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                    Book 11 / Ch. 9                                           Written / Published 25.11.12 / 29.11.2012

"God is not a man that HE should lie...." (Numbers 23:19)


"And one cried to another and said: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;

the earth is full of His glory". (Isaiah 6, 3)


"Readers quite rightly may ask: "Is this author faster in riding his bicycle or writing about it in his biography?" But things happen; it would be a pity to ignore them or postpone them. If all goes to plan we shall visit New York at the end of this chapter. We again start and end with that number.



9.  Thunder over Bacchus Marsh   

In preparation for a new chapter I first read the previous one and correct any spelling or other errors. As I did so, reading the text of Chapter 8, in the background played a song on Gospel Music Selections. Just as I read about the hymnal in the Washington Church, the first one sung - Holy, holy, holy - out from the PC Speakers came the song: "Holy, holy, holy ... Lord God Almighty ... worthy to receive glory and honour and power". ...." (A different song, but the same title and similar lyrics.)

Before we travel to New York City may I express thoughts about a major story in Australia's media. As soon as I heard it a few days before this writing, something seemed not right. It's hard to tell exactly what it was that bothered me. Maybe it was the level intensity this gruesome murder was reported? Why are some crimes reported with little media exposure, while others make front page headlines for days afterwards? This is what allegedly occurred:


One Stephen James Hunter, 47 allegedly murdered a 22 year-old woman at Bacchus Marsh, near Melbourne. Hunter then allegedly drove her car (... with the beloved pink number plates) to a street in Maribyrnong to dump her body. 

The next day he allegedly moved her body to a near-new rental house in Point Cook, where her body was found in a wheelie bin almost a week later. Hunter was arrested at a Hawthorn address. He pleaded guilty. (Source: The Sun Herald). 


Many questions come to mind. Checking Google maps, the alleged murderer had travelled about 75 kilometers, carrying with him the dead body of his victim from one place to another. Were there no wheelie bins available in Bacchus Marsh or Maribyrnong or anywhere in between to hide the woman's body? Studying the case a little more, I saw codes, the ones I used on many occasions. 

The name of the allegedly murdered lady was reported as SARAH. If I applied my ea code (swap A to E and read backwards) we have created - HEARS! 

Her surname was reported as Cafferkey; not a common name. The murder victim's name occupied my mind for a day or so. Apply code A to O and caffer becomes coffer. In German koffer means suitcase. But it was the three letters at the end, which took my particular interest - key.

I also had heard the name of her alleged murderer. It's a common one and I took no notice until the next day. I spotted this 'hidden treasure' in a second hand store:



<<<  'Night of Thunder' by Stephen Hunter.

When I realized this was the same name (minus middle name James) as that of the alleged murderer, my level of interest rose.

Later, after taking a closer look at the book, I smiled at the link to my previous chapter, where the word speed featured: Tonight speed is of essence' (bottom left). 

On the far right, the letters NA show in the spine of another book. And our destination in this chapter (New York) is also on the title page. How can I ignore what I see in black and blue?

Earlier that very morning, the day before I discovered this book, I had woken with a thought - and how it fits: Each of my three uploads, the first 8 chapters of this Book 11, were on a Thursday.

The German word for Thursday is Donnerstag, lit. translation - Thunder Day. That's another reason this book sprung into my sphere of awareness so significantly.


As mentioned, the level of intensity and detail the media gave on this murder case made we curious as to why. I continued my hunt and checked out two streets, which were given in the media. One was the street where the body of Sarah was allegedly found, in a wheelie bin. The other place, was the street name, where the alleged murderer was hunted down to and arrested.

I searched Google Maps for both street addresses, which I had read in an online article. Here are the details:


Street maps of greater Melbourne, Victoria

<<<   Map of Point Cook. The body of 22 y.o. Sarah Cafferkey is reported to have been found in Fongeo Dr. in a wheel-bin!


How strange are surrounding names, how they match my recent stories: Adventure Way and Spirit Av, both lead to where the body was allegedly dumped in Fongeo Dr. 


How about the place at the opposite end of the map, at the bottom right hand corner - Aspen Cr. Had not our adventure in the previous chapter taken us to the name Aspen? 






