Book 12 - Chapter 11                                   Written / Published  14.4 - 17.4.14

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Maybe real authors don't do what I'm about to do - adding to a previous chapter; something I failed to write at the time?

The picture of the painting in the Waikerie gallery of seven sheep was taken on a Saturday, the photo of seven sheep in a paddock the following Monday. In between, on the Sunday, our group had visited a church service. Over coffee afterwards I was chatting to a man, whose occupation, and name, fitted perfectly into the picture: He was a shepherd; his name was Kevin. (As in Kevin - Oh ! ...7 !).

Another thought came after having written about this incidence: The little Lamb I had photographed, counting from left to right, was second among the seven. A few days after the previous chapter my maths brain discovered: 7 minus 2 (5) and 7 plus 2 (9). 

In the final paragraphs of my Book 2 you read about 59. In April 2004 I had written about a personal registration plate .... 59. The name of the street in Hope Valley. I recall the incident clearly. It was near  L A M B bert Street.

Maybe, in those turbulent days of my journey, dashing here and there, picking up much trash on the way,  I was not wandering aimlessly? How many times had I prayed this prayer: "Lord, where is it all leading to? Back then I never knew what IT was.

This chapter includes a it, or should I say - the letters  A I T  jumbled into one big storm? We may have to change our viewpoint, but it all will make sense.



11.   There is an i in Ita

The hope for a new government in South Australia, after a very, very tight election result, is all but over. The same Labor Party, which ran our state for the previous 12 years, again makes the rules. The Liberals' hopes that they could form government, with the support of the two independents, vanished when MP Mr. Brock decided to support Labor.

The other independent MP, Dr. Bob Such, Member for Fisher, unfortunately announced shortly after the election that he is fighting a serious illness. He will not be available to take up his position in the new Parliament for a number of months. His decision, should he back Labor or Liberal,  now only determines how many votes the Labor government will have on the floor of the House.

Dr. Such's announcement of his illness at the end of March 2014 came rather suddenly, when all eyes where on him and the other independent MP. 

How refreshing was the front page headline in the  Adelaide's Advertiser: I AM IN GODS HANDS ! It is rare that you see or hear a politician publicly express his or her faith in God. How we need godly Members of Parliament!


In Australia at every election the issue of compulsory voting is raised, especially after the result is very close. Compulsory voting invites the donkey-vote. According to the Advertiser Newspaper, March 31, 2014, the donkey vote is estimated by the Electoral Commission to be approximately 1-2 per cent (ECSA Glossary)."

In a very tight election, one can logically assume, these careless donkey-voters could indeed decide who wins government! A frightening though; and all within a system, which claims to be the best form of government - democracy! (I dare not think about inserting n after o...!?) 

As I understand it donkey-voters are those, who know they have to vote by law, but don't care at all who they vote for. They just write 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 in the squares on the ballot paper. The candidate, who happens to have drawn the No.1 position in the ballot preceding, has a better chance of winning, thanks to the donkey voters.

There could be other care-free voters, who choose their candidate for other reasons. They may give Bob Giles a tick, simply because they love the name Bob or they speak German and love his name spelled backwards (Selig - means blessed, or saved). What about the name Xavier? This name sounds much like Saviour, a good name. All parliaments need HIM.

My thinking mind came up with a simple idea to eliminate the problem. If there are five candidates, for example, print not one, but two ballot papers as shown here:



<<<   Between 8am - 1pm

staff at the ballot box hand

out a ballot paper like this.



Between 1pm and 6pm  >>>

voters use a different one,

darker in colour, names re-


3 LEE 3 LEE 

Donkey voters, who just scribble 12345 from top down would hereby spread their vote equally, neutralizing their vote, if we can call it that?

The South Australian Liberal Party in 2014 had drawn bottom position on the ballot papers of many of the marginal seats, which had been predicted they would win. It did not happen.

Democracy only works, if its citizens engage, and make an informed choice, based on an open and truthful media. Any nation, where voting is compulsory, must have these.

