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Judging by this first chapter of Book 16, it seems that the magic with numbers, names and God-incidences will continue.


This chapter involves two football matches. Each produced magic in names and numbers. For one match we travel to Sydney. Just as my Book 14 had been titled after a  visiting British football team played in Australia, so is Book 16.


When I thought the chapter had ended, Angel appeared.; not an angel, but the word Angel. How these strange twists, in amazing timing happen, is not my planning. I just write them down, first in my diary, then onto this my website.


HERE it is. Read on! 


1. Live Angel 

I was gob smacked as I spotted one little word during our Sunday morning church service on June 11th, 2017. Why was I so taken at that particular time with a commonly used word of four letters?

To answer the question let's go back to the Monday prior, the fifth day of winter in Adelaide. During that day I had made the decision to write Book 16, and call it LIVE. From there it came almost automatically that the publication date should be I7 - the first two letters LI turned upside down.

What came next, that same Monday evening on the television news, almost beggars belief: The weather forecast for Adelaide for the entire week following (Tue - Mon) was 17 degrees:  

Weather forecast graphic on TV: 

On editing: The forecast for Adelaide on 1.7.17 is 17 !!! Love it.)

<<< Outlook fine!

On Monday I had been unprepared to  snap a picture of 7 days of 17 C max

The next day I had my  camera ready, only four days came up as 17 C maximum.


The next morning (Tuesday) I had to smile again at the 17. As I checked, if all my bike riding was reflected in my weight on the scales, this came up:


Time for a diet, Dieter? Not at 71.7 kg! What can we say? Trust in God's Goodness!

The Word for Today (June 15th) The Lord is good! (Nahum 1:7.)

Many years, many books ago, during the darkest days of my life, God planted the word trust into my spirit. It became a catalyst for my recovery. 

So glad I never stopped trusting HIM!

- - - - - - -



There are times when I think the phenomena of numbers, or linking numbers, would come to an end. But then, how can I ever forget the discovery that the abbreviation for the word NUMBERS is NOS? Turned 180 it becomes SON. Likewise, the phenomena of the microphone cable hanging from the ceiling at church, revealing certain words and letters; would it ever come to an end?

On June 11th, as mentioned at the beginning, it did happen again, leaving me gob smacked. (Remember, six days earlier I had been inspired to call this book LIVE.)

That Sunday my wife and I sat as usual in the back of the church. I had been driving the church bus and arrived a little later than usual. My wife came without her mother, unusually early. This meant that she chose which seats we were to sit in, precisely. 

As the brass band played their item, as they do usually, the lyrics were projected onto the large screens at the front. The picture below is what I saw, from where I was sitting. My Samsung picked it up - live:


Text: Come, beautiful Christ, radiate thy beauty in me 'Tis Thee I adore, What can I ask more Than to live for Thee, beautiful (Christ). 

Looking more closely later, I noted that the actual microphone at the end of the cable, covers the letter i !

Is God using a simple object like a cable, hanging from a ceiling in a church to tell us - i live ?

Note, how HE demonstrates a humble Spirit, using a small letter i. (Why does the English language use a capital I when referring to oneself?)


A creative mind would have little difficulty in dividing cable into two words: see & able. Others, those less artistic inclined, with a more mechanical, rational approach perhaps, may dismiss the above as foolishness. But God uses foolish things to shame the wise, and weak things to shame the mighty (1. Cor. 1, 27). 

How similar are the words Cable and Caleb! In the Book of Numbers in the bible a man named Caleb was first mentioned in Chapter 13, Verse 6. He was chosen to be one of the twelve spies to explore the wilderness of Paran. Only he and another biblical giant, Joshua, saw the possibility of taking the land. The other ten feared, saying it can't be done, it's too hard.

A winning slogan: Is there anything too hard for the Lord? 

- - - - - - -

<<<  ABC TV, 22.6.17

T-shirt  ABLE, spotted on the TV screen. I knew it would fit into our pages somewhere.


<<<  LIVE as Light. 


It so happened, this was the theme in church on June 25th,17, the day of commencing this new book!


5.51 AM - June 28th, 2017:

I am inserting this section to report what took place only minutes earlier. I had woken just in time to listen to Greg Laurie's talk on radio.