Location, where Hunter was hunted to >>>

and arrested - Caroline Street!


Cross over Au.burn Rd continue via Less.lie St, 

and you arrive in Hunter Street.


A little further west is Dixon Street. 

This name is very prominent in my mind.

 It has all to do with my innocent friend in jail,

 Peter Liddy. 

(Hey, didn't we not only a few chapters

 back come across the name Dixon?)


Totally unplanned:

(also bottom right hand corner)

On this suburban Melbourne map the

letters LA, all on their own .



- - - - - - -


On the morning of this writing the subject in church was one close to my heart -  truth. Right from the first grand hymnal "....His truth is marching on" to a brief interview with a police officer from the Electronic Fraud Investigation Branch, to the scripture reading, the service centred around the subject of truth.


(Ephesians 4, 21-25).

" have heard Him and been taught by Him, as the truth in Jesus; that you put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt, according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and that you put on the new man, which was created according to God, in righteousness and true holiness. 

Therefore put away lying, each one speak truth with his neigbour, for we are members of one another." 


Stop Press: At this point in my writing I stopped to continue the next day. I write this on the morning Nov. 26.12 after having woken at 4.55 AM. Outside distant thunder. The dog was barking. I brought her inside. Dogs are more frightened of thunder than humans.

How could I not be thinking about above book? Another thought came. Until now I had worked as a volunteer in an Op-Shop on Saturday mornings. On Thursday 22.11.12, the day of uploading the previous chapter, for the first time, I volunteered on a Thursday (German Donnerstag lit.Thunder Day). That was the time and place I happened to notice, by pure chance ... no it was the Spirit leading me to this Adventure!) the above copy of Night of Thunder, by Stephen Hunter! Later I took above photo of the book.

It is now 5.11 am - the thunder and (brief) rain stopped, I shall take the dog back outside, get on my knees to pray and thank God for HIS mighty power!

"I am the Lord, and there is no other;

There is not God beside me."

(Isaiah 45, 5) 

On editing - Thursday 29/11/12 - 3.55 PM - I hear distant thunder! 


It so happened, the day before this writing I read a chapter of my own writing. Book 9, Ch. 4 deals with truth, truth in the public arena and generally, telling lies. I had strongly condemned telling lies. Nobody likes to be lied to. The truth is setting us free. Therein lay my interest in the above murder case. Have we all been lied to?

Does the following not read more like a piece of fiction or a novel, rather than a factual newspaper report? Can we believe what the reporter wrote about the murdered lady? The article headline in online The Herald Sun read: "The girl you never got to know?" 


(Extract HeraldSun online:)

Her first love still hoped on some level they'd reconnect. He wrote a poignant message to his "bu bu" on her Facebook page last week.

"From the day I met you in the grandstand at Madingly (sic) Oval almost 10 years ago and along the path of life we decided to walk together (we formed) a love like I could have never imagined ... but 'bu bu' baby, looks like I gotta take this stroll on my own."

On Sarah's own old MySpace page, long since forgotten, with pink flowers in the background and a cheeky photo of her she uploaded long ago, she wrote the lyrics to her then-favourite song: "I never thought I'd die alone. I laughed the loudest who would have known?"

SARAH'S passion for running came naturally, without special running spikes or training, just she and a green oval with white painted lines.

She used to go there with her mum for what they called a "family day out".

Noelle returns to her baby's "stomping ground" every day now, to take Sprocket for a run. And to think.

She watches Sarah's baby chase after the ball, and remembers the times when her own baby girl used to run the same tracks. Happy, smiling, energetic.

(End extract)


What do painted white lines have anything to do with a murder investigation? Aha! Pain t ed white lies! 

Whoever 'bu bu' is or was, they met when Sarah was 12, if my mathematics are correct, "in the Madingly (sic) grandstand." So where is Madingly Oval? There's no Madingly in Australia (at least no postcode). Aha - try Madison or Madrid?

"They formed an unimaginable love! Wow!" At age 12 don't they call it puppy love? I can not fathom, how anybody could be reaching a level of unimaginable love on facebook! (Is there anything facebook can't do?) 

