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  (Pictures by author, unless indicated)                  Book 11 / Ch. 16                           Written / Published 16.1 - 19.1.2013*

Christmas 2012 is long gone. But during this chapter, written between JAN 16 and 19, a child is born; a son is given!


       (*Please note: This chapter was to be published on 19 Jan. 13. There was an issue with the server, which delayed publication until 21 Jan)


16.   The Austrian RETURN

Readers may think that I am researching material in advance, then shape my writing around it to create co-incidental magic. I could not blame them, it they did so. But my discoveries would no longer be supernatural. I would be deceiving readers. Don't we detest people, who are not honest and transparent? I love being one hundred percent true and open in my writing; and in life, even when it all feels ... upside down.

My bible reading in Our Daily Bread, the very next day after the previous chapter, is a classic case in point. I had written about the movie The Life of Pi. My upside down brain saw PI as Id. (Just as it sees the letter 6 as 9) 

Next day, before my early morning prayer, I read that day's bible reading, which I had not known anything about:


Our Daily Bread - Jan 16th 2013 - Headline UPSIDE DOWN

Text: "There are a lot of things that intrigue me about Jesus. One of the aspects of His ministry that has always produced jaw-dropping, head-scratching responses is His upside-down teaching about life."

How profound was the key verse that day, God's message to all human minds (including University professors and Ol' Blue Eyes!)

"My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways. (Isaiah 55:8)

Please note: Above scan is from the right side in the booklet. The left side at that point (exactly half-way through the 3-months duration) has an insert (address shown) for those wanting to subscribe. Had the right side not been covered by it, I may very well have seen the Jan. 16th reading earlier.

Take a look at the number-magic, a total surprise in the address on the left: PO Box 15, in Chapter 15, uploaded on the 15th, titled Good work - 15th line!

"His name is wonderful..." is playing on radio Gospel Music Selection as I write this.... "Almighty God is HE ..." 

I say "Amen" to that! Who else can work such jaw-dropping, head-scratching good work?

- - - - - - -


Let's move back to Europe and my extensive trip, before we get distracted by any more numbers. There is a possibility that writing everything I experienced, during the five months overseas travel, will take longer than it took doing it. But as my supernatural journey is reaching the 15 year mark (next year, God willing) - what's five months in God's eternal picture?

Before leaving home on May 15th 2012, I made sure to finish Book 10, titled Healing in His wings. The word healing struck me, as two months later I was led to a place called Heilbronn. The two words (Heil & bronn) translate into (hail, or heal) and -bronn, the poetic word for fountain - Healing fountain. Right beside Heilbronn's huge Kilian's Kirche (cathedral) visitors will find this fountain, which gave the city its name.

Heilbronn is located about 50 km upstream from Stuttgart. As readers will recall, its the place, where I had an interview, before starting work as a volunteer, caring for disabled people on their vacation. 


On a tourist map I liked the numbers  >>> Scale 1:15500 - 14th Edition. It was during a meal at a restaurant in Bad Wimpfen, when I discovered this. When the bill came, it totalled E 10.30. I said to the waitress: "Make it 11.55." That confused her!


It was glorious weather. I hired a    >>> bicycle for the afternoon and took a ride along the banks of the Neckar River.


It was  a ride down memory lane. Ten years earlier, during a trip with my sons Ben and Jon, we visited this gorgeous, ancient town and ate the local specialty - Maultaschen. (meat and stuffing, wrapped in a pastry).


Gaststaette Dobel can be found at 61 Haupt Strasse (Main Street), Bad Wimpfen.


(Please note: Place names in Germany, which start with 'Bad' had not been named by enemies, who'd conquered them. Rather, they are towns with springs, or spas.)   

<<< Heilbronn, Saturday markets in front of the Historic Rathaus (Civic Chambers). In a moment we shall travel to Altenmark (transl. Old Market) in Austria. In between jobs I spent one day in Heilbronn, enjoying superb summer weather.

Heilbronn, Baden Wuerttemberg

(Wouldn't Gooden sound better?) 

Bad Wimpfen



The ride back from Bad Wimpfen to Heilbronn took me over rolling hills, small forests and green meadows, with views down to the picturesque Neckar Valley. This was my first mid-summer visit into the old 'Heimat' (the place where one is home at). At one point a deer made an appearance. It was as startled as I was. It disappeared back into the forest before I could get my camera ready.


