Chapter 11  Written / Published 7.2./14.2.18    (Pics by author, unless indicated) 

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Every January Adelaide's sports calendar is dominated by a cycling race. This and another race feature big in this chapter. All link to another sport - football.

During the week's writing, a senior figure in our Federal Government dominated our News. We shall see a silver lining in the dark cloud hanging over him in Canberra. Couldn't help having fun with a German word.


My main sport, shooting photos anywhere and seeing magic later, came during church in the morning and that bicycle race in the afternoon. It's all so amazing to comprehend.


Revelations just keep coming; one from outer space - literally!


11.  HE 1 

On Saturday February 3rd, 2018 our Adelaide United football team played against Perth Glory at home. That day I did not go to Cooper Stadium to watch. I had worked all day, cleaning out my tool shed, throwing out years of useless stuff and reorganizing the rest. My old bones needed some rest.

Besides this, the match was broadcast on free to air TV; not many matches are. As I followed the young team play and listened to the two commentators, Ned Z and Brenton S, one brief comment one of them made puzzled me:

"If you talk about numbers, I have a story, but we won't go there ..." (or words to that effect).

My peculiar, number-sensitive mind picked this up and wondered, what was that all about? What numbers are we talking about? As the first half of the game progressed I was still pondering their comment. What I saw next, and where it would be leading to, I now find amazing. Had I gone to the stadium I would certainly have never given a thought to what I discovered, a historic number. 

You see, in my days of playing soccer the players carried numbers on their jerseys, which indicated what position they play at, i.e: 1 (goalkeeper), 2 (left fullback), 5 (centre midfield) etc. Numbers higher than the mid 20's were seldom seen.

Watching a Perth player that evening wear jersey number 88, another number 66, made my NOS brain question: "What is the total of all the Perth team's numbers on the field?"  It was hard to catch the back of the team's eleven numbers, but by half-time I came up with these:

4 - 3 - 8 - 7 - 9 - 66 - 88 - 14 - 23 - 17  and 33.

Just to be sure I checked online, if this was really the correct line-up. It was. Would the total be on of my numbers, I wondered as I added them up? It was: 272.

Exactly nine years prior to this writing, the date was Feb. 7th, 09 (2.7.2009). It was a sad day in Australia's history, one that no Australian will ever forget! One of the hardest hit places was Kinglake, Victoria. (Bk. 7, 18).

As I wrote all this into my diary the next afternoon, more revelations came. As things unfolded, one after another, I questioned my sanity: Was I going nuts, was I allowing my thoughts to create something, a spooky story out of nothing but a few numbers that happen to add up? 

First came the thought, while writing diary, that 272 only needed 9 to come to Feb. 7th, 2009. Next I saw the date of the football match (3rd Feb) as No.9:  3(2)=9.

That afternoon was very hot, well above 40 deg. One of our sons was visiting, but it was too hot for anything, except keeping cool in front of the air conditioner. The television was tuned into SBS, even though nobody in the room was paying attention. 

When I heard the voice of Phil Liggett I started to take more notice. The gentleman is called 'the voice of cycling'. There was a bicycle race broadcast live. Gradually it became clear that SBS was broadcasting live the  of Victoria.

I recalled that my son Jon and I had cycled in Victoria a year earlier, climbing to the town of Falls Creek, where the 2017 Sun Herald Tour was finishing the very next day (Bk. 15, 13).

Now I paid closer attention to the television. The name of the place where the race was finishing jolted my brain to full attention. I snapped the picture below, seconds before the finishing line.

TV picture (SBS) - Sun Herald Tour, 2018, Finish 50 m, Kinglake


Watching the broadcast, having established a link between the number 272 from the evening before and Kinglake, I sensed something special was coming.

Who would be the winner here, I wondered?

The winner of that day's stage around Kinglake was rider No. 72. Take a look:

SBS TV screen, 4.Feb.18 - Overall winners list

73. Dylan SUND...    71. Chris HARPE...   72. Sam CROME

All three riders (Sunderland, Harper and Crome) are from the Mitchelton-Scott team. Sam Crome No. 72 won the stage! He came 7th overall. 

