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"You alone are the LORD; You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, he earth and everything on it, the seas and all that is in them, and You preserve them all. The host of heaven worships You." (Nehemia 9, 6) 


14.  Seven ISSO 

Only a block away from the suburb, where I stayed in Sydney was a Salvation Army Church. I would have loved to attend the 10.30 AM service there, but wanted to make an early start travelling. When I found out the address was No. 9, I nearly changed plans. But normal people don't make decisions, just because a number fits in?

I was ready and packed to start the 1500 km journey west at 7.30 AM. On radio 2CH 1170 AM a traffic warning had been broadcast. My ears just picked up Parramatta Road, Johnson Street, Annandale. This was near where I would be travelling. Luckily, it was a Sunday morning. At such an hour the accident did not cause any delays, just a short detour through the backstreets around the crash location. 

The name Johnson Street vaguely registered in my head. But at first only the name John meant something, not Johnson. My curiosity, however, increased after I had seen the first police vehicle at the road closure, corner Johnson Street. This patrol car, there were others, was the only registration plate I could read ...074. 

A moment ago, as I checked the street map out of curiosity, I uncovered a further twist - the names of the two streets, which traffic had to use as detour. Google Maps showed Corunna Ln (not La as in previous chapter's Walker La.) and Cannon St.

Let's take Corunna and Cannon, eliminate doubled-up letters and create R U N and U R N. There is a third option, which I just uncovered. Thinking further I came up with NUR, a Germany word meaning only. Only the day before had I come across the word only, near the Sydney Opera House.

I had seen a marker, beside the harbour, probably in memory of lost sailors. It read NOBLY DONE DUTY. It reminded me of the scripture in Luke 17, Verse 10*, where Jesus gave an illustration of what a true servant should be like - not demanding appreciation or accolades, rather simply saying: I have ONLY DONE (my) DUTY.

*On editing I became aware, how 107 will feature (in Sydney) later in this chapter!

Later in the day, as my mind reflected during the long hours on the road, a Johnson Street suddenly came on the radar. Not physically, like a street, but in my mind. I recalled a brief magic experience during my USA cycling trip (see Chapter 2). Not only that, but like the present, it was also a Sunday Morning, where listening to the radio caused things to unfold. 

God can use anything HE chooses to fulfill HIS purposes. If it's radio, it only takes ears to hear.

It happened again in the early afternoon, just after turning off at Balranald to take the road to Ouyen. My ears heard something on radio. Moments later, often it's at the same second, when my eyes spotted something, a road sign. Take a look:

- - - - - - -


<<< Goodnight 10No reader would ever guess, why I took this photo, besides the somehow unusual name.

I had just been again listening to the radio. A famous cricketer had announced his retirement from ODI (One Day International).

It was the simple number 10, which amused me. The cricketer's name starts with *Ten.

<<< On my way west through New South Wales I touched base with another cricket great. 

Australian legend, Sir Don Bradman, was born in this Cottage in Adam Street, Cootamundra. 



One Easter I had mixed up his name with that of a Mr. Bradbury. The story is in Book,1, Ch. 32.

<<< Grong Grong.  Just before my overnight stop at Narrandarra, I amused myself taking this photo: Welcome to Grong Grong Population 150.

Why was I amused? 

If there were no room for the N - we'd be left with GROG GROG. Grog is Australian slang for ... the thing that seems to be on everybody's mind around Christmas. (Sadly it's not the man, whose birthday Christmas is!)


* reported Tendulkar's announcement: 

"Type Sachin Tendulkar in Google search and 42,600,000 results pop up in 0.19 seconds. It's not just numbers but testimony to a following that neither any contemporary nor the old-time cricketers have enjoyed. So the response to the news of his ODI retirement is expectedly colossal and evokes a unanimous response thank you, Sachin."

 - - - - - - - 


There's a further cricket story in my diary. Just before arriving home, in the afternoon of Christmas Eve on ABC Radio 891 (broadcast nationally at the time?) the talk had been about Cricket. The question had arisen, where did the 20 / 20 game originate? A caller rang to say, as I understood, it came from England's coal miners, so that after their shifts they could enjoy a game of cricket during the long summer evenings. 

The caller was John from Para Hills. The ABC reporter was very interested, both in John's contribution and our little suburb, Para Hills. 

- - - - - - -

To break the long journey home, driving the slightly longer route across the Blue Mountains, I had a brief stop at a place called Cowra, not to be confused with Nowra, on the south coast of New South Wales. Cowra is famous, or should we say infamous, for the tragedy, which happened during the Second World War.