Note how (only once) SARAH'S is written in capital letters - HEAR 55? (To me decoding almost has become natural. How about Snowy Mountain = Now wise mountain?)

On the same Sun Herald web page I found photos of Sarah. Some looked rather photoshocked, sorry photoshopped. Under one of the portraits was this, obviously half finished description:

From an early age Sarah Cafferkey had an independent streak. Supplied 

That word 'Supplied' looked as if somebody had forgotten to supply... whatever? Not sure how to view last 4 letters?

Lied (German for song)

or lied (not telling the truth)?

Perhaps Leid - German for sorrow! 

Or somebody die ..[A] L? (Read on).

- - - - - - -

When I logged onto my uploading program, right at the beginning of writing this chapter, a window came up: File Zilla had an updated version available. I pressed the right buttons and seconds later the new version was saved onto my hard drive. 

I almost missed the confirmation window, but the numbers grabbed my attention. I had just downloaded the newer version number -

Next I noticed world news - in my numbers. It was about motor sports:

Sevastian Bettel, sorry Sebastian Vettel, hung on to win his 3rd Formula 1 world title by finishing 6th in an astounding Brazilian Grand Prix. He came top, 3 points ahead of Alonso ...

...he then tore through the field [after a nasty mishap] and was up to seventh place from 22nd by lap 8.    (Source:

- - - - - - - 


On the eve of commencing this chapter my bike needed some exercise. Why not make use of the beautiful spring weather? Actually, the temperature as I write is more like that of mid-summer. (On Thursday 29th, the scheduled day of publishing this chapter, Adelaide could hit *40 C (104 F) according to the TV Channel Nine News.)

*On editing - our son at the weather bureau only managed a max. temp. of 38 degrees Centigrade. (Renmark had it's highest November temperature ever, 45.3 C, officially not even summer yet!)


Believe me friends, the route I cycled that Saturday evening, was not planned to find stuff on the roadway. Neither did I carry my camera to photograph it. Long ago I wanted to take a nice photo of the huge gumtrees, growing in Harry Bowie Reserve, Salisbury, as they reflect the soft colours of the setting sun.



      This is all I wanted to photograph  >>> Majestic gum trees at Harry Bowie

Reserve, Salisbury South Australia. 





But when a name ending with key goes through your mind, wouldn't you stop and also photograph this, if you saw it along the way?  (Pictured below). 

 <<<  Rope (debris) on the roadway: Doesn't it look like a key look-a-like?

But there was another reason I took the photo. In moments like these I take note of the location.

The rope itself was on Fendon Street.

The very next street on the left is Kelly, then Ponton. The next one, however, all bloggers will love this one: URLWIN  Road.

But there was another spooky street name. No two - the other one just came as I checked Google Maps, to ensure my facts are correct:

One, Cross Keys Road, the southern extension to Fendon Rd.

Two, Saints Road. To the north Fendon Road turns into Saints Road after a sharp right hand bend).


Here is a key-verse, spoken by Jesus and recorded in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 11, Verse 52:

"Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge!"

I am thinking: How many lawyers (and politicians, and other authorities) have I given the knowledge (information) to about the innocent man in jail, who was falsely accused by criminal minds? Yet, they chose to suppress (have taken away) this knowledge. They have shut the door and turned their backs. Woe to you! One day the key to open the case will be found! (Remember: Koffer-key?)  

Something else will be opened - Hades, by the ONE who was dead, but is now alive for evermore. The ONE who holds the key! (Revelation 1:18)


During the writing of this chapter two laws have been in the news in South Australia. One, the new ICAC, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, has finally been given Parliamentary approval, after much wrangling over who should appoint the commissioner. According to our Attorney-General, Mr. Rau, the ICAC is expected to be operational by July 2013. (One year later than originally promised, may I add). 

The other law, featured on TV's investigative program Today Tonight, could be finalised by parliament as early as February 2013. (I have touched on in it Book 9, Ch.8 and later in Book 10, Ch.2). Until now a person found guilty twice, in the first court hearing and in a subsequent appeal, has only the High Court to turn to. 

However, the High Court does not permit fresh evidence, only reviews the case as it stands. If the alleged perpetrator has fresh evidence, after being found guilty twice, it is no good to him, whatsoever, under our present law! How sad is that? What unfair system!

