Book 12 - Chapter 7                                   Written / Published  18.12 - 21.12.13

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I was about to commence writing this chapter, starting with the birth-magic (below), when I tuned into Radio SWR4, Stuttgart Germany. Just then, after the moderator Holger gave the local time (6.20 am) one of my favourite Christmas songs started to play. How it fits in perfectly here - Bonnie M's  Mary's Boy Child". (Bon is good).

During this chapter Adelaide experienced its hottest day for 82 years - 43.4 deg. C. The question, if all is co-incidental or if the great I AM is speaking to us all, is one each has to answer in his own heart and mind.



7.  I AM - That's HE

The previous Chapter 6 went live exactly at 8.46 pm on Saturday 30th November. How could I not notice this, since the letters RU were part of the title of that chapter? I had not planned it, or even thought about it until that time. The final words in the chapter were - a time to be born.

What came next fitted perfectly into the bigger picture - a baby was born. (No, it wasn't my mature-aged wife doing a Sarah surprise.) To wind down from days of writing, researching and editing etc. I had joined my wife in the television room. 

My mind was still occupied with what I had written, plus the rather uncanny parallel to my writing surrounding the Kapunda Road Royal Commission. The key number had been 126. On finishing Bk. 12, Chapter 6 I had just realized the date was Nov. 30, the same date, when a lawyer had allegedly run down a cyclist..

Half thinking, half watching the TV screen, I suddenly became aware of what my wife was watching. Our ABC TV screened a popular British TV series, where a lot of babies are born. It's called Call the Midwife. Moments into watching the program a baby was born. What amazing timing, I thought. Indeed a baby boom.


From my (weirdo?) diary 1/12/13

<<<   Christmas catalog by major book seller.

Choosing the title for the previous chapter I almost did not include the letters u r.

Glad I did. The next morning in our letterbox I found this catalog. The two letters hit me in an instant.

A major book retailer advertised their Christmas product range with this headline: OUR GUIDE TO GIVING.

Q: What did I see, besides u r ?

A: C.

How? The letters replace by symbols are O I O or

I O O = C. 

Reading the letters from the bottom right hand corner:  i d weirdo!  Who is Ahn Do? No weirdo at all, but a much loved comedian, renowned as 'The Happiest Refugee' in Australia. 

Around the same time I sent an email to the same company, who distributed the above catalog. After opening it they must have thought a weirdo wrote it. It had nothing to do with AhnDo or any of the above. I had seen a spelling error online on their website:

What is missing here? I d.

Since I had just uploaded the chapter, where AD OK OK and HeD featured, the missing d really stood out.




(Author Bill Bryson ... one of the most beloved ...)

(Photo from P/C screen)

- - - - - - -

Much of what my brain registers, and finds a link to, is nothing unusual. Very early in my writing I pointed to this natural phenomena, experienced by all of us: If your friend buys a new Model car, say a green VW, you suddenly notice how many green V-Dubs there are. Until then they were just passing traffic.

After a chapter I had completed becomes public online, and virtually available to billions, my mind often links, what I see or hear, back to what II had written about. A classic example is the photo in the previous chapter, where an artist had displayed 48 umbrellas in a 2 / 1 pattern, using two colours, black and cherry.

The morning after uploading I happened to watch, for the first time in many years, US TV preacher Charles Stanley. His colours suddenly stood out - a black suit and a tie, very close to the colour cherry. 

A day later I noted another cherry tie. (Photos below.) The most surprising link to the Paddington umbrellas, however, came on the USA TV show Today, screened on Sunday 1/12/13 in the US; prefect timing.


I had written that if the artist had any idea about the 3 / 16 pattern, and it's meaning to the Christian community, he ought to have included the colour white. And there they appeared on the screen on our Australian  TV monitors on Monday morning, Channel 73, Dec 2, 13:


Two black suits, red-cherry ties, one cherry lady, two white ladies.

The theology behind the coloured umbrellas is simple: Man rebelled against God. Human hearts became stained with sin - black.

God provided a means of coming good again. Jesus shed his blood - red / cherry. Anyone, accepting what God did through Jesus is washed clean. His heart will be as white as the TV presenter's dress above!


