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This chapter, besides concluding our trip to Hobart, includes a peculiar discovery of a numbers pattern, while playing with my calculator.  May I again emphasise I am not a numerologist, only a believer, who uses numbers to tell a story,  HIS story.


"I think, therefore I am," said French philosopher Rene Descartes. My thinking, observing mind led me to two spelling errors, no three. Next I saw a parallel to the Christmas story!


5.  Buon Natale  X + 

My friend Richard and arrived in Hobart late in the afternoon on Sunday 30.11.14. We were due to start delivering telephone books in our allocated areas, Berriedale and Claremont, the next day, December 1st. That day, in Australia, it's the official start of summer. It was hard to believe!

I had been raving on to Richard about the views from Mount Wellington, which I considered to be one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, the clouds hanging over the summit never lifted all week. Richard never found out, if I had exaggerated. 

As a consolation of sorts, certain streets we covered on the hilly parts of our delivery area offered fantastic views over the River Derwent, right across to the Eastern Shore. Whilst the weather wasn't very cold or windy, the constant light rain or drizzle created a challenge for us - placing the phone books at the front doors of houses, where they can't get wet.

As mentioned, besides work, for me the trip was a walk down memory lane. The Motel we stayed at was about a kilometre from the One-Bedroom unit we had rrented, after arriving on the island in June 1974. The huge industrial estate, known as the Zinc Works, where I was employed for about two years, looked just like 30 years earlier; except the name is no longer EZ, but NYRSTAR.

Another place I worked at was right on Hobart's waterfront, the former Henry Jones IXL factory. Our former office building, shown in the background, is now a hotel / restaurant.

 Constitution Dock, Hobart

Within days of publishing this chapter the above dock area will be buzzing with boats and visitors from around the world. It's where the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht race will finish, as it does every year in the last week of December.


Hobart's latest attraction, which caught the world's attention, is called MONA, Museum of Old and New Art. Googling the place I found myself more and more shocked at what I read about the works on display, and the perverse brain behind it all. After reading online about all the so called art, I thought the name should not be MONA, but O MAN!

But what can you expect from an avowed atheist, who is obsessed with death and sex, who takes pride in, and pours his money into his most bizarre creations, which put Hobart on the world map for a very bad reason?

Reading about the place, looking back, I was glad we only had to go as far as the administration to drop a bundle of phone books.

One thing, however, reading online about the gentleman, the super creative mind behind MONA, I found we had in common. He loves numbers and mathematics. This may explain the symbol I spotted right at the entrance to his estate at Berriedale:


 Entrance to MONA >>> 

When I took this photo at Berriedale, I knew very little about MONA. I snapped the picture because I had some weeks earlier discovered a mathematical oddity, which uses numbers, among other patterns, in a X and + way. All revolve around No. 5.


Since this is Chapter 5 and the date is the 22nd of the 12th, what better time and place than right here to explain what I had discovered. The number 2220 had me mesmerized for days!.

Stop Press: Just before writing the following I happened to take a break in the TV Room, enjoying a cup of tea. On our ABC, no joke, I happened to watch a report on the possible misuse of public money. Millions of Dollars may have been misappropriated on Australia's bid for the 2022 World Cup Soccer! 

But there's more data which fits! The Senator who called for an inquiry was Mr. Richard Di Natale. Australia's bid, costing millions, had attracted only 1 out of the 22 FIFA votes!.


Even more sensational News on the day of writing:

Convicted murderer Henry Keogh, who had spent 19 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend, was released on bail after an appeal. He was granted a re-trial by a judge, who agreed that the pathologist erred in his findings in the original trial.

Will Peter Liddy be granted this privilege? Is there an honest lawyer in Australia, who has a passion for truth and justice, who will take up Peter's case, pro bono if possible?

(Read about Peter's case in Book 5, Chapter 13).


(Back to Book 13, Chapter 5)

Having heard this sensational news, I feel I am wasting my time writing what I had planned to do here, about a number sequence I discovered. Why am I not writing a letter to every lawyer in Australia, pleading with them to no longer ignore another innocent man in jail?

But God's ways are not our ways! HIS will and HIS ways in the end are best. HE is the way, the truth and the life. He was born to bring peace and justice back into this world and the eternal one to come!

- - - - - - -


Playing casually with my calculator one day, not searching for anything, I found that after entering certain numbers they always added to 2220. As I kept playing, using other patterns, the total always came to 2220. The more I played with the numbers, the more I kept discovering. Why the total was always 2220 I do not know to this day. A more advanced maths expert may know why it is so?


For those, who want to follow this, it's not complex, but a calculator is necessary to appreciate it. Remember, it's not a game, but a peculiarity to which I have not yet discovered a reference in Google.



Here is what I started with: I always used a three-digit number from 1-9, and always started the next number with the last digit of the previous one. All numbers were always connected. they never jumped over a tile, i.e 1 2 3 never 1 3 2, or (diagonal) 3 5 7, never 3 7 5 etc.

