Chapter 7        Written / Published  19.1. /  27.1.15        Pics by author, unless indicated

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Please note: Chapters 6 & 7 were written during a very eventful week and are not in chronological order. Both involve a lot of sport. As I had written many years ago, God loves sports, but even more, HE loves the players and riders participating.


On Australia Day 2015 I learned what the letters AC mean, when awarded as an honour. Three days earlier I had discovered just these letters in an unexpected place. All works together in mysterious ways.  WHO can understand IT?

"The Lord has established HIS throne in heaven and HIS kingdom rules over ALL.     (Psalm 103, 19).


7.  MR L 

When putting the final touches onto the previous Chapter 6, giving it the title 9C More, I had no idea that within an hour of publishing it, the numbers 6 and 9 would cross my path that same evening. They came as key verse in Our Daily Bread Bible reading for Jan. 26:


<<< Strengthen My Hands.

"Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands."

---Nehemiah 6:9


The whole reading is Nehemiah 6:1-9, 15



Just a few paragraph down this chapter the digits 511 feature. It was written days before this. 115 remain! 

My hand at work >>>

What peculiar timing! In days leading up to this chapter I had to wear an elastic bandage to give  strength to my wrist. Somehow, I must have pulled a muscle and it aches without it.


It may well be that the year 2015 will again be filled with stories and matching numbers, or numbers to write stories about. It started when the new year was only a few hours old.

Having retired to bed well before midnight on December 31, the very first number greeting me on 1115 (Jan.1st 15) was 3.16. I had woken to answer the call of nature. A thought came, as natural as .... "My next chapter will be Book 13, Chapter 6.

Still on the first day of the new year, in a completely different place, the number 77777 greeted me. I seldom drive our Hyundai i30. If I'm not cycling to places I take our Suzuki (228). On 1 January, however, I drove grandma home, after our lunch together. During the brief drive the odometer clicked over from 77776 to show five 7s. I had to stop and take a picture:

After posting this picture I looked at the letters CHEF. So I added another ingredient, the D, and cooked up HE DF C.

Amazing! As I wrote this I remembered a similar odometer reading from years earlier, while parking the Suzuki. Checking the archives, it's in Book 2, chapter 40, where my Suzuki clocked up 177777 kilometers. And how about the number 1111. It also features in that chapter. 

But take a look, what surprise, 2 4 and 0 at the far right in above picture! Totally unplanned; numbers don't lie, neither does a sound mind.

- - - - - - -

<<< Doctor's appointment for medical examination. My wife had made it for me for Wed 7.1.15 at 11.15. If numbers 7 and 1 are wanting to be stars, why not let them?

Read digits backward:  511 7 - 511 1


As part of my examination (to renew my bus driver's licence) I had to stand on scales and weigh myself - result exactly 68.4 kg.


Now read, what I had written 7 years ago in Book 6, Chapter 4:


Extract: "I stood onto the scales to weigh myself. I weighed exactly - 68.4 kilograms. I seldom weigh myself. But this was the first time ever, as far as I can remember, that I used electronic scales." (End extract).

My wife recently bought new bathroom scales, electronic ones. They are weird. Every time you stand on it a different reading comes up. I kept asking her to return them. She hasn't yet. I know why: She weighs herself at least five times, then selects the lowest reading as correct! Amazing, how the wife of Dieter is losing weight!

- - - - - - -

(Please note: The following took place about two hours after writing above - if numbers 7 and 1 are wanting to be stars, let them. You be the judge, if what happened is plain paranoia or pure magic!)

After long hours of writing I rewarded myself with a break. I took time out to go to the finish line and watch Stage 3 of the annual Tour Down Under cycle race. Organisers and riders, as every year, were putting on a great show. Readers may recall that I had written that in the past two years I had been to six stages of this popular event, and each time a German rider had won. Could it happen again?


<<< German rider

Marcel Kittel in action

at a Tour Down

Under in Adelaide.

- - - - - - -

The previous Sunday, at the opening race around the city circuit in Adelaide's East End, I had wondered, would it happen again? The seventh time I attend a race a German wins? So it was. Marcel Kittel, born 5.11.88 won the opening race for the second year running.


Marcel won on his Giant, riding for team GIANT ALPECIN. Note MarceL's shorts - SOL (L >>> 7).


One of the favourites to win the 2015 Race is champion cyclist Cadel Evans. On the banner of my homepage, above the word WONDER, you can find Cadel's signature. He scribbled it on the sleeve of my LOOK shirt a few years ago during an Adelaide visit.  

