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This chapter takes us on yet another trip to Melbourne, which I undertook straight after publishing the final chapter of Book 12. Whenever I take a ride down memory lane surprises are waiting just around the corner. We shall bump again into a celebrity, spot interesting registration plates and attend a congress, where delegates had to be escorted in by police.


Whilst the previous chapter showed a Mercedes (Ad), this chapter it's a Porsche (from La La Land.) At the end, an amazing football score with a great message from the winner of all. Enjoy and be blessed!



Driving east on the freeway through the Adelaide Hills I was on my way to Melbourne. I had travelled this road many times, as usually in my green Suzuki. I owe so much to my beloved, little wagon, which has served me for the past 16 years. Its odometer read 340 000 km (212 000 miles) but was still going great. Considering it had an exchange engine fitted in 2011, and other parts I had to replace recently, it may well last another 16 years?

A 4WD vehicle appeared in my rear-view mirror. Did I read the number plate correctly? As it overtook in the lane beside, I was bemused. The registration plate consisted of only one word - DIETER. 

The day before I had finished writing and publishing Book 12. In the final chapter the colours black and white featured rather prominently. What should I make of it, seeing my name in white letters* one day later on the road? (Regular plates are the opposite, white background, black letters / numbers).

Had I not been driving at 100 km/h, I would have loved taking a photo of my name in black and white on that 4 WD. ( At 60 km/h ... perhaps? Just kidding).

- - - - - - -

<<< Clothing label discovered in our shop. Only one half is visible: Below the rest. What fun!



Man Mad

Made i


e Material 

n China

  Remember: God made man ... not the Chinese; and thank God we all come in different sizes and mental capabilities! 

- - - - - - -

The reason for this journey, on my own to Melbourne, was not a football match, as was the case many times in the past. I was booked as a delegate to a conference the next day. A conservative Christian group called the Endeavour Forum (Code was hosting the annual event of an equally conservative organisation, whose Headquarters is in Rockford Ill. 

(Ardent followers of my travels will recognize this name. On June 10th, 2012 I went to church there and sat behind a fellow church goer, who wore a garment with a large N on the back. Bk. 11, Ch.4)

I liked the idea that the Melbourne conference was for free and the date was 30.8.14. (Later I learned the venue was at (P/C 3803) Hallam - am all - it!

There was controversy right from the start. The organisers had to try four times to find a venue that would accommodate the event. As soon as the managers found out, who it was that had booked the place, they cancelled at short notice. At the last minute, a Christian group, as conservative as the Endeavour Forum, came to the rescue and offered their facilities. The group is called 'Catch the Fire' Ministries. (Note the name.)

Originally, various politicians were scheduled to attend and give speeches. One by one they pulled out, including the Federal Minister or Families, Kevin Andrews. The reason, as I understood, was the location for the conference. Many who would have attended at a reception place, a hotel or a civic hall, did not want to be associated with Catch the Fire Ministries. 

Somebody mentioned to me privately that one of their pastors, following the 2009 bushfire disaster in Victoria, had upset many people. He had linked Victoria's passing of the 2008 abortion laws with the devastating fires shortly afterwards. God's judgement! This placed him, and all associated with Catch the Fire Ministries, into top spot for Melbourne's Most Hated.

 - - - - - - -

<<< Buskers on Southbank.

In the evening before the conference, after checking into my hostel, I took a ride downtown. Strolling along popular Southbank I noticed this street artist. He entertained onlookers by throwing flaming torches into the air and catching them skilfully as they came back down.


Another, more accepted, Catch the Fire Ministry!


Police guard outside the venue >>>


I had never been to a conference where delegates had to be ushered into the building under police protection. Protesters were out in force, some dressed hippie-style, chanting or singing. One female had herself chained to a kitchen sink. (She must hate doing dishes!?) Delegates were ushered into the place in small groups. Protesters shouted: "Shame, shame, shame!" To this day I do not know what we did to be ashamed about?