 - - - - - - -

South Australia had not been the only Australian state to hold an election on March 15th 2014. Tasmanian voters had also been out voting for a new parliament. The people in the tiny island state overwhelmingly favoured the Liberal Party and it's leader, Will Hodgman, who has been described as the world's longest serving Opposition Leader. His party easily won with a landslide result.

When we lived in Hobart, many years ago, our Federal Member of Parliament in the seat of Denison, was the late Mr. Michael Hodgman, the new Premier's father. He was a popular politician, full of confidence. So confidence in fact, he had leadership aspirations in Canberra. In a bold statement to the media he had publicly announced: "One day I am going to be Prime Minister of Australia." 

History tells us this never happened. But can we blame this gentleman for aiming high? His name, besides the letter H, slightly changed, could become God Man. Maybe, his son will fulfil his father's dream? It's not the first time this happened!

- - - - - - -


Photos from TV screen, during News items about missing flight MH 370

<<<   Written in red, the three words please come back are not those I had seen and included in the previous chapter. They had been written in black (or blue) as I recall.







<<< Pray for H 37 (M and 0 don't show well). Codes, maybe?


"How good to know during a personal tragedy (Psalm 50, 15)  the we can call on God. 


Why not when we're happy? Do we not have happier memories of conversations with our father, than those when we were in trouble?



<<<  This picture -  1:19 AM "ALL RIGHT, GOOD NIGHT" was reported to be the final spoken words by the pilot of the missing plane. Later, like so much about this mystery, this was rejected as incorrect..

The more I looked at this picture, the more I saw. ALL GOOD, the phrase included in the title of this book, is rather conspicuous. But nothing went RIGHT that NIGHT. 

Code NR, in German this is the abbreviation for Number. Had I not seen numbers, not only in this air tragedy, but in all the 12 books of my autobiography?

I love the phrase - AM RIGHT. It took a little longer to see. And only after pasting the above picture did I notice two more things: One, the time 1:19.backwards points to an even bigger tragedy. Two, my camera only picked up the tail of the plane. Will we ever see and hear about the rest of this mysterious, global riddle, the rest of this tale?

After a few days of news reports with no clear find, my creative brain came up with this possibility: What if a media organisation were to receive this anonymous message?

This the OLPCA, the Organisation for the Liberation of Performing Circus Animals. We have 239 hostages ... and unless you give freedom for all bears, tigers etc ... we will...

If they really were holding any hostages would not matter.

Maybe, I should I give fiction a go? But then, why write something which never happened, when you have bundles of diaries filled with weird, real-life tales, waiting... ? (Read on for 'waiting'.)

- - - - - - -

One such tale has been waiting since July 2013. I will include it here, because something peculiar took place on the Sunday after the previous chapter. It happened on Prospect Road, opposite the Blackfriars College.

Cycling north along Prospect Road late one afternoon in July 2013 I came across a car crash scene. Police, and ambulance were already in attendance, trying to control the chaos on this busy inner suburban road. A small sedan had mounted the kerb, hit a person in a wheelchair, who subsequently died in hospital. Television cameras were rolling. No doubt, there would be an item in the evening news.


The crash happened right next door to a property for sale. The agent's trademark is this big, very big, red F.


Bystanders asked the obvious question: How did this vehicle cross the opposite lane, mount the footpath and kill a person in a wheelchair?

<<<  Crash scene, Prospect Road,  Fitzroy. 

As I took this photo a female police officer came over and said: "Why are you taking pictures, I could take your camera away?" I replied: "I am not doing anything different to that cameraman over there. I take photos of crashes to use for educational use on my crash investigation website."

She seemed satisfied. It made me think: Could she really just confiscate my camera? Do police make up rules as they please? 

Above: TV Channel Nine: Wrecked wheelchair of the victim, who was taken to hospital and later died.

One thing I found peculiar in the months following this crash. Normally after a road death you expect relatives and friends would place something near the crash scene, in memory of the deceased, be it a small cross or flowers etc. (My auto bio has numerous such roadside shrines*)

Here? Nothing!

*How interesting! Later I shall write about numbers 3 and 11. One of these shrines, in Book 6, Ch. 24 had the date wrong - 31.11.03. Equally interesting, just as I viewed the picture in that chapter my PC showed 6.24 AM.

