Book 12 - Chapter 8                                   Written / Published  15.1. - 17.1.14

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As I commence this chapter Adelaide is right in the middle of its hottest week ever. In the previous chapter we broke an 82-year record for the maximum December  temperature. 

During the writing of this chapter there is a chance we will break the all-time highest temperature in Adelaide, 46.1 C, recorded in 1939. The forecast is for 46 degrees C. (115 F). Much of this chapter is about heat.

On the day of the expected scorcher, on 1.16.14, the digits of the date will be 4 6 1.  Makes me think: Does God have a hand in it all? HE is the ONE, who said about Himself: "I am the way the truth and the life" (John 14, 6). HE controls all, even the weather!

In the Psalms we read of the great I AM.  God opened my eyes to this in a renmarkable way. God makes no mistakes. If HE does, HE works it all for good.

(Within minutes of finishing this chapter, Adelaide's heatwave came to an end.)


8.  The heat is on - fire 

After the eventful communion service at the picturesque Uniting Church in Bright, my travel companion Richard met up with me. We considered joining the congregation in the hall for refreshments, but I wanted to go back to that green meadow, beside the clear, running stream, where I had experienced God speak to me so beautifully early that morning. There was a table, perfect for having a coffee and discuss, how to spend the rest of the day.

We decided to drive up nearby Mount Buffalo. The weather could not have been better, cool to mild and sunny. Australia's mountains, compared to those of Europe, are less steep and therefore easier accessible by motor vehicles. (For this reason Australia has more skiing fields than Switzerland.) My little green Machine, the Suzuki Wagon R+ conquered the 25 kilometre climb without any problems.

The final 20 minutes of walking, from the carpark to the top of the 1713 m peak, were far too brief for my itchy feet. How I would have loved to take a half-day hike through this superb region of Australia. (A reason to travel here again and do it!)



<<<  View from the summit of Mount Buffalo, 1713 m.

Looking east toward Victoria's highest peak, Mount Bogong. In the far distance - Mount Kosciusko, 2228 m (7310 ft), Australia's highest.




How could I miss riding my bike down this mountain? At the bottom I had to wait for my friend to arrive in the Suzuki.

Considering the Registration plate ... 228., I ought to add to my (bike-ride) bucket list: Drive the Suzuki up Mt. Kosciusko and ride the Giant all the way down. 

(If before I turn 73 in 10 years, I may even ride up and down - the feet will do it!)

Australia's highest mountain, rather flat at the top, was named by the Polish explorer Paul Edmund Strzelecki in 1840, in honour of the Polish national hero and hero of the American Revolutionary War General Tadeuz Kosciusko because of its perceived resemblance to the Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow. (Source: Wikipedia).


As I write, the hot weather in South Eastern Australia, not only Adelaide, is making headlines around the world. Adelaide on the day of writing (Jan 16, 2014) is the hottest city on the planet. But across the border to our east, Victoria is not far behind. The annual tennis tournament, the Australian Open in Melbourne, still went ahead on Jan 15th, despite one Canadian player almost fainting in the heat. The forecast maximum temperature for 16.1.14, the day of writing, in Melbourne is 44 deg. C.

How timely this is, since we are about to travel to our final destination, Daylesford, where I was surprised by the number 44. (Read on). 

Still travelling through Victoria on 12.8 (Dec.8), writing Book 12, Chapter 8, we ate lunch in a park on the roadside in Myrtleford. The weather was hot and sunny, but still pleasant. This was, where I photographed a Christmas decoration, a flag on a post right on a main road, with English and Arabic lettering - Peace. (Pic. previous. chapter). 

The next leg of our journey took us south on the Hume Highway toward Melbourne. We had considered staying there, but since it was our final overnight, arriving in the evening in such a big, cultural metropolis and leaving the next morning is not doing it justice. We decided instead to head for Daylesford.

Driving through Kilmore on the C 311 I again remembered many places from three years earlier (Bk. 9, 10).

 Just now, looking at this chapter, the numbers 0 and 750 feature rather prominently. Read on for some weather info, using just these digits.


Arriving in Daylesford we could not find a motel easily. I recalled from earlier trips that nearby Hepburn Springs was popular with tourists. There were very few tourists around and the first Motel we checked had a room just what we were looking for. Later I found that the address was 105. 

Perhaps I should not have even bothered taking notice, but when I found 10 cents, in 5 cent pieces later that evening, I could not help but keep them for my diary. As always - one coin-incident led to another ...



