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  (Pictures by author, unless indicated)                  Book 11 / Ch. 20                           Written / Published 18.3 - 20.3.2013

Alert readers would have figured that I had indeed made another mistake in the previous chapter. In the introduction I had, however, written this: "If God appears to have made a mistake, ask HIM, where is the magic that turns wrong into good?"


My mistake was the difference between KUGA and KLUGER. It is not ERA or EAR. I failed to see the L.  So, whilst in the previous chapter a mistake had turned into my date-of-birth number 135, in this chapter, adding the missing L, it creates the name of a (fictional) KIng - LEAR. (A play written by William Shakespear, .... whose name ends in ...  !

Please note: This chapter is about happenings back home in Australia. The European journey continues in the next chapter, God willing.


20.  Something about that name

In early March 2013 I felt an urge to take a trip away. It had only been ten weeks since my little green machine, the Suzuki mini-van, took me to Sydney and back. It was a great 6-day trip. I loved every moment of it, as readers read in chapter 13. On March 11th my football team Adelaide United was playing in Melbourne. March is the prefect time of the year to take a trip to Melbourne, even better when taking the GO route, meaning the Great Ocean Road, along the southern Victorian coastline. 

In chapter 19 I had experienced a little magic with the letters VIC (Victoria). But neither this, nor the nice weather along the GO Road, persuaded me to make the final decision, should I go or should I stay, or simply wait for another time?

Adelaide was playing against the Melbourne Heart. As time was moving toward making serious arrangements, if I were to travel, I made a deal with God, a whisper of a prayer, on March 5th: "If you want me to go to this match in Melbourne, let there be an outstanding encounter today with a heart. (In a previous chapter, Book 9, Ch.7 I had been to a Melbourne Heart football match and found a tiny heart-shaped object, on the way to the match.)

At the end of that Tuesday, March 5th, I was not conscious of anything 'hearty' which had crossed my path that day. Maybe, God doesn't want me to take this trip at this time, was the obvious conclusion? 

But there was a heart message on March 5th - only I had not seen it until the next morning.

As I was going through my Daily Bread Bible reading, as often a day late, I found my heart clue. As a matter of fact there were two - the word heart twice in the very last sentence of that day's bible commentary. 

It took until I actually was at the Stadium in Melbourne to see the most obvious code of all. The word H ear T; ear right between H and T. In my code that's - the cross is IT.

The very next morning, after I had uploaded Chapter 19, I heard the word era in the media, at least twice, maybe more. A prominent headline (on TV) read: 


 NEW ERA FOR VICTORIA - Ted Baillieu resigns as Premier.

(Mel in Melbourne, Sydney 27 deg.C and sunny)


Without much warning the Premier of Victoria, Australia's second largest state, had resigned from his position. He was much criticised, not only for this sudden move, but failing to give a plausible explanation for doing so.

Note the word resigns - only 1 s difference to the word reigns. Thank God, HE never resigns, but reigns forever - despite 2 s in HIS name!

(Later in the chapter we will have an encounter with the new Premier of Victoria, plus a previous one).

- - - - - - -


         As if we had not heard enough of heart and ear - there were more:



To come across this item, only days after having seen the word ear crystallize as if by magic. I could not ignore it. 



Below: Our Daily Bread, 5.3.13


A troubled heart, a wearied mind, are burdens hard to bear; a lack of peace, a heavy load are lifted by God's care - People are at the heart of God's heart.

On March 10th, the day before my drive to Melbourne, as if God was ensuring I see HIS hand in it, one more heart in the Daily Bread key-thought: Gratitude of heart can often be seen in a generous spirit. (William Crowder). (Considering there are only two more days, where 'heart' is included in Our Daily Bread (as key verse - March 19th / and May 10th) I find this very timely. 

Church Newsletter - March 10th, 2013 - How it fits Ch. 20: 'Guard your heart'


(Most amazing, totally unplanned:) At this point, March 18th, not a paragraph later or earlier, my wife asked me to got to our Vet and buy tablets for our little Fox Terrier, something I only do every six months or so:

Heartgard PLUS 30

Does it need an explanation?


This product has a warning to keep children away from it. When it comes to the message of the Gospel of Jesus, and how to best guard their life from evil, I'd like to give this warning: CAUTION - Do NOT keep out of reach of children. All need direction, how to be saved!