"The Cowra breakout occurred on August 5, 1944, when at least 545 Japanese prisoners of war escaped from a camp near Cowra, New South Wales, was one of the largest prison escapes of World War II as well as one of the bloodiest. During the ensuing manhunt, four Australian soldiers and 231 Japanese soldiers were killed. The remaining escapees were captured and sent back to prison." (Source: Wikipedia)


Overlooking Cowra           >>>

The road leads to the Japanese Gardens, the memorial to those, both Australians and Japanese, who lost their lives in 1944.

Picture postcard view of >>> the Sturt Highway, looking west.

No traffic lights, no parking problems, no outside distractions. (Drivers can really concentrate on the road.)

Perfect for an escape from the busyness surrounding the holiday season.


After leaving Narrandera, driving across the Hay Plaines through to South Australia's Mallee region, my Suzuki had to battle strong headwinds. It slowed us down a little, but I'm very thankful my trusted, almost 15 year old friend, took me nearly 3000 km (2974 to be exact) without an incident. I arrived home at 6.10 PM. My wife was happy to see me. Or was she?

It's less than a week since, and I have already forgotten what argument we got into, soon after I got back. It's bad that we got into a disagreement so quickly, but good that I have already forgotten it. 


Whatever, I phoned a friend to enquire as to the starting time of the Salisbury Church of Christ Christmas Eve carol singing. There was time to get there. I was only a few minutes late. 

Unlike nine days earlier for my church's Christmas concert. I again had joined the Community Christmas choir. On the day of the performance we had been asked to arrive at church at 3.30 PM to be ready on the platform at 3.45 PM for the 4 PM start. 

Somehow, my creative brain didn't take it in properly, plus I was really tired from delivering phone books all that morning. I arrived as the choir was already seated on the platform at 3.48 PM. Maybe, my brain didn't really  understand, why we had to allow 1/2 hour for a walk from the front door to the platform, which would only take 10 seconds?

During the carol singing I had to smile to myself as the lyrics came up: "Late in time behold him come...."

69 Christmas Choir members, plus dozens in the audience who were also seated 12 minutes before starting time, beheld me 'come late in time'. (Sorry folks!)


The lyrics of another song at Salisbury church that night, are worth mentioning. (I alluded to it in the previous chapter.) The Church of Christ service on Christmas was a low-key, simple service. That's what carol singing should be. We sang all the old favourites, accompanied on the piano by the same lady, who had played years ago, when I was part of the band, playing the trumpet.

The Pastor made a comment about a song by Bette Midler: "God is watching us from a distance". It was the same song I had heard, listening to Radio 2 CH two days earlier, while writing my diary on Sydney Harbour. The pastor expressed a valid thought:

When the angel had announced to Mary she was having a baby boy, he told her exactly what to call him - (in Hebrew) Immanuel, meaning - God with us. So, God is not a distant being, watching us from far away. God, in the person of baby Jesus, grew into a man and lives among us!


May I add a thought about the virgin birth, which is worth pondering upon: Had abortion been the order of the day, as it is today, Mary would have had the best reason to tell a doctor; "An angel came to me and said, I will have a baby; without even having sex with a man! It was forced onto me! If I don't have this pregnancy terminated, Joseph threatened to have me stoned."

Thank God, HIS will was done through faithful servants, who were willing to do it.  

- - - - - - -



Adam Gilchrist says Twenty20 Cricket taking over

If this TV headline had omitted GIL, it would create a rather interesting message.

The end will come - then God's people will enjoy forever ... not Twenty20 cricket. (May be ODI? ...but without Tendulkar...?)


Consider ODB bible reading on the day of writing. Phil: 2:10: " the name of Jesus [Christ] every knee should bow..."

- - - - - - -


At this point I stopped writing to take our evening meal. A brief glance at the 6 PM News made me ponder. A woman was found dead in Bali. Her name sounded like North (It was). I had planned to continue writing about a car crash, where my linking brain had worked overtime. Now, in a far corner of my brain the word north rang a bell. A car crash, where north played a pivotal role had occupied my mind days earlier.

On TV Channel Nine a report about a vehicle crash in Adelaide's North (this is not the north referred to above) made my antenna go up. Right at the end of the news report, visible for a split second only, an ambulance was driving away. My eyes just caught the registration plate - ...138. Still, what does one do with such an isolated observation?

Nothing, until the next day, as I was cycling along the service road, beside Main North Road, I spotted a parked, registration plate ...138. This brought back the ambulance from the previous evening. It started me thinking again about the crash, in which a young man had lost his life, according to the news. 

The very next moment, an ambulance turned into Main North Road. I wondered about the registration number. It was ...001. Had it been the same 138 ambulance it would been a direct link. Still, thoughts about this car crash didn't let go.

