Book 12 - Chapter 9                                   Written / Published  16.2 - 21.2.14

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Did anybody notice the PL co-incidence in the previous chapter? By PL here I mean Poland. Without realizing it during the previous chapter we touched twice, quite unrelated, on a place called Kracow (or Krakow) Poland. 

In this chapter we shall touch twice, also unrelated, on another city, Auckland. My son and his fiancÚ returned from their NZ holiday. On the morning of publishing I woke real early. A thought came, a scripture, which fitted perfectly:

"So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."

The time I woke was 4.23 AM. Amazing how these digits fit Isaiah 55:11 and 5511 matches Auckland! Lese >>> Read !

- - - - - - -


9.  No. surprises, God won BIG.

God is a God of surprises. HE loves to communicate with me, affirming that what I am doing is good. Should I be surprised, if the surprise HE chooses to use are numbers?

One  birthday I did not forget. It was that of my girl friend Hildegard. We see each other regularly at the German Club. Please, nobody worry; my wife knows of the relationship. Hildegard celebrated her 101st birthday at the end of January, the day after mine. How could I not visit her in her nursing home and personally wish her a happy birthday?

I asked my wife, if she had a card in her store, which I could use for the occasion. She pointed to a drawer and ask me to look for myself. I found a set of Dayspring cards, four designs, each with a different motive and scripture. As I opened the box to search for a suitable card for Hildegard, a thought sprung to mind for a nano second: Would there be a card that matches the day?

The issue, the card matching Hildegard's birthday, was rather trivial. What difference would it make, which of the four scriptures was on the card? Yet, as I look back, God wants to let us know that HE is watching all our paths. He loves walking with us in the journey of life. HE knows all we do, good or bad, and is very interested even in minor matters.

Now take a look which card HE had chosen, a perfect match for Hildegard's birthday on Jan. 31:


                                                     Dayspring Cat.No.62969-1004

<<< If not perfect, it's all good.


"God saw all that He had made, and it was very good." (Genesis 1:31).

Hildegard on her 101st birthday 31.1. She's an inspiration to all who know her. Never one to complain, always cheerful, with a sharp mind and a wicked sense of humour. 

On scanning I noticed two things: One, her crown has nine points. Two, the poster on the wall behind her reads: The love of LONDON. It shows uniformed guards, wearing red and black uniforms and a golden carriage; inside, most likely, a lady wearing a real crown, Her Majesty THE QUEEN.

- - - - - - -

A day after publishing the previous chapter I experienced a similar surprise. Again the text of a scripture matched the numbers thereof. It started on Saturday 18.1.14. My friend Richard and I had worked for about ten hours, distributing Yellow Pages phone books. At the end, back home after showering and eating dinner, I was glad to be sitting down and watching television with my wife. The inactivity is called relaxing.

The word relaxing, I find, is often misused. Here's why: It's Sunday. You have a long sleep-in, after which you go to church (or a cafe.) There you sit for one to two hours and sing and listen to a sermon (or sip a coffee on the sidewalk). Next, you go out to an eating place, maybe with friends and enjoy a casual (I almost said relaxing) lunch, followed by a walk on the beachfront. In summer you'd be licking an ice cream and stay and watch the sun go down over the ocean. How beautiful. When you finally arrive home, it time to ...relax. I'm still trying to figure out, what there is to relax from?

That Saturday, Jan 18th, 14 I had a reason to be home and relax, when there was a knock at the door. Friends had called in unexpectedly. It was a pleasure to see them. Years ago it was much more common. You just dropped in on friends, unannounced. Friends like that were cherished. Today, why is it we feel a need to phone first? Our culture has become rather private. Surely, close friends or family don't need to make an appointment?

Our unexpected visitors were not family, but friends. They were no bother, but needed help. My wife and I did not hesitate. We gave them what we could, which they appreciated. As we sat talking, at the table in our dining room, my eyes fell onto a brochure I had picked up in church the week before  It was still there. (Why be tidy all the time?) I did not even touch the brochure, but could clearly read this on the front cover:


Text: Everything you give to missions will come back to you!" These were the startling words God spoke to me in December 2008. A few days later I read Proverbs 19,17, "He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done."


I showed it to my wife later, expressing the thought that God knows all we do. How timely was this encouragement, right at a time when we were helping some people poorer than us, my eyes fell onto this brochure! God knows all and will reward.

