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  (Pictures by author, unless indicated)                  Book 11 / Ch. 18                           Written / Published 14.2 - 20.2.2013

"You are my son, Today I have begotten you." (Ps. 2,7 - Heb. 5,3*).

                     (*Correction - Heb. 5,5)

18.  8.0 in the Holy Cross  

Ten minutes before commencing this writing a big match ended in a ONE ALL draw. It was a game in the sport I love - football. 

Having made my point that I am writing (in red) on Valentine's Day, the day LOVE rules, I shall continue in black ... 

Two giants in world football played against each other in the European Champions League, Manchester United against Real Madrid. One of the stars of Manchester, No. 10 Wayne Rooney, received a mention in the previous chapter. What a fluke - the title of Chapter 10 includes Real Madrid!

I never plan any of this. How could I? It just happened after I switched on the TV and watched while I ate breakfast. The game was already halfway through the second half when I tuned in. In the 84th minute Sir Alex Ferguson, a giant in world football, who always chews gum as he stands on the side-line, made a substitution. Our No. 10 came off and a lesser known player, No. 8 came on - surname Anderson. 

Chapter 2 of this book ends in a strange way with the surname - Anderson. (Nos 8 / 10 remind me to include an 80 bike ride / story at the end of this chapter.)

On the evening before writing, again watching TV, I saw something, which in a moment will take us back to the other side of the world, the 2012 overseas trip this Chapter 11 was meant to be about. But so much happens between chapters, I must write about it

If readers think my spare time consists mostly of listening to the radio, watching TV or go bike riding, I can't blame them. However, it happens often, within moments of tuning into a program, as if a light is switched on, I see or hear something and it registers in my brain. I have to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me, where he wants me, what HE wants me to see or hear. And HE does.

Being spoken to by what you see on TV or hear on radio, according to the experts, is a sign of paranoia. Well, if writing about my paranoia keeps me sane, and there are readers who love it, maybe more paranoid people should become writers. It may keep many out of mental hospital.

- - - - - - - -

Business in Velbert, Germany

IT works for me, IT works 4 YOU

- - - - - - -


Most nights at 6.00 PM we watch the day's news. I often wonder, how is it possible that two commercial channels report virtually the same stories, often in the same sequence? It's understandable that both stations broadcast the big news, world events, at the same time. But when nothing big happens, only a local shooting, robbery, woman gone missing, cat stuck down a drain pipe or dog up the creek, it makes me think, how does one station know what the other will be reporting?

Some reports make me think, did they really think this one through first? A classic example was a comment during the announcement of Pope Benedikt XVI resignation. The reporter, among all the attributes of the outgoing pontiff, said this: "Pope Benedikt was the first Pope to use Twitter."

Simply logic suggests that Twitter didn't exist during any other pope's time. Benedikt was elected in April 05. Twitter was launched only in July the following year!

Coming back to the evening before writing, tired of the commercial program, I switched to our SBS TV Channel. I had hoped to be taken to a far away place, exploring another culture, history or geography, which they do in the early evening. My expectations were fulfilled, albeit only briefly. (Isn't it always so, you surf the channels and land on a program you could watch for hours ... five minutes before the end.)

I had landed on a TV program, where an adventurer (interesting name in a moment) was having fun in the South Island of New Zealand. The spectacular scenery, snow capped mountain peaks, amongst glorious lakes, grabbed my attention immediately. It took me back to 2010, when my family toured the spectacular island after my daughter's Christchurch wedding.

At the end of five minutes of enjoyable television, the presenter was seen canoeing across the picturesque Milford Sound, perhaps the most recognized lake and mountain in Oceania. The canoeist, sweating away, earning money doing a job the rest can only envy, ended his show, expressing his joy of the place in this way:

"What a great place. If I shout loud enough, the God's will hear it". (Or words to that effect).

It was not just a challenge to respond to the notion that volume would have anything to do with prayer; there was the name of the presenter, the first to scroll down the screen at the end: Ian Wright. I took the opportunity to express the above thought in an email to the TV station:


Hi all,

On SBS 2 TV right at the end, what a scene, a canoeist crossing the Milford Sound, New Zealand. His comment was: "What a great place! If I shout loud enough the God's will hear it." (Or words to that effect).
Well, am I glad that my God knows when I stand up or sit down, even my thoughts from afar (Psalm 139, 2).
No matter how loud you shout, Mr. (was it Ian Wright?) it makes no difference, God hears, God knows.
Kind regards
Dieter, Adelaide
PS  The show was presented by Globetrekker TV. It was strange, because just at the time I watched the program, I was reading through my diary on 2.9.12. I had seen a large placard in Stuttgart - GLOBETROTTEL (global fool) a pun on the word Globetrotter, which is similar to globetrekker.
PPS  Good timing to be quoting Ps. 139, 2 >>>  Feb. 13, leaving 9 all alone.