- - - - - - -

It was on the Monday long-weekend, when my Suzuki and I left Adelaide just before 7 AM and drove the familiar route east toward Melbourne. To outsiders it must still be a puzzle, why our Government is granting everybody a holiday because an important, annual horse race was run that day, the Adelaide Cup?

As I passed through Coonalpyn, how could I forget, (Bk. 10, Chapter 11) the calamity of Jan 2012, when right outside the motor garage the Suzuki's engine seized up. It ended this much anticipated trip to Melbourne rather abruptly. This time, however, my little 1 litre mini-van never missed a beat. It took me to Melbourne nicely, just as it had taken me to Sydney in late December.

Along the route, being a holiday weekend, a road safety program called Driver Reviver operated. I stopped at place called Dimboola, which is about the half-way mark between our two cities. With the free coffee, as usual, came a nice chat with the volunteers on duty. I enjoyed it as much as the refreshing drink, since Dimboola holds a few memories from an earlier era of my long journey. (Bk 2, Ch.30).

Driving away from the kiosk, where coffee was served, I noticed the vehicle registration plate of a Ute. It must have been that of the volunteer on duty. What do I make of URG 177? (not in that order). The registration plate phenomena had not abate since it started over a decade ago. I view it perhaps differently, less intense. Yet, to ignore them all would be impossible. I take them as a reminder of where I had come from.

Another free coffee was available from a Driver Reviver stop a Baccus Marsh. There was also a registration plate with a 'message'. At the end of the day, however, I had forgotten it. I wrote in my diary: They [rego numbers] are so common - either I am mad or I'm followed. (Later that day there would be another, a rather significant one, read on).

Allow me a little fun with numbers. I had booked into the YHA in North Melbourne, a place I knew well. Melbourne was hot, very hot, in the grip of a heat wave. That day it had reached 36 degrees. But that wasn't the winning number - yet. It was the room I was allocated at the hostel - 102. Adelaide later that evening played their match at AAMI stadium. They won (pronounce 1) 0:2.


 Another reason for Adelaide's 2:0 win - Chapter 20. A week later they drew 1:1 in Adelaide. Reason? Bk. 11.

The 'Reds' are normally the team from Adelaide. With a name like Heart, the Melbourne team of course has the same colour jersey. 


Note: The black 'Heart' goalkeeper! Normally they wear No.1. For their 2:0 loss he wore 20.

How interesting this photo turned out? Jero N. EIRA?

Hey - I just noticed something as I took a second look: ERIAN: Ian. He [Ramsey] scored a great goal that night!

As the match got under way each player was introduced over the PA system; their name and photograph displayed on the big screen. My camera just caught the moment when Jeronimo Neumann (New man) changed to Ferreira.

 <<< On day of uploading (19.3 in USA) this came: 

Q: What letter can we add to IRA to make the above significant? *(Answer below)


Besides these facilities there is another major 55 000 seat stadium at the Dockland, just west of Melbourne's CBD (Central Business District.)


HISENSE Arena is right opposite AAMI Stadium. In this district of Melbourne there are probably more sporting facilities per square kilometre than anywhere in the world: If Sport were a world religion Melbourne could be its Mecca: Tennis, Australian Football and Rugby (statue above) and Soccer all have their shrines here, beside the Yarra River.

(*Answer: Q - On March 19th the IRAQ war started ten years ago)



At Docklands (Etihad) is where I experienced one of three huge thrashings Adelaide United received in an away match: 6:0 in a grand final. Another was only recently, late in 2012: 6:1 in Sydney. 


But one trip stands out - the 5:0 debacle in a semi-final in Perth in 2005. A bus load of supporter travelled a total of 5386 kilometers to witness the defeat. If there were a category in the Guinness Book of Records - longest distance travelled overland by a fan club, this trip would probably top the chart.

A young Adelaide supporter at AAMI stadium, one who jeered on the fans rather enthusiastically, came up to me later and asked: "Do you remember me?" I knew his face from previous matches.


"Yes", I said. "You and your parents used to come on the bus trips in the first season?" With some pride he told me that he was part of that long trip to Perth on that epic journey. He was 14 years old back then.