His theme was Noah, the end of the (then) world and how Christians today can be world changers. God had giving to Noah warning about a coming flood. God still gives true Christians special knowledge the world does not have! 

Even a little believing child can know more than a senior academic who doesn't. He quoted Jesus speaking in Matthew: "... become like little children..."


In the middle of Greg Laurie's talk my mind for a moment must have wandered back to my writing, composing this chapter. A thought popped into my head: The word live spells evil backwards!

In the three weeks since deciding to title this book this had never occurred to me.

Two seconds later, my mind came back to Greg Laurie's radio broadcast. He was saying these words: "...they had heaped evil upon evil, upon evil on themselves..." He spoke the word evil probably six or seven times! 

- - - - - - -

Before travelling to Sydney for an international football match, there was another game worth reporting on, which I watched on TV Channel 99. (If readers now assume that this next part will include magic with numbers nine etc, they are correct).

On June 9, 2017 two world-class soccer teams, Argentina and Brazil, played a friendly match in Australia's largest stadium, the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). A friend earlier that day asked me, if I was going to watch it on TV. Glad he did, otherwise I would have missed all the excitement of watching superstars Messi and Jesus create real magic.

That Friday (this is not a joke) player No.9 was Gabriel Jesus, pronounced Chesu. He produced more magic than anyone that day: Take a look:

Argentina - Brazil, June 9th 2017.

Pic: TV Channel 99

Brazilian star No.9 - Gabriel Jesus - fighting for possession on the largest sporting arena in Australia, the MCG.

Right through the 90 minute extravaganza I tried to catch the superstar with my camera, preferably with his name showing. No such luck. But did anyone notice, without even trying I managed to capture three players' numbers - that day's date?

I'm sure, if anyone were to try this, they could be taking 1000 photos without success. In this picture, one of a handful I took, the numbers magic just happened.


In the 90th minute Jesus got injured. Fighting for the ball an Argentinean player elbowed him in the face. The Brazilian No.9 went down in pain, covering his eyes with his hands. He wouldn't be faking it, wasting time, because Brazil had only a minute left to equalize the 1:0 score line. 

After a few minutes Jesus was carried off on a stretcher. Thinking about the match later, I wondered why was he carried off on a stretcher? His injury was in the face, not his legs or foot?  

Still, even for just a minute or so, the injured No.9 was replaced. The name of the substitute (how much more religious can it get?) was TAISON - Son - t - A1.

A little research on Wikipedia revealed Taison's birthday is 17 days before that of the author - January 13th.

But there was more. The huge crowd of fans numbered 95 569. Eliminating doubled up numbers we're left with 569. It takes nothing, (0) only a little juggling to arrive at our postcode 5096. This reminded me...



<<< Television advertisement

In recent times this ad keeps appearing on television. My weird, linking numbers brain replaces the full-stop with 0. 

There are only two postcodes my wife and I ever lived in, here in South Australia. For a short time at 5069, before we moved here to 5096.

- - - - - - -

There may have been a three months break in my writing; there certainly was no break in activities; quite the opposite. Ever since I was able to secure tickets for a sporting event in Sydney's Olympic Stadium I looked forward to the trip at the end of May 2017. I had never been to the famous venue, where the Olympic Games were held in August 2000, 17 years ago. At that time I was going through the worst crisis of my life. Sporting history had passed me by. 

What a difference 17 years can make! By God's grace my journey took a gradual turn to full recovery. Looking back at how many interstate and overseas trips I was able to undertake since, how many adventures my bicycle took me on, little wonder it took 15 books to document it all. God has been good!

I would have preferred my wife to travel with me, but it was her wish not to. On May 24th she dropped me at Adelaide Airport for the short, smooth flight across the country to Australia's mega city on the harbour.

Something on the plane didn't add up. It wasn't a mid-air emergency, like an engine exploding or sudden decompression. To a numbers brain like mine it was worse than that. Take a look:

Jetstar - onboard magazine - May 2017

Any reader here, trying to find a pattern in the numbers show on above index page, please don't waste your time. Even if there were a hidden code, what I discovered and found amusing was something completely different. 

