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                   Book 11 / Ch. 4   Written / Published 30.10.12  / 1.11.2012


"The floods have lifted up, O Lord,

The floods have lifted up their voice;

The floods have lifted up their waves.

The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters;

than the mighty waves of the sea.              (Psalm 93: 3, 4)

4. UNcanNY Parallel

During my travels in the US, and later in Europe, I had only on rare occasions heard as to what was happening in the wider world. Occasionally, on radio or in a newspaper I would pick up stories and peruse them in a hostel or riding a bus. 

One report about a much publicised court case grabbed my attention. It was front page on USA Today on 31/5//12. It was on that rainy day in Peoria, Illinois, where I stayed in a motel. The more I read of the story, after having only heard bits and pieces earlier, the more I recognized uncanny parallels from the Sandusky child abuse case to that of my friend Peter Liddy. 

The first and most obvious similarity is that both men were found guilty and received very long jail sentences; Sandusky even more than Peter - 30+ years. I cut out an extract from the article and pasted it into my diary. Open your mind a take a look (typed text below). See if you agree with my comments below. (Please note, the article was printed weeks before the final sentence was handed down.)


USA Today May 31, 2012 - Front Page Story (Extract from page 2A)


Text: (Letters in brackets refer to my comments below)


Amendola, in an interview with USA TODAY before Cleland issued an April 9 order barring the defense and prosecution from talking about the case, said that the defense will "aggressively" challenge each of Sandusky's accusers. Many of them, the attorney said, are seeking to "destroy" the former coach [A] as part of a strategy to win potentially lucrative civil lawsuits against university officials and the institution. [B]


"What gets lost here is that Jerry was involved as a mentor for hundreds of other kids, who came to his house over the years," Amendola said. "But none of those kids are saying that Jerry molested them. [C] It doesn't make sense."


Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly, [D] who is overseeing the prosecution, has repeatedly declined to comment on the case. But following a court appearance last month, before Cleland issued the sweeping gag order, Senior Deputy Attorney General Joe Mc Gettigan tersely characterized Amendola's *claims as part of a "pointless escapade."



Details about Victim 6 Text : The alleged abuse occurred between 7 pm and 9 pm May 3, 1998 in the university locker room. The child was 11 at the time."


Victim 6: A further fact, a parallel to Peter's case: The allegations are going back many years - to 1998. I noticed the numbers: 3 5 7 9 11.

Let's put aside the wacky side, the names involved ( LA - done already anyway, or C L land, or Joe [Josef's] Son, get it, Go N) and look at the parallels with a rational mind:

[A]  ...seeking to destroy the former coach. As was Sandusky,  Peter Liddy worked as sports coach with children. Many criminals, many of whom he had put behind bars, had reason to destroy Peter. (Both men maintain their innocence right to this day).

[B]  ... to win potentially lucrative law suits. Lawyers took almost all of Peters money (almost 3/4 Million Dollars). Abuse victims also love money. In Peter's case one alleged victim visited a lawyer and asked this question: "How much money will I receive, if Mr. Liddy is found guilty?" 

[C] ...none of these kids are saying that Jerry molested them.  In Peter's case many young men testified as to having never noticed any abnormal behaviour or had in any way been abused by the magistrate/coach.

Peter's neighbour, the mother of three boys, who spent much time next door at Peter's house, went as far as going to his solicitor and made a statement. She said that her boys had never been molested. (After reading my chapter 2 of Book 10, one really has to ask, if her death at only 58 had taken place, if she had kept silent.)

[D]  ....Linda Kelly, how ironic, then name of the person who oversees the prosecution! The main prosecutor in Peter Liddy's case was also female, with the same surname Kelly! (She was later promoted to judge). And was not the first inkling in my brain the link from the name Liddy to Lindy?


Shortly after my return from overseas in mid October 12 I met with a friend of Peters. Nothing had changed in his sad situation. She showed me a large book, which Peter had written and illustrated during those long, lonely hours in solitary confinement. What I saw, mostly poems about love, animals, his church and many other subjects, could hardly be the fruit of the mind of a monster.

As I read a headline in the USA Today article - The whole society is watching a car wreck (or words similar) I reflected how all my whistle-blowing, my letters, emails, phone calls resulted in very little. So many must know about this injustice; few care. They are just looking on, watching a life wrecked.


During my absence I had hoped the promised ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) would have started in July, as was initially announced. The latest is that pollies are arguing about one important point: Who should appoint the Commissioner? As recent as Oct 14th 2012 (online AdelaideNow), Mr. Rau, South Australia's Attorney-General, is quoted as saying that the ICAC may not happen, if the deadlock is not resolved. 

