Book 12 - Chapter 12                                   Written / Published  18.5. - 22.5.14

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Did anyone notice and wonder why in the previous chapter I wrote the two words understand / underestimate in italic? (It had nothing to do with cyclone ITA). Those who did and probed a little further may have cracked the code. By eliminating all doubled-up letters from each word we arrive at end time. I had not discovered or arranged this, but heard a famous TV preacher say understand, before correcting himself - underestimate.

In this chapter we will revisit the location of a drama 9 years ago. Be prepared for many twists and turns.  As has been the case right through the past decade, during writing much magic appears from nowhere; and always right on time! A supernatural mind is still at work and will be until the end of time.

Call me a LOONY and I agree totally!


12.  Jesus for dinner tonight !

On the day of publishing the previous chapter I was sitting in the TV room having lunch. On Channel Ten screened a show with famous psychologist Dr. Phil. His guest that day, April 17th 2014, was a famous rapper musician, who at one point in his career was earning 30 million Dollars a year. The interview had originally been recorded in September 2013. 

As I listened to the young man talking to Dr. Phil, it became clear this colourful character was not what we'd call normal. Nor had he lived a normal life. When Dr. Phil mentioned he has 11 children, he pointed out that No.12 was on the way! The artist, who performs under the name DMX, suffers from bi-polar disorder. He was very candid about his condition and his turbulent past, which included drug use, traffic violations and many clashes with police.

The titles of his albums matched his weird lifestyle: The Great Depression / It's dark and Hell is hot, just to name two. Yet, despite his confused state of mind there was something about this artist, which his audiences must have found attractive.

As with many bi-polar sufferers, Dr. Phil's guest during the interview sounded as if he was a believer, or at least seeking the truth. He spoke openly about God, saying he was in the right place with God. He would not change anything about his life. DMX's bad language, which of course was blanked out, did, however, not fit the overall picture of the man. 

Take a look at DMX's lyrics of his song Lord give me a sign. Don't they sound like a genuine prayer?

(Extract: Source -

"I really need to talk to you Lord, Since the last time we talked the walk has been hard. Now I know you haven't left me. But I feel like I'm all alone ... 

Only I can stop the rain, *wit just the mention of my saviors name. In the name of Jesus devil I rebuke you for what I go through, and trying make me do what I used to. But all that stops right here. As long as the Lord's in my life I have no fear. Lord give me a sign."

(*Original spelling).


During Dr.Phil's interview with DMX (which stands for Dark Man X) a thought had crossed my mind: Does this man know that these initials add to 510 in Roman numerals? 

Toward the end of the show, as I was still pondering this number, my wife called out from the kitchen: "What is the postcode for Salisbury?" 

I knew it and yelled back: "5108." 

Suddenly, the timing of this incident struck me: Just as I had heard for the first time about Mr. DMX, my wife would ask me a question, where the answer starts with 510!. It may be weeks or months before my wife again posts a letter; and maybe years before she casually asks me again for a postcode! (We do have a postcode booklet in the house). 

May the famous rapper musician find what he is looking for, even without a sign from God! If he is genuinely seeking the truth, he will find it in an intimate relationship with God the Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Only HE can fill the deep void inside every human heart. 

Don't wait for a sign Mr. DMX. Open your bible. Then open your eyes and see them.

- - - - - - -


Street Sign on Corner Cafe - 1 GOODALL

Our shop, located across the road is at 2-4 Goodall Pde. It only takes us five minutes in the car to get home to where we live - 24 Goodall Rd. 

<<< This Cafe is located right across the road from the Second-hand Shop my wife and I work at. 

Around lunch time one day, as I walked by this cafe, I spotted a face through the window. It was that of a well known local. I recognized his face. The fact that this gentleman sat within a few feet of this sign  amused me.

Why? It's his name - Mister Goodall.

- - - - - - -


If the following is a sign from God, I don't know. Whoever wrote the sign can't spell. It's from the same sign-spotting calendar I had received as a present. You will find some funny pictures already in this book. On the date displayed below, April 26/27 2014, something took place, which fitted the calendar page perfectly. Take a look:


There are 4 data in this picture, which stirred me into displaying it here.


One: The surname of the photographer - Fischer (obvious).


Two: His first name Steve.


Three: Steve only recently became our friend. On  Saturday April 26th, for the first time, my wife and I had an invitation to have lunch with Steve and his family.

Sign Spotting calendar  - 25/27 April 2014

Bikes 4 sail

Four: Our friendship started with a mutual love for riding bikes.

