Book 12 - Chapter 6                                    Written / Published  28.11 - 30.11.13

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"HE wakens me morning by morning ...". (Psalm 50,4) 

On the day of commencing this chapter I woke at 5.13 am. How this fitted with my plans to start this chapter on 28.11 and publish it on 30.11. Two registration plates, 228 and 301, were among the earliest digits to lead my journey into the world of numbers. 301 is part of my birthday. Read about an encounter with a (good) DOB. 

It all works together ... for good. We shall also in this chapter conclude our visit to Sydney, New South Wales. On the day of publishing (30.11) I woke at 1.35 am.

One final thought came, moments before publishing: The date is 30.11.13. It is the 10th anniversary of cyclist Ian Humphrey's reported death on the Kapunda Road. Amazing timing - this is Book 12, 6.


6.  U r - That's you.

At the charity shop, where my wife and I volunteer at, we receive donations from the public. People drop in all kinds of things, some very good, some not so good and occasionally useless trash. We take it all and say thank you, knowing in the end, the good outweighs the bad.

The day after publishing the previous chapter, my wife unpacked a bag and found, among other donated items, a rather large quantity of silver coins. I counted them. They totalled $ 9.60. My mind started thinking. Engaging the big C (100) those 960 cents became 9.6, as in Isaiah 9,6: "... a child is born, a son given!" 

Keyword, son: How about this? A few hours before writing the above, I had turned on the TV and overheard a name. It was the name I heard first in the commentary of a European Football match. 

It was a life broadcast of Manchester United against Bayer Leverkusen. Player No.7 for Leverkusen: Son. Take a look at his hyphenated, second name Heung-Min. (I'm ...?) 

The $ 9.60 in silver coins reminded me of an earlier encounter with a customer in our shop. That same morning, Sat Nov.16, a lady received a phone call on her mobile phone. She had a rather loud voice. I heard all she said, but could not understand a word. She spoke in a foreign language.

(For all I know, she could have spoken to her hungry husband, at home waiting for his dinner, and asked in surprise: "How did you know I am here?")

Whilst I did not understand the language that lady spoke, I overheard one word, repeated a few times: dobre. After she had paid for her purchase, I asked her: "Did you speak in Russian a moment ago? What does dobre mean?"

"No, Polish", she answered. "Dobre means good". As I opened the door for her on leaving, I wished her a dobre day. So where does the 9.6 Dollars link in?

It came a day or two later. My mind suddenly saw dobre in a different way: re dob, or Re: Date Of Birth. I had found a link to the 9.6 Dollars of silver coins.

Now you may understand why, when God woke me on the digits of my birthday, I could not help but fall on my knees in prayer, thanking HIM for HIS amazing ways (NOS*). What a way to show HE is near, near Christmas. HE is interested in all details of our lives. HE is good. HE is dobre.

*(Unfortunately, the team of No. 7, 50N, lost 5:0 to Man United.)

- - - - - - -


Above: OOLWORTHS  - our local supermarket, missing a W ! First time I had noticed the above was Nov. 16th, 13, on dobre day!



Nine days later, another missing W   >>>

Taking overseas visitors to Victor Harbor, we happened to park right on the main square, outside this hotel.

(CRO...N) Your name does not have to be Ron, to c ! Doesn't VV and 55 go well together? 


One way of viewing the above, the attention W is receiving, is in the context of my discovery in the previous chapter. In the photo of the road sign, en route to Batemans Bay, I noticed how a blade of grass, totally unplanned, pointed to the letters W and r u. 

Did anyone add the digits, the total mileages, shown on the sign? They come to 386. Now, adding the big C, we arrive at 486. What better match could there be to 486, than the letters r u? (Birth control ... madness).

Did anyone view the name of the town of Nowra as peaceful - No war? Or is there a war going on, a number war? If so, a Christian's weapon is not a gun or a bomb, it's walking in obedience to the Spirit of God. (2. Cor, 10, 3-5 - what a dobre number!)

- - - - - - -

The short word no, one that features many times in my books, made a timely appearance on the day of commencing this chapter. A TV journo was presenting his regular segment about finances. He spoke so fast, swallowing letters to fit all his info into one minute, I queried, if the TV station pays him in words-per-minute?

At one point he smoke, sorry spoke, what sounded like ecomy. I knew he meant economy and noticed the missing no immediately. I emailed the station: "...for a TV journo to skip letters is a no no!"

Reading no backwards takes us to the little word on. It (on) also plays a remarkable role in my books. Recently, on TV Channel 9 I noticed a name, no two names, appear on the TV screen. One was the surname Fergus, which looked like a popular name, minus son. 

