Book 12 - Chapter 15                                   Written / Published  22.8 - 28.8.14

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How quickly a year goes by. Much has happened since I launched this book last year. So much has worked together. God's goodness never seizes. HE surprises me every day. This chapter includes two short trips away. One to Sydney, NSW, the other to Mildura, Victoria. Please note events are not in chronological order. 

Sadly, I am still waiting for a response about the fate of my imprisoned friend. Evil may triumph for a time here on earth. At life's end, however, only those are winners who put their faith in ONE, who knows all and who knows best. If only all had faith!


15.   Faith only.   

As I woke, looking at the bedside clock, it showed 4.52 AM. At that early hour my mind is fresh, working at its peak. In a flash the number 50 popped into my head. Why 50? You may well ask.

The night before on TV I had been watching a repeat of an episode of Seinfeld, the classic American sitcom. Jerry was meant to wake up early, and ensure that his athlete friend would be on time for the starting line of the New York marathon. When Jerry woke his clock showed 4.02 AM. No drama, until he realized that in fact it was much later. There had been a power failure in the night.

The date was Friday 22.8.14, the day of commencing this chapter. About two hours later I found myself emailing three TV stations, something I seldom do in one day. Later I realized I had used the number 50 twice, not even thinking of the above! (The text in a moment).

Breakfast television that morning can't have been too exciting. Or was I merely conscious of the special date, the digits 228? Two teenagers died in a tragic road crash on 22.8 twelve years ago. One was named Ben. (I first wrote about this in Book 1, Chapter 43). The number 228, together with 301* had been the catalyst of my taking note of numbers and started to make all kinds of associations. 

*As a very timely example: At the very time I wrote these paragraphs, Adelaide's Port Power football team won their home game at the Adelaide Oval** against Carlton with a margin of 103 points. (Read on for more regarding this match result.)

** How about this for a good timing? - The word Oval and number 50 match perfectly (if we engage Roman numerals  >>> VO = 5O, and a L. (The very first time I took a walk with my wife to take a look at the new $ 1/2 Billion Adelaide Oval redevelopment I found a 50 cent coin right outside the main gate!)


Whatever it was that triggered it that morning, I noticed something peculiar about the clothing TV presenters were wearing: On ABC 24 both were in black. Why so?


Pic from ABC TV

ABC TV 24 Breakfast. Why were both presenters wearing black on Friday 22.8.14? My mind took this thought a step further: Would it not be interesting, if the presenters on other TV stations would also be wearing black? So it was.

I pressed the remote control to watch Channel Seven. The male host,

Mr. Koch, was wearing a black suit, white shirt and a black and white striped tie. The dress of his co-presenter Sam featured an irregular pattern in black and white.

Watching an online video revealed that their newsreader Nat was also wearing white that morning, a jacket and T-shirt, even white trousers. 

Pic from Channel 7 TV


There was one other breakfast show we sometimes watch. As I do often, my mind took it one step further: "Would it not be really funny, if they also were clothed in plain black and white or both?" So it was!

With the push of one button my eyes were inside the TV studio of Channel Nine. It took only a few moments, before the male journalist two of his female colleagues all came onto the screen. BINGO! His female colleague on his left was wearing black, the other to his right, the blond newsreader, wore pure white!


Today Show, Channel Nine - 22.8.14                                 Pic from TV Channel Nine  

Three mugs, all in black and white! Sorry there's four! 

Spot the difference!   >>> The next TV appearance by the same crew Mon 25.8.


Far right: Brian Houston on TV Sun 24.8.14 - black tie! 

(Necklace, code 1 4 ?!) 

The gentleman's name in the centre is Ben. Add a t and we arrive at the word- bent. No, Ben is not bent (corrupt). But on a TV show the evening before, a lawyer named Martha*, in the criminal justice drama Silk, accused a police officer of being bent. 