It only hit me the next morning, during my prayers, how the digits of the scripture (1917) were that day's date: 19.1; only God's number (7) left over.

The writer of above words, Chris, has since established a thriving education program in Bolivia. God is rewarding him for making missions his passion. 

- - - - - - -

Did I not write at the beginning of the previous chapter that I had found two five-cent coins during a casual evening walk? Did I not add that one coin-incidence often leads to another? Well, it happened again right here - a coin incident, just as I started this chapter. It came during my regular evening bike ride. Had I not gone a particular route, via Mawson Lakes, I may never have found these coins.

The reason I went via Mawson Lakes was the problem we have with our second-hand shop. Well meaning givers of goods (most of them) leave donations right outside the shop on the footpath. This is despite signs asking them to only donate during opening hours. The problem is not only that real valuable goods get taken, but often in the process of finding them, they rip open bags and leave clothes etc all over the footpath.

(The practice is so common, I recently thought, maybe we ought to provide change rooms outside our shop, so those taking clothing can try them on first? Ha, ha!)

After I had spent twenty minutes gathering the mountain of donated items inside our shop, I continued my evening bike ride, across the railway line and north on the Salisbury Highway. At the corner with Kings Road, at the same traffic lights shown in Chapter 6, I saw these two coins on the ground. 

<<< It looks like the unrecognisable coins had been there for many days, run over by hundreds of vehicles.. Would my bank accept them, if I were to presented them for deposit? 

Probably not! Their risk would be too great. Profit margins may be affected? My bank on Feb. 12th announced a 4.27 Billion Dollars profit for the previous 6 months. That's at least 100 million too much. Why? Adelaide's max. temp on Feb 12th was only 41.7 deg C.

How ironic that at around this same time our Government announced a huge reduction in Australia's Foreign Aid budget. The United Nations suggests for the developed nations to be spending 0.7 percent of Gross National Income on aid to poor countries by 2020. At the present Australia is giving 0.33%. (Source: Micah Challenge)

Friends, the things powerful people want, feeding their big egos, they will find money for. Little old Adelaide just spent 700 million Dollars on rebuilding (not building, just upgrading) a sports oval. It now is of the standard of those in Melbourne and Sydney. That kind of cash would go a long way towards eliminating poverty. If only our leaders had the same level of passion for eliminating world poverty, as they do for football, rugby or cricket!

- - - - - - -

While working in the second-hand shop recently something amusing happened. I spotted an item of donated clothing. It fitted real well. No, not as a garment, rather it fitted into my day, because of what had happened earlier in the day.

It started with an email I had sent to a group of politicians. (What it was about I will come back to later). In the list of email addresses (below), which I had copied/pasted from another source, was a slight error, one letter was missing. Which letter did they miss? (*Clue >>> go...);; ;;


Another clue (V - Tech) a toy of our grandson, now one year old and thriving. Thanks be to God.

Note number 12 - later in the chapter we shall play a game, on 1.2.

*(The letter v - second line above, middle address)


It was only hours after the incorrectly addressed email came back, on 11/2/14, that I was sorting donated clothing at our shop. The label on one garment, a lady's top, grabbed my attention - Miss V. I found this amusing, so soon after the missing V incident earlier that same morning.
Aha, that's where the V went?      >>>

ABC TV, Mon 17.2.14: Premier Jay Weatherill looks rather serious during a pre-election debate on the television screen. 

To be honest, I was more fascinated by the way the letters VL appeared on the TV screen than the political arguments thrown between opponents. (SA Votes, Leaders Debate).

A perfect political speech in my books would be brief and simple: "Ladies and gentlemen!  I  C  U,  LV  IT.  I C L V 2 and please V T 4 me. Thank you."

Just here in my writing I watched Channel Nine's evening News (19.2.14). Mr. Weatherill (above) commented that he knew nothing about a deceptive practice by his Labor candidate for the seat of Reynell. As part of her election campaign, it was reported, volunteers leave notices at the door of voters, which read: "Sorry, I've missed you", allegedly signed by the candidate, when in fact volunteer door-knockers scribble and sign the Sorry-I've-missed-you notes. This practice, veteran MP Rob Lucas claimed, is deceptive campaigning.

(My first thought: Isn't signing another person's name a criminal offence, at least in an official document?)

- - - - - - -

A little later that same evening, still 17.2.14 on ABC TV, a name started another trivial thinking process. Trivial, maybe, but because of an experience earlier that day and its prefect timing, I found it amusing. 