Strolling casually around Daylesford after a great evening meal, I spotted two five-cent coins on the roadway. The location is shown on the right (Google Streetview).

At the time I did not take notice of the name of this main street in Daylesford. Researching it and finding that it was in Vincent Street - made perfect sense!

One more observation in Vincent Street - outside a shop were two numbers 4 4. Nothing unusual, except they were mounted upside down! 4 4 makes sense, if you view N inside a t.

Note the name of the shop at the picture above! No, not Noah's Ark, but Ben... the name on the far right. Ben featured in the previous chapter.

- - - - - - -

Fast forward to December 28th, 2013. Christmas was over and my friend (the above travel companion) and his wife joined us in a cinema. Watching the film I had long forgotten about the name Ben. It never entered my mind that it had been included in the uploaded chapter a week earlier.

Later it came - I had been watching a movie, which not only featured Ben (Ben Stiller, the very actor I had mentioned in Chapter 7) but it was also produced by him: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

One detail sticks clearly in my memory, recorded in my diary: Unless I'm mistaken, in a scene in Iceland the central character Walter takes a ride in a 4-wheel drive. During the brief moment it flashed across the screen I read its rego plate as 6 G 4..5. (This is how I recalled it at the end).

What struck me was that our small group was viewing this movie in Cinema 6, Row G, which had been allocated to us at the box office. Our friends sat in seats 4 and 5.

Still later, more numbers. The four of us had been allocated seat Nos. 2-5. Those who watched the film and recall the plot will remember. The hero, Walter, goes on a long journey to look for an important photo negative, which he had lost. It was No. 25. The movie ends in a surprising twist ...


A surprising twist relating to the above story came to me during prayer on Day 5 (Fri) of the heatwave, Adelaide;s hottest week ever. The previous day Thursday 16.1.14 we did not quite reach 46.1 deg C. It would have equalled the previous highest. (We only reached 44.2 - but, even here, I see 96 in it).

Not very often do I jump up from my prayer to jot down a revelation, so I would not forget. Moments before this writing I did.

The name Ben Stiller suddenly came to me in the digits 461. How so?

Psalm 46.10: "Be Still ... and know that I AM God."

What an appearance of the - I AM  !

But God saw so much more - HE just opened my eyes to it. (To see the supernatural in it, readers must know that I inserted this box here, the day AFTER I had inserted the two weather photos below)

Please mark the additional letters   >>> Be still     >>> Ben Stiller    

Now take a look  >>>  Re n mark! 

(Renmarks temperatures: Tue 45.7, Wed 44.8, Thu 45.0)                   (Source: mlaweatherzone) 

- - - - - - -

Our local weather, as I write Thursday 16.1.14 :

From the P/C screen (left) and the forecast, as shown on the TV screen.


But the hot, hot January day (16 in 2014) was not yet over. I quit writing, after inserting the two photos above, and sat under the air-conditioner in the TV room. A phone call from a friend alerted me to a program on Channel Nine - Getaway. The presenter and crew were travelling on a luxury river-cruise ship from Budapest to Amsterdam. I tuned into the show as the ship had arrived in Regensburg, then moved to Bamberg and Wuerzburg, places I had heard about, but never visited.

At Wuerzburg numbers kicked in, without looking for them. As mentioned many times before, I do not search out numbers. But when the digits of our hot Adelaide day - 1 16 14 - suddenly make themselves heard, how could I not take notice? 

I am not mistaken, especially since I had been writing all day about these digits. The TV presenter and his local guide visited Wuerzburg Castle. As they walked through the grandiose palace from room to room, the guide pointed to an ornate ceiling, painted and decorated much like the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

Next, my ears heard the guide explain: "This took one man only 16, 14 months to paint". 

He did not name the artist, unless I missed it. But why, I thought, give two different numbers how long it took? 

It didn't take long at all before my brain deciphered these digits - 1 16 14 - the date of the broadcast.

- - - - - - -

In church on Sunday before Christmas the preacher asked: "Hands up those, who had not been rushing around, buying presents and preparing for Christmas!" I was one of the few who put up their hand. As much as I love the season, I refuse to participate in this man-made end of year rush. 

Scribbling names of people onto a cheap Christmas card, dashing through the church foyer, trying to catch the recipients before they are out the door, and shoving the card into their hand, is not something I do. There's not even time for a friendly chat, because they also are rushing to get home - to prepare for Christmas.

If Christmas at our house is hectic, it is not man-made, but woman-made. My wife loves having all the family, now quite a crowd around our table, for Christmas lunch every year. But we don't spend big money on presents.

