplanade, boots, matching background.

 The colours matched perfectly. I remembered the green casuals of Bingen. 


Still in chapter 10, a few paragraphs above the picture of the green casual shoes, I have quoted a bible verse. "Draw near to God ..." It came up unexpectedly, creating a peculiar twist at the time, worth repeating: As I was writing about the walk on my last evening in Europe in 2017, I became aware that I had been walking along Federal Road No.48, beside the Nahe River. The word nahe in English translates as 'near. Suddenly the number and name made a prefect match!

A few days after writing about this, as my wife and I strolled past a second- hand shop in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, I noticed this in the window:


Wall plaque: Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you. (James 4:8).

 The lady at the second-hand store didn't sell the plaque, she gave it to me for free. 

In the days following Chapter 10 I noticed at least three people wearing Basketball shirts, sporting the surname James (23).

HEY, how amazing what just came to me, six month after the 'Nahe' experience! 

J      A      M      E      S 

10  + 1  + 13  + 5  + 19  = 48

Friends, if we take God seriously, moving closer toward HIM, HE will move closer toward us. How precious are those moments, experiencing God's nearness in such a tangible way. 

And if HE wants to use numbers to show Himself, who am I to say that it's below HIS divine protocol? (Read on for more NOS).

- - - - - - -

Stop Press: About an hour after above discovery I wondered, if the simple (a=1, b=2 etc) code used would have a name. I googled the question:

 "What do they call the a1, b2, c3 code".

I could hardly believe my eyes, when the very first website showed up on the screen. Out of 947 000 results this was the top site:

How amazing - J A M E S   with the numbers that add to 48! 

The blogger, whose name is James, took the code even further, exploring mean numbers i.e. James = 9.6. (48 divided by 5). He goes on to take into account the distances between letters - from a to b = 1 etc.

Allow me to keep it simple and just marvel at the amazing co-incident (or NOT) that I would be landing on that man James' website, an hour after having created exactly the same table.

One thing I also marvel at: J A = 101 >>> YES! 

Love it, but I still don't know if there is a name for the a1 b2 code! Let's just call it the ABC123 code.

- - - - - - -

On the day before commencing this chapter, somehow my attention was drawn to an advertisement on the front page of our local, free newspaper. The number 19 was the only data in that large ad. Plus it had been placed by a politician, a Senator in Canberra, who I knew personally from very early in my Book 1.


<<< $ 19 millio...

The next day in church, the date was 11.3.18, I had forgotten all about 19 until the very beginning of the service. 

The person leading, Alison, started off by reading Psalm 19, the magic of God seen in the magnificent display of the universe.

As she read Verse 2, from the brass band came a very loud, noise, short and sharp. Somebody had dropped something heavy. Within a second, the leader came to Verse 3, which ended in " sound was heard from them (NIV)."

God has a great sense of humour. 

I probably would no have bothered telling this insignificant incident, had I not come across a name mentioned in a bible commentary about Psalm 19. The writer of this psalm is King David, who directed it to 'The Chief Musician'. Scholars are not certain, who this chief musician was. One suggestion pointed to a Singer, mentioned in Chronicles 16, 33. His name was Heman.                      (Source: 

You see, I knew that my chapter was about to tell about a two-day excursion my wife and I went on to the Barossa Valley. During this time one man, whose name starts with HE and a school student, whose name starts with MAN, played a prominent role. That's why the name Heman in that Psalm's commentary grabbed my attention ! (Details in a moment). 

- - - - - - -


nosh Cafe - Tanunda, Barossa Valley, South Australia

When I took this picture during our brief get-away, I did not notice or decoded nosh into numbers; neither into No. 27, a featured number days later in Chapter 11, nor into 19 (No.S  =  No.19).

Writing here this came: Using the ABC123 code our letters NOS (therefore also SON) add to 48.

But there's more: Above picture also holds number 48, using 6 and a very simple formula!

- - - - - - -

It was a birthday present from our children - a night in a luxury resort in the Barossa Valley, less than an hour's drive away. As additional gift we received tickets for a concert by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO), which happened to perform that same evening just down the road in the Langbein Theatre in Tanunda.