This day, Jan. 22nd 15, however, I decided to wear my BMC shirt, the same as Cadel, who carries jersey Number 1. It did not take long to load my Giant into my Suzuki (in Para Hills) and drive within an easy riding distance to the finish line in Paracombe.

The weather could not have been better, 27 deg. C, bright sunshine, light winds. As I arrived near the event, the crowd was in anticipation of an exiting finish. I could hear over the loudspeaker that the leading rider was only 13 kilometers away. It would take another fifteen minutes for the race to finish. While waiting and taking photos I suddenly was gob smacked by those digits 1 and 7:

Security Guard 107 at Paracombe >>>

One of the first people I came across, after dismounting my Giant, was this lady. I could not believe it! Was I dreaming?

For a moment I thought she was going to tell me off for parking my Giant on the railing fence.

After seeing her No.107 I had to photograph her, with or without permission.

<<< The author in Lycra.


They call some of us MAMIL -

Middle Aged Men In Lycra.

Men of my vintage should be

called VOMIL - Very Old ...


But then, according to ABC

Radio, an 88-year old man was

riding 118 km in the charity ride. Unbelievable! How inspiring!


In the background, the media

is interviewing the winner of

Stage 3, young Rohan Dennis.


The winner Rohan Dennis had

come from nowhere and overtook leading riders on the cruel sprint to the finish line; an amazing achievement for the 25 year old South Australian. (He went on to win the 2015 Tour Down Under!)


After it became clear that a BMC rider won the stage, I asked a bystander take the above photo. I had chosen the right shirt to wear that day.

<<< Next, I wanted a close up photo of the race

winner. I walked back to where the media interview was still happening. Was it really true, what I saw? I was gob smacked by number 7 again. The winner Rohan Dennis was wearing jersey No. 7.

But there was more. 

Still surprised that No. 7 had come 1st the lady who had taken my photo told me that Cadel Evans had come 2nd.


Impossible, I thought.


How could it be that No.7 and No.1 would win that afternoon?


But so it was!

Above: Cadel Evans, riding in No.1 jersey,

after coming second at Paracombe.

- - - - - - -

The next morning , Friday 23rd, was the day of the funeral, mentioned in the previous chapter. Early in the morning I was sorting through my phone / camera to decide, which photos to include in my writing. As I looked at the picture of the mural in Clare, shown in the previous chapter, I noted that the name next door was called AC Podiatry. A few hours later the letters AC became names, both starting with CA....

One Mr. Ca... is shown above. The other scored two brilliant goals that same day during the Asia Cup play off. None other than Mr. Cahill showed his ca, sorry class that night to advance the socceroos into the quarter finals with this 2:0 win.

A panellist on TV, before kick-off, predicted that Australia would win by 2 goals to Nil. I had not written very much to any media. But that morning I wanted to tell someone about my spooky number 7 / 1 experience the day before. Right at the end, I remembered the letters AC, so I attached an enlarged section of the Clare photo to the email:

Email to ABC News Breakfast, 23.1.15:

Hi all,

I'd love to meet the reporter on your panel last evening, who predicted a 2:0 win for Australia. Could he have predicted what happened in the Tour Down Under a few hours earlier? I had written in my autobio: "If the numbers 1 and 7 want to be the star (in this chapter) let them."

A few hour later I went to watch the finish of Stage 3 of the Tour in Paracome. A minute after arriving security guard No.107 stood right near me. But that first and second place were taken out by No.7 and No.1, not even your 2:0 man could have predicted!

Kind regards

Dieter, Adelaide


PS  I just noticed - both names of our heros yesterday start with CA. (Both worked magic with their feet!)  Just by chance I discovered the letters AC very early this morning in a photo I took in Clare, South Australia on 27.12.14. Very timely.



<<<  Shop next to the Clare Fire brigade mural, the photo shown in the previous chapter. 

How weird: Another look at this photo revealed the name of the street. How perfect CAN it get? NESS Street. Love EN.


But what my eyes observed only a few hours later, I am struggling to even write about here. But it's all true, it's part of this story and I feel compelled to write it all, as it was. If I were to ignore it, I feel, I am not being true to myself

On the morning of the funeral, mentioned earlier, the name of the 50 year-old person struck me as soon as my wife and I entered the large auditorium. Not that I did not think of or know the spelling of the person on the screen, but when I looked at his surname it immediately triggered a strange sensation with in me.

The beginning and ending of his surname is M___ella. His Christian name ends in CA and starts with LU.

But it does not end there. The difference between this man's name and the name of the M __ ella in the previous chapter are the three letters ERC. In my code HE see. 

Why HE is making me see all these things is a mystery. To say to a husband, father, son and brother that their loved one is now in a better place may give a little consolation. But Luca loved his Lord sincerely. The bible says: "To live is Christ and to die is gain.". (Phil. 1,21).

