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   (Photos by the author, unless stated)        Book 11 / Ch. 12                              Written / Published 10.12.12 / 12.12.12

"Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me" (Psalm 50, 15)

"Remember His marvellous works which He has done, His wonders and judgements of His mouth. (Psalm 105, 5)



12.  Happy earth-day - Jesus!

I shall never know what my experiences working as a volunteer, and taking part at the formal worship, at the Brotherhood would have been like. It certainly could not have been more suited and enjoyable than travelling as a carer with the group of disabled people into the mountains of Southern Germany.

My yearning for the mountains, just to walk among the green meadows, flanked by lofty peaks against blue skies, was totally satisfied during my two alpine working holidays during 2012.

The traffic on the Autobahn heading south was expected to be very heavy. It was. German motorists are used to it and allow for delays. Our group consisted of 12 mentally handicapped people and five carers. I was the only male among the staff. We travelled in two 9-seater Mercedes Vans.

It did not take long to get to know and love our clients, who ranged from as young as 20 to almost 70 years of age. None in this group was physically disabled, which made the work easy. (The Austria group was more challenging).

We arrived early enough on our first day to take a small group, those who loved walking as I did, for an evening stroll around the village. It was to become my regular request, usually responded by the same core group: "Who wants to go for a walk?"


                 Looking south from Rueckholz, near Nesselwang,

                 toward the Austrian Alps.

Working closely with the autistic, the mentally challenged, the Down Syndrome people, is the best way to dispel any prejudices one has.

Not to forget, God loves all of HIS creation. He looks at a human soul, not on the outside.

Two young men, one a Down Syndrome, kept asking me to read the bible to them. I did with pleasure. 



One of the downsides of leaving southern Germany in 1969, to love in Australia, I miss those beautiful mountains.

The summer of 2012 presented a feast of relaxing walks, scenic drives and enjoying the company of old and new friends.


Since it was their holiday, the group decided each day what activity they'd like to do, or where they would like to go. The weather, of course, was always the first consideration. Many times the group split, which was a good option, since smaller groups are easier to handle, and we had two vans for transport.

On the first Sunday, the day after arriving, we all visited the Bergbauern-Museum in Diepholz, near Immenstadt. (Bergbauer, lit. translation = Mountain Farmer). We learned how farming was done in a bygone era. 

What contrast to the time we visited a working farm, an up-to-date operation. We learned that cows know when it's time for milking. They make their way, by themselves, to an enclosure, where a robot, attached to a computer, takes over the entire milking process. The computer transmits the data to the farmer. No more rising at 4 or 5 am to milk the cows! 

The next day, Monday 30th July, the group went on a cable car ride. It took us to an altitude of 1500 m, with magnificent views across the valley to Nesselwang and the panorama of the German/Austrian Alps. Amidst the haze one could see as far as Fuessen, and make out the white walls of the castle, which dominates the town.

Some able-bodied holiday makers, instead of taking the cable car all the way down, took the final section via the Rodelbahn (the slippery slide). I had to take Laslo, the young man in the picture above. It's been a long time since I had so much fun. At least not on a slippery slide, down a mountainside.




On top of the Alpspitze (1500 m) above Nesselwang


<<< Fun was the order of the day. Here during an outing to Reutte . Tyrol. (We could title this picture: Body in the barrel (just kidding)

         Road to Fuessen.                                        Psalm 121: "I will life up mine eyes to the hills ..."

- - - - - - -

One morning I took the group for a walk into the village. We made up our way up the small hill to the beautiful Baroque Church St. Georg, built in the 15th century. It's a gem of a building, both inside and out. (Pics. below) To add to the pleasure, just as we were sitting, taking it all in, the organist played Andrew Lloyd Webber's beautiful composition: "Some say love is like a river ..." 


Pfarrkirche St. Georg, Rueckholz

"Come you, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths..." (Isaiah 2, 3)

"How lovely are your dwelling places, of Lord of hosts." (Psalm 84, 1)

Looking at these pictures, I could not have imagined God could have answered my prayer in a better way than he did, leading me to this wonderful place. 

A popular option for an outing was a visit to a performance by Europe's oldest and best know circus - Krone. Not since my children were school age, can I recall seeing a circus. I certainly can't recall ever having seen a rhino or llama's taking part in a circus. It was a world-class performance by those artists at the Krone in Fuessen.

