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   Autobiography             Dieter Rolf Fischer                  Book 11

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Five months and five days away from the family sounded like a long time. It was. From May 12th  until October 17th 2012 I spent travelling this wonderful wide world of ours. I was open to what God had in store for me. I knew it would be good. It was. 

One dream HE had put in my heart was to cycle a cross over America. With HIS help I did it, ending the 3500 km adventure with a ride along-side Highway 55 into NO (New Orleans).

As in my previous books, readers will BE amazed as TO how God led me; to the right places at the right time. During many supernatural encounters I felt HIM near, saying all was well. The future is bright. There is hope for the world. IT is Jesus. 

May God bless all readers, who enjoy my adventures. My wish is that all will be inspired to continue or commence their own exciting journey with God - wherever HE will lead them. 

Adelaide, 1st Nov. 2012.

  The Sound of Hope 

1.  It's on. LA to Son Diego

2.  Just at the 'write' time

3.  He can. It can too

4.  UNcanNY Parallel

5.  OMNI Victorious

6.  Road of Peace

7.  Until the end of time

8.  Words don't come easy

9.  Thunder over Bacchus Marsh

10.  Real Royal Madrid

11.  No room for the n

12.  Happy earth-day - Jesus

13.  The Happy Wanderer(s)  IVI

14.  Seven ISSO

15.  Good work - 15th line

16.  The Austrian Return

17.  Now (it's) back to front

18.  8.0 in the Holy Cross

19. Observation era

20. Something about that name

21. On time - Zloty

22. Your price - the cross

23. Ol' PL can C

24. Golden Hope


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"Faith is the basis of all we hope for. Trusting God reveals things, which are not yet seen."

(Hebrews 11, 1)

Translated from the German Bible - Hoffnung Fuer Alle

 (HOPE for ALL.)