Another TV observation came while eating lunch, also on Monday 2/12/13. Our ABC 24 News Channel reported that drugs in Australia cost 16 times more than in the United Kingdom. The presenter gave the percentage as 16, but on the screen below, the text showed 14 percent. (When things don't add up, I wake up). I couldn't just swallow that.

The report continued for quite some time, not like commercial channels, which may only air a 10-second nano- bracket of a story, then rush on. The error continued, 14 shown on the screen, but the reporter reading 16. At one stage both 14 and 16 were shown in writing on the screen. That's when I grabbed my camera. Unfortunately, the picture changed, just as I snapped the photo. 

Here is a picture I snapped during the segment, as shown on our LG TV. I'm glad I took it, because numbers came to life only minutes later:


<<< ABC News 24, Mon 2/12/13

Drugs in the UK are 14 times, (not 16 times?) cheaper than in Australia.

 (My mathematics in the example shown make it only 6.69 times more expensive.) 

After taking the photo I noticed Adelaide's weather forecast - 16 / 30. (No, we won't need umbrellas). I found the numbers interesting. It does not take a university education to realize the mistakes 14/16 added to 30.

Two more twists occurred after scanning: One, in a moment we shall visit Bendigo, the other city shown above. Two, during the writing of this chapter the weather is making headlines: 44 maximum forecast for Elizabeth in Adelaide's North; first heatwave, affecting 1/3 of Australia, for this summer.

- - - - - - -

Meeting with my friend Richard we decided to take another trip together. He reminded me that it had been exactly two years, since our unforgettable trip to Port Lincoln. This time, we decided to head east to Victoria. The first part of the trip followed the route I had taken on my bicycle only a few weeks earlier. It certainly was easier on 4 wheels with a motor attached.

There were a few mishaps, early on, during our five day get-away, starting on December 5th 13. The windscreen wiper blades were worn, making a terrible noise, as they were scratching on the glass. At the first opportunity, in Berri in the Riverland, I replaced them. 

In Mildura, at lunch time, we tried to boil water for a coffee. I had just replaced the hose to the 3-burner gas stove and assumed all would work well. There was a strong gas smell. I tightened the nut, hoping the gas leak would stop. It was a terrible mistake, which easily could have caused a disaster.

Moments after lighting the gas flame shot out at the connection. In an instant I regretted not taking the warning of the gas smell. But I did not panic. I knew what to do -  immediately shut off the gas supply. The fire stopped. No harm done, not even a burned finger. (Thank you Lord.) It could have been much worse, since I had lit the stove inside the vehicle. 

The third misfortune had to do with my Olympus camera. The lens refused to move after pressing the on/off button. I tried over and over, hoping it was only a simple fix. But no, it was kaput. Later I realized what may have caused the problem. Had I packed it too tightly without a proper hard-cover protection? Some lessons we learn the hard way. This lesson cost $ 149 for a replacement (Sony), bought in Bendigo, our first overnight stop.



<<< Bendigo has a European flavour to it. The grandeur of the city's buildings testify to a rich heritage, built largely on gold.


Shown here (my second photo with the new Sony camera) is Alexandra fountain, hidden behind traffic lights, a landmark in Bendigo.

<<<  Soldiers Memorial Hall, erected 15.11.1921 by the citizens of Bendigo in acknowledgment of the services of their soldiers in the Great War.


In the background the ( former) post office building, with its 43 metre high clock tower. The tourist information office is located in the main hall..

<<< Tourist Tram Jimmy Possum 918, decorated for Christmas, rides along Pall



Bendigo is literally built on top of mine shafts. More gold was found here between 1850 and 1900 than anywhere else in the world. (Source: Bendigo Tourism.)


How interesting is this? Moments before uploading the above pictures of Bendigo, on Radio SWR 4, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany, a Pastor was giving the 7 AM (local time) morning devotion. 

He started his brief talk with these words (or similar): "Teachers often have trouble quieting down the class. If they just say 'keep quiet' often little changes. However, if they call students by their names, like Mia, Ben or Lucca, it often works."

Why did I take special notice of this? Why had the pastor chosen just those names? Could the pastor not have chosen any name as an example? I started thinking, how strange it all was, for two reasons. 