A casual glance did not reveal that there was something wrong. Only toward the end of the flight, after reading the feature article about my destination (Sydney, pages 54 -64) did I suddenly notice it:

Whilst the numbers on above index page stand out by their size, on the 160 pages was not one page number printed! All gone! Probably forgotten, unless something happened in the magazine publishing industry, which passed me by?*

*Correction 6/9/17 - My mistake! Page numbers are all shown on the side, half way down each page! How could I have missed them?!

Besides this serious failure of supply, it was a smooth flight, arriving right on time. My previous experience visiting (and living) in Sydney ensured I found my way from the airport to the hostel at The Rocks easily. The girl at reception gave me Room 201. But it was the Wi-Fi password, and the way it was written, which made me think:


Diary 24/5/17 - Room Number and WI-FI password

To understand what made me think one has to remember, or look up the picture half-way into the previous chapter (Book 15, 15) ... beth.

Note also 402 on far left! Two days later on my next stop, Newcastle NSW, I was allocated Room Number 402. 

- - - - - - -

On May 24th 2017 English Premier League team Liverpool (note the first four letters!) was playing Australia's A-League champions Sydney FC at Olympic Park. When I booked my ticket online a months before, believe me, I had not planned any of this writing, definitely not what the title would be. The title of Book 14 - Walk on - never alone - was inspired by Liverpool's theme song. At the time Liverpool had played in Adelaide.

Many of the 72 892 strong crowd would have had goose bumps or watering eyes as the whole stadium sang 'You never walk alone'. Being a friendly match, part of Liverpool's 125th birthday celebration, was evident in the way the players kicked the ball around; relaxed and obviously enjoying themselves.  

Sydney FC could not match the skill of the visitors, losing the game 3:0. The whole stadium seemed to support Liverpool. Barely any sky-blue shirt could be seen among the sea of red. I noticed that my seat, high up in the stadium, was section 6, seat No. 13. Before leaving Sydney these numbers would cross my path once again. (Read on). 


Liverpool had brought with them a few legends of the club. Among them veteran Steve Mcmanaman (45), whose goal scoring skills in Liverpool's No.17 jersey, were indeed legendary.

Doesn't the name Mcman... sound like another holy one? Jesus was often called the 'Son of man'. 

Pic: Liverpoolecho

Serious soccer fans would recognize the emblem of German Bundesliga Champs Dortmund. 

Their former coach Juergen Klopp, became the Liverpool trainer! He took the team to Sydney for this 125 year celebration.    

Those who know our code, called the DaNinci code, may understand why I feature this emblem here. Bs stand for truth, V stands for victory. The surprise number 09 (en in) represents the Victor, whose truth prevails. (See the N on the cross on our index page. More of n in a moment). 

- - - - - - - 


During my two-night stay in Sydney the weather was superb. It was a great opportunity to visit an island in Sydney Harbour, one I had never been to, but heard much about. It only  took 19 minutes by ferry from Circular Quay, the busy transport hub between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Cockatoo Island is the largest island in Sydney's magnificent harbour.

The now world-heritage listed site was initially used as a penal settlement. Later it became a place for institutionalized children, before becoming Australia's major ship building and repair facility. Australia's largest naval vessel, HMAS (Her Majesty's Australian Ship) Success was built there.

Walking around the island much of the heavy industrial installations are still there. There is also a caravan park, better described as tent city, where visitors can spend a night or two; everything provided. The views, which you only escape as you walk under the long tunnel, connecting the park with the ferry wharf, are spectacular. Considering the weather I was surprised how few people there were; no crowds or queues.


Diary 25th May, 2017

<<< Largest island in Sydney Harbour.

The brief  diary entry (on left) may sound weird, but it fits No.9 well: I write it as it was.

As I walked down the lane beside the YHA a school class walked in the opposite direction. They had just left the hostel. The same second I passed I could hear somebody counting: "One". Then another: "Two" then three ... When it came to eight - nothing, until two seconds later I heard from a short distance away: "Ten, eleven." No No.9. What joke was that?  

Manager's Residence >>>

on Cockatoo Island.