The way she shouted: "You are bent!" into at a police officer's face (viewers saw it many times as the show was being advertised for days before) it reminded me of my PL case: police targeting a suspect and trying very hard to get a conviction. If things don't work out, why not forge documents, tell a few lies and hopefully the jury will win the case for the prosecution. Truth does not seem to matter any longer, only winning to feed the pockets and egos of lawyers, as if all was just a football match!**

*We shall meet with another TV personality later in the chapter. Marta (no h) is her name, her real name.

**During the week of writing this chapter a man has been given a re-trial, after pleading innocent to murder, while imprisoned for 19 years! In another relevant news item, the vehicle Lindy Chamberlain allegedly killed her baby daughter, has recently been donated to the National Museum as a reminder of miscarriages of justice! Registration plate - 4ENSIC.



What was behind this co-incidence of at least seven TV journalists, on  three different TV stations, all wearing black and/or white? Don't the colours black and white have a meaning? Does putting something in black and white not symbolize writing? Why not, I thought, write to all three channels letting them know about their co-incidental colour co-ordination?

It so happened that the news media that day was filled with a story about a very senior Labor Party figure. The gentleman the day before had announced that it was he, who had been the subject of sex allegations dating back to the 1980s. He was totally cleared by police  

After listening to this story on every TV channel, a thought came, which I promptly emailed to all three stations:

Subject: 50 years of work ahead

Hi all,
May I give you a suggestion (in black and white) to boost Australia's employment: Build special law courts, appoint extra judges, train more police in the field of sexual assault. All those men, who ever touched a girl inappropriately in the last 50 years, would keep the above busy for another 50 years.

Kind regards
Dieter, Adelaide



No doubt the person, who had made the abuse allegations from so long ago, was prompted by the media's coverage of the Rolf Harris trial; or perhaps after Sir Cliff Richard's house was searched, following allegations of abuse going back decades? But why wait such a long time? Isn't the task hard enough, establishing true facts of what went on in private between two people? How difficult for a judge or jury to believe what went on 30 years ago? (In the case of Cliff Richard isn't it premature, rather unfair, to even name him in the International media, based on mere allegations?)

This raises another questions. Should there be a time limit on reporting a crime? If a 20 year limit were legislated, for instance, it may sound unfair to those seeking justice. However, such a limit may be the catalyst for a victim finally be coming forward, something they may not have had the courage to do?

In the final analyses, no matter how much is paid in compensation, no matter how many years a perpetrators is imprisoned, victims must find the strength to forgive those who trespassed against them. I cannot imagine that anyone can do this without God's help. 

If anybody ever experienced injustice, it is HE.

- - - - - - -

A news item, which featured on the day of writing, drew my attention. Australian journalist, Peter Greste, lodged an appeal against his harsh prison sentence, imposed by an Egyptian court on June 19th 2014. While working for the TV Channel Al Jazzera Greste was arrested and imprisoned without a proper trial. Time and time again the matter was being deferred, while the journalist consistently maintained that he simply did his job, reporting on the unrest on Cairo's streets etc.

The Egyptian courts saw it differently. As I understood the matter, they found the Australian reporter guilty of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. His family and the Australian authorities were shocked at the harsh sentence finally handed down - seven years jail.

This case, an innocent men receiving a long jail sentence, took my thoughts back to another Peter, who I believe is serving a long jail sentence innocently. I saw a certain irony in all of this: In Egypt a magistrate dealt very harshly with an innocent journalist, whilst in Australia, as I see it, journalists are dealing very harshly with an innocent magistrate!


I understand that one can't place responsibility for the daily news entirely onto journalists. They are paid for their work and answerable to the employers, who pay them. However, as a collective, one would have thought, they have a common interest - reporting truth, all the truth without bias, fear or favour. 

My mind goes back to a comment I had heard on radio and written about this some years ago. It was about the history of newspapers and a comment made by the owner of a newspaper over a hundred years ago: "We have the power to influence the outcome of elections...", or words to that effect. If only the media would use their power to influence society for good!


In recent chapters I may not written have much about Peter Liddy. But I have certainly not forgotten him. On Tuesday June 24th I sent the following message to two TV Stations, under the subject line: Justice on the Nile and on the Torrens. 