Accident scene 7 months later

Above photo shows the crash scene in February 2014. Besides no flowers etc, every time I passed by I wondered, why the wall had not been repaired yet? The unfortunate victim must have been a very lonely person.

Looking at the photo more closely at home, I saw another peculiarity. Two letters (OY) are missing in the name of the suburb. The remainder Fitzr... for a German is easy to view as Fritz.

But there's more; putting two and two together I see not 26-28, but the number 486.

But the tale does not end there. On March 23 I was driving a group of ladies home from the German Club. The small talk in the car somehow turned to the state of health of Michael Schumacher, the F 1 legend ...

(Hey, how does this fit into the above ...! F1 legends don't get bigger than he.)

... who was only slowly emerging from a coma, after a skiing accident. 

Driving north on Prospect Road, at the very spot shown above, not a nano-second later, the German lady beside me the front seat spoke these words: "Lucky he (Schumacher) did not die..." 

Of course my friend had no idea that we were just passing the very spot on Prospect Road, where a person had died.

- - - - - - -

The media in recent times, in many parts of the world, is filled with news about child abuse. More specifically, abuse of children in church-run institutions. It seems to be world-wide, a key subject of our times. The negative way these matters are presented, often in a very general, across the board condemning attitude, brings a phrase to my mind - trial by media.

Please, all understand, I don't underestimate, just wanting to make a song about it: The harm inflicted by sinister characters has scarred many young victims for life. But to think that church leaders would willingly allow children to be abused, an underlying allegation I detect time and again, is rather unthinkable.

After hearing yet another media report on child abuse, and another about a child being bullied (her name was Anastasia), I tried to reason in my mind, if the thought I had some years ago did have some validity? In a letter to the ABC, our national broadcaster, I asked if anybody ever approached this issue from this, rather different point of view? 


Date: 27.3.14

Subject:  Enquiry into church - abuse. 

Dear Sir, Madam!

Amidst the damning allegations against churches and other organisations has the matter ever been viewed from the following, rather different, perspective?

Could it be that there were certain devious characters, who joined the church not to serve God, but simply to gain access to children? Could it be that these wolves in sheep's clothing went along with all that sheep do, but having planned it all years in advance, so they could lead those unfortunate children astray?

From this perspective, one can't dismiss the thought that now there are not only individual abuse victims, but the churches and organisations themselves have become a victim.

The question remains, why did these organisations not immediately act, after doubts were raised? In hindsight, this is a valid question. Of course, most would have acted immediately. But I have one picture in mind, which may explain, why this did not happen.

How many mothers, in hindsight, would have spoken out, exposed (ie betrayed) their husbands, after finding out they were abusing their daughter? They never found the courage to do so! Imagine the dilemma: Will I protect my child or betray my husband? 

To speak out, finding the courage to expose a heinous crime, is never easy, especially when the perpetrator is in your own family. And even if you do find the courage to speak out about a wrong, (see Book 5, Chapter 13) nobody believes you! 

We all feel sadness for all those abused children, Mary, Jo or Anastasia etc. But if one puts themselves into their shoes, one can't help but think, maybe the churches or the Salvos etc. are also victims of the one, who walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he might devour. (1.Peter 5, 8).

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


Considering the amount of media coverage of child abuse cases, if there were an incidence, where alleged abuse victims admit to fabricating abuse, would we hear about it to the same extent?

It makes me think: Is South Australia's media reluctant to publicize the other side of the Liddy case, as I have reported it, because it would just not fit into society's current attitude? That there could be elements, who saw an opportunity to making easy money, does not fit into the current picture. (In Book 4, 23 you will find that this kind of witch hunt happened in Canada some years ago.)

Lest anybody think Christians or the bible are soft on child abusers, please consider: In three of the four Gospels in the New Testament, Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus described a rather brutal punishment for anybody, who leads little children astray - a mill stone ought to be hung around their necks and they be thrown into the sea.