The weather forecast predicted a very hot day. We made use of the sunshine and high temperature. We spent almost all day at the local lake, called Weiher, swimming, rowing a boat, playing volleyball or just relaxing by the lake side. It was such a beautiful spot, perfect weather, picture-book scenery. It made me wish time to stand still. I had many of those moments that summer in 2012.

The best time of the day, for me anyway, was early in the morning, when everyone was still asleep. I took the opportunity for some brisk walks through the village and along the country roads leading in and out. During those hours I felt real close to God. As fresh mountain air filled my lungs, I thanked God for health, for answering my prayer so wonderfully and that HE is such a good God. As the first sunlight hit the mountain tops was also a good time to take photographs.


Group-photo at Haldensee / Austria

In the background the village of Haller. One holiday house had a great name: Fischer's Traum (Fischer's Dream). 

The local swimming lake, where we spent a day. 

(Not Manly Beach, but just as much fun - and no sharks.)

- - - - - - -


Two missing letters

                                                                                                  (Photo: susie knoll @

Who is she, some may ask? No, my wife has not taken up writing books, nor will you find this lady in above group photo. (...I wished!) 

One evening, when most of the group went for an outdoor concert I stayed back with others, who did not want to go. We had time to watch some TV. The Olympics in London were the focus of the world at the time.

Switching to ADR TV, during a quiz show on 2/8/12*, a name made me take special notice and jot it into my diary. It was that of the above person. (My diary is not specific, she may have appeared in person, or just received a mention?)

On her website (picture above) two important letters are missing - HE. Her full name is HERA LIND, a successful German author. According to her website, seven of her books have been made into films.

*On this date I was also on TV in the USA (kind of). It was the date, where the Late late Show was to be broadcast. I was in the audience when it was recorded in Hollywood. (See chapter 1.)  

  - - - - - - -


Reader's may have been wondering, when in this chapter I [would] see codes? How about the name of a brewery we visited? The place was called IRSEE (-R = I see!)

Or what about names, right among our group? How could I not see this totally DaNinci one, which I found out almost by accident: Yes son* - Die t

*That's amazing - because right as I wrote this, on ABC Radio 891, the same Christian name was mentioned: Sonja! She happens also to be of a German heritage. (10/12/12 - 17.46 PM).


 How do the numbers on this machine match? - 16.4? The above (Sonja) just happened moments before I was going to write about (and paste) this photo!

During an early morning walk I found this front end loader - Model Pel-Job EB 16.4. 

I had not taken the photo because of the number. (Now I'm glad I did.) It was the name of this excavator - Pel-Job. The letters P & L now seem aeons old, but in earlier books they feature regularly and prominently.

Taking a further look later I noted the address No. 7. To see (C) 7 = 700, plus 164 adds to 864. 

Later that morning, just as I passed through Enzenstetten during my one and only bike ride in the Allgau, I saw a huge house Number 50. Just then, in front of that place, a vehicle passed from the opposite direction, registration number ... 50. In the same group of vehicles were three more, rego 900, 120 and 146. (Call me No mad if you must). 

- - - - - - -

As I compose the text of this chapter my wife just returned from shopping. She does not know, or want to know, what I am writing. This is fine with me, since I'm well aware what happens to me could all be co-incidence. But how cruel it would be, praying and trusting God that HE will lead me on the right path, both in thinking and writing, and it's all just ... nothing?

I asked her, as I had done years earlier: "What level of co-incident would it take for you to question, if there really was a supernatural power behind it?"

No answer. Recently however, she mentioned that one day she may ask somebody, if they read my writing and what they thought.

One day ... means a lot of things to different people. One day they may find gold on Mars ..?) 


Consider what took place on that Sunday - 5.8.12 (note 185) at the church service in St. Georg Pfarrkirche, Rueckholz. I announced to our group of disabled that I wanted to go to church, even if I had to go alone. However, four others joined me. We arrived five minutes early. As we walked in, we could hear the congregation already praying. They were saying prayers, out loud, in unison. They were praying the rosary. It sounded powerful. 

The songbook used during the service listed as No. 185 a hymnal with interesting lyrics. I don't think this song was part of the liturgy, but I simply may have seen it as I leafed through the book? Perhaps, I looked up this hymn because those three digits were part of that day's date? 

Had I not just had mentioned the PL letters under the picture above? I find it remarkable here, because the hymnal 185 in the songbook that Sunday took me right into my PL story. It went something like this: (Translated into English):

"The judges don't judge right, but send the innocent to jail, the Lord looks on!"

