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  (Pictures by author, unless indicated)                  Book 11 / Ch. 17                           Written / Published 31.1 - 4.2.2013

The date of publishing - February 4. In the US it's Feb 3, the date of the big sport event called the NFL Superbowl, played in New Orleans, as I write, after a 35-minute power-outage. The day before ODB Bible reading was headed: New Eyes. The key verse:

"The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope ... the riches of the glory of His inheritance...".


Friend, if only you could see with new eyes,  God's view of things! You may not become superman, but Super owl.


17.  Now [it's] back to front

Once every year in January Adelaide is gripped by a fever - cycling. The first ride on the professional racing circuit takes place in our city. For a whole week the sport is taking over our streets, making front page news and stirring much interest, during the carnival-like atmosphere. Big names come to town, both professional and visitors, who enjoy being part of it all.

The first race took place on Sunday 20th around a street circuit in Adelaide's East End. As I often do, I combined business with pleasure. In the afternoon I took my recently acquired GIANT on its first long ride to visit a friend in a southern suburbs hospital. As I locked my bike to the post outside the hospital, how weird, I found this on the ground and put it in my pocket:


A identification tag of a person in hospital. 

I blanked out some details for privacy. At home I took a closer look before pasting it into my diary. The numbers 107 / 65 / 138 stood out. I knew I had recently written about them:


In the pictures at the end of Chapter 14 you will find all three mentioned. Also note: Born 2610. For some fun I create 2610 with the postcode and the second letter of the suburb (backwards).


This may sound unreal, but I recall that it was so: Not far from the hospital the street sign Morgan Ave caught my eye very briefly. It must have been at Daw Park, I had cycled that way!


After my hospital visit, cycling back via Adelaide city, I stayed and met my Italian cycling friend Tony. We watched the cycling race together, witnessing German ace Andre Greipel win this, the first race. He was the favourite to win that evening, having won the Tour Down Under in 2008 and 2010. Conditions were prefect. Thousands came out to cheer on the riders. At the beginning of the race I noticed something unusual. As readers would be expecting, it has to do with numbers and a name: 

For most of the hour-long race that Sunday night two riders broke away and established a big lead. Why they chose this strategy, only they would know. They could not keep the lead. Their numbers were No. 182 and No. 47. In my books that makes it 135 and 228 [+1]. 

Just now, as I write, the name of one of them makes sense - Howson, note the name, a relatively little known rider, part of the UniSA team. The other was German rider, Jens Voigt.


Tour Down Under, Adelaide, Sunday 20th Jan. 2013. As

expected, Andre Greipel won the 51 km opening race.


Besides this race I was only able to watch two more stages.

On Friday 25th I watched Greipel again win in Tanunda. Actually, that morning I had been at work; this was the reason I only arrived just in time for the presentation of the winner's trophy.


The final race of the Tour Down Under was, as every year, a race around a circuit in Adelaide's city and parklands. Again, this one I went to see. Guess who won this one also? Andre Greipel.


I suggested to rename Andre. We should change the G to D

and call him Dreipel. (Drei in German means three!)

Andre Greipel, the 30-year

old champion rider from

Germany. His 3 stage wins

in Adelaide in Jan. 2013

took his total to 100 over-

all as professional.

Above: The voice of cycling,

Phil Liggett is getting a touch

up, ready to face the TV cameras, and millions of sports fans. You'd want to look right.

- - - - - - - 

Another interesting fact resulted from the Tour Down Under: 

The trophy for the King of the Mountain went to none other than No.96.


What an interesting upside-down number! Even more interesting, the winner's surname - Moreno! (More number).


Christian name: Javier (German Ja (Yes) vier (four)


- - - - - - -

The surprise in the name Howson came to me as I started writing this chapter. Until then I had not seen that name hidden in the front page headline of our Sunday Mail newspaper. I had only seen SON WOW. Take a look:

Sunday Mail, Front-page Jan. 20th, 2013.