Child protection is top priority in the teachings of Jesus. But so is truth. And severe punishment waits for anyone who tells lies, be it in a court room or anywhere. God loves truth. Truth does not remain buried forever. God's truth will prevail. 

- - - - - - -


During a quite moment one day I was reading my Daily Bread devotional for 22.3.14.

The subject was 'Coming Soon' the announcement in Revelations, the Hope for all Christians, of the return of Jesus Christ to this earth.

In the background, quietly on my ancient LEDSONIC turntable, I played a vinyl record.  The equally ancient Heritage Singers sang some of the Gaither's beautiful compositions.

Right at the end of my bible reading, how could I not notice, I heard the choir sing: "Jesus is coming soon." I had only just (a few weeks earlier) bought the record in an ADRA second-hand shop.

The old rugged cross made the difference. The Family of God is looking forward to Jesus Coming soon.

For no reason I added the playing times of these three songs together - 232 / 330 / 215 - 777.

 (There is one thing Jesus and my wife have in common: When she says: "Wait for me in the car, I am coming soon", she may not take 2000 years, but - truly, it sometimes feels like it!)


- - - - - - -


On Friday March 28, 14 a similar incident took place. On this occasion I was not listening to music but reading a Christian booklet. In the background the television was on. It was announced that a man named Harry (35) was hanging up his football boots, after a distinguished playing career of 18 years. At 17 he had been the youngest ever debutant to represent Australia internationally.

Since soccer, the real football, is my forte. I took notice of Harry Kewell's retirement. This was around 8.30 am, going by memory, when Harry was interviewed. I kept looking through the booklet in front of me while watching TV. Suddenly my sharp mind saw the name Harry in the booklet I was reading. I was only mildly amused at the co-incidence, as I took note of the name Harry W... Hospital.

My interest, however, suddenly rose to a different level. Another man named Harry came onto the screen. It was exactly 9 am on TV Channel Nine. The celebrity news reporter spoke about Prince Harry, son of Prince Charles, as his photo  appeared on the screen. It struck me then, the full name of the Bolivian hospital I was reading about  - Harry Williams. (For those not familiar with the British Monarchy, Prince Harry has a brother William.)


<<< The Harry Williams Hospital in Cochabamba, Bolivia is the only hospital the Salvation Army operates in the Americas. 


Among the negative publicity the Salvos receive at the present time, believe me, they are doing much good, both in Australia and in over 120 countries world-wide.

Following this co-incidental meeting of Harry and William, I was even more amazed what came next. (And it's not their phone number, ending in 3160.)


The very next day, reading my Daily Bread again a day late, I noticed the name Harry. It appeared in the very first line, just on the day of my encounter with the Royals. Immediately I recalled that name from the day before. (I had emailed Channel 9 about it).

Our Daily Bread Bible Reading March 28, 14: Waiting ...(Please note Psalm I30.) 

Text: Day after day for years Harry ...

As it happened, as I write, Australia is waiting for the arrival of Prince... (not Harry) ... William, his lovely wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and baby George. God willing, in approx. 16 hours the Royals will land in Sydney, NSW. (As you read, this will already be yesterday's news?)

One week later, according to the Royal itinerary, Adelaide will welcome the guests for a brief visit to Elizabeth. It had been 50 years since this northern suburb was officially opened by, and named after, Prince William's grandmother, HM ER Queen Elizabeth II.

As I understand it, the Royals will visit the Northern Sound Centre and later pass by the Grenville Centre (10 Playford Blvd) where our group plays table tennis twice a week - Mondays and Fridays. Pity this important visit is taking place on a Wednesday. Sorry, but some things don't change for anyone! (No play for ...)

- - - - - - -

The bible text in above reading is Psalm 130, the heading - Waiting ...  For the previous few weeks I had reason to show patience, almost every day. You see, my wife and I, mostly I, were searching for a vehicle to replace the 20 year old Mitsubishi Lancer, which my wife uses to transport her mother. Searching online and in car yards, there were so many to choose from. 

On the day of starting this chapter, Monday 14.4.14 we finally took possession of a vehicle my wife had chosen. It ticks all the boxes on her list. It's an i30, with a small i, produced by Hyundai, the company that has naming rights to Australia's A-League Football.