As mentioned in the PS above, while watching this show, I was preparing myself for the beginning of this chapter on my global tour. It took me back to Stuttgart and a poster: GLOBETROTTEL on tour:



placardat a food festival above Stuttgart.


The name is a play on the word GLOBETROTTER. (Harlem basketball team.)


Changing the letter R to L, a  Globetrottel, literally means global fool.

'Global Fool' must have lured me to take above picture. (Must you agree....?)

I had been on tour in many places, including Harlem. There is website 


If the above has a connection to the couple, who travels on motorbikes around the world, I do not know*. The make of bike, according to the website, is Royal-Enfield. In Bk 6, Ch. 10 I had come across this make during my 2007 visit to Germany.                                      (*No connection).


During the entire 2 months in Germany I only was caught in the rain, riding my bicycle, twice. Riding through Oberesslingen it started to rain and it thundered rather heavily. I took shelter under a bus stop.


Actually, if you look carefully, the above bus is actually an O-bus. It is powered by electricity, fed via overhead rails. I remember them from my childhood. The location happens to be on the same intersection, where I had lived for the first ten years of my life.


In a curious numbers twist - good friends of mine, from my youth, had moved into house number 15 in the same street. We lived at 136, so 151 was IT.

On scanning I discovered a little magic. It's not the large lettering DAS ES* (a shopping centre), but the small number on the bus, beside the tail light - 214. It's the day of writing, the digits for Valentine's Day.

*D AS IT does sound interesting!

- - - - - - -

A good friend from my youth, Erich, had lost his wife to cancer. His circumstances were such, after hearing my need for a place to stay, was able to offer me not only one, but two places to stay. During our 2007 trip my sons and I had stayed with him and his wife in the same apartment (2/28 !) about 30 km east of Esslingen, the same one mentioned in Book 1, Chapter 48.

During the ten days in Goeppingen, the home of model railway icon Maerklin, I was able to help Erich move some furniture, as well as assist with some painting. In between work we took one day off to take the train to Ulm. Another friend from our youth, Juergen, lived there and really appreciated seeing both of us. We first took a relaxing walk along the Danube River, before sharing memories and stories from the youth group in the 60's.


Left: Making myself useful,

helping my friend Erich paint

his apartment. (See proof

above, as to the quality of work we did).



<<< Between work we visited a

mutual friend from the 1960's 

youth group. Juergen and I on the banks of the Danube in Ulm, about 50 km east of Goeppingen.

A landmark in Ulm, Germany, the 'Schiefe Haus'

(translated crooked house). Crooked it is!   >>>

- - - - - - -

After my Salvation Army friend, who kindly made his apartment available to me in Cannstatt, returned from his holiday, I invited him for a meal. On a mild Sunday evening we dined (like kings) in Stuttgart. An outdoor restaurant, located on fashionable Koenig Strasse (King Street) on the Schlossplatz was a ideal for the occasion.



Stuttgart's showpiece - the Schloss Platz (Castle Plaza)

After listening to my friend's stories, his adventures riding his bicycle through Greece, camping on the side of the road and being mugged by hooligans, I spun a yarn about my experiences. One thing I remember clearly was telling him about St. Louis and the only real troubles I had there, riding my GIANT through America:


Just before St.Louis my derailleur jammed and broke, right in St; Louis I had the first puncture, just after St; Louis, my luggage carrier broke under the load I had carried so many miles.

Next, only minutes after we had finished dining, we took a stroll along Koenig Street, which is a pedestrian mall. As I looked on the ground the name St. Louis* caught my eye. The artwork (pic above) marks  St. Louis and Stuttgart as sister cities. Interesting that there is exactly 7500 kilometers between them.

*What a good day today, to be playing with the name ST. LOUIS to make my wife holy. How? Her middle name Lois! 

LOIS U SAINT - (That's what Valentine's Day does to you, but can you trust letter-ology - seriously?

