Book 12 - Chapter 3                           Written / Published  20.9. - 23.9.13

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When the sheer number of numbers on my brain threaten to choke my capacity to cope, I pause and remind myself that I may be the writer, but GOD is the author. HE is the author of all that is good.

As I created the following chapter some wonderful things crystallized. HIS mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning.  If ever a time comes, when I fail to stand in awe of HIS great and mighty works, I stop writing.


3.  Believe, ALL ISSO

Two days after publishing the previous chapter I saw something that didn't add up. So I spoke out. A  suburban street sign had caught my eye. It showed the wrong spelling.

It so happened that a person, who works for the authority responsible for such matters, was leading a church meeting that same day. I slipped him a little note with what my hawk-eye had discovered.

To appreciate why I am writing about such trivial matter, let's go back to Chapter 2. As always, before commencing a new chapter, I read through the previous one first to pick up the threat and, naturally, correct any spelling errors. Unless... a spelling error becomes the subject of another story. This is just what happened.

How I missed it, I don't know, but right in the introduction of Chapter 2,  in the last line ...

... how amusing, it's just above the word truth ! (Isn't God amazing?) 

... I misspelled the word beleive!

Now take a look at the misspelled street sign I had seen: MERBIEN. Should it not be MERBEIN?


Not for a long time had I been up for an early morning bike ride. Is there anything more beautiful than yellow wattle trees bathed in a new day's morning sun?

This little no through road is the only one by that name in the Adelaide street directory, where it is spelled correctly (Pic. below).

Some surrounding streets are named after towns in South Australia's Riverland - Berri, Waikerie, Mildura, Kingston ...

That's how I noticed the apparent misspelling.


(A few days after publishing this chapter, God willing, I shall be riding my bicycle ... through the Riverland. Perfect timing as always!)


There was another twist in this story worth mentioning. In the previous chapter I had written that I had never sat down to dinner with Mr. Grace until then. It was two days later that I discovered the above street sign error while cycling to a have dinner with my wife, mother-in-law and her dear friend. She had invited all of us to share Sunday lunch with her. (It was roast, no kidding!). Her name was Grace.

And the morals of the story?

If God is interested in small, unimportant details of our lives, how much more does HE care about the big things, our families, our work, our future?

God knows the beginning from the end. HE is perfect in all HIS ways, always right on time.

If God can take a simple spelling error and create a piece of magic, why should HE not be able to take the broken pieces of a ruined life and make it into a work of beauty?

If only people would humble themselves and believe, with simple faith like little children! 

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."  (Matt. 18, 3).

- - - - - - -


On the evening before this writing my wife asked, if I wanted to read the newspaper? She had bought a copy of the Adelaide Advertiser, our cities only daily paper. She spends much time reading all the details. If at all, I browse a page and turn it over after reading the headlines. (For people like me they ought to print a short version, an edition with just the headlines.) 

But had I only done this last evening I would have missed some interesting numbers on page 54, on the WORLD news page. An article's heading: About face as social media users turn away, made me take a closer look.

Why I do not know. Was it the phrase 'about face' and I suspected it could be about F ace? Or did the name NEW YORK, where the article was reported from, take my attention? Unless the two letters at the very end (PA) made me think, who is PA?


Adelaide Advertiser 19.9.13, Page 54 (part of article)

About face as social media users turn away

Text: Austrian psychologists led by Dr Stefan *Stieger, from the University of Vienna, compared 321 Facebook users with a similar number of Facebook quitters to see how they differed.

The article started with this sentence (not shown above): NEW YORK: Privacy concerns are fuelling a Facebook revolution with large numbers of users quitting and committing "virtual identity suicide". 

*As I wrote Stieger I saw  >>> it. How?

The answer is in Book 11, Chapter 16. I had been to Austria and came across the name Steger. There you have it.

What a nice name is Stieger! Sieger translated into German is Victor - Victor  [on the] t. At the end we shall see >>> victory! 

But how timely - 321 Facebook users ...? Not merely because it came on the eve of commencing Chapter 3 of Book 12. Take a look at the numbers in the second column: 

13.5  +  12.6  +  6     =     32.1

From experience I know that sometimes articles such as the above don't come alone. On the same page, right beside the above, readers were treated with a gruesome menu of the worst kind. The tabloid press loves to dish up stuff of this kind, as if our lives would be enriched in any way at all?