This is, as I understand it, what happened to Peter Liddy. The damning evidence, where his main accuser had claimed he was never abused as a child, was never considered. How many, possibly innocent men, are lingering in jail, only because our lawmakers stuffed up? 

The only way to reopen a case, after fresh evidence has emerged, is by the direction of the Attorney-General or the Governor, the Queens representative. In the Liddy case I have written to both about his case, sending a copy of the fresh evidence. Both rejected my plea.

Had those media people, who I have written to as early as 2003, taken my findings more seriously, this hole in the law, which I still find unbelievable, could have been filled ten years ago! According to Today Tonight there could be up to a dozen cases (if I remember the figure correctly), where convicted prisoners have fresh evidence, but have no avenue to proof their innocence in a new court hearing!


Independent MP Ann Bressington, who is behind this new law, ended her comment of TV last evening by expressing what I felt long go: "People want justice, not a legal system!"

On the national level, Australia is about to embark on establishing a Royal Commission to probe into institutional child abuse. Our Prime Minister has given the green light to investigate for - as long as it takes. Likewise money, it seems, is no objective. The cost could top 500 000 000 Dollars, according to media reports. 

But I don't take speculations like these seriously. As they have managed in Peter's case (taking 3/4 Million or so of his assets), greedy lawyers may well squeeze more than 1/2 Billion Dollars out of this latest honey pot. 

A moment ago, in between writing this chapter, I expressed my viewpoint on the subject of child protection to a TV station, after watching an item the evening before.

Here is part of my email:

Finally yesterday, it was another body, not the church, which had to apologize for abuse - the defence force. How many other organisations are there, who need to come clean? How the media loves to pick on the church! And if it's all about the wellbeing of our children - why not teach them right from wrong again, why not teach them about a God who loves them? Why teach in our schools that we all came from nothing (and therefore are going nowhere ie. life is meaningless?) And remember, the Catholic church stands up strongly against killing of the unborn! Who in the mainstream media speaks out against this barbaric practice? Ripping open the stomachs of pregnant mothers, and sucking out and discarding an innocent, helpless life, is child abuse in its highest form. I'd like to say to Ms. Gillard and all from the Emily's List girlie club: "If it's all about protecting the life of children, please protect them before they are born!"  

- - - - - - -



(Back to the US)


Nobody seemed to worry that the Greyhound arrived an hour late. What could one expect on the interstate, on a July Sunday afternoon, when everybody seems to be heading in one direction, New York City. I arrived still early enough to assemble my Giant, load my luggage and make my way to my hostel in daylight.


The simplicity of the system, where Avenues are running north / south and streets east / west, makes navigation easy. Forty years earlier, on our honeymoon, my wife and I had arrived early one morning, also on an interstate bus. We had walked all day, climbing the Empire State Building, catching the ferry to the Statue of Liberty etc. I recall at one point we saw a gang of youth carrying base ball bats. My wife insisted we cross the road quickly. She was glad when we boarded the bus again that same evening.


That was 41 years ago. How New York has changed! I loved the hustle and bustle of New York City. I loved it, especially with my Giant, my reliable no hassle transport: no problem parking, no waiting for subways or getting stuck in traffic. The only time I was stuck was when the sheer number of tourists on Times Square jammed the whole place, including the bike lane.



Times Square, New York, in daylight hours, on a quiet morning ...


                                                                                                ... and on a warm, crowded summer's night!



Pedestrian behaviour reminded me of Rome, Italy. Red lights are just an option to consider, if enough pedestrians cross against it, no motorist can break through this barrier, unless their horn is loud enough to break the sound barrier!


All New Yorkers are guilty of jay walking, or walking on the roadway. In peak hour the footpaths in mid town, along 8th Avenue, were simply not wide enough to contain the volume of pedestrian traffic.

Thanks to the kind person, who took the photo above. But one question bugs me: Why do those strangers, after being asked to take our photo, always want to take another?

The only  difference in the second one - all in the picture are six seconds older.

The term Big Apple for New York, according to Wikipedia, came from the 1920's, when NY's race courses were referred to as apples. Sports writer John Fitz Gerald is said to first have used the term in a number of articles in the New York Morning Telegraph.



