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   (Photos by the author, unless stated)                   Book 11 / Ch. 15                      Written / Published 12.01.13 / 15.01.13

During this chapter I had planned to  return writing about my overseas trip to Europe.

 However, the heat is on in Australia, which cannot be ignored.

Plus, numbers are going wild in 2013.

Please read patiently with a receptive heart and mind !

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. (James 5:16)


15.  Good work - 15th line

Australia began the year 2013 with an unparalleled heatwave. Since publishing the previous chapter many long standing records regarding the weather have been broken. In our part of the world hot, windy weather increases the fire danger.

The latest news (on editing 14 Jan. 2013 - 9.15 PM) 33 houses and 50 sheds have been destroyed by a fire in Northern New South Wales. The toll is expected to rise, as fire fighters search the area. Thank God, no lives have been reported lost or serious injury. 

On the day of publishing the previous chapter our city not only reached the forecast 44 degrees Centigrade (111.2 Fahrenheit), but Adelaidians sweltered during a 45 degrees (113 F) scorcher. It was the 4th hottest day ever recorded. Thankfully, the few fires that raged that day in South Australia were brought under control. Damage could have been far worse, and no lives were lost. 

God answered my prayer and that of many Australians. Thanks be to God*. (Unlike eight years ago on the day before writing - when 9 people perished).

*Just as I typed these words, on radio the lyrics sung are: "... O give thanks unto the Lord, for HE is good...." (Gospel Music Selections).  

Unfortunately, the island state of Tasmania experienced one of its worst bushfires in half a century. On January 4th. 2013 the township of Dunalley was almost wiped out, as some media reports put it. Over 120 properties were lost. Much bushland and animals were burned, not only in this region, but all over Tasmania. One consolation, thankfully, no lives were lost. (For two days unconfirmed reports were broadcast that one person was missing. It was never confirmed.)

Three days later the heat was on in earnest in our most populated state, New South Wales. Weather forecasters predicted high temperatures and strong winds. The worst was expected for January 8th. Conditions were categorized as catastrophic. Hundreds of fires broke out all over the state. 

As I write, in the afternoon of January 12th, 2013 conditions are again extreme in New South Wales and our capital Canberra. Many fires are still burning, some out of control. Other fires are expected to flare up. Thankfully, as if a miracle has taken place, no lives have been lost in any fires. (Unlike on 7.2.09, when Australia experienced its worst natural disaster ever, mourning the death of 173 people on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria.)

On January 9th, 2013 God woke me early, as HE has done many times. That day it was unusually early, 3.48 am. Thoughts came, numbers flew around in my head. Suddenly 144 made sense, together with the word - seven. I emailed TV Channel 7 and Channel 9. I felt what I had to say was an important message, so I timed it that both emails were sent at 7.09 AM.


Subject: A God of Hope and Grace

Hi all,

This morning for the first time I looked at the word SEVEN in a different way - V EN SE. V for victory, ES for IT and EN.
 This is the answer to the question I had asked years ago - *What is IT?
The clock showed 3.48 AM when I woke with this thought. Next came -N on a cross looks very much like 144 (3 x 48).
The next thought I had was one of relief that God had answered my prayer of that of many Australians yesterday. What could easily have become another Black Saturday ( on 7.2.09) a catastrophe of that scale did not happen on 8.1.13. Thank God, HE is a God of hope and one of grace. May Australia turn back to the foundations on which their young nation was built on.
Kind regards
Dieter, Adelaide
PS   Sad that some still lost their homes, let's pray for and help them; but no lives were lost yesterday in the fires - what a miracle! Let's thank God for IT.


It was rather weird, having sent a rather important email to two different recipients in Sydney, within a minute of leaving my house later that morning, the first vehicle I noticed was a truck, rego plate SAD... 79. 

A few moments later, parked south of the Parafield Airport, in a spot where normally no vehicles park, a parked bus stood out. It was not a registration plate, but its number 2502. Why was I taking notice? Earlier on the TV News I had noticed that Adelaide and Sydney both had maximum 25 deg. that day.