(Remember, the Howson / Voigt race, mentioned above, came a day after the newspaper had been printed.)

The cyclist featured above, riding for the Orica Greenedge team, is Stuart O'Grady, called the old man of cycling. A favourite with locals, O'Grady comes from Ingle Farm, in our neighbourhood, a few kilometers from here.


Before discovering Howson in above photo I had seen the headline as WOW SON, plus the letters H I T H. A long time ago I had viewed the capital letter H as It, by moving the crossbar just a little. Now H I T H   becomes IT, three times. 

If we further engage our knowledge of German, IT become ES, which leads us right into the place, were this chapter was going anyway - ESslingen, my hometown in Germany.

Next came an amazing twist. One, which took me a while to uncover. The detective inside me, the Spirit who guides, saw some numbers, in the same newspaper, the Sunday Mail. My wife bought it, exactly a week later on 27th January. This time it was a picture on page 19 that drew my attention. Take a look:

Sunday Mail, 27th January 2013, Page 19.

How could anyone not see the car registration plate 014 and headline under the picture?

Aussie crawl - buses taking 40 minutes for 1 km. The article is about Adelaide's King William Street traffic problems.

401 - 014 OK, but why Bus 222?

It came after digging a little deeper and using the calculator: Bus route 222 x 014 = 3108.

(Just now I also see - C + 136 = 222 + 14).


Where is the significance in 3108, you may ask? As mentioned earlier 138 had come up in a recent chapter, but here I viewed 3108 as a date: August 31st 2012, exactly five months before this writing. 

On that date my classmates in Germany, whom I had not seen since 1966, had arranged a class reunion for just that date. It was a Friday. So where does the letter H come into the above (HOWSON) picture? It simply is in the name Sohn, the German version of son. 

A very significant photo of the class of 66 is part of the banner in Book 9. Later in this chapter, we shall return to this class and reunion. For now it's the name Sohn (English son), which brings out the letter H.

- - - - - - -


(Back to Germany)

At the end of August 2012 my service with the disabled people was completed. This gave me another month to travel, visiting friends and family all over Germany. It was on Saturday 25th when exited the train station in Bad Cannstatt to make my way to the flat at No. 71, which had been made available so kindly, and where I would be staying at for a week. 

As soon as I stepped out of the train station I could hear and see a long procession of flag waving, chanting, obviously exited young people walking by. They were Bundesliga football fans, heading toward the Mercedes Benz Arena, where the first match of the season was to be played later that evening. A photo was a must:


Below: VFB Stuttgart football fans marching through Bad Cannstatt, heading for the first match of the season to the Mercedes Benz Stadium. 


This was not far from where I had seen and photographed Nos. 100 and 7 a few weeks earlier. (Book 11, Ch.11.)

Jersey No.10 proved to be prophetic. Stuttgart lost the game 1:0. I was just leaving the station to walk to No. 71 when I took the photograph.


Right: On scanning I noticed the young man's number (71) on the back. The number fits.

Below: Stuttgart's Hauptbahnhof. (Central station).

Interesting name for a store in Koenig Strasse, (King Street) Stuttgart: my name is...S U perhaps?

English words and names seem to be creeping into the German language more and more.


Since there was no television set at the flat at No. 71, where I stayed at for a few days, I was often listening to the radio. Radio SWR 4 played popular music, many songs in English, which I liked. Listeners were encouraged to request a favourite. A few weeks earlier I had done exactly that. During a brainwave, having just been there, I sent in a request for the song Mississippi. 

Of course, being on the move, in and out, I never heard it being played, until ...,  out of blue, weeks later on Wednesday August 29th, 2012. I had just returned from some shopping, tuned into SWR 4 Radio, as 'Mississippi' was being played. Had I stayed out shopping a few minutes later I would have missed it.

But this was not the only surprise  In the news that very day, how timely it was, the city of New Orleans, on the Mississippi delta, was being battered by another storm Isaac. It was seven years exactly to the day when the city was devastated by the storm no American will ever forget - Katrina. 