My Christmas rush was a visit to a shopping mall, walking from one end to the other, thinking - what can I buy her? In the end after much sale-searching, I found a small present, which I thought may suit her. I liked it too. Once I had entered the right shop (the post office) my Christmas shopping took ten minutes. (Read on to find out what it was).

On Christmas morning my wife had a surprise for me. It was not the present she had bought for me. The surprise was her greeting: "Happy Birthday!"  

She had not meant it in any funny, or God forbid, sarcastic sense. It simply was a slip of the tongue, which she immediately corrected: "Sorry, Merry Christmas". We both laughed and exchanged our gifts. As she unwrapped the one I handed to her, she commented: "I bet you bought something, which suits you?" 

What did she mean by that? Thinking about it later I had to agree with her. What I had given her did really suit me - a little book, filled entirely with cross-word puzzles. As the writer of 12 books, hundreds of chapters, thousands and thousands of words  about IT and the cross - cross words suited me, even though at the time I gave it no thought whatsoever.

The present she had bought for me was equally suitable. Matter of fact, as soon as I opened it I knew, it was just what I would have bought myself. One of my firsts thoughts was: Would I be using this for any of my writing in 2014. Two weeks into the new year, in the first chapter published in 2014, it was so!


My wife had bought me a small  >>> desk calendar. Each day features a humourous sign caught on camera.

f art was spotted in Kracow Poland. (Credit: Gerald). I found it remarkable, because, to the best of my knowledge, for the first time I thought of this play on words, and verbalized it during a family birthday party in early January. (We have 6 birthdays in January.)

"If any of you ever get into art, don't call your business F-art." I didn't know this calendar-sign would come up. 

(Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC)

Two days later, as I was writing in my ALL Things 4 Good book, during a heat wave with record temperatures this sign came up:


Even after putting on my funny hat I don't get the joke. However, the words ALL and HOT I found ... remarkable timing.

- - - - - - -

Fast forward to Jan 15, 14, the day of commencing this chapter. (Please note, originally I commenced this chapter at this point, and a day later wrote the above)

- - - - - - -

The headline on the TV screen took my immediate attention: The One-Minute Church Service. On the USA TV show Today a Lutheran Pastor was seen conducting a very brief church service. It allegedly lasted just one minute. Everyone, church goer or not, would be curious what this was all about.

In the brief breakfast -TV segment the pastor was explaining to his flock about an important event taking place right at the time of his 11am morning service. In a very nonchalant way he told them plainly that he would not want to miss a very important football match and .... "If you wish," he continued, pointing to the table behind him, "here are the bread and wine. Help yourself to communion."

The commentators explained that this preacher was an ardent fan of the SF 49ers football team. Without researching I assume they are San Francisco based and that this important match happened to clash with the time of his church service. 

As with many hard to believe stories on TV, especially those which only last a few seconds, the why, when and how questions are often left up in the air. My critical brain put this unusual item into this category. Next, I suddenly made sense of the number 49. To me it made sense - on air in the USA on Jan 14, 2014 (in Australia it was already 1.15 - Jan 15th.) 

As I have done for a decade, I saw it, thought it then typed it - a brief message onto their feedback form, just for fun. As I worked the keyboard, smiling to myself, more fun came. That it involved the weather came almost natural.


Email to Today Show, NBC New York, dated 15/1/14:

Hi all,

That Lutheran Pastor's one-minute service was well timed. How could he not watch his 49ers on 14.1.2014 (14+1+20+14). He would have committed the sin of omission!

The trouble, of course, not time for the offering - 0 Dollars for mission!

Kind regards

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  On reports on your show I have seen bicycle riders during the great freeze in NY. Should I then not go for my bicycle ride today, in 46 Centigrade heat? The date would match - 115 F on 1.15!

- - - - - - -

Our youngest son, who is a meteorologist, recently reminded me of an interesting fact to do with our weather. We were talking about the heat, when he mentioned in passing that South Australia held the record for the hottest ever recorded temperature in Australia. To him the number 50.7 would have sounded like a lot of hot air. In my mind they were no co-incidence:

Australia's highest ever recorded temperature came on 2. Jan 1960 - in a place called Oodnadatta, South Australia. It reached 50.7 degrees Centigrade (123 F).  

Besides codes 123 the digits 50 and 7, coming from my meteorologist son, were rather interesting. Going back to January 2007 I had photographed a cloud, which looked very much like the letter L (50) upside down, as well as the number 7. (Pic. Book 5, Chapter 27). This son of mine was the (only) person to witness that cloud with me seven years ago, almost to the day.


