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  (Pictures by author, unless indicated)                  Book 11 / Ch. 19                           Written / Published 3.3 - 6.3.2013

Alert readers would have figured that I had 'created' 8.0 in the introduction to the previous chapter,  by adding the scripture references 2,7 and 5,3. This was an error, however. It should have been 5.5.


But now take a look at 2,7 + 5.3 + 5,5. The scriptures, which talk about the birth a of son, now add to 13.5 - those of a birthday 01.30.50.

If God appears to have made a mistake, ask HIM, where is the magic that turns wrong into good?



19.  Observation era 

Witness - the final word of chapter 18 - was inspired. I can't explain it any other way. Thinking, how to end a chapter I often whisper a prayer for help. Witness came. Not only was it the final word in the chapter, it was the only word in the very last line. 

As I wrote this last word I had long forgotten, unless it was in my subconscious, that I had had contact that very morning, 20.2.2013, with a BBC Radio program called witness. It took me until the next day to see the link.

Sixteen hours or so before finishing and publishing chapter 18 I had sent an email to the BBC, London. It was (to the best of my knowledge) my first ever message to 'Witness'. I had been listening in the middle of the night, where an interview was broadcast with Betty Friedan. The lady had 50 years earlier published her work 'Feminine Mystique'.

As I understood it Friedan was a pioneer in the women's liberation movement, expressing the frustration many woman struggle with, just being a mother and housewife. This prompted me to comment on the subject. Those who think the bible teaches that a woman's role is to stay at home, raise children and provide for the family, are only half right.

In my message I drew attention to Proverbs 31. Besides providing for husband and children a virtuous, godly wife does many other things:


Verse 11: Her husband trusts her. She only wants to do him good. (Sounds like win win).

Verse 13, 14: She works hard, travels far and wide. She is compared to a merchant ship (not meaning in size, one would hope).

Verse 16: She dabbles in real estate and wine-making.

Verse 17: She needs to keep fit:"... strengthens her arms...". (Did they have keep-fit centres way back then?)

Verse 20: She's involved in charity work.

Verse 23: Her husband is known (in public life). He sits on Committees or in Parliament.

Verse 26: She speaks wise things, comments on social issues, seeks kindness. (No gossiping, no back stabbing, scrambling for so called equality. With who? Not with men, to get elected to parliament herself)?

The key is this. Women and men are fundamentally different. Their roles are different. One is not more important than the other. The author of this proverb understood this well. Before God all are equal, accepted and loved not by how much we can achieve in our own strength. We will be judged by our attitude towards God and HIS son Jesus. It's either HIS way or your way. Everyone must choose!

Could it be that the feminist movement, which started out with a noble aim to begin with, lost its way? Did it get hi-jacked by oppressed, desperate housewives, who never understood the role of women, who felt they were in chains and wanted to be liberated?


In my email to the BBC I could not resist pointing out that if Betty Friedan changed a to e (ae code) in her surname, it would mean Peace (in German.).

Modern, misguided feminists did all, but achieve peace between men and women. The opposite is true. A war is raging, and there are only losers -  husbands, wives, children. Real peace comes, real success is achieved, when every man and every woman finds their god-given role in life and happily fulfils it.


- - - - - - -

Another company sign with meaning - Velbert / Germany

Global experience specialists - sounds OK, on my business card?

- - - - - - -



Recently a series of discoveries came across my radar, which prompted an email hat-trick (three in three days) to the US TV Show Today. The date it all started is significant - 2.28. The next day was 3.01 (Feb. 28th / March 1st). Right back in Chapter 1...

Hey, the story of numbers 228 /301 is also in Chapter 19, (Bk.1). The two registration plates shown in a picture, which is the very first picture I included in this, my autobiography. 


... I had discovered a twist in these numbers, linking a bible verse to my car's registration plates.


As I was writing my diary I watched the USA's Today Show. On Feb. 28th the world's news channels were filled with the unprecedented abdication of a pope. Benedikt XVI had resigned. It was his final day at work, a new era was about to begin. It was this short word era, which in my mind took centrestage. (Later it again will work magic, read on).

My creative brain merged the letters of ERA into the roman numeral (X V I) of the outgoing pope and created a name. It was not a common name and pronounced exactly the same, it also meant something else.

Here is how I sent this playful discovery to the US TV Show on Feb 28th. (I will mention the time I pressed the sent button, unplanned, because the digits seem to be following us - 10.35 am.)