Adelaide Advertiser 19.9.13 - Page 54

Text: A BRITISH citizen who chatted online with other men about their desire to kidnap, rape, kill and eat children was yesterday sentenced to nearly 27 years in prison in the US after prosecutors showed photos of a basement dungeon he built, a child-sized coffin, butchering tools and metal restraints. Geoffrey Portway, 40, was one of about 60 people arrested...

In the author's name LAVOIE I see LOVE A I. 

But what did 40 year-old Geoffrey actually do? Talk with 60 other people about his fantasies? Aha, I see: 40 + 60 ... C ... makes sense!  

Nowhere in the lengthy, gory article did Portway harm any child. Readers are not told what he actually did to deserve 27 years in prison. 

I googled the same article online. Take a look at this headline

UK man Geoffrey Portway gets *27 yearrs (sic) in US prison for child rape fantasies.


It makes me think: What about the other 59 arrested? Who are they, what did they do? Did they have butchering tools or child-size coffins in their basements too? How much prison did they get?

No wonder US prisons are filled to capacity, if they lock up people for simply having or sharing fantasies.

*The digits 2 and 7 came alive rather spectacular on Sunday morning September 15th, 2013.

On editing: Why I am in awe about the extra r in above (yearrs) in a moment you will read about a missing r, exactly a week later!

- - - - - - -

With winter behind us the sun rises earlier and earlier each morning. I woke early and I tuned into the free-to-air Christian TV broadcasts. Flicking through the channels I paused on Channel 4 ME. At first 4 ME did not mean anything, but read on. The program I had stumbled across, for the first time as far as I recall, may have been just for me?

It was called Tomorrow's World, which has their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the name suggests, the program was about future events forecast in the bible, such as the battle of Armageddon etc. 

I can't recall, if the name of the presenter (Rod King) or the program's Australian address in Canberra first caught my attention. But as soon as my brain spotted the 7s and a 2, my brain made a connection:


In Book 7, Chapter 18 you will find a photo of the registration plate below, which I had found as I was cycling into Canberra in late 2008.

(As it happened the upcoming journey on my bicycle, planned months ago, is to go via Canberra. ( God willing).




What a surprise! The name of the car dealer - Rod, just like that of the presenter on TV. And what about the reflection of my flash ligtht as I took the photo to publish here? Right on IE.

Note the P.O. Box and the registration number. They will come to light in a moment.)


Rod King on Tomorrow's world that Sunday morning was reading various scriptures, which simultaneously was brought up on the screen. As he read Hebrews 11, 34 I noticed a mistake. 

Even without the text on the screen I may have picked it up: "...out of wickedness they [heroes of faith] became strong." The text on the screen made more sense: "... out of weakness they became strong".

A mistake such as this called for some fun, the game of letter elimination. Crossing off all double up letters in the words weakness / wickedness resulted in >>> I C A D.

My child-like mind started thinking. Who sees a D, where is there a D? In the name Rod King? So what?

A little later it hit me. I saw the D. 

The  Canberra Post Office box number 772, minus the above registration plate, which I had picked up in Canberra - voila! 500 (=D). NOS don't lie.

For anyone who as yet does not beleive, sorry believe, I checked the talk by Mr. Rod King on You Tube. Maybe I had heard incorrectly? I had not. (Go to the 22.33 min. mark).


Friends, I am not writing this to appear clever. I could never think up such complex codes.

(Yes, I am a world renowned expert authority in mathematics - pre-school mathematics, up to 10! Ha, ha!)


There is one explanation why God leads me to see these things: HE is speaking to this world, to wake people from their slumber, to repent for living godless lives, and to return to HIS ways, living life as HE taught us in HIS word.

There was a sequel to the above during the church service, only hours after it had happened. That day the theme in church was vision. The very first song we sang was about the world, which is to be:



Text: We have caught the vision splendid, of a world which is to be, when the pardoning love of Jesus freely flows from sea to sea, when all men from strife and anger greed and selfishness are free, when the nations live together in sweet peace and harmony.


The tune was the same as that of the German National Anthem. Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit ... (Unity and justice and freedom...) 

I had to hold back tears. How the world needs unity, but there is war; how we need justice, when there is strife and anger; how we need freedom, when so many are in bondage to greed and selfishness!

Why don't all place their trust in the hands of Jesus, the giver of life and peace? 


One week later, on the day of writing, 22nd September 2013 God again woke me early, with some help from His creation, birds. On Channel 10 TV, starting as usual at 5 AM, the Hour of Power was broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral in Orange Grove, California.