The Heilbronn YHA (youth hostel) was most comfortable and not crowded. I only paid dormitory rate, but was fortunate to be allocated a two-bed room, which I had to myself. Breakfast was self-serve, down stairs in a bright, spotlessly clean dining room. In quality, it was among the very best I ever enjoyed.


Relaxing in the foyer I picked up a Christian magazine on a coffee table. As I leafed through it, what a surprise, the name Dieter Fischer. No, nothing about me. In the German language my name is not uncommon. It was a notice about DF, a Christian Pastor, giving an interview at a local radio station.


The next morning, Sunday 12th August, I had a few minutes to spare on my way to report for duty with the disabled. Why not pop into the Cathedral, I thought, since a worship service there had just begun? After quietly slipping in, sitting right at the back, the same lady who I had shared a table with at breakfast, sat down nearby. Her name was Elke.


She made it into my diary, not because she was my type and I felt lonely. I had the day before noticed a wall, filled with graffiti, which included the name Elke. The dominant feature, which I photographed, but will not show here, were two huge letters - OB. Strange, I thought. I know an Elke back in Australia. Her surname starts with OB. The rest consists of I AM ER.


In the church newsletter, another name took my interest. How about a church elder with the name Mr. Fromm, translated Pious. Of further interest, enough to take a photograph (10 x zoom) was the notice board of hymnals that morning:



Hymnal list Kilian Church Aug. 12. 2012

The first song, after taking a seat right at the back in the church, was No. 452. Interestingly, the congregation only sang the verses 1+2+4+5.

I wondered why? Is verse 3 R-rated or what?


Next came this: Since 1245 add to 12, the second hymn Psalm 121 (or 12 won) fitted right into the scheme.


Title of hymn 452: Er weckt mich alle morgen". It came up in Chapter 3). The title is taken from Isaiah (40, 5).


I played some more, removing 4 and 5 from 1245. Again we are left with 12 (won).

Ps 121: "I will lift up my eyes the hills, from whence my help comes."


How wild is this: Googling the scripture in Isaiah (40.5) a cat page came up. A cat owner cried for help, in a desperate way (see below). He / she is woken by the cat (note the fishy name) every morning at 5am, then 5.40 AM:



I saw codes everywhere:

HELLLLLP                                                          ( / Cats)

Nemo (orange tabby) is about three years old. & for the 1st year- 2years he was fine- on schedule. meowed only at 7am & 7pm to eat. But within the last ...           (Irrevelant text omitted)

He wakes me at 5am, 5:40am.                                Guest Dali D.



  HE 5 L & 1 P   /     ME NO  /    123 in first line     /     7am - 7pm

     12 (hours won)   /    D ali ???


He wakes me at ... 5.40 am. How does the cat know Isaiah?

- - - - - -



DR. FISCHER (KUNSTAUKTIONEN) - Wir schaetzen Ihre Kunst.

Walking near the Youth Hostel I spotted this sign: My initials, my surname, spelled with the C, and a message of encouragement?


Translated: DR Fischer, Art Auctions. We value (or appreciate, treasure) your art. Does somebody appreciate my art?


Is the following also art, or am I just being smart? During my travel I did carry my Daily Bread bible reading booklet. That Sunday in Heilbronn the contribution was by Dennis Fisher. His surname and mine is only different by a C. 

The page he wrote (Aug. 12th 2012) started with the drop-letter C. The day before the headline was Eyes To See, the drop-letter was M. Aha - my eyes saw MC, commonly understood as Master of Ceremony, or Son of....

The bible text was John 20:28; five words: "My Lord and my God". In my new, German bible, Hoffnung fur Alle (Hope for All) this happens to be on page 1228. I scribbled that number next to the date 12.8.12 into my diary. Surely, if anybody was MC here, it's HE, addressed with the words "My Lord and my God!"

One of Jesus disciples, Thomas, had missed an amazing gathering. Their Lord, who had died and risen from the dead, suddenly stood among them. HE had entered the room through locked doors. They were exited, excited plus! Thomas didn't believe it (just like some modern brains, who can't get their mind around God's supernatural powers.

Thomas, who has ever since become a symbol for doubters of all kinds, said I only believe, if I see his nail marks in his hand and the scar on his side.

