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Some readers may be pleased that the soccer season is nearing its end. However, some goals scored recently, both on an international level and in our A-League, were by big, big names.


Maybe my travels inspire a reader or two to visit some places I went to? During a recent trip to our State's beautiful South Coast I felt I was being stalked. It was rather harmless, though. Don't be deterred.


It's surprising what kind of news goes around the world, using global, social media. Even trivial matters, like the colour of a dress, manage to grab the spotlight. The mind boggles.   



8.  Nanna, Son & Rose

Did I not have a Ten-Dollar note in my wallet? I was thinking to myself, checking how much cash I was carrying with me. Where did that banknote go? I was sure that among all the cards, papers and banknotes in my wallet there should be a 10er. The reason I looked was to decide, if I should pay for lunch in cash, or use the EFTPOS card later in the day, when all were going out for lunch at a local hotel. 

All, in this case, was a group of caravan travellers from church, who were enjoying a weekend away on South Australia's South Coast. Most were retired couples staying in their own vans, while I had cycled to the event and carried my tent and luggage on my Giant bicycle. 

Despite the extreme weather (Adelaide's forecast was for 40 C degrees) I had tackled the challenge to ride the 80 kilometers from Stirling to Middleton, halfway between Goowla and Victor Harbor. To abandon plans and stay home, because of the heat, was a real temptation. Looking back, I was glad I didn't. The ride through the Adelaide Hills in the cool of the morning, was one of the most pleasant I did in recent times.


<<< Kingsbrook Historic Inn, 1852.


As a motorist how often had I driven through Currency Creek, a locality a few kilometers from the coast, but only caught a glimpse of the beautifully restored, historic inn and the surrounding vineyards?


Between struggling against a strong wind and the heat I spent a few restful minutes just laying in the grass, appreciating the beauty of God's creation and the skill of the craftsman, whose handiwork it was.


The day I fail to appreciate such pearls along the paths of life, old age will have caught up with me.


The date the next morning, when I was looking for my ten Dollar note in my tent, was 22.2. At the time the date meant very little, besides being a reminder that my friend Geoff's favourite number was 2. Only the next day, when one number ten after another appeared, as if scripted by somebody, did I see a strange connection to number ten and what I had discovered in Chapter 5. (Read on.)

The mystery about the missing ten Dollar note was solved, when I found a receipt for $ 3. I recalled how at the hardware store I had paid with a 10 Dollar note and received $ 7 change  What followed next surprised me:

How often do you find a ten  Dollar note on the roadway during a bike ride? I did, within minutes of above incident. I had to stop and take a photograph, even before picking it up.


How strange, how I had thought I'd lost a ten Dollar bill, then suddenly found one?


Later, how peculiar! The number CM 08460464 brought Nos. 486 and 4 to the fore.

Pondering further on the banknote, the letters CM (900) may well be written as 9[C]. Chapter 6 includes these digits in the title. (More 'see 9' to come.)

But there was a further interesting link on my early morning bike ride along South Australia's South Coast. As if history was repeating itself, once again, it was a Garage Sale sign that did it. Having the number ten on my mind, how could I not notice 10 Swan Street?


  <<< Garage Sale in Swan St.

As I followed the arrows to No.10 I felt like a robot, remote- controlled by numbers. That Sunday it was the number ten. 

Before entering Swan St, under another sign directing people to the garage sale, I noticed something else on the roadway. Not a t.en Dollar note but a t.

<<< The Swan Street sign seem to point right at this tiny cross, which lay on the roadway. Like the currency find moments earlier I took this photo even before picking it up off the roadway.

It turned out to be the inner piece of a ball point pen, with a cross-piece attached to it. How did it get there?

A day later, chewing the weekend over on my long ride home, the thought came: Did I not make mention of the name Swan in my previous chapter? I did. Likewise, thinking some more, was I not led to a garage sale and a pen in Chapter 4? I was. 

Despite the above sign, at that time of the morning the garage sale had not yet begun. I had no opportunity to spend my garage sales Dollar that morning.