One, Mia rang a bell because on the day above photos were taken (Dec. 6th 13) my friend Richard and I drove through a little town called Mia Mia. 

Two, not only was I writing about Bendigo and travelling through Mia Mia, our next destination also started with the letters Ben - Benalla. 

But there was more. The pastor continued his devotion, adding: "Just like the students reacted, when their names were called, God reacts, when we mention HIS name, when we call on HIM in prayer. 

I was wondering - did the Pastor realize that in the English language the name Mia are the 3 letters God used to name Himself? So what is HIS name?

Moses in the book of Exodus touched on exactly this question. He actually asks God what to say, if the children of Israel ask him, who is it who sent you, what is His name?"



And God said to Moses:

"I AM who I AM."

(Exodus 3, 14)

(At this point in writing I briefly went into the TV room. During the 30 seconds I was there (at 8.12 pm) on our ABC TV a famous actor was interviewed. His name was Ben. Ben Stiller. He wore a blue shirt..   

Above: Mia Mia, Victoria, (matching) Postcode 3444

Something else is matching here: The day I am writing this, Adelaide had its hottest December day in 82 years - 43.4 degrees C. max.

On editing this came: Does the scriptures not also say God is love?

Let's use IAM IAM to arrive at Love! How? 

Reading backwards MAI in German is the 5th month of the year - voila - 55

<<<    But there's still more of IAM. One of the first photos (No.005) I took with my new Sony, minutes after I had bought it, was this registration plate in Bendigo: 1AM I D (minus one digit for privacy).

Isn't it strange that I had scanned an album cover in the previous chapter where these three letters had emerged? (What kind of fool AM I ?)

Further, unplanned numbers magic! (I just noticed it as I checked my diary)  The date I photographed this registration plate was 6.12. The AM I (a fool) scan was in the previous Chapter 6, Book 12.

SO, am I a fool? The answer is no and yes. I'm a No fool (a number fool.)

- - - - - - -

As mentioned, our next destination, also starting with the letters Ben (and continuing with all) was Benalla. It so happened that in the evening the number 7 showed off (No. 5 started it) and I am reporting it here in Ch 7. Not only that, but the letters MAI leapt out at me, as soon as I saw it.

It was still Friday 6.12, the day we travelled across central Victoria, eating lunch at historic Maldon, stopping briefly at Castlemaine, before trying to find the shortest way to the Hume Highway. It is not often that I get lost. That day we weren't either, but we were geographically embarrassed a few times. Still, the pretty countryside, off the beaten track, was well worth the detour.

I looked forward that evening to sitting and watching my football team Adelaide United playing at home against Brisbane Roar. For Adelaide the task of beating the top-of-the-ladder Roar seemed enormous. That why the first goal, after the 7 PM kick-off in the 7th minute, made the stadium erupt as it had not done for weeks. This was Round 9 and the Reds had not won a game since Round 1.


Unfortunately, life was only good for a short while. Brisbane scored 2 goals before the final whistle. And like so many things in life, it's not over until the one, who has the final say, has the final say. (Not the referee, but the ONE whose name is  I A M.)


<<<  Adelaide's No.5 Malik used his head to score a quick goal at Hindmarsh (TV picture on replay).

Now you know, why I noted the letters Ma.i. 

If No.5 were named MALIG, then LG (far left) would really fit into the picture.

What a good way to start the day! A bike ride on a pretty country road, flanked by sunbathed gum trees, as you breath in the cool, clean air on a fresh, clear morning. (And fresh it was, freezing fresh).

How can anyone not thank the creator of such beauty! 


Beautiful rural Victoria, outside Benalla    >>>


Ned Kelly in Glen Rowan.



He's the one holding the gun, just in case anyone wonders! On the phone, leaning on Ned, my travel companion, Richard.

Left and below: En route from Benalla to Beechworth we stopped at Glen Rowan, deep in Ned Kelly country. At one of the two museums I photographed this police helmet - 1305:

The final stretch of road into Beechworth (I found out later) was via National road C315. (More 1350 was waiting there, read on.)


In the first picture in this chapter you will find the name Ned Kelly (between i and d). Peter Fitzsimons, recently interviewed on Radio 5AA, wrote a book about the controversial character.