<<<  The Reverend Fred Nile MP

Ordained Minister and politician in the New South Wales Parliament. Rev. Nile has long been a stalwart for speaking up for Christian values, proposing laws that reflect them. He is the longest serving MP of the NSW Parliament and the only politician to find the courage to attend the event at Star Crescent, Hallam. At the end of his inspiring talk he invited all delegates to his 80th birthday 2 weeks later! (Na, couldn't go)

Life, Family and Freedom  >>>


The World Congress of Families, as the organisation is called, was founded in 1997 in Rockford, Illinois. Their international President Larry Jacobs was one of the speakers.


On the right - Dr. David van Gend spoke on the subject of euthanasia.


(The same nano-second I wrote his name, the letters ...end, onto my piece of paper, Dr. Gend spoke the word: "end".) 

His theme: "End of Life Decisions."


Another major speaker was Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a breast cancer oncologist. Her mission, as it were, is to alert the world that there is a link between the termination of pregnancy and an increased risk of breast cancer. The medical profession, is denying this link. Pregnant women, contemplating an abortion should be warned of this risk, according to Dr. Lanfranchi. 

Friends, like many readers I am not a medical expert, neither are journalists who report on the research and studies done etc. In the end you put your trust in the experts. But I rather trust a medical scientist, who puts his or her faith in God.

Those who support a woman's right to a convenience abortion, can't claim to be trusting God at the same time. I know Dr. Lanfranchi would not have been a speaker that day, if she were not trusting God. In the end the truth will win. If we were to hear it now, and politicians and doctors were to act on it, how many unborn babies would live? Would breast cancer deaths be reduced?

From a layman's point of view, without having researched any studies on breast cancer etc, to interrupt the healthy process of pregnancy, is unnatural. The probability that there will be side effects, medically and psychologically, seem very great.   

One day all will know the truth - God's truth on all moral issues, which this world grapples with. In the end, the bible will prove to be right. Thou shalt not kill does not need modernising!

- - - - - - -


 <<< LIBRA

Walking along Melbourne's Swanson Street I came across this sculpture outside the State Library. 

You don't need to be a scholar of language to see how well Libra fits into this book. The word has a liberal aroma to it, if you get my drift. 


Libre in Spanish = free! 

Shopfront in Albert Park  >>>

During an early morning bike ride I noticed the above shopfront at Albert Park The name drift (DRF & it) came to the fore in my mind (Chapter 12). It was garbage collection day that Monday. 



<<< Albert Park Lane. nu

Before putting away the camera I turned and noticed, right opposite the above, a blue sign with two letters - n and u.

I found these upside down letters intriguing. You may wonder why? Moments earlier I had taken this photo (below)

On Beaconsfield Pde. Port Melbourne I had spotted a man in a Giant bike shirt, loading a GIANT onto the roof of his motor car. Next to it, double parked illegally, a bus blocked one lane of the busy road. The bus company's name started with Nu (Nuline.)


Beaconsfield Parade runs along the shores of Port Phillip Bay, from the Tasmanian Ferry Terminal in Port Melbourne to Saint Kilda. Many locals were out that morning, Monday 1.9.14. Some were jogging, others pedalling, some taking their pet for a walk.

As I was about to cross the busy road at a pedestrian crossing, I recognized a tall, trim gentleman, who was also waiting for the traffic lights to change. He was walking his dog. My mind in an instant placed him onto the panel of the ABC TV's First Tuesday Book Club, hosted by Jennifer  Byrne.

Not only had I bumped into a celebrity (Jason*), I knew that in one of my chapters his name played a major role (Book 7, Ch.9).

(To refresh readers' memory, I had fun with Jason's surname - Steger. I had added one letter (code r +) and, reading backwards, created  - regrets. Moments earlier I had heard Edith Piaf sing Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien**.) 

* Creating two words out of Jason = Ja son >>> yes son! It so happened that in the days after launching these chapters we shall host a visitor from Germany. He is the first in the class of 1966 to visit us. His name played a big role in my discoveries of Book 9.

** translated: No regrets


Celebrities must be facing this situation all the time. A total stranger recognizes them and engages in a conversation. Ours lasted about a minute. I said that I had come over from Adelaide for the controversial congress on Saturday. I knew he'd be on the other end of the political spectrum. 

Jason emphasized that he agrees in one point - we are both entitled to express our views. Before parting I assured him I'd be watching the show the next day.