How unfair, Peter Greste to be sentenced to 7 years jail.

May we spare a thought for my friend Peter Liddy. He already spent 13 years in jail. How much longer he will have to serve depends on journalists, who may one day decide to report his side of the story.


No journalist in South Australia has ever printed the fact that PL's main accuser was not merely an innocent little boy, but was bent on crime from an early age. His criminal record at the time of PL's court case was eight pages long!


Victim W. had clearly stated that he had never been abused as a child, but later came out with the most outrageous claims of sexual abuse against  Magistrate Liddy. No jury would believe W. if this important evidence had been allowed in court.

While we condemn the justice system in Egypt, we may need to examine our own as well!


Some weeks later a news item on radio had me listen very intently. It was reported that some lawyers had difficulties accessing  Mount Gambier Prison to talk to their clients. Mr. Liddy has been incarcerated in Mount Gambier Prison for three of the past 13 years. I once tried to raise Peter's case with his lawyer, but never received any response. Serious doubts about Peter's guilt have never been addressed during those long years.


The most impacting piece of evidence, pointing to serious doubts his guilt, I have written many times about it, is the document, where the main witness against Peter had once clearly stated that he had never been abused as a child. Any jury would have to give Peter Liddy the benefit of the doubt, if this document were put before the courts. 


The radio news item gave me fresh impetus to again raise the matter with the authorities. A law had passed in 2013, which allows a court case to be re-opened, if fresh evidence comes forward. The document, which can be viewed in Book 7, Chapter 26, had only been available after Peter's second (and final) appeal. For his High Court appeal it was not permissible, because no fresh evidence is allowed in a High Court appeal. The new law allows cases like his to reopen.

I keep asking, why it still has not been made public and used as catalyst for re-opening the Liddy case. Except in this, my autobiography; to the best of my knowledge, no media has ever reported about this fresh evidence, nor has witness W. ever been questioned about the matter. (Unless this was done and kept secret from the public?)

The following is an extract of the lengthy letter I sent to the Minister responsible for law and order, with copies to two TV stations!


The public has never been told that the core group of young men, who accused Peter of the vilest of behaviour while coaching them at the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club, all had a criminal record. One young man, I will come back to him in a moment, was described as a career criminal. The public was never allowed a choice, who to believe – this group of criminal offenders - drug dealers, petty thieves etc. - or the respected magistrate.

Let me write to you the truth about the main accuser, whose dodgy testimony resulted in 7 guilty charges, out of a total of 10. This one witness, Mr.W. had been reported as having been flown from interstate to testify against Peter. The public was never given details about this key witness - nothing in the newspaper about that man stealing a motor car and crashing it, while out of jail for the court case! The man should have been arrested for skipping bail in South Australia, yet he was let go! Why?

The ultimate denial of justice to this day, however, is the ignorance by the courts and legal profession to examine a very weighty piece of evidence, which Peter Liddy holds in his possession. The above mentioned accuser, Mr. W. when before the courts at age 19, had clearly stated to a Prisoner Assessment Committee (Qld Dept. of Correctional Services) that he had never been abused as a child, but lived a normal childhood.

I have no doubt that if a jury were to view this evidence - the witness claiming one minute to never having been abused, only to later come out with horrendous abuse allegations, the verdict would be: This witness is unreliable. The prisoner must receive the benefit of the doubt!

In view of this new ‘fresh evidence’ law, I ask you to earnestly consider this matter, and ensure that the prisoner’s lawyer obtains the above mentioned evidence and has the case re-opened.

It is quite possible that the prisoner, after 13 years innocently in jail, has lost hope, lacks the energy or lacks clarity of mind. If Peter, now aged about 68 years, is unable to help himself from inside his Mount Gambier prison cell, those on the outside can and must act!

(This letter included a copy of the Prisoner Assessment Report.)