But that was not the end of the number-ten-shows that day. Our small group, a dozen or so, went to church together in a nearby town. We all sat in the back two rows and enjoyed the small brass band, the singing and a solo by a young man on his trumpet. How nice to see a new generation learning brass instruments. The ten Dollar note I had found went into the offering bag.

As the Minister gave the announcements my level of awareness rose slightly after I heard the name Allman. A parishioner named Allman had died. The funeral had been conducted only two days earlier on Friday 20 Feb.

Another name registered immediately after I heard it - Isobel. An elderly lady, wearing black and white, was brave enough to respond to the invitation by the leader for anyone to give a testimony. Her name was Isobel. She mentioned how here life had been difficult since her husband had left her, but with the Lord's help she again can rejoice ... (or words to that effect).

For a moment it sounded as if her husband had just run away. A moment later it became clear, as I understood it, that her husband had died. That day was was the tenth year anniversary, or close it, since the sad event. The leader at the front thanked the lady for her contribution. Doing so he said: "Thank you, Is." I use the same name often, when addressing my wife Isobel. (And all know what IS backwards in Italian means!)

The group of happy campers had booked a table in a hotel near our Caravan Park. Less than an hour after the church service ended, we all arrived in the crowded dining room, trying to find out which table we were allocated. To my surprise, I was gob smacked, ours was table number ten!

Can any reader, thinking rationally and unbiased, really class the above as simply co-incidental? Does seeing this and writing about it diagnose me as paranoid? If so, has anybody ever been stalked by a number? Thank God for freedom of thought. Nobody can place a restraining order on a number!

The final number ten magic came in the evening that same day, still 22.2:

While my friends relaxed in a shady spot in the caravan park I decided to take a ride west along the beautiful cycle trail to historic Port Elliot, snapping a few photos of  Horseshoe Bay (left) and Encounter Bay (below).

Jokingly, one in the group called out as I left: "Bring us back an ice cream."

"Ice cream is not good for your waist line," the dieter in me replied.


Later in the evening I was shopping for food in Victor Harbor, surprised that the large supermarket was still open. As I passed the frozen section it so happened that chocolate coated ice creams were on special. They came in a ten-pack. Why not? After paying for my ice cream (and salami) I made sure to wrap my purchases well, hoping the ice creams would not melt before arriving back in Middleton. 

I must have covered the ten kilometers back to the caravan park in record time. The group was still sitting around their caravans, when I rolled up with my purchases strapped to the back. As if scripted somebody called out, still only jokingly: "Did you bring us that ice cream?" 

"Yes, I did," I replied. They thought I was carrying on the joke, until I unpacked the individually wrapped ice creams and I passed them around. They were thankfully still in solid form. As a final number 10 show, it so happened that there were exactly ten campers still there sitting and talking. The rest had either left of gone for a walk. 

So where does the link between this 10 and Chapter 5 come in? Riding home the next day I figured out: Multiply 222 by 10 and we arrive at 2220. Did not this number make a big splash in Chapter 5, numbers dancing in and around the 5? They always added to 2220.

- - - - - - -


Numbers 10 and 5 are a perfect introduction to this chapter's football segment. Readers who are not interested in sports, please forgive that football is again taking to the stage. (Please be reminded here that the abbreviation for numbers is NOS - turned around 180 degrees, it becomes SON.

Here is a picture of a very happy SON. Let's pick up his story at the end of a major international football match:

Australia had all but won the 2015 Asia Cup soccer grand final with only 2 minutes to play. That Saturday 31.1.15 Korea's No.7 upset all, when he scored 1:1 about 50 seconds into injury time. The battle was on again. However, in extra time James Troisi scored another great goal to bring home the trophy for host nation Australia.


The name of the one, who made the game come alive again, bringing back hope, if only for a few minutes was non other than Heung Min Son, wearing No.7.


Had I not written in the previous chapter, Australia needs more Champions? Here they are, after winning the 2015 Asia Cup in Sydney. That's why 15!