Beaconsfield Tce - GOOD >>>


It had felt good to be meeting a famous person I had written about, but only ever saw on TV.


Seconds after our brief encounter a sign seemed to be telling me how I felt - good.


What the workmen thought about me taking their picture? I don't know! 

(Photo without permission)


There were other photos I took during this Melbourne trip, which onlookers must have wondered, why I would snap a picture. Often the focus is on motor cars, whose registration plate or other data triggers my brain. A code comes up. A message comes out. (Regular readers know exactly what I mean).

A classic example:  A Porsche (right) Rego LA 7, registered in ... LALA land (Prahran (Victoria P/C 3181). Hey, I just realized - I took this photo on 31.8. - Love it)

In the background the NICA. I had no idea what the letters stood for, only that code a /e creates NICE. *Mrs. Google told me, it's the National Institute for Circus Arts. 

* In the past I wrote "Mr. Google". But we must not be sexist, eh?

Another plate took my fancy: ..316. Not only the rego number, but that it was a Mazda CX 9. Loved this, plus 3169. 


On a serious note: There was a time, three decades ago, I was looking for a change in career. My wife saw an ad in the newspaper. It must have been for the above institute. My wife thought I'd make a good clown.


Just to think, where I could be today ...? But then ... already been to La La Land!


During a brief ride down memory lane, outside Como House in South Yarra, I noticed a vehicle registration plate LILL. Checking my archives it was exactly the same vehicle as that in Book 7, Ch.6. 

Strange, how it was parked in the same location, only across the road! (It may well be, the driver of this vehicle works and parks there regularly). Another vehicle, bright yellow, was parked right in front of LILL, rego plate ...272!

At times I snap a photograph simply because what I saw reminded me of what I had written in the past. When this happens within days of publishing, my brain certainly takes notice and reaches for the camera.  (Regular readers know exactly what I mean).


<<< BENT, Theatreworks,

       Acland St., St. Kilda.


As I took a walk through St. Kilda a poster with the letters BENT caught my eye. In Book 1 the name Ben was big. 

But then I remembered bent, which only two days earlier I had uploaded in Chapter 15 (Book 12).


Here is what I had written: "The gentleman's name in the centre is Ben. Add a t and we arrive at the word bent."


For this writing I searched out the drama BENT. I know that watching this play, written in 1979,  would make me feel very uncomfortable. There a two reasons: One, it contains the evil acts committed by the German people during the NAZI era. Two, in the centre of the plot is a deep love affair between two homosexual men. Call me homophobic, if you must. (Are there any other homophobic numerologists in the world? A support group ...?) 

Those on the political left may now expect me to launch into an attack against the Gay and Lesbian community. No! The following thoughts are directed at straight men!

Where I see the damage being done, the fall out from this coming out by the gay population, is the undermining of healthy male to male relationships. Can I not love another man, enjoy time with him, do things with him and have fun, without even a distant thought of becoming physically involved?

Two happily married men ought to be able to love one another, without reservation; yes even sharing a tent, if this were to become necessary (and snoring or smelly feet wouldn't be an issue). I recall a comment by one of my best friend's wife: "[He] is not going to sleep [with you] in a tent!"

In preparation for my interstate trips I have at times considered asking others to join me. Besides companionship, the cost-sharing of gasoline and hotel costs is a major bonus. But unless the relationship with that man is close and long-standing, these men may question my motive? 

All it takes is a negative comment, an innuendo by a jealous wife or somebody who loves destroying relationships, and the male to male friendship may be over.

A great way to kill a man's reputation is to spread rumours about his sexuality. It's like spreading a false story about a restaurant, about the kind of food they serve. You may not believe it, but just to be on the safe side, you dine elsewhere!

The gay lobby's fervent push for rights, and to be fully accepted as normal, has another fall-out. There are many single mothers out there. Their children don't have a father figure around. If close relationships between men is in danger of disappearing, those between men with boys even more so.

But one must not throw caution to the wind. The world's media in recent years has been busy reporting child sexual abuse cases. Of course, there are evil elements, who are controlled by another power, and are not in control of their own actions.  