<<< The weather-map on TV: Both Sydney and Adelaide were the only places to show 25 C deg. max (in red) for Jan.9, 2013. 

Not only had I just travelled from Adelaide to Sydney and back, but an hour or so earlier I had sent two emails to Sydney, one to this TV station.

Am I paranoid or stalked by numbers? What I see I see, and if the camera is handy I take a picture. I don't search for things, God leads!

Within a minute of leaving the house >>> that morning I noted registration plates and this bus number (2502). That same evening the same bus was parked just around from our house. I saw it, taking our dog for its walk.


A creative view of 2502 is 50 or 500 (or D, since a missing D story is coming up) Also 27, a (right) number from the previous chapter?


Believe it or not - the same scenario happened on Fri 11/1. Both Sydney and Adelaide had 33 C deg. max. Within a minutes of leaving home, the first registration plate I saw was ... 033 (in James Street). 

Just prior to taking above photo another bus had parked right by McDonalds (shown in the background.) The registration plate had me intrigued, how it fitted into the recent WOW Chapter: WAW 507. 


I found the seven discovery in above email even more remarkable, since I had ended the previous chapter with seven. About a week later, the word-number seven opened in another, very simple way. I can't recall, ever having viewed it like that - See v n. 

Around that time my wife and I went to a screening of the latest 3D Movie The Life of Pi. Readers may fear I shall be driving their mind crazy with mathematical link from Pi (3.14159) to seven. No, not numbers, but a name in the movie, which I heard in the news a day later, did it. Two Australian men had died in Laos from drug a overdose. Their names were the start of my linking thinking:

SCRIVEN*     >>>   CRIES V N

PARKIN  >>>  HE IN         (On editing, see another HE IN at the end.)

Q: How did I arrive at HE IN? 

A: The main character in The Life of Pi is a tiger named (Richard) PARKER / PARKIN (Play the letter elimination game).

*In church, on the day after writing, we sang 'What a friend we have in Jesus', written by Joseph Scriven, born in Dublin 1820, died in Port Hope 1885. In the 'Spiritual Songs' hymnbook it's song No. 360. (Source:

But there was more: Since the letters Pi are also numbers (NOS), how could I not turn it around >>> id.

I particularly loved one segment in this H/Bollywood Academic Oscar Globe Award Nomination Bockbluster Movie, where the script includes the scripture John 3, 16. Loved it.

Hey, I just thought of another link, amazing to me: Very early in my writing I had looked at our address 24 Good ... as - two for good... Add 2 onto 3.14 (Pi) and we arrive at something very good -  3.16.

- - - - - - -


The missing D story started when my wife and I decided to go shopping for outdoor furniture. We bought a table and 4 chairs

(note 4!)


Leaflet for Hartwell Steel Stacking Sling Back Chair - HINTERLAND

Is there some magic in these chairs: power coated?

<<< Surely, it's a misprint, a missing d - powder coated? 

Hint ...? He ... ?


I just noticed, what perfect fit: On the day of publishing the headline in Our Daily Bread Bible reading - There's power! (More ODB in a moment.)

As I pondered this scan I wondered: Should I really sweat this small stuff, which to many will sound silly and trivial?" As I pondered the word power came out of the radio, on Gospel Music Selections: "Chuck Swindoll said: "If I were to have supernatural powers..."

Had I not in my very early writing, well before this autobiography, experienced this? The very first time I became aware of this phenomena was, how amazing, when the same words were spoken on radio, after I had just written them - supernatural powers.

Those power chairs (4) reminded me of some more. Book 6 is titled 'Power 4 more'. I said to my wife a day later: "Why didn't we buy 6 of these chairs?"

- - - - - - -


On January 5, the day after Adelaide's 4th hottest day ever, the number 4 made a rather unusual appearance. It was also on radio, the car radio, where I had tuned into our ethnic broadcaster EBI FM 103.1. The program, as I understood, was relayed via Radio Austria 4. Driving on Adelaide's Anzac Highway, on Jan 5th, 13 a song aired with these lyrics: 'Schau beim Autofahren, nicht auf die huebschen Maedchen..." (or words similar).