The day before writing Mark Bresciano (bald head, bottom right corner) announced his retirement from international football.          (Pics: ABC TV)


Right: Another happy player - On 7.2.15 Adelaide lost their A-League game against Central Coast Mariners 2:1. The winning goal was scored by No.3 Joshua Rose. His jersey reads: 

J. Rose


(I know a J, who rose on the 3rd day and scored the most important goal ever !)       (Pic.News Ltd)



<<< Adelaide's Cooper Stadium Feb.15th 15:


Adelaide United against Perth Glory. The visitors from the West had never beaten Adelaide during the current season. They failed again that afternoon - 1:1. 

(Read on why I took this pic).

That afternoon (Feb 15,15) I felt again that numbers were stalking me. Firstly, it was 1 and 7. Player number 7 (Sanchez) scored the first goal right at the 10th minute. (I happened to look at the clock seconds later. The digits showed 10.04).

Next, over the loudspeaker came the announcement how many spectators were present in the stadium - 9711. After hearing this, I knew, before leaving the stadium I'd be taking a photograph of my seat number. I had chosen 711 at random. 

Later I had an Aha moment: Did not the title of a recent chapter include the digits 9 C? (Chapter 6 did).

But why did I take above picture of three Adelaide United substitutes warming up on the sideline? During the week prior to the above match I chatted briefly with just these three young men. I happen to cycle past their training ground most Mondays on my way home from my regular table tennis afternoon.

Another reason I took above photo were (what else?) numbers. During another Aha moment it came to me - the above subs are (from right to left) No.14 (Cameon Watson), No.16 (Goodwin) and the player featured recently, No.17 Awer Mabil. The date fitted right in - the 15th.

How about the fact that all Socceroo players, shown in yellow (above the three red subs picture) are all wearing No.15 Champions? I only discovered this, after pasting the pictures. 

But what faith by the National coach, Angie Postecoglou, preparing champion jerseys before the game had even started! (Did he have champion 14 jerseys ready for the finals in Brazil 2014?)

- - - - - - -

AdelaideNow (Advertiser) 25th Feb. 15 - spelling???

(Pic. from P/C screen)

Reporting on a 7-million Dollar fraud, it was unusual to find a spelling error in our major newspaper. A simple spell-check easily ought to have corrected it.

Now wer, sorry, where did I write about the German word wer just recently? Aha - A.. Wer (No. 17.)

- - - - - - -

As I write the world's social media seems to have nothing more important to think about than the colour of a dress, which was posted online. Let's hope there won't be a civil war between those, who think that dress is gold and white or those whose eyes pick it out at blue and white. Are there not more important issue to address than the colours of a dress?

A scribble in my diary mentions the strange colour combination of three TV star's wardrobe. It happened the day after my previous upload, which includes a picture of a tennis star. The colours of that picture, from the same newspaper as above, happened to match the clothing of those TV celebrities on TV. Take a look and judge, if I'm colour blind as well as .... (insert whatever you like).

Breakfast TV 28.1.15

If there is no similarity in these two pictures, the bright reds, green and yellow, then I admit I am colour blind, as well as ...!

- - - - - - -

The tennis picture brings me to another incident, where the dilemma of 'co-incident or not' raised a question mark. I am not alone, no doubt, when at the beginning of each year thoughts fly months ahead, wondering if any major travels will take place that year. A few factors pointed to the possibility that in 2015 I could be visiting Europe again for various reasons.

Firstly, my older brother, who lives on his own, is battling a major illness. He would appreciate a visit. Secondly, there is a major event happening in London midyear - the 150 year anniversary of the Salvation Army. Besides this I had just reached pension age, meaning fewer work commitments, more chance getting away - being free indeed!

It didn't mean I was suddenly any richer or able to travel abroad whenever, but I knew, if it was in God's will that I should undertake long distance travel in 2015 - only three years after a major overseas jaunt (nice word jaunt) - HE would open doors and provide.

On Saturday 7/2 I was laying in bed early in the morning, thinking these kind of thoughts. God seems to be closest early in the morning, when the Spirit is fresh, ready to face, or should I write enjoy, another day. Everyday with God is an adventure, even in the midst of a battles and trials.