The reason for the

trip to Sydney was

the football match

against Liverpool.

When I spotted this

graffiti (LIVERPOOL)

on the wall of the slip

way, I had to snap the

picture. It may have been there for decades?

(Note in the background, one of the permanent tents.)

Waiting for the ferry for the short trip back to the city I had one of those (co-incidental?) encounters with someone I knew from Adelaide. At first the gentleman, a little older than I, rushed right past me to check on the ferry. I did not recognizing him at first. When his wife came along, seconds after, she stood near where I was sitting.

Suddenly, it came to me. It was Annabel C. from a previous Baptist Church we used to attend. When her husband came back to join her a moment later, I recognized him also. During the short ferry ride back to the city we had a good time exchanging memories of old times. The Baptist Church they still attend is a milestone along my eventful journey. 

Why am I making such a fuzz here? To answer this question we must fast forward 20 hours and visit the Sydney Writer's Festival, which was held a few minutes walk from my hostel down on the Darling Harbour waterfront. A fellow hosteller had alerted me, otherwise I would have missed out on a little literary / numerical fun.

Crowds at the Piers, Sydney Writer's Festival 2017


Arriving at the former dockyards, I wandered into the first open (free entry) event that was going on. Inside the large, old warehouse I stumbled across the talk by an author with a distinct German accent. I have come to the right place, I thought. When I learned his name was Norman, I knew I had come to the right place - 

The place was packed almost to the last seat. The gentleman, Norman Ohler, was just wrapping up his presentation of his first non-fiction title 'Blitzed. Drugs in Nazi Germany'.


A man and [his] numbers

Norman Ohler - Pier 2/3      >>>

The free event at the Sydney Writers Festival was packed. The only vacant seat I could find was behind this large beam; that's why it was empty.

When I discovered that I sat in section D 6 13 I blitzed, catching a glimpse of the famous man and the numbers.  

His writing and research into the subject, the drug culture in the Nazi leadership, including the Fuehrer, has been praised as 'brilliant'.

However, one alleged fact Ohler mentioned sounded a little far fetched: Adolf was practicing Yoga for 2 hours in the morning! Really? I had learned much in school about the history of Germany in the early 20th century, but not about this. How does anybody find the time for two hours of yoga every day? 

But then, maybe that's why Germany lost the war? Imagine Adolf replying to a call from Goering: "I am busy at the moment! I'll deal with the Eastern front when I finished my yoga!" 

Before leaving the crowds at the Writer's Festival I popped into the hall, where books were sold. There were hundreds of titles on display, whose authors were present to sign them. I recognized one writer. Her name is Nikki.

Since K is the 11th letter in the alphabet and i in captial letters is I, one could create almost a N barcode -  N I II II I. (But no, I didn't walk up to the lady and told her that. I may have creative thoughts, but why tell everyone you're a fool?)

Among the many tables, stacked with books I took only two photos. The first one had a name on the front, the same Christian name and surname of the lady I had met the day before at the ferry wharf with her husband. (Pic. below)

The other one we shall finish this chapter with. It fits into here perfectly, if you're bi-lingual English - German. The time I took the picture on May 26th, 2017 at least a week before I thought of my forthcoming book Live.

That's why only now, in hindsight writing this first chapter, I again see this supernatural power at work, WHO guides my every thought, every step on my path, just as he did during the ten minutes in the book hall. I obviously had not regarded it as special then,  since there is no mention of these two photos in my diary:


<<< Annabel

(she only wrote the foreword).


'...applaud and

utterly convincing.'

<<< SBS News- reader Lee Lin Chin.


How many Aussie's would know that this well known lady writes books? Her title is rather lengthy: "Iced Beer and other Tantalizing Tips for Life." Her favourite cocktail, beer, preferably obscure Japanese, served with ice.

The publisher's summary ends with this: "Her book will give you the Chinspiration you need to live a transcendent life."


The only reason I took the picture was the name of her co-author Chris. It only takes a t to become holy; and Leben translates (German) to Life. As a verb leben means to live.

Friends, to live a transcendent life you don't need Japanese iced beer or Chinspiration from a well meaning news reader. All you need is the courage to fully live the way true followers of Christ live.