Hi all,

After Benedict XVI a new ERA will begin - that of the SAVIOR. How so?

Easy - Rome holds the key, or should I say Roman numerals. Insert the letters for ERA into XVI, the resulting name XAVIER is pronounced SAVIOR.

Kind regards

Dieter (pronounced like Peter, the first pope).

PS  A comedian here asked the question: After his abdication, will Benedikt now be fallible again? I only know of ONE, who is ALL knowing, ALL powerful - the (real) savior Jesus!


Afterwards, after I had sent above email, I read my daily Our Daily Bread bible reading. I was a day late, which meant the date was 3.01 (March 1st) in Australia. The 3-monthly Daily Bread bible booklet ended on that day. To my great surprise I found the word savior, the one I had crowed about the day before, was the third to last word on the page:



Our Daily Bread* 28 Feb. 2013. - at the bottom of the page, the very last text of the 3-monthly booklet:


When I read the word Savior I was astounded. More so, a nanosecond later, because had I not used EAR to create Savior? Those three letters are the very last on the page. 


*Just as I typed this, more rea >>> The central letters for Bread.

Now I see the word sunny, which featured in the previous chapter!

I am stunned !


In my second email to Today / USA, on March 1, I pointed out the above. In the meantime however, a fresh observation during a Pope news report, captured my imagination.

Hi all again,

After yesterday's message (2.28) where I created the word Savior I discovered later, that the third to last word in Our Daily Bread Bible reading, (three months ends on that day) is Savior. How amazing is that, since there is only one more 'Savior' in the motto verses at the bottom (on 9.12).

But there was more. I used the letters ERA to create Savior. The very last letters in the three months of bible readings is ...ear.

Something else came to me this morning, regarding the Pope - VATICAN. The Roman numerals in that word, VIC = 96, in the right order.

The Australian state of Victoria is abbreviated VIC.

Kind regards, 

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  God wants all to give EAR to HIM, HE is the VIC?


The very next morning (March 2) a further relevant revelation came. My third email to the US TV Show completed the hat-trick. It closed the circle. It all came right back to Adelaide.

Hi a third time,

Amazing how one thing leads to another?

So far XVI (Benedikt) has led us to the word Savior. Next, VIC (96) has led us to the ancient prophesy that a son, the Savior, would be born (Isaiah 9,6).

The latest enlightenment came after my message yesterday. I thought about VIC, short for Victory or Victoria. As if a light came on suddenly, of course, it all made sense: The central square of Adelaide, South Australia, the town where I live, is Victoria Square.

Right on Victoria Square, to close the three day-circle of discovery, is the main Catholic cathedral of Adelaide - St. Xavier.

Kind regards

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  Can we call this an epiphany? (I omitted a brief sentence here, it could be misunderstood).

- - - - - - -

The latest ERA observation!!!

It came only minutes ago, on the day of editing, hours before uploading this chapter. Manchester United was thrown out of the European Football Championship, beaten by Real Madrid 2:1 at Old Trafford. In 3 minutes (66th and 69th) Manchester's dream ended. Even Wayne Rooney, coming on at the 72 Min. mark, could not work the miracle the fans desperately hoped for.

Where did I see the ERA code? It started with a Ford advertisement, all around the stadium boundary. I saw a Ford Kuga banner. It reminded me that there is a Toyota Kluger. Kluger in German means clever! The difference between Kluga / Kluger = ERA, very clever! 

When I say clever, I am not clever, just observant and inspired, by ONE who is not only clever,  but wise. HE saw, and made me watch it, that the player, who came off the field, being replaced by Wayne Rooney, was midfielder Tom Cleverley.

Besides this, doesn't AON fit into this chapter also? They are the sponsors of Manchester United, whose jerseys display those letters very prominently on the front!

- - - - - - -


On the morning of commencing this chapter, a day after the above emails, something happened, which had happened before, but I have never written about it. It came during the church service, during the communal singing: more ear.

To understand what I saw the reader must know that the song-lyrics at our church are displayed in huge letters on a screen above the platform. In front of the platform, coming down from the ceiling, a microphone hangs from the ceiling, attached to a long cable. During the singing, it appears, this long, thin cable runs straight down the screen, straight through the song lyrics.