(On editing, after cooling down for a few days after Valentine's Day, I am tempted to remove the S from SAINT ....just kidding.)

*The name Lois, which was also rather prominent in Christchurch in 2010 (Book 8, Ch.13), we just touched on, at the beginning of this chapter. 

Just now, something made sense: Another link from ESslingen to Stuttgart to the US. A taxi had parked not far from Koenig Strasse, It was a registration plate: ES - US 7000. (The postcode of Stuttgart is 7000).

 Still in Stuttgart / Weinfest









Above: Radio SWR4 did a live radio broadcast from the Stuttgart Wine Festival. As a good Salvation Army man I had to show up ... (just kidding). But I nearly stayed home. It was raining rather heavily that day.


The presenter in the white shirt (above) holding a microphone, interviewed a few prominent guests.


They were: The head of Automaker Porsche, James, sorry Alexander Bonde and and a Cabaret performer, Mr. Sonntag.


I took a photo of this poster            >>>

the radio station and it's slogan. After scanning, I had never noticed it before, I saw a little magic in the numbers. There are two, 20 and 4. How does that fit the slogan - That's where we're at home!


Where I am at home, writing this chapter, is No. 24.


Please note: The picture has not been trimmed. I have no idea where the 20 (top left corner) belongs to.


SWR stands for South West Rundfunk.


But there's more: The radio broadcast was conducted in a wine bar / restaurant called Inge's Laube*. Inge (plus L) is the name, where our church is at home - Ingle Farm ... South Australia.


(Here ends all links from wine in Germany to the Salvation Army.)


*A Laube is a garden area, usually under grape wines or trees, used for outdoor eating or drinking.      


Read this: Can this be co-incidence?

The address where I work is No.2-4 Goodall ...

Recently among the clothing I found a T-shirt with big lettering:


- - - - - - -


During my two weeks in Schwabia, as this region of Southern Germany is called, my friend Willy invited me to join his prison visitation group. He and a few dedicated Christians have been going every week to the Stammheim, Remand Prison, located in a Stuttgart suburb. They group is called the Jesus-Gruppe 

There are two teams, operating on different days. One in German, the other in the English language. I went on Friday September 7th (note) to the German speaking group. It was a completely alien experience for me, walking the corridors of an actual prison, then sitting in a room, on a table, in close contact with actual offenders. Actually, they were alleged offenders? Those men were all awaiting for their court hearings to begin ( They were remanded).

Looking around the room, the majority of the two dozen  inmates looked like the bloke from next door, or a fellow parishioner from church on Sunday. It would have been interesting to listen to each individual and the story they have to tell. During the break a young man with a Southern European accent actually approached me. 

He introduced himself as S. and started talking, as if he had known me for years. I sat and listened while he told me how he was accused of not paying tax in his restaurant. Without much warning he was arrested and has spent months in jail, waiting until his case comes up. 

Being a little shy by nature and only a visitor, I did not say much during the discussion time. The other reason was that I had been suffering badly from stomach pains. In the back of my mind I feared my intestinal problem (twisting, resulting in a blockage) was reoccurring.

*How timely writing this here: The day before uploading, for the first time since the above, I again felt, for about 8- 10 hours, this same agonizing pain. It's still present, but to a far lesser degree). 

The pain continued all the way home on the train, as I prayed and thought about things. Suddenly a thought occurred: Isn't the timing of today rather amazing? In all the years living in Australia, actually in my whole life, for the first ever, I visited a prison, right on the same day, September 7th, when Peter Liddy was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

Friends, being a numbers man, I take those small timing co-incidences as a sign from God. To others they may mean nothing. To mean it points to HIM, who wants to show that HE is there, and HE cares!


(On Gospel Music Selections I am listening to a wonderful old favourite: "Through it all, I learned to trust in Jesus, I learned to trust in HIM ... Thank you. Lord.")


To check if my dates are correct, I checked my 2001 diary. They are, but a further timely co-incident came: September 7th 2001 is on page 152. (At the time I numbered the pages, because they are loose leafs).


The date as I write - 15.2 - God's perfect timing, once again!

- - - - - - -



In a recent conversation my contact, who corresponds with the imprisoned, former magistrate Peter Liddy, said that his case is with our Attorney-General Mr. Rau. 


In the past I had written to him, expressing doubts about Peter's guilt. I included supporting documents. Sadly, no positive respond came.