At about 10.07 PM I was writing my diary. In the background I was watching the popular live-show QandA. As the name says, a panel of prominent people at the front is ready to receive and discuss questions from the audience.

Just as I was writing into my diary about my morning, the host Tony Jones said: "Our next question comes from the audience, it's from E**** Holmes." (ABC TV iview at the 30:53 mark). "E**** Holmes? How interesting! I thought. 

The very moment Tony Jones spoke that name I was recording into my diary my visit to Adelaide Airport late that morning. My son and his fiancÚ had arrived from New Zealand. Her name is E****. I met them at the airport. They arrived holme, sorry home, after a holiday.

But there was more. I had arrived at the airport in plenty of time to watch their plane land. The scheduled arrival time, posted online and in the terminal, was 11.55.


Two other flights, arriving at 11.55 from Darwin and Perth, had already landed. The Auckland flight still showed a blank. (I just noticed as I write - Gates* 25 and 22 = 4 7).

How ironic, the only city listed, which included the word land, is not listed as having landed. (It had.)

*The morning after writing this, during my prayer, the missing gate number, which I had seen online, suddenly made sense: 20, Two 10s ... The date: 20th (Feb.)

The Remark column, the word Landed, had my mind occupied: Land De or  De L DNA? 

Also: 3 times 1155 - very Da Ninci.

De is a country. The German word for country: Land.

- - - - - - -

The date I wrote the above bracket was Feb. 19th 2014. That day I made a discovery, which took some hours to fully grasp. But I think, I did it. It came via the little Signspotting Calendar (remember I received as a present for Christmas. 

Again, as funny as my mind can see things, the picture for Feb 19th did not make sense at first. Take a look:



Location: Washington D.C  Credit: Jay Hedeman

<<< New Big Wong Restaurant - Now 50 percent bigger!

Sorry Jay, I don't get the joke.

What a surprise: two J's, unrelated, in the same chapter!

Hey, I just notice, how amazing, the surname of Jay - - 

One thought came after some time, which made some sense of the above picture. Now I see a link to De, but this only came later. On the far left I see number 610, the address, above a door. Now, deduct 50 from 610 = 560. 

Next, after more looking and thinking, my mind went back 12 years. In Nov. 2002, when I already was mesmerized by number 153, which is still alive today (Bk 1, Ch 28) I travelled in a motor car in Germany as a passenger. A vehicle in the lane beside us took me by completely surprise. It's registration plate ... 560 - the letters ES included.

Now take another look (*SEE) at the picture above - ese just above 610 !

More numbers magic: The picture for 19.2 revealed right here, in Book 12, Chapter 9. With God ALL things work together for good.

One more magic I C in the signspotting picture: Start at the bottom right corner - C G Won - BIG!

*On the morning before editing this came: 50 = L + ese = Lese, translated into Chinese, (sorrry, that's wong) into German - read !

Did I not moments ago - two paragraphs above this picture - write: please note the letters De?

 - - - - - - -

At this point in this chapter I decided to title it: No. surprises - God won BIG. The full stop after No is not a mistake. My life is full of surprises, number surprises, as regular readers know by now. Another - 1550 - came recently, totally out of the blue, but from an unexpected quarter. 

I was surfing the website of a well-known, international radio and television evangelistic organisation. In their broadcasting schedule for Australian places, one location stood out - by five minutes, to be exact. I'm not sure, if my mind first pondered on the town's name, Kinglake in Victoria, or the broadcast hours. (It was only this month, February 2014, that Kinglake was looking back at the big catastrophe of 09.)

Thank God, the fires burning in Australia in 2014 have not resulted in a heavy loss of life. The fire in South Australia's Flinders Ranges, however, burned a vast area of land. It burned almost continuously for one month. 

These two listings of the radio broadcast schedule grabbed my attention in surprise:


Kinglake VIC 87.6  Mon-Fri 10:00 PM ENGLISH
Kinglake VIC 87.6 Mon-Fri 5:05 AM* ENGLISH

000 - I550

*On editing a thought came - 505 - SOS ! That's what Jesus does best - with the help of evangelists!

- - - - - - -

Earlier in the chapter I had mentioned that I was busy distributing Yellow Pages phone books. The maker of this business directory, SENSIS (nice name), was on the news during the writing of this chapter. It was all about restructuring, which almost always goes together with job losses. The spokesman for the company had the interesting name: Michael Toll*.