The first peculiarity I noticed - our allocated seats were in Row A. They may have been the most expensive seats in the theatre? And how does the letter A fit into the theme of the concert 'Out of the CBD?' The featured composers were Mendelssohn and Antonín Dvořák. (Please note Antonin!)

<<< Jonathon Coco (Double Bass).

He and David Schilling, two virtuoso performers, gave a superb rendition of Passione Amorosa, by Giovanni Bottesini. 

Sitting only two meters away I could not help noticing that J.C. did not read from the sheet music in front of him, but played the long piece from memory. A few more performances like this and I could become a lover of classical music, besides my favourite - James! (Last).

At the conclusion I turned to Isobel and said: "If they (the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra) were to play James Last, I'd be overwhelmed with emotion." Music can bring tears to your eyes. The ASO almost managed it at the end.  

The scheduled duration of the concert was 1 hour 35 minutes, which included a 20 minute interval. Of course, the music magic didn't end there. The customary encore, a rendition of Danny Boy topped off the evening. The conductor, Paul Fitzsimon, would have been glad when the show was over. His black shirt was saturated from perspiration.

Returning home, I kept thinking, why Danny Boy after Mendelsohn and Dvořák, two completely different genres? The more I thought about it, with my limited musical knowledge, the more I discovered. One thing I did know. When I first arrived in Australia and started attending church we often sang a hymn to the tune of Danny Boy. I remembered it very well. It's called I cannot tell.... 

The writer started each verse with I cannot tell, expressing the mysteries of God's, i.e. HIS love in Verse 1: 

"I cannot tell why He, whom angels worship,
Should set His love upon the sons of men,
Or why, as Shepherd, He should seek the wand’rers,
To bring them back, they know not how or when".

The middle part of each verse states the confidence we have in God: But this I know ...! Verse 2:  

"But this I know, He heals the broken-hearted,
And stays our sin, and calms our lurking fear,
And lifts the burden from the heavy laden …"

Each verse ends with a declaration about our Saviour:

Verse 1: The Saviour of the world is come.

Verse 2: The Saviour of the world is here.

Verse 3: The Saviour of the world is known.

Verse 4: The Saviour of the world is king.

The hymn writer may have longed for the return of the Lord even back then, over one hundred years ago. If so, he expressed it in four words: Come, here, known, king. 

At the time of the Barossa Valley 'escape' in early February, I had no inkling that the word king would occupy my mind in the weeks to come.


Tanunda SA.                     Pic. Barossa Council

Matter of fact the very next day, still chewing over events from the evening before, I came across the word king. It was in the center of Tanunda in a small park by the rotunda. I read king on the cover of a book.

My wife and I had parked our Hyundai and were walking to a vacant table to have our lunch. In passing I noticed a lady, dressed in a shop assistant's uniform, obviously on her lunch break. She sat engrossed in a book. On the cover, in big letters, I caught a glimpse of one word - KING. She was still reading the king book when we passed her again to return to our vehicle.

Something else happened during that 45 minutes lunch break. As soon as we had sat on the picnic table, I saw a plastic card that somebody obviously had forgotten or just left there for another reason. It was a current student ID card of a teenager from Nuriootpa, the next town about 7 kilometers up the road. 

On closer inspection I noticed that the surname starts with Man. Now I recalled a personalized vehicle registration plate, parked not far away, which we had walked by earlier: TOMAN 1. (Not as unusual as another one, spotted days before this writing: TOBEGOD).

Alert readers would have realized that this student is the one alluded to earlier in the chapter. The surname not only started with MAN, it continued with HE. All this was only days before writing the previous HE chapter. (Another HE was just around the corner.) 

Now readers may understand, why I took a photo of the ID card before returning it. Here it is, without identifying the student:


Lost Student ID  >>>


Besides the surname there were other data my coded mind picked up. The schools phone number, ending in 2022 reminded me of the chapter (Bk16/10) written a few weeks earlier. It includes a registration plate No. 2022. 

Those digits are also part of the expiry date (bottom right) as is 228 and 288 - favourite NOS from the last decade, my early discoveries. Did I not write once - surely goodness and numbers shall follow you...? 


Since we had no need to rush back home and no firm plans for the afternoon, I decided to drop the ID card into the school administration - a good deed, a habit from my boy scout days. 