- - - - - - -


<<<  One of the hundreds of fires, burning in South Australia as I write (January 2014.)

Police can only look on as horrific flames rage wildly just across the road.

May all be reminded that there is a God, who controls all things, including the wind and the weather.

Q: Why then does HE allow 52 houses to go up in flames, as happened in Western Australia, days before this writing? Why does one house remain standing, while one next door is destroyed?

Would not all love an answer to these questions?

A: God alone knows all things. All HE asks of us is to trust HIM. It may only be in the world to come that we will find answers to life's questions?

Maximum temperatures, forecast for 15.1.14  



Coober Pedy 43,

Ceduna 46

Port Lincoln 42

Adelaide 45

Mount Gambier 43


No doubt, on the day of such high temperatures (as I write Parafield Airport, two kilometres away, reached 44 deg. Centigrade) many South Australians will be reminded of a tragic fire, which occurred in 2005. It is exactly 4 days and 9 years since that day, which they later called Black Tuesday. 

I may have missed the ninth anniversary of the sad event, had I not read my Daily Bread Bible (ODB) reading and discovered some most unusual links. The digits 111 and 5 had sprung up many times in my chapters.

(In Book 11, Chapter 5, how remarkable, you will find the number 1115 in a picture, taken in the USA where ODB originates from. The whole chapter centres around those very same digits - and fire)! 


Just as number 272 did in Canberra, they bear witness to God's unlimited power over everything, including nature. If nature were to control itself, God knows how many times our planet would have collided with another, blowing us all into oblivion. How comforting to know ONE is in control. 

Take a look at the bible reading, which held so many links:


Our Daily Bread, January 11, 2014

<<<   January 11 in 2005 is not the date I generally regard as the beginning of my journey. 

But, most certainly, this tragic bushfire, which destroyed much land and cost 9 lives, is a landmark in South Australia's recent history. 


Text: The Journey Begins: Eighty-one years ago today a 9-year-old boy prayed to ask Jesus to be the Savior of his life. His mother wrote these words in a memory book: "Clair made a start today." Clair - my dad - has now walked with Christ for 8 decades. He marks the day when he made his decision to follow Christ as the beginning of his journey. Growing spiritually is a life-long process ... 

The reference 2 Peter 1:5-11 - on the 9th anniversary of that event - 9 lives were lost. Note the first word - Eighty-one. 

Digging a little deeper - 9 is the only single digit number, which can be added or multiplied by itself 9+9 or 9x9 resulting in the same two digits turned around - 18 - 81!

- - - - - - -


Not until here, as I wrote the word Peter, did I suddenly see a link to another fire. It was not a bush fire; rather a factory was reported destroyed by an early morning blaze on December 13th,13. In the back of my mind I was mildly curious.

A few days later, out on an exercise ride on my bike, I remembered the television news item. My curious nature made me pedal there. As soon as I had heard the street mentioned on the news, I knew where it was. My curiosity had risen considerably, after I had decoded the street name: Minus R >>> Why see a L on. 

It was still daylight around 8,45 PM, when I got there. There was virtually nobody around in this industrial area, only a security guard keeping watch.


Car parts      >>>

warehouse destroyed by fire. A report on Adelaide Now puts the estimated damage bill at $ 200 000.


The location happened to be directly opposite to a business, where we used to have our vehicles serviced and repaired - "Strong--arm Motors".


Sounds inviting: JUST ENTER. 





Another evening  >>> bike ride, another fire scene.


Again, out on a bike ride  late in the evening, I recalled a news item regarding a fire. It was reported twice, the day it happened and again, with no further information, a day later. Why so?



After snapping this photo I took off again on my GIANT bike, almost missing an interesting name, right next door to this No. 12 property: Peter Moore. Moore rang a bell, the name of a town devastated by a cyclone. Peter, a very common name...

Personal registration plates often represent the model of vehicle they are attached to. The Audi, parked right near the fire scene as I cycled by, is a good example - Audi 2.7 TDI.


<<<  Not much to photograph; the same fire scene, behind a locked door of this disabled toilet, just off a small shopping arcade. 


Below: Christmas decorations as I found them. It was only days after I had taken the Audi photo (above) when I saw this:


The Audi Rings (of Fire)

- - - - - - -


What will 2014 bring? How I wished for a breakthrough in the Peter Liddy case. I still pray daily for the imprisoned, former magistrate. For Christmas I wrote him a letter. If he received it, I do not know. He may even have written me a letter, but if prison staff does not post it, or he is denied postage stamps, I will not receive it. 