In the past I have often created sentences, using one-letter words. Common one-letter words are r, u, c, i, b, y. (Reading these backward, e.g. creates: Why be? I see you are.)

This morning, as the song 'I love you Lord' came up on the screen, I saw this in the second phrase:


 Take joy my king


  in what you hear


 may it be a sweet sweet


sound in your ear. 



The cable from the ceiling ran right through the letters m o a u*, as shown here. My upside down, downside up brain, using code o / a read: am alpha / omega: "I am the alpha and omega ..." Revelation 22,13. (The letters moa, as in MoMa will feature later in the chapter).

But I would not have bothered writing about it here, had not the song ended in the three letters, which started the Savior-Pope Roman numerals magic: ear. (Please note, I didn't chose exactly where to sit. I had brought visitors to church. As I parked the car, they entered the auditorium and chose, where to sit!)

(*Sorry, typing error - it clearly should read a o a o! Corrected 18.3.13)

- - - - - - -


If the letter n was trying to show off, how about in the name of a US city? Scrambled, the name of that city is ESP A N OK.

It came in a book I had casually picked up at the second hand store, where I work. Looking at the front cover I thought, this would be a good read: 'Tested by Fire - a true story of courage and faith'. A businessman, who was caught in a snowstorm crashed his light plane. He was horribly burned, but survived - just. 

On page 75 I suddenly saw a date - Feb. 7th, the day of the victim's birthday. I took a scan of the passage:


Tested by Fire, a story of courage and faith. 

Power Book / ISBN 0-8007-5016-0 



Now you see the name of the city mentioned- (North) Spokane - a N Spoke.

If anybody was tested by fire, it was the hero of this story, Merrill. He never lost faith through his horrific ordeal. His birthday was 2.7. 


Our country Australia was severely tested by fire on 2.7.09, when the worst natural disaster occurred, claiming many lives. While burn victim Merrill passed the test by fire, he recovered to live a fulfilling life, did Australia pass the test of fire? Did our leaders learn anything? Is anybody asking after God, who is trying to get our attention?

Very timely: At the time of writing this chapter a court case relating to this bushfire started in Melbourne. A court-room was purposely built to deal with the compensation claims of thousands of victims, who were affected by the Kilmore North fire. 119* had died in that blaze. Claimants are suing a power company for causing the blaze through neglecting maintenance of the fateful power line.

(How strange - in Bk. 9, Chapter 10 I had visited Kilmore during my big O ride around Victoria. I had walked out of a hotel, paying only 11.90, when I should have paid 55 cents more!)


Judge for yourself, if Australian politicians and our leaders have learned a lesson: The day before commencing this chapter a famous Sydney street parade took place. I was grieved in my Spirit watching the TV News pictures. The Sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras has become a mocking parade at everything our country once held in high esteem - moral values. How low has it gone, how much further can it fall? 

It was sickening to see our Minister for Health, along with sparsely clad marching men and women, showing off in such a provocative way. Surely, our Federal Minister was not promoting the gay lifestyle as part of her health program? Not surprising to also see the leader of the Green Party. The Green party wins over voters with their policy of saving forests. Do these voters realize they are promoting same-sex marriage along with it? 

But it was not only the fact that a certain group in our society was receiving so much attention from politicians - while they don't give a damn about innocent people in jail - it was another aspect, a first ever, which disturbed me about this parade. Defence Force personnel in full uniform was marching along as well. 

In an email, to the Minister of Defence dated 3.3.13, I expressed how I felt (maybe a bit too strongly):


Dear Mr. Smith,
What a disgrace to watch in the TV News our Army, Navy and Air Force march in full uniform at the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney!
Whilst people are free to chose their lifestyle, it is totally inappropriate for a uniformed member of the forces to walk along with those who have an urge to parade their sexuality, half-naked, through the streets of any city. 
If organisers were to ask to have a contingent of uniformed defence personnel march on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, would the defence department oblique?
Sad to see how our beautiful country is moving in the wrong direction.
Dieter Fischer
(full address and phone given)

PS  So often we hear of the separation between church and state. How about a separation between the Gay and Lesbian community and the state?

- - - - - - -


(Continuing our journey through Germany)

It was a warm welcome from my brother in Langenberg. He had not changed, always organising, always on the go. He had arranged an upstairs, cosy flat, where I could stay for a few days. It was right in the centre of this picturesque village, in the prettiest part of the Ruhrgebiet, which is one of the largest industrial centres in Europe. 