What bothers me about this ICAC is this: If the state government, with or without the opposition's approval, appoints the ICAC chief, the state government is paying this public servant his or her (very high) wage. Given this fact, is this person really going to investigate and expose corruption, if the trail of wrongdoing goes right back to his or her employer? A political appointment will always be influenced by politics.

As if there were not sufficient grounds, which I have exposed here on my website, for a thorough investigation into the Liddy case, followed by a good look at the justice system as a whole?

Would it not be better, if an anti-corruption commissioner were paid by a Federal body, but would have jurisdiction only over a particular state? The most important letter in ICAC is I. No independence, no life; except that of a puppet!

And could not do the AFP, Australia's Federal Police, do the job? (The one and only time I blew the whistle to an AFP officer in Sydney, he knew lots about the Liddy case. Of course, nothing resulted and I felt I was not taken seriously, as everywhere else). 

- - - - - - -


(Back to the USA)

As I write, most major TV news channels here in Australia are covering the Super-storm, also dubbed Franken-storm, which is raging in the north-east of the USA. Channel Nine scrolled this headline at the bottom of the TV screen:  2.2 (sic) people are affected! It was far worse than that. How fortunate, I thought, that my recent travels led me through New York in early October, not at the end.

In Chicago, where I travelled to on the bus from Anderson / Indiana, the weather was quite the opposite. I spent two great days in bright sunshine and summer temperatures in that great city on Lake Michigan. 

I may be forgiven for feeling that numbers were following me. In this case No. 310. (Totally unplanned to be writing this on 30.10). The motel clerk in Peoria, Illinois had put me into room No. 310. Now, in the hostel in Chicago, my room No. was also 310, my bed H. 

Since I did not carry a mobile telephone or a P/C, libraries became the place to contact my family via email. One library I walked into in Chicago did not allow the public to access the internet. It was a different kind of library (perhaps a presidential library - and was was not the president? I was told to go to another - at No. 310 W. Division Street. 

That night I decided to observe the sunset from a great height:

Sunset view from the 103rd floor of the 412m high Wills Tower.


Willis Tower is the premier corporate office building in Chicago, home to more than 100 companies including prominent law, insurance, transportation and financial services. The iconic building is the tallest in the Western Hemisphere, ecompassing more than 4.5 million square feet, including its Skydeck and 103rd floor glass viewing platform, The Ledge, which attract more than 1.3 million visitors every year.

Copied / pasted from


(On editing: I just noticed the spelling error - a n missing! Read on for a single N).



Navy Pier / Chicago. I was astounded as to how clear, clean and still the water on Lake Michigan was. I cycled down to the pier numerous times on my bicycle, which I had carried on the Greyhound bus from Anderson.

Riding slowly along the above pier one morning I found a baby sock on the ground. Seven years earlier at Seal Beach, Ca. I had also found a baby sock. This time, however, I spotted a lady pushing a pram. I reunited her baby with the missing sock.

- - - - - - -


Friends, please listen! I woke at 3.10 AM on this day, Halloween, 31.10.12. The thoughts, which came were so powerful, I had to immediately rise and  insert them here, in the chapter I had written the day before.

I don't really understand the meaning of Halloween, but the symbols, (ghost masks, skeletons, spider's webs and witches) don't appeal to me.

I believe, however in the  t (cross) and the power of the Holy Spirit.

A thought came to me at that early hour: The name of the boat, in the picture above, is 'Windy'. I noticed this after scanning the picture on the day of the super storm Sandy was lashing the north-east coast of the USA. 

How could I have missed the uncanny similarity between the name Sandy and Sandusky in above article, which was printed in USA Today exactly 5 months ago?

It makes me ask this question: Is God showing by HIS mighty power, in uncanny timing, that another innocent man has been jailed? Or is it all co-incident, or worse, has the whole world been deceived?

The truth will set US free.

- - - - - - -


For those contemplating travelling with their bicycle through the US or Canada. you can take your bicycle, but it must be in a box. Don't count on being able to obtain one at every bus terminal (or from an airline - in LA a staff member tried for hours to find one.) I purposely obtained one from a bicycle shop at Anderson, juggled it on my bike to the bus terminal. The clerk on duty agreed to keep it there, until I needed it the next day.

What was annoying was the inconsistency, as to the fee transporting my bike box.. Buying the ticket online a few days before saved me lot of money. The cost for the bicycle seemed to be a grey area (if you pardon the pun) at Greyhound. On the five separate bus rides I paid five different amounts, ranging  from 0 to 30 Dollars.


My GIANT was my transport, not only to complete the huge cross over America, but in the cities I stayed. Besides Chicago they were, Madison, Springfield, St. Louis, Memphis, Jackson, New Orleans and, of course, many lesser known places.