This in turn jolted my brain, reminding me of another name, which I had seen on TV the night before. A man appeared on a quiz-show. His surname was Dix. Automatically, my brain added the little word on. Dix became Dixon, a name very much in the forefront of my mind, in regard to the Peter Liddy court case:

Popular name: DIXON - 509 ON

During an evening walk in an inner Sydney suburb I came across this surname. The full name (I blotted out the Christian name on purpose) is that of a key witness in the Liddy case. That's why I took note.


                                 Below: I saw more ON - WENDY ICON

Back in Adelaide on 19.11.  >>>

Cycling my GIANT for some exercise, the little word on was on my mind, when I suddenly saw this, at traffic lights on Kings Rd.

I had only seen ICON when I took the picture. The Nazarite came later at home. 

Likewise, the number 6 only came after saving the photo for this chapter, Chapter 6.

All dobre, except the man, whose name ends in on. He has yet some explaining to do. 

- - - - - - -

Friday 15.11 was the date of uploading the previous chapter 5. I had started the chapter at a time when a huge storm in the Philippines was fresh in the news. Next I wrote about two storms, a hailstorm on the south coast and a firestorm, which had struck the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

That same Friday night, just as I was editing and publishing Chapter 5, a storm lashed Sydney and the north coast of New South Wales. A day later, a severe hail storm caused a huge repair bill in Queensland, from the Gold Coast to the suburbs of Brisbane and further north on the Sunshine Coast. Here, hail stones, the size of tennis balls, did much damage.

Why am I dwelling on storms?

The next day I read the little booklet, ODB (it was DOBre Day). Again I was a day late in my bible reading. The text was from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 8. Jesus had gotten himself in a big storm. 

Verses 23 - 27 tell the story of Jesus and his disciples in a boat. Jesus was asleep as the vessel got into a big storm. His disciples panicked. They woke the Master, asking HIM to save them. He did. At his command the storm calmed immediately. They marvelled that even the wind and the waves obey HIM.

It raises in my mind the question I had asked long ago: How can it all be co-incidental, meaningless? The timing of it all. No, no and no again. God is control. HE knows our pain, our struggles. HE never promised smooth sailing all the time! HE has reason for allowing storms.

If only the world would* turn away from doing wrong, turn to HIM, trust HIM to calm the storms that are raging in our troubled world!

Pictures from the TV screen

Hail on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland - 16.11.13 (ABC TV 24).The white dots in the canal are splashes, as huge hailstones hit the water.

I can't help but turn back the calendar to September 7th, 2001. Four days before the twin towers in New York crashed, the world of my imprisoned friend came crashing down. Peter Liddy was sentenced harshly - 25 years imprisonment, 18 years non-parole. That day in Adelaide we had a rare hailstorm. 

* I just noticed this: would and world, both start with w. To change one to the other takes u r. (See blades of grass, previous chapter.)

- - - - - - -

At this point I quit writing for the day. My wife had gone out with a friend to a fundraising event. I decided to play some of my records from my collection. Totally at random I had chosen a couple of LPs by Perry Como. His voice and the relaxing songs he sang were just right for the occasion.

What came next was a thought process, which suddenly, totally unplanned, filled the chambers of my puzzled mind. Is this for real? If I write this, readers surely will think I made it all up. But no, the script here is just as it was.

I had pondered about waking at 5.13 am and the dobre date of birth. This took my mind to the place where I was born, in the Esslingen suburb of Kennenburg. I remembered I had a postcard of the place in my large collection. Pondering this name, I perceived three letters n, then b ur g.

Right at that moment my ears suddenly heard Perry Como sing the phrase "You are, yes your are..."

What amazing timing, I thought. Not only had I ended writing for the day, highlighting the letters u r, but was drawn to these very same letters minutes later, via a record, played on my LEDSONIC. 

Out of curiosity I took a closer look at the album cover. You be the judge, if I had reason to marvel at the way God was leading me; to the right song at the right time: 

The song Perry Como was singing is titled: That's you. But what DaNinci, the Spanish translation Eres Tu? Take a look:


I Believe in Music - Perry Como sings 18 relaxing favourites


That's You (Eres Tu - 6th in the list of 9 on side two) is the only song playing for 3.15 Min. Marked in blue, below, are the lyrics you are, which I heard as I was pondering u r in Kennenburg. 