On the weekend before writing Adelaide played and lost the last game of the regular competition. They still made it to sixth position. This qualified for the top-6 Finals play-off, starting at the Easter weekend. On April 19th United is scheduled to play the Central Coast Mariners. Whoever loses this match is out of the competition; their season will be over.

Better pray some more, Nigel !

<<< From the archive: Cooper Stadium, Hyundaimarsh.


After I had chosen this photo and pasted it here, I realized how well the digits 1 and 3 fit in.   

Adelaide United forward No.11 - Bruce Djite and defender Nigel Boogaard, No.3, on Hindmarsh's holy ground. 


Q: What is Bruce saying to Nigel?


A: Nigel, please also pray for my knees, that they will hold out. We need to score another goal, or two.



There were some amazing result in recent weeks; one included code 5 3. On February 28, AUFC won 5:1. The very next home game, three weeks later, they won 3:1.


- - - - - - -


On the weekend before this writing many people in Australia were praying. Not all were praying for their football team to win. A tropical storm, category five, was approaching the North Queensland coast. It did not look good as the storm was predicted to make landfall near the small town of Cooktown, named after the famous explorer.

One person expressed this terrifying thought: "We expect some deaths. This storm is bigger than Yasi". (Yasi was a powerful, tropical storm, which made landfall on 3.2.11 and caused widespread destruction in that same region). Whoever gives cyclones a name had chosen the name ITA for this one.

Thankfully, prayers were answered. As the storm, hit the Queensland coast at 10 pm Friday 11.4.14 at Cape Flattery it had weakened to Category 4. There were reports of serious damage, especially to crops, but thankfully no deaths or serious injury were reported.

A thought: Did all who prayed thank God for it? As mentioned earlier in this chapter, people pray when they are in trouble. Do they thank HIM when HE rescues them? And why not connect with the awesome power of God in times when we are not in trouble, just to maintain the relationship? Who only talks to their spouse, friend or daddy when they are in trouble?

The next morning, after Ita had made landfall, I was praying, followed by my Daily Bread Bible reading (for Friday 11.4.14, the day the storm hit.) The headline ISN'T GOD POWERFUL at first did not stand out particularly. Only as I read the scripture, Psalm 29, did I realize this was no co-incidence.

David writes about God's Holiness, to give God glory and attribute strength. He lists ways we see God's power in nature: God makes thunder, controls flames, shakes the wilderness etc.

Verse 9 especially made me realize that God was at work, speaking through HIS word. As this storm was lashing the Queensland coastline, heavily forested in places, I was reading this:

"The voice of the Lord ...  strips the Forest bare ...."

Thankfully, Psalm 29 ends on a good note: "The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace." (Verse 11).

Our Daily Bread - Friday April 11, 2014 - Isn't God powerful !

How interesting, I just noticed the name Katie. As I write I am listening to a CD on loan from a lady. It's the very first time that I borrowed music from her. Her name is Katie. (Hey, if there were no i in Katie, it would match ...!)


Immediately after this bible reading I walked into the TV room to find out about the storm named Ita. I turned on the television, which was already tuned into our ABC 24 News Channel. As expected tropical cyclone (TC) Ita was the subject. A resident of Cooktown was being interviewed. His name was shown as John Pritton. The clock showed 7.08 am

His very first sentence after I had tuned in was about the trees that had come down. I had tuned in at just the right time, just after reading the above scripture in Psalm 29. This was no co-incidence. God knows all things. HE is all powerful, HIS perfect timing on display. 

I felt to share my experience with the people on the television show. I sent a brief email. It was a good time to make Australian's think about God's power, with Easter just around the corner.


Hi all,

At 7.08 am I tuned into ABC 24 to hear the latest on TC Ita. John Pritton of Cooktown was interviewed. His first sentence I heard included this "...trees have broken ..." (or words similar).

What amazed me was the timing of it. Just prior I had read the Daily Bread Bible Reading for April 11. It was Psalm 29, which describes how awesome God is.