We both could be labelled MAMIL,

Middle Aged Men In Lycra, born in the middle ages...


(On editing - Read at the end for another amazingly timed sign in this calendar)


- - - - - - - 

The day after publishing the previous chapter was Good Friday. In the morning I attended Enfield Baptist Church. Much had taken place there, which I wrote about, including some good Good Fridays. In the afternoon I cycled into the city of Adelaide for a sacred service at the Salvation Army. En route, out of the corner of my eyes, near the former Channel Seven site, I spotted a motor vehicle registration number - MANN 4. (Exactly a week later I again spotted MANN - Read on).

The music at the ACH (Adelaide Congress Hall) was superbly played by the brass band of the Ingle Farm Corps. Later in the service a young man was invited onto the platform. He was briefly interviewed, telling the audience about his sad life, and how he had ended up living on the street. A Salvation Army soldier persisted in helping this young man back onto the right track. It was refreshing to hear first-hand about the good work the Salvos do behind the scenes.

Also on the platform was the young man's adopted mother. She read the scriptures from the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 53, Verses 3-5. She was visibly moved as she read, holding back tears, as did at least one listener in the audience. How can you not be moved, reading about someone, who died an agonizing death, so that you can live?

Where is this story leading to, besides blowing the trumpet for the Salvos? It's leading to a little magic surrounding the details of our new, our 2010 Hyundai i 30. Did readers not expect a little magic after the purchase of our new Hyundai motor car? There was magic. I did not create it, only observed it.

The first observation was the nickname of the young on the platform of the ACH - Pickles. Pickles is also the name of the place, where we bought our Hyundai at the beginning of that same week.


But there was more! The day after above discovery, maybe two days, I was driving along Golden Grove Road, Greenwith (in another vehicle). Ahead of us, my passengers must have thought I was crazy as I mentioned this, was a small sedan, registration plate - S106AKC. 

The second twist came during a recent regular evening bike ride. I noticed a white Toyota Station Wagon, one I had seen before, parked just off McIntyre Road. The registration plate of the parked vehicle suddenly stood out: S 109 AK... only one letter different from our i30!

Had this been all I would not have bothered writing about it. But shortly afterward another peculiar thing came to mind: On the very first day my wife and I went out, inspecting cars for sale, the very first one we looked at was identical to this Toyota Station Wagon; same make, same model and same colour; plus, of course, the almost identical registration plate.

<<< Beautiful Adelaide Hills in autumn sunshine, May 2014.


Two days after composing the above I took a drive through the beautiful Adelaide Hills. It was a glorious day. For lunch we ended up at the German Arms Hotel in Hahndorf. Where better to enjoy a good meal than on the balcony. There were only two tables available, one at the far end, the other right by the door. We sat down by the door. After being seated the table number (109 shown above) surprised me. It was worthy of a snapshot. 

On editing (1): Adelaide is experiencing record warm weather for May. So far this month we had 11 days of temperatures above 22 deg. C. and it's only 9 days until winter! (They predict EL NINO is returning ...)

On editing: (2) Note the eagle, Germany's national emblem. Earlier this day, the day of uploading, Channel Nine's Today Show featured a band - The Eagles.. 

- - - - - - -


Before writing about my early Anzac Day morning walk, a brief story from early morning Tuesday 22/4/14, the day after Easter. I woke early and tuned into my little Sony transistor before rising. After the preacher I was listening to had finished, I surfed channels. Melbourne's ABC 774 (note the number!) came over very clearly. I not been listening to that station much. That morning the presenter, Red Simon or Symons, talked about the subject of using the mobile phones while driving. I was all ears.

Just before 5.30 AM (Adelaide Time - Melbourne 6 AM) Red Simon gave the time incorrectly as 7 AM. This called for a correction, a brief email to put the record straight. I told ABC 774 of the obvious mistake and questioned "how many early starter would have jumped out of bed startled ..." For a little humour I added: "Red S. would be good as host for a new game show called Simon says..." 

In the PS I commented on the subject of driving while texting or talking on the phone: "The penalty for using the phone while driving maybe death, without having to go to court first."

To appreciate what came next you have to be a LOONY, a Lover Of Odd Numbers Yarns! 

Moments after my brief encounter with the ABC 774 Melbourne I had a thought: Is there something in this number 774? It so happened my calculator was right there beside me. It only took a moment to come up with this:


7 8 9  
4 5 6  
1 2 3  
147+ 258+ 369+ = 774

Later that morning I went to work at our second-hand store.  Because it was Tuesday after Easter I arrived much earlier that usual, expecting loads of donations to process. Thankfully, much stuff had already been cleared. As I unlocked the front door a white utility van pulled up outside. My antenna went up. For a flash of a second my sensitive mind thought of the number 774.