There were five patterns, each adds 4 three-digit numbers on the keypad, which always resulted in 2220. I gave each pattern a different name, according to the direction of the digits on the keypad (+ X etc): :



 The PLUS +  Way

258 + 852 + 456 + 654

= 2220


159 + 951+ 357 + 753

= 2220

The STAR  5 Way

153 + 359 + 957 + 751 

= 2220
4.  The double DIAMOND*  (clock- or anticlockwise)

268 + 842 + 268 + 842

= 2220

DANCING around   Number  5. (Start at any number around 5!)

123 + 369 + 987 + 741

= 2220

* This method only came as I wrote this chapter!

The same system works, using 2 five-digit numbers. Except in method 1 and 2, where you only create half the + and half the x. Adding two five-digit numbers twice, starting with the opposite number each time, the result will always be 111110. (It sounds complex, but it isn't!)

Examples of five-digit numbers:

Plus + Way becomes the I way (25852 + 85258) or --- way (45654 + 65456)  total always 111110.

Cross x Way becomes the / way (15951 + 95159)  or \ way (35753 + 75357)  total always 111110.

The (1/2) Star 5 Way: Start at any corner. Create half a star (15359). Starting at the opposite corner, with the number you just finished, create the other half (95751). 15359 + 95751  = 111110.

The Double Diamond Way: Move clockwise or anticlockwise. Starting with 2, create a diamond with 24862. Start the second diamond with 8 (86248). Result =24862 + 86248 = 111110. 


Stop Press: I just made a remarkable discovery, which adds meaning to the madness!

I was thinking - there must be a correlation between these two numbers 111110 and 2220.

I can't see it; at least as I divided the numbers, it does not result in exactly 50.  But it comes very, very close:  2220 x 50 =  111 000. We are exactly 110 short!

In Roman numerals this (C X) spells out my message - See the cross! 

Numbers can't be manipulated!

- - - - - - -

How ironic, that the creative lover of numbers, whose entrance wall in Hobart depicts the x + is a fervent atheist!

- - - - - - - 

One ten led to another. What do I mean? Let's refresh our brain, return to Hobart, Tasmania and engage in an activity that does not take much thinking; delivering phone books. 

Not often did I say to my assistant Richard: "Please wait a moment, I have to take a photo." I only did this when the views were spectacular or one time, when we delivered to a house, which was way up the mountain: (Pic. below).

<<< Not often have I delivered phone books in the clouds. This property, high up near Glenlusk, with a 3 kilometre driveway, received one. On the way down a wallaby crossed our path.

Near the corner of El.tham and Streets (dots on purpose) I had noticed road works, as we delivered book to one side of the street. As we passed by again, doing the opposite side, I heard a worker call out to another: "We'll only be ten more minutes!" (I thought nothing of it, except the bloke's name might be Nick Ryan...?)

A second later my eyes noticed the number on the letterbox; right there - No.10. Two numbers 10, so close together, grabbed my attention. Many such incidents happen, yet they don't even make it into my diary any longer. This one did, but only because of what took place next:


Richard was driving. I was delivering books. About three or four houses past the letterbox No. 10 I noticed this: CS 1010. How could I ignore it?

HE hears and sees. Ten out of ten!


<<< C 72 LJ

Among other plates I noticed, this one, at a service station, stood out. My first ever driving school vehicle was a 72 LJ Torana, purchased in Hobart, Tasmania.

- - - - - - -

Our working holiday in Tasmania, unfortunately, brought more work than holiday. Above house in the clouds was one of our last deliveries that afternoon, Friday 5th December. Having now some free time available, I took the opportunity to check out the old, little church we attended for nearly nine years. The small wooden building in the working class suburb of Goodwood was now used as a private residence. 

Another landmark building complex, the former Queen Alexandra Hospital at Battery Point, had been converted into apartments.  Our two eldest children were born there.



Above: The author at the famous Arthur Circus, Battery Point, a quaint village green, a huge tree in the centre and historic, small cottages around the perimeter. It is believed to be the only Circus in Australia.


We got talking to a resident at her front gate. She ensured us she would not live anywhere else in the world, except her Circus. We learned that one of the neighbouring cottages sold for 1.02 Million recently. The location, two minutes walk to Salamanca Place, justifies the price tag; not to forget the ornaments on the front gate!


Because it was a dull, cold afternoon in Hobart, despite being officially summer, I did not take many photographs. But when I saw a spelling error on a wood carved sign, attached to a Hotel wall, I had to photograph it. I'm glad I did. What a surprise I got, when a few weeks later I saw the same word, again mis-spelled.


My spell check agrees, there is a M missing.

But why the fuss?


Surfing the net a week prior to this writing, I happened to notice the same word also spelled incorrectly. Not only was there a M missing. Where is the A in Resturants?



The above appeared on the Visitor page of This town in 2012 was my final stop before pushing into New Orleans, Louisiana, at the end of my mammoth bike adventure.