In Verse 9 it says: "The voice of the Lord ... strips the forest bare..."

May Australia wake up to the awesome power of God. May all take HIM seriously and follow the teachings of HIS son.

Kind regards

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  On Radio ABC 891 I heard that many restaurants may not open over Easter, because of penalty rates. Ita may be a good thing, if we all took time to ponder what the real meaning of Easter is?


(The email came back. The recipients mailbox was full. It had happened previously.)

- - - - - - -


What does Easter mean to you? A welcome break from a busy work schedule? An extended weekend in the country? A time to catch up with friends or family? 

In early April 2014 I sent a somewhat humourous email to TV Channel Seven, with a brief message about Easter. It started similar to the above Harry Williams story, a booklet on the coffee table linking to what was shown on television.

Channel Seven's Sunrise weather reporter, initials JT, was talking about their fund-raising bike ride from Sydney to Hobart. The day before he had fallen off his bike and was feeling pretty sore. The segment ended with the sports reporter saying cynically: "There is no i in Tour de Cure, but there is in i fell off my bike."


Immediately, the cover picture on the booklet on the coffee table rang a bell.

<<< There is an 'I' in the 'I AM'


(Cover of Dr. Michael Youssef's April  2014 Edition Journal.)


TV presenter JT had fallen off his bike. He was SO SORE.

Together with above photo I sent this brief message: There is an i in I AM SO SORE! Quotes by JC and JT. (See pic attached)

JC hurt terribly, not only physically, but emotionally. HIS wounds were not an accident. HE suffered for doing good. HE had been framed, accused unjustly and declared guilty by a corrupt system. They did not know what to do with HIM. So they brutally put HIM to death on that cruel cross.. 

HE was like a little lamb being slaughtered. HE had the power to walk away, yet HE took all the pain and hurt, for one purpose - to save mankind. This death is what Christians commemorate on Good Friday. 

What is this meant to be ?    >>>


A superficial glance does not reveal anything, which would make sense of the picture. 


And what is an NOS, if that's what is shown? 


To find the answer view the artwork from a different viewpoint. Turn the picture upside down and it will make perfect sense.













Artwork: Google Image adapted by DR.Fischer


The disciples and family of Jesus could not understand the events surrounding HIS death. HE had done so much good, worked absolute magic; nothing was too difficult for HIM. They saw it with their own eyes. Next, after a few short years, the picture they saw was a bleeding body hanging on a cross. Nothing made sense.

There was a time at the turn of the century, described in my first book, where life did not make sense any longer. Work, family, church - my world had turned upside down! 

But it was not the end, thank God, only a new beginning.  


Two days after Jesus' death the picture changed completely. A close friend of the deceased, Mary Magdalene, was up early before sunrise. She was on her way to tend to her dead friend's grave. She was worried, who would roll the big stone away, so she could enter the tomb. Her worries were futile. Not only had the stone been rolled away, her fears and sadness turned from pitch black to dazzling white, if I may express it in colours. Seven words, the most powerful message mankind ever received, turned the whole picture, and the world, upside down:

"HE is not here. HE is risen."

Imagine the amazing scene minutes later:

Now Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus’ body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot.

They asked her, “Woman, why are you crying?”

“They have taken my Lord away,” she said, “and I don’t know where they have put him.” At this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realize that it was Jesus.

He asked her, “Woman, why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?”

Thinking he was the gardener, she said, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.”

Jesus said to her, “Mary.”

She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic, “Rabboni!” (which means “Teacher”).

(John 20, V.11-16, NIV)


Could Hollywood produce a more dramatic, emotion-filled scene as this one? A man you saw dead on a cross, suddenly calling your name? Mary was left speechless. She could not even utter His name, but called Him teacher. 

But should she have been surprised? Should the disciples have been surprised on hearing the Good News? Did not Jesus foretell His death and resurrection? 

After the first Easter, when the full picture emerged, seen from God's viewpoint, did life again make sense. The whole of Easter, from Friday's death to Sunday's miraculous resurrection was God's demonstration of HIS awesome power. 

Death itself has been defeated. What a victory!


Chapter 12