The best hope for Peter is a new law, which should be passed by our Parliament very soon, which allows for a case to reopen, even after two guilty verdicts, when fresh evidence is coming forward. It is only a matter of time, before truth rises to the surface and a group of honest journalists will inform the public of Australia, how badly the court system failed an innocent magistrate!

Why am I so optimistic about this matter? Read part of a transcript of a TV program, Today Tonight, aired on Channel Seven in November 2012. Mr. Rau himself gave reason for this optimism, talking about this new law, introduced by Independent MP Ann Bressington, MLC (Member of the Legislative Council) in South Australia:


Ann Bressington: Iím hopeful that by June of next year this Bill will be in Ė it will be there and working.

Graham Archer: The AG is even more optimistic than that.

Attorney-General John Rau: We could be looking at February.

Graham Archer: *February Ė next year?

Attorney-General John Rau: Yes.

Graham Archer: Well, thatís reason for optimism.

Attorney-General John Rau: Yes, yes.


*Next year February is right now, the time I am writing. The months is half over. We shall have to wait and see, if Mr. Rau's very optimistic prediction, or Ms Bressington's more realistic judgement will come to pass. Watch this space.

The very latest, on the news last evening, was the announcement of the Head of the ICAC (the Independent Commission against Corruption) Mr. Bruce Lander. The new anti-corruption watchdog is to be operating by September this year 2013, 14 months later than anticipated.

The headline in our online AdelaideNow Newspaper: "SA's first Independent Commissioner against Corruption says there is corruption in this state to be unearthed." 

How timely, I just checked my diary: It was exactly ten years ago, on Feb. 20th, 2003, when in the middle of my struggle to prove my sanity, I wrote in my diary: "I believe God wants me to wipe out corruption in South Australia". It was that same year that I first had alerted our ABC about my doubts in the Peter Liddy case."

Why do those politicians, lawyers and bureaucrats take such a long time to right the wrong? If they were to spend only a week in a lonely, grey prison cell innocently, and how it must feel to sit there year after year, having been robbed of all dignity, those badly needed laws would have been operating long ago.

On this day, ten years ago, I also wrote into my diary: The Opposition Leader called for a Royal Commission ... (into the corrupt practices of the  government).

- - - - - - -


Back in Germany, travelling by train through Marbug / Lahn


I was on a day-long train between Berlin and the Black Forest. As the train halted in Marburg, I remembered my friend Juergen, who was waiting for me at my destination. Juergen and his wife are heavily involved in a Christian group called the Marburg Circle. (Marburger Kreis). That's why I took the picture. 

After scanning, I realized the special date, Val's Day again. Also note, how the numbers appear. They form a T (02 / 14.) The Pope loves it that way! 

Hey, just noticed the name Lahn. The river holds the letters for nah = near >>> L near!

- - - - - - -


During my home visit to Schwabia I had opportunity to go to church on various occasions. Let me mention three, and the blessings I received in each of them. The day after arriving in Esslingen I sat in the back of the church I had attended, before I migrated, 42 years earlier. Everything had changed, of course, the locality, the leaders, the people as well as the music. However, some were familiar faces, who shared much of my youth with me, a keen church goer. 

At the end of this service coffee was served in the foyer. A lady sat on her own. I knew her face very well. She used to sing in the front row of the choir. Her name was Erna. How I loved that choir, the lovely melodies, accompanied by guitars and occasionally a piano accordion or saxophone. 

As I chatted with Erna about the olden days another lady from the guitar choir of the 60s joined us. Both woman had never married and were looking much younger than 70. The three of us chatted about this and that and, what else, the good old days. On the way home something suddenly occurred to me. I had just chatted with Erna (HE AN) and Rose? Was I going totally mad, carried away by letters and how I interpret names or ...? If it was madness, at least I was consistently mad. 

The second outstanding church service took place at an independent church, in a former sugar factory, which they still call Zuckerfabrik. The locality is called Zuckerberg, sugar mountain, the district Hallschlag. I wondered if any of the people, most Germans speak at least basic English, ever thought how Stuttgart minus t t t t = Sugar? Maybe, if there had been 4 crosses on the front, instead of just 1...?


Above:  Church for ALL. The text beside the cross: Come unto me... and you will find rest. 

Below: No.53 player would love Hebrews 5,3*: " You are my son. Today I have begotten you."

(*Correction - 5.5)


Note the German word for Rest - RUHE. Change the E to R, the HE code, if you wish, and we arrive at RUHR - the region we shall be travelling to in a moment.