But there was more. That afternoon I visited a lady, whom I had known since my youth. She had lost her husband years earlier. No, her name was not Katrina, nor did she live at No. 7. Her name was Gerda. She lived at No. 50. But that was remarkable, really. The places I was led to afterwards were!  

On leaving Gerda's place I decided to ride home a different way, over the hills and through Fellbach. This took me high above the Neckar Valley, to a place called Katherinen Linde, translated Kathrine Lime (tree). I don't think I had been there since my childhood. A minute further on, down a steep hill, (remember it was the seventh anniversary of Katrina, I came to a locality called Sieben Linden (Seven Limes - trees).


Lookout Tower between Stuttgart and Esslingen, Wuerttemberg

Katharinenlinde (Katharine's Lime)

Every child in my generation, growing up in this district, would remember a school excursion to this landmark tower, high above the Neckar Valley between Stuttgart and Esslingen.

It was a rather eerie feeling to think right at that time New Orleans was again battered by a cyclone - Isaac. Amazing timing.

The song 'Mississippi was perhaps not the best choice on radio that day.

Hiker's Map at Seven Limes  >>>

Totally unplanned, on the 7th

anniversary of cyclone Katrina, I

found myself climbing this tower. Note the similar name.

Moments later I arrived at a locality called, Sieben Linden (Seven Limes). 


How interesting! At this point, having already pasted the Wind pic. below onto the page, I went to have a dinner break. An item during a current affairs program showed a group of farmers, upset about the wind turbines, which they claim, makes them sick. Read on for more Wind.


Not far from where I was staying was the suburb of Schmiden, Kreis (County) Waiblingen. This was the place, where my grandmother lived, at No. 96 Fellbacher Strasse. Our mother often took us children there. Those visits are part of my earliest childhood memories. Cycling through the old part of Schmiden one balmy evening I spotted this exotic vehicle:


Interesting name for a Renault - Wind. Likewise, the registration plate, since Waiblingen has WN as rego >>> Id ... 999.


On Radio SWR 4 a gentleman phoned with a request. He was celebrating his 77th birthday, and his 55th wedding anniversary, a few days later. I noted his name: Heinz Fischer. (We touched on the name Heinz in Chapter 15). 

He requested the song: Liebst Du auch den rauhen Wind, translated: Do you also like the rough winds? Earlier that morning a pastor on the Deutschland Funk gave the meditation for the day: A central part of the talk, I didn't write details, was a candle. Next on the radio program came an interview which was discussing Wind-power. It fitted right in; as it does here.

- - - - - - -


Our Daily Bread - August 19, 21, 22, 23 and 24 - 2013 

On a rainy Wednesday evening I cycled into Stuttgart to take a look at the Weinfest (Wine Festival). This truck's registration plate took more of my attention than all the local wines on offer.

How it happened, I can't recall; only that I saw how the drop letters in my Daily Bread bible reading booklet (around that same time) matched: S AS 10.  Can you see A ISSO?  >>>



Above: Note the letters SASO

It really all ISSO - HEMAN's HONEST. 

- - - - - - -

At this point, writing this chapter, I had a classic number magic, wondering how this could happen? You be the judge - if it's not supernatural, what is it?

On TV a Senator in Canberra questioned our PM, why she announced the date of the Federal Election on Jan. 30th, over 7 months ahead. The date is to be 14 Sept. (note).

Just before I was rushing out for my volunteer work, I had a brain wave.

I emailed the Senator suggesting, tongue-in-cheek, our PM was inspired by Adolf Hitler. He also took absolute power on January 30th. (1933). 


Minutes later, having been on my bicycle approx. 31 seconds, a bus came in the opposite direction. The rego plate 419, September 14 backwards ...!


- - - - - - -


I very seldom set the clock radio. Around the time of the above happenings I awoke in the middle of the night to answer the call of nature. The camera was handy, so I took a photo as the clock showed 1.49. It proved to me I was not dreaming.

