Book 12 - Chapter 10                                   Written / Published  16.3 - 19.3.14

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Does it happen to others, I sometimes wonder? Only an hour before commencing this chapter I sat in church, following a scripture reading on the large screen at the front. The pastor read his text from the Book of Acts, Chapter 26. The speed he read made me think, he knows it all by heart. 

Still, I detected two anomalies. In the first verse I thought I heard him read the word hands. The text on the screen was hand. Next, the preacher overlooked the word and, which was the first word on the second slide. S plus and makes sand. 

Sand made sense. My first book is titled 'More in number than the sand'. It tells the story of what took place around the turn of the century. Not only that, but much of it took place right there at this Baptist Church in Adelaide's north-eastern bible belt. I had visited the evening service for the first time in many months. 

Read more strange observations, revelations and interpretations. (One from another church's projection screen, documented with photographs.)

Call it insane, if you must. But why not look beyond, open your mind, and marvel at  the amazing, creative, all-knowing force at work? God uses the weak and ordinary (that's me) to create the extra-ordinary. 

Also in this chapter - the writer's five-second TV appearances, on three channels. The date 2, 28. 

- - - - - - -


10. Thank God - seven sheep

There is one lesson I had to learn from very early on in my long, lonely journey. I even go as far as claiming: without this lesson learned, I would never have had occasion to write these books, which tells my life as it is. Hence, I call it my auto-biography. The lesson is this: 

Co-incidences are a normal part of life. They happen to all and may be totally meaningless. However, they can also become a tool God uses to make HIS presence felt. And wherever HE is present, life takes on meaning.

On the morning of writing these first few paragraphs of this chapter such an incident occurred. It came out of the blue, ie. the transistor radio. Eager to hear some latest news about our cliff-hanger State Election result, the 7am ABC 891 News bulletin would bring it. (More about the state election later).

In the final item of the general news I suddenly recognized a name, a female scientist's name - D...W. That's the same name, I thought to myself, as ...? It really sounded exactly like a person in our neighbourhood, who I had spoken to midweek. Maybe I took more notice, because our brief encounter was only the second time ever that I had spoken to this person? (But it was not the person in the news). 

Next came the sports news. Another name suddenly pricked my ears: Callan Ward*. Mr. Google tells me this gentleman plays football for the GIANTS, the Western Sydney AFL (football) team. In an incredible turnaround the night before, the team of the 23-year-old had won their first game of the new football season by 32 points. 

*Ward (Street) was on my radar way back in Book 2, Chapter 43

I can't recall why Callan Ward was in the news. Neither do I remember, what D.W. had achieved to be mentioned in the 7 am Sunday morning news bulletin. My mind was too occupied by the co-incidental link between the two names and the letter C.

You see, D.W. as mentioned lives in our neighbourhood. And only three houses or so, from where she lives, lives the person, whose name is very much like Callan Ward, only the C missing.

Emailing this to the ABC only minutes later I had a bit of fun in the end. In the PS I wrote a little poem, commenting on the state election result. (Note, how quite unexpectedly, F C all  features):


Our season is now close to fall,

the state election, too close to call.

Just like the season, I think it's true,

let the old be gone, in come the new!


But there came more. Just before pressing the send button I added a PPS. I had remembered something, which I had spotted on and ABC TV News bulletin a few days prior. It was regarding the mystery airplane, the world is talking about at the time of writing. 
PPS   Did anybody notice on the news Friday* night: A large notice board with messages for the passengers of flight MH 370 - One message read: "Please came (sic) back." 

(*It may have been Thursday 13th. Please read on, what discoveries I made about flight MH 370)

- - - - - - -


Only a few days prior to above I had occasion to email the ABC about another co-incident. It started with another perceived error, or should I say with the correction of an error by a TV presenter. I had heard the word Home... before the correct Hobart came out. Logically, I thought of the word Homeart.

This stirred my mind regarding another strange co-incident a few months earlier. I had shopped for a present to buy for a family member. At the first store in the large shopping complex I bought a card first. It had a bright pattern and looked OK. Next, I looked around two different stores to buy what I had in mind, but could not get anything.

One of the stores was Homeart. They finally sent me to a place at the other end of the mall, where I then bought what I was looking for. The assistant at first asked, what colour scheme I wanted. But she soon realized there was only one pattern available. The pattern did not matter to me. I purchased the only one available, but without unpacking the box, i.e. without seeing the pattern. 


<<< The present and card that surprised.

    Not until I was gift wrapping the item did I notice the co-incident. The card and the gift were a perfect match.