Stop Press: On editing I discovered a strange, very strange link: Change the letter *T into M. Then take a look at Book 9, Chapter 2. A picture shows of Psalm 129 (yes, here in Book 12, 9). The name Michael and M O L L feature. To top it off, (Friends, I don't plan this, I simply see and write) it's on page 610 in my bible. 



In German the word toll means good, great, fabulous. Nothing good about job losses. I'm reporting this because I came across the name Michael Toll only the day before. I had met the wife of one of my former driving students. I had taught him about 25 years earlier. I had forgotten his name. When she gave it to me, I first said to her: "I can't recall the name Michael Toll".

As we kept talking I realized the surname only sounded like Toll, and we established his real name, which I then remembered. (The SENSIS Michael, however, was the correct name Toll). 

My former driving student, Michael T. now drives a truck for KINGS Transport. As soon as his wife told me, I recalled the 2 x 5 cent coins, found at the corner Kings Road. That evening, for a few minutes, a big had truck parked right across our street. In huge letters I read: KINGS.


On my birthday, Jan 30, I was delivering phone books, on my own, for most of the day. Twice I was surprised by the digits 130 that day. I had loaded a certain quantity of phone books into my little van, allowing for extras to cover the whole district. After distributing the entire area for that day, I returned to the depot with the number of books left over. There were plenty - 130 exactly.

Next, driving home on Main North Road, I was just pondering: How strange! Am I totally out of my mind, even seeing and linking these numbers? Within seconds of this thought, I spotted a small, white sedan overtake me in the lane to my left:


<<< Rego No. V..F 130

(Seems, we can't get away from the 130, nor the V?)


<<<   The very next day my SONY performed even better !

It was no longer my birthday. (Actually in certain parts of the world it still was 30 Jan). 

Stopping at the traffic lights at the corner Kings and McIntyre Roads - not only my birth date 301, but 247, the date of our wedding last century, in 1871.

- - - - - - -

Now that we finished the 1 3 magic, let's move to the promised 1:2 game! We have to travel back across the Tasman Sea to Auckland, New Zealand. On Feb.1st, now you know why 1 2, Adelaide United played against the only New Zealand team, Wellington Phoenix. I love their nick-name, NIX, especially here in Chapter IX).

The match was played not in New Zealand's capital Wellington, but at Auckland's Eden Park. Watching the game on a big screen at our local hotel, our Adelaide team, called the Reds, were already 2:0 down. 

All through the second half we were hoping for, what else, goals. Toward the final whistle, still hoping for a miracle, my numbers brain kicked in, if you pardon the pun. I thought, if we only scored one goal, at least the result would match that day's date?

 And so it was. There were three minutes of extra time. In the last few seconds of the 93rd minute, young striker and ball artist, Mabil put away a cross from Jeronimo Neumann (good German surname) to save my day. Only one thing would have been better - winning 2:1 on Feb. 1 and adding 3 points to our tally. Still, Adelaide has crawled from 8th spot only a few weeks ago to 3rd on the ladder. One must applaud this extra-ordinary come back!


<<<  Did the media finally catch onto our game? The very next day, after the Adelaide Reds lost 1:2 on 1.2, the Sunday Mail showed this photo: Adelaide's 21 (Elrich) and Wellington's 12 (Boyd) fighting it out. (Read on who won). 


But there was more:

That same day another team called United and featuring the colour red, also lost. Manchester United - their nickname Red Devils - were beaten by Stoke City 2:1 on 2.1  

I wonder, if Tarek (above) knows the team sponsor VEOLIA includes number 1550 or that their headquarter in Adelaide is not far from the Sensis Warehouse at No. 500?

- - - - - - - -


Whilst in a stadium a football player may stir your emotions, at a neighbourhood watch meeting, it's often a police officer. In our Area 504 Neighbourhood Watch meeting, a few days before this writing, a comment by the main speaker, a very experienced police woman, made me think. She said, as I recall: "We're never going to win this, and let's not call it a war." She was talking about what has been described as the war on drugs. 


One of the more controversial, illegal drugs in Australia is marijuana. On TV Channel Nine News on 19.2.14 I noticed the word maruuana appear on the TV screen. 

The misspelling amused me almost as much as the $ 190 million (money owed), while at the same time the newsreader read $ 190 000.

 Maru uana amused me, because around the corner from where we live is a little street, named Maru Ct. It has been rumoured for years that at one house in this little street you can purchase marijuana, diagonally opposite to where a policeman lives!