Sure enough, as I turned and looked at the person approaching, I instinctively read the vehicle's registration plate - 477. Call me paranoid, hunted by numbers, if you must. Or LOONY! I am very much SO.

- - - - - - -

While touching on Melbourne, the day after I started this chapter on 18.5, the death of motor racing legend Sir Jack Brabham was announced. He was 88 years old when he died at his Gold Coast home. He is famous for not only building his own racing car, but racing on to become Formula One world champion with the racing team that bears his name.

"Jack Brabham won the 1959 title in Sebring in great style. Brabham only needed to finish the race to become champion but when he ran out of fuel on the final lap, he had to push his car across the line to fourth place." (Source:

Pic. from TV screen ABC News 24. Motoring commentator Greg Rust on speaking about the life of Sir Jack Brabham:

Hi 4, Hi ABC! (Nice name RUST, almost TRUST?)

Looking at this picture I wonder: Why do calculators display Nos 123 at the bottom, but telephones at the top? (Thankfully, 5 is always at the centre!)

One brief comment I picked up during the announcement. Sir Jack Brabham was quoted saying, he loved all of it. In the background showed his racing car with a large No.12 on the bonnet. (Good word, bonnet).

- - - - - - -


Here is another LOONY story. Recently on my mobile phone I noticed an odd sequence of messages. They all arrived in my inbox on the same morning. Each one came from different senders. Take a look how the numbers added up:


<<<   This sender

needed a job done. She was not ready until 11 am for me to come and do it.

<<<   This sender was going to help me. Also a

late starter, he needed 30 Min to get ready.

<<<  This sender texted the starting time of a function coming up. Not merely numbers, but the context made sense: 30 Min after 11am=11.30am!

There was another reason this sequence of numbers spooked me. It was right at the time when I was writing about Adelaide United players Nos. 11 and 3.


Just for the record - the prayers of No.3 Boogard did not do it. Adelaide did not make it to the semi-final in the A-League play-off. Despite generally playing a better game, and possessing the ball for almost 3/4 of the match, Central Coast Mariners scored one goal in the second half to proceed. The grand final was won by Brisbane Roar, the team that had also come top of the regular season table. 

- - - - - - -

At Easter every year Christians around world remember a kind man (German: Mann) who gave His life for mankind. Exactly a week later Australia (in 2014) remembered those who gave their lives in the wars. The date is always April 25th, the day called ANZAC Day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). 

2014 marked the 15th anniversary of what I had called the launch of my mission. I had not planned anything for that day, until I woke at 5.29 am. There would still be time to make it to the War Memorial in Adelaide, where the traditional dawn service was schedule to start at 6.15 am. 

As happens almost every time when I cruise the streets of Adelaide, I read registration plates among passing or parked traffic. Being bi-lingual provides even more scope to play with letters to create fun messages or short slogans etc. It was no different that ANZAC Day morning en route to the city.

Personalized registration number Mann 4 was parked near the old site of Channel Seven. Later I became aware that Mann Terrace was just across the road in North Adelaide. (We'll return there in a moment, read on).

Despite having to park at the western end of Melbourne Street, hurrying over the River Torrens, I was almost on time for the start of the brief dawn service on North Terrace, Adelaide. That morning I learned something new: The New Zealand National Anthem, the lyrics of which were printed on the handout, consist of a real prayer.

Just look at some of the words:


God of nations at thy feet in the bonds of love we meet.

Hear our voices, we entreat, God defend our Free Land. 

From dissention envy hate and corruption guard our State.

Make our country good and great.

Peace not war should be our boast 

Let our cause be just and right 

Make us faithful unto thee 

Preaching love and truth to man                      


Australia's National anthem starts with these very revealing words: "Australia ns all ..." Would it not be wonderful, if every time Australians sing the National Anthem we would be praying: Guard us from dissention, envy, hate and corruption!

<<< Vietnam Veterans, proudly displaying their medals, North Terrace, Adelaide. ANZAC Day is a time, maybe only once a year, where old mates meet up.


ABC Radio broadcast the event live from the war memorial.

A little research revealed the interesting name of this reporter: It starts with Aman and ends in Mann.

<<<  Television crews were also out in force, if you pardon the pun. 


Later in the morning the traditional Anzac Day March through the streets of Adelaide was screened live on television. 