"Yes, that's you, every wonderful sensation. Yes it's true, the touch love in the night that's you. A promise of laughter, that is you, that is you. Sun in the morning on a mountain. The green of a meadow in the soft summer dew. Oh yes, oh yes, that is you. You are the love song, yes you are, yes you are ..." (

Hey, can anyone else see this - u? Above spelling of the word favourites differs in the UK and Australia to that in the US. Question: What letter is it? Answer: That's u.

Also worth mentioning is song No.9 on above album cover. Just how I feel, after my brain uncovers weird connections: What a kind fool AM I? (Ha, ha ...!)


<<<  COMO Shirt Label

It so happened, on the day of this writing I passed a second-hand store. There was a strong urge to just take a look. And there it was, a polo shirt for 1 Dollar. (Read about another Dollar in a moment.

Right: Aerial view of Children's Hospital in Esslingen, Kennenburg, circa 1960.

The German word kennen means 'to know'. 

My brother, who was also born there, has lived very near Kennenburg for the last 2 decades or so. During my 2012 trip he told me that the place had long been demolished.


- - - - - - -


(Back to Sydney, October 2013)

My wife and her mother had arrived in Sydney on Monday, 14th October. I met up with them again on October 17th, the day before they were to fly back to Adelaide. My plan was to stay for the weekend. There was no point in only spending one night in Sydney, after pushing a bicycle all the way from Adelaide.

About 45 minutes before the two ladies were to get a cab from Manly to the airport that Friday, I had mounted my GIANT to farewell them in Mascot. It felt great to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge, something I had looked forward to. All went according to prefect timing. Just as I parked my bike at the Domestic Terminal, I spotted the two ladies embark from their taxi cab.

I would have preferred to say good-bye to only one of the two, but still looked forward to a great weekend in the city, which I remember so fondly from my early days in this new and exciting place. Cycling back toward the city through a busy, industrial district, I wondered what surprises the weekend would bring?



 <<<   Sydney, Skyline and Circular Quay.


The smog over the city lingered, a sign the fires were still burning.


This beautiful city holds so many wonderful memories for me, a young adult in a new country:

Sydney was my first place away from home. I learned to drive there; bought my first car there, bought my trumpet there. It was here I met my future wife and we were married in the 'City on the Harbour'.



<<< Read and ride, bald headed passenger on the Manly ferry.


As I was riding the ferry from Manly to the city I was on the upper deck. Reading the newspaper over another's shoulder is not what I normally  do. When I spotted this bald headed man below, I could not overlook the headline: NSW BURNS. A community in ruins.

Just now, looking again at the headline, I notice the last two letters inside the shaded part: ru

The other three letters ... 

- - - - - - -

Not far from the airport, cycling on O' Riordan Street, I had to stop at the traffic lights at the corner of Gardeners Road. A thought (prayer) only seconds earlier had been: What do you have in store for me this weekend in Sydney, Lord? Where are you going to lead me? 

A few moments later I looked on the ground and there was a coin; not a silver coin this time, but brass - 1 Dollar. The spot-on timing, as was so often, surprised me. As I picked up the coin I looked around. Was there something I should be seeing? Across the road I spotted a broken sign. I took this photo:



<<< Broken sign on a factory wall near Sydney's Mascot Airport.

Two, no three things pointed in my direction:


1) Obviously a carpenter's shop.


2) The digits 2881, the date I started this book + 1 (Dollar on the roadway


3) The letters HED

Later back home a little research revealed that this carpentry workshop was one of the oldest in New South Wales, established over 130 years ago. The address fitted in well: 609 Gardeners. Road. (Hey, didn't Mary once mistake the Carpenter for

a Gardener? All seems to work together...)


The place where I stayed in Sydney for two nights was in one of the most scenic parts of Sydney. The suburb's name, already mentioned, has a masculine ring to it - Manly. Riding back to there from Mascot, again via the Harbour Bridge, I discovered a bike route on the northern side of Spit Road. It was a little hilly, but far less traffic than busy Military Road.

Passing a triple-story mansion en route, the open garage door revealed a vintage car inside. Outside, the owner most likely, was talking to another person beside his other, distinguished vehicle, a classic Mercedes Sports Coupe. The two-digit registration plate - 09 - was probably worth as much as the vehicle itself. In my younger days I would dream about owning a vehicle like that. Now? Why envy a man with classic Merc, when you are riding high, on a GIANT?


<<<  Manly, superb from Bay to Beach.

Little wonder this suburb is prime real estate. The magnificent Sydney Harbour in the west and a pedestrian zone  (shopping mall) all the way to the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

 Manly beach is popular with tourists. (Forget Bondi ...oops, sorry!)