The son, sorry song, sung at the very end of the Zuckerfabrik church service rang in my heart the whole of that day - 'Oh, Preis seiner Liebe Macht'. We sang it 40 years earlier.  

Without translating, the reader can perhaps see, why I marvelled that this song: P L - Power and Love (Liebe and Macht) the words, which launched my supernatural journey 13 years ago. This church was for ALL.

- - - - - - -

My long distance travel around Germany was by train. The Deutsche Bundesbahn developed a great system, whereby cyclists can carry their bicycle, without dismantling it into a box! For short and middle distance trips (all trains, except those which include a C, like IC or ICE) bicycles are carried for free, without booking. Using the IC (Intercity) trains, bikes have to be booked a day in advance and cost 9 Euro extra. ICE trains (IC Express) do not carry bicycles, except as excess luggage).

As first destination for my travels in September 2013 I had chosen Dresden. Two reasons, one I had never been there, and two, if it was good enough for the US President (Obama) to visit there, it was good enough for me.

The main tourist season was over as I left the Stuttgart region. I had a compartment to myself and only had to change trains once, at Nuremberg. It as a good time to catch up writing my diary for the previous few days. As the train slowed, only 1/2 hour or so into the journey*, I heard over the loudspeaker the announcement that the next stop was Backnang. 

(*Anybody, who doesn't like the word journey, like journo Lisa, may substitute journey with trip or ride or ..( stay home.)

It so happened that I was just recording events from the day before, the sumptuous meal I enjoyed as a guest at the home of the youth leader Werner, and his wife, Ilse, from the 1960s youth group. Their daughter dined with us. I had known her as a baby 4 decades earlier. She now worked as an educator. I am glad I had asked her about her employment. She works in ... Backnang.

To document the occasion I snapped this photo, after the train had stopped. (Further interesting train stop photos are to come). 

Backnang, Wuerttemberg / Germany,  train station

 PR for 5? Or *O... 

The sign at the bottom right means - no entry for vehicles of any kind. It used to include bicycles, but how things have changed. Cycling have much more freedom of movement. Some streets you are even allowes to ride against one-way traffic. In my cycling days in Germany, how often did we kids get into trouble disobeying the above red circle sign! 

*As I edited this section, looking at the O, the same nanosecond the word nothing came out of the P/C. The lyrics sung: "Nothing ...compares with the promise I have in you! 

I was further thinking of quantum physicist, Mr. Krauss. He had been on the ABC's Q and A TV program, trying to convince us all that he discovered that nothing is really is something. He is so convinced of his theory he wrote a book about his findings What did he find - NOTHING.

Bit like my books you are reading: Am I not writing a lot about No. things?


There is one thing German trains and God have in common - they both love perfect timing. My train arrived in Dresden's Neustadt station at exactly 18.03 PM. It was a short ride down to the Elbe river, where I checked out the CVJM (YMCA) floating hotel, which according to my youth-leader friend, has accommodation available. That evening, however, they had no room in the (floating) inn. 

I had researched as second choice, only minutes from the train station at Dresden-Neustadt, a place called: Kangaroo-Stop. For two nights, at Euro 16.50 per night, I had 2 great nights in a 4-bed dorm. I felt right at home.

(Hey, I just checked, the address is Erna-Berger Street 8-10 - did we not speak of (Frau) Erna earlier, and did we not want to end this chapter 18 with 80? (18 to 80 = 1 x 8 + Nothing)


Later, on the evening after arriving, it was already getting dark, as I cycled across the Elbe River to explore the historic centre of the old Dresden.


The Frauenkirche, church or our lady dominates the skyline of Dresden. Devastated at the end of World War II it had only been fully restored in 2005. 

The city suffered terribly in the final months, before the allies finally prevailed. In one night in February 1945 thousands died in relentless bombing by allied forces.

The estimated death toll varies, from 25 000 to 1/2 million, depending on who you believe. Peace came at a terrible cost. 

Some parts of the city still lay in ruins. The historic old city, across the river Elbe, however, has been restored. The square around the Frauenkirche, covered with cobblestones, draws tourists from all over. (Here is where I was talking to a young man - read it below).

On Friday 14.9 I visited the church and sat, listening to an ex-Member of Parliament. His talk was part of a forum called Uncertain Future. The minister, who introduced the speaker commented: "Nothing today is certain any more. The only sure thing is man". What did he mean by that? 