It made me think, not only the missing letters A M, but that it came right at this time - Christmas. In the Christmas story, what was a major problem Mary and Joseph encountered? The could barely find any Accommodation!


In my books I had many symbols or letters for GOD. One of those is M, the Roman numeral for [1] and thousand. Here is a thought:  No M, no God!


No room in the inn - M was left out! A perfect picture of our time - people leaving God out of their lives!


A further thought stirs my mind regarding the missing letter M. I had this one for years, but have never, as far as I can recall, included it in any of my writing. 

In the book of Revelations (Chapter 13, Verse 18) the reader is challenged to figure out the meaning of 666. The apostle John saw this number as that of the anti-Christ, who in the Last Days will arise! 

There have been many speculations and calculations made as to the meaning of 666. On example comes to mind: When the  Bankcard was first introduced in Australia a preacher saw the bankcard symbol, three coloured b's as 666. (Banks had obviously become the Anti-Christ...Lovers of money, made sense!) 

Here is my thought on the subject: If we were to use all Roman numerals, except the M, the D C L X V and I, and added them up, they total 666. 

All those who leave M (God) out of their lives are indeed anti-God, anti-Christ. Jesus Himself declares plainly:

"He who is not with me, is against me." (Matthew 12, 30).

- - - - - - -

Having just written about the number 666, totally unplanned, our next visit to a Tasmanian destination took place on Saturday 6.12. On our way north, my friend Richard and I stopped over for an hour at the historic village of Richmond. It was there he pointed out a date to me - 6.12.66. 

Some of my fixation with numbers must have rubbed off on him, even though we never talked numbers. At the historic Richmond Bridge he requested me to take this photo, without explanation at first. It was a rare request.


Richmond Bridge.

Built in 1823 it is Australia's oldest and spans the COAL River.

A little later his reason emerged. It all made sense. Richard became aware that on his very first visit to this bridge, the date 6.12 matched the date, when he first obtained his driver's licence on 6.12.66. The bridge, Richard pointed out, has exactly 6 arches.

Now he was singing from my song sheet!

If he was aware that the name of the river was Coal, I'm not sure. But the letters C and L, moments after taking the photo, dominated my mind. At first L, then C.

Just before crossing the bridge I had noticed the 50-speed limit sign. Nothing unusual, until at the same place,  just over the fence inside the garden, I spotted what looked like the number 50. It was very large, impossible to miss.


Above the Coal River - twice No. L [NOEL]. 

Above: The bridge can just be seen on the far left. The number 50 in the yard above the COAL River was hard to miss. Inexplicably, the letterbox of the same property, I checked it out, has number 51 on it. On the day of this writing I thought of this - Code: 5150?

- - - - - - -

Here is a totally irrelevant 5150 AC News item, fresh off the press: Adelaide United mid-fielder soccer star CASSIO has left the Club.  

As I write the time on my P/C shows 5.31 AM. It is Christmas Eve 2014. I rose early to conclude, edit and publish this chapter, together with Chapter 4.

A few minutes earlier I discovered a detail in a picture I had not previously seen. All I can say - there is a power behind my thoughts, my writing, my pictures, for which I don't have a rational explanation, except that... "...his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God". (John 3, 21).


A short distance from the Richmond Bridge is the oldest, continuously functioning Catholic Church in Australia, built in 1836. Inside, daylight was streaming through the stained-glass windows, both at the front and on the side. Around the side walls were paintings of the Stations of the Cross, a feature in Catholic Churches, depicting the sufferings of Jesus HE had to endure on the cross.

Catholic Churches often depict the cross with Jesus' dying body still hanging there. A crucifix is a stark reminder of HIS suffering. Evangelicals prefer to focus on the victory of HIS miraculously rising, leaving behind an empty tomb. The empty cross is the symbol of HIS sacrifice, one we all should follow. Not our will, but HIS.

The two numbers 50 were still on my mind, as we silently stood in the sanctuary among the wooden benches and religious pictures and ornaments.

Suddenly, I noticed a piece of trash on the ground, which did not fit into the picture at all. Or did it?



It was the letter C, which

made me pick up this paper and take a closer look. It looks like part of a label from an alcoholic drink.

Later, how weird, I thought of the number 50 (L) seen from the back in front of the house.


The big C fitted into the picture perfectly. Take a look at the picture I took inside the church from the rear:

On the far left, beside the crucifix is a notice board. It has one number on it, the hymn number the congregation had sung during the previous service - Hymn No. 216.

<<<  Hymn No. 216

Now the letter C made sense. When Jesus died, God gave HIS only son for our Salvation. (John 3, 16).

How appropriate is the name of the church - St. John's.


But this was not the detail I discovered earlier, at 5.31 AM. As I viewed the original, large version of the photo I suddenly could read, for the first time, the writing on the dark wood panelling at the front:


The Master is here and calls.


Indeed - HE [1010] CS all.

Have you any room for Jesus? 

At Christmas 2014 the Master calls for you to give HIM a present: Your love and devotion. 

Buon Natale.


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