At AAMI Stadium that night I sat with a friendly, young man who had moved from Adelaide to now work in Melbourne. His name was Andrew. His brother was with him also. His name was Adrian. (Later I thought how I had sat with AA* in AAMI stadium). There were two more Andrews to cross my path that evening.

*How weird is that - within a couple of minutes of typing this, my wife calls out: [Radio] "Five AA has someone from Adelaide United on..." 

But first the registration plate, which I had alluded to earlier in the chapter. After the match, unlocking my bicycle, putting on my safety west and helmet, out of the corner of my eyes I noticed a vehicle stop right near me. It was registration plate ... 720. Later I thought about it a little more. It was an AUDI - German made! AU / ID.

It was a lovely, mild night in Melbourne, the last day of the annual autumn carnival, called Moomba Festival. It had been celebrated first in 1955, following the inaugural visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth a year earlier. One could see, leaving the stadium, Melbourne was abuzz with light, sound, food and fun. Over the Yarra the sky was ablaze with fireworks. Whole families were still out, enjoying the night.

I walked under Princes Bridge along Southbank. Trying to ride would be impossible, too many people. On a seat stood a young man, dressed normally, and talking in a loud voice to passers-by. I soon guessed that he was a Christian, who took the scripture Matthew 22, Verse 9 literally: "Go into the highways and as many as you find invite ..." 

After I paused briefly to listen, not many did, the young man stopped preaching. He stepped down from the bench and walked over to me. We had a brief chat. I told him that he was bold to do this in this busy place. He asked if I was a Christian. I said yes, and he prayed for me. It had been a long time since a stranger approached me and prayed for me. It was refreshing. He assured me, he feels God had called him to to do this. I asked his name. It was Andrew. 


 Above: The final hours of the Moomba* Festival.

This festival started in 1955 after the

inaugural visit by HM Queen ER Elizabeth II.


*Why they chose the letters Obama + 0 is a mystery.

Had the big man been born at all back then? (We'd 

need to check his birth certificate!)



These two gentleman on Melbourne's Southbank

are not Adelaide United players, but removalists.

They are moving a pi...ano.

Thankfully, it does not need to go to the top of the 

Eureka Tower, in the background, but only into a

the door of the Concert hall on the left.


I continued my walk along Southbank. (I intended to ride home via Lapland* Street, formerly known as King Street.) After my brief encounter with the second Andrew that evening I thought: Will there be a third Andrew before the day is over? It wasn't a minute later, much less, when a little further a guitarist played and sang his song ... whatever? In front of him was an open suitcase with a few coins in it, plus a few CD's, for sale at $ 5.00 each. 

The young man's name was Andrew. And how I loved his surname: Healey (one letter from healer).

(*Your name* needs to be Eddie to understand) Hey, just as I typed ' your name', in the background CD a group sings the lyrics - " the sound of your name...", a well-known song by Darlene Zschech. 

How interesting, just as I am writing about names!. 

Now there's more - on Gospel Music Selection, to which I just switched to: "...there's just something about that name ..."  What a blessing!

- - - - - - -


The next day they (miracles, there's no other name for it) happened again. I never look for them, never try to fabricate anything, I just see things as I move about, wherever the Spirit leads me and allows my eyes to see and my ears to hear.

Very soon that morning my eyes opened and my ears went ...bionic!  I had to find a car park for my Suzuki on my way to check out, if the Victorian Parliament was sitting that day. It would have been interesting to see the new Premier in action. It was strange, the name of the place where I was lead to for a 1 hour park. It was right near a lane way. Take a look:

                       Bionic Ear Lane.                                         Kelly & Kelly


The only free parking spot was near the Eye & Ear

 Hospital. My one hour park was right by the

above sign. Kelly has been a prominent name in

my autobio. At the end of the chapter we shall revisit the

sad case.

Above: Are you surprised that I found the name of the lane I had parked near stunning

and unique? Bionic Ear Lane. The vehicle, which was parked right ahead of mine vehicle

had registration plate - WAY 1 ... (God knew the way, I simply followed).

After scannning I noticed the graffiti on the pole; almost a match to the colour of my van!


Google Maps informs that the church in the background is St.Patrick's Catholic Church.

