Book 12 - Chapter 1                           Written / Published  22 - 28. 8.13

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"For we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to HIS purpose." (Romans 8, 28)


1.   On time 4 ALL

As the time for writing this book drew near, as was the case with all my previous eleven books, I felt a little nervous. What would I write? Where among the many pages of my diary would I start? What will my readers find interesting? 

These were the questions on my mind over the past few days. As always, my attitude is that this writing is in God's plan. For this reason HE will provide that which HE wants me to write, as trivial as it may seem. What I experience I find magic. Things, all things, especially right here in this first chapter, have worked together like clockwork.

Let me begin by telling what took place ten days before publishing this first chapter. To see the magic reader must understand that God had enlightened me, soon after publishing the final chapter of Book 11, what the title of this book would be, when I would be publishing it and the main theme - God works things out for our good.

Ten days before publishing this first chapter my wife and I went church with my mother-in-law, another than our usual congregation. The preacher that morning was a lady. Her name was Joe (note the name). She came as guest speaker from Bateman's Bay, NSW.

Within moments of her being introduced I thought, how strange. The night before I had visited Bateman's Bay in Google Maps. Later in the year, God willing, we shall be travelling there). 

The next surprise came with her name, Joe. That same Sunday Morning, August 18th, 13, on Channel Nine TV I had briefly watched an interview with Jason Alexander, better known as George Constance, of Seinfeld fame. I liked it, when at one point, he remarked: "It's all good".

I knew there was one place in my 300+ chapters, where I made mention of this popular TV character. It didn't take long to google it. Our [almost] meeting took place on the final day of my 2005 US trip in Book 4, Chapter 14, titled IT works. In that chapter, among other things, I kept crossing paths with people by the name Joe. That's why the name Joe, later that morning in church, hit my brain. 

But there was one more contributing factor, why it all amazed me. Joe's text was from Romans, Chapter 8. One of her key verses was Verse 28, the very verse I knew would play a big part in my upcoming book. There you have IT. IT worked.

- - - - - - - -

      How did this (pic below)) work out? Perfect match!

Two bike lane signs, within metres of each other on Prospect Road, just north of Adelaide. When does the bike time end? 9am or 9.30? Maybe authorities were drawing attention to the fact that on 7.9. Australians will be voting. A perfectly placed election poster!


Two hours before this writing I overheard 30-minute mix-up on TV. It was a perfect opportunity to mail these photos to those involved:

During a breakfast TV Show the presenter during an interview had to correct her guest, who jokingly had said: "You have an easy job, you finish at 9 am".


She quickly corrected him: "No, it's 9.30 am".


That's when two pictures, taken 11 days earlier, sprung to mind.

Right: GIANT in chains, never to be stolen!


How does the song go, I lost my bike, in San Francisco ....?"


The day I took the photo a news item reported that 2600 San Francisco fire fighters are fighting a blaze, which threatens the city's power supply.


The latest (26.8) - reports it's all good; a little power out here and there. But all bikes are safe.

- - - - - - -


When I'm not sure where to start, where to look in my dairy or on my P/C what to write about, why not focus on something, which is not even in the diary? The events on the morning of writing, not even two hours old, are fresh in my mind.

Being retired from full time work, much crosses the screen of my brain, via the TV while eating breakfast. On the TV News Mr. Tim Fischer, the former Deputy Prime Minister, made a comment regarding an awful shooting in Oklahoma. (An Australian baseball player, in the USA for a scholarship, had been shot dead while jogging. According to news reports three teenagers killed the man just because they were bored.)

Mr. Fischer, as I understood his comment, suggested Australians should avoid travelling to the US in protest. Ironically, the next two news items were about shootings here in Australia, one in Coolum, Queensland, the other in Sydney's West. My mind went back over a decade to a shooting I had written about in my very first book. It was a random shooting ...

...and how does this name fit? I just discovered that my son Tim Fischer was part of that story:

(Excerpt of Book 1, Chapter 52)

That same apprehensive feeling had surfaced within me about a year or two earlier. Two bullets had been fired into the reception area of the school where my sons Tim and Jon had attended.


Following the TV shooting reports a more light-hearted segment was screened. The TV host Lisa even asked viewers to put down whatever they were doing and really watch the next item (a repeat): A policewoman in full uniform was performing a dance in Sydney's Martin Place, in full view of the public. The same police woman was interviewed in the studio. She was active in fighting cyber-bullying.