Sure enough, a week later Jesus again visited in the same amazing fashion. He walked over to Thomas, having full knowledge of his doubts. Jesus gently placed HIS hands at the scar on HIS side, and showed him the nail marks in HIS hand.

Jaw-dropping, doubting Thomas could only utter these five words: "My Lord and my God." Jesus summed up the lesson HE wanted them to learn. "You believe because you have seen me. How fortunate are all those, who have not seen me, yet they believe!" 

Are you one of those fortunate ones?

How I can identify with Verse 30 in the scripture reading in John 20: "The disciples experienced many other miracles, which are not written in this book". (Translated from - Hoffnung fuer Alle). 

- - - - - - -


That Sunday (12.8.13) was the day when I joined the team of six helpers in Heilbronn and accompanied 11 disabled people on their holiday to Austria. Unless one has travelled on a German Autobahn, in the middle of summer, no Australian motorist would know what a traffic jam is. One broken down vehicle or minor accident could cause hours of delay, 10 mile-long 'Auto-schlangen' (lit. car snakes) are not uncommon. We saw at least one serious crash, at least what was left of it - the burned-out wreck of a small sedan. No doubt, a life changing tragedy to some, the inconvenience of a traffic hold up to others. (But who ever bothers reading a road safety book?)

Until the day of departure I did not exactly know, where we were heading; only that it was in the direction of Salzburg. Our destination and home for the next two weeks, was the pretty town, 65 kilometres south-west of Salzburg, Altenmarkt, in Pongau Province. Our group occupied an entire Pension (guest house), nestled under the Hirschberg, on the outskirts of the village. 

Having six helpers for only 11 holiday makers may sound a lot. But, unlike the previous group, this one included three wheel-chair bound clients, who could not feed (or shower etc.) themselves. Plus others needed assistance and supervision to various degrees, which made for a rather heavy workload. 

For this reason none of us was required for kitchen duty. All was catered for by a very friendly, experienced couple. Just outside their kitchen, in the hallway, passing by everyday many times, I noticed a clock. It was impossible to not notice that the time had stood still. How strange, it was also at 5 to 12, just like at the clock in Cannstatt, which I wrote about, and is shown, in Chapter 11.

During two great weeks in lovely Austria we took undertook many excursion to some spectacular, beautiful places. Other days we played games, some which I not played since my youth. Almost all in the group loved playing Mensch aergere Dich nicht*, a dice / board game, which could take hours to finish. During our time together I realized more and more that happiness has nothing to do with high IQ. (Is that why I always feel so happy?)

*Broad translation: Man, don't be angry!

During the first week our group was invited for an evening of entertainment at a Restaurant / Hotel, high above Altenmarkt. We joined the locals in singing, dancing, food and drink. The views were magnificent. We purposely arrived early in our two Mercedes 9-seater Vitos minibuses, so we could enjoy a walk around the lovely little lake.



Glorious alpine country, above Altenmarkt, Pongau, Austria. 


The roof of the restaurant can be seen just beyond the lake. 

On arriving at the hotel, while still busy organising all our gear, wheelchairs, drinks, bags etc. somebody called out: "Where's Mark?" Mark was a young man with down-syndrome, who was prone to be running away. Seconds later I spotted Mark's head, about 100 m away up a slope.

I raced up the hill, shouting for Mark to stop. Another team member, Jule, was doing the same. As I reached the spot near the green sign above, Mark was already walking in water, fully clothed, up to his knees. We both kept shouting for Mark to come back, fearing, if he slipped, we all could be in real trouble.

Thank God, Mark obeyed our calling and all was well. We learned a lesson that day.

- - - - - - -



The early morning hours were the best part of the day to get away, find a little time for yourself, before starting work, if one could call it that. How I loved those long walks, reflecting, praying, thinking, seeing things. Mostly I carried my camera. In those two weeks I took 235 photos. I must have have seen things!

On the morning of writing this chapter, I saw things. It was right here at home, which fitted right into what I was about to disclose, totally unplanned.


On a breakfast TV show, a casual conversation was about cars. The presenter mentioned that she likes German cars, which are becoming very competitive because of our high Dollar. She disclosed that she loves her Audi.