- - - - - - -

There were two more towns my friend and I wanted to visit that day - Beechworth and Yackandanda. As we toured on through central Victoria I was well aware that I had travelled these roads before, by bicycle, recognizing certain places clearly, like Locksley, Winton or Snows Road.

Researching just now revealed that exactly three years ago I had also written a chapter Book 9, Ch. 10) starting on 18.12 and publishing it on 21.12, how amazing, totally unplanned. It was also about a trip through Ned Kelly Country, after visiting and experiencing much magic in Bright. In a moment, we shall again visit Bright, more surprises were waiting.

- - - - - - -

There are many historic, well known towns in this corner of the world. Beechworth is famous for claiming the greatest bakery in Australia. Since it was about lunch time, Richard and I joined the queue for a light lunch, coffee and cake. We found a seat in the laced-iron balcony, overlooking the street below. Tourists were everywhere, since it was weekend and Market Day.

Above: Historic Beechworth, Victoria, Market Day, Saturday Dec.7th, 2013.



Left: The cake shop balcony, where we enjoyed a light lunch and watched the goings on in the street below.


A lady parked her VW right across the street. The registration plate had me thinking: 486 backwards. But the letters preceding, three Roman numerals, also fitted into my world of numbers - I550.

A weekend market, be in the Rocks in Sydney, or Beechworth in country Victoria, reflect two things. One, the endless strive of the human need for expressing creativity, with a little cash on the side. Two, markets are a showcase of things one doesn't need, or can't afford. (Why don't those, who can afford it, buy it for those who can't?)

I could afford to buy a little necklace, which I didn't need. So why did I buy it? Walking around the markets at Beechworth, held in the church yard, I noticed two little girls crouching on the ground. In front of them, on the floor, was little else than a few pieces of jewellery and a small sign which read: "We are raising funds for our cousin and aunty to visit us from Germany"

The little they had on offer, I thought, would not even pay for a taxi fare. But how could you not admire the enterprising spirit of those two primary-school girls? I asked how much their wares sold for?

"These are 1 Dollar and these ones $ 3.50," one replied. I bought the one for 3.50. I asked their names. One was called Lillian, the other (sounded like) Akia. How good it felt to make two little girls happy. 


Genuine Beechworth jewellery    >>>

How could I not notice the prices: $1 and $ 3.50, after having photographed the helmet 1305 at Glen Rowan? 

But then, should I not have bargained the price down to $3.05? 

<<< Rubber bands under my Giant OCR3.

Hey...! Just on scanning I got it: Three O bands, one broken becomes C - viola OCR 3.

 Whoever placed these outside our Motel room, under my bike, put a lot of thought into it. May they ponder about the meaning of Christmas to the same degree. 

- - - - - - -

<<<  Beautiful country road, Yackandandah, Victoria.

It was a glorious day, perfect weather, as we explored this part of the world, which reminded me so much of my home in southern Germany.

We had arrived at a very special time, as the town was making history. 

<<< Anyone thinking the town made history because of the Hot Star (Star Hotel) is wrong. (That was earlier, in a place called Bethlehem).

On arrival we had thought they went too far with their Christmas decorations: Coloured bits of clothes from tree to tree, along fences, down the main street, under roads, even through drain pipes ...

 (In my Book 9, Ch.10 I had written about Christmas decorations

 in Star Street ...?) 


There was a reason, why all this razzamatazz:


"The small north-east Victorian town of Yackandandah is celebrating after a group of locals beat the world record for the longest line of bunting. Since August, the band of volunteers had been spending their Friday nights cutting and sewing fabric from old shirts, underpants and tablecloths.

The final product was strung up around the town last week, and officially unveiled and measured as part of a High Country Christmas Fair on Saturday. The Yackandandah line was 7 kilometres long, beating the current world record of 4.71 kilometres, held by Torpoint in the United Kingdom."

Toward the end of the article this:

"People are now saying to me 'What's next? What do we now do on a Friday night?"                                (Source: ABC Goulburn/Murray)

(End quote) 

Congratulations, Yackandandah - how about some bible studies on a Friday night, starting at 7 pm. It may not make it into any book of records, but your names may be recorded, in God's Book of Life.