Over coffee, following the neighbourhood watch meeting, which was held right near Maru Ct. I had a brief chat with our police liaison officer. I mentioned my surprise and asked: "Had the police really given up on fighting illegal drugs?" As I understood, she meant to say that police is fighting drugs, but not to call it a war.

During our brief exchange I could not help, but offer my answer to the drug problem, and all other bad things our young people get into. "We should sent our children again to Sunday School, to learn right from wrong, instead of spending Sunday mornings playing football and other sports. No time for God" (or words to that effect.)

Thinking this over I saw a parallel - Drugs and God. When problems come in life, and most people will experience pain of many kinds, this generation has not been taught the purpose of suffering and where to turn to to cope with it. God wants to help, if we let them. Drugs at best alleviate pain for a few moments, God wants to tackle mankind's real problem - sin!

To be saying there is no war against sin, or just calling it by a different name, is not solving anything. For example, calling abortion 'a women's choice to terminate a pregnancy' is still leaving us with a dead baby!. 


Friends, there is good news and bad news. The bad news, there is a war going on, if we can see it or not. There is a battle raging for the minds and hearts of every person on earth. Are you prepared to fight against sin and evil? The good news is, this war, which we can't win on our own, has already been won for us! God won BIG on that cross on that lonely hill 2000 years ago.

That's the difference between any war and the battle against evil. That's why Jesus had to die. The symbol of this is the cross. That's why the Christian cross and the message behind it is so unpopular. The biggest loser, the devil and his evil forces, don't like to be reminded every time they see a cross.

As I write, on 20.2.14, the front page of our newspaper features John Short. This 75-year old South Australian, it is reported, has been detained in North Korea. He has been accused of spreading Christian literature, and is expected to receive up to 15 years imprisonment. His wife sounded rather calm in an interview on Radio Five AA, which aired minutes before this writing.

Many ask the question, why would this devoted man have risked such harsh penalty, knowing full well he may not see his wife again for a long time? I ask the question:

"If Christianity is all a fairytale, no substance, just all an imagination of one's mind, why is there such strong opposition to the message represented by the Christian cross?


 FURNIURE store USA - What happened to the T?

<<< Steele, MO USA

Retracing my cross bike ride through the USA recently, I found this interesting photo on Google Streetview.

Until now I had only seen the missing letter T. Now I see much more:

The & sign means and. Using a small t I see - tDNA. And how about F UR IN - UR HE OK? (It better be good carpenter, who makes this furniture!)

In the same newspaper, where John Short is the real hero (Saint John), Adelaide readers find a story about a proposed new building for Adelaide - an 18m high Buddha and a 35 m high pagoda to be erected on a hillside, near a southern suburbs beach.

Visitors to Adelaide, arriving on cruise ships, would be greeted by this huge structure. The debate on the airwaves a few hours ago, was mostly one-side - in favour. The catch cry is peace and tolerance*. I expressed a thought in a brief email. (Normally, I don't listen to the radio talkback, while writing. What prompted me to do so?) 

The radio host about 1/2 hour later read my message on air, as well as others:

"Maybe, if the USA had had the same, new-age mindset as those favouring that statue, maybe visitor arriving by boat in New York Harbour would be greeted by a giant pagoda?"

I almost included this thought in my email: I'd like to see a huge Christian cross erected on our coastline, instead of a statue of Buddha and a pagoda! But, we don't need another war, another inter-religious conflict. The world is bleeding with them!

*A verse in the scriptures comes to mind: "For when they say, "Peace and safety!" then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labour pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. (1. Thessalonians 5, 3). 

- - - - - - -


Friends, would it not be good, if nobody would have to die to find out what comes after death? We would then not get this big surprise, but could decide right here and now, if we'd want to follow the path to heaven, the steep and narrow path, following Jesus?

Please hear me: You can know, if the bible is true or not, right now, while time is with you. But do you really want to fight that fight, the good fight? Who would not join an army, which already has won the war? At Christmas our choir sang these interesting lyrics: "It started with a baby boy (Le boy). The war was won by a baby boy." (D.Boy won!)

The very next verse, after the negative scenario above, sounds much more positive: "But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief". (1.Thess. 5, 4). God does not have an off-side rule!

- - - - - - -


The email to the group of politicians (earlier in this chapter) dealt with a very divisive issue. The new, conservative Liberal Government, as I touched on in the previous chapter, is deeply divided on the issue.

