Book 12 - Chapter 2                           Written / Published  5.9. - 6.9.13

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This chapter is filled with links, twists and discoveries, often involving numbers. Let's begin with a story aired on A Current Affair on Channel Nine TV on 3.9.13. As if somebody knew the dates of publishing my chapters, both 1 and 2, on the screen appeared a figure: $ 1263 988. This was the amount of money a had lady spent, living a life of luxury over a 15 year period. She had been receiving social welfare payments. Breaking this amount into two, I extracted 288 and 6913.

Very early on the morning of writing I listened to a radio show. I learned in great detail what an app is, and that the industry has grown from nothing to 27 billion Dollars in a few years. The presenter during the interview said: "We have a text here from Dan. He says that somebody had produced an app costing $ 999.99, and 6 people bought it". To which his expert guest, Vanessa, replied: "I don't believe 6 people bought it".

I don't believe lots of what I hear on radio, read in the newspaper or see on TV. But one thing I do beleive. Today's date is 6. 9.


2.  Vote for 1 - truth.

Phew! Glad that's done.

Only hours before this writing I had reason think how glad I was that I had completed the letterbox drop. During the previous three weeks I had been walking our suburb, street after street, distributing election leaflets; those mentioned in the previous chapter. It was for the the Australian Christians and Senate Candidate Trevor Grace. (Note the name Grace).

As I was returning to my parked Suzuki, a silver-grey Toyota van was driving away that same moment. There were no other vehicles nearby. I could not help but notice the registration number: It consisted of the letters ...VL and the number 316. How fitting are these letters and numbers, I thought to myself, as I was driving home to commence writing this chapter!

Moments earlier I had dropped my final brochure, the last of 3601. I know, because I completed three boxes of 1200 each; plus the brochure I received in the mail and ... the numbers add up.

My surprise at the van's registration number 316 stemmed from another source. To discover it took a little time and imagination. It only came after 2400 of the leaflets shown below had already passed through my fingers. Take a look:


Election leaflet: Vote 1 Australian Christians our nation

3 birds, [Vote] 1 and 6 rays of sunshine.

Q: Why do I think the two people shown should be two men, an older one and another, much younger?

A: The digits 316 point to the well-known scripture of a loving father (G) and HIS son:

To see the G you may need to turn your computer screen upside down!

- - - - - - -


There was a further numbers twist, in connection with the letterbox drop. It occurred later in the afternoon on the day of launching this book. I had to rise very early that day, since I was scheduled for my voluntary work with the German aged-care group. Thankfully all writing, editing, linking and uploading went smoothly. The job was done by 10 am. Only then did I receive the message I was not required to volunteer that day This gave me time to continue my leaflet distribution.

I grabbed a bundle of perhaps 400 leaflets and started delivering, rather systematically, in our immediate neighbourhood. After two or so hours I had finished this particular area. As I was walking home along Todd Road, I counted how many leaflets I had left - 44. Why I counted them, I can't tell. Perhaps because I am a numbers man and was just curious? I was going to take those 44 home for another day.

However, I suddenly remembered, I had not done the area between Goodall and Somerset Roads. Wouldn't it be strange, my playful mind thought, if these streets would take exactly those 44 leaflets? 

After doing Kanya and Somerset Roads I still had leaflets in my hand. Then I remembered that I had not done a few houses on Nelson Road, north of Goodall. So I did these, but there were still 6 leaflets left. Somehow disappointed, not really, I made for home. 

Then I remembered that the day before I had not completely finished Liberman Road. There were a few houses to be done. To the reader it may sound totally crazy, but I got a kick out of having a handful of leaflets in my hand and dropping one by one into No. 87, 85, 83, 81, 79 and the last one into letterbox No. 77. 

I walked home rather amused, thinking that there was already something to write about for the next chapter. Next, totally by surprise, I read my Daily Bread Bible reading, as usually a day late. Wouldn't you be surprised to find this?


Our Daily Bread Bible Reading: August 28.8.13

The very first line in that same day's bible reading included No. 77. Even 3 1 6 made an appearance! 


In the evening, still August 28, it was time for a relaxing cross word puzzle; in German, selected and printed from the net.


How timely was the very first clue I knew! Literarisches Erzeugnis. Translated: literary product.


<<< BUCH = book


You don't need to be an author to know it. But if you are, and you just launched a new book hours earlier, you definitely know!

- - - - - - -

More timely data from Our Daily Bread Bible reading, two days later: The date September 7 featured in Book 1. But it was the name Grace, which I marvelled at. 

On Aug.30, 13  I drove to Hahndorf for a political meeting. Whoever arranged the seating at the Old Mill Hotel, my allocated place was right beside Mr. Grace. I had never ever sat at a dinner table with him. That's why I noticed that his name featured in Our Daily Bread on Friday Aug. 30th.