Her name came on the screen. I only half concentrated as I watched, because I was still thinking about the shootings and the shooting I had remembered at Tim's school. Their location was, and still is, London Drive, Salisbury East. This is why the police woman's name suddenly jolted my brain: Yasmine London. 

This name triggered a story in my brain. In my diary is a story, which happened about five or so weeks ago, the Yasmine /Jasmine story, which I had told nobody or emailed to anybody. This morning seemed a good time to do so. After starting my email with the London story, I had hoped, the TV Show may like the Yasmine / Jasmine story also. 


Email - Today Show 22.8.2013:


Hi all,

Watching Tim Fischer's comments your show this morning my mind went to an incident on London Drive, Salisbury East (SA).

We may point the finger at the Oklahoma shooting of Mr. Lane*, but there were reports of two shootings in Australia on Today today.

A few years ago on London Drive gunmen opened fire at random and shot into the school, where my children were attending. For weeks the bullet hole was still visible on the school's front desk.

At the time (about ten years ago) the incident did not even make the evening TV News - a Christian School the target of a shooting attack was just not that important

Withing moments of my thoughts about the London Drive attack, who should come onto your screen? Yasmine London (if I read her name correctly) the dancing police woman. How strange I thought, not only her surname, but her Christian name - Yasmine.

There is a Jasmine story in my diary a few weeks ago. I was cycling along Winston Ave, thinking. My thoughts were on a person, the only person I was teaching driving at the time. She had booked, cancelled, booked cancelled etc. a number of times. It was wearing me down, why should I bother with Jasmine?

A few seconds after I had this thought I looked up. On my left was a flower shop: Jamine's Flowers.

Kind regards

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  There will be lots of flowers on the funeral of Christopher Ryan Lane, friend of Sarah Hearpr.


(*A memorial service for Mr. Lane is scheduled for 28.8.13, the date of publishing). 

- - - - - - - -


FOWLER'S "LION" FACTORY sign on North Terrace, Adelaide

Who painted the I back, sorry black?

(On editing: Straight after flowers - Fowlers, totally unintentional). 


The day I took above photo from Morphett Street, Bridge, next to Holy Trinity, the oldest church in Adelaide, I had been cleaning out my office. I came across the 'Furry Logic' fun collection series and opened it to display the page below on my office desk. Not until the next day did I notice, how timely both Lions had crossed my path. Here is the other lion:


                                                 Furry Logic, Jane Seabrook

Text: All power corrupts, absolute power is kinda neat.

One power that can never be corrupted is that of the Lion of the tribe of Juda! (Rev. 5:5)

- - - - - - -


As I write Australia is in the final two weeks of a Federal Election campaign. The media is busy following the two main players, who are running to be Prime Minister for the next three years. On June 26th 2013, the date which will be marked in Australia's political history, the political landscape changed suddenly. On that day Kevin got his job back. (Note the word job).

After former Prime Minister Julia Gillard grabbed the top job from Kevin Rudd on June 24, 2010 to become Australia's first female PM, her approval rating dropped steadily; so did that of the Labor party. As the time for the 2013 election came near Labor's ratings dropped further and further. Members of Parliament, fearing a decisive election defeat, called for Mr. Rudd to stage a comeback.

But Kevin 07, Mr. Rudd's nickname since the 2007 election, did not oblige. He had made a promise to Ms. Gillard, after an earlier leadership spill, which he strategically did not contest, that he would not again challenge before the 2013 election. 

However, on June 26th 2013, after much pressure from the media, Labor supporters Labor Party MPs, it was 'bring-it-on' time. And how on time it was! (Read on!).

Prime Minister Gillard appeared to be very confident that she would stay in power; so confident that she challenged Mr. Rudd: "Whoever loses this time should quit politics altogether." 

It was a grave error of judgement, which would be shutting the door for her to ever again become a trusted politician. One of her staunchest backers, Mr. Shorten, the person responsible for handing her power in 2010, announced only minutes before the vital party room vote, that he had changed position and was now giving Mr. Rudd his vote.

In the media Mr. Shorten, who hold great influence in the Labor party, has been described as a power-broker. Power-broker is one of those words often thrown around by journalists. What kind of occupation is this? How does one become a power broker? What are the wages and conditions a power-broker works under? Could an unemployed teenager take up a trainee-ship as power-broker? (I know one, who loves power and couldn't be broker?)