I can not contact my friend in Mount Gambier Prison. The five-hour drive would not deter me to go and pay a personal visit. As I had experienced when his prison cell was just a few kilometres away, it's not easy to visit a prisoner. 

I had written to him years ago, asking to be put on the list of permissible visitors. I am not sure, if he did place me on the list. He may have done so. But if prison staff had not complied, or I was put on a banned visitor's list without the prisoner's knowledge, we may never make personal contact until his release. 

It would not surprise me at all, if I were on a black list. To the best of my knowledge I have been the only outspoken, published voice online, who writes what the media keeps hiding from the public - the dodgy character and crimes of key witnesses, the sloppy police investigation, the non-reporting by our only newspaper of vital facts in the case etc etc. Everyone deserves a fair trial, even a magistrate.

Be it as it may, God has the final say. HE holds the key to everything. HE is in control of prisons as well as the wind and weather, which is setting our state on fire, as I write. (One fire is reported near Renmark). HE is Lord over nature. (Note nature).


Less than two hours before these final paragraphs, our State Attorney General, the Member for Enfield, Mr. John Rau was interviewed on Radio 5AA. Popular talk show host Jeremy Cordeaux, previously on radio 5 DN, had been filling in for some weeks for the regular morning show host. (In my first book you will read much about the role this man and Radio 5 DN played in my early struggle for justice and sanity.)

During the Rau interview I felt like screaming at the radio, reminding him, our State's highest authority regarding justice, how he could have rejected my written pleas in the Peter Liddy case, my claims of doubt, backed by copies of vital documents, and not even wanted to hear in person, what I had to say!

I felt like screaming at the radio - how he could keep ignoring a criminal's statement to have had a normal childhood, had never been abused, but still, seven years later, managed to come up with abuse allegation, which put my friend behind bars a very, very long time!


Googling the website of a TV Current Affairs program I came across a report regarding a bungled court case. In the feedback section, I could hardly believe it, I found a comment by another unfortunate victim of a miscarriage of justice in South Australia.


I got wrongfully convicted of a crime as well so it looks like the slogan on our number plates should be SA THE CORRUPTION STATE I did 3 years we all have to put up with it unless you're in a position of power or authority you are going to get shafted I mean how can anyone get convicted without DNA or fingerprints and just one person that says you did something and especially if you know the person that accuses you that make it even worse as far as I am concerned my opportunities of employment are zero cos potential employers use Google and so I am stuffed I am getting out of this evil and corrupt state

(Source: Today Tonight, Channel Seven, December 12 - Feedback)


Strong words, friends. We have no reason to not believe this unfortunate man, who even gave his name. Why would he bother maintaining his innocence, after having served prison? It would not make sense. After what I witnessed in the Liddy case, the above does not surprise me. What a sad state of affairs in our beautiful state!

What more can an ordinary citizen, passionate for justice, do, when the highest authority in our legal system (please nobody ever call it justice system!) and all those beneath that authority, refuse to face up to their responsibility to seek justice? Is it not an offence to pervert the course of justice?

Listening to the Attorney-General on radio, I interrupted my writing and sent a brief email to the radio station. As with all my correspondence, if my written words find a listening ear is God's responsibility.

Here is what I wrote on 17/1/2014 - 10.28 AM: 


Subject: Mr. Rau knows all. 

Hi all,

Recently I stumbled upon RAU. I had seen the two words NATURE and NURTURE on TV.

If I deduct all letters which a doubled up - we are left with RAU.

Rau in German means rough. Germany once had a President Johannes Rau.

If I were to continue into some more useful trivia (vital trivia) and was on the phone, I would probably be cut off. Very sad.

Have a good day


PS   Mr Rau would know all the detail of the vital triva. But there seems to be a media blackout in the Liddy case.


Did anyone notice the spelling error in the second paragraph? Only after pasting the email here did I notice it - the letter a has re missing "... which a doubled up.".

Is God drawing attention to Re.N mark or Re N field? 

Mr. Rau must know, the way Mr. Liddy has been treated over the past 13 years - very, very rough. 

- - - - - - -

A final thought came, just in time. Remember the word trust? In my darkest hours this word became my motto: Trust God, trust the cross. 

Now take a look how rough (Rau) turns into trust:

 trau  -  translated into German = trust. 



Chapter 9