In Austria I photographed two motor cars, which had arrived and parked right in the central square at Altenmarkt, where I was sitting and enjoying a crisp, beautiful morning. As I glanced the the registration plates, adding both to total 210, my antenna went out and my camera came out. Take a look:



AUDI  S  160  -                                          BMW  0 50 CL

Left: S 160. On the day of writing it's the 16th. S0...?


Right: C L 50 or 500, if anyone prefers D.

What came next was rather uncanny. A third vehicle stopped and parked beside the two. No other ones around. This third one was registration plate KARL 3. It didn't take a Karl Einstein to now put 1, 2, 3 together to arrive at 213.


I continued my walk, pondering it all. If I was suffering from an undiagnosed, mental condition, what name could we give it? Who could I go and see? Aha, a car-dialogist? Or numerologist? (As long as their name is Carl...) 


On my return, walking again via the central square, the three vehicles had company; a fourth had joined them. I was dumbfounded by its rego number. It was the total of the other three - 213.


This sage had not finished. At church the following Sunday I felt so strongly about this, I wanted to somehow draw attention to 213. But how?

It was easy, I simply took the hymnbook and placed the ribbons, there were several attached as marker, on the page of Hymn. 213. 


Later that day, my diary does not lie, during a walk on the main road, I saw a vehicle with registration plate M R 213. My dairy admits: It's weird, it really is.


- - - - - - -


(Back home) During an evening bike ride recently (Jan 2013) I made a discovery at a gas station: I noticed the brand name for a particular product: I saw code L 50. Here' how:


Let's play the LE (Letter elimination) game




Minus  CAR    =     L  V  0    or     L  5  0

- - - - - - -




<<< During a walk with Mark, I suddenly became aware of colours.  As we passed a sign it was the very same colour as his T-shirt. A second look revealed white lettering on both. When I noticed that the post was painted in the exact same colour as other the remaining letters on Mark's T-shirt, I took the photo. 

One morning Mark made us all laugh, especially me. We had had an electrical storm the night before, just before going to bed. I had been standing beside him, supervising as he cleaned his teeth.

Next came a flash and a mighty big thunder. The lights went out, but only for a short time. 

At breakfast the next morning Mark told everyone, how I had turned the lights out, just as he was brushing his teeth. When he gets home, he would be telling his Mum. 

I didn't deny the charge, but pleaded with the prosecution: "Would you please wait until I am back in Australia, before telling your Mum, she might do something to me?" 


Sam moa Mark (left) with Martina and Jens. I had to keep reminding Martina, who sat next to me at mealtimes, that I was a happily married man.


Zell am See - the place where the rich and famous (not shown above) spend their holiday. Many own property.                       (A staff member took the pic.)

Beautiful church in Altenmarkt, Austria. The    >>> district is called Pongau.


Seven of us attended a church service on 19th of August. I noted that they used the same hymnbooks as in the Allgau. I knew song No. 185, where the lyrics are rather strange. (The judges don't judge right, but send the innocent to jail, the Lord looks on. See Chapter 12!).


The name Altenmarkt means old market. Song 185 fits very well, since my 185 code was born* at the Markets. The opposite of old market is: New market.


Again, Newmarket fits in here Book 11, 16?. It was on

16.11 when I experienced the biggest storm ever, in Brisbane. I spent many long hours, sitting it out in my tent in Newmarket, a Brisbane suburb.


*This thought came to me while waiting to see our first grandson. Aidan James was born five hours ago (on 18.1.13).

A healthy, perfect creation.

(3.6 kg, 50 cm tall.)


Interesting people and things originated in Altenmarkt: Herrmann Maier - an alpine skier. Also a famous brand of Skies comes from here: Atomic.


Hey, how well timed to be writing Atomic. Mister. B. Tomic (Australian Tennis pro) is battling through the Australian Open in Melbourne, playing Roger Federer on the day of publishing this chapter 19.1.13.


The latest: B. Tomic played well, but lost. What is Federer's secret?

I know: The consonants in his name!

An all-American car rally happened to pass the church as we walked along.


Inside  the church there are 16 seats (numbered) in each row. There are three large stain glass windows (shown below) above the altar. Each window consists of 16 pains. I could not overlook 3:16, and took the photo.


Did the designers all those years ago consider John 3:16?

The name of this church is simple: Alte Pfarre. 