On the night of June 26th, 13 Ms. Gillard, the most powerful woman in Australia, experienced what it must have felt like, when she stabbed Mr. Rudd in the back three years earlier, almost to the day. Without Mr. Shorten's vote and that of others, who switched back to Mr. Rudd, the party-room ballot was decisively against her. She lost the top job. (Job will appear again in a moment). 

So why did I have a good laugh at that time? It was not because a Labor leader lost her job. Matter of fact, while I do not vote Labor, I respected Ms. Gillard's firm stand on marriage. She had said repeatedly that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Even our Liberal State leaders, both the former (Isobel Redmond) and the present Stephen Marshall, are in favour of gay-marriage!

Had I laughed at a back-stabbing Prime Minister, who was herself stabbed by the same people, I would have expressed 'Schadenfreude' the word Germans use, when you mock somebody who had met with misfortune. But that's not my style, but laugh... I did ...

... when I read the headline in 'Our Daily Bread', bible reading booklet, which I read every day.

Take a look and have a laugh also, not at a politician, but at God's sense of humour:


Our Daily Bread - June 26th 2013

Her Worst Day Ever. The subject here was a lady, who had survived a Tornado, because her husband shielded her from flying debris. 

But did you notice the scripture reference for that day? I only say it the next day, when I was still smiling about it: 

On her worst day ever, when in the evening our PM Julia Gillard lost her job, the bible reading was from the book of Job ! You got to love it !

Writing this chapter another thought came: If we played with the drop letters of above headline, we could make the word - W E D, the abbreviation for Wednesday. How about the verb wed?

Isn't it ironic, the very thing Ms Gillard defended, marriage, she never did herself. She and her partner Tim lived together in the official Prime Minister's residence in Canberra, the Lodge. So far, (August 2013) they never wed.

- - - - - - -


As I had done during previous election campaigns, I am again supporting a candidate, who is standing up for biblical values. In Book 10, Chapters 12 and 13 I wrote about Trevor Grace and his boldness in telling the truth about abortion. Unfortunately, truth is not always popular or regarded as politically correct.

Trevor is a candidate for the Senate, running under the banner of a new party - Australian Christians. Their slogan: Save our nation. 

A brief paragraph in their election pamphlet tells of an outrageous government madness, concerning payment of the baby bonus. Trevor had been trying to have the information, given to him by a recipient of the baby bonus, made public. The media imposed a black out. They did not want to know. (I know how frustrating that feels, Trevor!). 

The expression that comes to mind is called stone-walling. Australia's media has been stone-walling for a decade in regard to the information supplied about a possibly innocent man in prison! (See Books 1 - 11)

Only one day before commencing this chapter in our Advertiser Newspaper (on 21.8.2013, Page 3) an article appeared, confirming what Trevor had claimed for months was correct: Women were receiving the baby bonus after aborting healthy babies

Here is what the Australian Christian's election pamphlet states:


Text:     $ 5000 Baby Bonus for aborted babies.

The Federal Government is paying the Baby Bonus, reclassified as a Bereavement Payment , to women (and their partners) who abort their healthy unborn baby at 20 weeks and over, when they had no intention to have the child. These babies are signed off fraudulently by doctors as a still born child.




If above is really true, doctors acting fraudulently, it is a disgrace to Australia's health system. You don't need to be a believer in the bible to be outraged at this wrong.  Anybody with even an ounce of belief in justice and fairness ought to be outraged. No wonder, this matter has been kept so quiet for so long!


Killing of the unborn is a moral wrong. Signing a deliberately aborted baby as being stillborn, is wrong. It is one of those deceptions - technically true, but just as wrong and murderous.  If done for financial gain it is worth than robbing a bank or making money via an online scam! Both the mothers and doctors should be held accountable, laws changed if necessary!!

The abortion issue is only one of many, which places politicians in a position of disclosing their moral stance. The other, which seems to be the flavour of our time, is so called same-sex marriage. I have written enough about this. Again, much misinformation (propaganda) has stirred people, mostly young people, into pushing the gay agenda in the public arena.

To inform voters, the Australian Christian's election pamphlet shows all those Senate candidates, who are voting for same sex marriage:


Text: These SA Senators voted YES for same-sex marriage: Sarah Hanson-Young (Greens), Nick Xenophon (Independent), Penny Wong (Labor). And our Prime Minister recently gave his strong support for homosexual marriage.


Earlier this year our Advertiser Newspaper, on three separate occasions, over three consecutive months, asked readers if they support gay marriage. Each time the vast majority voted NO, over 90% each time. How can any politician claim that the public was in favour of it and "...we listen to our constituents...?" 