- - - - - - -

The football match mentioned early in the chapter was between Adelaide's Port Power and Victorian side Carlton. Whenever I think of Carlton I think of an Adelaide Pastor, who is an ardent supporter of this Melbourne football Club. His roots are in Mildura, a large country town, about 400 km from Adelaide, on the border with New South Wales and South Australia. The town is known for Citrus growing and boasts 132 clear days of sunshine every year.

During a brief 2 1/2-day visit in August 2014 it was no different. A friend and I enjoyed an eventful, adventure-filled weekend, soaking up the sunshine and smelling the fresh air.


Love the letters Nos / all. 

<<< Orana Motel, outside Room 9: Nose To Wall.

Q: Bricks don't smell, so why nose to wall?


A: It may have to do with motorists parking the wrong way, which may suck exhaust fumes into the rooms? 

<<< Loxton, Riverland, South Australia.


En route to our destination we stopped for lunch at this vibrant town, about 250 km from Adelaide. If you're wondering, where is the traffic - shown here is Loxton's historic village.

The road was rough for most of the 110 km (each way) from Mildura. My green Suzuki managed the challenge very well.


Below: My travel companion, on the right, speaking to our  aboriginal tour guide Ivan. In the background part of the 'Walls of China, a rocky sand formation surrounding Lake Willandra. 

<<< Mungo National Park in the Lake Willandra World Heritage area. 

I had heard about this remote World Heritage area, which is thought to be the oldest place of human civilisation outside Africa.


It was hard to imagine how any human civilisation could possibly exist in such a barren place, as we viewed 9000 year old fire places and burial sites and listened to many (tall?) stories along the way.


What happened that Saturday morning, Aug 9th, before touring Mungo National Park, may sound like a tall story. But as always, what I saw and heard is true. Where life took me to was unplanned. I aim to write it simply as it was.

Early in the morning I was listening to ABC local radio. The announcer gave the time as 2.26 AM, which I knew was wrong. The time was 5.26 AM. (It was no repeat.) The numbers at the time meant very little. But only a little later that morning would I meet numbers 2 and 5 again.

The topic on the radio broadcast - Australia's rail trails, old railway lines converted into bicycle tracks, took my mind to South Gippsland and to Bright, where I had enjoyed rail trails. I learned that cycling had overtaken golf as the most popular activity among business people.

I couldn't wait to get onto my bike. The weather was cold, clear skies; the sun, rising in the East, promised a beautiful day ahead. I had no particular cycling route in mind, so I just followed the A 79 toward the centre of town on 15th Street. At the northern end of this large regional town, near a roundabout I noticed a sign Garage Sale [at No....M...Ct] The digits 2 and 5 did not register at first

I continued at my steady pace for a few more minutes until I reached the end of the built-up area. I turned back. As I passed the same garage sale sign, suddenly the number 25 grabbed my attention. I recalled the 2.26 / 5.26 mistake on the radio. Why not take a look at No.25 M. CT and see what there is that I don't need? 

Within a minute or two I was inside a garage and started talking to a young, stocky built man. I must have been his first customer for the day. There was not much on offer, certainly nothing that took my interest.

Back on my bike, already pedalling away, I felt prompted to call out and asked for his name. It was not really relevant. I don't know why I bothered. Just as I heard him say "Nathan!" my eyes picked up a parked vehicle right opposite. It was a Ute. The registration plate was 414.

As I made my way back south to the motel to meet my friend, I suddenly found myself in 14th street, riding south. Within a few moments all things suddenly seemed to work together, around the digits 1 and 4. 

The street name where I just had met Nathan was (decoded) Man, a N and a cross! How well did 414 and Ute fit into that!

Just as my creative mind made these links, to my left I noticed Beasy Court. This name took me to the football supporter, who I knew in Adelaide, whose roots go back to Mildura. To top it off, closing the circle, as it were, it suddenly came to me that this person had a son. His name is Nathan.


<<<  How strange is this?

I wrote the above 2 / 5 story on August 25th. I had spent the afternoon at my regular table tennis group. As I arrived home, riding my bicycle up our driveway, I notice this helmet in the grass, right outside our place. 