- - - - - - -

The month of March in Adelaide is labelled Mad March. Our cultural highlight, the Adelaide Festival, is world-renowned; as is the Fringe Festival, also held in March. The artistic talent on display is very diverse. No doubt, there are some beautiful acts to enjoy. Sadly, there also is the bizarre. Those few, ill-chosen acts, often with sexual or blasphemous overtones, spoil the entire festival, in my opinion. One rotten ingredient in a dough can spoil the whole loaf.

Very early in my writing I reported on one such act from the 2002 Adelaide Festival. It was nothing but a strip-tease performed as art. (Book 1, 38). 

Checking this chapter I noticed that at the time I had called myself Bob D. Fischer. How peculiar, as I write a politician named Bob, in the seat of Fisher, is one of the most powerful men in our state at the present. It looks like he and one other Independent will hold the balance of power in our new Parliament. (The letter C showing off, once again. More about Bob later.) 


The 2014 Festival seemed no different. One act was called: The puppetry of the penis. But one other show in the Adelaide Fringe Festival, upset many Christians just by its title.


<<<    Come Heckle Christ


In this act, as I learned, the performer dresses like Jesus and with a large, cardboard cross on his back walks into the room. The audience can then throw insults or objects at him, or do whatever they want to do to heckle Christ.


In the name of the arts even blasphemy seems to be acceptable in this perverse generation. Any art director of any festival ought to have rejected this show.


Adelaide's notorious, very vocal street-preachers arrived well before the 11 PM start. Their passionate leader, Caleb, using a loudspeaker, preached: "Repent or perish!" What he shouted out was very true, yet the way he did, was creating a disturbance. He was taken aside by  police. 



Pic - TV Channel Nine 


The next day, at home I snatched my camera to get some pictures from the TV screen. Later I was bemused what I had caught: The words on the two banners above: LORD  -  THE THINGS I SAY? (Many times, after writing weird and wonderful chapters, I express just those sentiments!)

Being a numbers man I took note of the dates of the three Heckle the Christ performances: 27.2 (read more below) and the following months on 6 and 13.

Organisers claim the show was a sell out. Three shows, 40 tickets per show, makes a total audience of 120. Reminds me of a group of 120, who also caused a mighty uproar. But they did not heckle Christ, but praise HIM. HE was fulfilling a promise by sending the Holy Spirit. Those 120 set the world on fire!


The author on TV     >>>   Channel Nine on 2, 28.


To protest in my own, quiet way, I went into the city about an hour before the first show was to start. A friend and I stood outside the venue, handing out Gospel tracts. There were other Christians, who stood silently, holding banners:


FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!  A group of young people stood quietly, holding candles.


Pic: TV Channel Nine


Those who spotted my red under-shirt may quite rightly think I wore red on purpose. Jesus bled to death on the cross!

True, but no! 

There is a far more ordinary explanation: Early the same evening I had been to Hindmarsh Stadium. Adelaide United had a great win over the NIX (Phoenix Wellington, see prev. Chapter). This time we won 5:1. After the match I wore my blue striped-shirt over the red United shirt. 


The number 9 in above TV picture bothers me. It only takes 009 to turn the date of the first Heckle Show 27.2 into 2.7.2009 - a day no Australian will ever forget! 



As the cameras, microphones and spotlights were in our faces, (my friend was also interviewed on TV) a reporter asked, if I was insulted by this show. I said yes, and expressed that the title alone is insulting. "What did Christ do that deserves heckling?"

Another point I made was the fact that the death and resurrection of Jesus is the most most sacred belief of any serious believer. A comment online, on the website of the Adelaide Fringe Show, the artist called this holy event the world's favourite fairytale. This, I said to the reporters, is an insult.

The TV News reports, of course, showed more of the street-preacher's clash with police. But all three commercial Channels aired a few seconds of what my friend and I had to say. The only positive to come out of this, people may think about Jesus and who HE really is!

Some media reports had us believe that there were no protests about the Heckle Show in Melbourne, where this show was first staged in 2013. How could this be, I ask myself? Either the event was kept very quiet, or this information is simply not true, but invented to portray protesters in Adelaide as old-fashioned and narrow minded.

Another important point was expressed by many: Had this show been about heckling Mohammed, there would have been far greater protests, possibly burned vehicles and smashed windows outside the venue, or worse.

Somewhere I had read that even the Islamic Council of Australia had lodged a complaint, and called for the show to be withdrawn. The Islamic faith, as I understand it, hold Jesus in high regard as one of their prophets.


- - - - - - -


Pic Source: SBC Television

<<<  TV background picture during a football show.