Many of our why-questions may not be answered on this side of eternity.

- - - - - - -

(Moving  the calendar back to early January 15).

The day after New Years Day (on 2.1.15) the maximum temperature in Adelaide reached a sweltering 44.1 deg.C. (111.4 F). Together with the low humidity it created a situation, where authorities raised the fire danger level to catastrophic, declaring total fire bans across the state. 

How a huge fire started that Friday is unclear, but fire investigators pointed to an incinerator at a property at Sampson Flat. If some twisted mind really decided it was a good time to burn some rubbish, or if the fire started through broken glass or other causes, is yet to be established.

Whatever it was, the huge blaze which began that day kept expanding and took hundreds of fire fighters six days to bring under control. When they finally succeeded, it was only with the help of rain that had started to fall over the fire zone. It became known as the Sampson Flat fire. 

In my very early writing I substituted two people's names with the name Sampson. It was to respect the privacy of people involved. Some readers may remember, one man did me great harm, bullied me so badly, I went insane. The another was of great help in establishing my first website. Both had the same first and last name.

It was a strange sensation, as I reflected years later, that one person nearly destroyed me, while the other helped restore me. After a decade and a half let me divulge a little more of those men's name: Chris T...son.

- - - - - - -

ABC TV picture: "The Sampson Flat fire poses a risk to lives and homes."

Thankfully, no lives were lost. But the damage to property and nature, not to forget the unfortunate wildlife, kangaroos, koala's etc, which perished, will take years to restore.


The response to fire was overwhelming. The public donated so much, some charities refused to take any more. Fire fighters and equipment arrived from far and wide to help fight the blaze.  

Front Page Sunday Mail  >>> Jan.4th: ""God giveth 

everything and then takes it away..." The rest of the quote by fire victim, Alex Demchenko, was found inside the paper: "God does everything for a reason."

What faith by one, who lost his house, pets and cars, all at once. It reminds us of the patriarch Job in the bible. He also suffered great loss, in an instant, but refused to give up HIS trust in His Redeemer. 


Job trusted his God deeply, despite not understanding, why God allowed him to lose not only material possessions, but all of his children and servants. His faith was not theoretical, but for real. When calamity strikes the depth of our trust in God is revealed and tested. Job passed the test  That's why he could exclaim in response to his great loss:

"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." (Job 1,21).

(Unscripted surprise - the same reference as in Philippians earlier - 1,21)

Reading about Mr. Demchenko I could not help asking: Did the newspaper reporter chose this front page headline deliberately? Did he know this verse and write: "God giveth and then takes away" for another reason? Perhaps it was because Mr. Demchenko's loss came on 2.1...?


God may take things away at times, but maybe, one day we will read on the front page of the newspaper stories, where a person's wild living had taken everything away and God restored it all?


A good example would be that of Rock singer John Swan. At only 48 years of age he was close to death. His lifestyle of drugs and alcohol had taken its toll.

He fell on his knees and with the help of AA* and God Almighty the rocker turned his life around. As I write, John Swan at 63 is a role model in the community and Australia Day Senior of the Year nominee. JohnS wan, a real winner.

How interesting! On the morning of writing, Australia Day 2015, I learned the the letters AC (no link to any podiatrist) are letters that accompany an Australia Day award. C stands for Companion. The others are:

AK / AD - Knight or Dame, AO - Officer, AM - Member, OAM - Medal. (Source: Wikipedia).

(*Just to clarify - AA is not included here.

It stands for Alcoholics Anonymous.)

- - - - - - -

Among many of my earlier books, Book 8 describes my struggle for truth and justice here in Adelaide. In chapter 11 I wrote about a very influential journalist, who did not even give me five minutes of his time to listen to what I had found out, but was not reported in his newspaper.

In a fair and free Australia, something our nation celebrates every year on January 26th, the pillars of democracy are newspapers and journalists. Unless they inform the public truthfully and with transparency democracy will not work. My research had found that often only half the truth, or downright fabrications are printed for whatever reason.

The reporter's name was Nigel Hunt. The word HUNT was printed on the front page of the Adelaide Advertiser (on Jan. 19th), the newspaper he was working for all those years ago. I had not taken much notice of this until the very next day, when the word HUNT was again in fat, black letters on the same paper, front page. I sensed something.


Adelaide Advertiser (Front Page) headlines 2015:

Jan 19th HUNT FOR

BLACK GOLD: A very strange headline, I thought, considering oil was not much in demand in early 2015.


Jan 20th OVERSEAS EGG HUNT. Why was adoption front page news? There was that word HUNT again!