My bike  also proved invaluable getting around Washington DC and New York, the places I visited en route to Europe. Traffic in big cities has never bothered me; the more of it, the more I seem to enjoy it. The thought of trying to negotiate big cities in an automobile, the problems associated with parking and congestion etc. made me appreciate my GIANT even more.

The weather in Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin, was warmer than I had expected this far north. The city is named after James Madison, the 4th President of the United States. I stayed two nights in the YHA (in Germany they call them Juhe) and made some friends, Yuval and Sawyer from Israel. Sawyer had worn a provocative T-shirt regarding religion. We had some deep spiritual discussions. In the end, he started to appreciate my point of view. One afternoon he even hired a bicycle and we cycled around the beautiful in the lakes district together.

Looking at my bike I decided to have new tyres fitted at the largest bike shop in the world, as it was advertised as. I was very happy that I had had no breakdown up to this point and did not want to take a risk.


                At bus station - Anderson, IN.                                               Bike shop -  Madison WI.          

Ready when the bus comes. It came, a Miller Bus reg. No.9163. Very friendly, helpful driver. 

Largest bike shop in the world (allegedly). I had new tyres fitted, cost $ 63.19.


Carrying the bike in this big box was not always easy, especially at those bus stations that didn't have trolleys; most didn't. But there's always a bystander to help! Some Greyhound employees were more helpful than others. There were a few disappointments.

Another disappointment came at Blackhawk Valley Campground, just outside Rockford / Illinois. I had cycled 130 kilometers, battled a headwind and was glad to having arrived at this camping ground. Expecting to pay around 12 Dollars, the lady said that it would cost me $ 30 for 1 night to pitch my tent. 

The website boasts that this 130-site park is the best kept secret in the mid-west. I will let you in on the secret: If you arrive with two adults and four young children you pay $ 30 per night for a site, which includes electricity and water. I could not agree that I should have to pay the same money for my small tent and bicycle, as does a family with up to 4 children, who need space for perhaps in a huge RV or Caravan and would be using electricity, which did not need, and far more water . 


Was this an example of the American Spirit of Free Enterprise? Close the tent area so everybody has to pay for a powered site. Despite being very tired I left to find another campground. For two more hours I struggled back to Rockford and camped at Rock Cut State Park.


What's this? I hear you ask?  It's not a ring of fire and has    >>> nothing to do with Halloween!                               


It is an emblem on the back of the clothing, worn by the person sitting in front of me at Rockford First Baptist Church.

Perhaps after seeing this my mind considered ending my ride in NO, and not in Alabama as originally planned?

(Please note: This N had been on this page before I came across the missing n spelling error earlier in the chapter). 

<<< That day, June 10th, the church car park was filled with a variety of Vintage and Classic cars. A creative church committee had found a way of bringing people to church.

Don't you LoVe the registration plate? A BIRD 55.

I failed to ask the owner of this 1955 open top cabriolet, if he called his red beauty Lovebird?


Talking to a young, pretty lady, Angie, she was amazed about where I had come from and what I was doing. I would have loved to stay longer, but it was a very windy day. I knew a hard day cycling was ahead of me. 

By Tuesday, 12th June, the winds were moderating and swinging back north-westerly. After battling headwinds for two days, cycling through the cornfields of the mid-west became rather pleasant again. I passed through small towns with funny (Da Ninci) names, like Manito, Mason, Utica, Tonica or Lostant. 

All along my route there had been references to President Lincoln, the  16th President. At Metamura I ate lunch in the park opposite the famous courthouse, where young Abe Lincoln once had practiced law. 

In this town I noted a church, New Hope Church ...  Hey, how the name fit here ...  which as a symbol had a large  t.

Stop Press: Am I hearing correctly - At 3.21 Adelaide time 30.10.12 I am listening to the lyrics of the song on Gospel Music Selections: "He brought the cross to me - when I could not reach across, he brought the cross to me !!!" What amazing timing for these amazing lyrics. Thank you Lord for this magic touch of yours, to let me know - you are so close to me! 

As I continue writing, tears flowing down my face, I was just about to write that it was in the next town, (in Peoria) where my north-south path crossed my west-east passage. It was right at the spot, where my Lutheran friend Wally, had dropped me. How glad I went all those miles across the ocean to create this cross, which no one can take from us.



In the flat country of the mid west water tanks are landmarks. Not all are as specularly painted as this one in TONICA.

The Metamora courthouse, where young be Lincoln once practiced law. 

Below: Illinois is the state, where my west/east and north south axis met to form my cross. It was right here!

Fri 1/6 (Love it) Wally took this photo, before I headed off east to Lake Clinton.