During the night, thinking it over, it came to me. I had written a chapter, where a blue helmet featured. In the same chapter the numbers 2 and 5 also played a prominent role. (Book 3, 38.)

How do I explain it? Co-incidence? Human intervention, which points to paranoia on my part? Or is it all a non-event, boring and meaningless? 


Back in Mildura the next day, Sunday 10th August, I again took an early morning ride. This time I rode from our motel, which was on the southern outskirts of town, in a figure of eight fashion around the district. As I again cycled up 14th Street, I vaguely recalled how I had during my 2013 visit looked unsuccessfully for the Salvation Army church on the Sunday morning. (This was during my Adelaide-Sydney ride in Chapter 4). Fourteenth Street seemed to ring a bell. Suddenly, a second after this thought, I looked to my left and there it was.


<<<  The Salvation Army, Mildura.


We arrived early for the 10 AM service. Two things stood out that morning, no three: 

The gentleman, who gave the lesson for the children, showed a a card trick. He asked them: How many cards are there in a pack? One boy knew it - 52!

Two, a male tenor gave a superb rendition of a song: "All that I am". (Ends in am, starts with all - loved it). The lyrics were displayed on the screen. My eyes noticed a word (them) missing: "Take all my dreams and bend   to thy will."

Three, the leader pointed out the error in the church >>> notices: Planned giving Sunday on August 32rd? I saw the error straight away. It should not read August 32rd, but August 32nd!

<<< Shoes and Sports Centre at Loxton, SA.


Q: Why did I take this picture while having lunch in Loxton?


A: Which is it - Shoes and Sports or Sports and Shoes? 

Only much later did I notice the letters AN' S - SA' famous N?


After the service and a cup of coffee, my friend and I left to start our journey back to Adelaide. On exiting, in the far corner of the car park (in the US they call it parking lot) I spotted a large 4 WD vehicle, registration plate - 414.

To refresh reader's memory here is the symbol I created, which represents 414 - a N on a cross. 

This is why Nathan and that registration plate 414 had me wondering, not only here in Mildura, but for some years now.

N happens to be the 14th letter in the alphabet.

So, is it all working together by co-incident? Or is there a higher power at work, which has entered our world and is trying to get our attention? Unless it's all a non-event? 

A N-ON event, indeed, IT is!

- - - - - - -

Before we venture on another short trip away, let me delve with you into the Psalms. Please, don't think the following discovery is a heavy bible study! You don't need to be a bible scholar to smile at this. But if you know a little about Agatha Christie it will help. (One point I'd like to make here - 

In the evening of Monday 28/7/14 I was reading Psalm 27. It's a lovely piece of literature, written by King David, note the name, who knew God and knew his own weakness. The most powerful man of his time admits his desperate need for God. As I read Verse 8 in my German Bible I started smiling to myself. One word of that verse amused me.

That evening a famous British actor, aptly named David, had been on the panel on the popular ABC TV Show Q and A, Questions and Answers. His surname is the same, as that little word in that Psalm: Take a look:

Psalm 27, Verse 7- 8 (by David)






(Hoffnung fuer alle - Bible)

Translated:  Hear me Lord, when I cry. Have mercy on me and answer! Because I recall that you said: "Seek my face (Lit.nearness). This I will now do and pray to you."

David Suchet (centre) on Q and A >>>

The German word for seek (suchet) is the same as that of the actor, who plays the Belgian detective in Agatha Christie's crime novels.


How about the date? The digits for Psalm 27.8 are those of the date of the TV program 28.7. It so happened that the date of writing also matches perfectly - 27.8.





Prayer is one of the most misunderstood and under utilized activities humans don't do; at least not successfully. Having said that, I wished I could give a formula or special step by step instructions on how to pray and get the results you want. That's just the point - it's not what we want that counts. It's all about HIM. What is it that HE desires for us, which pleases HIM?

Some people think they are not good enough to approach a holy God. But look at David's criminal record? Not just a speeding fine, but adultery and conspiracy to murder!