The elbow (bottom right) is that of the presenter. His name is Murray, the same name as the river we shall visit later in this chapter. 

But it was the ER and 12 MAN, which made me grab my camera and snap this picture. After the previous chapter's football magic on 1.2 I could not help kicking this goal. (Nice word G OA L.)

- - - - - - -

On Sunday morning, February 23, I experienced one of those early pre-waking flashes, a thought that pops up for no apparent reason. At the time the 2014 Olympic Winter Games were held in Russia. The name of the place, SOCHI, held something, which I didn't grasp fully at first. That Sunday morning I had decoded SOCHI = ICH (German for i) 50. If H were to become it, we could create i C it 50

Not until the following Wednesday, again after an early morning eye-opener, did something else about SOCHI make sense. 

Take code I C H 50 and replace 50 with L =  L I C H. 

German speaking readers will immediately be aware only t is missing to create LICHT, in English LIGHT.

Didn't a failing light mark the Opening Ceremony at Sochi? 



Source: Google Images

<<<  Olympic Rings outside the Sochi Airport.

The lavish opening ceremony at the Sochi Winter Games, readers may recall, had one big flaw. Only 4 of the 5 Olympic rings lit up. (Code 4/5). One of the rings failed to light. The error was corrected in the closing ceremony. The Russians organisers showed off their sense of humour. 

<<<  Olympic rings by the hundreds!

Q: Where did I get this perfect match from, you may well ask?

At the time of the Sochi Olympics the shop, where my wife and I work, received this donation. Bags full of bangles. I took the photo after my wife had spent hours sorting the goods at home. They sold rather well. 

- - - - - - -

In chapter three of this, Book 12, I wrote about a phenomena, which happens to me in church regularly. From the back, where I sit with my wife and mother-in-law, I read the lyrics of the songs being sung, or the text of the scriptures read. The two microphone cables, suspended from the ceiling, cut a black line right down the screen. Without trying I read the letters along that line.

On Sunday 2/3/14 it happened again. This time I sat with my friends, who had chosen the seat for me. (Just in case readers think there is manipulation involved). The theme for that Sunday was: Light for a place of Darkness. How this fitted into the week, when I had discovered the LICHT above! 

That Sunday the microphone cables seemed to again dangle in the right places. I was astounded. I can't recall why, but I had my camera in the vehicle in the car park. I left the meeting briefly, fetched the camera and took some pictures:


<<<  Our church auditorium. The three screens are clearly seen at the front. Each shows identical pictures or text.


Please note, I took these pictures without leaving my seat. The microphone cables, suspended from the ceiling, are better shown in the zoomed pictures below.


I had no idea that from my seat the letters D e would feature on the screen at the left. (See previous Chapter 9 - D e.

On the middle screen (right) I saw the letter L. 

Romans 8, Verse 14: "For as many as are led ..."

Friends, how could I not trust God that I am not insane, but a higher power is at work. God is leading, God works things together for good. HE knows. Just look at the picture on the right again. Yes, Jesus' nose!

 - - - - - - -


On the same screens in church I saw a notice, advertising a weekend away. A group from the church was planning to spend the March long weekend in Waikerie, in South Australia's Riverland. Readers may recall, I had stopped in this town en route to Sydney (Chapter 4). After discussing it with my wife, we decided to go along for a relaxing time.

We were able to travel in the car with friends, who also were able to attach my bicycle to a carrier on the back. The weather was superb. Each morning started with a ride on my GIANT along the River Murray. There were plenty of paved roads to explore, while watching the sun rise and, of course, praying and thanking God for HIS wonderful creation and the opportunity to enjoy it.

Toward the end of the weekend, despite summer officially over, it got real hot. I was glad I thought of packing my swimmers. The caravan park, the same place I had stayed during my bike ride, had a very clean swimming pool, which I made use of twice.

Waikerie - Riverland, South Australia

Sunrise over Ramco Lagoon, during my early morning ride on Sunday, 3.10. A new day is born!

My wife and our friends, above the cliff overlooking the River Murray, one of the world's longest. Water is the lifeblood of the region. Vast areas of the Riverland are irrigated to grow mostly citrus fruit, but also grapes and other produce. This chimney is protected by the National Trust.

<<<  Murray River Ferry at

Waikerie. Crossing the mighty Murray at sunrise was one of the delightful, free experiences of the weekend. Note the same chimney (as above) on top of the cliff on the left.

A most pleasant 1 1/2 hour bike ride through vineyards and farmland, took me to Taylorville and back. Read on for the highlight of the ride - sheep!