Aha, I just remembered: Altenmarkt is in the district council St.Johann.  (St. John's Church would definitely fit.)




<<< On the day of our excursion, it seemed, there were almost as many climbing the road on two wheels, as other traffic. 

I must put on my  '50 things to do before I die' bucket list: Conquer the Grossglockner Alpine Road by bicycle! 


Group-photo against Austria'a highest peak, the Grossklockner, 3798 m. The 48 km alpine road climbs to an altitude of 2504 metres. Drivers have to negotiate 36 bends.


Above: Two of the most outstanding excursions were to the Zeller See (above).  We took a ride on a boat, The view south, to the Kitzsteinhorn, was magnificent.


Below: A few days earlier some of us, including all three wheel-chair bound clients, had been to the top of the Kitzsteinhorn, elevation 3029 metres. The climb is taken in 3 different cable cars. The views were breathtaking.

In one particular cabin it was rather a squeeze, but I can only give praise to their staff, and other places we took our group to, the disabled were well catered for and respected.

A visit to Salzburg, all of us agreed, was a must. Martina and wheel-chair bound Phillip (above) did not want to take a boat ride with the rest of the group. We split, so the three of us became tourists in Mozart's birthplace Salzburg for the next five hours.

Below:  Picturesque St.Wolfgang,  nestled beside the lake by the same name.

I had the pleasure to take the three young men (below) on my own, on an excursion to this popular lake-side resort.

We found window  seats, overlooking the lake, at the world-famous White Horse Inn. Ice cream never tasted better.




Below: Germans love their coffee and cake, especially the disabled. During my four weeks of service, I think I ate more cakes than the rest of the year.



At Zell am See, this CAFE Kondi orei lost their T. (Aha, I just saw why, makes sense: They only serve coffee, no T.

Just as I was taking above photo of the castle, above the Salzach River, Phillip jumped out of his wheelchair. (He had refused to be strapped in.) The wheelchair suddenly empty, Martina appears to be looking as if asking: "Where did Phillip go?".

Phillip has a very bright mind, but his body, suffering from cerebral palsy, does not respond as it should. How frustrating this must be? Able bodied people can't imagine it. But all was well. Phillip just wanted a break from his chair and walk, holding onto the handrail of the foot bridge.


Another young man, under my care, was Steffen. He had an incredible memory for dates. You could ask him any date, going back years, and he would tell you what day of the week it was. With showering and shaving, however, despite having no physical disability, he needed some help. Otherwise, he'd be using a bottle of shampoo every time he showers. 

Steffen was very receptive to the Gospel. We had a few good talks and he kept asking me many questions. In the end, I think he really understood, what I tried to teach him, that there is a God, who loves him and wants to be his best friend.

On Sunday 19.8.12 I took Steffen and Mark for a long walk into Altenmarkt. It was a glorious summer's day and I was glad to be outdoors, not having to labour through another two hours of 'Mensch argere Dich nicht'

Suddenly on the ground I saw a piece of paper. It looked clean, as if it had just been dropped there. Out of curiosity I picked it up and read: Gehoert Steger ...


That morning in church I had heard the name Steger. It was spoken during a wedding announced, to be held the following week. The surname was Steger. I smiled, because Josef was marrying Maria. 

<<< The word Gehoert is a verb with two meanings; One - belongs to,

 as well as - heard.



That's why during an early morning walk I photographed this sign - the names Mary and Steger. I also loved Jessner. 


Moments before this scan I saw my son in the kitchen with what looked like a beer bottle in his hand (at 5 am !) As he was using the bathroom I sniffed it. It was water, thank God!


May I emphasize, while brewing beer may be an art form, drinking too much of the stuff takes no brains at all. Real detectives don't need alcohol.

<<< Another nice name: STIEGL,

It's the name of a Salzburg brewery. Their slogan: Braukunst auf Hoechster Stufe. (The art of brewing at the highest level).

Why the scan? If you look carefully at the scribble Geh (top left), you will notice a red spot. It's the word Stiegl, written in red. (Look under Stiegl on the left and Geh shows through.)

(Maybe I ought to apply for a job with a 'rare famous Belgian Detective' Pirot? Or how about A. Christie?)  



On edting I brewed up: STEGER minus STIEGL  =  R E L I ..    ... G I O N?

Not a good name for a beer! 