Isn't this the essence of the story I have written over the past ten years,  and put it all into 11 books? Judges did not judge correctly, they sent my friend P L to jail. The Lord saw it all. My first few books could be headed - the P & L job.   

 - - - - - - -


After ten days on the L a D job (Looking after Disabled) it was my turn to have a free day. Fortunately, the small village of Rueckholz had a bicycle-hire place. What better way to spend the day (Tuesday 7/8/12) on two wheels, riding the rolling hills and mountains of the Allgau, across the Inn River and return via Reutte in Austria?

Choosing what bike to hire I selected one with thin tyres, since most had junky, big ones. (The thinner the tyre, the faster). The last thing I worried about was the name of the two-wheeler. I would only have it for a day. But as soon as the shop-keeper pumped up the tyre, I smiled as to what the writer of books (myself) had picked:


Rare make of bicycle - Author


Aha, H R Auto ! Very logic, isn't it? 

Authors need to be logic.


The German word for fool is Tor. Some readers may see AU and TOR in that bike. 


(OK, next time, a Giant.)

- - - - - - -


Knowing our group had expressed a wish to take an excursion and take a boat ride, I made a slight detour. I cycled via *Hopfensee, which is both, a picturesque village, as well as a lake by the same name. It was within a short distance of Fuessen and the famous King Ludwig's Castle. I made enquiries as to hiring boats. 

The scenery was spectacular. I asked the attendant to take a photo to capture the moment. I'm glad I did. At the time I had no idea that 4 months later, on the day of writing, I would see things. Take a look at the boats on the lake. Why is it that only one has a number on its hull?


Beautiful Hopfensee, near Fuessen.

I only discovered 153 writing this chapter.                    >>>


OAL 153 is  the only boat with a number! Must be a special boat? OAL stands for OBER-ALLGAU. 

* Nice word: Hopfensee  >>>  Hope F n' see !

- - - - - - -


Thursday night was Dorf-Fest. It was the day before our departure for home. Not many of our group came, but like church, I looked forward to it. It was an evening of music, dancing and general Gemuetlichkeit, a German word for which there is no translation. 

Having stayed in that small village only a short time, I already recognized a few faces among the villagers. All sat in the open, on trestles on the Dorfplatz (Village-Green). As I had sensed in church the Sunday before, something seemed right about this place, this happy gathering of neigbours, just to enjoy each others company, share a story over a beer and sausage, and sing and clap along to the *Oompha music.

*Not sure on the spelling, but Oompha music is the kind they play between drinking beer and eat sausages on the Dorfplatz on warm summer evenings in small villages in the Allgau!)


The performance by the 'Schuhplattler' dancing group was entertaining to watch; the way they jump and hit their shoes (= Schuh) and their thighs, all in 3/4 rhythm, looks rather skilful and requiring a high level of fitness, What fun! 

Later in the program an eight-voice male choir gave a presentation. Most were dressed in uniform knickerbockers, Hosen-traeger (braces) to hold them up, long socks and hats, each of which had a kind of brush on top, you could use as a paint brush, if need be.

Note I wrote most, not all. Some singers were different to others!

This reminds me of my bike ride the day before. In Fuessen the name of a shop made me ponder its name, as I ate a snack on a bench outside: ANDERS ALS ANDERE. (Different to others). A vehicle had parked right there. I noted rego No. 138 (or 813.)


Take a look at the group, singing at the Dorf-Fest in Rueckholz, where the world seems all in order ...


... except the dress code (if you pardon the pun.)


Can you decipher code 136 / 47?


- - - - - - -



On Friday, August 10th 2012, exactly four months from the time of writing, it was time to say good-bye.




As if my three (right-handed) friends on the left would have known what to wear on our last walk: blue, yellow and red - the state colours for a place far away - South Australia.

One person is wearing white / red / blue. His name is Arek. I just inserted  I A M  in to his name to arrive at - AMERIKA


- - - - - - -



It's two weeks to Christmas as I write. The world celebrates. Are you celebrating, thinking of HIM, the reason for this season? Are you honouring HIM, who came? Or are you simply caught up in a mad rush to buy just the right present for your family or friend? Do you know why we give gifts?

Jesus came as a baby, God's gift of hope to all mankind. HE is the reason for the season. 

Don't not forget, Christmas is HIS birthday!

Let's all sing: Happy earth-day to ... us all.


Chapter 13