Not only did I find No. 72 spooky, but had not the name Sam dominated in previous two chapters?

Plus, I see more in the name Crome?

- - - - - - -


(Two weeks earlier.)

Adelaide 21 Jan 2018, Tour Down Under, final stage through the Adelaide Street circuit (King William Street mostly). Fans cheer on riders, waving Dutch and French flags.


The year 2018 marked the 20th year of the Tour Down Under (TDU), South Australia's popular cycle race. It's the first on the international, professional cycling calendar. Riders from all over the world come down under to participate, among them German Andre Greipel.

His arrival particularly interested me, because previously there was a time, whenever I made the effort to watch a race, Greipel won. (Bk. 13, 3). In 2018 it was no different, but only at two of the six stages, the first and the last. 

The opening race on Sunday 14th is only a warm up, an exhibition event, not a stage as such. Yet, if we were to include it, we could say Greipel won the 7th and the 2nd race!

Andre Greipel, far left, early in the race, as the peleton turned onto Main North Road, on the southern end of Parafield Airport. (Note a spectator wearing an Amy Gillett jersey!) 

The date was Tuesday 16.1.18. I specially left my work at the Men's Shed, about a kilometer away, to watch the event. I flew the German flag (not shown) just in case Greipel would win the stage!

Greipel indeed went on to win this, the 2nd race of the week-long tour. He later won the 7th race also.

Events on that Tuesday 16th January filled three pages in my diary; so much to tell. And how does the date match this Book/Chapter No. - 16.1.18...!?

Above shown race finished in Lyndoch, in the Barossa Valley. The weather again was very hot, and there were things I could have done instead. Looking back, I'm glad I made the effort to load my bike into the green Suzuki, drive to Sandy Creek and ride to Lyndoch to be part of this great event:


Lyndoch spectators >>>

Seconds to the finish line. All heads turned toward the riders fighting it out in the final few seconds.

Glad I made the effort to be there. Andre Greipel won! 

<<< Lyndoch Finish - 16.1.18


German Andrei Greipel was clocked as 3h50:21 for the 145 km circuit.


But then ...?

<<< The TDU web-page deducted 10 seconds, showing 03.50.11?


NOS 3 5 1 sou..nd good to me!

Right near the finish line, on the grass, I spotted this piece of red tape. What does 'Can 5' mean? Perhaps it was an omen for rider No.1. (Read on)

- - - - - - -

Before the big event had started (the 20th anniversary of the Tour Down Under) I wondered what it would bring to write about? Looking back, I am amazed as to how much transpired, which I saw and felt urged to record in my diary. More amazing was the fact that number ONE, the digit which featured in the previous two chapters, again was showing off. 

Take a look at this, the list of each race (and stage) winners in the week-long cycling event:

Date - Jersey Nos.


14.1.18 - No. 11  Peter Sagan

16.1.18 - No. 31 

Andrei Greipel
17.1.18 - No. 21  Caleb Ewan
18.1.18 - No. 141   Elia Viviani 
19.1.18 - No. 11  Peter Sagan
20.1.18 - No. 1 Richie Porte

21.1.18 - No. 31 

Andrei Greipel

How peculiar? Riders bearing NOS  1, 11, 21, 31 and 141 won in every race. One doesn't need to be a good Poker player to see it. 

Anyone thinking No. 141 spoilt the poker, think again:

Elia Viviani's 3 digits number seemed to be he odd one out in the otherwise perfect run. A second look, however, and it fitted perfectly into the mix. Take his 141 and deduct the second highest number (31) and voila - 110.  Not quite 101, but ...

- - - - - - -

When commencing this chapter I had considered just giving it a very short title - HE. (Read on to understand why). As the above numbers of the winners emerged, I decided to add 1. What came next, looking through my many photos, could almost be described as prophetic. As I browsed my picture gallery I spotted the following picture - a perfect match:

I had no idea, who I was photographing as the peleton came racing down Montefiore Hill on the final race of the tour. It was No. 185 Scott Bowden, an Australian rider.