Q: How could anyone like that even think of writing and teaching others about prayer?

A: David knew how to come back successfully. He repented of what he had done (Psalm 51) and became stronger than ever!

Successful prayer comes from a heart that admits its own weakness, may we call it meekness! (Read on for an interesting encounter with that word).

Jesus loves it when we remind HIM of the scriptures: 

"When you pray, go into your chamber and shut the door and pray to your father in secret. And your Father, who is in a secret place, will reward you openly!" (Matt.6, 6).

Three things we learn from this verse:

1. Prayer is a deliberate act of the will. I will do it! (Our Suchet verse above expresses the same).

2. Find a place to void distraction. No earpiece in your ear, mobile phone turned off. It may take 1/4 hour or longer to just calm the mind and concentrate. (I fight this battle daily).

3. Learn and recall scriptures. They were composed hundreds of years ago, but are still relevant to us today. Examples: "Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46, 10). He who comes to God must believe that HE is (exists) and is a rewarder to those who diligently seek HIM (Heb. 11, 6). Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find. (Matt. 7,7).

- - - - - - - -

It so happened, very early on Sunday 24. 8. I watched Gary Kent on his TV program IT IS WRITTEN. (He was the preacher I had linked to a gentlemen called DON two chapters ago.) He gave a very insightful, practical talk on prayer, teaching much the same points as the above. 

At the end of his talk he invited viewers to request a free book - Teach us to pray. However, on the screen, it was plain to see, the title of the book was advertised as Teach me to pray! I phoned and ordered a copy. Otherwise, how will I find out which is correct?

Humour aside, in a moment we shall take a walk in Sydney, where we shall link both to the names DON and KENT. One is just around the corner from the other. (Read on). 

- - - - - - -

Prayer takes effort. For those who persist and diligently pray in the secret place, there is the promise of a heavenly reward. It will be for all to see. Some great inventions, many humanitarian organisations, often heroic deeds are the result of prayer by God fearing people, who sought God's will. And HE came through in the end.

"The prayer of a righteous man, who lives according to the will of God, is very powerful." (James 5, 16b, Translated from. - Hope for all Bible).

- - - - - - -


Visiting Sydney in late July 2014 I came across the word meek in a most unusual place. My wife and I had flown across to the East for a short holiday. There were three reasons, why we went at that particular time. My wife's brother celebrated his 70th birthday, our 43rd wedding anniversary the week before and I had set foot onto Australian soil 45 years ago.

Sydney - End July 2014

Below and right: Interesting designer clothing labels:

Blessed are the meek.

I photographed this through a shop window in one of Australia's most affluent suburbs - fashionable Woollahra (below). It's where the rich and famous

live.                                                       Paran >>>

Obviously a German product, I discovered this garment among my clothing. I must have purchased it in Germany, but not worn for decades!  

Note: Ladies 46, Men's 54 = 100. 

We flew into Sydney on 30.7. The morning had started with a weird 147. 247 incident.


I won't bore with details, only to explain, what I took note of on the jetliner we were about to board.


On the side (twice) 100 was painted on the fuselage. (Jetstar had reached 100 aircraft and 100 Million passengers!) The pilot had an interesting name: Ted Edwards!


<<< View from our Apartment:


Having the number 100 on my mind (twice) I could not help photographing the flags, flown along Oxford Street, near our Apartment. It was Hepatitis C week. One in 100 have it!


DON (x 2?) Restaurant, Darlinghurst


The weather in Sydney initially, for two days, was very pleasant - sunny skies and temperatures above 25 deg C. It broke a hundred-year record. Even though we both had lived here, we felt like tourists as we strolled up Oxford Street in Darlinghurst the next morning. The name of a Restaurant caught my eye - DON DON. My wife wondered, why I would take a photo, but more was yet to come. 

On the corner Burton / Bourke Street I noticed a gentleman, who was walking past, drop something. I called out. He turned back and picked it up. It was nothing of great significance, a bus ticket perhaps? What I found interesting, thinking about it as I recorded it in my diary, the huge number 50 on the side of the building. 