<<< Do I count 7 cones?

One of the two hymns sung that morning Lead Kindly Light is a prayer, which would have been prayed by many desperate soldiers, yearning for home and hope, during dark days on foreign battlefields:

"Lead, Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom. Lead thou me on.

The night is dark and I am far from home. Lead thou me on. 

Keep Thou my feet, I do not ask to see the distant scene, 

one step enough for me."

What wisdom, to not be worried that we can't see what the future brings; to trust God one step at a time in life's journey!


After the ceremony had concluded, the time was not 7 am yet, it was too early to go straight home. I decided to take a refreshing morning walk back to my vehicle parked on fashionable Melbourne Street.  The best way to go was through the parklands, between the Botanic Garden and Adelaide Zoo, which took me near where I had spotted the vehicle with registration Mann 4 one week earlier.

Moments later, as if Mann was following me, at the eastern end of Melbourne Street the name Mann stood out, again!


Not only this, but numbers 1-20! Now this ordinary street sign was worthy of a picture! I'm glad I did, because only minutes later ...

Heavenly Delights - 102 Melbourne Street

Did I not a moment ago call Melbourne Street fashionable? This sports car fits the picture well.


In preparation for this chapter I noticed something else of interest, as if No.102 was not enough:


HEBE Fashi... (top right corner, please note, this picture has not been trimmed.) My heavenly delight came out just so. Who needs a red sports car to have fun?


But were are not yet finished with Mann. Please read on patiently, the more I rethink what I observed, the more intertwined this yarn becomes.

Earlier in this chapter I wrote about helping a person to do a job, who texted that she won't be ready until after 11 am! Her address is No.9. After leaving there I drove across Main North Road to Bunnings for some hardware. Just after switching off the engine, but before exiting I spotted the registration plate on a parked vehicle a short distance away. The letters OISS grabbed my attention.

Had it only been this car I would not have bothered, but it was again the word MANN, which did it. This time it was attached to IX, number 9 in Roman numerals. I took the photo below from the driver's seat of my car:



<<< MANNIX is so?

Had I not just been to No.9 I may not have bothered taking this picture.


When I saw MANN plus IX (9 in Roman Numerals) I was glad I had my camera with me.


But another IX drama played out just across the road, virtually diagonal, from where I took above picture.

In our Northern Messenger newspaper, firstly as a front page story (Page 1*), continuing on Page 4*, it was reported that a proposed fast food outlet was rejected by the Salisbury Council. Local residents had put up a fight against the proposal and won. They feared that food smells could could drift across into their houses. The other argument was that the extra traffic would be a hazard in their quiet residential street.

Having lived in the area for over 30 years, I know it very well. The name of the affected street, mentioned in the newspaper article, immediately rang a bell. Nine years ago, in 2005, I wrote about an incident in that street.

(*It so happened to be in Chapter 1 of Book 4). 

Here is the letter which I had written, and which was printed in the Northern Messenger Newspaper, in response to the councils rejection of the fast food outlet: 




IT WOULD be understandable

that residents would fight against

a sewerage plant in their area, but what's wrong with a fast food outlet ("No Hungry Jacks for Salisbury East", Northern Messenger May 7, Pages 1 and 4)? Since McDonalds Store was opened on Bridge Road the small shopping centre has become a centre of activity, especially during weekends. There are houses just across the road. And doesn't traffic make a quiet suburban street somewhat safer?

Sounds like some people in this world are just anti whatever change? Get my drift?

Dieter Fischer

       Para Hills 


The final word, the little five-letter word drift, with its double meaning, was on my mind at the time. It rounded off my letter perfectly. Why had it been on my mind?

A day, maybe two, before writing above letter, I was watching a popular game show on TV. One candidate was asked the following multiple choice question (going from memory) "The what valley in East Africa is of geological significance?"

A.   River

 B.      ?

C.      ?

D.    Rift

I knew the correct answer D, Rift Valley, having been to East Africa. The candidate unfortunately chose A. River Valley. (Sorry, can't recall choice B or C.) 

Now drift makes sense, unless you may want to create DR Fit or... whatever?

So where is the magic I decoded in (MANN) IX ?

The 2005 Chapter, 1 in Book 4, is titled My X and I. Right at the end you can read about an incident, which had taken me to DEXTER DR. This is the same street, where the residents live, who objected to the fast food outlet in their street. Even nine years ago I had played the letter elimination game - DIETER minus DEXTER = I X.