That morning it was special; both, the guest preacher and the surprise fun I had later. For the first time since October 08 Robert A Schuller, the son of the legendary Robert H Schuller, preached. Right at the start he announced that he was going to have some fun. I'm not sure what exactly he meant by that. I certainly had fun. (Read on). 

Whilst in the past I had often seen a word on the screen, which then was spoken differently (see above incident 7 days prior), this time a blatant spelling error appeared on the screen. Robert gave a list of affirmations of his faith and that of his followers. He made the congregation repeat them.

Most of those in the audience would have noticed the error. And millions around the world, possibly. Here is the picture I snapped, after finding it on the P/C:


The Crystal Cathedral  TV broadcast, June 2nd, 13, photographed on P/C at the 41 minute mark.

I am Chist' friend.

Everyone with reasonable eyesight and spelling skills would have noticed the error:

What's missing? a r.

Again there was a sequel to the above in church hours later. The way the letters a r  crystallized, nearly blew my mind. Was I crazy?


Whilst the above was seen by possibly millions, what my eyes spotted in church only hours later was only witnessed by me. How could have dismissed it, the way the letters a and r took centre stage on the screens above the church platform. Only once, in (Book 11 Chapter 19) had I reported this phenomena; the microphone hanging from the ceiling, in line with certain letters.

As the choir sang a favourite, well known hymn, the words were screened on three different screens. From where I was sitting toward the back, the seventh row that day, I could see both microphone cables, in front of the screens. One over the middle screen, one over the left one.

Take a look, how the letters A and R came out:

Screen on left                       Screen on right

  I   <<<       microphone cables                  >>>   I













I don't know if Robert A, the preacher, would have classed this as fun. I do. And how about this? He ended his sermon with these words: "HE (God) wants us to give thanks for all things, at all times, in all ways."

 I think he is all right! (That makes 4 ALL)


There came a further twist this morning, which also originated in this Hour of Power TV broadcast. During his sermon on giving thanks for all things, Robert A....

 Aha! I just noticed his initials R A...

... told the story of Corrie Ten Boom, who he had known personally in his younger years. Corrie and her sister Betsy had been taken to a concentration camp under the Nazi regime during WW II. They were plagued terribly by flees. Corrie especially detested the creatures.

Her sister knew her bible well: "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God," she kept telling her sister, who found this hard to do. Why should she give thanks for flees, which tormented her day and night?

Only later it became clear that the flees served a purpose. The women in this section of the camp were able to hold bible studies and prayer meetings uninterrupted. The guards kept their distance for a reason - the flees.

On the same day of this TV church sermon, on the other side of the world, the theme in our church was giving. We were encouraged to not only give our time, talent and money etc, but also to give thanks to God for everything. 

How co-incidental! The song leader mentioned the same story, that of Corrie Ten Boom and her sister Betsy. It made me think: Did she also watch the Hour of Power that morning? After the meeting I asked her. She had not. It was just one of those quirks in God's good timing.


<<<  R A Schuller, pictured with the late Corrie Ten Boom, during his years in seminary, when he personally knew the legendary faith hero.

This photo screened during his sermon at the Cathedral, aired on Australian TV 22.9.13.

- - - - - - -

Earlier in this chapter I quoted Jesus' words, where he spoke of changing, becoming like little children. To surrender involves a change, a radical new way of living. 

When thinking of surrender our mind pictures a gunmen surrendering to police or soldiers giving up fighting, flying a white flag. From now on another is in command. The game is up. Life is radically different.

Surrendering means far more than just giving time or money. One Sunday in church, years ago, I was going to act out a thought to demonstrate this. As the offering bag came around, instead of placing banknotes into the offering, I was going to take of my name tab, which everyone was encouraged to wear, and drop it into the offering bag instead.

(My wife, sitting next to me, stopped me. I understood. It is embarrassing when your husband's creative mind finds a public platform to express his alternative thinking, i.e. makes a fool of himself.

How many churchgoers, especially the rich, find it easy to place a few banknotes into the offering bag. And how many have totally surrendered all of their being, their very existence as a living offering to God?

The wonderful truth is this: A soldier, surrendering to the enemy, becomes a prisoner. A soul repenting, surrendering to God, becomes the most liberating change any human can make. A humble heart, surrendering all to Jesus, the blessed Saviour, in a child-like, simple faith will by giving all, gain everything. 