- - - - - - -

The chapter was meant to finish here. But there was more. The preacher from Riverside, California, who had surprised us earlier in the chapter with the word evil, did it again. One day after the radio broadcast his talk on TV sent my linking brain into overdrive, more than once! 

While having breakfast I wanted to watch something uplifting. I searched for bible teaching on YouTube. The first video link was Greg Laurie. Thanks to modern technology I was able to 'chromecast' the video onto our TV screen:


Angels and Demons >>>

Pastor Laurie's broadcast was about Angels and Demons, the story of Daniel, rescued from the lions, because God had sent an angel to shut the lion's mouth. Why was I so excited?

*Die Bibel im heutigen Deutsch            >>>

Earlier that morning I had been reading that same story in my German bible. It still lay open beside me on the couch. I had left it open for a reason. *The bible in today's German had a blatant misprint. (Daniel 7 on P. 855)

On page 855 I had discovered something most unusual - a misprint in the Holy Scriptures! Toward the bottom of the page, shown above, half of the word prahlerisch appears numerically as 001052. The bible was printed in Stuttgart, a center for book publishing, including bibles. I was born 13 kilometers upstream from Stuttgart in Esslingen, on the Neckar River.

There are many options to have fun with 001052, such as 210 or 1 7, which fits into this chapter very well. But what came next really gob smacked me once again. At the finish of Greg Laurie's talk I switched back from Chromecast to free-to-air television. (Remember the theme by Greg Laurie had been Angels). Just as the picture switched over the word Angel came on the screen.

Take a look: (picture from the website) 

   NO MORE Angels Lost to Bullying

The advertised website, the one I had just caught a glimpse of, tells the sad story of a girl, Olivia, who fell victim to online bullies. In the end she took her own life. Her distraught parents started a campaign to combat online bullying, so that NO MORE girls, like her little angel, would fall victim!


At this point in the chapter, I really thought this was the conclusion of Chapter 1. But there was more. On the same Thursday, when the above took place, I was on duty at our church Cafe, Cafe Salvo at Ingle Farm. During a quiet period I thought I take a quick glance at the day's newspaper. And there it was, front page, in the Adelaide Advertiser Thursday 29.6.17:


A tragic accident had occurred in our state's South East. A light place crashed shortly after take-off, killing all three people on board. The volunteer pilot was conducting an 'Angel Fight', a medical transport for a sick daughter, and her mother, to a hospital in Adelaide.


What unimaginable sorrow! A young lady, 16-years-old and her mother killed instantly; also the pilot (78), a volunteer with 'Angel Flight'. Many people will be asking the obvious question everybody ponders after such a tragedy: Why?

I have been wondering why, after I had thought my chapter had finished, this strange encounter with angel? Is it to draw our attention to life's key questions? One is as old as mankind itself. It occupies the minds of everyone, who can think: What comes after death?

- - - - - - -

The misprint in the German Bible, discovered many years ago, doesn't appear in any of my fifteen books, written in the past decade and a half. Perhaps, it's God-incidental that it occurred not only inside the prophetic Book of Daniel, but in verse 11 of Chapter 7?

After chapter 6 Daniel has a vision. He describes it in pictures familiar to his day - animals, beasts with horns, who struggle for power. The details are hard to understand, unless you study theology and biblical prophecy.

What stands out in my mind, this misprint in verse 11 occurred in the bible at a special place - the prophecy of the final victory - a picture of an old man, dressed all in white with hair like wool - Almighty, eternal God. Daniel watches as the boastful (the German word is prahlerisch ie. 001052risch) beast is being destroyed, the body burned in flames.

Two verses later Daniel's vision continued. This time he simply saw: "... one like the Son of Man, coming with the clouds of heaven!" HE is non other than Jesus.

Verse 14 (NKJ): "Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed. 

Friends, three little words is the one are in my bible printed in italic (not blue, I only wanted to highlight them). There is only one conclusion to draw at the end of Angel-Day:

Almighty God pointed HIS finger at HIS son.

HE is the ONE who I called 'the winner who gave it all'. 

HE is the ONE who died and rose, defeating death, so that you may forever live.


Chapter 2