Location Map - Gregory's Street Directory 2009 (Map 111)

Above: Our home turf in South Australia. We live about a mile from this major intersection KINGS RD, MCINTYRE RD and MAiN NORTH RD.

<<<   Totally unplanned, take a look at the top right corner. You see (LE and Moore.) On the day of starting this chapter our storm chasing, weather-mad son, left for the USA to do it again! Remember, a year ago he was at it for the first time? He witnessed Moore first hand, the day after! 

It was strange saying good-by again, wishing him a good holiday and "... hope you'll get a lot of stormy weather!"

<<< Open 8 days a week. Business owners in Adelaide have long lobbied the government for longer trading hours! 

This sign is located in above map between the letters G in (KINGS RD) and F (Food Rest). 


Friends, as I write I feel as if this script has been composed by a higher power, and it has. It's hard to explain. I only know what my brain flashes across my conscious mind in these early hours of May 22, 2014. 

When I started this chapter, on Sunday 18th, I had no idea that it would lead us back to Book 4 and the 2005 drama. Well before above writing, however, I had planned to include an email I sent on 8.5.2014. You be the judge how perfectly it fits in here, in the closing paragraphs of this chapter!

Toward the end of Book 4, Ch.1 you find this sentence:

"It starts with Tit and ends in us (Titmus)"

It was just this street name, which surprised me, as I wrote this part of this chapter. The email on 8.5.14 included a little joke about Tit, and went to a recipient in the US.

I had seen a segment on the NBC TV Show Today. It was from Chicago, which had made me watch more carefully. A new tourist attraction had been opened in the Hancock building, one of the tallest in Chicago. High up at a scary height, as I recall, visitors stand inside a glass cage, which then tilts outward. (In my mind it's like the beginning of a bungy jump, but in slow motion and without the actual jump!)

As it turned out, my comment about this tit, sorry tilt, was completely wrong, because I had mixed up the Willis with the Hancock and another tall building, the SEARS Towers. 

The main body of my email message, however, was about a different matter, a small observation I had made on the program. A presenter has spoken the word "earn", but corrected herself very quickly - "learn".

It didn't take Einstein to draw out the letter L. It was an excuse to briefly email this TV Show, something I do only occasionally now.

Date: May, 8th 2014

Hi all,

What one little letter can do!

That sip, sorry slip of the tongue in the Orange Room  (learn / earn) brings up an interesting question - is respect earned or learned?

My wife always thought I had to earn it from my family. She never told me how, so I tried to 'learn' it to my children! But children play better when you pay better.

Thanks be to God they a.ll turned out we.ll, awe.some.

Kind regards


PS  Two years ago I took pictures from the Hancock in Chicago. Scary without the tit, sorry tilt. Wasn't the building called Sears Towers? (EAR - center in SEARS and LEARN.)


This happens often; I would start typing a sentence and at the end wonder, where did this piece of magic come from. The above word awe, together with four letters L, came as a total surprise. Not only one letter L, but four!

After pressing the send button, pondering in awe at the letters L, I remembered visualizing four letters L years ago: t 

- - - - - - -

One final T and L though t. (!) In church on Sunday, on the day of starting this chapter, having no idea the letters T and L were to feature, I observed them in church on the big screen at the front. The choir presented a lovely song, as always. The words were projected onto the screen behind, so it was easy to follow the words being sung.

Forgive me, I can't recall the song lyrics, only two spelling errors I picked up. Surely, I was not the only one, who spotted the misspelled word AL (L missing?) But my brain suddenly linked this missing L with another, which only minutes before I had whispered into the ear of my wife, who was sitting beside me. (Details in a moment.)

Just before the choir performed the leader on the platform had interviewed a person, who was leaving our church after a three months training period. She had asked this young man this question: "What did you learn here at Ingle Farm, which you did not learn anywhere else?" (His name was Christ, sorry Chris):

He was rather unprepared for this tough question. No doubt, many in the congregation were thinking with Chris, how will he answer this? My mind came up with this, rather tongue-in-cheek thought: "Not all that glitters is God."

Now you may understand, why the missing L in the song following surprised me! 

There was a second spelling error, seconds later. The choir was still singing the same song, when I noticed the word though(t) misspelled. The end t was missing.

- - - - - - -

After finishing writing this chapter, before editing, I thought to turn over the page of my signspotting calendar. I'm glad I did. I was astounded at what came up. Could anyone have come up with a more perfect picture? 


Having Jesus for dinner?


Friends, all need the son of God, Jesus. Not just for one meal, but for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and every minute in between.



Chapter 13