<<< Langenberg features, almost exclusively, typical German medieval timbered houses (Fachwerk) and shingled roofs.

The narrow roads and lanes are cobblestones, a night- mare for bicycles riders.

Langenberg may be part of the region called Ruhrgebiet, which conjures up notions of mining and heavy industry. This town, however, is situated inside a green oasis, with a strong rural flavour, amidst a handful of mega cities, factories and long closed mines. 

<<< My brother, shortly after my arrival. He had arranged a lovely apartment, right in town. (Loved the address, 50 Main Street.)

My window overlooked this shop - Nah sowas!  Naeh sowas, literally, means - sow this thing. But it's also a play on words.

Somebody saying: Na, sowas, is expressing astonishment at something. A liberal translation would be: That's odd !

Nah without the Umlaut (the dots) means near. How does near fit into here!

Likewise sowas. Swapping a and o, the word becomes a palindrome (forward same as backwards.) 

<<< The two of us in front of the ancient walls of Schloss Burg.  


As he was during my previous visit in 2007 my brother was a great host. We dined out in some fine restaurants, or enjoyed a brew of coffee and cake mid-afternoon, a typical German tradition. He chauffeured me his silver Mercedes. We visited landmarks in the area, while talking about family, about old times and all the travel experiences we had.


Wuppertal, Schwebebahn >>>

This famous landmark is unique; the worlds first suspended electric railway line. It opened in 1901 and runs above the Wupper river for 13.3 km (8.3 miles). 

I had hoped to visit the Salvation Army church on Sunday 16/9/12. Unable to find it - not even a taxi driver knew where to go - I found myself cycling along the river through the town going east. The door to the Gemarker Kirche was open, the service had just started, so I sat down at the rear. A lady preacher talked on the theme: If one part of the body suffers, all suffer.

Good theory / theology, I was thinking! If only people would open up to each other! How would anybody know of your suffering, when they just sit in their pews, sing your songs, hear a sermon they may or may not understand and leave with a brief "God bless you. See you next week."

Does Velbert (right) hold the key? It does, kind of. In the main square stands a statue of two workers, holding a large lock and key in their hand. Velbert is famous for the locksmith trade, which was established  in the town during the 18th century.

Interesting to note: Velbert, Langenberg and the surrounding district are in the county (Kreis) of Mettmann, vehicle registration code ME !

Right: Landhaus (Hotel) Wegermann, on the way to Hattingen, another gem for tourists to discover. What interesting names: - Met t mann. 


The town where our brother lived, has an interesting name, which fits rights into this n-chapter - Dueren!

Spotted in Cologne: Jesus lives! God has his people everywhere.

My brother and I made a point of visiting a half brother of ours, one I had never met. 

My mother, during the war years, was unable to raise the child. He was brought up by our grandmother, the one who had lived in house No. 96, in Schmiden, near Waiblingen.

- - - - - - -

The time for our good-bye came much too soon. Roland walked with me to catch the S-Bahn to Essen, from where I was going to catch the train to Berlin. He advised me to wait for the train right toward the front: "That's where the carriage for bicycles usually stops." 

I thought it wasn't that important, where you stand, as long as I get my bike onto the train. So I didn't argue my ex-Manager brother. He had been high up in retail in a large department store in Essen. He as used to push employees around, and they had to obey. 

For his many services to the community Roland holds the Bundesverdienst Kreuz, which could be compared to the Queen's honour of an AO (Order of Australia). 

My brother insisted we'd wait for the train right at the front (please note) and almost lost patience with me. All went well. The good-bye was a handshake - Germans love to shake hands - and a "See you sometimes in Adelaide!"

Fast forward a few hours to Essen, Central Station - Platform 6:

 I wasn't originally going to publish this photo, but I made an amazing fresh discovery after scanning. Take a look:

My fast train to Minden was scheduled to depart at 10.29 from platform 6.  (I just saw, how not only the letter n, but the digits 1035 are stalking us!)

Another peculiarity came, as I transferred this photo onto my P/C. The number of the above picture, which is still in my Olympus camera is 1505.

(Hey, just noticed - how timely - 1035 / 1505 are only different in code 5/3. The day of writing this is 5.3.13!