Peleton, Race 6, Adelaide Circuit, Sunday 21.1.18

 Not sure, if I should highlight his name - my bike is a Scott and in Tasmania we lived in Bowden Street, or 

1   8 5 = HE  1 ?

- - - - - - -

There were more peculiarities I discovered surrounding Le Tour 2018. Let's just for a moment leave the hard work in the saddle and return home for some armchair recreation - television.

Following the previous chapter's publication, as happened frequently, names that I had written about crossed my path. This time is was the name Will. 

Two big personalities named Will come to mind immediately. One was Will Ferrell, an American comedian, who interviewed Roger Federer during the Australian Open Tennis championship.

The other was Hollywood actor Will Smith, who appeared live on Australian television. He was also seen among the crowd at the tennis in Melbourne.

(Will Smith was seen having a brief exchange with rising Aussie star Nick Kyrgios, who had just won against his child-hood idol, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. What was that all about?)

Returning home from Lyndoch after Greipel's great win, a strange 'will episode' came up on Channel Nine's TV quiz Millionaire Hotseat. I wrote into my diary: Amazing stuff.

Diary 16.1.18

  A young man named Will won 101 000 Dollars answering this question correctly: "Under what king was the Tower of London built?"

Answer: King William 1.


Wikipedia tells us that William 1 was also called William the Conqueror. Few riders in the Tour Down Under could be called conqueror. Let me declare rider No.1, Richie Porte of the BMC team, the conqueror of Willunga Hill.

Tour Down Under, Stage 5, Saturday 20.1.18

<<< Richie Porte, the conqueror!


Riding in No.1 jersey the Tasmanian sprinted up Willunga Hill to win this fifth stage, for the fifth time in a row.


(My son Jon, a keen rider, wanted me to climb Willunga Hill with him that day. The things you do for your children...!)  

Daryl Impey won the tour leader's Ochre Jersey on Willunga Hill. Next day he became the first South African to win the Tour Down Under overall. He won despite not coming first in any of the stages. A few 2nd and 3rd places did it.

Overall TDU winner, Daryl Impey  >>> on the podium, Elder Park, Adelaide. 


- - - - - - -

At this point (13.2.18 - 8.50 EST) a very powerful politician in Canberra is about to make a statement in a much anticipated press conference. The gentleman has been under pressure to step down from his position as Deputy Prime Minister.

As happens a lot in the workplace, the Dep. PM, Barnaby Joyce, had an affair with a female parliamentary staff member. The lady fell pregnant. His wife and four daughters are deeply hurt.

Australians are divided on the issue. Many say that it's a private matter; it should never have been dragged into the public arena. Some Liberal MPs, however, are calling for Mr. Joyce (the Leader of the National Party) to step down, fearing this affair could hinder the coalition in winning the next election. 

In my humble opinion Mr. Joyce, having chosen to become a political leader, should live an exemplary life. Being in the spotlight, with people looking up to them, any leader should live a life above reproach.

How many in the workforce, or anywhere for that matter, may think: "Even he did it! Maybe it's no so bad that I did it.

But there is a silver lining in the dark Canberra cloud. So far I have not heard anybody mention it. It seems the media is avoiding it, since what I'm about to write could open a can of worms. It may stir public discussion on another controversial subject - abortion.

To their credit, the pregnant staff member and Mr. Joyce did not decide to kill the newly created life, but they chose to let it live. If any young ladies, who find themselves in an unwanted pregnancy, were to think: "If our Dep. Prime Minister can cope with the shame of this, I can too," the whole affair would serve a purpose. Many babies on death-row would be allowed to live.

(The latest news 12.2.18: The gentleman publicly apologized to his wife and family, but remains with his new partner. He insists he did nothing wrong as far as parliamentary regulations are concerned.)

- - - - - - -

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.


While we are looking skyward, let me digress for a moment and mention a heavenly discovery, which I made a few days before the January 31 lunar eclipse:

Take the initials (letters) of six of the nine planets in our solar system and create the name of the Son: 

Jupiter, Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Sun.

In amazing timing, this discovery dropped into my spirit (on 27/1) as I sat with a small group of Gaither Music lovers watching a DVD. During one song Gloria Gaither, the composer, spoke the lyrics: "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - there just something about that name!"