- - - - - - - 

After a brief visit and a little op-shopping we reluctantly left this pretty town to drive in beautiful sunshine to our next overnight stop, the holiday town of Bright.

Contrary to our expectation we had to search for suitable accommodation, since we wanted to stay close to town. One place was totally filled. A load of tourists on a bus tour had arrived. Fortunately, just across the road a motel had plenty of space available. The location was perfect. I wanted to be able to walk to church the next *day.

*The same nano-second I typed day, on Gospel Music selections, a male voice sang the word day: The song: "No-one ever cares for me like Jesus ..." (It's No.3 on my home-page song list). 

It was a lovely Sunday morning; crisp, but sunny with little wind. I had already been for an early morning bike ride. Again it was freezing cold, but I wanted to ride along some distance on the same disused railway line as I had three years earlier. Unlike dry Adelaide during the summer, here was much greenery to complement the blue skies.


Life was just as it was meant to be. Walking the short distance to church, I remembered a little park I could cut across, over a meadow, beside a running stream of water. How lovely the scene was - a running brook of clear water, emerging from under the shade of large trees, beside lush green grass.

The sun reflected on the stones in the river. My heart leapt at the sight, triggering memories of my childhood.    >>>   

I could not help but thank the creator for such beauty, and to let me experience His handiwork.

Moments later sitting on a wooden bench seat at the 9.15 am Communion Service, I recalled my 2010 visit to the same church. It had been much different weather, which made me appreciate the day so much more. I had arrived a few minutes early, so I leafed through the hymn book that had been handed out at the door.

Next, for no real reason the numbers for that day's date came to my mind, December 8th. or 8.12. Why not check out Hymn No. 81 Verse 2, I thought to myself? Looking back, I believe it was God's Spirit prompting my thought at that moment. 

What came next was such a beautiful experience, as if God was encouraging me, saying:

"I liked it when you thought of me, as you walked to church, across that meadow beside the water brook. I like it when people praise me for my creation."

How did God speak to me. It was indeed through the digits of that day's date. Hymn 81, Verse 2 included these (or similar) lyrics:

"I will praise You by the stream of living water..." 

How wonderful, I thought. God loves it when we praise HIM for HIS wonderful works.

- - - - - - -

Of course we did not sing that hymn that morning. However, as if history was repeating itself, right in the first song the words bright hope appeared. This triggered my memory. Did I not experience the word bright three years earlier, during my visit to Bright? I remembered it had come, not only during the church service, but I had heard it on an early morning television program. (Bk 9, 10).

During communion the organist played quietly in the background. I recognized the tune "...freely, freely you have received, freely give. Go in my name and because you believe, others will know that I live."

Communion was just about over, when the organist started another hymn. She only got to play a few notes, before the minister concluded communion and the service moved on. However, the few bars I heard were enough for me to recognize the melody. It was the grand old favourite: Great is thy faithfulness.

Yes, it was the very one I had seen on TV three years earlier in the same town, before visiting the same church, marvelling how I had woken up in Bright and hearing the words bright hope on TV. It was not co-incidental, neither back in 2010, nor on my 2013 visit.

As I sat on the left side of the small church, I noticed a black number on the side of each bench. As we walked to the front for communion I could see that there were 10 seat numbers, but they were not in order. Obviously, at one time they had all been moved and not replaced in the same order. These seat numbers teased my brain. The first row No. 10, next No. 3, then 7,  2 ...

If they were dates, my mind was thinking dates that morning, they could be Jan 30 and Feb. 7; one a date of birth, the other the date of a big fire in Victoria in 2009.

- - - - - - -

(Friends, I write it as it was, as my eyes saw it and my mind processed it). The latter (7 2) made an appearance in a strange way. It was just at that time, during this short trip to Victoria.

On 7.12, in the ACT (Canberra) Australia's first law to legalize same-sex marriage came into effect. It was a short lived affair, since the High Court unanimously threw the law out again within days of coming into effect. 

What I noticed on the TV screen that day was a minimum / maximum temperature combination. It was that of Canberra - 3 Min / 24 Max.

It does not take an Einstein brain to see both 27 and 72 closely related to the above. It was first in 2008 in Canberra, when I came across 272, and the following year on 7 2 in Melbourne.