Next deducting the letters of Bourke from Burton I arrived at TEN K. (On editing I just saw a name, Ken Burt - it's been fifteen years since our paths had crossed, in Bk. 1). What does it all mean? 

How about 10 + 1 = 11, K being the 11th letter of the alphabet? Further interesting fact - Darlinghurst, NSW Postcode 2010. 

Our walk in the sunshine continued past St. Mary's Cathedral, through the Domain toward the Botanic Gardens, the oldest in Australia. My thoughts kept returning to those exiting days, exactly 45 years ago, when I had arrived from Germany with nothing. Almost every day I took the train from the Villawood Hostel to these parts of Sydney. For hours I explored my new home, over-awed by Sydney's skyline, the magnificent harbour, the world-famous white structure of the Opera House and the unmistakable coat hanger bridge, etc etc.

Those were lonely days, yet filled with hope for the future. Looking back, God and Australia has been good to me, given me a lovely wife and four healthy, productive children. Never was I out of work for long. God always provided our needs and much more!. 

As my wife Isobel and I passed the New South Wales Art Gallery we decided to take a look. Channel Seven's TV breakfast program had the weather reporter broadcasting from there. We had barely arrived in the large entrance hall, around 10.10 AM, when I noticed a tall, blond lady walk right by us. Isobel was looking elsewhere. When I tried to tell her, who was walking right by us, she was confused, why I'd be making such a fuss of another women.



<<<  Marta Dusseldorp, leading actress in the TV drama A Place To Call Home.


This is the Marta I had alluded to earlier. As she walked by she pretended to not know us. (Unless because my wife was standing beside me? Just kidding).


Australian born Marta also starred in another TV drama - Janet King. Love the names.


<<< Regarding this title - I'd like to make two points! 

<<< Weekend Breakfast, Channel Seven.


At Martin Place right in the heart of Sydeny, through the windows of Channel 7, pedestrians can view the show as it's going to air!


The screen on the right is what viewers see at home.

On Friday morning 1/8, my wife still asleep, I was watching the above show in our apartment. I noticed they had misspelled a name on their screen - Nitcshke (or similar). It prompted me to go and take a brisk ten minute walk to take a look. At Martin Place that day was a special promotion for Jeans for Genes, an organisation raising funds for medical research into childhood deceases.

I couldn't find anyone to complain about their spelling error. But I did come face to face with a famous man, if only for a fleeting moment. A smartly dressed business man walked by me. I recognized him straight away, even though he'd been out of politics since 2012. It was the former Attorney-General of Australia, Rob McClelland. 

My mind recalled how I had sat at a McDonald's Restaurant and written by hand the story of the injustice against Peter Liddy. I had hoped to drop the letter personally into his office in Canberra, but had to simply post it in the end (Bk 7, 18). It was hard to believe that  almost seven years had passed, without any (human) intervention!


Our destination that morning was Manly, which we reached after an enjoyable ride on the ferry, crossing the most beautiful harbour in the world. Isobel's brother, his wife and some relatives (by marriage) from Japan met us at the Manly Wharf. We took a short walk (in Manly everything is in walking distance) to a fish restaurant and enjoyed a great birthday lunch. There was a lot to talk about, since we only see each other every year, if that.

The restaurant we dined at was right across the road from the Royal Far West College. A strange name for a place of learning. Next, on their noticeboard, I could hardly believe it, a misspelling. The notice read: We welcome new students from ... followed by a list of places. I did not know all of them, but one I knew - Inverelle (sic). (No e at the end - good example of a bad example - a school that teaches spelling, but can't spell !)

But then, what fun could we make with the letters IV N ER L ...? One could even squeeze 1550 out, if one tried...! 

- - - - - - -


Just before departing for our flight back to Sydney on Sunday 3.8.14 there was a chance encounter with a friend from long ago. It's worth mentioning, because what followed, sounded like magic to me. Judge for yourself!