On Australia's beaches the colours yellow /red are well respected. The Surf Life Saving Association does just that; saving many swimmers' lives, after they get themselves into trouble in the surf.

- - - - - - -

On the 2nd night in Sydney I watched Round 2 of the A-League on TV at Isobel's brother's house. Adelaide United was leading by 2 goals, when their opponents Melbourne Victory scored 2 goals in the 2nd half. They celebrated the 2:2 draw like... a victory. 

As I write, after Round 7, Adelaide needs a Life Saver. They are lingering near the bottom of the A-League table, having so far only managed one win in the new season. (Maybe players ought to be encouraged to follow their own team's slogan and >>> Do the NT >>> Do the .... New Testament?

At first, any novice doing the NT, should start with the Gospel of John, Chapter 3. Verse 16 reads: 

"For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten son, that whosoever believes in HIM has everlasting life."

The rest of the NT, plus many passages in the OT (Old Testament) have the power to raise the level of motivation for life. To love sport is good, to love God is better. Real winners love God.


<<<   Piece of art in Paddington.

I took a bus to this suburb for an evening stroll. The district is renowned for its creative brains, painters, musicians and other artists. I found this artwork hanging in the courtyard in the market square. No markets, only umbrellas.

I counted 3 rows, each 16 umbrellas, saw  2 colours, cherry-red and black, arranged in a 2:1 pattern.

Did the artist know how important the digits 3 and 16 are to the Christian community? If so, where are the white umbrellas?

- - - - - - -

October 20 in 2013 was a Sunday. I resisted the temptation to take a trip down memory lane to Mosman, where the 2 10 incident took place some years earlier (Bk. 4, 28).  Plus, I had relocated from Manly to the Rocks district, the oldest part of Sydney, where among old stone structures, cobble-stoned lanes and steps I felt right at home. These reminded me of the historic centre of my home town Esslingen, Germany.

I stayed in the modern youth hostel, which had opened only in 2010. The facilities were perfect for relaxing on the rooftop, overlooking Sydney's harbour, Opera House and skyline. The location was perfect for exploring many tourist sites on foot, the Rocks galleries, the foreshore, the famous Opera House and, of course, the city for shopping. (Not that I did much of that.)

It was Sunday, time for church; time for experiencing magic, totally unplanned. I had risen early, finished breakfast and had plenty of time to check, where and when I was to catch the bus to Castle Hill. I had planned to attend the 11 am service at the Hillsong mega-church. I only took a few minutes to cycle from the youth hostel to the bus stop on Clarence Street.

The time was just before 8.30 am. The T 62 was not leaving until about an hour later. I got on my GIANT to ride to the Opera House, which was celebrating its 40-year anniversary. (From 9 am the public was allowed in to view for free. I had intended to take a brief look.) 

A few metres across the road from the bus stop I spotted a sign outside a large stone church. A few people were entering the open doors. A sign outside indicated that a service was starting at 8.30 am, right then. It all looked inviting and I considered just walking in. But I had planned to go to Hillsong and may miss the bus, if impulsively I just walk into an Anglican service?

Somehow, I felt drawn to enter through those large, open doors, but hesitated. Until I saw this: 


NSW Registration AY 07 H...  >>>

In the driveway of the church this plate jumped right at me. I can't recall what came first - the name of the town HAY or the number 7, symbolic of the cloud I had seen on an earlier trip to NSW with my son Jon.

(Just now I notice the vehicle make, a Honda. Even without the H in the plate, the word HAY is evident.)

The gentleman wearing the green KOKODA shirt arrived very late. Reading backwards:

A D OK OK. (I'm reminded of HED earlier in the chapter).





No longer hesitant, I entered St. Philips Anglican Church, and quietly sat toward the back. Moments later the service started.

The pomp and ceremony can be a little off-putting, but I long ago stopped worrying about such matters. Church is not for receiving, certainly not entertainment, but worshipping God and giving yourself to HIM.

The sermon was delivered by Rev. Dr. Michael Spence. He was not the regular priest, as I understood, rather the guest speaker. (I just noticed his surname. It starts with the letters esp and ends in nce.)

His message, based on Daniel, Chapter 1, was spot on, addressing the dilemma Christians face daily: How to live your faith in a secular world !

Among the verses in Daniel 1, I made an interesting discovery. (Remember the date was 20.10: Verse 20: "...he [the king] found them [Daniel and three others] ten times better than all magicians ... in all his realm..."



Right: Walk out the door of the Sydney Harbour Youth Hostel and you are in the middle of the Sydney Tourist precinct. The famous bridge, the harbour, the city and the Opera House are a few steps away.  That day, October 20 was the 40 birthday of the world's most famous opera house.