- - - - - - -


Sunset on Adelaide's beach front, September 1st 2013

A faithful servant, our 'green machine' (Suzuki Wagon R+) took me to Henley Beach for a relaxing stroll at sunset.



Somebody had SONIC The Hedgehog on >>> their mind. Otherwise, why would you write this onto the wet sand at low tide? I googled this SON ...

SONIC The Hedgehog is a computer game franchise, created by Yuji Naka. (Nice name). The protagonist of the series is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog named Sonic the Hedgehog whose peaceful life is often interrupted by the series's main antagonist Doctor Eggman. Sonic usually must stop Eggman and foil any plans of world domination. (Source: Wikipedia).

Isn't this weird? The name Eggman. I started this chapter with an ie / ei twist. Now, out of the blue, I stumbled across Mr. Eggman. Egg in German is Ei. 


Friends, I don't know if Doktor Eiermann succeeded in taking over the world of SONIC. But I know of a SON, who in the end will prevail against all odds to reclaim what is rightly HIS. Just as Yuji Naka decided the outcome of his fun video game, God has already decided the outcome for the world HE created. Unlike the world of SONIC, HIS world is real. HE is real.

- - - - - - -

In the previous chapter I promised to write, why I was astonished that Saturday, that besides the bank notes there was exactly $ 15.50 in coins to be banked that day. 

The previous day or two a thought had occupied my mind. I had wondered how many scriptures were there in the Bible with the digits 1550, ie, how many Chapters 15 which has 50 or more verses? The result was came as a surprise, as did the coins a day later.

(You can find the first mention of ISSO, the vision I had, in Book 2, Chapter 40. How well had I titled this chapter back in 2004! Heartache by the number). 

There were only two scriptures in the whole bible, which have a chapter 15 and a verse 50. The first one is Joshua 15, 50: 


Text: 50 Anab, Eshtemoh, Anim

(Don't be confused, it is Chapter 15). The verses list the cities God gave to the tribe of Juda as their inheritance.

What did I see that had me thinking? I read verse 50 backwards. In my special way  >>>  Im  a n, home.


The only other scripture with these digits is found in 1. Cor. 15, 50:


Our Final Victory

Please note, that both scriptures in my edition bible, are the first verses on the left-hand page! (If this makes me Mr. Cor-mann, I do not know. All I know it ISSO.)

I just noticed after scanning, the previous verse ends in "...the heavenly man'. It reminds me of the Book by Brother Yun. (I had written about him in *Book 2, 52.)

Note under 1126 - may I go? What fun!


May I go and write above passage, headed 'Our final victory', verses 50 - 58, in modern English?

50: "One thing is sure, brethren, people can not enter God's new world with the present body, made of flesh and blood. Such a body dies and decays, it cannot live forever.

51, 52: Now I tell you a secret. We will not all die*. But when we the trumpet announces the judge of this world, we shall all be changed ..." 

*Amazing timing: Just as I typed die, out of the radio station I am listening to, came the lyrics: "... Souls and crying, men are dying ...."

"... this will happen very fast, like blinking an eyelid. When the trumpet sounds the dead will be woken to everlasting life. But we, who are alive at that time, will receive a new body.

53: Our body of flesh and blood, which is subject to dying, is to be transformed into a body over which death has no power. 

54, 55: When this happens the prophetic word will become true:

Death has been destroyed. The victory is complete!

Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your power?

56: The sting of death comes from committing sin. But sin got its power from the law.

57: Thanks be to God. HE gave us, as a present, the victory through Jesus Christ, our Lord. 

58: My dear brethren, become strong, immovable in your faith. Do your best for the work of the Lord. You know, that the Lord will reward you."


Friends, at the end of our days our initial reward will be HIS word*: "You good and faithful servant ..."

What amazing timing: Just as I typed 'HIS word', a male voice on Gospel Music radio sang: "...His word."

"Through IT ALL, I learned to trust in Jesus, I learned to trust in God. I have learned to depend upon HIS word."


How all this is possible, when it happens, what our new bodies will be like etc. etc. is not for us to worry about. We may try and research it as much as we can, but certain things are best left in God's mighty hand.

It's easy to sing, I have learned to trust in Jesus, I have learned to depend on HIS word; especially when life moves along just nicely. But do you turn to HIM, thank HIM, when things don't work out as you envisaged, when difficult times come?

Faith is not tested on a cruise ship. The depth of your faith is tested in battle.

Those who stand firm, who pass the test, can look forward to Tomorrow's world, after our final victory.


Chapter 4