- - - - - - -

(How I wished that normal couples, who just live together without caring about marriage, were half as enthusiastic about weddings as are gays and lesbians!)


May I briefly comment on this subject, once again, since those who lost, once again, have vowed to keep pushing their agenda onto the rest of us. It's not about equal rights, it's about what's right and what's wrong in God's eyes. A government, who gives their official blessing by making a law to endorse this, or any other contra-bible principle, is in direct confrontation with Almighty God.

In an email four days ago I reasoned with a conservative politician in Canberra, the Minister for Communications, about this matter. He has been vocal, proposing a change in the Marriage Act. His philosophy goes directly against that of his leader, who has repeatedly stated his view: Marriage is between a man and a woman. (Thank God).



Dear Mr. Turnbull,
As a former active member of the Liberal Party I am rather disappointed that you would not support the conservative viewpoint on gay marriage. (Newsradio 16.12.13).

Don't you agree that even non-believers of biblical teaching would find it hypocritical that parliamentary sessions are opened with a prayer, which includes this phrase "...Your [God's] will be done..."

Both the Old Testament (Lev. 18, 22) and the New Testament (Rom. 1, 26)  clearly tell what God's viewpoint and will is when it comes to sexual relations. For a Government to pray that God's will be done, but then pass legislation, which goes totally contrary to God's moral standard, is highly hypocritical.

The argument that Australia is out of step with the rest of our western allies is a poor one. Moral decisions sometimes require strong leaders who stand up, even when others cave in to the demands of a noisy, misguided mob.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

(address supplied)


PS  The man, whose birthday we are about to celebrate, was found totally innocent. Yet - mob rule (elbow democracy) prevailed. Has Australia learned at all from history, biblical or otherwise?


After the previous Prime Minister's departure Mr. Turnbull had lost the ballot for the Liberal Party leadership rather unexpectedly. In the back of my mind I sense that Mr. Turnbull needs an issue, which he may use one day to challenge the more conservative Mr. Abbott again for leadership. May Australia's leaders stay firm and commit to godly principles, as did our founding fathers.  

- - - - - - -

During the night, before publishing this chapter, I woke to go to the bathroom. The clock showed 2.48 am. These digits immediately triggered a thought process, a mathematical exercise, which is as simple as the 3/24 above. 

To convert 248 into the postcode for Para Hills (5096) should not take a Pythagoras (Einstein, maybe?) We only add 2 plus 48 (50) then multiply 2 x 48 (96) and we have arrived. 

This, our postcode, led me to an email I had sent to our ABC TV two days before publishing this chapter. (At present I write very few emails to the media).

It started by watching ABC TV24 News. I noticed that the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) stood at 5096. To an all ordinary citizen like me, this meant nothing. Matter of fact, why would any Australian exchange their security?

Seeing our postcode on the screen, I decided to send  the presenters of that TV show a Christmas greeting. I included things which God had revealed to me over many years. It has all been written and made public. It should make everyone think.

I can't change what took place, what I saw, what is written; nor would I want to. All I want is to do God's will and to walk the paths HE wants me to walk, think thoughts HE want me to think, live the life HE wants me to live.


Email to the ABC - 19/12/13

Hi all,

Since the ASX200 showed 5096, the postcode for our Adelaide suburb, I thought I wish you all a blessed, thoughtful Christmas.

50 in Roman Numerals is L which stands for Love. God sent HIS son, born in Bethlehem, foretold hundreds of years before by the prophet Isaiah, as a gift of HIS love into the world. The second half of our postcode - 96 is where it is written: Isaiah Chapter 9, Verse 6, which happens to be the key verse in Our Daily Bread Bible reading today 19.12.13. SO plus N = son, the N being a key letter in all of this.

In Habakuk 3, 3 we read: God ... the Holy ONE, came from Mount Paran. 5096 is the postcode for Para Hills, what a similarity, how amazing it all works together.

I could go on, how 96 is 4 times 24 and my postal address is 24 in the road, which is all good. It is all written down. One does not write 12 books just for fun, even though it is fun writing.

May your Christmas be filled thoughts of who and what IT is all about.

God bless,

Dieter, Adelaide


Myrtleford / Victoria

Chapter 8