In our Sunday Mail Newspaper, 25.8.13 page 5, Tory Shepherd writes about another politician of Greek heritage. Mr. Georganas, the Federal Member for Hindmarsh. He has come out in favour of gay marriage, causing shockwaves among the Greek-Orthodox community in his electorate. It could cost the MP his seat, according to the exclusive article: 'Hindmarsh is the oldest seat in Australia. The older you get, the more unpopular it [gay marriage] becomes.

When asking a politician about the issue, and I have asked my Federal Member and Mr. Xenophon personally, they both downplayed the importance of it and quickly changed the subject. In my mind to change God's creation of male / female as the only legitimate life form for society, is a manipulation of the social structure doomed of immense proportions. It is doomed to fail.

Gay marriage is not even a religious issue. It's a cultural issue. Just think: Have any laws ever been changed so that the Grammar in their language will need to be altered? 

The sentence: He went ahead and married his husband is incorrect grammar, as is this sentence: Which woman listens to her husband, let alone her wife? No school teacher would argue that this is incorrect grammar. Why then do some stand on the steps of Parliament pushing their wrong agenda?

- - - - - - -

Conservative, fundamentalist Christians do hold views, which raises some eyebrows in some trendy, new age, young people. Talking of eyebrows. On June 7th 2013 Australian art made world history. An aboriginal painting was shown off to the world for the first time, the largest of its kind in the world. 

It's location was equally unique. The 700 square-metre giant filled the entire roof of a Paris Museum, and is visible from the top of the Eiffel Tower. It will now be seen by 7 million visitors, who enjoy the view from this most famous of landmarks. 

If the painting raises eyebrows, I do not know. But looking it, I raised my eyebrows as I noticed - nothing but ... raised eyebrows! Take a look:



The huge 700m squared black and white painting by Aboriginal artist Lena Nyadbi, on top of the Quai Branly Museum, as seen from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (Source:

The good news: Unlike the Mona Lisa, this valuable piece of art can not be stolen. (Like a beard, you can't steal eyebrows, unless it's false ...) 

How about a large version of the Mona Lisa on the roof of the Louvre?

- - - - - - -


My dairy doesn't have eyebrows. If it did there would be occasion everyday for the pages to raise them and say: What on earth are you writing about this time?

Here is one of those magic numbers stories, so trivial, really, it makes me wonder, why I saw it in the first place? But all things, including numbers, worked together perfectly. It took place on Saturday, the 10th (10.8.13). Number 10, as you may have guessed, played a role:


That Saturday I paid a rare visit to my friend Richard's house. We only see each other every few weeks, sometimes less than that. I had arranged to pick up some bike parts he no longer needed. What came afterwards, the numbers and all, would not have been significant had it been at another friend's house.

Before leaving home. for some strange reason, the digits on my Suzuki's dashboard had stared at me. I had sensed something, so I grabbed the camera. Glad I did.

After a chat and a coffee, at my friend's house, No. 4 drove home.  About a kilometre from his house I suddenly realized it was happening. I stopped my vehicle at the kerb. I had to take a photo of it - the digits on my odometer. 

Numbers -  totally unplanned

Not only the 335511 had me mesmerized, it was also the tripmeter, which I had not touched. It really had just turned over to 000.0. To readers, of course, this means nothing (0) 4 times.



I was in awe, not so much about 000.0, but the magic of 351 twice.

You see, considering I don't see my friend Richard very often, it was during the trip in 2011 to Port Lincoln, where my Suzuki's odometer had magically turned over to 315 315. It was right outside our accommodation, which was called Bay 10.  (See Bk.10, Ch. 10).


But there was more! Take a look at the location, where I had stopped and taken above photo. The suburb is called Gulfview Heights, the road Wynn Vale Drive. The map below marks the spot (X).


I could not possibly have planned what I came next, even if I had tried. Driving away again, I happened to read the very next side road. It's called Bayview Pde. This all happened on the 10th. 



Looking west from Wynn Vale Drive, overlooking Para Hills and the Parafield Airport


 The poster on the post is that of the Liberal Candidate for Makin. It so happened that I spoke to this lady that very same morning. Not since my days with the Liberal Party had we spoken, about seven years ago.

Sue was electioneering at the Paddocks Market at Para Hills that morning. We chatted about things. At the end I asked her, the question, the one very close to my heart: "What do you think of same-s ... six-magic....digits?"

(Just kidding. Sue's OK, but....