Text: RISKS AND RESCUE:  On September 7, Grace Darling, the daughter of an English lighthouse keeper, spotted a shipwreck and survivors offshore. Together, she and her father courageously rowed their boat a mile through rough waters to rescue sev- 

I see a parallel to what Trevor Grace and his party is trying to do. Rescuing  lives, which are about to die! How timely did his name appear in Our Daily Bread

Let me mention two more names of people present at that function in Hahndorf. Hanson and Egel. German speaking readers would easily see Engel, German for Angel.

Ms. Hanson may not be an angel. (Angels have blond hair, not red. Just joking!) The outspoken founder of the One Nation Party, was the big attraction that night. Whilst her policies and style don't appeal to everyone, her admirers agree on one thing: She made an amazing comeback after having been written off by the general public and the media.

In the 1990s, as I recall, the major parties colluded to ensue she would not be re-elected to Canberra. Later she served a prison term for alleged electoral offences. Her wild story is part of Australia's political history.  

After her release from prison, she had every reason to be bitter and angry. Instead, she got back on her feet, dusted herself off and took part in the TV series Dancing with the Stars. In the past few months she has been campaigning for a Seat in the Senate in Canberra. Her trip to Adelaide was on the invitation of Flag Australia.

The day after publishing this chapter voters in New South Wales will pass judgement of the red-headed come-back kid from Queensland, whose name ends in ...son.

- - - - - - -

Those readers, who ever did letterboxing, know how we love it, when you can distribute multiple copies into one block of apartments. The more boxes the better. Para Hills does not have many, but one brick letterbox in Para Hills West took my attention. It stood out; so much so I went back later to take the picture below. Considering I had just uploaded the title page of a book, where Good turns to God, you can see, why I was captivated by it:


Letterbox in Para Hills West - Box Nos. 8 and 13

It takes very little (O) to change GOD into GOOD.

But there was more, much more, which had teased my brain surrounding 318. The date was Saturday 31.8, three days after launching Book 12.

That morning I was on duty at the Second Hand Shop, where my wife and I volunteer at. (Fasten your seatbelts, numbers are coming fast).

Pressing the button to show the week's total, totally unplanned, it came to 1831 Dollars. 

That same day the cash to be banked came to $ 100 (I C) in notes (2 x 50), the coins added to $ 15.50.

There was a reason, why the 1550 excited me that day. Around that time I had discovered something rather unusual in the Bible to do with these four digits. (God willing, I will disclose it in chapter 3).

- - - - - - - 


At this point in this chapter I took a break to eat the evening meal. My wife earlier had brought home the Advertiser Newspaper. As if I didn't have already enough material to fill this chapter, while eating dinner, I browsed through the pages of the paper. But a few things didn't add up. 

On page 9 (The Advertiser, 5.9.2013) I spotted a large notice: Vehicle Safety Recall. When I saw the name Lexus my mind went back many years. I recalled (no pun intended) the title of a chapter I wrote after a trip to Sydney: The 2 10's of Jesus. I checked it out and found the story in Book 4. Chapter 28 shows a picture of a Lexus vehicle and the number 210.

According to the Lexus recall notice, it had to do with the front passenger airbag, which "could have been assembled with improperly manufactured propellant wafers". (This problem, according to a web page, had already been announced in April, 2013.)

What I noticed next did not add up; a small article further on in the paper. Exactly 20 pages further, on page 29. When I read the words Lexus cars recalled, I expected the article to deal with above recall advertisement. But no, it had nothing to do with the Page 9 notice: Here is a scan:


Lexus cars recalled - The Advertiser, 5.9.13 Page 29

Text: More than 2000 Lexus vehicles are being recalled nationally because of loose bolts in the engine or a fault that stops cars mid-journey...

You don't need to be a mechanic to find the above has nothing to do with airbags. So where does this lead us?


I took a closer look at the rest of page 9. Right beside the almost 1/4 page Lexus notice is a photo of the now dead Ariel Castro, the alleged kidnapper / rapist. His portrait shown is bigger than the Lexus ad.

Readers may recall the world news story of three girls, freed earlier this year, after being held captive by Ariel (minus e = liar) for over a decade. One of them was named DeJesus. The alleged perpetrator, Ariel* Castro, 52, had been sentenced in August to life in prison, plus 1000 years. The page 9 article reports that he had been found hanged in his Ohio prison cell.

*Within minutes of writing this name here I received a Spam email. The sender was named Ariel. Subject: 2 Disney tickets is calling your name...

(Over the past few years I have very often received Spam with certain data, which I could easily link to and view as response to some recent writing. However, if this writing had not been published, I must assume somebody is accessing my computer remotely. Technically, as I understand, this is easy to do. Call me paranoid, if you must.)


So what does Ariel have to do with the Lexus notice, besides sharing page 9 in our newspaper?

The Advertiser 5.9.13 - Page 9.

Text (final sentence): Shortly after he [Castro] was transported to OSUMC where he was pronounced dead at 10.52pm." Ms Smith said.

The full name of the OSUMC, not shown above, is Ohio State University Wexner Medical Clinic. Logically, should there not be a W, for Wexner, included? 