     <<<  Segneri Rd. 


Q. What made me stop riding to take this picture?

A. While riding I was praying. I clearly recall praying for someone (forgot who). At the same nanosecond I prayed the word bless my eyes fell onto this street name near the Sturt Highway turn-off.

With my bi-lingual background I immediately caught on to the first five letters - Segne.

Translated into German: bless.

Merino sheep >>>

Watercolour, by

Isobel Corbally.


As my wife (Isobel)

browsed in the souvenir shop at the Waikerie information centre, I walked through the gallery, admiring an exhibition by this artist. Her name (Corbyall) and Isobel rang a bel, if you pardon my spelling.


As I looked at the work of art I counted the sheep. (I didn't fall asleep, no worry). There were seven. A story about seven sheep sprung to mind immediately. (It's in Bk. 5, Ch.3).


Later I was glad I took the picture. During my early morning ride to Taylorville, on Monday (10.3) I saw this flock of sheep in a paddock. Are there really seven sheep beside the roadside? There were no other sheep, anywhere (not even on the 10 kilometre return ride). I stopped and got my camera ready.

As I counted again, preparing to take the picture, the sheep started to run away. Next, they must have become curious about me and my GIANT. They stopped again. 

A quick count only showed six sheep. But a careful look revealed a little lamb. Out of the seven (7) it's second (2) from the left.

My thoughts go to a person described as a lamb*. To find HIM also takes a careful look. But after you discover HIM, like I discovered my little lamb above, life takes on meaning. All works for good.

(How amazing - just as I edited here, right here*, on Gospel Music Selections, a lady's voice sang: "He's the shepherd, I'm his sheep ...")

- - - - - - -

The world's news media at the present time is fascinated with an airplane, which disappeared on March 8th, 2014. Only minutes before this writing, watching the TV News, I heard that Malaysian Airline Flight MH 370 is the longest ever unexplained loss of a commercial airliner. Much is being talked about this mystery. Opinions vary, conspiracy theories are rampant.

No, I don't have one to offer. One question, however, has occupied my mind: Why is there no transmitter on board every aircraft, which can't be switched off? Don't scientists tag migrating birds and sea animals, so they can be traced? Why not aircraft?

The longer the MH sage went on the more my mind started thinking numbers. MH, as a number using the alphabet, is 13 and 8. (By co-incidence, unplanned anyhow, I'm writing this on 18.3.) 

It doesn't take much mathematical skill to turn 370 into 210? Both numbers 138 and 210 have featured very prominently in my earlier books, as long-term readers will recall. 

Briefly recapping, 138 had very early on in my books come up in relation to what I perceived as possible criminal activity. As early as Book 1, Chapter 5 had I seen and reported something to police and been given as Reference No. B 1083. 1.John 3,8 points to the Son of God: "For this purpose was the son of God manifested, that HE might destroy the works of the devil".       

The number 210 played a role during a trip to Sydney. A scripture in the book of Philippians (Chapter 2, Verse 10) speaks about Jesus: " the name of Jesus every knee should bow... every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."  (Book 4, Chapter 28.) 

But there was another number, which came to me in prayer. One, which I should really have thought of much earlier - 72. Why had I not earlier simply deducted 138 from 210?

- - - - - - -


Above: Election poster, John Rau MP at War wick St. Enfield. 

DF 1972 is the number of the utility pole.


Q: So why did I snap the picture above?

In our State Election, held on March 15th, Mr. Rau had no trouble regaining his seat of Enfield. Much history happened in Nfield. How I wished Mr. Rau would have made history by acting on behalf of Mr. Liddy, and allow the vital piece of evidence (his main accuser not telling the truth) to be considered in a fresh trial. 

Another prisoner, who already spent nearly 20 years in jail for murder, had his case reopened recently, using the new ''fresh evidence" law.

Very sad Ann that Bressington, the creator of this legislation, did not stand for re-election. Somebody, who knows her, told me it was for health reasons. I could understand it that honest people, trying to change a corrupt system politically, become sick in the process. In many countries they are assassinated.

A: One Monday afternoon , the day I took above pic., I was cycling into the city, but took a different route. The date was March 3. One day later, reading my Daily Bread for March 3, the number 1972 appeared in the first sentence. >>>   

(On editing another thought came. This chapter is one of the very few, where my writing touches on any Olympic Games.

The 1972 Munich Olympics were the only games ever that DF, the author, and his wife Isobel attended.)

Text: When the Polaroid SX-70 camera was introduced in 1972, it revolutionized photography.