Many ignorant New Yorkers use the bike lanes as good places to stand and make phone calls. Anybody thinking of joining the New York cycle fraternity - ensure you have a loud bell and it works! 


The front page of the newspaper USA Today shared my sentiment on one of the days I visited: Bikes and cars just trying to get along. Cities find drivers and bicyclists share a learning curve on the roadway 3A.


Aha, this might explain this: 



How much we miss, while we are sleeping ! (See below 911).

<<<  Tue 10 July 12, around 1.00 PM Third Avenue, New York City

Frank Sinatra was wrong. Here is proof; New York does sleep, they just do it when the boss isn't watching. Maybe these two needed a rest? Did those New York cyclists exhaust them totally? 

Should I have woken those guys to ask permission to take the picture?

But then, what's worse, waking those exhausted workers or just - take the photo and run! 


AL ROKER at the Rockefeller Plaza,

Tue, July 10.12. AL is the weatherman on the NBC's Today Show.

If anybody thought I'd travel to New York just to be part of the crowd outside the Studios of NBC, New York to check out those faces we see on TV everyday, and snap a photo or shake the hand of a celebrity, they are only half right. I went for that and the free cup of coffee.

Al Roker came and shook almost everyone's hand, including mine and that of a lady tourist from Melbourne. Matt Lauer, the star of the show, made an appearance, but did not come close. It would not have mattered*, my camera battery had gone flat.

 The morning I was there the show featured SPAM, which celebrated 75 years since its invention.

Please all computer nerds note: Spam is something you eat, not delete!

 *pardon the pun




Bi-lingual Germans will see TOD and TO.

Some lucky ladies in the crowd had their photo taken with the super stars!


- - - - - - -



One of the outstanding highlights of my NY visit was the 911Memorial, formerly known as Ground Zero. To stand there among those tall skyscrapers and to even contemplate, how two of these colossal structures collapsed, is surreal. The images of 2001 flashes through your mind; you think back and know exactly where you were, when it happened.

Another huge event I remember. It was exactly 4 days before 911 in a court room. A man was receiving a 25 year jail term. On that day my life took an unexpected turn, which led me onto a path who I am still walking on, expecting more twists and turns to come on that long, and winding road. (See above).


To visit the 911-Memorial you can obtain a ticket online. But passers-by may obtain a ticket on the spot, which I did. I leaned and locked my bicycle onto* a metal barrier near the entrance. That was a mistake I later found out. After a security check I followed the crowd along closed-in corridors, then again outdoors along a fenced off area, to eventually enter a large, spacious plaza, the centre piece of the 911-memorial. 


*Correction 6.12.12: I could not have done so, since later it was moved! I must have just put the lock through the wheels and frame!


On the spot, where the two towers had once stood, two square fountains had been built. Not until I read it in the brochure, which was available in many languages, did I learn that the names of all the victim are engraved around the perimeter of the fountains. Here is a scan from the brochure:




Photo: RE HE RD, Y ME.


<<<  From the diary: As I sat contemplating 911 and looking through the brochure, I noticed that I was sitting right there, where location N 21 had been marked. 

I SEE the name just above N 21 - HRISTIAN. In Book 1 the number 21 played a big role in my first, rather chaotic USA trip. Now, 9 years later, I am thinking far more rational, or so I think. Fact is: Facts are facts!

Just a moment ago, after scanning this picture, I realized the number and chapter you are reading - totally unplanned by any human brain - Book 11, Chapter 9, the date of 911. Friends, that's God's timing! It humbles me every time, to be used in this way. It moves me to tears. 

"... still more - the date of writing and publishing - Thursday 29.11.2012.


More names surrounding the fountains >>> 

Angela Rosa ... /  M.E. DeJesus  /  Xavier Heeran

While 911 was a tragedy that should never have happened, it also was a wake-up call to the entire western world.

Many frightened souls, at that time, turned to God. People thought about eternal things, searched for answers, looked for meaning in life and found it - in Jesus Christ. God specializes in creating beauty out of ashes!

In May 2012, shortly before my visit, the tower of the new One World Trade Centre overtook the Empire State Building as New York's tallest. When completed it will be the second tallest in the USA, at 541.3 metres.