(We shall have a brief encounter with the new pope a little later.) What surprised me,

checking the map, the name very near St.Patricks, beside the Victorian Parliament is

St. Andrews PL. (Don't you love it?)


It was again a very hot day in Melbourne. The nights had been very uncomfortable for those without air-conditioning. I took the opportunity to take my first ever swim in Port Phillip Bay at Brighton. Lucky I had thongs (flip-flops) with me, otherwise the sand would have been too hot to walk on, bare feet. Late in the afternoon I drove out into the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne to visit a friend, the driving school entrepneur, who had bought my driving-school website two years earlier.

Before driving to The Basin I had time at Boronia to look for a new pair of sunglasses. Browsing the shops, after finding a pair of cheap sunglasses (I break or lose them easily) I noticed in a real estate agent's shop window the bargain of the year: A two-bedroom home unit for $ 5. 

For a moment I thought about taking back my $ 4.50 sunglasses and ... just kidding. Still, I went into the office and told a staff member, who was surprised about the mistake. He blamed the secretary. The address was 228 ..., this was another reason I just could not ignore it.

Late in the evening, it was still very hot. The radio host on the ABC 774 speculated, it could still be 30 degrees at midnight. I thought - 30 degrees at 12 midnight - that would be amazing - 30 deg at 12 on 03 12!  I don't think it stayed this high. However, as if God really wanted me in Melbourne that particular time, that day a weather record was broken. It was the ninth day straight that the temperature reached above 30 deg. C.

- - - - - - - 

My Suzuki is full of surprises: On 13.3.13, on the return from Melbourne, the odometer showed 331131. Who wants 1?

On 9.3.13, the Saturday prior, we clocked on 330000. But more surprising - the tripmeter right then showed 109, the digits for that day's date. 5 0's left over! L.oved it! 

Hey, just noticed after scanning: I had just filled the tank. It shows F on the \ Allow me so see F 1. It so happened that the next day was the beginning of the annual F 1 Motor Race at Andrew Park, sorry Albert Park.

- - - - - - -


The original plan had been to stay a further night in Melbourne. I changed my mind so I could take it slower, driving home the coastal route. This gave me another few hours in Melbourne on the morning of 13.3.13. Looking back, what I saw I know was exactly what I saw. But the interpretation thereof is either totally insane, or part of a conspiracy at a higher level, which I do not yet fully understand.

Let me write it, as it was. After checking out at the North Melbourne YHA the plan was to park somewhere near the freeway entrance, for a swift exit to Geelong, and then take a final look around Melbourne on the GIANT. Finding a park was not so easy, but eventually I found a place, alongside a sports oval.

I unloaded the GIANT and cycled first along Southbank, then continued over Princes Bridge to Federation Square. The place was filled with visitors to the big motor race or otherwise. A small group of people caught my eye. They were walking down Federation Square, positioned themselves and conducted, what looked like a media interview. I recognised one person, the former Premier of Victoria, Jeff Kennett:


In the background Flinders Street Station; the time on the clock tower is 9.31. We are back to war (remember 19.3?) 

It was Mr. Kennett, who the sports lovers of Adelaide hold responsible for stealing the prestigious F! car race from us. At the time, in the 1990's, war nearly broke out between Victoria and South Australia (not really).


A joke circulated at the time: Q: Why is Ayres Rock in the Northern Territory and not in Victoria? A: Because Jeff Kennett could not drag it any further).  

Former Premier Jeff Kennett AC being interviewed on Federation Square. Mr. Kennett now heads an organisation, which promotes mental illness, sorry mental health - Beyond Blue. 


Thank God, I don't need no shrink no more, unlike ten years earlier, where just around the corner in Elizabeth Street I had bought an airline ticket and 'escaped' to LA.


AC after Mr. Kennett's name stands for 'Companion of the Order of Australia. (He must be part of the Club that keeps everything in order in Australia?)


His middle name is Gibb. Interesting - Gib in German means: to give.


Isn't that interesting, what I noticed after eating lunch: If the writing on the right has the same slogan The POWER OF 1, then we only need a L and the missing R OF to create: ROLF 1.

<<< Got talking to these intelligent looking, young men from Hong Kong. I guessed correctly, one of them was named Ali. 

It was the one with the dark hair. But then, it may have been the one wearing blue jeans? Unless it was the one with the beard?