Tue 12/6 - same spot outside Peoria, Ill.

If you c all you will see No.13960, and 500.00.

But how about this, which I just noticed? Right there at the centre of my cross, HE put me (Dieter) under the sign of a ...weight loss program!

I l l i N O I S  /  USA - The first three letters Ill are bit like 111. The last 4 could become N0I5.

- - - - - - -


Many places in the US are named after foreign cities. You will find a Hamburg, a Berlin and Stuttgart among many place names. On the day of reaching the capital of Illinois, Springfield, I cycled through Athens and Teheran. At Springfield I was able to put my tent up for $ 10 per night. It was not far from the centre of town, right at the showgrounds. 

That evening a horse-riding event was under way at the showground arena. While enjoying those beautiful animals prancing around the arena, I was equally enjoying the music that was played as these animals performed in perfect rhythm. It was a pleasure to watch. I loved it and went back the next evening.

There was little time in my normal riding (bike riding) schedule for visiting museums or to do a lot of sightseeing. However, at Springfield I was told, the new multi-million Dollar Lincoln Museum is a must see. A tourist brochure suggested to allow three hours for this museum. I should have listened to that advise, but only arrived at 4 PM, an hour before closing.

What I saw and learned about this great statesman and leader, made the tragedy of his violent death even sadder to contemplate. It's impossible to not be impressed, especially as a Christian, by the life of such a man. How America needs a statesman of the faith and character of Lincoln. 

One scene stayed in my mind: In the Hall of Sorrows is a small alcove with a figure of Mary Lincoln, grieving the death their son. Willie had died typhoid fever. The President is said to have cried tears of sorrow as never before. 

During the brief hour, walking around the different rooms, looking and listening to various exhibits, I perceived that Abe Lincoln was a humble man, one who did not make a secret of his faith and reliance on Almighty God.


Exhibits in the entrance hall of the Springfield Ill. Lincoln Museum

The 16th President of the United States with his family in 1861.

A young Lincoln is sitting on a stump near the cabin and reading a book, while he should be doing his chores.

The following is an extract of Lincoln's farewell speech, before leaving Springfield for Washington in Feb. 1861:

"Unless the great God who assisted him [Washington], shall be with and aid me, I must fail. But if the same omniscient mind, and Almighty arm that directed and protected him, shall guide and support me, I shall not fail, I shall succeed. Let us all pray that the God of our fathers may not forsake us now. To him I commend you all--permit me to ask that with equal security and faith, you all will invoke His wisdom and guidance for me 

                    (as recorded by Abraham Lincoln's law partner, Billy Herndon - Source

- - - - - - -


Big news in Australia on 19/10/2012:

AUSTRALIA WINS UN Bid. A day after arriving back in Australia this feel-good news item made big headlines.

Australia had spent 25 Million Dollars in a bid to become a member of the United Nations 15-Member Security Council. From Jan 1, 2013 Australia will take a seat in New York with the big boys (sorry - and girls). As non-permanent member Australia's appointment will last two years. 

Unlike China, France, Russia, the UK and the US, the winners of World War II, who make up the body of permanent members, who have the right to veto any decisions made.

- - - - - - -


If the United States of America wants to once prosper again, and I don't mean simply economically, rather be healed from the pain of poverty, the scourge of substance abuse, crime, injustices etc etc. (I have witnessed much of this) its leaders must return to the principles of their forefathers, of which Abraham Lincoln is a good example. Take a look at the brief paragraph above:

  1. Lincoln acknowledges the great (the only true) God.

  2. Lincoln admits HIS human effort will not suffice in the task ahead of him.

  3. Lincoln declares his faith in Almighty God, the same God America's forefathers believed in. He believed he will not fail.

  4. Lincoln encourages his people to also pray and trust in that same God.

  5. Lincoln humbly acknowledges his need for guidance and wisdom. 


Friends, if the next President of the United States has the courage and humility to lead this once great nation back to its Christian roots, to the simple faith and reliance of Almighty God, America would be healed. It would once again become the great nation it once was. There would be far less worry about the economy; same sex marriage would not even be considered, the unborn would be protected; children would again be taught right from wrong, they would learn those same (Lincoln's) principles from an early age.

This is my dream for America and, no doubt, that of many Americans. 

Jesus promised, if we place our priority on seeking His HIS kingdom, the economy will take care of itself. (Matthew 6, 33).

God wants to heal America and all nations. In Jesus you have this hope.

How I would love to write: There is an uncanny parallel between President Obama (or Mr. Romney) and President Abe Lincoln! 

Jesus and HIS cross is the hope of all nations, even America. May the people of America choose wisely in the coming days. 


Chapter 5