An extremely sad case comes to mind. Years ago, when nobody hardly ever talked about this issue, a so-called uncle befriended a family we were friends with. One year he offered to take the children on a holiday trip. Not only did abuse happen. The results were devastating. One of their two boys later took his own life.  

Jesus minced no words when he said: "It would be better for that man to have a millstone tied around his neck and he be thrown into the ocean!'

It's time politicians and the people of the world wake up. It's time to defend the traditional family. Without this ancient, solid foundation on which all of mankind's future depends, earth will one day be regarded as a Failed Planet.


<<<    Happy mum, smiling baby. The earth's future depends on these!.

The pair is smiling because their team, Port Power, defeated Richmond (Melbourne) by 57 points at Adelaide Oval (132 - 75). 

Hey, I just saw numbers: Bk13,2. Love the unplanned magic!

(Photo with permission, thanks)


In times like these, friends, believers need to keep the faith. When the pressure becomes so great and the easy option is to confirm or to keep silent, we need to ask God for faith, for strength to endure to the end.

During my long drive home from Melbourne, God granted me faith. (Read on).

On Monday morning, 1st September 2014, the traffic leaving the big city via the Westgate Bridge was at crawling speed. At the Miller St exit, it was reported, a person had been struck by a vehicle and killed. It was still creating frustration for motorists three hours later.

During the long trip home I was listening to music CDs or tuned into the radio. At one stretch of road a police vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction. I took special notice, because a nanosecond earlier, the news reader on the radio had spoken the word police.

This reminded me of an incident earlier that day, during my morning bike ride. I was passing by an address in Port Melbourne, one I had searched out years ago. The first accuser the imprisoned magistrate, had moved there, after getting a well-paid, super job with the Formula One Motor-sport Team. Of course, I had no idea if he still lived at that address.

This person was the one, who I had phoned, while he was visiting his mother in Adelaide. He had threatened me over the phone that he would have the call traced by police.

Stop Press: How interesting is this? Earlier that morning, on Mon 1.9, before checking out of the Melbourne Hostel a young man, who obviously had slept on the street that night, was arriving at the hostel. He told me he had no money and little food. So I helped him out. His name was Liam.

Just now, writing the above, I searched for the chapter in my auto-biography, where the above phone conversation took place. It's in Chapter 19 of Book 6. The title of the chapter - Be it LIAM.


What had happened that morning, as I was passing by this address? I saw a police vehicle right near the place. The officer did a U-Turn right in front of me. He gave me a look. But then, police vehicles do U-Turns all day long...? 

- - - - - - -

Driving west toward Adelaide late in the afternoon I was approaching Dimboola. The place is the subject of a story in an earlier book. I wondered, should I drive through the town, just for fun, or stay on the highway? I decided to make the slight detour through the town without stopping. At the end of town, on my right, I caught a glimpse of an old, dilapidated house, like those you see in an open-air museum.

"Stop and take a photo!" One side of me wanted to do it. The other argued that it was getting late, better keep moving ...! After driving on for 1/2 kilometre the side of me that loves action won. I did a U-Turn, no two. I stopped my Suzuki and took this picture:

Dimboola, Victoria

Only then came Faith St >>>

Without realizing I had stopped on the corner of Nhill Rd. and Faith Street.

Now I knew who it was who prompted me to detour via the town centre and take the photo.

Not Nil faith - only Faith!

Friends, the way all these things work together, strengthens my faith. There is a power at work beyond human understanding.

- - - - - - -

What better way to end this chapter than a little football (the round one) magic! The Porsche registration plate earlier [L] A 7 had already, kind of, pointed to the numbers 1 and 7.

On the day before this writing German Bundesliga team Bayern Munich won their UEFA champions League game by that score, a huge 1:7. Their victory was even of greater value, since it was played away in Rome, against Roma. But it was the half-time score, which was an even greater surprise - 5:0.

Does this not ring a bell (or blow a whistle?) In my brain it did. 

The German National team, 3 1/2 months earlier in Brazil, played in the quarter finals against the host nation; the score a sensational 7:1. At half-time it was 5:0. (Bk.12, Ch.14).

Seven one!

God won!


Chapter 3