As I was switching on the transistor radio to listen to our Christian station, I was half thinking, half praying: What if I will hear something, which could be a sign that I will travel to Europe later in the year? First up, on Vision Radio on 1611 AM, the sports news came on: "Australia and Germany are facing each other in the Federation Cup Tennis tournament in Stuttgart today ..." Wow, I thought. The first sentence on the radio included the city, right near my hometown - Stuttgart. 

What came next, friends, is nothing short of ... (insert whatever). I am still coming to terms with what happened next, days before this writing, two weeks after the above Stuttgart incident.

Without identifying the person, or going into all the details, a person came to our house and said, he'd like to visit Europe later in the year. Did I wanted to join him? He is prepared to pay for my trip and there was no urgency in paying back the money!

Who works wonders like this?

On my birthday, at the end of January, the name Stuttgart once again crossed my path, literally. For the first time in years I visited the annual Schuetzenfest, the event where Germans in Lederhosen and feathered hats indulge in too much beer and sausages and regret it the morning after. 

My Friend Dave and I were enjoying a Kransky (sausage) and a soft drink in the open beer tent. Suddenly I spotted a passer-by, who took my attention with his Stuttgart shirt:

Schuetzenfest, Rymill Park, Adelaide 30.1.15


<<< This bearded young man, advertising Germany on his hat, and Stuttgart with his T-shirt, was still sober enough to smile at the camera. A moment later, after he turned the corner I noticed his No.7 on the back. (I had just published Chapter 7).


But take a look, totally unplanned, how perfectly the bottles outside the Kransky stall match! The blue tomato sauce and the green mustard bottles match the German flag hat perfectly!


Who is colour blind now?


There was another young man I took a >>> photo of at the Schuetzenfest the next day. 

Our grandson had just turned two (not seven) and was introduced to kransky, beer and oompah music. To the best of my knowledge he was still sober when I took the photo. So was his mother.



Pic. removed on request!


What has this stupid world come to, when you can't show a picture of a toddler in a stroller, holding a kransky sausage, and his mother with a beer stein at a community fest? 

Right: My daughter, thankfully, was not feeding our grandson Nanna's Mixed Berries. The next hot topic in Australia's media, besides the colours of a dress, is food safety. This imported, frozen product, supposedly, has made 18 Australians ill with Hepatitis A.

After more than a week in the news I'm still pondering NA's and MIX D (Roman numerals.) Only now, after pasting both photos here, do I notice the matching colours blue, white, red and black in both photos.  


As a result of the food scare, our Government is tightening laws regarding the use of Roman Numerals, sorry, regarding the import of frozen food products from overseas.

- - - - - - -

I had hoped to be able to leave politics out of this chapter. However, besides the colour of a dress and contaminated frozen berries, Australia is preoccupied with the leadership of our Prime Minister, Mr. Abbott. Two weeks before this writing the Liberal Party had clearly decided by a margin of 61 - 39 (nice numbers, I see!) to not vote for replacing the party leadership. As I write, the media again is stirring up the masses with talk of replacing Mr. Abbott.

Why can't the media accept the result and let Mr. Abbott get on with doing his job? Especially the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), who I would love to see prosecuted for 'high treason', is almost obsessed, so it seems, with the issue. They would like to install their favourite, multi-millionaire Malcolm Turnbull, as new Prime Minister. 

The task of independent journalists, as I always understood their role, is to report what is happening, not stirring up Members of Parliament against each other, or against their leader. Our publicly funded ABC, from what I have observed as regular ABC viewer and listener, seems to be on a mission to knock  Mr. Abbott from power. Viewers are not being informed, they are being brainwashed with money they themselves provide through their taxes! 

The ABC has reason to be angry with Mr. Abbott. He is after all responsible for the rigorous budget cuts to their organisation. Now is pay-back time! The other reason I think the ABC does not endorse Mr. Abbott - he is a Catholic, a Christian believer, who has clearly spoken out against changes to the Marriage Act. 