I never made it onto the 10.29 train to Minden. I blame my brother Roland for that. Like earlier that morning in Langenberg, I waited right at the front of the train platform, thinking this is where to load my bicycle. But to confuse things,  on this long distance train, things turned out differently. As this train pulled slowly into the station I did not seen a bicycle carriage at all. Very quickly I walked my bike along the platform, from carriage to carriage, looking for the bike sign. It was a battle to dodge the throngs of disembarking and boarding passengers.

It was a long train and I knew it wouldn't stop very long. Finally, the carriage with the bicycle symbol. It was right at the back. The word for back is in German hinten (please note). I pressed the door-open button, a second after the green light had gone off. (Without the green light, the button is inactive.) 

My train left literally in front of my nose! No big deal, really. I knew there was another train in two hours time. I would arrive in Berlin at 5 PM instead of 3 PM. But what fun did I have on that next train!

During the journey, making use of the time, I wrote up on my diary. After updating all I pulled out a cross word puzzle I had bought earlier in Cannstatt, just for those long train journeys. Anybody thinking the following is fiction, you're allowed to do so (especially, since I can't located the 'evidence' having mislaid it somewhere). But I know that what I write really was so.

The very first entry into the crossword puzzle on the train came in seconds. It was a simple question, and I knew the answer. Gegenteil von vorne (Opposite of in front). Answer: hinten (English: at the rear).

- - - - - - - 


If readers were to think this is the 'N' global experience I alluded to in the previous chapter, it is not so! To experience this magical mystery, also a photo taken at a train station, let's go back to the S-Bahn between Langenberg and Essen that same morning. The date was Thursday September 20, 2012. (Just now I see the similarity to 10.29?)

I knew there was a suburb of Essen called Steele. During my short stay in the Ruhrgebiet I had once cycled into the city. There was a sign pointing to Steele. It brought back memories of the town with the same name in Missouri, USA, where I had to repair my bicycle luggage carrier with a piece of steel only a few months earlier? (Chapter 5).

That day, cycling into Essen, I saw many registration plates, too many to mention all. I took photos of a few: 228 (1) a red driving school vehicle, LP 144 and JA 460. All mean something in my code.


Sitting on the S-Bahn, again en route to Essen, the train stopped at Essen-Steele. After it had stopped, looking out the window, I was flabbergasted. From the exact spot  where I was sitting, the sign for the train station looked at me in a strange way. It was partly covered by the platform's clock.  Take a look:

Essen-Steele, September 20th, 2012 - I saw Es, es, es & n.

I did not even have to leave my seat to take this picture. The train had stopped precisely in this position, I saw it (3 times) and a n. So I shot this picture.

Did I not write in earlier books that God can direct us, to have us where He wants us? His Spirit can lead us to the right seat, in church back home,, or far away in a railway carriage.

A further remarkable though: Translated Essen means meal, or food. In biblical language it could be translated - Bread.


But there was more. Because I had missed the train I used the two-hour wait to enquire at the Essen train station about the return journey. There was a short waiting time in the information office. I took a number and sat down, waiting for my turn. Casually looking out the window, watching traffic go by, I noticed a large truck had stopped, right outside the window I was sitting near. Three large letters looked at me. This time it was not N it, but ...


... l i t Information - Transport

First N is it, next L is it - Aha, on the way to Berlin! 

I happened to have my camera ready to get this shot. L stands for Logistik (if it's the same company I just googled.) But it was the uncanny similarity to the previous picture, which made me marvel:

Depending how one pronounces the three letters lit, I saw a similarity between lit and leet. Can you see leet in the previous picture? (The letters covered by the clock, backwards.)


We are back at steel, which is pronounced exactly like steal. This takes us to a TV program I was watching on the evening before this writing. I knew this chapter was leading us to a place called Steele. Therefore, my surprise to see a name of the TV - Don Steel and a story we could title - the big STEAL ! 

The investigation TV program Four Corners was reporting a hair-raising, jaw-dropping story, which almost beggars belief. A retiree had invested his life savings in a MIS scheme, a managed investments scheme, which promised much, but took away far more. In the end the scheme collapsed, the retired gentleman, along with many others, who had worked hard all their lives, lost their money. 

The unscrupulous crook, who knew exactly what he was doing, lives in a luxury villa on the shores of Port Phillip Bay in Brighton, Melbourne. What makes matters worse, the Government failed to put rules in place, by which these money jugglers must abide by. One promoter claimed their organisation was (regulated) like a bank. It was a lie to swindle hundreds of millions of Dollars from unsuspecting investors. 