Not only did the 52 year-old criminal have a good photo of himself in the paper, his time of death, exactly at 10.52pm made it into the world news. (The mind boggles, when I think how little (truth) the press reported about another prisoner I told them about ....!)

For some unexplained reason, I suddenly saw a link between the model Lexus SC 430 the letters OSUMC.

Vehicles affected Model SC 430

Remove S C O from OSUMC and we are left with U M. I only needed to check the alpha digits M U, turning them into numbers (A1, B2 etc) and voila:

 M - 13 .....4

U - 21 .....3

The postcode (zip) of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre seemed to fit right in too: Columbus Ohio - Zipcode 43 210.

The house where the alleged crime by Ariel Castro took place has been demolished in August 2013. The address: 2207 Seymour Ave. Why do I see 414?

How I sometimes wished I would see less!

- - - - - - -


My cynical attitude toward  the media, long term readers would know, came from the refusal to take any of my claims in the case of Magistrate Peter Liddy seriously. Simple questions, I won't need to repeat them here, have been left unanswered. For a decade they have been buried in the too-hard baskets of many.

In recent times, however, there has been a shift toward accountability by the media. Who would have thought that media mogul Rupert Murdoch would ever be grilled publicly by the media? It was on His Worst Day Ever, with cake in his face and all.

A few weeks ago, on our ABC TV program Media Watch, Mr. Murdoch was heard addressing some of his journalists.  As I understand it, he was assuring those, who had been prosecuted by police, of his support. One journalist present at that meeting made a recording. Mr. Murdoch was heard saying the following: "... [the media] paying police for news tips has been going on for a 100 years." 

What a claim! What news of immense proportion, if it's true! Mr. Murdoch would know best. Had anybody ever heard of, or suspected, cash payments from journalists and police?

I had alluded to this years ago. I explored the possibility of police feeding information to the media and receiving a reward. In Bk 4, Ch. 1 you will find a newspaper article, where a girl was exposed as having made a false claim about being abducted and held captive. Days before her admitting it was false I had asked the question: What if she had made it all up? 

I went one step further. What if there never was any girl who was abducted? What if the whole story was a fabrication from the beginning? Could corrupt police be writing a fictitious script and feed it to the media for a payment?


I had hoped Media Watch, and indeed the world's press, would further investigate the Murcoch bombshell comment. But unless I missed it, there was nothing more, which is understandable. Why would any newspaper want to investigate themselves? Too much would be revealed, perhaps, if they were to look into THE MIRROR for too long, if you pardon the pun. 

I emailed the ABC and asked the hard questions:

1. Should we not find a police officer, who took money from a journalist and ask him or her what the arrangement was? (Perhaps even a retired officer?)

2. If any were found, I would ask these police, if they were ever tempted to make up stories, or at least add spice to it, to make the story more media-savvy (and rewarding)?

3. One final question would be to the journalist, who forked out the cash: Who gave you the money to pay police, and did you actually, physically, check out the information received?


Researching my own writing, concerning truth in the media, I landed on Book 6, Chapter 22. How timely! I had written about our 2007 Federal Election, before Mr. Rudd first became Prime Minister. The Advertiser Newspaper, the very first newspaper Mr. Murdoch owned, showed great bias in favour of Mr. Rudd. They printed six photos of him, looking happy, his smiling wife beside him. His opponent, Liberal Prime Minister Howard was pictured only once, looking rather sad and worried.

In 2013 the opposite is the case. The Advertiser Newspaper, and the Murdoch Press in general, has turned very much against Labor and Mr. Rudd. In recent weeks many front page headlines are showing Mr. Rudd as a loser, embarrassing the PM whenever they can. It makes you wonder, what is behind it all?

Are not newspapers there to report facts? Why then are journalists using their power to push their own agenda onto the people? On the website I read this quotation, written over one-and-a-half centuries ago:

As The Times declared as long ago as 1851, it is the duty of the press to obtain the earliest and most correct intelligence of the events of the time, and instantly, by disclosing them, to make them the common property of the nation."

The vast bulk of Australias media did worse than fail that obligation. They betrayed it.

(Source: J. Martinlovits -


Friends, it all comes back to transparency and truth. How we need truth! 

As I write world leaders are gathering in Russia at the G 20 summit. Listening to the BBC London, I understand that they are in a big dilemma about Syria, if and how to respond to the terror that has been raging for over two years. Some call for action to punish the Syrian President for crossing the line, and using chemical weapons. Others claim it was the rebels, who were responsible for the terrible tragedy, which killed all those people recently. To add to the confusion, nobody seems to be certain what really happened. 

How we need the truth! If only they would listen to the truth taught by the Prince of Peace - to love even your enemy! So simple and profound. How sad to see brothers destroying each other, devastating their beautiful country, rather than bowing to God through Jesus Christ our Lord.   

HE said of Himself: "I am the way, the truth and the life." (John 14,6).

What a pity, this man (G 2,10), the answer to a bleeding world, was not invited to the G 20 summit ! 


Chapter 3