But it may have been puzzling for my wife beside me. She woke up, mumbling something intelligible. I bet she thought it was a dream.

The next morning she never mentioned a thing. I guess she was glad it was a dream. Wouldn't it be a worry, if your husband woke up in the middle of the night and, before using the bathroom, fetches the camera and takes a photo of ... the clock radio?

- - - - - - -


What came next was even more numbers-magic, but totally unplanned. At work in our second-hand shop I was asked to just wait for a few minutes, before my first job. Browsing the book section a title caught my attention - Wayne Rooney - The story of football's Wonder Kid. I started leafing through it and saw ...


>>> Hey - numbers / names magic as I write about numbers magic <<<

In Book 10, Chapter 6 you will find a picture of Wayne Rooney. He had just scored his 9th goal. No. 14 is turning his back to the camera! 

But now take a look at the name of No. 14 - Javier. I had no idea this name would come up when I wrote earlier about Javier, the King of the Mountain.

... what I found in the book about footballer Rooney was this: There was one chapter in the book, dedicated to a fellow player - Alan Shearer. (His name is in one of my earlier books Bk. 5, Ch.3).


Keeping in mind that I had just emailed the Senator about the date 1.30 and 14.9, take a look at this scan on the Contents page:


Chapter 12 - Now for Alan Shearer - starts on page 130 and ends on page 149.


More unplanned numbers, perfect for Chapter 17 of Book 11

(Back page of the Wayne Wunderkind book)

This brings to mind the very latest news on another wonder kid, Rooney's fellow football stars David Beckham. The superstar has left the Galaxy to come back to earth, almost home. Beckham was signed up by a Paris Club. 


But I think they picked the wrong guy. They should have signed a Bundesliga star, like Miroslav Klose. Why? Simple answer! The Paris Club is - SAINT GERMAIN, and could they not do with I GERMAN SAINT? (Adelaide United needs one). 


The day before commencing this chapter was my birthday. Just as I had this morning, four days later, I woke when the digital clock beside my bed read 6.13. That day I had loaned my Suzuki to my son-in-law, the father of our new-born grandson. This is why that day I drove the Mitsubishi Lancer, which I only do once or twice a month.

As I started the engine to have lunch my wife, I looked at the gauges, something I always taught my learner drivers to do as routine. I noticed the digits on the dashboard - 613, the time I had woken. But then there were more: Take a look:


Mitsubishi Lancer - Odometer Readings Jan 30, 13

Note, how I had already engaged reverse gear, (R)

when I was blown over by numbers!

Not only the three digits 613 show, but 155, which I LOVE.

To top it off - the tripmeter reading - 135 - on my birthday. I took it as a gift from God, a birthday present from on high. What a wonderful way to say: "I'm so glad you were born. I love you!"


God says that also about you! Each of us are HIS unique creation!

What my wife thought, sitting next to me, I don't know. Ever since she became a grandmother, holding our new grandson in her arms, she has only that other male on her mind, so it seems. (Until now it was mostly children and mother-in-law. Now the field of competition has grown bigger. (Just kid...) 


Delighted grandma Isobel and peaceful Aidan, God's wonderful

creation (s), one is two hours old.


Every expectant mother, contemplating an abortion, should be made to hold a new-born baby. None would choose to have that precious bundle ripped out of her stomach, and discarded like a broken doll.


On the day of writing I woke at 5.03 am. In my prayer time later I suddenly saw the above numbers on our Mitsubishi dashboard again. 155 became 135 using the 5/3 code. 

Then the thought occurred, as it may have in many readers' minds: Why could God not have arranged 135.0 on the tripmeter? It would have more resembled my date of birth in 1950. Why 135.2?

The answer came after a rather simple calculation:

(135 x 2) + 2 = 272.


In my books this takes us to the state with the worst laws regarding the protection of unborn babies. Very sad, very significant indeed!