After seeing HUNT for two consecutive days in the main headline of our Advertiser Newspaper I started thinking - why? Is there more? There was!

The words BLACK and GOLD without the letters L made sense (not that God needs our backing...) 

OVERSEAS EGG HUNT were more of a challenge to decode. After some thinking, a message came. I am reluctant to disclose it fully, because it involves the name of a Mister HUNT, (not that of the journalist mentioned earlier).

That evening I made brief contact with that person, via his online-feedback form. The person must have received my query, which was of a trivial nature, because within minutes I received an automated reply.

The next day I was curious about what the front page headline in the newspaper was. Surely, they would not print HUNT again! They did - but this time it was on the back page: Here it is in white and black:

Advertiser back page, Jan. 20th, 2015.



Adelaide's famous tennis star, former World No.1, Lleyton Hewitt raises his hands after winning through to the next round in the Australian Open (AO) Tennis Championship in Melbourne.

The headline was printed in white font. In contrast, the tennis player is shown in black jersey, black shorts, black cap, black armbands; even his tennis racket has black grip - a rather *starc contrast. Unfortunately, since above photo Lleyton has been eliminated from the AO. 

One thought to ponder: Who knows if Lleyton would still be in the game had he learned to raise his hands like soccer players do...?


*Briefly touching on another sport: A cricket player named Mitchell (that's why I took note of this recent news item), was replaced by another, who also is called Mitchell. Both Mitchells' surnames were very interesting. Johnson and Starc.

The name Johnson had featured in Chapter 4. Starc is pronounced exactly like the German word stark, which translates to strong, powerful. The reason? Johnson, from what I read, suffered a hamstring injury. (Did we not have a sports star with a hamstring injury in the last chapter? We did).


So what is it, what thoughts are behind these newspaper headlines? Is my mind going on a witch-hunt, if you pardon the pun? Am I seeing things that are not there? Often I think, who decides what is going to be front page news tomorrow? Who writes the posters to sell newspapers, which can be seen outside venues, where newspapers are sold? (An example is shown in the previous chapter). 

These are questions I can not answer right here. One thing I know, however: The current editor of the Adelaide Advertiser is Mr. Sam Weir. After an absence of five years in Perth, Mr. Weir in 2012 returned to the newspaper he had joined in 1996. Readers may recall that Mr. Weir was the journalist covering the trials of Peter Liddy.

The now-editor was responsible for writing: "The witness was flown in from interstate to testify against Peter Liddy..." nothing else was disclosed as to who this person was. But I had studied the transcript of the trial and had information, which should have been made public to the people of Adelaide.

Mr. Weir had been correct in that the witness was brought in from interstate, but failed to mention that he was the key witness, who was released from a prison cell in Darwin and that the man had a criminal record 8-pages long. That man, while free for a short time to appear in the Liddy case, extended his criminal record, stealing and crashing an expensive motor car.

I reminded Mr. Weir and informed my readers of these facts in Bk 8, Ch. 13. To this day the people of Adelaide don't know this truth, unless they read and believe my findings.

A few weeks ago, just after Christmas, I had a rare opportunity to say hello to a senior politician, who I once asked personally to intervene in the Peter Liddy case. During our 45 second greeting in our church foyer, I expressed my disappointment that he had shown no interest in the case.

The Member of Parliament explained his reason: "A politician can not interfere in court matters. There is a clear separation between government and the legal system" (or words to that effect).

This was neither the time nor place to debate this matter. However, later I was thinking: Why then do we have a Minister for Justice, an Attorney-General and who is responsible for ensuring the judiciary is not corrupt? 

Just as newspapers often hide behind a smokescreen ("...we can't disclose details for legal reasons" ...bulldust) many individuals from many different professions, who I have blown the whistle to, must have a reason for remaining silent. What is that reason, I wonder?

The latest authority I had blown the whistle to is the State Liberal Opposition. The office of the shadow Attorney-General received all documentation of my findings. In the months since, I have not had as much as a letter or email to acknowledge they have received my correspondence, let alone investigated my claims. 

In theory, whistleblowers by law have a right to be informed of any ongoing investigation. But many laws are just that - theory. In practice the Rule of Silence applies: If a whistleblower is ignored long enough, he or she will go away! 

The tragedy is, many who are seeking justice and don't get it, take the laws into their own hands, often with terrible consequences. But nobody worry, burning down a court house is not my style...! 

Speaking out against corruption in high places is not a vote winner, neither is it conducive to earning an honouree award on Australia Day. Has a whistleblower ever received an AT (All Truth) award on Australia Day?