Before ending this no surprises chapter, let me convey some more in-depth thoughts on this controversial, polarizing subject. A friend in Germany had asked me to read and comment on a petition, which speaks against a new law being debated in Germany. As I understood the matter, it is regarding gender education in schools. Some sections of the community want to change what German school children learn about male/female matters.

The following came, after having thought (and written) about this difficult subject for years:

(Please note, I am using a male as example. The subject matter is equally applicable to females. I slightly changed the original German text, translated below, to maintain privacy.)


Hallo ...,

Wir leben wirklich in schlimmen Zeiten. Die Menschen entfernen sich mehr und mehr von Gott. Die heutige Generation, im grossen und ganzen, weiss ueberhaupt nichts von Gott und von der Bibel. Aber ist das nicht in der Bibel verhergesagt - wir leben wirklich in den letzen Tagen, der Zeit wie Sodom und Gomorrah?

Die Leute sprechen immer von Toleranz und Akzeptanz. Natuerlich respektiert man seinen Mitmenschen, aber kann man ein weltliches Gesetz machen, das sagt: Liebe Deinen naechsten? Genau dieses Gesetz, laut Jesus, ist was wir Menschen brauchen und einhalten sollten. Gott und seinen Mitmenschen lieben, nicht tolerieren, ist Gottes Antwort.

Die Petition des 2015 Bildungsplanes habe ich durchgelesen und stimme damit ein. Genau dies:

"...sńmtliche LSBTTIQ-Lebensstile seien ohne ethische Beurteilung gleich erstrebenswert und der Ehe zwischen Mann und Frau gleichzustellen..."

ist es, was gegen Gottes Schoepfung sich auflehnt. Gott schuf Mann und Frau. Wer sagt, dass auch andere sexuale Lebenstile als normal angesehen werden, und in den Schulen als normale Alternative gelehrt werden sollte, lehnt sich gegen Gott auf. Kindern sollte man das lehren, was sie spaeter auch tun sollten und tun werden.

Darin sehe ich das Dilemma eines Jungen, der mit zehn oder zwoelf merkt, dass er sexuell nicht nach Maedchen schaut. (12 ist ja viel zu jung, sowieso). Wenn unsere tolerantes Bildungssystem diesem Jungen einreden will, dass er ganz normal ist, der Junge doch genau sieht dass er nicht normal ist, schafft es in diesem Jungen ein enormes moralisches Dilemma.

Auf der einen Seite sagt man ihm er ist normal, auf der anderen weiss er genau, es stimmt etwas nicht mit mir. Fuer Jahre hin sucht er Akzetanz. Was er wirklich sucht ist Liebe, tiefe Liebe, die er nur in Gott findet. Traurig ist, dass viele dieser jungen Leute keinen Ausweg sehen und sich das Leben nehmen.

Waere es nicht besser, man faende einen Weg, um festzustellen wenn ein 12 jahriger Junge (oder Maedchen) nicht wie andere sind? Und mit all unserer modernen medizinischen und psychologischen Mitteln, zu versuchen diesen Menschen zu helfen, und sie auf den richtigen Weg zu leiten? Tut man denn das nicht in Ausschweifungen, wie Authismus, Lernschwierigkeiten, Sprachfehlern usw?

In unserem Bekanntenkreis gibt es auch Menschen von denen ich nicht weiss wo sie sexuell stehen. Ich will es auch gar nicht wissen. Menschen sich Menschen, ich akzeptiere sie wie sie sind. Was hat Sexualitaet im Sport zu tun? Ein Fussballer hat einmal gesagt, es waere nicht angebracht, wenn alle Bundesliga Spieler die schwul sind, dies oeffentlich bekannt machen wuerden. Unsere Media was ganz aufgebracht, wie er so etwas sagen konnte!

Aber er hatte ganz recht. Welcher Fussball fan ist schon daran interessiert welche sexuelle Richtung Spieler haben? Dass sie Tore schiessen, darum geht es den Schlachtenbummlern, nicht was fuer ein sexuelles Leben sie fuehren.

Das heiraten von Lesben und Schwulen hat zwei Seiten. Zum einen ist es natuerlich gut, wenn zwei gleichgeschlechtliche Menschen nicht mit hunderten von Partnern herummachen (was oft der Fall ist). In dem Sinne ist eine Partnerschaft - ein Mann und ein exclusiver anderer - zu befuerworten. Diese jedoch einer Ehe von Mann und Frau gleichzustellen geht zu weit.