My wife and I lived in Sydney when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I I opened the stunning building.

After 40 years, both my wife and the white structure beside the harbour, are still stunningly beautiful. (Especially viewed from a distance, under moonlight ...just joking!)

- - - - - - -


The church service (20.10 - 11 am) at Hillsong, as expected, was much different to that of St. Philip's Anglican - no empty seats, much younger congregation, faster, louder worship etc. This is not to be critical of one or the other. We are so fortunate in Australia to have the freedom to choose a style of worship to suit each congregation. What if a believer lived in a small, remote place, where there is only one Christian church. He or she is limited to worshipping there, or nowhere! They certainly would have to adapt to whatever style of worship is presented. 

However, an occasional examination by church leaders, asking, why are we doing what we're doing, is not a bad thing. Strange habits or meaningless traditions are usually developed over a long period, long after any reason for them exist any longer. Further, real worship happens inside a true, devoted heart, through faith. This passion for God must continue 24 / 7, after the final Amen in church. 

(Please note, Ms. Bowley, to find a quiet hour to sit alone and feel good about yourself, go to the Botanic Gardens. Go to church if you want to touch God, telling HIM deep inside how much you love HIM. HE never will walk out on you, promise!)

- - - - - - -

In the evening of the final day in Sydney, having already attended two church services, I decided to take a bike ride to the Eastern suburbs. Earlier, I had considered to see, if there was a church service at the Wesley Mission in Pitt Street. But two sermons in one day, I felt, were sufficient food for thought. I mounted my GIANT and headed north on George Street.

Only metres from Circular Quay it happened, after hardly a minute on the bike. Just as it did in the USA the year before, the gear cable to the rear derailleur snapped. To fix it would be a professional repair job for later. Was I meant to get a message? Did God want me to check, if there was a service on at the Wesley Centre in Pitt Street?

I wheeled the bike back to the Youth Hostel and locked it into the special room provided. It was lovely evening, what a nice time for a walk. Confident that God wanted me at a church, I walked south, through the city, through the Pitt Street Mall, looking for the former Lyceum Theatre, now the Wesley Church, which I had known from the time I lived in Sydney. 

I arrived a few minutes before 6 PM. When I found out that there was an evening service just starting, I knew it was no co-incidence that my bike gave me trouble, right on time. 

The style of singing in the comfortable auditorium was between the two other services I had been to - not real quiet and no loud rock-music. And I knew each song. I felt very much blessed, even though there were many empty seats also.

Reverend Keith Garner was the speaker that evening. I had watched him many times on television, early on Sunday mornings. The title of his message that evening was just for folks like me: SIMPLY growing older.

The code-breaker inside me, the grey matter under my skull, saw simply: Y PL IS M.

This reminds me of a song, which was sung during the Gaither Night, on the evening before this writing:

"Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from Heaven above, with wisdom Power and Love (P & L) ..." (It may even have been sung by Jesse Dixon. It was the 2005 Israel Homecoming, recorded in Jerusalem).


On a wall in the foyer of the Wesley Centre was a large piece of writing. It was by the founder of the organisation, which bears his name. I took this photo because I saw the little word ALL all over. (Just now, after pasting the picture below, I noticed that among the 9 lines, ALL appears 6 times.


6 ALL good, at Wesley Centre, Pitt Street, Sydney.

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can." John Wesley 1703 - 1791.

Maybe Mr. Obama should have learned from John Wesley all he can. Compared to the above, how empty is yes we can, unless you 'see a n' and follow HIM.

- - - - - - -


Lucky there were virtually no hills on my way to the airport the next day. I was able to ride my bike in the high gear it was stuck in. I knew I can. And there was plenty of time at the airport to prepare my GIANT and pack it into the box supplied ($ 15 fee) from the airline. (Virgin Blue is a very bike friendly airline.) And how the numbers worked out! 

Take a look in my diary (Note the faded parts, caused by adhesive tape):


Departure: 1530    -     Arrival: 1710

The date I arrived in Sydney by bike was 17.10. The time I was scheduled to arrive in Adelaide was 17.10.


What made me sad (above comment) was the news in the letter I had  received, dated 17.10. (See end, previous chapter). 


But how amazing did this come out: NOMY ! 


The adhesive tape faded the print in the word ECONOMY, the same word which created a little magic earlier in the chapter? (Above the DIXON pic.)




The clock on my P/C shows 5.31 am.

The wisest man who ever lived said this:

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3, 01.)

Reading on ... "a time to be born ..."


Chapter 7