- - - - - - - 

Because nobody in the media mentioned the silver lining in above sad saga, I felt an urge to do so in a brief email to TV Channel Nine. An earlier segment in their Today breakfast show had a child prodigy, a four year old toddler, fluently reading from a book. In the same segment the little genius was also shown, reading a car registration plate, when aged two or three.

It so happened, I saw that day's date (2/10) in the digits of that registration plate: 120. The letters that came with it - PQY - at first meant very little. Only after I had started typing my email did the question (Q) as to why (Y) nearly made me P (sorry just kidding).

Typing the word Deputy (Prime Minister) I sudden thought of a funny German word. It made me laugh out loud, because it only took the letter P to create. Here is the text: 


Subject: Early reader    -    Date: 10.2.18

Hi all,


Totally agree that toddlers can learn to read. Start teaching letters like PQY, then words. THOU SHALL NOT would be a good start.


We would not need laws regarding sex in the workplace. Kids would learn right from wrong, something a Depp. Prime Minister ought to know.


Kind regards


PS  On the positive side Ms. Campion and Barny didn't cover up their sin. They let the new life live, unlike 100 000 others every year, whose pregnancy is ab orted. 


Anyone from Southern Germany knows what a Depp is: a fool). 

- - - - - - -

At our church service on Sunday 21st January the theme was about doing foolish things for God. The subject of our Minister's sermon was the victory the Israelites of the Old Testament won, obeying a foolish command from God: Take a high-walled, fortified city by blowing trumpets!

The Israelites were ordered to walk around the city of Jericho once every day for six days. On the seventh day they were to walk around it seven times, then blow trumpets and rams horns and let out mighty shouts. They did it. The foolish plan, totally irrational, worked. The walls fell. Israel won their first battle after entering Canaan, the promised land.

Friends, believe me, sometimes I feel like a depp, seeing things, linking them up and blogging about them. But that's what I have done for the past decade and a half. Since then nobody declared me insane. No men in white coats bothered to see me!

The sermon that Sunday was given by a lady in a white uniform shirt. Because my wife was not with me in church, I decided to sit on the far right of the church, next to a friend, who always sits on his own. After sitting down, very much 'off-side' I noticed that the microphone cables, which took so much of our attention in recent years, were outside my line of vision. Good, I thought, no need for any photos today!

I was wrong. During the prayer at the very end of the sermon, I did take a picture. It was uncanny, because what I saw with my eyes and heard with my ears, the song we were singing, stirred my mind for action. Here are the lyrics:


He is able more than able
To accomplish what concerns me today
He is able more than able
To handle anything that comes my way
He is able more than able
To do much more than I could ever dream
He is able more than able
To make me what He wants me to be
(C/Universal Publishing Group)

The closing prayer, during which I snatched the photo, asked of the Lord that HE make us bold, to do HIS will, even when it's a foolish thing or something out of the ordinary (or words to that effect):


Ingle Farm Salvos, January 21, 2018

This time it was not a microphone cable, hanging from the ceiling, but the microphone on the pulpit. It left me astounded, after I noticed from where I was sitting, how it lined up exactly in the center of the word HE.


But HE did not end there. The 'foolishness' continued. I find it hard to explain, but facts remain facts, totally unplanned and out of my control: 

As mentioned, I had never sat on that side of the church with this gentleman, nor sat with him since. The friend's surname starts with the same three letters as mine - FIS. 

If we remove FIS from FISCHER, all that remains is CHER. We could translate this into French and come up with a pretty name - darling. But this is not the most amazing part here. 

Rather - remove the R from CHER - voila C HE. 

- - - - - - -


Still, there was more. That same evening HE cropped up again in a crossword puzzle. The peculiarity was that it was a different kind of crossword, one where you get clues and you have to find the dividing line between words.

As happened in Chapter 8 with Cer (Cerium), which also linked to the church screen, this time it was Helium, ie. 'Zeichen fuer Helium' = HE.