Because of the Government's failure to regulate Investment Funds, the program reported, the law can't do much. Those who managed to steal hundreds of millions of Dollars had made their own rules or changed them and printed them in fine print on their lengthy documents. But who reads the fine print?

One man did. His name was Don Steel. (Now you know why I was all ears). He blew the whistle and the evil was exposed. Don Steel had read the financial report. He thought there was a misprint, when he found the fund managers took 33 Million Dollars in fees. Surely, this should read $ 33 000 perhaps? 

But no - the report was printed correctly. One smart, ruthless businessman had paid himself 33 Million Dollars in fees. 

The saddest part of the story came in the end. One elderly victim of such a financial mismanagement, who lost his house by the beach, could not cope with his loss and the injustice done. He hanged himself. The sad story is on this ABC web page: 

I'm reminded of the time I spoke at a church service, a long time ago, and exposed that there is corruption in high places. I may have been high at the time, but I was right!

"They devise evil by law ..." (Psalm 94, 20)

The only hope for those smart evil doers is to ask forgiveness, make restitution and follow the teaching of Jesus Christ! The alternative is unthinkable (not only for big corporate crooks, but for all who have not claimed Jesus as savior. 

- - - - - - -

I had not forgotten to write about MoMa, to which I alluded to earlier. Moma stands for Morning Magazin, a breakfast TV show on German television. I didn't have much opportunity to watch, but when I did there were many things I saw, some I responded to by email, whenever I could. Once I even phoned the studio.

On one occasion I thought I recognized the letters ... ison. How? It was in a segment about the richest men in the USA. I heard the names Gates, Buffet and Ell ... that's when the sound stopped - ison was silent, missing.

- - - - - - -


Let me end this chapter on a local story. It can't get more local than this, because it happened about 50 metres from our house. I was taking the dog for a walk on the evening of 4.3.14 (2 days before publishing). I turned into Liberman Road, pulling along my dog, who was struggling a little in the heat, and 'old age'. Returning the same way, well before I reached our street again, I saw the flashing lights of an emergency vehicle. An accident had occurred. One young man, not paying attention, had failed to negotiate a bend and hit a tree front on. 

His 2006 Holden was a mess. But fortunately, his airbag saved him from injury. I was astounded, looking at the damage, to see the crash driver walking around, making phone calls.

A little later in the evening I picked up the latest issue of Our Daily Bread Bible reading. Vaguely, I had a notion the numbers on the front were familiar. Checking them out, there were indeed the 3 1 6 digits on the front cover (pic. below). A closer look revealed, the figures were indeed the date of uploading this chapter 6.3.13 plus 1.

As I was checking, if the scripture reference was indeed also the date, I noticed the comment about the picture on the front. It shows Jacaranda trees in Queensland, Australia. (For a publication, where almost all writers are Americans, I found this not unusual, but interesting.)

More interesting, however, remembering that only an hour earlier I had seen the motor car against a tree, I sensed that there was some fun to be had.


<<< Our suburban street, near bus stop 42, the tree is marked at the bottom, after a car crashed into it the night before.

The scene is not 50, but 70 m from our house.

(Photo Darrell Gulin)

<<<  Front cover ODB  March-May 13:

"The trees of the woods shall rejoice before the Lord."

Just now I see the photographer's name - Gulin, l i n the same 3 three letters at the end as in Berlin. 

So where did I see the fun in somebody else's misfortune? The cover photo of Our Daily Bread, according to the booklet, are Jacaranda trees      >>> J a car and a tree!

It was the timing again, which I marvelled at.

King David's song of thanksgiving, where even the trees in the woods rejoice before Lord, goes on to say: "...for he is coming to judge the earth." David expresses the same thought in Psalm 96, 13:

"For He is coming, for He is coming to judge the earth. He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the peoples with His truth."

Jesus in the New Testament comes as a judge. In Matthew 25, 31-34 we read:

"When the Son of Man comes in His glory and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides His sheep from the goats. 

And He will set His sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. Then the king will say to those on his right hand. "Come you blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom ..."


Do you want to get a rich inheritance? Have you been made righteous? Do you know and love the truth?

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!" (John 8, 32).


Chapter 20       -       (Please note: Our European journey continues in Chapter 21)