Mr. Turnbull, however, despite being a member of a Liberal Conservative Party, has stated that he would vote in favour of gay marriage. Anything to grab power. Moral values are negotiable in the political arena.

In recent weeks I twice witnessed the low moral standard of our ABC. The first was the evening talk-show on ABC Radio 891 on Friday 20.2.15. The very popular, senior broadcaster probably thought he made a good joke, when he insulted Almighty God, and rather bluntly so.

He was asking a listener a quiz question, where the answer was number 6. He then waffled on how God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh, saying (word for word) "...that lazy bastard!"

I complained and later received a personal email from the show host, a kind of apology, which sounded very academic Mea Culpa. (It means admitting fault).

Another very funny man on the ABC is Shaun Micallef. His fast-paced TV satire Mad As Hell is totally over the top. His wit and that of his fellow actors is extra-ordinary and very entertaining. In the past, to the best of my knowledge, no four-letter swear words or blaspheming had been included. At the first show in 2015, sadly, both appeared. 

I emailed the ABC to express that Mad as Hell is funny enough. It does not need swear words, and that some viewers still hold the name Jesus in high regard and take offence to it being used in comedy (or words to that effect).

The second episode of Mad as Hell started with a parody. A few Australian singers had just taken part in the Eurovision Song contest. One singer, very boldly, on top of his voice, shouted to the rest in the dressing room: "We won the fxxx thing!" 

This was the only swear word on that show. The third episode aired on Wednesday 25.2.15. It did not include any bad language at all. Thanks to the ABC for listening and taking action.

- - - - - - -


To end this chapter I'd like to quote the screenwriter of the movie The Imitation Game' Graham Moore, who won an Oscar for his work. Before I do, just two little snippets, all which happened on Jan. 29th, 15, when my wife and I went to see this great film.

Diary 29.1.15 - The imitation game

<<< The true enigma was the man who cracked the code. 

Sitting in the theatre next to my wife, I wondered, would I see codes in this movie, which was about Alan Turing, the code breaker? The very first scene, for a second only, showed an army officer in uniform. On his lapel I read a number - 272.

<<< 2127 C & 2127 D

Q: Why did I on 21 Feb. take this roadside No. during the trip on the bicycle to the south coast, reported on earlier? 

A: D see the date 21.2 and 7. Weird, but true! 

After a movie, so I had been told, it is polite to stay and wait for the acknowledgements to scroll down the screen. My wife wanted to move, but I refrained. I read all the names of the people involved in producing the movie. One name stood out - Collinson. 

Why did I take note? A young couple from Victoria, at the beginning of 2015, took over the leadership of our church. Their surname is Collinson. 

But there was another name, which registered that night in the theatre. It appeared on the screen during a preview for another movie. The name was Daniel Brühl, the movie Women in Gold. The reason I took note was simple: 

<<< Mister Love

Earlier in the day I had searched for old records to play to our German group. I had come across this 1960's record - Mister Love (MR L). The artist is Heidi Brühl:

The very next day I tried to solve a crossword puzzle. Readers were given a clue in a picture, distorted on purpose. I had no idea, whose picture it was, but the name BRUEHL fitted in. The actor was Daniel Brühl:

After pasting I noticed the letters NAANN. (Weird again.)

Hey, how amazing is this? I just saw OMA. Oma is used in German for grandmother or - Nanna. 


On the TV screen, as the Oscars presentation was shown, a brief speech by Graham Moore, won the heart of the world. His comment, referring to the hero in his screenplay Alan Turing, encouraged all who think differently, who feel weird or misunderstood:

“So I would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she’s weird or she’s different or she doesn’t fit in anywhere. Yes, you do. You do. Stay weird, stay different."                        (Graham Moore, Feb. 2015). 

Thank God for ONE, who understands the thoughts of the weird, who knows the deepest longing of the creative, who sees into the darkest corner of the wicked. And yet - HE still, loves each of us with a love that is beyond human understanding.

How weird is HE !!!


Chapter 9