In the background - THE POWER OF 1. I just noticed F1 written in red!




Real winners know they need the real man - Jesus!

  - - - - - - -

What a contrast from the hype in the Square, just across the road, a few minutes of quiet time inside St. Pauls Cathedral. As I reflected I came to realize, just how much history has taken place right here in Melbourne over the past decade. Looking back it all sounds surreal what happened in this city and other places in the years gone by. As I write it's nine days until the tenth 'anniversary' of my sudden departure from Melbourne, under great stress. But one of God's names is healer!

It was only a short ride, back over Princes Bridge, a right turn from St; Kilda Road and there I was, outside the ABC's headquarters on South Bank. The familiar red scooter was parked in its usual spot. I had no reason to hang around. I continued riding toward my Suzuki, not wanting to waste much time before travelling on. Suddenly, an impacting observation, then another, as if somebody had written a script I was to follow. 

Still in the vicinity of the ABC building, the traffic lights were red. As I waited, a young lady pedestrian crossed the road toward me. I could clearly see what was on the top she was wearing - a very large cross, formed out of small, shiny metal pieces, perhaps stars. On the far side, a vehicle had also stopped at the red light, waiting to turn right. It was sign-written in large lettering - B O Q. My mind went into overdrive.

A cross on its own is a nice symbol for Christians - what Jesus did for us, the painful way HE died for all. My brain, however, linked the huge letters BOQ to none other than my imprisoned friend in jail. My quick, linking thinking decoded the message: Your work for the BOQ man may place you in the same position of that man on the cross. My thought formed before the lights changed to green.

But there was more, along the same frame of thought: Finding my way back to my (randomly parked) Suzuki, I suddenly saw the name of a street, which takes me right into the Liddy case. The very first alleged victim of Peter to go to police, either lives, or had lived, in that street,  just around the corner from where I had parked.

Why not pay a visit? (To the house, not the man. I once phoned HIM years ago after tracing him to his Adelaide home address. He was so upset, he had threatened to call police). My curious mind has wondered, ever since tracing him to Melbourne, why it is that his house number happens to be 228? God knows it all. 


(Strange, just as I pasted this picture, the time on my P/C - 2.28)

What's this, you are asking?  It's a roll of red carpet, ready to be taken away. It was right outside the address I was checking out.


Moments earlier a gentleman walked out of the house, right there, and boarded a small mini-bus. On the door I read, who the vehicle belongs to: City of Port Phillip Bay.


What does my brain think? Hi PL - part, Bye! (Codes a /o and a / e).

After that - red carpet.


     - - - - - - -


Call me paranoid, but as I loaded my GIANT back into my Suzuki moments later, from across the road in an older model sedan, a man was watching me. I could see him very clearly. Unlike another gentleman in a parked vehicle. It was at Apollo Bay, later that evening. I had just arrived and stopped outside the Foodworks Supermarket. I needed a few groceries. I opened the car door and saw a 5 cent coin, right beside my vehicle.

Of course, I picked it up. The same nanosecond, the driver of the vehicle, parked one parking space over, started its engine. Somebody must have been inside that vehicle, possibly watching me. Who cares - for a lousy 5 cents?

Taking two nights along the Great Ocean Road made for a much more leisurely trip. There was time to stop at Geelong, Airey's Inlet, Anglesea, Lorne. To really see all places, one should take three or four days. 


Above: At Lorne I parked the car and took a ride on this

magnificent section of the Great Ocean Road.


Left: How many times had I driven past this impressive, pretty lighthouse at Airey's Inlet? The weather had cooled beautifully. I stopped and walked up to take a look a the views.

Right: After Apollo Bay the road takes tourists through the fabulous Otway Ranges. The drive is one of the prettiest in Australia.

The rugged coastline gets even more spectacular on the western end, near Port Campbell. Over time relentless seas have washed away the sandstone cliffs into fantastic formations, a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

- - - - - - -

A major town on the western end, near the official starting point of the Great Ocean Road, is Warrnambool. Before driving into the town I needed a rest. My eyes were getting heavy. The last thing an ex-driving instructor needs is a crash, falling asleep at the wheel. I stopped outside the Allansford Cheese Factory.