During a brief visit to the Altenmarkt Tourist Information Office a quick glance at a notice board showed an interesting name: Barbara Wieser. 

I have no REGRETS having written about Barbara WIESE. It's now years since I pointed to, what I perceived to be, corruption at the highest level. 

(Politician may regard corruption as an art form, who knows?)

(Recapping the case, Bk 3, Ch 2):


Then Government Minister Barbara Wiese had received money from the Hotel Lobby to pass the poker machine law in South Australia. It passed by only one vote!. Journalist Chris Nichols, exposed the evil deeds. Instead rewarding him for investigating the truth, they turned the tables. He was sentenced to 4 months in jail, for not disclosing (betraying) his friend, who helped him do it. Who knows, if other politicians received money to vote for this curse, which we now have to live with - poker machines in every suburb. 


God's judgement is coming to all who do evil. God could discard this earth tomorrow, like an artist discards an unfinished painting, then starts all over! Proverbs 22,8 says it plainly: "He who sows iniquity will reap sorrow..."


There will be many REGRETS. But only for those, who refuse to bow to Almighty God, who do not head the wake-up call and stubbornly reject God's offer of rescue from damnation! They will have no part in God's brand new work of art -  heaven.

The detectives among you, looking at above pictures, would have noticed how I took the letter r from Wieser and placed it into Steger. If you read it backwards, we create the word regrets. (This had also happened years ago, in Book 7, Chapter 9).


It would not surprise me, if this element of corruption is still active here in South Australia. I had written to my imprisoned friend, who has now served almost 12 years of his 25 year sentence. Everyone regards him as a monster. Only a handful know the truth, who the monster is, a career criminal, who said one thing one day, and something else seven years later. It landed my friend Peter in jail.

The public knows nothing about this person. They regard him as an unfortunate victim, unless they have read and believe what I wrote and have shown in black and white in Book 5, Chapter 13 and Book 7, Chapter 2 and probably a hundred other chapters, where I touched on the case.

I wrote a letter to Peter Liddy for Christmas. If he ever received it, I don't know. On his birthday I phoned the prison and asked, if I could speak to Peter, just to wish him Happy Birthday. Not possible! I asked, if they would pass on greetings for me? No, can't do that either! 

How hypocritical! On their website I read under Visitor Information:

To assist in prisoner rehabilitation and a successful reintegration back into society, the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) encourages prisoners to maintain strong links with their family and friends during their incarceration.

It makes me think, and very angry. How can you encourage a prisoner, when you're not even allowed to wish him happy birthday? If God would let  the whole place burn to the ground, it would not surprise me!

On second thoughts, I should not be writing like this. Jesus' disciples once, in a similar frame of mind, asked the Master: "Shall we let fire fall from heaven and burn them all?" Jesus replied: "What kind of Spirit are you following?" 

In the scriptures we are clearly shown the kind of Spirit Jesus is operating under: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering (patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control." (Gal. 5, 22, 23).

Wouldn't it be good, if all Parliaments in the world were to make a law, that all citizens from now on must act toward their fellow men, showing them love, living in peace, being kind ... etc?

Verse 23 adds one small sentence: "Against such there is no law." This means, you can't make a law that orders humans to behave that way. Their sinful nature can't do it. That's why all need a Saviour. 

A further meaning is - if you live by this Spirit, accepted the Saviour given, you need no other law!

When we feel like taking revenge, we only perpetuate the cycle of violence, causing only harm to all involved. Christ teaches forgiveness. Leave it to God. HE will bring justice in HIS time. All will reap the harvest of what they have sown!


Christians who understand German and are thinkers (and most Christians do think, Mr. Dawkins*) will know the other reason I photographed above noticeboard: It's the name Wiederkehr, the name of the other guesthouse, right above Barbara Wieser.

WIEDERKEHR, translates into German: RETURN.

(*Richard Dawkins is a fervent opponent of religion. He believes science has all the answers mankind needs to solve the worlds problems.)

Return is an interesting word. It's a verb and a noun at the same time. As a verb, return means change direction, you're heading the wrong way. Go back!

While Mr. Dawkins' science has made enormous discoveries, and is still busy finding answers, what Christ offers is the solution to all of mankind's woes - forgiveness of their sin through Jesus Christ. 

As a noun, the Return gives mankind HOPE. 


Chapter 17