The scripture that day was from Psalm 27. The key verse: "Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart. (Verse 14).


The lesson: Our hectic lifestyle demands that we want things instantly, just like the photos of the first Polaroid camera.  God's ways are often test in patience and endurance. When we keep eternity in mind, waiting for God becomes a lifestyle, the practice of long term trust, beyond any circumstance. (David McCasland) 

- - - - - - -

Our state election 2014 brought a surprise result - no clear result. Neither major party, Labor and Liberal, gained a majority in our 47-seat parliament, despite predictions it would go all the Liberals way. After 12 years of the same government, voters look of a change. One party needed 24 seats to govern. As I write, three days after voting, the score is 22 Liberal, 23 Labor. 

This places the two elected Independent members of Parliament, Dr. Bob Such and Geoff Brock, into the position of king makers, as journalists have labelled them. How weird, but after a little googling about the electoral regions these MP's represent, I found a 3 / 5 link.

Geoff Brock's seat of Frome is named after the 3rd surveyor-general of South Australia Edward Charles Frome.

Dr. Such's seat of Fisher is named after the 5th Prime Minister of Australia, Andrew Fisher.

Who would God rather have in power in our State, or any parliament for that matter? I personally am disappointed in Mr. Rau. He did absolutely nothing, to the best of my knowledge, to consider in earnest the other side of the case against my friend Peter Liddy. As the highest authority regarding the law in our state, he failed to give Peter another day in court. The new law mentioned above would made it an easy task. But sadly, nothing!

If only I would know the reason why. If only I had access to Mr. Liddy. But the rules stand, I am not even allowed to sent Mr. Liddy a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it easy for him to write to me. (Even when the stamp is printed onto the envelope to stop concealing drugs). I am not allowed to speak to the prisoner, to ask him to be put onto his visitor's list. 

I am not even certain if the prisoner receives my letters, nor if his mail, if any, is being posted for him! How can those on outside help a victim on the inside without direct contact?

My efforts, on two occasions, alerting the Independent Commission Against Corruption to the grave doubts about the character of Mr. Liddy's accusers, fell on deaf ears. 

When one considers that God sees it all, when will HE act and bring justice? HIS word tells us, a day of judgement will come! Each one will have to give account of their life here on earth. Only those, who totally committed themselves to Jesus Christ will stand. They have loved the truth, they backed the winner!

- - - - - - -


Shop in Wagga Wagga, NSW

Pic. Google Streetview




 (also does Engraving and Giftware. They may even have cards to match the gift?) Love it!

Naturally, I'd love it, if the Liberal Party would win the election. (They received 53 % of the popular vote). It would mean a new government and a new Attorney General. There would be renewed hope that Peter will find justice, clear his name and receive compensation for all his suffering, on this side of heaven.

What will heaven be like? How we'd like to know! One man knows. He died two days after I had photographed the pictures on the church screen. His (short) name was Ed. His full name Edwin. He lived in our neighbourhood. He was a lovely, community minded man, who lived the Christian life. No lies had to be told at his funeral, which was held on Wednesday 12th March. 

One incident, which made it into my diary, came late in the service. I had thought that the mobile phone in my pocket was switched off. Despite this, at intervals of about ten minutes or so, I could hear one sound coming from my phone. It was the flat battery warning, which I assumed was still working, so I ignored it. (Later I found that I had not properly switched off my phone.)

Toward the end of the ceremony the pastor prayed a prayer. Just as he spoke the word hope, the very same nanosecond, I heard the battery warning sound coming from my mobile phone in my pocket.

That morning during my friend Ed's funeral, God let us know, via HIS special, yet so simple way, that HE is our hope, now and for the future.

- - - - - - - 

Talking about funerals, a recent television ad started with this sentence: "Give me three good reasons why your family should pay for your funeral !" 

Like many advertisements, putting fear into the viewer, who is then more likely to buy their product, this ad stirred my spirit. It was an insurance company. It didn't take long tracking it down online. Taking up their challenge I sent them this email:

Hi all,

Your TV advertisement this morning challenged viewers to give three reasons, why my family should pay for my funeral.

Here they are:

1. Without us, mother and father, none of them would be here.

2. The hours laboured sacrificially and the mountains of money invested  made them what they are today.

3. If you really need a third reason, read what the bible says about being thankful.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  Just in case my children don't believe in the bible, how much would I have to pay per month?

- - - - - - -

Friend's, do you want to know God's will for you? Here it is:

"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." (1. Thessalonians 5, 18)

Let's be thankful. Thank you God, for seven sheep. 


Chapter 11