The school was still on lunch break, hundreds of students in clusters, sitting in the shade under trees playing with their iphones. I did not know where the administration office was so I asked the only adult around. The gentleman had just exited a nearby building a was walking towards me.

We were a long way from the admin building. He offered to walk with me through the school grounds. Curious students probably were wondering about us. The teacher told me there were over 1000 students in that school. For a country town this was an impressive number, I thought. During the short walk I caught a glimpse of his name badge. His surname read He ... 

Reader must understand that this was days before I was to write the previous chapter. Very rarely do I decide on the title of a chapter days before commencing. This time I knew well in advance that HE was to be the title, or at least part of the title; another reason why the earlier biblical name Heman bugged me.

While writing this chapter, long after the Barossa experience, my unorthodox brain discovered a link from the above ASO concert to a code on my website. It's easy to grasp, if you're familiar with code 414 and how it originated. All may sound weird, which I don't deny it does, but this I know, it all makes sense:


<<< N in on t


Years ago I created this symbol after wondering, what the letter N would look like in the center of a cross. I saw 414.

Using the ABC123 code D A N - as in Danny Boy - happens to result in 414. 
An even wilder thought is this: The first name of Czech composer Dvořák is Antonin. Doesn't it sound just like ...?  


Years ago there was a time, when I had tired of codes and numbers. To even consider bringing the ABC123 code into play was out of the question. Today, I don't shy away from NOS and SON. They add to 96. 

Why not simply marvel and trust G (7) that HE knew exactly what HE accomplished on the t (20) and leave it to HIM.  

- - - - - - -

Years ago, when I was desperately fighting on behalf of professionals driving instructors, one man had offered to help. (Pity, it never eventuated). The gentleman had entered politics on the platform of No pokies ( no gaming machines) and became very popular in South Australia. No doubt, his many weird stunts, usually in front of the media, helped the opinion polls. Voters dislike boring politicians. 

Later the gentleman decided to run for the Federal Senate. He had no trouble gaining a seat in Canberra. Late in 2017 the unorthodox politician, who ironically is of (Greek) orthodox faith, quit his position as a Senator of South Australia, and returned to Adelaide. His aim is, as I understand it, to gain the balance of power in our State Parliament, if not reign himself as Premier! 

I am talking about Nick Xenophon, who after returning to our state, was quickly given a nickname, if you pardon the pun - kingmaker.

The Kingmaker, Nick Xenophon on TV Channel 10.

Isn't the word kingmaker an oxymoron? A king is not made - a king is born!

If there is power in the world, who can make someone into a king, it's God Almighty. 

Since the date of publishing is March 16 (3, 16) let's sidetrack just for a moment and look at a story in the bible, the story of Nic ...

This parallel name was totally unplanned. How marvelous to  again experience how God provides magic, just when I felt doubtful, thinking, who would be interested in this? 

The VIP in John, Chapter 3, was a man named Nicodemus. He approached Jesus one night, curious about the amazing works he had performed. Before their conversation went any further, Jesus put it straight to him: "Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (Verse 3).

Nicodemus then heard Jesus utter HIS most famous quote, the most impacting verse in the bible:  

"For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3, 16).

By believing in Jesus one is born again - born to inherit eternal life! Why would anybody want to refuse IT?

Amazing timing, once again: It so happened, on the day of uploading (16.3.18) I tuned into the radio broadcast of Chuck Swindoll (Insight for living). The very second my transistor hit the right radio station (RPH 1197 Adelaide) Chuck uttered the name Nicodemus. 

The international bible scholar Chuck Swindoll in his daily radio broadcast is presently exploring the story of Nicodemus. His theme: Brainstorming the new birth. 

- - - - - - - -

Wonderful! As I edit this chapter, shortly to be uploading, rain is falling - unexpectedly, but very welcome; the first rain in many weeks.

- - - - - - -

(Back to politics) 

As reported in a recent chapter, Nick Xenophon started a brand new political party, called SA BEST. Now living back in his hometown Adelaide he is hoping that his gamble, switching back to State politics, will be paying off. The press reported that there is no guarantee Mr. X will even enter state parliament. Early surveys in late 2017 gave SA Best a chance to form government. That certainly would be the best result ever for a startup party. Since then, however, the party's popularity has plummeted.