As I dozed and thought about Warrnambool my mind stirred and tried to recall a previous experience here. Slowly, it came back. I had on a previous trip discovered that the tourist street map had a mistake, a street had not been marked. It was Altmann Street. I had discovered it after riding along the coastal bike path to the edge of the town.

So where did I go to first, after my 15 minutes powernap? I picked up a street map at the Maritime Museum Information Centre. Altmann Street was still missing! Surely, I had reported this omission all those years ago?

I cycled along the same bike path, along the beach, as before. In two or three places sand had blown over. It created a real hazard in a few places. My thin tyres lost traction. I nearly fell off twice, but luckily kept balanced.

It was not hard to find Altmann Street. For fun I cycled through it. There was only one vehicle parked in the street. Taking a closer look, I read the registration plate - ... 318. A trailer parked nearby (814) could have been Code +1. One could also arrive at 496 (for 96), deducting one from the other. This would make more sense, since 96 = 4 times 24.

I was not going to mention this, but now that I discovered 96 I must. At the Foodworks Supermarket in Apollo Bay I purchased 100g of sliced Salami. The lady serving put a quantity onto the scales. It came to 96 g. Yes, that's perfect, thank you. She didn't know what I meant. 

How weird does this sound, but it's true, what I saw the next day in Kingston. I left the town after a brief stop. Out of the corner of my eye, in a flash of a second, in the shopping centre I picked up a parked vehicle's registration plate  - 596. It was right outside business premises. All I could make out were the letters SAL. 

Readers of my earliest books, of course, would know, why the name Altmann stands out in my brain. It goes right back to the roots of my involvement in the Peter Liddy case. (More in a moment)

- - - - - - -


Lighthouse in Port Fairy, Victoria.

The second night on the Great Ocean Road I stayed in Port Fairy, a lovely fishing village with lots of history. There was time in the evening for a ride along the river bank to the lighthouse.


To my surprise two rather tame kangaroos were on the beach, one sitting on a rock, as if contemplating drinking the water.

As I passed this shop, called Francis & Francis, I had to take a picture!

Left: Shop window in Port Fairy. Why did I take this photograph of a store window?

That morning the world had woken with the news that a new Pope had been chosen. He is called Pope Fairy, sorry Pope Francis.

FRANCIS can make an interesting sentence using letter/words: C, F IS a N R.

Note that N R make Nr, the German way of abbreviating Number!

May all Catholics in the world worship not a man, elected by a committee, but a man elected by God - His son Jesus.

- - - - - - -

Again the next morning, the date was March 15th, please note, I took a look around Port Fairy on my bicycle. Rising to a new day of adventure, on the Great Ocean Road in autumn, is one of the happiest memories I have. I took another ride around the pretty, sheltered harbour and along the beach.

On the way back to town a street light had been left on. This made me take notice of the vehicle parked directly underneath that street light. A little blue hatchback ... 210. The letters before the number made me take even more notice. I saw the message: Nine [and a] cross!

A few seconds later, after turning into the main square, I sat down on an empty bench, next door to the Royal Oak Hotel. A group of important looking, well dressed people stood around. (That's all they did, stood and looked important. At least I sat down and tried to not look important). Looking a little closer, I thought, I recognized a tall, well-dressed gentleman. Wasn't this the outgoing Premier of Victoria (Ted Baillieu)? This gentleman started talking to a young men, who had a notebook and pencil in his hand.

I heard him mention the Formula One Grand Prix. This got me from off my seat. I walked toward the small group. However, the VIP at this point moved toward a black limousine (registration plate ... 153, note) and left. I asked the bald-headed man, obviously a journalist, if I was right that a moment earlier  the former Premier of Victoria had just left. "No" he said. I was wrong.


Port Fairy on the Moyne River.

I recall a short trip to this lovely village in the late 1990's. I had just been terribly bullied at work and was very much stressed. This place provided a place of peace and tranquillity. That's perhaps why I am so fond of this place.

Below: The young journalist in the blue T-shirt informed me, shortly after taking this picture, that it was the new Premier, who had just left.

Denis Napthine had become Premier on the day of uploading the previous chapter on 6.3.13. It was his 61st birthday. Interesting!

Also interesting - the gentleman, nine days later, travelled in a vehicle, whose registration plate ...153 matched the date 15.3.  