Wie gut waere es, wenn jene, die durch die Strassen marschieren und mit grossen Plakaten vor dem Parlament fuer homosexuelle Ehe propagieren, ihre Hingabe fuer die Eheschliessung andern, heterosexuellen jungen Leuten einreden wuerden?! "Warum denn heiraten," sagen diese sich?

Zeigt das nicht, dass es den Lesben und Schwulen nicht um Recht geht, sondern um Anerkennung ihres Lebensstils - nicht ihrer Person. Die Person kenne ich an, und akzepiere sie. Ihren Lebensstil jedoch nicht.

Fuer heute genug zum Nachdenken. Bleib Gott nahe.

Dein Freund Dieter


Hello ...,

We live in terrible times. People are moving further and further away from God. Today's generation, by and large, knows nothing at all about God and the Bible. But is not this foretold in the Bible - we really live in the last days, in times like Sodom and Gomorrah?

People always speak of tolerance and acceptance. Of course, one does respect one's fellow man, but can we create a secular law, which says - Love your neighbour? Just this law, according to Jesus, is the one we humans need and should keep. To love God and your fellow man, not merely tolerate them, is God's answer.

The petition regarding the 2015 Curriculum I have read and agree. Exactly this...

"...all LSBTTIQ - lifestyles are to be regarded equally in value, without ethical prejudice, and put on the same level as that of man and woman ..."

is that which is offensive towards God's creation. God created man and woman. Those who say that other lifestyles must be viewed as normal, and must be taught in schools as normal alternative, are rebelling against God. Children must be taught that, which they later should do and will do.

Here is how I see the dilemma of a boy, who at age ten or twelve, notices that his sexuality is not directed toward girls. (12 is far too young, anyway). Whilst our tolerant education system is trying to tell this boy that he is totally normal, this boy, however, sees that he is not normal, it creates inside this boy a huge moral dilemma.

On the one hand he is told he is normal, on the other he knows very well - something is wrong with me. For years he seeks acceptance. What he really needs is love, deep love, which he can only find in God. The sad part is, many of these young people don't see a way out, and take their own lives.

Would it not be better, one could find a way to determine, if a 12-year-old boy (or girl) is different to others? Then, using all our modern medical and psychological methods, trying to help these people and guide them onto the right path? Don't they do this in cases of other abnormalities, like autism, learning difficulties, speech defects etc?

In our circle of acquaintances are people of whom I do not know where they stand sexually. I don't want to know at all. People are people. I accept them as they are. What does sexual orientation have to do with sport? A footballer once said that it would not be appropriate for all AFL football  players, who are gay, to announce this publicly. Our media was in uproar; how could he say such a thing?

But he was right. What football fan is even interested, what sexual orientation players have? That they can score goals, is all football fans are interested in, not what kind sex life they live?

The marriage between Lesbians and Gays has two sides. For one, it is of course good when two same-sex people don't play around with hundreds of partners (which often is the case). In that sense, one has to say yes to a partnership - one man and one other exclusively. However, to regard this as equal to a man and woman is going too far. 

How good would it be, if those who march through the streets with large banners, protesting for gay marriage in front of the parliament, were to share their passion for marriage and talk other, young heterosexual couples into it? "But why bother getting married," they say? 

Does this not show that it's not about gay and lesbian's rights, but acceptance of their lifestyle - not their person? The person I can acknowledge, and accept them. Their lifestyle, however, not. 

For today, enough to think about. Stay close to God. 

Your friend Dieter

- - - - - - -


Friends, God knows best how to raise children. Life was HIS idea. When it comes to educating children, leaving them growing up their own way is not God's way. Here are two verses from the Proverbs, which go against the modern, anti-Christian style of educating children (there are many others):

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22, 6)

"The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother." (Proverbs 29, 15).

The issue is not merely about teaching and disciplining children, or the definition of marriage. It's about the definition of God's original education plan for all of mankind. 

HE really did say: "Though shalt not ...!" And they disobeyed; still do!

Like a parent, who passionately loves his children, God showed us right from wrong for our own good. Where do children learn it, if not at school, in the home and/or in church on Sunday morning?

What better verse to end this Chapter 9, than Verse 9 of 1.Thessalonians 5? 

Allow me to translate it from the German Bible Hope for All:

"For God does not want us to face HIS wrath and judgement, rather that we are saved through our Lord Jesus Christ."


Chapter 10