To the best of my knowledge, this was the first pop song I had ever heard with a road safety message. The song title can be translated: "...When driving, don't eye off pretty girls" 

The DJ on Radio Austria 4 gave a website, which I later looked up and saw? ... Numbers, what else? I was not searching for or trying, but (ignoring the first three digits) their phone number ended in  1 53 2 51 00 - the date 1.5.2013 and 50 left over. (Would be better if that 50 had a $ sign in front - just after Christmas and 3 birthdays in the first 5 days of the new year!)

That day, the very next day after publishing Chapter 14, which ends with the number 7, I had an encounter with just that number. Riding my 'Mission' bike at Brighton, an Adelaide beach-side suburb, famous among my earlier books, when a motor vehicle over took - rego plate 7 (no other digits or letters). Didn't I write earlier, I am being stalked by numbers? (There was another vehicle right behind 7. It consisted of letters only. The last three were - ...NOS. 

- - - - - - -

"When things don't add up, I speak out." I had quoted this phrase many times in my earlier books. I must add - I also speak out when things do add up. A good example crossed my path in an unusual way. It came via Our Daily Bread (ODB) Bible reading. Was it pure chance what I saw or was it planned? And if so, by whom? 

Two scripture passages, the readings for Jan. 7th and Jan 8th, written by two different authors, filled exactly one column of my bible - one at the top, the other right underneath. Best to take a look at this scan, where I highlighted the peculiar positioning with side-bars:

Faith Triumphs in Trouble 

Left column of page 1102 - Romans 5:6-15             Left column of page 1166 - 2 Timothy 3.14-17

It took until the next day, when out of curiosity I took another look at this oddity. Only then did I discover these six words. Good work ... was given to us. (The 15th line in either column from the top.)

A further peculiarity came, which I wasn't going to disclose. But during the writing of this chapter I attended the funeral of a man named Karl. His middle name, in a strange way, came into the spotlight of my mind, during this writing.

Take a look at ODB - Jan. 8th and 7th, 2013:

As soon as I saw the name on the right, Karl Elsener (the inventor of the Swiss Army knife) I recognized the names of my friend Karl and his wife Elsie. Now, my friend, take a look how the left text starts off...!

Thinking it all through after today's funeral of Karl (not Elsie's husband) I played the letter-elimination game with the names Elsener and Elsie. It created *ER IN.

The middle name of the deceased, 84-year old Karl is HEINZ.

Remember! German ER is HE in English. (I repeat such translations often on purpose, in case a new reader stumbles across my pages. Likewise, for the same reason, when quoting a date I mostly include the year. In above scan of my bible page you  find I scribbled 27/7. Something obviously had happened on July 27 - but in which year?)   

*Less than an hour ago I took my little fox terrier for a walk. Not thinking what I'd be writing when I return, we went via ERIN St. in our neighbourhood. I don't plan, friends. God guides, I follow. Praise HIS name!

Two verses from above bible page:

Rom. 5:1, 2 - "Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we also have access by faith into this grace in which we stand and rejoiced in hope of the glory of God." 

2. Tim. 4:7 - "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith!

The theme at the top of the left page is faith, so it is on the bottom of the right side. The 6th word in Romans 5 is faith. The 16th word in 2.Tim. 4, 7 is faith.

Look at the beauty of Romans 5,5: "Now HOPE does not disappoint, because the LOVE of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, who was given to us."

Long ago I had earmarked this verse in my bible, after discovering Roman numerals. LOVE made sense. Remember! Removing the vowels OE leaves us with - L (50) + V (5) = 55.

Friends, walking daily in the power of the Holy Spirit, following HIS promptings deep within, you will never be disappointed as to where HIS paths lead you. Good work will be the result, the natural fruit you will reap, in your daily life.