I let the matter rest for a day. When curiosity got the better of me, I googled a report about this crash. Reading online was like - I have been here before (deja-vu). In previous books I have written how I had heard or seen about car crashes, how my analytic mind asked questions, and how I tried to make sense of it all. The McGee case (more in a moment) had triggered much of this. Was history repeating itself?

Here is an extract of the crash report, as published in The Australian Newspaper (


A woman, 42, a man, 44, and a 12-year-old boy in the Commodore were taken to the Lyell McEwin hospital with minor injuries.

The 60-year-old male passenger in the Mazda was trapped for more than 30 minutes and had to be cut free before being flown to the * Royal Adelaide Hospital with head injuries and suspected spinal, chest and abdominal injuries.

The driver of the Mazda, whose age was not released, died at the scene.

(End extract)


Had I not in a previous book questioned, why the age of a person was being withheld? I had indeed (in Book 4, Chapter 16). Back then I asked, as I did reading the above, why mention age, when it was not given? And if it was not known, why write 'it was not released'. The website of SAPOL (South Australian Police) had actually given the age of the dead driver - 22 years.

Reading on, as if history again was repeating itself, I found a discrepancy in the way the crash was reported geographically. Just as I had back in Book 9, Chapter 4, where a vehicle had crashed and the report's location did not seem to make sense.

The Commodore was travelling north on Angle Vale Rd  and the Mazda, which had extensive damage to its front, entered the intersection from the west, off Curtis Rd.

(End extract)

Researching Google Maps I found that Curtis Road, just before Angle Vale road turns at an angle. Where it hits Angle Vale Road, Curtis Road runs due north, while Angle Vale Road runs more East / West. (Google Maps, we must assume, show north at the 12 o'clock position.) 

Here is that word north, which had me intrigued. You see, the continuation of Curtis Road, beyond the crash site, is called McGee Road. And this name is associated in a big way to a car crash, which lead to a Royal Commission to which I contributed, because I saw many things that did not add up. (Book 4, Chapter 15)

*Isn't this interesting? On editing I eliminated the gap before the word Royal, which I thought was an error. Checking Bk.4. Ch 15 I found the title: 'A Royal Calling'. I restored the gap!

You see, there is a direct link from the name McGee to the word North!

- - - - - - -


The full name of the reported dead lady in Bali was Dennielle Enid North. Her mother Wendy is quoted on Facebook:

"Thank you everyone all over the world, family, friends for your kindest condolences for my vibrant, beautiful baby girl. She touched so many people with her magnificent personality. RIP my Beautiful Dennielle Enid North".

Her baby girl was 33 years old. They come from Deception Bay, near Brisbane (north, of course). What do we make of it all?

A friend of the dead woman wrote on facebook:

"We are all grief stricken here at home and want all her Bali family to know how much we appreciate your kindness and respect at this gut wrenching time in our life," her friend Janelle Ladewig posted.

Lad ewig? Ewig is German, meaning eternal. Eternal lad sounds like a nice way of labelling the Christmas child.

J an L would also fit right in here!

- - - - - - -

But my linking thinking about this crash had not yet ended. The next day, another registration plate 138 leapt into the picture:


Hyundai Getz for sale $ 6500 / Registration No. ...138

(Strange, the very next morning, after this photo, another Getz, same colour with registration plate 011, appeared on my radar. It was through a specific job I did, not merely passing traffic.

(Just now I added 138 + 11 = ...? Too hot today!?)


The story surrounding the above Getz gets somewhat spooky. It is still fresh in my mind, however, and I write as I always do - as it was, as I saw things.

During our long summer evenings I find riding my bicycle not only enjoyable, but beneficial for various other reasons. (You see things, too!) On Saturday 29th December I loaded the Standish Mission into the Suzuki and drove to Port Adelaide, where I parked outside the Magistrates Courts. Parking there was easier than on the beachfront.

What took place at Henley Beach that evening felt like a scene from a scripted movie. I was not part of it, only the onlooker. 

I decided to ride not along the beach front, the Esplanade, but rather one street back (Military Road). There the winds were less of a problem. Had I not cycled there, I might have missed, on my right, the street sign: FOORD Ave. Right under the sign, two people, it may have been three, were walking from this small street to two parked vehicles. Two of the people, from memory a man and a woman, wore red shirts!

Riding a little slower than I would have on my GIANT, I read both registration plates. The first one ...108, the second ...030. I don't know what I thought of at first - that they total 138, or a link, triggered by the red shirts? The shirts reminded me of a big shopping centre fire nearby, which occurred on 3/12/12, earlier that month.

At the time I had seen the news reports and recalled another huge, multi-million Dollar fire, at the Mitcham shopping centre, which resulted in a complete rebuilding of the shopping complex. 