We need fewer AC Companions, but more AC Champions, who fearlessly stand up for transparency, truth and justice! (Mr. Champion MP would agree...?)

- - - - - -

Changing to a lighter subject, the US breakfast TV show Today is broadcast in Australia via our TV Channel 72. In mid January 15 the team was adopting a guide dog and viewers were asked to name the cute little Labrador puppy. 

But instead of letting viewers choose any name to suggest, only four names were given to select from, all starting with W. This sounded a strange way of naming the puppy? And why the letter W*, why not any other letter in the alphabet? 

*Aha, an explanation for this just came, as I saw the date, when all this took place - Jan 15, 15. The two 5 turn into VV, (double V in double Dutch) = W.

The four names viewers were to choose from were:


In Australia it was already Friday 16.1, when I heard that Wrangler had won. I sent the following message via their online form, telling them of my suggestion, after I had decoded the above:

Hi all,

So you named him Wrangler! Had there been an open list for names I would have gone for ARIE or MR. L

Kind regards

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  What a guide dog is for the blind, the Holy Spirit wants to be for all of US.


To arrive at ARIE did not take much thinking. I used the second letters from each of the four names and arranged them to Arie. Those letters also hold the option - I ARE, as in I AM. It's not grammatically correct, but would make sense, considering the second option - MR L. 

How I arrived at MR. L, is a little more complex, but not hard. Those who know the code only need the last letter of each They are M, R, S and O. If SO becomes 50 it leads to L, MR L.  

Early in the chapter I drew attention to the shorts of MarceL KitteL On his shorts are the letters SOL. Now you know why.)

- - - - - - -

Writing this chapter I was considering - should I include the things, written in my diary for Sunday 11.1? It was Monday 26.1, Australia Day. Still undecided, I took a short break from sitting in front of the computer screen. I mounted my Giant and wrote five kilometers to Carisbrook Park, where Australia Day celebrations were in progress.

Every year at this event I meet people. It was no different in 2015. I found our local councillor, a lady I knew well from Neighbourhood Watch, standing by the display of Military vehicles.


<<< Army Museum display, Australia Day 2015.



When I saw the registration plate on the museum piece - RAA 111 -  I decided to finish this chapter with Sunday 11.1.


The date (11.1 in 2015) was a mile stone in our church fellowship. The husband / wife team, who had served our church at Ingle Farm for seven years, were leaving. Their last Sunday with us was an emotional time for them, as well as their congregation. If what I observed, the use of the number 1 during that service, was deliberate, or who else had noticed it, I do not know.

The theme was: The man who put God first - John the Baptist. We sang 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God', and the scripture reading started at Matthew 11, 1. 

Even the scripture used for the children's story, Jeremiah 29, 11 represented 1111, if we put 2 and 9 together.

The theme of the children's story was seeing - seeing the big picture. This reminded me of the days after I had stopped working full time. With time on my hands I had created my first website To promote it I produced and emailed a regular newsletter to other road safety bodies and driving schools. It was called The Big Picture.

At the church service on 11.1 opportunity was given for anyone to say a few words. (Everyone has a story to tell...) Nothing prepared, I was a little reluctant to speak, but did it anyway. Later my wife told me, after questioning her, that she did not really understand all of what I tried to say.

- - - - - - -

45 BEAFIELD Co... 1-7

How many would understand why I took this photo? To some it may be as easy as ABC. To others it's a brick wall in Beafield Road with writing on it.

In our neighbourhood we have Ayfield, Beafield and a Ceafield Roads. Early parts of my story took place in Enfield.

- - - - - - -  

If my wife did not understand what I had tried to say in church on 11.1, others may not have either. Therefore, I will recall and explain what I said. It made perfect sense to me:

"The theme of the children's story, seeing the big picture, reminded me of a newsletter I used to sent to driving schools. It also reminded me of a road safety book I wrote. In that book I made a mistake. Fancy, making a mistake when writing a book as an expert.

I had written that to Give Way, or right of way, is like a gift under a Christmas tree. It has your name on it, but it's only yours until someone gives it to you.

That was a mistake. Much later, one Christmas time, I thought about it and asked: When is a present under the Christmas tree really yours? 

Just like God's gift to us, HIS son, a gift is only ours after we have unpacked it, received it and said thank you!

The tragedy is that many have never received that gift, the Lord Jesus. Many have never bothered or said thank you to God, for that gift!'

- - - - - - -

The Gospel, the Good News is a gift to all mankind. The gift is Jesus, given to ... (insert your name). Receive HIM, unpack HIM and give thanks to God for HIM. 

HIS desire is that...

"...all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth." (1.Tim 2,4).

Chapter 8