A lady in row 8, across the isle, kept nodding off. Had it not been a politician who was  speaking, the lady could be praying.


I was admiring the awesome interior of this house of God. Also had fun, decoding the speaker's name: Win peace (Winfried); surname Eight Wein (Nachtwei).


It was a lovely evening, cool, but little wind. From across the cobble-stone plaza, which surrounds the Frauenkirche, I heard a noise, as if a person was sobbing, and not silently.

Steering my Giant closer toward the crying man, I noticed a young man, in his late twenties, sitting on a bench, as if in great distress. He did not try and hide his emotions. His uncontrolled sobbing could be heard across the square.

Tourists were everywhere, sitting in outdoor cafes, chatting, taking photos. Passers-by ignored the young man or made a detour around him. At first I did too, not knowing, how one should act in such an unusual scene. (Who knows there could be a hidden camera lurking?) After a few moments of circling on my bike, I asked the young man, if I could join him to have a chat.

To my surprise, he was rather open. His name was Martin. About an hour earlier he had had news from his girlfriend. She wanted their relationship to end. (I knew it had something to do with women's troubles ...). Martin calmed down somewhat after a while, and I was able to talk to him, leading him into the direction of God, who knows all about our feelings, our hurt and disappointments. Why not tell him, that he should talk to HIM? HE loves to get involved and give consolation.

Leaving the young man that evening I sensed, perhaps I was led there, just at that time, to sow a seed in that young man's heart. If it fell on good soil, or how much fruit it yielded, I will never know. God's Holy Spirit works to accomplish HIS will for each of us, in HIS time! In the end it will be all good.

- - - - - - -  

It so happened that at this point writing this chapter I had my evening meal and briefly watched the television news. I learned that Mr. Geert Wilders*, a Dutch Member of Parliament, is speaking in Australia during a visit to Melbourne. His views about Islam and the islamisation of the west, which I heard during an ABC interview on the ABC recently, are not very popular.


The latest news: Mr. Wilders Melbourne appearance brought protesters and violent clashes with police. (The website of The Australian shows a picture of protesters scuffling with a supporter, one who I had worked for here in Adelaide - Bk. 10. Ch.13).  His appearance in Perth has been cancelled. The venue cancelled at the last moment. Organisers could not find another. (Fear is a powerful force!)

Whatever happened to free speech, the freedom to express thoughts? I don't hate anybody, simply because they have a different believe?

Why would anybody hate me, simply because I asked this question, which Mr. Wilders also asked during the ABC interview: Is it right that a Western worker in Saudi Arabia and many other Muslim countries is not allowed to read his bible, or hold a bible study with friends? Yet, in the west, we not only allow mosques, but also Islamic schools and colleges?


The reason I mention this gentleman's visit here is the timing. I was just writing about Dresden and the OF Hotel. Mr. Wilders organisation, I learned, is called the Q Society. (You can put it this way - Q gave me the cue). 


<<< QF Hotel, Dresden.Outside the box thinkers, I'm one of them, photograph too much with the excuse, you can always delete it later.


My trouble, I spot too much, like the Dresden taxi, parked in front of this Hotel - a Ford LT 228 (not the vehicle shown here).


Next I read the name of the Hotel, QF meant something, as did the piece of paper I found on the cobblestones in front of the cathedral (bottom left).


It was while slowly, casually cruising on my Giant around the Frauenkirche. Suddenly - ANNKATRIN.


<<< This rather large, white piece of paper may have been a name tab. I perhaps fell down and got stuck on that stone. I had no intention of picking it up. A photo would do.








<<<A few days later, the camera handy, watching TV, I saw  this on the screen. Triggered by the name Kathrin Fischer I had to snap this picture. The lady author and journalist was interviewed in a morning program. 


Afterward I saw the reporters name ANNE, how ANN fitted right into the picture! (N & WILL?)

- - - - - - - 

Dresden is situated on both sides of the Elbe River with a wide open valley to the East. I took the cycle track beside the Elbe river, starting near the 'Landtag', the seat of Parliament for the German State of Saxon. I followed it upstream, when I saw a sign, directions to 'Blaues Wunder 5.3 km'. The word Wunder (Wonder, miracle) had me intrigued. The valley widened. On the other side I could see impressive villas and a magnificent castle.