The day after publishing this chapter South Australians go to the polls to decide. The X factor has created much confusion among voters in South Australia. My wife and I, for the first time we can remember, we are unsure who to vote for. Personally speaking, the moral character of a politician counts more than anything. Close second comes common sense!

The only Party in South Australia, applying this litmus test, would be Australian Conservatives. It's leader, Senator Cory Bernardi, has been outspoken against the trendy 'new age' philosophies, sometimes too bluntly perhaps. He only formed the AC (Australian Conservatives) in 2017, breaking away from the Liberal Party and amalgamating with Family First. The AC will receive my vote. 

The Senator must have felt like many true conservatives in the Liberal Party did, feeling abandoned since their stalwart party leader, Tony Abbott was backstabbed by the very liberal Liberals. Common sense has gone out the window. Now there is little difference between Labor and Liberal on moral issues - common sense not longer common. 

Sorry Mr. Turnbull, but I don't agree that two men who get married and somehow procure children make a lovely, modern Australian family. Your former supporters might as well vote for the Greens!

- - - - - - -

Despite my disappointment regarding the Liberals, I accepted an invitation to attend a forum for senior citizens. It had been organized by the same politician, who I had written about earlier, placing an advertisement on the front page of our local newspaper. At that forum I again came across the name KING, as I sat among the few dozen people in the audience. 

I knew there would be candidates there, who  are running in our State Election. One sat in the front row with a supporter beside her. I took a picture from where I sat behind them. Take a look:


<<< I'm bacKING Paula!


The name of the candidate was Paula. An ardent  supporter sat beside her. 

Q: Why the word KING in capitals?


A: An electoral district was created in 2016, changing the boundaries, as they do. The name of the new area, only a kilometer from our electorate of Playford, is called KING.



Section of Paula's election poster >>>

En route to my table tennis group I have to cycle through 'KING' territory. There are numerous posters on poles with Paula's photo on it. When I see it I am reminded of my mother. Her name was Paula.

The poster lent itself to a little playfulness:


U LA then for KING.

Now the above T-shirt, showing KING in capital letters, made sense. But something else just popped out of that T-shirt - a backward look at I'm bacKING ... 

bac >>> c a b >>>  see a bee?

Long term readers will know that bees are symbolic for truth, in my books anyway. The thought was born as I illustrated an animated car crash on my driving-school website many years ago. (Link in Chapter 8) The fictional pest control truck carries the company name Phillips. I had chosen that name, because I felt great respect and supported a person by that surname. In my earlier books I had called her Rita. In recent years there was no contact.

(I just remembered - the animation basically illustrates a bible verse, John 3, 16. Evie Thornquist in the background sings the story of Nicodemus! Amazing stuff!)


Just as the earlier mentioned forum, the Liberal party event, was starting, a lady sat in the vacant seat right beside me. It was none other than 'Rita' and her husband.

It came to me much later, writing about it in my diary, that at the same event I had met another couple, whom I had not spoken to in years. They sat on the other side of the isle, in the same row as Rita and her husband and I. Their surname was also Phillips. Their first names (in code) One a N & Aw DN.

- - - - - - -

What follows is a description of a glimpse of some numbers, which popped onto the TV screen on the evening of above seminar. During the broadcast of the Winter Olympics in Pyongchang the weekly Lotto numbers were drawn. It might as well have been an advertisement for a tattoo studio; it held no interest whatsoever, until ...

... four numbers, all ending in 1, registered on my brain.

Were the 1, 11, 21 and 31 not those I had just written about in the previous chapter? They were! (Lets call them the 4 Winners)

At first I had no way of judging, if this was something unusual. But the timing amazed me somewhat; just those numbers only days after I had drawn attention to them after a cycle race!

Not until the morning of editing and publishing this chapter did I realize how magic these numbers are. And there were more! 


I'm well aware some readers will think that I am engaging in numerology. But after spending about half hour searching the website, I realize how peculiar the timing of it all is.

I googled the results of the lottery draws on above website, going through the 50 weekly lottery numbers of the previous 12 months. I had to find out how often it occurred that the 4 Winners (1, 11, 21 and 31) came up in any of the weekly draws!

Feb 20th, shown above, was the ONLY time!  

In about 1/3 of the 50 weeks none of the 4 Winners showed.

In about 1/2 of the 50 weeks one of the 4 Winners showed.