- - - - - - -


As if the Spirit leads me by a certain number, this happened on January 10th. It's not difficult to guess the number for that day - ten. It started with the weather reporter on Channel Seven, named GRANT. He was taking a flight, soaring in a light plane above the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. I wondered, why his entertaining weather forecasts one day was broadcast from a Sydney beach, but from South Australia's Flinders Ranges the next?

That day in January I searched online to replace the bicycle I had lost to thieves in San Francisco. I soon found one suitable. Not only was it in my price range, it was the same make and model I owned before. When I phoned the seller, his address immediately linked to the location of the earlier weather report by GRANT. Not only that, it was at No. 10 ... (I shall not disclose the street name to maintain privacy.)

It so happened that immediately after my online find I was to pick up a friend to take him for a doctor's appointment. It was in the same direction as the address I was to view my bike at. Arriving at my friends house, the number on the letterbox reminded me, he also lives at No.10 ...

Following his minor surgery at the doctor's, my mature-aged friend didn't mind driving with me to look at the Giant for sale. En route we briefly stopped at a bakery for coffee. Take a look, where we sat to have our coffee:



LoVe and O won on cross and in Blackwood, Postcode 5051, on 10.01! (5+5).

<<< As we sat on the outdoor table adjacent the carpark I noticed the rego plate of this red vehicle ...596. Next thought: It only takes an 0 to make the postcode where both my friend and I live - 5096.


Then magic - an O was looking at me right at the other end of the carpark - SALVOS.


But what magic in the magic: On the evening before this writing I was looking everywhere to listen to a  particular CD. One song on that CD had been a real blessing. Sadly, I couldn't find it. Read at the end, the song title. Then you may understand my surprise just here.


WOW - How could I not look up the postcode for Blackwood, as I'm shedding tears over what God is leading me through - 5051?





I had written an email earlier in the day  >>>

when, riding my bike, I noticed this registration plate on a parked truck. The email's subject was an address 1/147 ...Rd. the place where my wife and I lived, when we were married on 24.7.


Put 1 + 1 together, we can create 24 7 from the above address and the registration plate of the truck I spotted.

Likewise - how similar to the above scripture from ODB above -  2. Tim. 4.7 ?

  <<< Stalked by registration plates?


Amazing what comes out, when we think and put 2 and 2 together ( or 5 and 5 or 1 and 1?)


At Blackwood that day I bought the GIANT OCR. (I saw O and I saw R).

After above writing I have searched again and found the CD I had been looking for; what a blessing, the song title: Written in Red. Just like the letter O in above picture. Not only that, but the CD was produced by various SALVOS choirs. 

Written in Red is number 14 on the CD, sung by the Warragul, (Victoria) Choir:


Written in Red

(by Gordon Jensen)


1.  In letters of crimson God wrote His love

on the Hillside so long ago.

For you and for me Jesus died,

and Love's greatest story was told.



I love You, I love You

that's what Calvary said.

I love you, I love You,

written in red.

2.  Down through the ages, God wrote his love

with the same hands that suffered and bled.

Giving all that He had to give;

a message so easily read.


(Listen to the Salvation Army Songster)


Let me end this chapter with another, easily read and understood, message. The numbers fit perfectly, (I550 in chapter 15) and so does the timing.  Even the colour red is making an appearance, on a rather different kind of playing field - football.

Bill Crowder titled his contribution in Our Daily Bread: Already Settled.




Bible reading Jan 13th, 2013



Bill loves watching The Reds, not Adelaide United, but Liverpool's football team in the English Premier  League.

He writes how he feels constant tension, when the outcome could change by one goal or a small misplay. When watching a replay, however, he feels at ease, because he knows the outcome of the match.

How well put, a perfect parallel to the battles a Christian faces daily. Because we know the outcome - God's final victory over evil has already been won - we can rest, knowing we have eternal life. (1.John 5,13).

1. John 5:10-15   (by Bill Crowder)

Text: These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. 


Battling through life's struggles may seem like a forever endeavour. How assuring to know, when we die, we are entering a far better life, one that will last forever and ever !


Chapter 16