Returning to the real world, after an hour at the 911 memorial, my bike had gone from where I had chained (or leaned) it to. I knew instantly it was not stolen. The place was far too busy; security guards everywhere. (Later in San Francisco it was a different story). I spotted my bike through the barrier. It had been taken by security inside the compound. After a ten minute lecture by a policeman I was glad to be back in the saddle, continuing my exploration of Manhattan. 


Being a peninsula, Manhattan is linked to other cities by various bridges across the East River and the Hudson River. There is something special crossing a body of water via a mighty bridge. In New York I crossed at least three. A kind fellow cyclist guided me to the Brooklyn Bridge bike path. But what a surprise on the other side? Take a look:





If I were to play with missing letters - Roo (hops along) re a es t... emerges!


(Qns - e e - 5th letters - Love letters!)

Above: Brooklyn Bridge looking toward Manhattan. Like many cities in the world New York is a rather bike-friendly place. A cycle track follows for a few kilometres along Broadway and over major bridges. A city-wide bike-rental scheme was to be introduced in August 2012. 

<<<  Welcome to Brooklyn - How sweet It Is! Great slogan, where have I heard this song before? Aha, Evie sings it! Was it Marty Markowitz or Michael Bloomberg, who thought of it? Both names (on the sign) end in a German word: ...witz (joke) and ... berg (mountain). So, what's so sweet, or is it a mountain of a joke?


- - - - - - -



It so happened the YHA in NY was not far from TOMS Restaurant, made famous by the TV sitcom Seinfeld. From 103rd Street to 112th only took 5 minutes on my Giant. I had a great meal there. The staff were exceptionally friendly, which encouraged me to give them a tip. (Glad it did, read on).


If my wife had been with me, she'd be able recall exactly what she ate, down to the last breadcrumb. I only remember, looking at the photo the waitress took (shown below).  However, I recall exactly how much it cost and why this ISSO. You guessed it, numbers - that number.




TOMS Restaurant on the corner Broadway and 112th Street has been made famous by the TV sitcom Seinfeld.

I see a 5 1 code in Seinfeld - S & ein (one in German).

Rather unplanned my meal came to 9.55 cents. Very affordable, since it included soup and salad. 

 Next this came to me: I had given 10% as a tip. Add this Dollar and voila $ 10.55. This is even more significant, since it was my final few hours in the USA. Had I not in my very first hours on the continent been met with I505 - May 15? Hello and Good-bye by number!


While dining at Tom's Restaurant I had time to think about things. Earlier in the day I had spent about an hour at the library checking my emails. One had me a little worried. It came to my inbox via my wife's hotmail account from the 'Christus-Traeger community. It's an evangelical body, whose name literally means 'Christ carriers'. 

As early as February 2012 I had made enquires, if I could spend a few months living, working and worshipping with them. According to their website they welcome anyone to join them, even for a short time. An old friend of mine, one who had good connections to this monastery, as it could be called, put in a good word for me. I was accepted without paperwork or any bureaucratic nonsense. In hindsight this may have been a little too casual an arrangement.

After I had read the email in the New York Library on July 10, I sensed that something was not right. Why were they asking me, if I was still interested in coming? As far back as February I had made arrangement, which I confirmed in May, just before my departure. I had now travelled half-way around the world, and it was only a week before I would be arriving?

I replied to their email with a definite - yes, I was still very interested, and asked if July 18th was a good time to be arriving. They never received this email, just like I had not received theirs. Thank God, in the end, all was allgood.

The manager of the New York YHA, a friendly fellow cyclist, did me a great favour. Without much fuss he agreed that I could leave my bicycle with them. They would find a storage space, until my return almost ten weeks later. (It was much appreciated, thank you).


  I left the American Continent on July 11th, 2012 in great anticipation what God had in store in Europe. In 2 1/2 months I was to return.

"If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me..." (Psalm 139 : 9, 10)

Despite the hint of uncertainly what Europe would bring, I knew God would lead me, as HE promised. HE is the same yesterday, today and everywhere, in Australia, the USA and in Europe.


The way HE did it was most creative, most amazing, so divine.

Chapter 10