(Back to Germany)

As mentioned, the 2012 Klassentreffen (school-class reunion) was scheduled for Friday 31.08. Since my Giant bike was safely stored at a New York Youth Hostel, my transport in Germany was a borrowed bicycle, which also happened to be a GIANT. The venue chosen for the much anticipated evening was the Jaegerhaus, translated Hunter's Lodge. Its location is high above Esslingen at the edge of the Schurwald, the forest I remembered well from my childhood.

As I struggled up the hill to arrive at the appointed time of 6 PM two buses passed by. One going up, the other coming down, if I recall correctly. What I definitely remember, it's written in my diary, it was the same bus company, which serviced this route 40 years earlier, called Fischle. The buses route numbers were rather remarkable - N 105 and N 150. Not only N ISSO, but how 1/5* matched Fischle and Fischer!

In Book 8, Chapter 14 I had already extensively written about my fellow pupils. There is the class photo, and the amazing names. At the time, in 2010, I was invited but not ready to travel and attend the very first reunion our class had had since we all went our separate ways in 1966.

 *Just recapping: Mr. Fischle is in first position from the right, not counting the teacher. The author, myself Mr. Fischer, is fifth from the right. (In Book 8 I had not disclosed the name of our teacher, but how it fits in with my PL etc. code - POLZIN !



But there was more, on the way to the reunion. I wasn't quick enough to catch the Fischle buses, as they passed by. But when I saw this parked vehicle on the opposite side of the road, moments after the buses passed me by, I stopped pedalling to catch the moment on camera: Take a look.

The date was August 31, that's why I stopped to take this photo, at 5.50 PM, ten minutes before arriving at my destination.

The registration plate of the Skoda Fabia - ES ... 3108.


 (Hey just as well, the two buses were Route N. Fabia appears to have a n missing? Fabian is a rather nice name. But so is Fabia - abbreviation for FABulous plus IA.

(Skoda is a major sponsor of the Tour Down Under). 


It was a big moment, meeting with my school friends for the first time in over four decades. As one by one arrived I recognized some immediately, like my Nebensitzer* Traugott. He had shared a desk with me. Traugott was born on the same day and year as I. His name literally means - Trust God.

(*lit. Sit beside). I just was reminded, Traugott's surname starts with Ai. (That's fabulous). 


On editing another link came. In the previous chapter, in Austria, one of the team of carers I travelled with was Fabian; another had the same surname as Traugott ... Ai.


In my Book 8 I had mentioned five class mates, their names and peculiarities. All except the fifth one were present at the 2012 reunion. The first one was Hans, who had given me many old postcards for my collection. The second I have already mentioned above, Mr. Ai.. The third one, Harald, was later taking me and my Giant home to Cannstatt, where he also lived.


Friend No. 4 was kind enough to pay for my meal that evening, a rather nice gesture. But then, his name... Mr. Rich!. Another friend, who was and is the driving force behind our class reunions, who deserves much thanks, is Hartmut. My German speaking readers, who know minus R code, will already have translated it into - has courage (Hat Mut).


The fifth person listed in Bk 8, 14, the person with the most impacting name in the class photo, was not present that evening. I did not ask why. His name was Mr. Sohn, who in the class photo shows just above my head.


What better place than right here to insert a photograph of another vehicle, who I had seen parked in Cannstatt, beside the Neckar River. Note the word HERR. At the time of writing I received a letter from the US. It was addressed to HERR ... (DF), which has two meanings, Lord and Mister.



Jesus ist HERR

How refreshing to find there are other motorists, who are not afraid to proclaim Jesus is Lord!


If we view the round registration disc / discs, between S and N, as o o we can soon create all kinds of variations with S o o N Y.


Every Sunday in church all can see 'Jesus is Lord' in large white letters on the wall. May all who read it personalize them with the a two-letter word - my.



- - - - - - -


Just as I write, in the USA it is Sunday 2/3/13 (Feb.3rd). Sports fans are gripped by an event taking place in NO - New Orleans. It is the first time the event is held being held there since Katrina in 2005. (How timely, did you not read about Katrina earlier in this chapter?) A moment ago, on (4th Feb.) I had occasion to email the US TV Show Today, because of what happened yesterday. 