... at this very appropriate point in the chapter, I have to stop writing. For the next two or three hours I shall put another 3 dozen, or so, election posters up onto poles. You may guess, who I support this election ... 

- - - - - - -


One of my pet amusements is having fun with science. Reading a Christian magazine about two weeks ago two pieces of information made me raise my eyebrows! The first was not amusing, but obviously a simple misprint. A misplaced b turned 8 million into an impossibility: This year 8 billion people will die of malnutrition.

The other was rather more subtle, easily overlooked by fast readers, who believe everything scientific without thinking. A brief item under Trivia fact of the week explained the discovery of the colours in the rainbow:

The ancient Greek poet Homer started seeing only one colour. Aristotle did better with three, until Isaac Newton brought to us a seven-colour rainbow.

But it got even better. Here is a scan:

Text: In fact, the number of colours in the rainbow is all down to perception. While humans discern seven (or less) colours and dogs only see three, the mantis shrimp can see 16. (End excerpt).


How interesting? But it raises a few questions: If they know how many colours dogs and shrimps can see in the rainbow, is there a list of other animals, jaguars, hyenas, ibis', rhinos or deer, which tells us how many colours they all see in the rainbow?

Most of all, how on earth did scientists find out about this? Which government sanctioned this scientific project and how many millions did it all cost? 

Next time you pick up that shrimp off the barbie, pause and think: I can see only seven colours in the rainbow, yet this small creature sees so many more! (Hey, doesn't the mantis shrimp live under water? How, [not] on earth, can these creatures see a rainbow at all?)

- - - - - - -


Friends, there are many stories I could tell. My diary is filled, page after page, with colourful things I saw, codes I cracked, and rides I did. It's impossible to report them all. But let me end this chapter with the story of ALL. Right on time, while writing this chapter, it happened the day before writing, Sunday, 25th August, 2013. 

As theme for his sermon that Sunday morning TV preacher Brian Houston chose this subject: "Christ is all you need". One scripture he quoted included 4 ALL. Considering friends, that months ago God had revealed to me what the title of this, my 12th book was to be I find this remarkable. But ALL didn't end there.

Later in the morning, as if all was scripted by an unseen power, that little word again drew attention to itself. Sitting in church, my wife and mother-in-law beside me, the leader read the scriptures. He was reading from his bible in front of him, while the congregation read along from the large screen behind him. My mind, still in awe about ALL things, as I noticed that the reader left out one word. You guessed it - all. 

"Therefore do not worry, what shall we eat, what shall we drink or what shall we wear? For after * these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly father knows that you need all these things". (Matthew 6, 31, 32)

*All was on the screen, but the reader did not read all.


After the offering had been taken, my mind thinking it all through, the choir came on stage and sang their song, titled: Christ is all. As I saw the words, again on the screen behind the choir, I could hardly believe it:

The refrain goes: "Christ is all, yes all in all. Jesus is my all !

How amazing is this: I just noticed that there are 4 all in this refrain!

I would love to know, who chose the song, when was it decided, what the choir would sing that morning? 

Later that day I had more moments to simply stand in awe of it all. I cycled into the city. For the first time the annual Bible Society Hymn Fest was held in the magnificent St. Peters Cathedral. The place was packed, the selection of the dozen or so hymns was perfect. Had I chosen them I may have come up with exactly the same. The second or third hymn was the one which made history in Book 1. It ends in the word all: en I survey the wondrous cross (sic).

At home I took a closer look at the brochure, which was handed out at the door as I had entered the cathedral. Among the information I noticed, in large letters, the best advice ever given by a man to mankind. The commandment of all commandments:


Text: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: 'Love  your neighbour as yourself'. There is no commandment greater than these." Mark 12:30.31

St. Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide, 25.8.13

<<<  How amazing - 4 all. It took until the next day to connect the rest. Did not the word all, right back on 1.2.03 create code 123 and the word - all?   


What great verse had crossed my path that blessed Sunday! What challenge to end this chapter with! To truly love your neighbour, love yourself. If you find it hard, for whatever reason, look to God, who showed you through Jesus, that HE really loves you, just as you are.

Any wrong you do or did is forgiven. If you can't think of any bad things, read above verse again. Did you really, with all you got, with all your greatest passion you could muster, love God?

If not, you need to do this. It's not easy. It seems as if God sometimes likes playing hard to get. He doesn't. Take one step toward HIM. HE will notice and moves toward you. HE is good.

He's good - to all and 4 all !


Chapter 2