In 8 weekly draws two of the 4 Winners showed.

Only once did three of the 4 Winners show, on Jan. 23, 18.

Any doubters, please search and, check the numbers for yourself! (The website is very easy to navigate). 

But there was more. Take a look at the supplementary numbers drawn on my birthday in 2018, draw 1250:

 30 16 on 16.03, where John 3, 16 features - love it! 

Friends, it's not about having fun with numbers, even if all were co-incidental. If God wants to use numbers (NOS) to show that HE knows everything and everyone to the last detail, so be IT.

You have searched me, Lord,
 and you know me.
 You know when I sit and when I rise;
 you perceive my thoughts from afar.
 You discern my going out and my lying down;
 you are familiar with all my ways.
 Before a word is on my tongue
you, Lord, know it completely.

(Psalm 139, Verse 1-4)

Such knowledge is too wonderful, too high to attain by the human mind. 

- - - - - - -

Besides numbers names, especially surnames, lend themselves as playground for creative, fun loving minds. In church recently the country of Suriname was featured during a World Day of Prayer meeting. You would not be the only reader, who has barely heard of Suriname, let alone know its location on the map. But I sat next to a gentleman, who had actually been there.

He was none other than the man, who I sat with recently in church, whose surname starts with the same three letters as mine. The above mentioned meeting took place not long after publishing the previous chapter and the story of HE and surnames FIS / FISCHER etc. On the first weekend in March things turned even more bizarre, as far as names are concerned.

On the Saturday 3rd March 2018 the annual parade of gay people in Sydney took place. On the Sunday our church news sheet included our two surnames FIS... and FISCHER. It had nothing to do with my writing, only that on this particular week the congregation prayed for parshioners, whose surname starts with F.


Church News bulletin - 4/3/18

As discovered in the previous chapter FIS - FISCHER = CHER

Q: But why mention the annual gay parade in Sydney?

A: The amazing timing - one of the celebrities especially flew in from the USA to be part of the parade. Her name had been highlighted in the crowd - CHER:


Sydney Gay Mardi Gras...

Pic. SBS Television 4.3.18

...the  name of Superstar CHER in big letters!

Wikipedia attributes the following quote to her: "Until you're ready to look foolish, you'll never have the possibility to be great."

From what I remember about her stage performance in 2005 - she displayed much mega foolish greatness!

(That's the only thing Cher and I have in common, ha ha). 

Yes, on the day of uploading this chapter it is exactly 13 years since one of my spontaneous excursions led me to that CHER concert in Adelaide in 2005. The story in Book 3, 28 sounds foolish, yet amazing. The timing of her 2018 visit to the above event even more so.

Isn't it also puzzling that God would choose this lady, a cheer leader in a gay parade, to appear in the same chapter as the message of John 3,16 on 16.3? It shows that God can use anyone or any event for HIS purposes.

But is there another message here? 

If so, let's start with the word GRAS, seen in above picture. Mardi Gras is French for 'fat Tuesday'. Knowing lent (Ash Wednesday) was coming, it was custom to eat up fat on the Tuesday prior.

Moments before this typing, after pasting above picture, my bi-lingual, and at times back to front brain, perceived the word Gras differently. I saw the word Sarg. In German this four-letter word describes the manner in which every human being will depart this earth - in a coffin. Those who think that this is the end, how sad, how futile their life has been! 

As I write the world is still bringing tribute to a famous scientist, who died and will be inside his 'sarg' in a few days. His surname ends in king.

The Washington Post wrote about Stephen Hawking that he believes God to be superfluous, now that science can explain how everything came to being (or words to that effect - Lori Johnson, Washington Post, 14/3/18).

No scientist knows exactly the expanse of the universe, or how long eternity will last. The human mind cannot grasp the concepts of eternity and endless space. But God knows.

Not even the most learned scientist can offer hope for life eternal. God's word can and does. God in HIS love sacrificed Himself so that all can forever live (John 3,16).

After the departure from this earth every human being faces eternity. I do not know exactly what it will be like, or who will be there in heaven, forever reigning with the king of kings. But this I know, our eternal God has it all under HIS control. HE will reign for...

... Eternity.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6, 23).

Would you not rather live - for all eternity? 


Chapter 13