It had surprised me, to be taking a photo opportunity of a former Premier on Wednesday, and two day later to be bumping into the new Premier. It was his second time as Premier. His first appointment had ended 11 years earlier.

 - - - - - - -

Just before crossing the border into South Australia is a place called Nelson. Considering, how the N and L had featured in my chapters, even just recently, what would I expect in Nelson? Before I even had stopped at the Kiosk, I could hear it through the open car window. A man in a business suit was standing outside the Hotel. I knew it was not a drunk, having an argument, it was an auctioneer calling for bids. The Hotel was up for sale by auction.

The first bidding I heard was $ 500 000. In the short few moments I was there it went to $ 555 000. At this point, the auctioneers suggested to have a chat with some people. My 15 minute break was over in less than 20 minutes. I was, thinking ahead, what to do at my next destination, only 1/2 hour north-west on the Princes Highway.

Mount Gambier is the second largest city in South Australia. When thinking about Mount Gambier people first think of the Blue Lake, the No.1 tourist attraction in the district. My mind however, since about a year ago, thinks of Mr. Liddy, who had been transferred to a prison near Mount Gambier from Adelaide's Yatala's G-division.

Approaching the town I thought and prayed, what was it God wanted me to do. Just driving through, or stopping only for a hamburger, would be out of the question. My friend, the distant relative the prisoner, who from time to time makes contact, had given me the name of Peter's new solicitor. My first stop was at the post office, where I looked up this solicitor's address and bought a stamped envelope. I wrote my address on the front, hoping the prisoner will receive it and write to me.

To my surprise I found, the post-office happened to be just around the corner from the solicitor's office. I had known the name of the solicitor, but after finding out the address, I found it rather spooky. His first name Chris, the same as the Holden Hill Lawyer, who had done virtually nothing for Peter. His surname, in my code, points to the USA.

The address, residence No.27, if viewed as Feb. 7th, has fire in it. And the street name, in my decoding mind, read from behind - L [is] it & victories. Only a few doors away I noticed (and photographed) a business name: See HE Die. 

Reader may wonder, why I simply don't give the full name and address. The answer to this question is simple - I do not know. Only that my Spirit does not allow me to reveal such personal details at this point. It demonstrates that I don't hold people personally accountable. That is God's job. I am angry at the system, at the lack of willingness by those who could right this wrong!   


Of course, Peters lawyer was not in his office. The receptionist at No.27 informed me that the lawyer was out for the rest of the day. She was happy to take my envelope, and noted that I would like to communicate with Mr. Liddy, perhaps through this office. What more could I do? Throwing tantrums was not my style. You don't throw a tantrum demanding justice. You pray, you do what you can, and leave the rest to God. 

One thing, I knew, I could do. So I did it. I looked up the address of the prison where Peter was held and drove there. It was only a few kilometers outside town. On the gate were warning sign - Entry only with authorization. Trespassers will be searched or arrested. What made me think, I could just drive in and ask to have a chat with a prisoner, when the previous December I was not even able to simply leave a birthday wish for Peter?

I parked just outside the prison for a while on that lonely country road. Before leaving I took a 'bad' photo:


Through the fence of Mount Gambier Prison. 

What their logo on the left stands for I do not know. But the three letters on the right I do. They sum up this sad, sad case - BAD.


As I write, March 20th 2013, Australia is in the middle of a great debate. Should the Government adopt proposed laws, which, as I understand it (no one understands them) is supposed to make the media more accountable?  This is just what I have been stirred up about for years. The Liddy case was a classic example of trial by media, a media who only reported one side of the story; and the other was full of inaccuracies!

After my visit to Mount Gambier I felt an urge to renew my effort to find justice for Peter. I wrote the following email to a Member of Parliament, one I had already written to before about the case. (He had indicated, he could not do anything.) I sent copies to two other MPs, who had been in the media recently.  

Reading this rather lengthy email will refresh readers' minds, why I believe the media, namely the then court reporter for the Advertiser Newspaper, now the Editor, Mr. Sam Weir, did a bad job in informing the public of all the facts. (I had learned what I know from studying the court transcript).


If the proposed laws about media regulation is to stop newspapers (and
electronic media) telling lies, I am all for it.

From a first hand case, one I have already mentioned to you in previous
correspondence, I know that the general population is only told what
rich and influential media power players want us to know.