Crossword puzzle with a difference: HE

Roestbrotscheibe = Toast / Zeichen (sign) fuer Helium = HE 


Two weeks later, Feb 4th, 18, sitting in the usual spot in church, HE again made an appearance. This time my wife was beside me. I didn't feel like starting World War Three, not about HE, so the following drawing has to suffice:


HE - as head of the Salvation Army!

That Sunday, everyone received this bookmark with the Army's latest motto:

Wherever there is hardship or injustice, Salvos will live, love and fight alongside others to transform Australia one life at a time with

the Love of Jesus 

Christians don't wait for Valentine's Day to show love. Love is the only debt we owe our fellow man, every day! (Romans 13,8)

- - - - - - -

In the days leading up to this chapter my mind was occupied with an unresolved issue from long ago. Regular readers may have wondered what was happening in the matter of my jailed magistrate friend Peter Liddy inside Mount Gambier prison. I am touching on this touchy subject, because something did happen, and also because a little googling led again to an unexpected He.

Before I sent a Christmas parcel to Peter at Mount Gambier prison I wanted to ensure it would arrive safely. After receiving advise from the office staff of our local Member of State Parliament, I sent the parcel to Peter Liddy, care of' Department of Correctional Services Adelaide. They would know his whereabouts, the status of his health (after 17 years in jail) or if he was moved or indeed still alive.

None of this information was given to me when I phoned the prison and the Department. As ordinary Australian citizen do I not have the right to know, if a particular prisoner is alive or dead? The parcel I sent came back. No comment as to why.

Surely, a People's Friend magazine, a cross-word puzzle block and a calendar are not forbidden items in a any prison?

I could only assume, authorities want to keep the prisoner isolated from anybody outside prison, especially those who could assist in uncovering the whole truth in Peter's case. And that I have done many years ago. The big C is still alive and well in South Australia! 

With this thought in mind I googled the biblical phrase 'Corruption in high places'. The very first result (googled it again right here) was an essay, published in the NY Times, written on Jan. 5, 1861. 

Take a look at the author's name, how well it fits into our chapter:

Rev. Dr. Canfield - Corruption in High Places (NY Times). 

The following excerpt from Dr. Canfield's article could well be dated 2018, not 1861.

Our material prosperity has become our snare. We have grown rich and powerful with unexampled strides, and at the same time we have grown boastful, proud, insolent, selfish, and practically atheistic. I might present an appalling catalogue of vices that stalk unblushingly through the land, unrestrained by law and almost unnoticed by public opinion. Many of our legislative bodies, State and municipal, have long been by-words of venality* and corruption. An unprincipled but powerful Press** devotes itself to the cherishing of party and sectional animosities, fostering prejudices and feeding its readers seven days of the week on perversions exaggerations and falsehoods.

Corruption in all quarters grows

(End excerpt)

*Venality is the quality of being open to bribery or overly motivated by money. Criminals are known for their venality, being willing to break the law for a financial reward. (

**Donald Trump would agree with the scathing comments about the unprincipled, powerful Press. He'd call it fake news!

Nothing has changed in almost 158 years. If anything, corruption in all quarters has grown, not only in America but the world over. Corruption stalls progress, individual venality ruins entire nations. Dr. Canfield would be shocked at the moral state of America today, and indeed the entire western world.

Because I had been thinking of HE at the time of googling across this essay, a small printing error registered big in my mind. It came right at the beginning of the lengthy article. Take a look:


Why no space in Hemakes?

On discovering this small error I felt God showed up to just show that indeed He is IT - He es - the ONE interested in all our affairs, big or small. His message: "I hate corruption!"

Is it co-incident (I just became aware of this) that right above the misprint we read the word honor?
Or that underneath we read the word punishment?

Each individual on earth must decide, if after death they want to go up or down.

The bible verse Dr. Canfield used as text is found in the Old Testament book of Isaiah.

"For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish. It will be utterly ruined." ( Isaiah 60, 12, NIV).

Thank God, HIS will is not that everyone will perish, but all come to repentance and to love HIM. 

What a perfect day - Valentine's Day - to point to an ancient scripture, where God declared HIS love for HIS people: 

"For you are a holy people to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.

(Deuteronomy 14, 2)

Chapter 12