It was a great afternoon in Adelaide. Superb conditions to cycle to Hindmarsh Stadium and watch our team play the Sydney Wanderers (Yes! - That team ...!) This time I only travelled 15 kilometers on the bicycle, not 3000 km in the car. But again, the trip to the stadium was more enjoyable than the 1 1/2 hour agony, seeing our team beaten again, on the green grass at home.

There was one bright moment, which provided a little magic, a timely goal scored by an American born player, plus numbers (ie. 35) to do with the Superbowl.

The magic I saw at Hindmarsh yesterday started with a photo I took. I had changed seats at half time and found myself, unplanned, sitting behind two supporters, whose numbers (and the name CASSIO) made me, 10 minutes into the second half, take this photo:


Hindmarsh Stadium, Feb.3rd 2013

about 10 minutes into the second half!

Adelaide's No.11 is not Alvarez, it's Bruce Djite, who scored the first goal for Adelaide. It was a brilliant display of skill and came out of nowhere. And did he get the time right!


Read it in the email I sent to the USA an hour before this writing. (There is a mathematical error, which I corrected immediately in a second email).



Date: 4th Feb. 2013, 10.20 AM Adelaide, Time. 

Hi all,

So it's the XLVII Superbowl, the Ravens and against the XLVIIII, or better IL. I see only II the difference, and that's the number I want to write about.

Today here in Adelaide it's 4.2 (Feb 4th). At yesterday's football game our team lost badly against Sydney Wanderers 4:2. This means, I witnessed in Sydney late last year 6:1; now this - to make it 2:10, a rather depressing tally in two games of soccer.

After half-time, around the 55th minute I took a photo of jerseys No. 6 Cassio and No.11 ALVAREZ. Next, no kidding, in the 61st minute No. 11 scored our first goal.

I found that magic, how numbers can foretell the future. But, please, I'm no numerologist! I believe GOD can use numbers to make HIS presence felt. HE loves sport and wants us to have fun. But HE likes to be still No.1 in everything, not NO 11.

Kind regards




PS  Just like many Australians are playing in the NFL, our No.11 striker Bruce Djite is actually American-born.


PPS  The NFL Superbowl banner has player No.35 featured. Is this the player's speed limit?


The PPS comment refers to No.35, which I had seen featured on the screen. (In the US the speed limit in a built up-area is 35 MPH.). The correction I made a moment after sending it:

6:1 and 4:2 are not 2:10, but more like 103, or (backwards) 30 Jan.



As I have emphasized in above email, numbers on their own have no meaning. If God is not behind it all, what is the point, all is meaningless, all co-incident?

A chapter in the bible comes to mind, where the writer, the Apostle Paul, lists all the attributes one may have, or works one may do, to be perfect before God: Speaking in other languages, prophesying the future, understanding mysteries, be knowledgeable, or even endure great suffering, even allowing your body to be burned. (I. Cor. 13.)

Yet, without love, he goes on to write, you and your works are nothing! Even when your car registration number matches the date, or you wake at a special time in the night, or a player's jersey matches a book you are writing etc etc, without God all is meaningless.

God is Love. HIS love WON! 

Where? On a cross.

Let me finish with an interesting find I made during the writing of this chapter, on 1.2.13. At work in the second-hand shop, out of a donated, small purse came this:


Fifteenthousand D...not Dollars, I wished!

The money probably came from a slow reader, who had just finished chapter 15!


15 000 Dong is worth less than a Dollar. The purse in which I found it, will sell for 3 times that much. 


(Hey, I just remember, somebody included in a payment a German coin - 1 Mark (Deutsche Mark). Obviously a faster reader, who had just finished Chapter 16, Love it). 


But look at the nam (!) of country the notes above come from, how special it is! 

Vie t nam.

Don't you love it, reading backwards?  Man cross, [ie] Victory.


Chapter 18