Another link from the Foord Ave location to fire / smoke came to me early on the morning of writing: A street name, which is part of the intersection, where the blaze happened: Marlborough Street. 

(On the way home, another thought came, which links from this location to some earlier writing, on my road safety website. Read on)


The red shirts and the two vehicle plates, totalling 138, made me turn east into Marlborough Street. A few hundred meters, if that, what a surprise? The registration plate138,  the above, light blue Hyundai Getz! My curious mind went into overdrive. I stopped and photographed the vehicle. I sensed something was happening, so I also photographed the letterboxes right beside the blue car.


(Please note: I removed the first letter in the street name)

Across the road from this location I noticed a house number: *No. 107.

*How strange: On radio 2 CH Sydney, to which I had just tuned in to, the presenter spoke the word number the same nanosecond I typed No. He then gave the lotto numbers - Sydney time 7.31 AM - 3.1.13)

(Hey, I just noticed, how amazing - the digits 107 and the radio frequency 1170).

(This is so painful, but friends, it really is so!) 


Stopping during my bike ride and taking the photographs made me think: Glad my wife decided to not come with me. We'd be in the car instead. She would have gone bananas, had I mentioned red shirts, number plates or shopping centre fires. Had I attempted to stop and take a photo, it would have started World War III, possibly followed by a threat of a break-out by one ... prisoner of war ...? 

I had tried hard earlier that evening to persuade my wife to spend the evening with me, sitting on the beach und a cool palm tree, watching the sun go down over the ocean and ...

Now I was glad she stayed at home. Why sit around, watching water, the sun in your eyes, and getting sand all over you, when you can grab your camera, get on a bike and take photographs of parked cars and letterboxes?


Stop Press: The pictures below I took at Salisbury during an evening bike ride on Boxing Day 2012. Since starting the previous chapter I was going to include it. What better place than right here to show it?

Until now I have only seen ISSO and how a similar flash photo* highlighted the number 7. Just now I saw SS between 7I0.

(*The pictured referred to was taken in Stuttgart - Postcode 7....)


<<< Nick Zissopolous, Living Legend, Salisbury, South Australia. 

His portrait is on display, together with other Living Legends, in the town square of Salisbury.

His message: "By stretching imaginations and getting them to step out of their comfort zones, we can build amazing, young leaders."

May I add: Teach them to fear God, to tell the truth, to live by the Ten Commandments, teach that Jesus is not a swearword and Christmas is not about grog! You will find those amazing young leaders will grow into even more amazing, mature citizens!

<<< Amazing, the flash light turned a Z into 7. Z and N are 90 deg. apart! 


The location of the Fulham Gardens blaze, where I had cycled to that Saturday evening, was at a dangerous Western suburbs intersection. In my driving-lessons-online website (link on my home page) I have published 3 true stories, crash investigations, drawing on my years of experience in driver education. 

Story No.2 took place right at this intersection. As I saw it, a lady instructor and her pupil had died, in part through lack of proper legislation regarding driving-school vehicles.   

The first crash story on my website took place near and in the same street, on Swan Tce, Ethelton, where I had taken the WOW 100.5 FM photo during the same bike ride. (Picture in the previous chapter). Only after I had passed that spot did my brain connect, that I had passed two of the three locations I had written about. 

Would you believe it? The postcode for Ethelton 5015. I just spotted it as I checked out my driving-lessons-online website. 

I titled my driving-lessons-online crash investigations True Stories. But please remember, all my writing is true! I have little interest in fiction (sorry Ms Rawlings).


<<< Site of blaze: Corner Valetta Road / Tapleys Hill Road, Fulham Gardens.

This ute was the only vehicle parked, as I took the photo. Of course I took note of the registration plate. It wasn't 138, but it came close - apply 3 / 5 code!


Loved the sign outside the premises behind the ute above: SHOP CLOSED.

<<< Sunday Mail, 30.12.12 (My wife buys the papers, I see things).

How did the Sunday Mail know to put this story onto page 7, the number I was going to finish this chapter with?

The article was about the rising cost of medical operations. 

I C: 1 operation = 100 Getz.  


As I close this chapter in Adelaide on 4.1.13 the temperature is forecast to reach a sweltering 44 degrees. Yesterday, as I published the previous chapter, the temperature had reached 40.6 deg. 

At 10.35 am it has reached already 39.2 degrees. Fires have already been reported from the *Clare region and, as my wife just told me, on the York Peninsula. Let's hope and pray no lives will be lost and that damage to property will be minimal.

(*How ironic, the timing and the place of the fire: Seven Hill.) 

Let's also hope and pray that the world will wake up to God's message of Hope, which is found in Jesus Christ alone. 

A L one. 7 won!


Chapter 15