May I refresh your memory regarding the case of former Magistrate Peter
Liddy, who serving a 25-year jail term in a South Australian prison. The
prisoner himself wrote to me that media reporting about his case was
(and still is) such that the general population recoils, whenever they
hear the name Liddy.

The full truth about Peter Liddy's main accuser, has never been told. He
was a career criminal, more in and out of jail since the age of 16. He
once told a probation assessment officer in a Queensland jail that he
had never been abused as a child, but later came out with the most
horrific allegations against Peter Liddy. After arriving in South
Australia to testify in the Liddy trial, he should have been arrested,
because he had skipped bail before.

Instead he was enjoying his freedom so much, after stealing a $ 17000
motor car. His driving skills however were not good, he crashed the
stolen car and wrote it off.

Nothing of the above was ever written in the newspaper - only how bad
Mr. Liddy was, who has consistently claimed innocence.

On May 14th, 2001 in the court room the charge of offering a bribe to
one of the alleged victims came up. It was clearly stated, I studied the
court transcripts in great detail, that Liddy paid a young man $ 3000 as
a return gift, for going to see Mr. Liddy's Solicitor (Mr. Eugene McGee)
to state that he was never abused and to vouch for the character of

After handing over the money, this alleged victim, who Liddy trusted and
liked as a friend very much, asked for another $ 2000, apparently to buy
an engagement ring, so he could marry his girlfriend. Liddy, not even
suspecting a trap, paid his young man another $ 2000.

When handing it over, this alleged victim, who had not kept his side of
the promise - he never saw Mr. McGee - now saw a very good way of making money. It was nothing short of blackmailing Peter Liddy, who was now in
deep trouble, since he had already paid $ 5000. At the third attempt to get more money, Peter woke up and said, you won't receive another cent. The rest as they say is history. For Peter it was hell.

On May 15th, 2001 what did the people of South Australia read in their
only daily newspaper? That the court heard that an envelope (Note - singular) was handed to the alleged victim as a bribe to deny abuse had
taken place. THIS WAS A BLATANT LIE. (If you don't believe me, I can
give you the page numbers of the court transcript, where the above was
dealt with and a copy of the newspaper article of May 15, 2001.)

The people of South Australia have not been told the whole truth, only
one side of the story. And most believe it, simply because more* than
one victim came forward with abuse allegations). (Three of them were in
jail together. Other members of the Life Surfing Club, where the abuse
had allegedly taken place, testified that they never had seen abuse, or
been abused by Mr. Liddy. Is it co-incidence that these young men did
NOT have a criminal record?)

If I were to compare what happened to Lindy Chamberlain with what
happened to Peter Liddy, at least people had a choice who the killer of
little Azaria was - Lindy or the dingo. If Australians had been informed by a truthful, unbiased media of the other side of the Liddy story (as I uncovered for myself) all would have to make up their minds, who to believe, young men, who were dealing in drugs etc, or a senior magistrate, who put drug dealers behind bars (including one very high ranking police officer).

It really amazes me that I have blown the whistle on this case for so
many years now, but nobody has shown any interest whatsoever in putting
right that which clearly was wrong. If the media did not do their job in
this case, how many other cases are there, where it's in the interest of police, the judiciary and politicians to just ignore it all? But truth won't go away.

Dieter Fischer

*PS  In another alleged sexual abuse case against a care worker, Mr. Tom
Easling, eight alleged victims came forward. All were obviously troubled
young minds. Mr. Easling was found not guilty on all 20 charges.

 - - - - - - -


To end the chapter on a lighter note, please take a look at the CD I recently bought, as it crossed my path in the second-hand store. Before the scan, the background story: In church last Sunday, for the first time that I recall, we sang a song: Make Calvary real to me. The next day I had occasion to email NBC's Today Show.

Their reporter had spoken the word 'first' the same nanosecond I had written it into my diary. Her name was Erica Hill. I immediately saw a connection to Calvary -  I C A .. ER [He on a] Hill.

Very strange, but now take a look at the CD mentioned:

 20 Songs of Calvary - Daywind

Right at the bottom - HINSONs - Hi ...!


My brief email to Today / USA ended with:

Understanding Calvary is the key to REAL life.


Chapter 21