Following the long queue through security at Mascot Airport a man tapped me on the shoulder: "Aren't you Dieter?" he asked, "I'm Reg!"

"Hi Reg", I responded, a little surprised, "Reg who?" I was conscious of fellow travellers around us hearing every bit of our conversation. As soon as the man, about my age, gave me his surname I remembered him from 3 decades ago when we lived in Hobart. We had attended the same church and had known him and his extended family very well. A few times he and I went camping in Tasmania's Highlands. When we moved to the mainland, and his marriage ended, we lost contact.

After the few minutes of conversation, mostly about family etc. we reached our departure gates (his 53, ours 56) and we said goodbye. We promised to keep in contact. He handed me his business card. When I saw it I made one final comment. That's when the fun started:


Looking at his business card (details omitted for privacy) I said to my friend: "I can just imagine you, sitting by the sea, looking into the ocean and writing your books (or words to that effect).

Minutes later on the airplane, waiting for take-off I picked up the

JETSTAR Magazine. It fell open by itself to Page 70, about half-way of the 144 page publication. I started reading an article about a city dweller, who had decided to quit his job, move to Fiji.

"As far back as I can remember" writes Jake Hamilton, "I had always wanted to live in the South Pacific and write a book about the sea..." 

But there was more: Half hour into the flight I exchanged the magazine for my unfinished crossword puzzle. The first word I inserted was EINOEDE. The last letter (E) had created, without trying, the name of my friend I had just met after 30 years R E G.

Notice also, rather unplanned, the letters GRE formed again in an L shape, plus ED / EN / EL .


One reason we had left Tasmania, and all the friends we had made in those (almost) 9 years, was the cold winter weather. Ironically, as we arrived back in Adelaide, the next day, the weather bureau reported the coldest morning in 126 years - 0.9 degrees C.

- - - - - - -

On the morning of concluding and uploading this book my first thoughts were on the task ahead - how to finish my chapter? I need not have worried. God provided. My plan the evening before had been to end with a reflection on faith. Not in a biblical sense only, but with a faith hat-trick.

Next I tuned into the Christian Station, Vision Radio 1611. The first words I heard a preacher speak: "... take that step of faith..." Isn't God amazing, how HE knows our thoughts from afar off! The regular program, called Christianity Works, is a practical, non-nonsense approach to the bible. It encourages listeners to be fair-dinkum with God, to use a good Aussie expression.

Here is how the faith hat-trick started: On Monday August 18th, 14 I was writing my diary. That afternoon I had  met a person by the name Faith. It was her first time on duty at a place I go to most Mondays. Next I wrote, how I had seen and decoded names in a newsletter that arrived in the mail that day.

In the text there were four people mentioned, who had responded to God's calling. But only three were actually named. This drew my attention to the other three. Take a look:


Riduan, Nur, Fatimah and ... a mother...

Take the letters *NUR away from RIDUAN and we arrive at AID.


(*Please note - as I typed here I had no idea how NUR was to feature seconds later).


FATIMAH, rearranged became AM FAITH.


Our Daily Bread, 18.8.14  >>>

Having been touched by faith twice that day, I checked, if the word faith would appear in my Daily Bread. It sure did. That Monday Philip Yancy's theme was: Believing in Advance. Not until the final sentence did the writer use the word faith, then twice more.

Now I was really wondering? Is the word faith common in my booklet? It was not. It is not listed once between 13.8. and 20.8, except the three times shown here!

Text: ... act on the good news we say we believe. What is faith in God, after all, but believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse? -Philip Yancey.

Faith looks beyond the shadow

Of dread and doubt and fear

And finds the Savior waiting

And always standing near. - French

Waiting tries our faith so we wait in hope.

You may be wondering, why I inserted that name NUR and the arrow?

 The word NUR in German means ONLY. After scanning I saw it, right under faith!

That's God, my friends! HE knows ALL and makes it work together for something GOOD.   


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end.

They are new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness.


(Lamentations 3, 22, 23)


End of Book 12