The Blaue Wunder turned out to be a steel bridge, which originally had been painted green, but somehow changed colour to blue (blau). The streets and houses around the area reminded me so much of Germany as it was 45 years ago. I took a photo of a Litfa-Saeule. Afterwards I saw the street was called Naumann Strasse. Loved it.

Across the bridge a notice marked the beginning of the 'Poets & Painters Walk', a 96 km walking track through the Saechsische Schweiz (Saxony's Switzerland). I started the steep ascent, taking the Veilchen Weg. It was steep, but the views were worth pushing my bike up.

At one point, so I learned later, I crossed under the 110 year old Dresdener Schwebebahn, a historic, unique, suspended railway) which takes tourist and locals alike onto of the Loschwitzer Elbhang (Elbe Cliff).It was a very pleasant morning riding without luggage, without a destination, without appointments. Life at its best.


Left: Blaues Wunder, the Loschwitzer Bridge, 5.3 km upstream from Dresden.


Top left: The cycle track beside the Elbe River near the Parliament of Saxony.


Centre: Tram near the Neustadt railway station, A Lidl discount supermarket is right inside this station, Dresden's second largest. Kangaroo Stop Hostel is within 3 / 4 minutes walking distance. Dresden also has a cafe called Ayers Rock.


Top right: This Litfa-Saeule, not far from the Blauen Wunder Bridge, is located in Naumann Strasse (not Neumann.) Looking at the shops, the traffic signals etc, it all took me back to my youth, just like I remember Germany from 45 years ago.


If Naumann = AU N.mann (Australia), in Europe Neumann = EU N.mann (New man.)

- - - - - - -

It was the next day, en route to Wuppertal, where on 15.9 I had the awesome experience in Hanover. (In Chapter  6 you already read the story about the football magic of Hanover 96, how a last minute goal in the 92nd minute rescued a win in their Bundesliga home match.) 

The day before writing, very briefly on the German DW Journal, I heard about another football match of Hanover 96. The team was playing in Nuremberg just recently. (Our train ride earlier in this chapter took us through Nuremberg.) 

In an uncanny parallel to this game, a goal was scored very late, also in the 92nd minute. Except, it was against Hanover, as they draw 2:2 with Nuremberg. Love this result too. In 2007 I had some magic with 2:2. Now there is magic with 2:2 on 20.2.20...


As promised, I will show another photo, one I also took from a train, passing through a train station. I had almost reached my destination, Velbert-Langenberg, when the S-Bahn (Stadt / City train) stopped at a suburban station. It was a suburb of Wuppertal.




Left: Railway station - Wuppertal / Sonnborn. Note how T & L came out.


Right: Graffiti on a bus stop in Velbert. Had somebody discovered that NOS makes SON upside down?

- - - - - - -

Before arriving in Langenberg (in the next chapter, God willing) let's take an evening bike ride back home in Australia. The bus-stop 80-story fits right into son (sunny). It took place on the day of my oldest son's 38th birthday. Adelaide's weather had been superb, just right for an evening bike ride. Where would I go, but to the beach?


On impulse, no it was a flash of memory, which changed my mind. I cycled up Main North Road to Davoren Park to check out the scene of a shooting, which had taken place. A 16 year-old boy was allegedly shot in the leg during an argument.


I remembered, when I first saw the item on TV, my Spirit inside me sensed, something was not right. For a nanosecond the TV camera had focused in, and showed the street of the crime: Blackham Cres. The newsreader had mentioned Anderson Walk. My antenna had gone up.


I easily found Anderson Walk and Blackham Cres, an L-shaped street off it. Slowly cycling through the short street one vehicle in a driveway had me intrigued as soon as I saw it: a black Ute, registration plate 55. You can imagine how I loved it, a black vehicle, registration number 55, in Blackham Cresent? (Nice word Cresent).


I was not keen on taking a photo, the owner could be watching and object in an unpleasant way. But around the corner, outside the closed business premises of No.75 a photo was no problem. The bus stop number is 80.





Sunny Steel at No. 75, on Bus Stop 80


An amazing 8.0 story was on the airwaves on Feb. 7th. An earthquake was reported in the Solomon Islands. At 8.0 is measured rather strong on the new scale MMM (Moment Magnitude - Mr. Richter, transl. judge, is no longer popular among scientists).


Besides the strength of the earthquake, the location I found awesome: Santa Cruz Islands - Islands of the Holy Cross.


Next chapter we shall visit Steele, Germany. An amazing encounter with N blew my mind. The camera was my witness.



Chapter 19